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The World's Gi
For'all forms of fevor take J(
It I l00 t) imes better than quil
nine cannot do in 10 daye. It'
feoble cures made by quinine.
The quallty, the guarantee, the
ply eay, "REX," and el
Dexter Broom
Owingo to."omle propose,
Carriages, Su rrei
At an At
Unitil ourl stocki is reduceed. Doll't
Carness of rl kinds at, e
Jones, .nd varios of .lr ilakes of
St1,udehakie; an-1 Wveber; as chleaper
Now is; 1.hw bet seesont for selling v
part, prolit. or 11o profi.
Tle seas'on folr Milies aind 1 lrs
y4t., teilembi r, e1. paa no) ho s i.I
do our own w:wk. We will :ell anv
aMi kind trevatmlent. t.0 all. Who(..
glad to see I he people whetlier I hiny
Corner Cor-t, ltivr 14 ml i lkwon
W , Hti f r]
Ak Fwn tof thne :uu
L ou neeh~nnd nytcng i o m l
[ith de sgn am ries 1tn o nodh
Lot Wie klanGloerch........
Lot tra~f't *1 2o W~nIorHid Ovsrc
Lo't nvye ham ned Utdeshot. n
Lit, mn'sir hwool Il cced Glhvr
Lo!.till wlol WhIt~n Drawora...
Here's Rea
Lot, 25e l'i~d Dress Good-i, doul
fLit. D~ouble w'it .'hi blank wool i
Int Blank D) so l"ILneIO .
j st 36 inch l[.inrlttao, 25i val
Great Clothing Values.
wo soil you o ir up to-dati Cain
D) -ns Sult as y~m can find ems
tine hasiness ien-1 dross Suits ft
Our Well Known Bho(
to so many ponfle thait peole
Shoes at 19o. 25', 35c, 500, 7313,
Jainles' Dr se Shoes, 75e, I
Spoclal FLnt Stiacy Ad'mms
and( & CJo's $5 Shoa t,~ $2 50.
eatest Fever Medicine.
ine and does in a single day what slow qui
a splendhi cures are in striking contrast to the
prices, and the sizns. Drop us the postal; slm
gn your namoein"full, giving address.
and Mattress Co
at Cost!
vy thing.'
rs, Buzzies,
Phaetons and Wagons
)solute Sacrificel
Whkeour111 wVord for it, bult colno and see forpyor
and14 he conlvincped.
1. We carry Ihe Itaboowk, Courtland, ''son
uelsgisariet lii4.gh (Iradleu Wag'ronis, Ohe
gr'adet the, 0vensboro, Taylor. and Chat ianlooga.
eheienlos of W ago kisd, ad ws are oing to ell our
s is pretty well over buit we haVe few harg!ins
-int. or (lerIk hire, owi our own reposilory :141
g'ling we hakveI fior Cash or 4ood paper. Polite
l inll41v renvillo comue anid seVe ms. We are al Iways
wish to wuy or noot.1
Str4'(ees. O RIEN VI LI1C0, S. C.
['E &OCO.,
ltnldle all killls of
1 tiilsh I lhe work'l.
onie, W' buy' iia lois mo114 can1 give lhe low'e.t
(H) ('Ol'I N; Ml'lC h il 1C K.
W HjITElI & 00., Am nirson, 8, C.
any Money-Savers for Men.
.c:e-hie's..................... ...........
sti!.che I Fandkorableh.... ..............12
....... ......................... .......24
................................ ........50)
....... ............ ......................l
ts andl Drawnrs worth $1 00. our prjeon por
.................. ................................75
................................... .....50(
Dress Goods Ba gains
'do width, at . . . . .i
cirt~oodl' at . . . . . 211
sh'ng now. !or' 'kirts a-i I dri.ma ' . . 11]
led dreOss goodls . . . . I(
. . . . 21
iPo4r $2 89 -vo .4oli yanl a Clay W.,rstod suit, I".
$3 89 we 4oli you a 'rood Cheviot Suit. Wor I
imor01e Suits. iFort $7 50 we soil you as~ L'ood
whoro for $10. iar $10 we h'ive a largo ion i
r which othe peop)1 i ak $15.
Depairiment hirdly "neds ''o hI '"""t"
ed. We have sold good 4110
r.-cogiI'lza ours as tihe place for Sto is. (Chuihlror
98e, arnd $1 24.
ISc, $1 24, $1 48, $1 9)8 $2 5~0
&~ C'i ine $5 Shoe a at $250i. L-t Wlliamsi Knri
Unnpe Main Stet,
Bill Arp Tells About the Great
Meteoric Shower in 1833.
Atlanta (ontitutl. 5
Shakespare tells of muan's seven h1
agC, but his sCvn (oes Hot fit our day Ii
-nor indeed, did they fit his own day %I
with any distinct lines of demarcation I
between them. They glide into each ti
othber and it is hard to tell whore the
o011 quits and the other begins. We A
have infants and school boys and lovers,
but, very few are soldiers, and not one it
in a hundred ever becomes a justice of i
the peace. His sixth age does not do %
justice to our m01n and women of three g
score years and ten, for most of them t
grow fat instead of lhan, atid our big s
manly voices have not turned to treble, y
nor do they pipe and whistle in their u
sound. I canl till smug bass to the long- ti
moter doxology and my wife can sing I
" Mary had a little lamb " to the baby. c
As to the seventh age, which lie pic- t
tures as second childhood and morei I
oblivion without teeth or tiaste or eyes t
or ears or aiytlihig, we never see them t
-our old people die before they get to t
that. But. in the life of every man
aid woman there are epochs, events, a
mile stones, as it were, that stand out, l
prominent in memory and mark their t
progress from youth to old age. My c
earliest i ecollection is the kiing of our t
dog Hector, who was supposed to be a
mad, and it grieved its for we loved i
him and lie loved us.
Next I recall the falling of the stars r
inl 18.'3. My father heil me up aitnd Hs
with my feet upon the t)op railing of u
the bannisters, I saw Ilei come down f
in myriads as quietly an I softly as
snowfIakes and they went lout is they -
neared the carth. They were separate t
and distillct as the stars, but as near I
together as the sparks from the chiim
ney of' an oldtime blacksmith shop t
(George Lester was my playmate and I
lived c!ose by, and the text morning I
lie atid 1 hunted all over his motlhel's a
garden to find soime signs of' the stars I
that fell, but found none. While they I
were filing outi negro cook, Aunt t
Ailsey, was down oi her knees pray- I
1ig, anld as she clumg to niy mofher's %
night gown she called on .Jesus tocome I
and take us all to heaven. That night
was all epoch and it is worth being 75 1
years old to have witnessed it. ,
My next remembrance of note is a I
journley to Savannah with 1my3 father I
and mother and brother, where we took I
a sail vessel for Iloston, I iemember I
the llanilificelt dolieic row of china I
ti Cos in the long street, and I wotlder
now if there is a person living in
Savannah who was living tliere t hell
and remembers that row of' beauti ful
trees that are long since dead and gone.
I remember that voyage of thirty-three
days around Cape IHatteras, wiere our I
shli) Wa1s alIIost wrecked, and mother
hied fast unto hiet children and silently
prayed for deliverance. I rinemmber
wleni we reached Iloston anid how, af- 1
ter our visit was over, father bought a
cirrialge and pair of horses, amd we
journeyed by land from IOStotn to I
G (eorgia and1( never crossedt a raiilroad,
for there was none to cross. I remem
1er our stop at, the Natutral ri te ill
Virgiia, and howv we walked atwayi
down Im the -o rge and looked lp and I
afterwarts stood oti the bridge aldt <
looked dowi from the (tizzy height.
When I was about. ten years old I
had another opoch, for I had a fight oil
sunday at a camp mleetin~g aind gof
lickedh, aind my linme Sunday clothes
were all spoiled with mud and diirt. -A I
'ouintry boy3 sid I 'was a towni hoy and 1
was dr messedt too fine and( he was gvwinie
to take theO statrch outten my rutlliedl
shirt. And he dlid. I fought as hard
as 1 couldl, but lie licked oce anld I
criedl. I had gone to the spring t~o g'et
some water and thle fight camiie oflf
Ithere. My fathler whlipped mae next
llmornlinhg and~ tho schiool techerl li got,
ready t~o whip mc aigaini, but I sLowed
1111 him my lgs and lie let me off with a
'ilk. My next episodle has lft an Iin
(delible impresi'on~O. Wec hail to walk
i twoV( miiles to school aii~ aibout halfI way
W IE are making great pr'
tion to meet yotur Chri:
wants, and we earlnest
quest you not to miss seeln
grecat collection when in sear'
cChristmas goods. We have
a great Christmas Presenlt Dt(
a mecnt, where you will find all
a of ulseful Toys, Books, China
'Clauis to tuse on : of o:11r lar
COmeC to see hjim.
A Great Treat is inl
Greenville SR C
ioero was a big gully that we used i
lide down in. One morning Bill Mal
ic and Overton Youing and Jim Wi
mn and myself stopped to slide dowi
nd 1Bill pulled out a deck of cards an
%id he(1 would show as how to phy.
ad never seen a deck before in il
fe, but I had hearn ill of 'em. Thto
eti e mighty pretty and lie taught 1
ow to slu11Ile and cut and (d ali
irn Jack and play severi-u).
One morning Tom Wilson and .Jii
.lexander camne along ats they wei
>ing; to H('hool and heard our racki(
the gully and they caught us pla
Ig cilds. 'T'hey slipped I up on us, fc
0 werie coiipletely absorbed in tit
mile, and Tom said: "1 Well, you al
ic youngest set of ganiblers I ovI
w in my life. The sheriff will g
ol aind put you all ill jail befo
ight." I never Ivas scared so bad
iy life. I co.hiln't study my lessoI
or cat my dinner at school and wlate
d for tile sheril all (lily long. BI
lint eured me of card plnying arid
ever handled a deck again iut it I g
0 College. College was a good pla
r play cards then ; it is a good 1.1
o kick a hall now. Tom Wilson at
im Alexander were good-hearted bo
And never tohl on us. Tom died yen
,go and Jim died last month in Atla
a. 110 got to bei a great doctor ai
verybody loved him. Wheu I recei
(I the tClegriaim that. told mue he w
end I felt like another prop was gon
id that now only one was left -1
rother Tom in Lome. Mailtie is (lel
n(d Young and .1im Wilson. All it
choolniates tire dead except one al1
11 ily school tenchers and college in
cAors ai edead.
For several years there Was 110 -p
-nio episode. Every day was ali
intil I began to notice the girls with
seuliar' longing emotion and brush
iiy hair more carefully and carried
leaner hankerchief and wore tight
oots well polished. In fact., I got
ic a dandy in my dress. Sliakespen
1akes fun of the lover and dismii
im with a line. Says lie sighed al
vrote poe try abouti his sweetheart
ychro)ws. Ve beat that in our da
didn't sigh a1 bit for my sweethen
vas i had ofl about tme as I was aho
ir, and we were too happy to sig
Ve Sooli becanic engiged, and s
ixed the day away Oil inl Ju1ii
It I jidged it backwards
day, amd then to April atid
Ast to i'arch, to all 01 which a
olushingly assented. I wrote poet
oo-not to her eyebrows-but to I
riom head to foot. Ihere is the h
reise, which is only a sample of wi
I could (o inl those halcyon (lays:
'When incense on the sacred alt
Its o((,rR seemed in fragrant clov
to riso,
it) may lily wishes all to heaven turn
Procure rich blessings for thee fr
the skies."
This is pretty good, I thmik.
SI soic Yankee soldier came alo
1d stole tile album and carried it
.s a trophy and gave it to his swe
eart. She kept it twenty years, a
narried aniother fellow aind sent t
1)bum back to him, anid he maIled
o ,ny wife will) a nice apology. lie
gentlemani, though it took himli at lo
ime to ropent and0,1 reform. Of coni
oiir miarriage was ati epohll-a :I
nilest.one. Mly wife was only sixte
amdl as docitle as a pet. lanib. I to
%ers young, believing I could rain I
I she neeed tai nin g. For a year1k
wo 1 (c)ubl( make her (10 just as
ileasedl, but later oii 1 could miake h
144 jutst, as she leased5~( anal now s
nakes me1 do( just as8 she( pleases, 1.
it, it is all right, and~ I have got 1i
.o it.. Y< s'.erdauy I r'ece'ivedl a leti
rom11 a friend ask inrg rme to help bi
hout, choosmng a wife. Ile is a wide
r,' with one clii4, and11 wanited a v
miin over 30Q arid under 40--a set.1
Vomanli -and( lie said lie wouhbl tm
i(er a g.ood , lovintg blusband, (etc. WN
l tal1ked it. tOer in t he tamtily) a
mmiied sev eralI good old( set tled gi
mdl miy wife stopped sowin~g and1( Si
'I dlon't thiink yoiu are a1 very g4
Ty fe -
I. O tf -.
ch of
in.t Glass Ware. We hav1
(e s'i )W Wi ntos as i 'Aorl
Store For You if You W
Fine Display.
o julgo of marriageable girlk. You hll
bottor lot this maitter alote.)"i Idin't
I- like that remark, and repidl: "well
, when I Was a young Mull Iutyl I was
i a poor judge, but I thiak I coubil lo
bottor now.'' I am sorry I saidit, for
y a woman can'g, take such jokest anild
y keep nlim ati serene. I'll be iore
s careful in the future.
(1 BitE I must reserve some epolis for
another letter. The birth of our first
n Child Wis an epochI, but afterwardts that
o blusiness ceased to he a monopoly andl
'L hecametc illoltoniousm. 1i 1,, A nt'.
r Fruit trees require to be culiivated
anl irune'd, but they will reply all
care and111 fttenitionl.
For Infanto and Children.
The lnd You Have Always Bought
tLBears the
Sig~uativo of
Tax Notice.
T,14 h 1 t re;tstI,,I, oer' flev0 1 I ic ke s C ou r t
llionse, S mlihl ('mI-filild wil he (111 (11
V N le1114 y, (h-Iivi r 151h for he ollt'e itn
Its of Ihe4. folloninlg nIIl.-l tlNxts for ye ar
c, lI 11l.
is I ('v% for l-;:kt Tax, 41 nils
III I WVY filr 41rd.il:11ry ('onnly taIX, 'I millm
ly a'vfilr C'onetitilionial 'who .1I ax, :1
mill I-.
Ldevy% % fo, pazi hlhens,2 mnills.
0' T4t:al levy for St fitand eo:n iit.n 1
a 1.8 mtijll.
Ii Mfit i It'v for r Nll elIt i i Piklt RliNi.lii,
I'i l 'ul-:,P(. - ze l- m~m ov lh l,
al I vy fi i'V li st o li l. It h 1,
t for irriv-mn i iasip, 2 1.. mwilk
Uer Lovvy frl interecst onil. It. it.hin
to fo)r l':ia4lalow township, '1 1-2 mills.
Spc.alu' Ievy fo n- shotol clist riel N-.1, 2
Special LeNvy for sch i l iist tieft Nil. lit,
m tills.
Special h-vv lor -chool clitr-et No. 11,
Y'' I I ills:.
ut r Special leyfor -whool <lisit 'et. Nil 1:1,
At1 :1 1 4 iil .
It. Spei at levy for school dist i.i No. I G;
10 -2umills.
C, Special h'vy (for school dlistriet.Noi. 2:3,
to 2 milk.
lt Sinei 1 levy for Mvchool dlistrie14. No. :11,
IC 8pecial Ivvy for selon I list riel. Nil. 49
. V, m ll Is.
erlplin levyl fill- selumil dis ii-I No. 55,
ist 1:1 m ill-4,
at 11 l'o L \ 4,14 one dolr n l con elll-l.1ionl
r1 1 : 'aw I is 6; t wo dollrtll etable.I:. :a1
t he Huetimeo from t hose liable n-cor
rs ~ ~ ~ ~ A in)I I,% :Iw I.ok 1,:e iev m e :w,
ay 1 3 .IS Comes per. fulS
cl it ill :1 (.11 ' . .1 ; Stjalt i l
Treasrer 'iekn, . o-v
It Ii A1 V.1 K~~WOwili, F" IHotiNscli?
W(. ei'.v IA IlN. C.
ig I aVeSAworth, I'arken & ah ,:1w
Qi At iIUalve -31I'tt.
P 11 1 0tlon S. It, - .: 1.: alni hi.: S
i 'aetiei in all (kI tiiot. Attcourt, W it
or Ig1tuue al. io~
L. prW.l p'cur-:t, ORP EF Snicken, S. (l
PracticE in all bnCourts AlrI 'tt t'rn .
ord Wr"'i yto lA.SOWanO
Nim ,' ..
w- pomptyprouredOR NrEE Sedmde peth
r hotdfo aroreot naentabiit Sakrun
-110) baitisnd Fo)rinatenann radMar Y,"
llEOn . FCorersve lrd to e Or.
PAers .AY~ O u2 ER'RCIE
n 0,0 PTNT PO~lEJT1OUlfiE
C- 'k
-Irl bTS from t1e soil of
lIlge (fItlitities of li
Potash. Il
tti r ap-- gil
pliel, musmt firish 1 3 B1
(11 la f ll II' I it:1-d , > O w h ill
la d will It1sc its' tn,
titng power. taIl
-mi aref lly ta h a " till
lo t -%VO fal atIt' , otil
at attj. %tti P~~pri
NiAwm St., New Yark. R8
Church Directory.
ll(Iw we utvothe ai4.tn of churehos
p 1 tastors., 114atl th1% Sundtayslv8 (oil whill thy
worshtil, ais far wv lItve 4irinat
ymtar 01hur4.h i4 114-t lin the list sonal thel nmv
esmary iniforiatiotTli:
Plickenms-lev. A. .1. S. Thoni --:lt Sut:- be
11 a. Iml. ani4d 8 p. i. ltray t eiting,
Weinleslay 8 1 p. iII.
Seo - i t ov-. . E 1. Fosteor- -Satuair y bet- 110
foro0 the11 lir4t 81unday.% aot :1 p.- III.; I-1st.Suntiy an1
II it. in.
Il'eter's. re k - e ,. 1. Fl. ot t Sat
turday :1 p ni Suilax1 after slecill Sitrii
iay I 1 Ia iti.
M ilto Creekc---lic.v. J. 1M. Poster--.th Sat- fi'
uiiaiusy :t 1it ; Siuday after fourt.li Satirilty W
11 a :na.
Six M ile--tev. W. C. Saborn-Satunlay
liefire the steond Siuday 2 lb itt; seconle1l ye
Sit Ima 11 a i . W
I 'ratte'I s r k-- Iev. W. (. S0 e1
Satturiaiiy bievfte the thirl Sunlty 2 pb in;
:11 811n141ay I1I a III.
C(iatir -- -Ttev. W. C. Stiahorn---Saturity 01
heftore tho ftirth Sintlay 2 lb i ; 4(h Suin- m
<da '11 a Iin. )
I~~~~I Chr~--tr 1 . Hladdocek 1.41 an1d
:1i1 80th ;. tt ring, 11 'l ock ; iigit, 9; th
8.8. tory miilay at 1 li.; praiyer imiet- ac
ag Weilte.a11y 8 p. 111. ,
M iouit it hor-Itev. I F. Ittion--Sat
Itrlay befoire fourth uinday at 20'cl,.ek
t. it
Pit k n Ra - Cev. IC. It. I )Itgnlltl--14t iila
day 8 p iti; 21t Sit tlay I it it ; .ih Si itay gt'
8 p na; prayer ttmtitg Wminesdaya 8 p ili. in
Twelv- Miite- -i Ivv I. It. t. i . tgI l i a t.
Sutiay I i a in ; : it Stiay i::;. 0 p m
t. I- t h l e h i n - i v . U . U . Vi ag mi i l l- - 2 d S ti t
'Lay ::0 it .
TatiIr- C v. i . 1S. 1hignaii -lh Siilay
11 t itt ; 5th Siutnclay I I itt.
l*tia 'ey i- 1ir. W . r t i - 1f, K i t S undy
a1 Oi n; :141 81usubsy 1 t nl. '
St.. lt Umev. W. E_ Wiggi ia-St Sutil
flay -1 p) inl.
Zimi RON. W. E. Wiggitnt . Sunday
it a III ; it-1h stanilay .1 p1 ill,
aittit ; :1 li Sitlay 1ip I a.
Anti -itr4. Wiggin- Ith Smiday 11
i s C hur% : :Wm. Wigiai .:, 2d ttt
hty l i; 5 1.h Su ny I itit a .
Natern Ileit ss it int tia--lie . (i. L., .(
( ain,.
11i1t1-81, y -14"1 innl .ip,. I I I n;I P 1r
toer's (:Ampel, :::.0 p) ill.
Stit nd Sunday l ., i lilt.hel, 11 a it ; N(ew
I l op, : ::4) p ton.
Third 81311l1ky,-Po tr tihapeli, 1 a it n;o
saltitl, :1 I p i.
it itithantataytjitit li's ttap ili
; ti t .1 ,11 is tli, :1 :Mt a m11.
WEST oiceKNs tIUI T -Je. FREE. Alta
A yUA itn II ot., .4. (C
10lerst 411d11(1aivi3w 11 at. ml; (0a
t .hent -ep. to.
'eie'Id si ay no co iil, It. I t
Ftiy41urvuth yeay lnh arnth, Iitn. I ; Liea -
Ary, 2. 15 Is. mi.
Hent yur m (es etre io yoarhington,
aves (time, cost re s, btner s1 erc.
Molibee clse& U. ol Paent OlioREE reilimain
Lo.,set re. atet rocurhie throuh E.tc.Bgger
rcIvo pe ii a 1 Wte itotlcaie Iladtrhe
rIVEll[NTIVE ACnRio E~lIan
lutat [monlElventh year-em $W aar.
A lAOat hg 918 F ST.k , N.ttaI1p W.i,
frCiend Erlybe if You oW
o Cild ren'ancy andtcho
L (o Ldio s' lCotlored Bordered Hand
('L oo Ldin' Whit lm-i tce
Lotlane hSpechiial Drankerh
L't Longlelceued-li nred Wam( Glo
Lileaic tmat a
[N Wo hr. 1PdGigAmYNaE.
u r M Cbo at,
'ck Democrat: Carrimgon V. W
Imboden, Lawrence County,
nsas, is the possessor of a yromI
Io for $370, which was glven.
omas Jefferson, April 7, 1813,
Imund Bacon, great-grandfather o6,
o present holder of the paper. The
,to has long since bean paid, but on
count of the customs and instiutiion
the period when it was executed, re
ilned in the possession of the drawee
(I descended through three genera
ns to the present owner. At .the
eo the note was drawn Edmund
con owned a farm adjoining Mi.
flerson's Monticello place in Vit
in. Belore the note was paid Mr.
con moved West and made his home
Kentucky. With him he brought
note, which was duly paid. - The
iAs at th time were slow and uncer-,
n1, and for this reason the note wise
t returned to Mr. Jefferson. This
I bit of yellow, mildewed paperIs
zed by its owner as much for its con
:tion with the history of his family
for being an autograph of a famous
LIn and written by the same hand
it executed the Declaration of Inde
,iINI'VvOlt OF T11 E "4 OwD GUARD.
l'he sole surviving officer of the Old
ard of -the First Napoleon is said to
living at Warsaw in poverty. ie
a Pole named Markiewicz, and is
w 107 years old. lie receives a
tIall pension from tle Russianit govern
ant., but it is cont'nded' that as he
.s the military cross of the Legion of
onor, he is entitled to an allowance
1)1m the third republic. Markiewicz
is decorated for distinguished con
let on the battle field eighty-eight
ars since, wheni he was only a lad of
Tihe decree is dated November
1813. Markiewicz is thus not, only
a sole survivor of the oillcers of the
d (uard, but he is doyei, or senior
enber, of the Legion of lionor. He
8, however, been enabled to live in
ree centuries, nnd according to all
counts, is still alert, in lipite of age
(I poverLy.-The Tablet.
Do not apply intrate on wheat -in
u fall, as it may not remain in the
ound until sprinr. If applied early
the spring it shows wonderful
ects on growing wheat, and seems to
VC 1.he wheat a good start and a deep
een color.
rhe Eminent Kidaqey
and Bladder Spectiffi.
he biscoverer of Swamp-Root at Work in
His Laboratory.
There is a disease prevailing is this
ountry most dangerous because so decep
lve. Many sudden deaths are caused by
1-heart disease, pneumonia, heart failure
r apoplexy are often the result of kidney
lisease. I kidney trouble is allowed to ad
ance the kidney-poIsoned blood will attack
he vital organs, or the kidneys themselves
reak down and waste away cell by cl1
rhen the richnee- of the bluod-the album en
--leaks out and the sufferer has Briht's
)isease, the worst form of kidney trouble.
Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root the new dig
overy is the true specific for kidney, bladder
*nd urinary troubles, it has cured thousands
f apparently hopeless cases, after all other
ifforts have failed. At druggists in fifty-cent
nd dollar sizes. A sample bottle sent free
,y mail, also a book telling about Swamp
toot and its wonderful cures. Address
)r. Kil1mer & Co., Binghamton, N. Y. and
ukontion this paper.
Go meet your CJhristmas wants and ar.
mesultable for useful pre.ents for any
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China aind Glassware at very low pricos.
*nt a Chance at These.
s Sample H at Sale
*y djifforent styles at just t

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