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The people's journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1891-1903, January 02, 1902, Image 3

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Correctod weekly b'y tho leath, I1ruc
310rrosv Co.
(fotton... ------ -.- - . t. 7 8
}.jek i t . .. ...., .......15 V.,
Fr r . ..... ...... .. .......
ut e ..................................... ..., to
BlIU M.wax.......................................... I
lams ...............................- .
--Soio valulebl) ( tracA't. .oI h11
willbe sold hv rk :i11
Its sproad. ' -- revun
--Married at the rosidenc i
the officiating notary, on the 2we
inst, Mr. George Bates to Miss (l
vie Dodgens, all of PickenI Is coniII y
-Married on Dec., 2 1,' at tIw rl
sidence of Brido's futher, Aisi Dii
Simons to Mr. R. F. Portor, lUv. 1
F. Mlurphree officiating.
-Married on Dec. 21st, at re
denlce of tho br-idIs m111,11-r., ('1
Crow Creek. Miss, Corrio E'lenburI
to Mr. B. S. Powelli, all of Picknis,
Rev. B. F. Mlurphoo ofiica tilg.
-- =Narriod at the r-esiIeneoe ()f
o. W. Garrison on )ecomber.
1901. 1 y W. ). Garrison. N.
Mr .James Bishop to Aliss
Julian, all of Picken s cCIti uty.
-Marriied at tho residence ofi .
W. (.arrisonl oin Decembrl.
by W. 1). Gr:irison, N. P.. i
L. Tripp, of Anderson 1enumy ' v
Rin~ht Frucinati of' Gn..envilokle com
- The tine for the) p iy;e t .
taxes Without the( penaby1 v wl
extieided to M1iarch Ist n-'x I
Comptroller Geneorall :111d Ilc
acting under speciail proviia
-ich 1elsrd Gr lvelyv, a b
80 yours, died alle, on Iein i
dagteMrs INanc , .11'L
wav s buried the 1..1 in.4l at 11 1
Sprmngs eeietery.
Adamn C. Welho:rnt, dli-I:
holm , GTreenivilhf , onl Ch111ri .
night last inl the 14th yvi' h
ago. She was a devot d wife
mother. The sympaty o! lm
friends go out to the stricken 'M
band and chi (I ren.
ied athe
uuce li ne Il Im s father on
evening of Dec 11th, ' I.;y iil
ofliciating- The young cotupIllhal
the congratulatio of mai e
.-Married on Sunday the 1 c.
Dec. hy B. D. Garvin N. P at hin
residence Miss Willie Gillespile of
Anderson county to Mi'. LatfayAto:
McAlister of Pickens county, t he
happy couple have the con1 i.ra tla
tions of many fiends'(1 inU in
Ander'son cotunty Ifor a nai y an
prosperpous life.
--The next meetin lg of thle
ed Tfeachor Association will l.
held at the Court House in P ick'm
Janunary 4th 1902, Thej pro r n $
will be carried out in ful. |I
to have a good attenchmco eln that
day. J. B. Sl8'\e.
Prinucipal I \ N.
-Maridon Sundayli tw '. 2h
Dec. at thec r'esi donc (of. (0 . I.
Sauiiel Hlughes. Th'I hop
many~i frienids for' at happyl~ and Jo
all of' Pickons Counity.
-15t'Ilss w~i4 B Is i Wh i daii
4)1 Deic. 22t~h a~t the res Nd
th corenn)l'iiinyi. Tiheir maniiii
of' tis and Anders'm c a
themn much hapineiss>~ ir
-Mar'ried at Iiith re
Iih 1901, Miss HaIlIQ (un~
Miarshall P'arsons in thu pr
of muanyrielativ'4 s and( a e ir
.A f'Ler the ma~rriagc ie 'nn '
werPIe lod to the diin: ri
whore thec table was hukuI u*
many good things which his K
lady kniows how to4 plreparo0.
B, D). Garvin N. P. Utliciai
all of Pickenis county.
.-M'arried on the 1.9th in~s
the residence of the brido'b fatf he
Mr' Harvey Chapman, Mr, J1. D~y
Bolding to Miss Declia Chapnian
Rev. W. 0. Seaborn ofiliciati,.gi
the p)reaene of several. invit
-guests. After the ceroony th
~wedding party was regaled withI
mtost tempting feast anid on the fe
lowing day, a similar gathein a
ithn htoim of the g'room's fathe~
*Nri I, .M. Bolding, compilted IIb
round of marriage festiv itit'3. Th'
yotnug coup)le havo the congratub:
tins and best wVishes3 of man,~.
'vclativos land friends.
T. 0, Robinson will ho at th
Auditor's scheduled places at tI
same times, for the purpose of ('0
k leoting all accoulnts due the Joun~
~fal before Jan. 1st, 1901. All o
counts must be settled dlu'ing U
nexi~t thirty dasy.,ta
Januiary, ?t h, 1902 for the o
PoSe of (exanlui ling '.ww aIpphieiitil
Of e3x-Con Irif . al , e sul iers, 81ailI
and widonS, who are applit
for P(n1.ions, 1nodori the act
pOved Vi h. 19 , I00. and for
purp-O (1f ro'viving" the palns
list, of1 IM. Th!ose who recoii
I'VnIIAns i 1901 do iot havo
1inaiok( II ,w a Ipplicationl s,
wol( h. Id!-.1sed to hmve any
r 1 41 itinl iI rgarid to those ,
Sione's wio have dio(1 or i1o
away withinl tho last yoarl,
J. B.Nj.:wi.:in-,
Counlty ChairmanIII
Jaim. 1,902H . t2
CA I 1 0F T]I AN KS.
'ditor l'e'ples Joinal: Ple.
allo I w -I 4 in VI II r pa per
thaK vI i.' ple of ;lsily for ,
Ud ol 4I'en hr rel! (1 1'cepti onl ti
1y141 ill 'II' arrival here. 'I'l
41 1 v0 !f d 11: 1) v4 a 1 ) ea I
4 m th.. 44od, h t la
a~ ~~w i,,lti'' ;1 tit. O 11i~
nale ik prIe'44 :n1 wIll theori
b h r II , '.I1. , 'i el kv(
1, 1hI' n i t I I I I o r vof ,, . h
.111 ' I , I I I e I: I ,ote 1 0
w1 I i I . her. I wIitc
i : I .% M1(dd a
fe r..- II "e has I
t\ lo\p t he t zI, 1p
f In w h V r h p
an ron- oi ,iz.nIsh
\ , . I ;. -r
( , ('. :2 . I001.
in4 the Pit
lis Uo a t~ rinc l g2'' dly in1
;kr at I 114)1 In <Ianc to 'wh2
V I ei h Ith oi\ .1 anld (I
I.etot . nam~ih r o Ione ht
ir i mi in ,we i i . Al
ie ~ nihd Bill Allen a
rInist ac , w hile charming chap
)IIes loni on with pleasing
Provlal SS i yong11 g111ants a
ladio .,,Ivo Ih m ele o)verI to
d i- ' ia 's jlbw by
Ind -all a (-. li r n tn e
m11 eny bt b: :V air The el
w. ,, I I id . d I t' t')L1.~ 1
is Lto I4 b41 4n:ra tate onil
1i .'r the ".; 1pronIcel s
Cess of which is gratifyinig to
the memibers.
People are still picking cottoi
Th114 ! 'v4 Ly ' ~ ' G ite C.o, si
(1lown1 forl a wee'k onil 1h. 2hst iu3
are'C g!ad( to I4mve. su:ch inen.. wvith
huhnting~ in this sectIionl.
s ve.rail youngl4 pe1p 1n the 2
list at a.4 cuilinig and4( wood cl1
Mr 1I.I St ega4~l and~ wi1f, visi
reClativ4's 1n or1 hlere lasL wee'k.
M1 r. H. . (loe of1 T'Ni sp
thi V~y r.:ly:he said lie
imelos to 1: or :,aek to South~ C
R. I
441144 .\!M .
the lal
4(4 IiI 4 '.4 (( :s iin
( ( , o .
uh \I ~t tl b 1 urn :.1' the
(I L O e (14 4 e44 5:n41l listri a1lhu114
th Ir C'4 , bo 14h f II The1' .\nllgi
(') On4'4e tlaer 504ne 1018inO,
l. n o f~ .. pn!!uyscelin aytJ3
44 1. .ll Uh' stock)1 4- of illumbe, huih
(:1. l~e. Gri l &. Co.' antil d t nated o1It
(I'oa n 444 o1 t n1 4 r4 te depot4..
(l) AN U N (twet yIearlaeo
'ot, andcroidngs rc cupied byne .B
IllThe a1:1 or oprlwill boss so1
othrey axils Thoe descr~gied ,
alsoL reci1 o prva lt bisfray o
n owilli h day ofsuid li dOw, wtithi
C o. r o ;-by 8ibi'ilio to 'yLWht
hntf, fi or8 orw1 isotepaso
of...y... and... Thsedirearin
00e (e tile1s LI t
Sl wit bher
'i .1) party
()h -
J ny
- A( ili
W it h
-. t ' i
iI I ( i -
- * I..
*1 ',ilr
- h) a b
I a \ bt e.
I II t I i t[I
6 h fiit
> 1al
Ii- i
n fl
n\ I
to Jud Count S. C., '
e 30 a~y 3 0, for flul
010116 O ( (0 O .I l Id .l'
Jehuon dccana on askt o e dichar
to -
lod :K
vi til ire ini .inne have tatken the Store
St reel, n t o1 1ili3's .larket. Y
Winter a new ali,
Clothing, Furn
Hats and Shoe
u te lnne gtles kept by us in lhe 1
y thi:in EVr. I :nidilio) to It new' Stock we
)ITlP'. T<M I:, S0D ATI' A SACIlIlel
go~d cl i b i a4tjr ics unheairdl of before.
ii- ii *you lo~ - ht r -on'll be pleased N
Al C-cdCi
VO v
. - | :i I aL . Next to 1in y'S1111- Market.
IN 1 -:' 01" e O Iz DEAR
n|CI) t 60 l (th1o Dec. 1901, the
itt.d : n d claimed
i 1 l u e ll ozn In 's i ts v ic timil. Hfi.s
ier j--i a :I-ete!d as. hie Was ill
fi r 1 ! et h'. His age was S0
10 in..ib 16 days lie waF
(' oni 1 I nimerl)(' of the Presby
tet nomi ci'm-.h nt Iilmrt-y at* whicl
pla' hw w hI- ii to rest Dec. lith.
lie '.e lir in the war he
11- tw..i 0 nw, in which ho re
emis, d e Nlhichl causfed hlim
1o I It. r at Iint's as long as lie liv.
i-d. IPc v... a gIod and loving hius.
!b iid .1 :dfectinat father.hIiilt
wN*e, mourn his los it is his eternal
is.ain lie : not dead but sleepetli
alth hI w mourn for him because
h(e is adly nissed, and yet re
e JIoice to know that, we have father
in the nhew Jersiilom, awaiting al
hid e pearly gates to welcome theil
hechuidre homer.
Sheri f's Sale.
ed s-ET.\T (IF -:Til CAROLINA,)
aill ( ;! V ofi ik's1,.
pl In Common Pleas Court
In 44s~e ;D ecretal order, all
t n ierli ( * rel sure. ma11de in the follow
1ih) in". Saed (:ie, and on file in the Clerk,
his ollice. I will -oli to tihle highest, bidder o0
saleday inl .aiary. 1t', at Picken:
court, house S. C. during the legal hour,
for sa. .Ile, the following described reid etat
upgon the terims hereinafter mentioned to
Mary V. Major, et al,1
' |E. Main Ol hnt, et aii,)
i it t. i t (4 verbu h(piece, parcel or trac
mo l ii' : *- 4:M onttiing one hunitdret
LO hua- i \\I *rockmmi, Eliats IHolcoimb
we tinwis N . .. an ', :wi' tIhers. and knowi
us. ai trict N. t. ini lie divisioni of E. M
01 liah. lII ' 'ne ( llut ition. ptid
1 andit. 0 adjining the aove describedl tract
and ti tr No. , 1-'rink Alexander and oth
11r .otin1ing seventy-four and1( three
ied rtihs (i , ;atires miore or less, and knowl
op- 4f hand a. .iiniig tracts No. 1 and 24 Rev
Th nn11 is 14n4r E liais 1lf lcomibe and( oti
ed Iy ?4ne :a... '--ha I 7 t ] acres imorti 10les
te abl eo;l of lie same made b:
.Jlilm .\. 'th 'I on luth day July, 1991.t
14edI adul (n il - i liii b .-t-r's ohlee.
ex.~ 'Teio ne h.* 1 ea b, haihmiie oni a cred
,of I welve ntIi !h. elit porltionl to heat ii
lerest from 'v s i i 4',scured by 1h
pers~ andii h. re I ? '4 n.g the same.
.1. II. G2. :\I)DANIELI,
it '-iei I e tinseComty.
W\hen yOul make presente
gi4e1last )Ones, putchaser
mu is 11' : '; Kepjs silver good
niimli i>lryt -u; -~a your sn
-II' b ' PI Ite I .ar(e Pini, (Color..'
late I eh . eanti til Ptat
im '' '- -
d is 'il It 0'!, - , l argn'lette Cains 2.1
""il G1obci i-iell athCains, Phts and it
et-o~ elarl' Utc., hparabl tosile fi.
ther V C i ~'r 11 1ae.st.1, 1 hearld, l l .2
moh 1 odSel igsesadpt
to ternt. .1
the Welworth; Urclt er silver food
Al1ai-n;' ., olmb
the Welworth ' Urlt, 3 ~heacgld flu.
SteFr1i)(9 ; 8iVrcelet,,al adr
wil An laeicle Jw elry'pr
rom Cuedo0sfor otce.
thi 1attrns, Vt, s.Cou b
e.iy Iobes Hive o's.e Q ad
Yousffr tade
thi. WABLEY, 8
New Coods
New Stand t
New Methods (
roonm knlownii as ile Ib1i Iihliiig oi Ablini
Ve haive ju~st opeds for ithe Pall anll
oinplete stock (J
ishing Goods. .
S . . .
11t,. We feel0 better prepriredl to serve.4 %-fiu
have SEV\E.'RA, Til)tL.NI 1H~,1,A-4
V1I,,1) FROtM THE I-: , 1- I N . G(0 ))DU >N.
C E'. Donl't tiniss thlis op1portlinliiy to buly t
L~ook artl(I~ beforV y011 CODnW hlert-1,h1ehs
tIen you eeach u.
ol'. for Cash
l j.1ui G lEmNV \' L . .'
Auditor's Notice.
To tl T:Tx Paers of Picki Iis Co'on s-..
FI or t'he I oa ne c vf t 41 . -I1 4 4 he p IItI -' i tI
will at1tejlt the f ol141h:1m it, phIom-4s a Il,:11(
nllnel bel4mw for I Ii, pI fi~ 11, - -ki(4
tax i retu rni-is for Ihv Ii II I : .eu- (f I 7
Six C lle', T l,-la v. .1.11uun rv r I.
I 0: l y I . n , ,-n' uIt eIi: L1.1.
ry 13 :nd 1 1 .
y rli s l' hii n , WvellelIi l y. . n MI -I
1,I) 'wr's Shop, T hi . .i 1Glo-' ;.
flia t ,40 (s' Stwo . r1-sy, . n e :- 17.
In .lle S au .1 1. 11 w er I",
hl 'iInon intown. , I liii.\ , . tlnimrv 21.
I lolly Spr ings, ' T ouIch ly, l.l:\ n 21.
I' l .itoi-, Wiednesnia v, ,bunity 2:2.
1 Nl il fl ( 1'ree :i, Thi l y 1-41: %, .1:la .:v '23.
IrIters, F''rid, :II. 1 4:-11 1-%t
I will I e I i if- 21 Pit frd(n J tan , y v
251 h, 1902, tu ( V hri4e n-, 21;It,ii I ! P2, i. t -
I :sive, (:il ii re e i bi t 1'14 1 -.1t11i - O el' iired
by 1:1 w Ito uI I 'c : i I Ii y Iiiiciip.
S:1l1 n14n-returnS. I'h-81s"R tu t se I tIhe
above :Ippoin inents Anil v iIIl(1 1'.sual
rush in the olle. A- Ibis is real .,t.:ue
Is AE4111e1)t. yOF r, I initi,1 IIno 1hNA,
and u every la(nI fwner (ome prepar'l to
g lv a itfill (eserill ('Ill, fII r C4f e-.
bomidlaiest , &!. All i le oliniul be.
tween theflit- ae s (if 21 :.l d 1; Y1ear 0 1x41p
01hose in able2Iliv 44 ear4in Ia 1 support ---
fronm liit l 111:111.:. ' ha , r 4hof iis f\i 1
Wiblell, 1a1l1If' Con t fodlen e I v '.e-teIa .s uv, -r
- v ar Of ag .!. 1e44 41:44 tax1 b1 po( IIIs.
ri%--e b ai h ilbe
I lof School liA rit, a s this is very hiio
tanit informaition
Coilet'a1 uty 41 li,('1IL of Piela-os.uf
12h1 purOil tice ofVi 14'n n iVe 'f. e lo,-ua u.iil
madule tin the''' flloing14144 (tnIl aea
i . ( ., fl . 54 1.4 willi 44114 iim i;i ;h04 -11 hif
) lui'n ( hf i legaf11141 hours 1 for 'l 11ae , 2he fol
'teronl he-n afterd n-t imer to-wit:~ so [ .
titHeavAleiter-e Shion-ets,
1 1t. All ktat lnion 1nh5heebs
- othert, clogst-lo tw hun0cl;0
An.er moth of tde In- u ui '.xan.
h lr y llrtyuiet (hogant< thit lvf
(wen (8' Jenvy iore ~ or1.,Liini n
huLotG of adedb Shewart I-lShat
A, row~u dr, &T. for t\h-ae Br :unohrs.i
Loetralb n of theot eatf . Fullt
- liemfr oere t ll. ies
Cal te o e wthonn oland oftenm
A rng Mhna . O RReBnoISe
Ina , lle .lau li a i oer , . .Cm
s tale f l'eA lexhne, 2h4oe.
That is to Come i.
vo had fine weather 1.th
3 tianoe to prepare f wha
Hoavy flotijng
Not withst ainding t he 1'..
such aI Irade (In Ihes
L anelth..v hr- IM t Il .\ x
or \'aLo , h't its .-n
\What w-'
$*~ I' '(
wha they wVIr worth,
A Grert
il \hiOITl (). pri
C\'E 11 ) TVIll ' E
( alv nowj is the ti( t
C h(ttonI.S G iod Flanoi
S io -o ol AI .; P
SlloYC ul w I) ii; w P
Weapmake havp aby .(
o yave icnts to n00 rt
Wt tiopc ~1)gC
Njjw"COME TO 8:
i uihoer, January, and February.
':l!, ht it will not last always. Now (
is come. We are well supplied with
mJli c000 S.
Fl annols
Cu L.>: .J A.IETS AN. .A K
N 7 iN 2 KENS.
w r I o' hi, fall. wo have never before
i of thi~ is we sell nothing but the
a r It. I you need a new
r 0 om' You, we111igt save you money.
i-Y uh: inore
1 1
t < .
hm oulldn'T you?
i w..i'. xpect, to get for them
ha 1m . m 01:111 1od thnIwant and
t Tid Wave
&; \VA Y\ .C K ANJ) SIl' DlOWN.
uI~nderweanr, wood blankets
woo ho~d i se, wool jeans, ALL
1' ( ) "O P1l T i. You need these
I - I ottoni Cheeks, &c.
I reduw'd to Sclts 25 yards good
A go. 1 ( love grain Shoe for
\ r desI'Cri ption. Comie and lol
n'' re n ile'.C
H' 1wK lNS A NI) EGG~S, but advise al
ubot w weksaferChristmae
as 1 ho old glut wvill be over b.
T E;NTL FLOUR, with prices right.
. you had b)etol' lay in a supply wh'de i6
D) pounds of soveral kinds and we Will mna
If you want a box.
itmas trade and have plenty of help t i se~
Yours truly)
ial 7\ I(MQ

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