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The People's Journal
The Scripttres are Searched fo
ILight on the Question.
Tie following interestfing,, artiele oi
tle origin of the Negro is Irom t he e
of Rev. Dr. .1. iB. Mick, of l-'ort Mill
nod is reproduced from thite Ciiiit
Observer :
Whence the Negro % This is a darl
subject; an exceedilI1y perplexi
problem. Yet its solitioi is vital t
Some doctrines of tle ahureb, :nni alst
vital in dleter milling thle i nature of ot
nationIl government. In deeId it we
think of the strange introditction oi
Negro s1avery into our11 lainl an I it
pecuilia phases ill colonial davs ; it' w
not ice how it, color ed aiilost'ver' ut
tion ink Cong"ress fro-m 17i to1 -i
we Study tile caulses of our1 gret civi
war ; if we consider 11o t his mattel
m11ade the S i th aloest s( lidily i1e
ocA tic 1n1d tihl-, North ab;st l it' l llid'e
[epuiblican1 from I 44' toi 901, we nut$) s
coicll e t ht illt probi1t' el n Itt h h t
tile 11mln pivot f' Il r liationlu difer
ences andt (toinl . Tit11S h ii lcc s
it is cle"ar that (od'~s lvidelive inlten14l
for our iition to silve thiS rlwOhlem
As tie Lord aditle lilter tW be itivi
of Persiat for it Special puInII- st, 1so I11
11xs111 m e (t lld1, II I It I . I I I' I tt 4 1 i I
alions th nations 1t tit wN rb6 4 :
w idetrifl work, viz : The t ' ti" in
i i'g of the rehtitiis the111'14 va ius .' 'I
to elt' i ter a. . sp141 ily lih r hlt, It
tion o1f, the whi t . n:11 1i li t N -r
l n1v lce we have i n 411 1 k ill 1 .t Ilh
four1race : the white in'm 4fEu4 p
the redl manl of Amelrica, (Ihl vI
ni fit ' Alii andi th l 4111 'tit tw i
The positiot 1 f tith e tt r i Ia- t
beenl Very variedl :1111 Wha ru~
others asx, Il i infi14n1o1 r r4:w ifll in i..
Ii oilers as the unat 'I li I i t iwI
cuItI t int lvry. T il n 1)m111 11 1 1 t
the ca..:r l enVote, hab l M i a ll u
teiniarr1.1y wilth th li! whlite Inll h
Stats e iv can v( t e li:d lt 14 u I
I lit lille i s 41-1awt at i t'irr 't 1
(let*i-r tatvs he i1 voIted t Ii -iti ui
v naftel r ht 1e il4a:4 ) bilt cani O t 1 ,
t ll til tn car ir ett lt I eit' t :'1till itl
with whilt 11:!C : whi1- m' t- 1 i lt
evein ofe rigtvIlliovm illr'i'
dlenied him.
N mw is, it ritebJt to nuikt thest .1
tins tisros ? Is it ,ight 4t < l i '
Nerol fran voftili and init s hb
(Ilice, if he ii, 1i lli t '27. it 11..
L41 foli bid his cat ml. :11nd d i m1king! a1
1 111y11n wili 111k1 a4 n whill
proviled thll wl T
1) ;anwer to ''lle , ue 't i i nl 1
the ansiwer toll li s (l n. I' X11 \ll t \W
thre N, eg il l . xt nwoilliti 1, o
(2)our 1 tilwr i ilIQIs 4
tlsi'h. i luti aG o rt( ith: iS '1 n 11
mud cant a inest k, thn ni, p'
t(e) l at bir,1 th sl ti: vis
ihe higher grad11140 l l nwI'5 27 till
i man. 20 iTis irguedn vhty wits e,
onti Wfor thgierigin)1 Il thenel.:
as1) hInese 26i isat .o-nd Crent
it; foIrei ns~ l~ne e ond, the --n'.i
Ng link the ween1 (it Irlptie !4
he no, between. tht bird .u! the bt
b7wteon theatednkiy ;nol the in
triptuwrdenies t;ho Jit;tlian i'
teostive lwi thtl the hieii
altike" latiath wordn Adam.- iTe
tvery trulae whit an(oIeareabr ti
oeg ho is th-eivin,' ei-ln ti.(e01
in-ho : bystos.e i~linh ln.
(4). The dea 'f ou tblil, aill ti~
pdrseile tfrm ave..c (li rltinl,'
vess1. Timies th at na pluait nu
withonsto acswa. sinte lv t h
Wibe ord m h a,"in r-e-I
The lo argu'ant foaairiliSel le~
an thues fuly the orer. t;.t t he
Mee~~~i the unsut ity of iji {lthe h
ha e o l or a t eIlb <h4
man raco may seo onothing f the
9 strengti of the1 theory that wo oppose,
- and that is virtually accepted by uany 1
in our churcies.
. Candor comnpels Ie also to admit
- that this theory does answer liany
SIlestions that have perplexed ihlo e
students, and soine of Which cannot
otherwise he satisfactorily aniswored. (
Iiere are somne of lheiem. o
(1). Why is there another account e
of the creation of mari in G'enesi ii, i
27; unless it is to dcesigliatc which race t
i nas to be put in EIden and to be the I
represcitative of mankind inl tie Col- Ir
venaint with ( iod ? 13
(2). As (enesis v, .1 teaches that
* a ter " Adani begat Seth '' he begat I
sons and lailiters," it thus imiplies j
that hef'ore li bit I of Seth only Caini
:hnI A bel hil heen horn to AdaiI.
r\ho On thent conlj ( ';iin lear would find
antI kill him: and from whon did (i od I
r protuct him'? titnesis iv, 1-1 15. Who ,,
was there for ' Cainl to m y'/ An d t
welre did the people ctne fri'om1i to in- %V
. h~lil thity hat.) h1e1 bu' ilt'/ (WeneSIst
C"). II the eighit pelsonsi savedi il (
tie ark were till, (1i1y plt 1ills in t ho (t
wiii, how alit whee riubl Nimrod, 11
the 'ranilsoni of 1H:ui, t*liil people eni- e
1i1iu 1h to lilt ftur ci ios, "1 liibel %t al l
IFrech and .\ccail and ('aliieh in the V
hand 01Shna . (4lenesis N, 1I.l.
(I ). hlellti I orilgillaitt 41 thoise l'Ires j
i1f 1114 1 'liiclt ;'e lienllitolled a Mtill
her of times lit thel Bible, buit whleh h
ire littw' Xil t'/ W iteiC tilt' Eiillilli
til' Allaikilli- - 1 l ie t1ts, who wt'l'e i
li Illt ftt oil' th1011' ill l4l - lii tid l ii s
. ini I lit itl i lit ihdt' il ti t il i., t
).h I'tm : llo , that m urreit t
lt t'r ' tiltlet 1 1tlit lii liili
ti t .1 lit.ll- iay lire I ; l 'i' 'ilt 'l 1
lit 1 Itn how r i abrc ;tht a e .
ti \ ut ..' ' ' Ii.W et 'li't
i I-li l it in lt h et'.' i i.l t' re
). I ll t e hite 111.11 a al t N oN
-r I Wit t ' le e 'ichil it Ilithe' ~li tloll
114 Wv 4t ''iti Ild .i 11-4)1 .1 t i M I V
Ad il i d v.', W h11-11 ;Illdi w ile i- w (.j
i c he l r;nd, r W 'llebt1 tilat h1:1- tIlladc IN
lilt Ili (it ill 1;1t . . 1 1 1 l it. r, 14.
jul-I I'.'a F1.41111
-> .ote o andl ch.rt tl: r m " in it
" Inn rera ' 1hi, dhlter nc hWC its 1 1
i i t it '.0 ' ' 'Na I Ct th ' li tiIti 'l i t
W li e t' it ilim t i t I ll vilt l ii'
\\ he e in 11 1Y ,bIe I llw a ; . r
1cv1l l . .11111,111l
ht "t l0 hi'-- , lb .
\ ait- lT n ll e t t'l ill ' :l A i'll 4
A o a l ir al ' . in; r lit tit.
I. )o nt l i h r i'. : - o lilt 1 l1Ill. oc
h n1.o D tl .1 11.11 ..l 1d -a l il lo
till Il i \t , . ilp l , U l ll I ot i t
is4 i nhs int h.ath.' hMr sn..
w Th| 1i' e id that Alhu
S t- lilta- ;; - -! : .: lice li
t. tha\ n .tht nl th-e tinaetlh.o
Ha r h-n.r fo in''st.ance.
, . A int l .6 ii k . -' u %\ th wi rh.; ion
Wn u H t1ung i.rnlcdsoo
T l his iswh wesyta
Ayer's Hair igor a\ - ay
11retore colran mae
nithn hair gow ou n
Ii .1 I A ii '. ~wlfot
C\ er Fan then it oun~'hi ellt
l t'r atimb ofi our'' ltis Ct.Cnii
it iti. I ile -~ p til.i h i'i~ ' llti J ly
*f twn make, an wlr ts otn. -'e~,a aee
tilhj a lOOOOO wihual (upl. H
nut die earnt ly n aelaipihofneoty <e wil,
. ai'l crieth baee ' il l th yint
if'! j l ario t, Prebot an flcme
s coingviou ver fatsoI ou h
hi ab tl fA e' airV g" . I
outh Carolina May Have an in- st
portantlRellc to the World's Fair P
at St. Louis.
peCcial to the Molaltaineer. T
S'. Louls, DCeC. 10.--Ilon. J. T.
Uitt, depity secretary of the 8tatio
I Soith Carolina, is in coimiuni
ition with olIicers of the Worl's y
'air with refereice to the represeita
on of that State at the I'EXpositiol of il
)0:1. It Is been1 suggested that a
productioln of the cabin1 ill which IC
resideit Anirew .Jackson wias born
ould he a very interesting feature. tII
cferinig to this fuggestiori Mr. (4lantt
rites to Secretary Reeves, of tle
mfilittee on State an1d I 'erritorial ex
ibits, ts follows: po
" aim iniformIied by a gentleianl o
io visited tile birth-pliace of thiis rug
-(1 old Ier several yeais ago that lit
I. ow rcimtins of the log cilnil ill
hih ihe spent is boyhoort days butital
e chimney. It is located ill the
'axtaw ieiglihborhood of Lancaster oC
lilty, inl this Stito, but So close to
' line of Unionl Couity, Norith Caro
mia, tihait resideits of the latter State
1im11 it to be a1crosts tile lille.
'11 Iowever, till doubt tliat aity have al
isted 1a to tile llitivity of ("(n.
icksonl was remlove-d beyonld ques-t
m, wliein inl his famous ullifleation et
-elamation tile ippealed o the fel
w-citizels of his ' nattive State,' a111
le n I is will le directed that ' the
r,!!(" vase pr'eseited to me by the Ia.
es of (lilestoil, So. CaL., my natii-c ei
:It(,, With tihe 11 ge picture r'epresenit
t ilt .fu rling )1 tlie Aint11 iean hant- cal
rl, leseited to me by the citizielis
S4oiuh 'arolina, wien it wts refised (111
he ar'eiepted by tie 1. S. Senate, I lea
are inl trust5 to my1.' Pon, A. .uckson, I
., with dilectiols that should miur
c litttry ot he blessed w%-tith .r'
tnee anevent not alwatys to bei ex- mo
I ed hlit will It the close of tle cii
;ar, Ilr (,ndl (if thel colhel t, prl' senit. Ch
wh ) f Ill id atl tiicles of inlestimlaIble
:111 4, 01 1hat patriot rtesiilnig in thle ti
Iy r 4''-'tate f11111 w icih they Ii'dere pre- d
- \14, h114 1 h ll hc :11ijnildgedu by his
u1t11yill or the ladies to have bee etl
i- Imiost h1.n1t inl the defelse ofI his
111try o r 's rights, a1Iiiil' ill
4'.h4Icko' boyhoodtdays, aong411
w- iI d axha patiotlS, weel i - il
wtcay rai miad cIlfutes dlildt
MtuIh to) slupe hlis minld to) thle stern t
I''ull whlich. it aftt'lwattia1 ar(Iluired. tk
li p;tu-1i-'ansh4ip therue Ilarned its first -i
on.ll Tht e alasturnied withl love, O
i 0pite of the after CoIlicts, to tbeste ti
doh Il is youlth, Many13 cirsum11- h)
I u esprve. Thely havec alwaiys de-ti
-dht ed toI honorl hli - li mory mal611 would,
.unl at~ssured, e*1 opetet wit h thet efforlts F
til res ve the relics wi'iih i still surl.
iVt.. Th rCon1stu'lCtion anld preserva',
i'u 11o4f lte )bd lo ain, ( 11 withi thigt 'i.. Yr
ik chiu e an liuch- ; ti mber1ci *111 ls ais ,till Li
em 11n, 111u l he eaisily a ccom plishe (d ti
.nd ~))1I wul)prov'e 4)1 e4x1edIig inltt'rest -
'11 inlspirattiont to)teyot Of thed hul
Vh'141 it4 11 I.l t ll thlt ' r ) w n O
[tutry reh-nlitth- yI It-I!wvd, a111in i t old f
.44 -h i 144 i avt halhaved41 1Oiei by141
uw I l)) 14 its 3 tvi' Mtila i 14. i lt *41
hil)) o te1W:11li.\ 4aws i I , m
vh1 at) th1144) tunei4~ v44r rain'ly pueo.
'-n) ti .141 I tiro n'ry 444f1 o lb a ro(4l'4i
h4 -'- n1;ul siirh. aT bi Welahm
x~.44t he1. ):)4ti4l ion ( of1 t4SIi heIm ents
>fd \'4)Iw tutu) 4'r1)4 i 1 o4 f t1)~i(he 141 Unte1
)44 4m 44 th 44hur.- 1.f resp n'Isiiht up-1 e
I''' 411 w ip 4w4t ithe(r. itifoi's ide
'ist 1.554the Ikit h tn 1 d1 1 ''4Ith atiotism
1)lh w 1'41)414 t it li il 41 14 the i I 14r.
10. ThI e two41 hd -- i ns td 14n1er4 .
4) lie ;.1 411 a h lI4V lli rut1( i );std r wifl
'44lo ll 11r)tiu l 114 h, h4'4.l 1113s1o 5 enliste1
1l111lill' still' l1St I (' as Iic t i h
unhn thatl' they were~ig14 otietboar
liu'sts 4e. If te arn t wh h
-Ine~lL'' d wn.t t ui' n 'l tsed t h'4'1w ie~lis
'S11tltIinang 5II the n Is volunteereAd as a
51 tlhem, .14 proidligy te nakedg11111 wih
111(th iire luirom t (her sc a meansii4I anel
l1ursing ih4e1 ic l W '4il1evted tiener(I'
w untd i'he(herself was11 ltiken '
ahr home-t (i the Wiaxhawie (she;'(( tie 0
t4I te '~ nquart hue' itsi 1101mis from
Ilti The tud~it~ Srt ofthetw.
rolthersout were sorl tie, which hrso
asvingbeenow sotiken donbya frit
(sh olicer41 aiili narowl tescaingdi dea-th4
Ilipo'hi refialtooy a Nunan ()lto
>erformc ad1 meialh service, whollihis
wroher het. d Ie frMeo ihe ffecW lof
ao w<.unti eeived under likei I
:ustane whtits ia pisoner. low (11
fully'e avengethi ad them dcgradatmn aht.a
I a 0te an oiranvl ti~ont relati es t
them closeo the wutark heette ithe
shopin of1( Mr. Whi'teh of hrsmke in
whckoi iet in. the taw. Aftthera
servic~ en inut eighteenc mio.fnts, h
rtemoved thaNth3 Carlin,r tas admit
ted tothe hr, an be' th brilant
anding ollceor of the enemy. After ku
voral fruitlebs attempts the tradition in
tes that onieof these brothers killed fa
tckenbam." to
ia Claimed that Certain Dis- de
easea Prolong Human Iife.
arson's Weekly.
It is a remuarkable fact-one of na
re's peculiar comne nsatian--that fe
ople who ' have suffered from emall
x generinly live longer than people tit
to have not. JVhy this should be tih
case, there is only an unproved
*ory to explain; and the theory is
it the microbes which go to small. o
x, being very powerful and pug na- 1)1
us, swallow u) the microbes of nany
ter diseases which they find in the 1
iteis of persons they attack. Hence, Wi
contracting smallpox severely, you of
nd a good chance of oliminating alt
it your system other diseases which
mld seize upon you at some time or aI
1er, and, likewise enough, prove
al.~ o
ttil thea e time, it must be ad
tted that smallpox is not scheduled
a preventive Inedicine; and the
iler of persons it cither kills, I
timls or iiilicts with mental ilicapa- llit
ies is probably greater than the tis
mihier of persoi whose lives is pro- cl
Igs. tic
At the saime time it is a fact that of
I disease, thongh one of the most
rible known to nedical science, doesIn
a ati great deal of good if you are
),11ble of throwing it off without, stf- l
ing alter-effects of a more serious
itracter than being pitted with the
eer little narks it almost invariably
ves behind to dilitinguislh its past
1e victims.
Numbers of elderly persons, in more ill
less fechle health, are kept alive by til
ighis, stich, for instance, as bron
itts. Chonic cough are peculiarly 1)(
union to old people, and hundreds .w
to complain of the distreas caused
1m by such alfections aic really in
bRed t.o their coughs for their leng-th tl
life. The reason of this is that most,
lerly persons suffer with weak heart t
d feeble circulations of the blood, t
d weak hearts becone weaker ind
aker merely as a result of their -
-akness. A constant cough cort ects
is, keeps the heart beating more
'oigly than it otherwise would, and
e stroug heart heat keeps the blood
culating m11ore 4Ilickly; and the vital
'an1s are thus kept inl a state ot ac
ity Which could only be maintained
artilicial mnelits, and for a limited
ne, but for the troublesomie cough.
Moreover, the constant reniinder
ven by the cough deter the sufferers
)lm rnnning iisks of catching colds.
other words, they have to stLy
eir health or Fuffer itore acutely from
eir cogh, 1( and clioosing the former,
cy henefit accordingly.
Gotit and rheumiatisni are exceetling
painuil diseases, and, of course, in
Me cases0 prOVO fatal, but they con- -
r many a blessing uponi manknd; '
41 rhoumatism, particularly, is well -
Tbe Law
f health has no uniformed guardians
its peace. If It had there would be
rests itnnumiierabhle In every restaurant
t'ry day of the year. Bloth in the
ianitty and quaLlity of the food they
t and in the mnaumzr of its consumup
women sin
each day
against the te
laws of health.
Those wvho
will not heed
warmings can-F
not escape her pun'
Ishntents, andA dys
.pepsta or stomach
"trouble " is the inva
riable penalty of care
less. eating. n te
'There isn te tI
mneatcine for diseasesv
of the stomiach and y
alliecl organs of di- A
gestion atud nutrition _
which can compare
with D~r. Pierce's
Golen Medical D~is
CO very. It cures
these dIseases perfect
ly anid rmianently,
and enahes the buld
ing up of the whole ~
Mdy into vigorous health.
"I took two bottiles ofIr. Pierce's Golden C
e.itcal Discvetry fr oaoh trouble " writes
'.. va. " It dk m iu so m nst ,
,ke any mo(re. t epn t4?5o ntinl now.
aItnd)s well pi4lenae with I kn hos {
Snkyufor your k n m n
led a wholie iot of thi rig before I wrote to ~
u. Thore wan at gentl man tol~d me about
our medticline, how it haac e ared his wife. I,
o tI would try a i f it c!
I don't kn~ ~at ?wonoaI one
hdnot bee ,ir D~r. Pieroe's. Ou den Med. a
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets cure con- t
intI.'Nyl1.T.R-- I"4urth1 Monday4~ In Janm.. I
ry,, last l Mond4ay in Mlay andie the second14 I
I 4o14lay ini Septembeir.
A\ N Ix usoIXIN- -- Hecon M14 onda 4440In F'uhrnary,
P4r4114 MnIday(11 in Jnn1o4 andi theii four'thl
14)1nday~, in Hept.onbo4r.
A\114~ un 1vn..:-T'hird MIondlay in F"brnuary,j
htid Monday111 in Juni, atit first, Momlay I
fter thei fourth MondaIiy ini Sepltemhltor. I
WVALIIA t,1A--Sec(oI4luI Mondayt ist March,
he4 s4econd4 MndayI~lL after the fourth1 N Mo1
I Iay11 .imJun, a1114 that s4ixthl Mom1lay atfter
ho4 fourth11 Mnd'iay ini sep)temhor.
Pse~ u4-'i.Thid Mot14lay in Ilareb, tird1
144ndayt after4 fouirthI MalayI 1 in June11, and1(
1outractor' and( BulilderI
PI'Icens, S. C.
( Ii hi service~ t.o theo generl1 pub~h
't. All wor4k MIuarat4eed. lIIis refer
Iwo- are lhose' for whomll lhe has5 done0
14rk an lhe wvork ilself, whomi and1
hieb ennt 1, seen'I in then town~s of Picek
nl'1ley, and14 alt IIover Piekens5 i coiny
Prties will 'lo w'.el to Is)ee himii before
oin aii 4trade elsewh~ere. (WI 1l
Attorney at Law.
Pickens. S. 0,
'ractico in all the Courts.(
Oflico over Earlo's Drug Store. c
own to doctors as a preventive of
my other diseases. it is a notoriots
At that gouty subjects generally live
a ripe ago, and albeit they suffer
verely at, timles, they generally enjoy
cellent general health, the very
Lises of the gout keeping their blood
good condition, and making it unen
rable to many kinds of microbes.
Cases have occurred of whole house
i except one 'iieuber, being
'ickon with infectious diseases, and
3 lucky exception lias been a stif
'er froin rheumatism or gout, which
ne have prevented him from con
dting the (iseases which have run
oughi the house. Such sufferers <to
t run half the risk of' catching the
inm1on illnesses that ion-suiferers
a, nel a large propoi tioln of the1 .pco
who reach ages over four-score
mrs are people who, for years, have
Tered from gout or rheumatism, to
lich fact they undoubtedly owe maniy
the years they have lived over the
ott~aed span1.
'ake half a dozon persons over the
a of 70 who suffor from rhoumnatisin
gout, anil half a dozen others who
[fer froin neither, an11d you will il mo
it, except for their rhouniatisin or
tit, they eujoy very much bettor
1lth than the lon-sufferers auti stand
slIplendil chance of outliving the
ter. Moreover, gout anl rheuma
in greatly enhance a sufferer's
inces of retaining his mental facu
8 until the enl; a large percentage
centenarians who (lie with all thir
Is about them, and with excellent
mnories of the days of their youth,
ve suffered for many years from
'1um1atismn, and been particularly free
im other diseases.
Tihe loss of a leg or an arm is also
d to (10 you good in] the long run.
rhaps that is an awkward paluase to
plY to the loss of a leg, hut let it
nd. It certainly seems that when a
m is <leprived of a leg or an arm,
3 vitality andl vigor of 11he lost, item.
r remain with him to inicrease the
ality of the remainder.
It has beenii dec'ared by anl eminenit
thiority that when a man has a 1e!,
t off, he being inl iuliliciently goodi
alth not to collapse from the opera
nlI, a(dd two or three, sometiines i
1r1, years oil to his latter days.
The Wo, Greatest
Cure for Mlalarla -
For all formasut MalarIal poison
. ing take Johnson's Chill and Peve:
Tonic. A tWaint of Malari aul Poison
'- In ye Ar bloort me1anismisery atLM
Nalnri. Blaaol Ied icineRCt I. tel""
Ma1larial poisoning. ThiI antiotet
for it is JOHNSON'S TONIC.
(Ot a boattle to-dily.
Costs 50 Cents if it Curel.
PPICR Aan WVonra, Noterni AU4IIs-rA 'S
oors, Sash, Ilinds~h an51 Hu1ih1ler'.
All Correspoudence given prompti at
rom the Up-Tlo I) te Carpet I louse
1517 Main St reet, (Columbiau, s. c
f'rite us for Samples of anything mi
iir line. G oodls shipped anmywheore iin I
se State free of fi eight. We are ail- I
ay3s busy. No dlull dlays with us .
lhen in Columbia, come anud see us. 1
nybody can show you the place.
EE-M Medicated Cigzars
EE-M Smoking Tobacco ?
ior usoe of Tobacco that suifer with i'a
irrhm, A sihma, or lironch itis. We guarani
e an ab~solutie andl permanent cur ol
atarrhm and it, is the Only known remedy
ar H lay rover. If ,your druggisi or grocer
20s nt keepa it, write Eg-M I 0., A tlanta
a., for Free Kample Trade suppa~lied by3
arpenter firos'.. Greenville, H; C., 0r
riutclield & Tollisoni, Spar 8 ur,'. (C
our agents b~esides8 the regular comm is
ons, for aol hug our splendid line Hold
IAY HOOKS for 11901. No big prizes
Sa few, but, every agent gets a share,
ifteen years' husinese recordi backc of t his
ifer. 11 andtsome samplie-case outilit. only
5 con ts, delivered.
Order oiutiit and secure choice of terri
yaonce. A ddress I). I. giUyIH lita
"UB C hA~ant a, G a.
F'eel Badly? fromn
lysepsa, antor Appetite, h~OAR 0
Itrengtlh, Isack of 8mnergy, &eu.? Take a
ow doses of
Muirray's Iron Mixture
A (euiine0110 'l'o icnj
usiness College and School
of Shorthand
Iaitual Huasiness. J A ugustan, Ga.i
,hcapJ Hoard. Situations secur cd.
in farming hands. Ea~sy paymesui. No
:ommissionms charged. Hiorrower pays atc
uial coit of p, rfecting loan. I n leost 7 per
enits tp, aect) dIing to secuirityv.
J ..(). I l'A 11M Elt & SONa
"olumm bia. S C.
O''iOi Ni I P't1rONxiSi NO (O8.1 act
Moro call s than we en p'oRsibly tili. G~Inirl
anteeoof piosit ion~ bapckedi by S5000. (Coursa
ine'xcelled. Enter ay time. ('ataloguea free
adiress, (001,|; Muli A aom a ii I'N 99~~ie
I (WRFAT'N Send F~or Catalogue.
gg1ga:I, Adldress W. HI. Macfent
LDBA . (Olilal Co urt 8lenio.
gLrap. .O hor, sidnt..:
The Kitnd You Have Always I1
in use for over 30 years, I
(~9~r-and Ii
All Couiterfelts, Imitatiosi4
Exp1er'Iuimenats that trifle With
jinfants and Children-E0xpel
What is C
Castoria is a harmless subs
gorie, Drops and Soothing
contais ieither Opium, M4
Ilbststince. Its ago Is its gui
aid allays Feverislaness. It
Colle. It relieves Teet'ing
1111 Flat.iulency. It ass1ina1ils
Stonmt and B1owels, givinig
Ilc Olaldrein's Panacea-Th
Bears the
The Kind You Ha
In Use For 0
Anel Nowt (.n Show You
1'he Lutrfiest stoek of :: :
In Greenvi'le.
Solid Leather
And Guarantven every pir
of SUOCS w sll..1. Come
iI and iet u ilow yon a
Ii]e of
Bay State.
Goodcs, ha01 ~ndiad, $.50 s to
$2 50. LAD1)IMS'Solid Loath
er Gilov GOrain or (Oil Tan
n(-1, I"'013 ce lie, :
-- $1.oo
HE1avy sot C.tl( Skin $1.25.
Weo are h4loadepti .re f(o
CA Ll'' SK IN SilOEN in:::
Mn'I W ~omen's' and Chiii
fi ron's. :: : :: :
Pride & Patton
-lIE ' I'Ans.E 2'ehln.
idlive: 12:111 A. 1. , 1"eb. Is! , ~10
No. 10) 1). STA TINS. No 9
ni: n a mI. . . fa. l'iekens Ar..2:5! p mi
I: IS :t mi..... *igison's...2:-. p m
(:55 a~ mI........... Larsn'.....2::() p mi
1:001 a m..........A inil's.......22 p mi
1:0)5 a1 m.....*:Lilins.... '2:p m
1:15 a m.... Ar iiasley Ijv....2:15i y m
Neo. 12. STATIONS No. I1.
Alixed. ' ixel,
i:ii m..Lv. 9'ikensi Ar...0:1) um
1:15 p mi........*l5.0'..... :15 iim
-1:2(0 p in...........*Arini'q...... :10 mi
1:25 p mn.....Mai Idin's... :05 m
-I: II0 p i.....Ar Eilauier.. . :i I m
"t g Stations.
All trinsiii daily excepjt Smiiilay.
No. I10 ( onnects1 with, Souher lanaI iiI y
No. 4J ;mnanects with Southen Utailw:.
90I. 12.
Noi. 12 (Connects with Souit haern iailway
o. 11.
No. It Conniect s withI Southerni I ai Iw,
No. 34.
O'aby"For any1 inf ormuiatjin appIJ ily to
.J. TI. 'PA YIl,,
( Ii(.nera Aluaager.
Anyono iindting ft nkeit ch ain 1:lewri itin n'
chckl it r uhi ti r olIa i nmO ianthunr str.
luion.srru.ii conI iotic n orl. rIa ~ it ci
I'. cotin (0(t r i~h h ii ui at .
eperflyal ticie, WIt hioit.t linargo, inl tho cv
SCittfilC Jlmerlcan.
A hniinniy ilhtaintmtn wnnkly. I nrr~n cuirel
eiIntloni of any Rni ulii jotroi. To rin, 4: IA
yacr; fotrirunoiithai $i. Holi byn id rin ni slr,.
MUINN & o"'od--e York
A Young Man
ilhoni I allen a 01( icole Ice w)i h ani enlalinrl
Id reputation. A dip joia f~ riom 1'acr,
tonmmercial Shnlool maake8 it enuy to uie~y
the .tiat. l)ofit.ionsc. 'IThoronh woirk ; heen
A d d e l i, t i i i c w - 1 4 9 i a I C S I N (l.
. Gruenvillo, 8. 0.
OfTicu ovor Addtlisona Drug Storo.
nni2-t fo
Oughlt, and Which hals b5en.
ais borno t1he signtatutre of
ts beeni made under 11is per
upervision sivn is itraany.
no one to deceiven you lin this.
und " Just-s--good" a1 re but
and endanger thme lhealtha of
!ience asinsst Experiment.
tituite for Castor 011, Pare
Byrulps. It IN Pleaant. It
orpiin nor other Narcotic
trantee. It <destroym Wornin
cures Diarrhoat i Whkdt
L'roubles, estres Constipattim
4Ctes 1 F00111, re0gislaitesV- tli
p heait'lly anid na3tural sleep.
Motier's riendk.
Signature of
ve Always Bought
ver 30 Years.
Condensed Rchodutlo ot Pasanger Trains.
In IltTnot Juno 30th, 1001.
Northbound. No. 12. No. 1. No. .11. No. 80.
LAMlY. Dally . Dily Da ly.
Lv. A tlanta,71' 7 )n 12 ('Omi 14) '0 11 p
" A tlantA,1r A it I 1 , I p k 10 a
Norr s.. 00,141 ........ 1 fig) Na
" M t ..r ... 11 W it ........ p
L .TGn ,..aisl 10 5n 2 24l jo 54 611a
1 1 . ( .. . .. O1 ( 66 a 3 . .. .. . . 01 3 A
aorn.. 1Mt ... 40 5 p ...
S n. ... It 4.A 0 5
-0 6 M, p --- - ---Ip II j
Ay R btn 0 05 0 ..... .........
A-. Danil... 11 25v p1
Ar. Ricmod. 1) 00 a 6
. . ... . .
mAr.vs n born h 4i9r o
3 28p 0 4a t11 a
outhbour aNor 7il, 7.r11. No A" .
~yrjDaItily aly Daly. Ily
cLv.' I)rhmo a n40 '1 0p
LtCH he P4151,r~glIt12 tin
"igliurg12510 7 a
nei Al ay Bough> t
" o 11T3t uoith091
No.11. N. &t~
Ex.thNou.N1. N'ATo.NS. No. 1. No.80
Sun.y.Daily.y.Daly Suny
:: 15 L r . . 02 i aJ'
AS.A.h.a vi31 45
ot lorose annoolfe a d a 1p pu at
"A"a.. Aiy. "P" p . . "n.. "N".nigh.
Lo. int. S ua nOS~~ttwet
~lt o l yth........0 h can l~ 1 o k
and Atlanta ohr.. lO iman.........
I i :n ar >$erv...6 t 03fa-O
conoh nvie on th trap os18 tra6 n 115i
a aiprbr l 10 bi n , 04p 8 0 sia
Ar nabror ro LIp 0 I0
har car Rih:1o 4dat 1 w rk 1 4
A hi a 947p oa r
Ar anil...1125" 1 Sto I~irn
A.ltoond. 0Oi 0Oa 0 00ans0
D'ta -t~ , i Expr
31 Io g arp. rv

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