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B/ Arp Says Senator Morgan, of
Alabama, Is a Great Man
An ta tConstitution.
As I looked upon the likeness of
General Morgan that griacoI the Nica
nuga headlines in The Constitution I
ciuld not help saying to mysell,
"There is a great mai. I pray that
he may live to see the canal completed
atd be the honored guest of the boat
that makes ihu Ilbst t i) across from
ocan to ocean." It looks like .Provi
dqace reared him up to champion that
v a. gput work and has preserved him in
health' and (ievoViitim until at last tihe
bill has passed and all' t~labeles are re
moved. I know that he is hta,1y and
feels serenely triumphant. It. I w'I
an Alabaian, I would feel proud of
Morgan. It I was a Tennessean, I I
Would feel proud, for he wVIs born there
and there spent ten years of his youth.
But I am proud of him anyhow, for he
is a Southern man and all his long
public life has been uust ldsh and true
to his people. His good heal,h and I
well preserved faculties encourage me I
to live on and otn just as long as I can,
for lie is just two years older than I am
and is still vigorous and useful.
Ile is the old man eloquent and like
Nathaniel Macon neverisaid an idle or
foolish thing. le is as solid as a rock,
self-poised and self-prepared oin till
great questions. Ii 1861 he volunteer
ed as a private and soon rose to major
and then to lieuten:it collm1; next hI
raised and vquipped at Iu.-C.4netI. an1d
became its colonel. In 18t;3 lie was
nominated for brigadier general by I
Robert E. Lee, but declined it. Later
on lie was constrrained to accept the i
honor and was with General ,Johnqton I
to the close. In 1876 he was elected
to the United States Senate and re
elected in 1882, in 1888, in 1894 rind I
again in 1900, making his lifth succes
sive term. le well deserves a monu- i
ment after he dies and a place in the I
Hall of Fame. It is a comufort to us I
all to be assured that no man ranks
him in the United States Senate, for
he is a treasure-house of knowledge,
aid there is not a cloud over his can
d1or, his truth or his integrity. When
lie speaks lie has something to say and
knows how to say it anid when to quit.
S'lTom Benton said of Nathaniel Macon,
Ie rarely spoke but a lew sentences,
. but uttered more good sense in gettiog
r Ui) out of his chair and sitting down
again than was contained in the long
and elaborate speeches of most Sena
s General Morgan's long career ro
mindls me of Macon, for he, too, was a
private in the Revolutionary war. lie
held public oice for hifty-seven years
and John Randolph said of him, "ie
is the wisest, the purest and the best
man I ever knew." Twice lie declined
- a place in the cabinets of two presi
dents, but after he had retired and was
72 years old lie accepted the office of
justice of the peace in his home dis
trict. lie never recommended any of
his kindred for appointment to office.
le refused pay for his service as a
soldier and refused to receive a pension
afterwar ds-and voted against all pen
sions or iewards or gratuities. le
(lied its calnly as Socrates, but with
out the poison, and his grave is cnit a
high, barren ridge marked with no
marble, only a pitle of stones, which
was accordmig to his will.
Nathaniel Macon was my father's
ideal of a great, and~ goodl man, He
placed him above tall other statesmen,
for lie dleclared that, he was as wvise as
Solomon and purer than D)avid. When
I was in Warren County some years
ago I was t..Id' that. Mreon's father
' lived In an old-fashioned double log
a house and that hie himself hewed the
logs. F~or i-ome years it hado mud and
stick chimneys above the fire-jams and
was coveredl with boards of his own
st make, In cou rse of time lie tore away
the chimneys and rebuilt, them of
stone and~ brick, and tore away the
board(s andl covered with ehingles.
Later on as lie got able lhe weather
05 BY
W E are making great pre
tion to meet your Chiri~
5.wanats, and we earnest
'quest you not to miss seeing
0. great collection when in seart
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a of useful Toys, Books, China r
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.come to see him.,
A Great Treat is in ~
le iMianm
Greenville. S. C.,
boarded the outsh ttb ;
celled the inside 1) gin i h iI
top of the VWl and ttinjt.p ait:
lap up instead d n, so that niem
wife could pourliot w ter in the crackbi
and kill the bedbtgs. I reckWN that
Tom Benton, who wro his hi6grap'y!
got his antipension iniuoples fro)M
Macon, for Benton iu great-upcedh
in the Senate opposed petision %to
General llarrisonti's wiO ' tnd oalIA
it " a new departure tb t w1i111'
to the bottom less anif of wsilsio ax).l
gratuit lea." \V. .1 it, Is t fpieg
gulf both to the t itati an,thie utioi
In this enrection Yr r inlted I
who were our g'eatest : i n I 4.orgily
-who most deserve a it e- 1i the
temple of fame. By Comm1111E n1 colip'iten
D)glethorpe seems t ititled t thet Ilrat
place, but t dozen or more I vaivo
.otes for the seh'l plice. i reckon,
iowevev-,. that Crawford Long will get
t-not ats k .atesmuan or1. 011 dier or
nventor fir pilaIt';'it, ht Ia1her
LS at tlotiSifuil diisucovereVr ie or,
Vio discovered the healing a L' oi, -vactu"F
ination. The question is a very I*A
lOexiti oite, for some ate greal in one
ihase of character and some in anoth
ir. My wife t hinks tthat 'Bishop Pearce
vas the greatest man, becansQ. he had
lie greatest, callin anid illed, it as no
other mai has done, and sh'e quotes
hat verse from Daniel ivhich says,
'They who have called many io
ighteousness shall shino. as the stars
orever and forever." My wife groew
i) under his matchless ireaching, and
s a pretty good Methodist yet.
This reminds me of a delightful
ketch I find in the proceedings of the
ast Georgia Bar Association held at
Varm Springs in July. The subject,
s " The Georgia Lawyer ". viewed by
woman. The woman is Mrs. A
tender Terrell, of Greenville. T*he
>apers generally road at these annual
neetings are dry and prosy to every
)ody save the lawyers, but this paper
a charming, entertaining and instruc
ive from beginning to cnd. The first.
sntence attracted me, and I kept .u
,o the last, and my feeling at ita close
Vas-well, that woman Is a trump, she
s a historian, a philosopherand a first
'ate lawyer, even though Bile be a wo
nan. I read it aloud to my female
'amily. She closes with a poetic apos
,rophe to the Georgia lawyer which
miny an unfortunate detendaut will
The parson points the way to heaven,
And then with tender care
rhe doctor consummates the work
And sends the pationt there.
But the Georgia lawycr would delay
)eparture with such cries:
Holdi Can this man read his title clear
To mansions in the skies?'
In doubt he files a brief and noeks
To hold the ignoramus
and stops his flight to heavenly iiss
By injunction or mandamus."
A3d so, while looking around for
.he greatest man, we might vell pause
ind hear what Mrs. Terrell says about
John Fors% th. She says, " Forsyth
was a champion for the establishment
>f our supreme court, and earnestly
idvised it in his message in 1828."
He said, " It is an awful rellection that
lite, liberty and reputation ire depen
lent upon the decision of a single,
judge uncontrolled and uncontiollable
in his circuit." Thifn she continues,
" Forsyth's matchless oratory and the
pirity if hilis private anid lolitlcal life*
won for 11im1 a r ame that wiii be
hionoredl andi evered always. While
in the United States Senate ho had no
superi'or as anl orator, andi was called
the equal of Lord Erskine." If I had
a paperi of my own I would publas
every line of Mrs. TIerrcll's delightful
paper. And the next, Sunday I'would
ptbli the paper read by J. H. Mer
rill, of Thomuasville, on " Trho Bible .In
the Lawyer's Library." Why, this
paper ought to be read andl studied 1;ot
only by t.he lawvy ers, but by every
p~reacher in tile land. It is ILt for a
text-book in thle colleges, andl it is so'
mnterspersed with gems of good wit
anid humor thant one dloes 1101 get tired.
AndI there is an admiirable paper On
yv re- -
hI ot
part- T.. . \
mi i Glass Ware. We have ni
'e sA iw win lows as i york sh
;tore For You if You Will (
Fine Display.
wbrl js pr
nb n
ap IFrO , FO te re
it h~jetbte i n to
heq'cl t I nkp aby's a n
p1 rac6M 11y " ,l d;s ronfttedthM
beer ~ I 3-.-1 cesa
jo t h tn~ the nursinq
hWl -, X
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UOIa o ltxtt~
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Advsdr 'in - ofti th 91
e ip l a ;
Dr.t~x I~ eMZdof f 4
Jf~ i '1"'t iU ' OR4 4 e~a , or I
ese of mai 0 At ari
R1 . .'r4 Ba Y P
Mo AR is mt
1WaVp. Pcirefi ; Pit ott$1eot
11ek~fl~J4t~nac~I t11 's ,e4R1ep
A Jon ta sh d .i.
m eUp o-Dt C ret oU11
1517 A trer t, Colubi aCoS.o
~ RO voo., @ot 01Ofreun Ot
Wt fr Sie oything
Dr k. l 1ecc V t~zoezd ,idc
ourtn od T hippd anywhere
h Statne of on.h. Weba )
Wi ' us ' ampdsod 'daythn u
YhWemfin Cahitbita4'me. and see U
Anybodly Can'shlow ypu4,the. place.
2 sco over Ear ru teera
p 'ijlI~p nanovto eoufrani
ttcov rAi biun fr to ev
Mora eltlI traowsd.n ~ rot
7 *a~~j IIo1e 8
D0 aRIQ raak. 1.igi etow repaor
L omte Uadis'Tolao rpetg ll
LWrte usdieo' Saple ofnyti
0 uiue 6ds Whippe anyhr
theStt~ofre oagh We a
WayII uy. o k ds with
A abilet 4 Tys 2.
011om ve Earle r'1i
'6 ihoo Bpf esispa N
' ..p i~ri'o~ I I II
t'VVE 1~ OTER '
yyda11~ e |olvl'
sh.w A~ have ieitt o IiI'6I9
n~bati'doW.n na . I 0.h
leard kaetaty ti e a d' a~ ril
41e c ithaL br j IJ
M'~ O~I:il ltbr i)
gt A-c4 I sII u i tvr 141 )1" fta
O A. l'gj h
Pertma . - iltn
|AI, qosy Jaatl p n au ia hu~
hk ythe)yeterbly W Ia 16 t p
gho cloM ipu 44 -ie bbi
tIflde fai1bp11.d &i holO4"m
Auditk wa . fii g L, i tit4 1 to
sm un. . 'i16 A 'Tk-iv IiyP I
inall at .Lhe nhicago . otephonkU
hope l'haEal bi' y : it- 10
rurIr with' \'oru o t Ly hI
drenaod Moihr r Lap --,14
;rat do eep ng o qu it p It iien
.niin glosel f stl A e 'mmuhi u
LIk tp hoti an rein~e in"Pto WaN* NTOi
laIs i he haold b a 0at wh.co
rum ingi int av r," e % t arey be
exheti -fior ahedpractic oo f i nt ~si
Ar th ct l.,di elts The hti ti
renat or keepin L totic ithi b'4.64e
laknditiqn ,i df savng i ti*.' hi "
the do e ad fin.nayoed a .c )ano
3inanagrt the Oheicao Telpn .11116
sayrs h e nflk by.'done' with
frsio a deeis n need 1 - tit viny
an otlc In iahli~ou. 4
.A hSTOcRI.- A
eor JnfbutjL:d thicdoni.
The KInd You tog Alwat og9
Bears the
spathcI of
Gen . George l. St , eauie u
federate,, ep just had ruriwd It 0 liI
by Abram Smith, of Long' IBdc .u~
it Bible which hie carried , UWRaI i
civil war. Smith w~ok. 1ho -ible frei
a Confederate wagon ae few lays vi
fore Whe surreunder of Lo0%'suriy.
In ti ele of Man road arc iali
Laed by the revenue from t%
u'ourcefi-a small tax upn every whe
and. shiod hoof and a levy upon evei
mAn inhabitatit, who must give ad(ay
work on the road or its equivalentJ
The appointment of District A
torney Capers has been conj hli'R1
the Senate.
nthe oareat
sorcs- sal taxh un every whao~
andnsh. Ahotof alaria uponievei
work n c. rod ornenitsequivaent
Thealappoimen ofe 'DiticA
forn Caer ha beeni cO ONfire I
t oSe t. -
*ETher4M. WAdo s la reaotet
Cur fo ra-.)a 'lria~'i
n*e"SnAS..; I
farait i 40 wC 8tONC
A . dd1 ar
/ a
dcr lia ly4 /vtv
nyCm to -see
Nether' (Y. ar
St.,~n ,now Nre4~r
Wil I'flcgj a P 1ek
Cits im, wil hertHA e
'theou Ptash.] for
-fll brb~,Cmit ~
th Ilie~ t Ung am. tist orn hi
'e~v y f o r A t' te ' P i 5rs - 1 u1 1 . R . ' . b
'LOYV for lnm.&A4. ~An P. i Be l t
q t.114P *tnw 11do 34 2 1
8 Il~. levyt rudFit 11p5
spo ild iwv3 forrtto0-d ~hiy1 '
J ills. '
pJ'Yra teree IIle&ie u~a~s
L.' W.. I'A bou
Greevile, a U.
* B~$o Atlt~v oprn

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