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The people's journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1891-1903, January 02, 1902, Image 4

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A New The Story of
A Cuban
Yer's Convict
ift % , F. A. Ober
8 mer.sr~g edi~Mtor .,f The
l' r 1t H vn c'on be
en'e ':f hot e held me.
was- har.03hzl-t: tyan eye
early. A n:. ' :'inrd a --a
: 4 t:,t- - -
c7;. t
- -07.
I - ' 0 t th i rn ~ -.
IN '..--.
I Ian~~ .; h r c s nd t e
I l at. in h i l , n l-.vo- o t
1'e~ wihply ulgstr, . .
FeieCordd nttin. ob
corn ! No , di yout I 74t a
bol r nr youj~ gha74l to e me, to hav
mto your cav rn(Iar tre -ait.
moI prep!: a red71' a.74 simp.le ras, with 1411
coorl wate 'r.from Ja1.sping tha t7]gushed
from thev is ide nearl~ and soon 3 et1 1.it
rfese btij11y ai sistar she jined mel at)
Yi hand)01 untid the l blo wa a441ll
n 1shad' owII, olyU thet wte trunkso
Du1(, rigthe weeki l~~ tabetflowedo Oli1via
ando hle maid occupled te Jinner cham
ber tof ther caverwich 331 twas sacred to
Wiothe l rivacy, the II guairder h
ck' mouthpaed ah outper room.t WeII
'th caew meou whes wjee- t h
brandaa of the mitliorittt' w1h'n hor rai
titer. Don x imidix ssiold vr\
tits~ p~ride mid c-ommand the lnevitailt
ma\'roh (,.r hlh4 datzlit'r. It evouli xiw
tvo an~g dorfemltki. iand ~ wo ie i,
di lly appzvhon-' eti of onp ltuiro antd sep
'R T1taaon. ),e0t N\ orke Impy.
Xet 1 ki ~c ra :'':rt tll"~. 1.
o a v iL ,
Ma a '.
~ ~k~' k
,' x 'N Inn ' - *
Old Time -*
Up" I n
NewYear's Gone B.
qe Dutch
And Their
Customs Iceir.
()IN t" sit lp tonight?"
~'l reken Y.s, I Nek
" g. Nothin' inl It,
h- lnew. but lot; o' funi
.I fresh chler."
n 1versnt"1on might have b'ein
u nrr region a the con
t wst sornoe forty years ago Lin anly
eye' CN. And~ the "setting up"
N, '- s er alsn neos dityrmi fr-omi
* . . impr esri theomselves
-.....\.. t lif r. tuost of th
t t. ion 1ink calls andt
I !'.: ~t o l)' I'it,
t tf N t, Y .. a -'.cf
- . have hli sr lit the
.1.Z "Now Year's
N k ,1.T.
- ; . s
- t b y ar t Itt's t
- ht bI : t t:.t h. sr.
t. r k +' , f wl \ w: tt
't cf 'vrT a perfor::.
-::ils lost the'.r fe:r
: in the dr
- t.--r h ~ ldre n pul nl a
1)in 'f ip.: yI' of neood'.
o\hi ts a :.y h ar1 end.
r w c~ tho 1. supiirst -
- T *.e :dnir
t:I A oloe 1.y 11
n -. A few mn
t :--d rot:blthe"alt.ar"
--. t!..,-p:ku I:n frojnt oif the,
1101',~~~~~ Ttl 1)'lI 1 IJNWYAI'l~LA
I u I a treb -.at
- tr . a:. . t -- I .. - k i
Ins lii. dsv~i - .i ry J t h ristp r.
- - lii -i~l~ :cl )c~ t.sile It ayr r If
get11.3 'vlI h t eI u ei t hIrt -u. t ne ylar.11
-.4 P1443 t1.1 :u2X v .nt.-: eh It E :A'01 i:-t.r,
(t lij~ t Is ..r li (:i:.y -:. J)i~ule.!.:
Hiuok~ig t.l-sl)' r a 11(a he- ti. -n
ft ..'.r o .\: -l : eul.XE.
Rih -~(Mui -.fl Ift n,. tuo od re
wherer si. h
hiii s tot fru::n
t~lr~hsghj~t1-ths'r chwllagnr-i
came a social gala day. The young Sul
bkiods went, half a dozen together, In ta":
carriages, and pnrUes vied with each 1ra
other as to how many enias they could '
nmake. III the palniy days of New emu
Year's enlling the muost fa.shioniable lin<
people wor t evening dress, the blinds of ins
ithe parlors ver closed alntd tho gas pW:
ighttl. Th'lie eveno within was often tei
like that of an eveing, reception of the pal
present day. of
Butt as the DuItch New York 1rgh- g11
'rs of old were overrui ly tht I-ing- of
lish so the New York swells tf today fit,
tave suffered the same fate. A dis- hai
vas cnlled anglonanin appeared in tei mat
at and st'eitt upoi sII eltloim. Tle na1
FEnglish aristix'rat speinds tht' lirist- wr
?138 a 'ensoll li, his coliltly st'at. a1i wil
iviein the New York juarvemn beeiue pal
realthy eniough to havet a country seat 1i.
le nust nteeds imitate his luInglish ani
nAhiol iud go to it for Christinas and got
New Year's. of
Wheni the New Yorker legan to gel
Tend tht hiolldays as hi, 1.nglish vis
ouislin spt :tds thein, New Year'm enlis l
'egan to f.lI otf. So for several years emn
\ew Year's eni1ling in cities las been let
.iropped. 'ortunately there are still IIh
eft PIopIe who do not have chatenus d1
n tht midst'of great parks who eling hei
0 the old %Ustoin. (1in New Year's day 11un
!wy visIt wtir frhola*Is with soinethinug die
,if the sf:icity , I 'ortner d:ays andu the
In.Iy it as it w:is u.ioyed then. lut ve
he great ruhi of New Year's day as F
t e\-sted ten years ago is passed and LI
it is Ito great loss. C14
Queer lie fs ttitf t he i'ett lnsannt Folk In hg
P rwn in i i1:atud p
"1n't take a i..ht outt of thit' house in
o:nt hIas l 1 :u brought in." Is thei
sole:n :ui injunct: oI N%\w Year's night ha
Of the pe :iite ' l.t1i0lnushiire, 1ig- rom
In lIat. Ienth I cr ti to result if this Ph]
ads he is not fllIowed. 10
To I 'rIn,.It v'nnin :u to enter the ei
house aIrst to New Yot'r's day is said anl
ho b le a sure foeruntr of evil. The 1t
:tne' results are saiti to follow the fill
towig out ift dirty water, ashes or ltK
any ind of refuse. Ci
Ini swveel!:'t: the house the dust must er:
he swep't Ifr'in tltm dor ti the hiearthi ei~
..i d:th ill b ie th.' cot:uet'<unce. A c
eu:: 1::. 1: . e1 ly -.tlV iat piresent is ,
aftr a'.1:;( the. tiro inl th, inornin
., s : .1 .e : .' tver t ll. tlrt'shold.
If :: h- :.ri: there Is anl Itupremv.:*
a fI..t .l.!!n.. t ota the house,
a a ath i1 !.n.t : Ily Is so fi11n y bVe
Ii. ,1: . .: I p:irations art' maude
fr :t. but if 1:1h ft tu t rk letds to
w;'r ' . .: ' 1 l'rtli thiuriig tilw year
is 9 '7- ;::A .--.:l-tilits art'. IlAtl zw
cori::::I . \\ 4i- irv n P11:18 lic'ayunle.
The m r rw !i a
.Begar and
NewYear'st GeMany
Processes o1
It Went wi
I T d Through "
.\T nan ordinary, u2in- lt
terstim itoi in ou rto
s .ial life is the o d
.rn1 visItin ~ e : D . Du t ne
t1his was itt u alway: Ci
o, ti 'i it has barely been in exist
ne : arc. it wei-ths origin toi
th mst-:aof wiIhthing t!.L' ntame ort of
..e:- a nos-.:e oni the hack oif n C
ply!:: ::. '-ay s a writer in t he
Wa .:.: .:: 'o5t- Ocensiionally Conl ta
- - t:. hi ard waM (chosen~ with inatent.
.i t ii;'. un in' r ulrn fir e' i-h.- si-n
end a fillowis: "Yiu sent ru te I.
oneL. rt ,'2ime t'-th:r it n. hafhih
ay p 12, f h.(:!a.vi~ - II':.';!'.- ..:yL '.ntr e
Lr:-- r b 1 '. at :t wal a half i,. lJ m~'i
by tw, I '..- ..st whi:.- t-idy tw hfur I
Iby 1)1. h::a-nLi ar- tel' ieh by i si:ali
anl la hal ::rh.'i then : itiib y Lie- inu :o
'ir!'' byr tr V.1 id::- l a t-lf it in . Ti r, hu t
wer :.ayI 'i'teire (olrmtit u it' abu-td
1 to 1 fil'. d. f':t- h It ,n hi itOn ltl3'g
tlih I ()t h-'iy trust- (f tii c nr age
dtav i~n n'mhi.'b-I strty Chiendimih
i*li ros thier huailns crdl rallr
ait li' ? -ani'eo theo~v hat bioryi e
ton jtrner, hii b fiitilliog lenins-tl~ in the
I iiso.h-- ut if rithi t-yolla teral d s d
an. Thru nti o. Visitngo tm dilsere' d
ton i Wl t f l lwedi, r Itth er tily
ad to thelt intri of the enrd weun t
liteave t ah othr ttit they boro( i)the il
seibane 1of ouri fyairins'. hone ia
wl'ell asithe niter elm.to ats h
tiAn sothiexrulle show tat liteoy
reimats nitt ste, for, alithugh, issued lnug
the righiatnt 'lenlttr, thecoadin wao
"n hore ~o Mndy, as'c many lif- yHi
gosh toanwpmt at aow Vistingc erae, o
rno it~ wainlle -va1yevngner
-Mas a o t the n andR~ on manytri 8
careb wirne fraie Inthosy "(npersonn is
wititoni, showinglht thul ley hadc been(b
lf t dt ftseilnt bIiy 'erant. li
WlThesei are)1 tetine clat s (of wards
thA wart Iulnbel If thr w n rare tat this I
Irtin.la Iiundredsu ofma kth forativy u1
destt-iiigs-uhear the nauwd of ontem- N.
ktoraryW ducsiisiru, fathlly deuringa
to thdei anitplin, thutcbyhisso"
Sjut. lbana, ii( oltn thes Oigrto amongh I
to nuliimte. Tes ltte acctodof Sto
Anloc Wailputtot avher 14 f ome.
plngte lof hn inItinge, nsta of i
gorng real part lat ao palaci wher theo"
rooftit fIl tin.u t e1s f tii1tdtyt
Matiny ofh' the tickiets, asi visit'ing wel
engra vedu wilth arhitectult bildlingsi
xnek es. Thenme wore fajtrequenithy
writen uon hemandevenwhe
iporting coulltins, scrolls nini cur
2Is; some1 dispilay festoons of flow
and a vtriety of uninLiS.
'h1t' Cogno9 nus1, Of nlL'Atl oilleeCrs
erge from the tini(st of spkes,
'hors, rope)ls. fings tid other tnaval
Ignin, 1whilh 1Iilltary oflicers Ip
ir surrouiidtd by helinett, cnntion,
t~s and, od(rI Artists figure unintd
ettevs., bruheit :ind other adjInets
their art. 1uost5ly llcncollnpallied iry a1
eeftll fenlutie fi'lrnt, 1111d "Very kindjk
musletla- l Illstrumleilt hts been alled
a play3-lyrtx', hatrps, triun11pets andl(
'pslelorda- -for iistteaits. Blrds of
ny klitlds hold scrolls hetring the
nos in their ,benk-, or they tire
tten onl tlit'r breasts or outstretcIed
igs. Antinals often play a douhh'
't. The' lin me1 of I 1:ar'e, for ex.a m 'e.
eprestentel t. ia rebus by that little
mal running nt full speed, whil' a
t figuredl oui the fAhionuable desigtis
17S... Arehery. a griculture and sport
terally left their Inmpress on the
Itltng card.
,bout 18tI poe white cards with
hossed borders aid lar.:e etuhossed
werings were the prevallent iuodt.
ttory again repeits itself - the
ighte's um11211e a1 ppeared then wv ith
mother's, as it dots now. II ow
n1Y of the titles thell extant htave
d ouit! It very oftol happeled tlat
lady's enrds nn11d tihe geiitleilli's
re of the Salle size, bitt not always.
'or her "titeket" the 1 illess of
'ds in 170-1 tavorod a very pretty
rav ing of a Cineltse tllure looklig
,r a low doorway, with inl Angl
C- pagoda ait thet Side. on) an1other.
d bearing a famllous lord's 11.11
tir's it powerfull igraving of t1h
li1X, Withl thle Egyptinl pyrainils
the roar.
11111Y n great dam111e of t.hose days
1 her naine 1on her visiting card slir
mided by a frallework held by Cu
,s. These were far prettler than tilt'
uher looking cards coveod with
si sot, eigrived, horizontal lines
i a very deep border. Monograms
-1 coronets figured oi soe of thel
Al have loft to posterity ilne speel
ins of steel engraving. but the Illost
borate of herald~e cards were gen
lily foreign, an(d som1e of the for
:11 elibassils employed colored crests
,aslonally introduced in the center.
"Crglfig foP
the Moon"
Has become a pro
verbial phrasei to :.x
press the futility of
mere desire. There
are a great triany peo
ple who think it is as
eless to hope for health as t) cry for the
>on. They have tried many mledichincs
d many doctors, hut all in vain.
A great many hopeless men and woien
ve been cured by the use of Dr. Pierce's
>den Medical Discovery ; people With
stinate coughs, ieeding lungs. night
eats and other synptonls of disease
iich if neglected or unskillfully treated
d a fatal termination in consumption.
'Golden Medical Discovery" has a won
rful healing p1ower. It ilcteaCes the
Itritioll of the body, and so gives stretugth
throw ofT disease. It cleanstes the blood
>1m1 poisonous iipurities atnd enriches it
lth tile red corpuscles of hialth. It is
it a stimulant, bit a Strerngth giving mtdi
Ie. It contains no alchl. ,neither opim,
.ciine, nor any other narcotic.
S ometillnes the extra profit paid by
ferior Ilned.iifcs tempts the dealer to)
rer a substitute as "just as good " as " Die
'very." If you are convinced that "liis
,very -will Cure youl accept nlothling elst.
-'I was in poor health when Iconmmentced
kIng l~r. 1'ierce's iicine," writes Mr, Fhner
bwier, of V'lga. Jitffer-on Co, Indina. 'I
!i stomach, kidney', heart. and lung trobe
-as not -hie to do any wnrk. I hadl a sev'ere:
wgh and hemTorrhage of the lungs. but after
in g your medicine awhile I cornime-ncted to
.in in strength and fi e~h. and stop'ped coughI
y right away. Took aborlt six holties of t'he
,'uen Medieal D~iscovery' then, and last
,ring I had Trzi ppe, anld it settled onl lrly lunga
:asving mew with a severe cugh. I hiatt thew
,ctor, tatt he didn't rsern to help me anly ;so
cornimenped ytor rned
1me agaln arn I tooilt
ree >r fbur bottics of -
C '1)iscov.ery' andi two
ah of tir. lIerce's l'e
ts. ai that vtraAight
ied mle up. I fel lIke
different person. I
;.!iy recornmend your
erlii to all suffer
i, for I k new It cura1
D~r. Mierce's Pleas
It Ptellets cure con-/
ip~ationl by curing its
Church Directory.
alttr, and21 tin- Silntys on2 wivihi tin-y
itr-hip, ats- far wel ha~ve infuerinat ion. If
iiary ilnf''rrtutn
P'iuken- ie1iv. A. .s. s. Th'iinat~s ;h lSun
juidi-sihty S p. Itt.
re thei tirst Sutitliny att 3' p.In.; latSuitioby
at. inl.
Peter's Crieek I hv, J. 10. Foster- -2 Sal -
da l yin; Sutltiy aflt-r se'ondo Satur
y' I it itn.
da~y 3 p in ; Sunday aflierrfourthi Saturtday
ai ill.
Six Miihe iter. WV. C. Ht'ialiirn-- St urdayi
-foren thu secondl Siundtay 2 p mto; xeroriul
titihlay 1 at i.
P'rat er's (Creek Ili'r. W%. (I. Reao-it ho
ti ttrday beofore, the tirdt Sundaliy 2 p in;
iSundaliy Ii ai int.
efore then fourth Stunihay 2 p int ; -IthI Siun
ty 11 ai it.
I ,terty- ie. ii. C. I latildoik- 1st. -il
a. every sit nday at I p to. ; plrayeir Int
g, Wedne tsiays S p. in.
Mou (nt.T'lahor-liev. (I. F'. Ilutnionl---Sat
rdaty before fourth Sunda~hy ant 2 o'ct -k
Mt EITuon)ISt.
Pic'kens--ltev. it. 1I. I )agniall--1st. Sun t
ty x pimt; 2i1 Sundaay it a it; 4thi Sutinv
p mtt; prayter titn- tig WednI ieays a p Il.
Tiwelve M~1inle -iv. II. ii. I )agnallh tsl
iv 3:30) pI 1.
tah~lor- -Iev. It. it. D agnalIl ilt Sundal~y
a ton; 5ith Slinnhity 1i a in.
p mt; 3nl Sutialy Ii a1 mt.
St. Pal'l -I -lv. WN. E. Wiggins12-- 1 st Sitni
Z/ion tIev. W. F10. Wigghins - -2i1 Siumiay
l-Ieted 151 EVr. WNigginsi-i-- t,5 Sitilaliy 11
m:d Surnhlily 4 p m.
y' 1 p m; 5th~ Sninlay 11 a mt.
'TH I'tt tE1(5 CinteUlT-iti)V. (C. I- h -
tFirst Suniday-FrViendsipi, 11 ai mi; Poir
r's (hapel 1:30) p im.
Secoitnd Elundy-MI.lt.tei, 11 a mt ; New
tspe, 3:34)1p m.
ITi ra Sundlay-Poriter's~n Chapel, 1i a m;
lnim, 3:34) P in
Iour~th 80n1h05--Mc'1(inney '; (Cha pei, 1t
n1; Joicasso(, 3:340 p im.
3(24T PiCKE iNs4(.' C iiT-- iti-v. ,1. P. Atta
aVistaont.i, 2. (1.
F~irst samlaiiiy---Fa'irview. 11 :n. mnn: Ca
Nebeiv, 4 p. ill.
leli,.. una inot3- Jinp i 11tI n. ,.
yught, and which has been
as borne the signature of
4 been made under his per
aperVisiOn sin1ce its linfalcy.
Lo one to deceive you in this.
nd6 " Just-as-good " are butt
and endanger the health -
ience agaluist Experimeni.
itute for Castor Oil, Pare
yrups. It is Pleasnit. It
rphineo nor other Narcotic
rantec. It destroys Wormus
cures Diarrhuwa md Wintd
'rouibles, cu-es Constipation
Les the Food, regulates the
haealthy and natural sleep.
Mother's Frieid.
signature of
rm Always Bought
rer 30 Years.
OFFICE AN) Woinx, NonTi AIMOURrA, 8. 0.
Doors, Sash, Blinds and Builder's
H ardware.
All Correspondence given prompt at
From the Up-To-lhite Carpet House,
1517 Main Street, Columbia, S. C
Write us for Samples of anything in
our line. Goods shipped anywhere in
the State free of freight. We are al -- -- -
ways bmusy. No dull days with us.
When in Columbia, comec and see us.
Anybodly can show you the place.
EE-M Medicated Cigars
EE M Smokin g TobacCo
For users of Trobacco that suifer with Ca
t arrhi, A sthma, or Broncht tis. Woeguaran
tee ani abisolute and permanent, cure ofi
CJatarrh anid it, is the only known remedy
for H ay Fever. If your druggist or grocer
does not keep it, writ~e RE-M (:O., Atlanta,
Gia., for Firee sample Trade supplied by
CJarpentor Bros'., Greenville, 8. (C., or
(.ru tetield & Tloll'eson, 8partanburg,. 8. C
WVe can use it. for cotton. Will sell ,,
limitedl number of our 7 per cent. certili
cates. I nterest payable .Janinary and .July.
Thel b~est cotton mill inlvestment, offered.
Amoune to suit. No depreciation. Re
deem able on short, notice. Gutert~nteei 3
lby $50,000.00 2)alel in c('ittEl. Re-j
mit direct and oni receiglt, of monaey we will
mail certilicates same ay.
J1. B. Ixaics, ['res. ani.d Treas
JFingerville, 8. C.
8,000! Graduates. IHeceives from I to 5ap
pheai~tions (laity for biok keepers and ste
nog raphlers. Bookkeeping. Sh~orthiandl,
To legraphy itaught. Refers to Atlanta's
business men and hanikers. Write for cat
alogue. Address A. C. IIRISCOIC, Pres.,
or L. WV. A itNOhl), Vice-Pros.. Atlanta, Ga.
At. the Laargest. lBest ECijui pped and
most Ilulen i al Blusiness Cotllege in Ithe
Carolinas. lloard, Booiks and 'T'iition
may tbe earned b~y any energetic young
man or ladly in a short time by work at
h1ome. For particulars, Add(1ress,
1. \V. UE'TBINORcR, Manager,.
Spartan burg, 8. C.
.$2o.500. IN GOLD) GIVE]N AWAY
to our agents besidles the regular commis
sions, for sellinig our splendid line H-OtAl
)A Y BOO01( for 11901. No big prizes
to a few, but every agent gets a share.
Fifteen years' husiness record back of this
otfer. II andtsome sample-case outfit only
35 cents, deliveredl.
Order outtit and~ secure choice of terrl
u'~siness Collegec and School
of Shorthand.
Acetual P uniness. Augusta, GIa.
Cheap Poard. ISituatIons sneutredl
M C1'i AT'S ( Bend For Catalogue
BUSNI ~ Address W. HI. Macfeat
CO~i~il0 - 'tht- a I Co tirt 8te
00gd'MIIIA. 8. OJ t grapher,) President
Moro calls than we can possIbly nIll. Gnar
iante'oof posittons haekodl by &N00. Coin roes
uinexcellod. Eniter any time. Oatalogruo rri oe
.Addtress, (0 ftMnIlA gitb-i IRIs '1iTng,Rr&
The Kind You Have Always B
in uso for over 30 years, h
s snal s
All Counterfeits, Imittions R
Expeimenats t1at trifle with
1in1itisb and Children- Exper
What is CA
Castoria Is a. harmless subst
goric, Dlrops aid Soothimng N
confitislk ieitlier Opitum, Mo
suibstatice. Its ago is its gua
nt11llays 'Feverislinless. It
Colie. It r'elieves Teef'aing 9'
an1d F1ahituIleney. It assiifila
Stotaea 1111(1 30owels, giving
Tito Chillren's Panacea-Tli
Bears the
The Kind You lai
In Use For 01
Women as Well as Men
Are Made Miserable by
Kidney Trouble.
Kidney trouble preys upon the mind, dis
courages and lessens ambition; beauty, vigor
,. - and cheerfulness soon
( -disappear when the kid
neys are out of order
or diseased.
Kidney trouble has
become so prevalent
that it is not uncommon
for a child to be born
afflicted with weak kid
neys. If the child urin
ates too often, if the
urine scalds the flesh or if, when the child
reaches an age when it should be able to
control the passage, it is yet afflicted with
bed-wetting, depend upon it. the cause of
the difficulty is kidney trouble, and the first
step should be towards the treatment of
these important organs. This unpleasant
trouble is due to a diseased condition of the
kidneys and bladder and not to a habit as
most people suppose.
Women as well as men are made mis
erable with kidney and bladder trouble,
and both need the same great remedy.
The mild and the immediate effect of
Swamp-Root Is soon realized, it is sold
by druggilsts, In fifty- ' ^
cent and one dollar - - 1
sample bottle by mail (g
free, also pamphlet tell- niomo of Swarp-noot
ing all about it, including many of the
thousands of testimonlal letters received
from sufferers cured. In writing Dr. Kilmer
& Co., Binghamton, N. Y., be sure and
mention this paper.
TI l E TPAI l l. No. 2.
j'jN'SuperseI('les Tli me Tle~99 No. 1. El.
fictive 12:'1 A. M. , leh. lst., 11101.
itemi I )ownt. lietuI Up.
No. 10. S'TA'1TIONS. No. tI.
Alixed. Mlikol.
10:-15 a m........*ergis'on's....2:15 p m
10:55 a tm.....*Prso'.....2::10 p tm
11:00II a tn......*Ar diairs.........2:25 p m'
1 1:05 at n.......Maubllin's......2:2 p mn
1i: I5 a mt...Atr Easoley I jv...2:15 pb m
Alixel. M ixedi.
.1:00) p mi .. ,....12v. P ickenso Ar..:10 p mi
-1:05 p m..... *F(ertuso'.... 6:3t p mo
-I: 15 p mo....Paron's... ..:15 p tm
1:20 p m......'Aiil's..... (;:1 op m
4:25 P mI....Mauliin's.0..:05 p tm
1: 10 tm..Atr Easley' Iav...:0) p mt
*l"lag Stations.
All tratino <daily exc'pt. Humndty.
No. 10 Cotnnects with Southr litt ailway
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No. 12.
Noi. 12 ('nnec withW i Souther ~en Rdal way
No. I1.
No 11 (Conects with Sothern' Hailway
No. :1.
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(11n 1 .1 t ion f ay ecient 1111( J9urnal. Te'9rrns9, $3t a
year; : our tiuonthsl, $1. 8019 by all newaleor,.
MUJNN & Co. O'Broodam New York
__ ranc_0__ e,_______St. WashitngtonI D. r
son(I your ttmsilness ellreet to w~fahington,
sav es timo, costs less, better servl(co.
My of5ce close tog. S. Patent Office. FREE pretimin
. secured. PERSONAL ATTENTION IvEN.-n~19 Fl
AoTUAL. EXPERIENCE. Book "How to obtain P'.tent.,''
e'ei a pec*' tal notce rec u t charge, te
Late of C. A nowv & Co.
. . .SF S, N. W.,

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