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"C" 'All
T. J. MAULDIN, EDrron.
W. L. MATHENY, Bus. MOn.
Entered at the Post Office at Pickens as
second-class matter.
Subscription, $1.00 a Year.
TirUlmDAY. JAN. 9, 1902.
For heavy rains and long freezes,
winter outstrips all winters
a road improvment
arb. a matters uppermost
in the u. hts of Pickens county
Thle destruction of ten illicit dis
tilleries by Revenue Collecfor
Aiken and his assistants, Deputy
Marshalls Corbin and McKin ney,
is a good record for Christina
How does the idea of an extou
sion of the Pickens Railroad into
the lumber district of tho moull
tains or oven across into North
Carolina and Tennesseo striko you?
This may be realized some (lay.
Whether plans have yet matured
or not, it is safo to say that far
mers in this section will plant with
a view to economy and living at
at home during the year 1,002, a
far as possible.
Hard times strikes banks and
cor)orationis as well as individuals.
Don't blame businoss with all th.
trouble. Extravagance, couled
with failuro to realizo according to
expectations, is the cause.
Though money is scarceo, it has
not yet been seriously rumorel
that there is any appreciable fall
ing off in the amount of iquor
consumed since the lamnentable fact
of short crops became generaly
The County Audi tor is off on
his rounds for taking returns of
property for taxation. Tlis is the
time when property holde-rs usually
feel rich. P.nd when the ti me (0111
for paying the taxes, it is often
surprising that they haye so much.
The hard times have r.oticr-ably
ybody iii some way.
of marriages i. this
tho first, of December
last, however, is greater perhaps
than for the same length of t imne
for several years. TIhue preacheris,
Magistrates and( Notaries Public
have been in clover.
The colored biothren composing
the membership otf (rillin Ebenez,.
er Baptist chlarchi are to be con
gratulatod on the success that has
far attended their work . if they
continue with the same zeal until
the debt contracted in order t<
complete their church building ii
discharged, they will show an ex
ample of worthy achievement un
dler difficulties.
Tii is the weeok sot apart ii
towns and cities and~ inl miany r'u
ral districts for special prayer ser
vices--a h)oauti ful and appr'opriat,
way in which to begini thiiis nov
year. it inidicates that the gre'a
body of God's peole areC mfiindfu
of is merciful d ispensations, an<(
looks to Him for a fulfillment al
His promises to all wiho ask in
spirit of faith andl true bolief.
'The Met hodist churches 'onset i
tuiting the Pickens Circuit have
startedi out to mnako this year one
of advancement along all lines,
It takes continuity of offort am11( of
ten some peOrson~al sacrifico by
members goneorally and churiclh olli
cors particularly to bring about the
good result always h~oped~ for at
the boginning of ai year. .It is Lo
be hoped their efforts will be
blessed with the desired result.
An editor in Saluda county was
threatened with all kinds -of pun
ishment if ho didn't apologize for
something he had wvritten in words
dictated by a committee of citi
zens, Hie apologized but used his
own language. EIt takes more
courage to atpologize soet i mes
than not. In this instance1 it
seems the editor pursued tho only
course consistent with a respocta
ble ending of the whole affair, un,
less he is able to establish his orig
inal assertion, the cause of the
trouble, which was 'virtually a
charge of lying against some wom
en of the town, We don't know
what the women thik of thelmeas
their impetuous men folk have
inade for them, but to all appear.
a' noe, the citimoen comm~ittee 'under
took a little morre tgas -t e otrom
$p#000 Wgn~anig
up remarkably well. Thore is lif
and hope in the land yet.
* * *
A little stay of tho tax-gather'
iniexoralle hand doesn't mean thin
he will withhold always. Pay a
early as you can. Two things ar
sure, one of them is taxes.
From every Section como coi
plaints about the roads and wilh
them suggestions as to amnied
ment of the law to meet the trouble
This much is cortain, the roads r.ee(
work and iecd it now; imikecshift
laws (1o not suffice. either 0do they
bring satisfaction oven to thos<
leost willing to ill o expenditircf
of work or money in the ma i nteni
ance of the highways.
Pickens couity has suffered ser
iously by the lat heavy rains,but i
takes hard1 liceks to bring to the poo
ple the full realization of their coi
dition whlen m1oreO mon)ley i3 t.> b
Spent for puli ic irnprovement in
volvinhg lwavier taxes. It. is th'
lhe3avy tax that makIes is slow it
planI n igl l for 1het tI'r ral:Is alId k eejn.
tilo coullty Conllu11ssitil ers in ':lloek
againlst a pliy tlhat 11) e'S to g(:t
eial im Illproveellt.
Foir the prollotion of loca, iiter
est in all farm Inctttler.t , it we'uld
not he. out <f - hegia I- w
to atIo tlho <ile-thn If a1n <r
gaizatinl S .nc-what at-r ti- or
dI.-.r A: a c(11un % t iir ;1-( Int lo . It
wouh0l11 s-tillnubite1 p Ie li the! Coun1
trv aid grle:tt n uItr 1g t hal
quality 4f hs; llanr that is S(
11111ch 11 ed I his count.v. Tin r<
ise n h e ttr tir . I e Wt it-, begin flnai
now\- Such ntr i-- at. h >mi.
'dvertivesS u' , r.p - Fbro3. 0
acn, Pikns ) counw 1 . of lii
lt ii-, browlc~ lit Vral alerab
mlen It.
Const I pationl and hieAth n1 Aver go t!1
grienr. De Witt's Littl 1- Rira
promote as y Iatio o' the hwmels with)
ouit <hlistress. "I have h(.-11rube with
costiveness nin ye.r," Fays J. ii,
Greeue, Dtpaul , l11d. "I h111ve trie
nuiny rem rlis li t ic ttlo 1dr l R i
g'ive best resulits. -HOL1 TOlN
A ItN1)(NU.
Mr. i 11 itor: WV1 Y'ily u pleast' al
low ma eart I ourI g viia b<
paeyr to exelte fotllrehl t ow
ard my hre thrnl alid Sts an ,811(
friends fo tthe many favors an(
toklies of love and flielhlip t<
me a d m -hlunI Wil W~de'j
A aht thime biackt Ite II (lete
and istersnof gtConord ebuth
theirselics toe and :
rfaily ta they poundg iro
ing revengand )) wgeed 11n Fe
thveuith af .t)ctmer .101 as ti i
dayigi tofet their resolW~I (utn
'adone dayl naed well looke<
ot'l the frodi and sa aii tini (
buglsandtV11111,I)e waon coing, aml(
to ( or urrit e toe at thre frons
ate and hie wet'tl were on lri
- w'iit tinsI113 a ltiant, began lto1 i
fon and gt soed tinlt ce
theSO ir vehls and wte~l t b e i
realizneethar the fwerle deteri
onik' something bthiel axlsnd <c
ettenancen btlr welt had'no fI
o)Cviolenc ato 1uthei hand fo I11r th111
fenrgno the oir facesW wsptht so
prahe ango lcaalt. Thoy ve
tioered i theyotil 1 ad eamo a
rotrdto thei r 'lluiv wee brethr
inlanmpttneld, Alatte lik
esteeadtey ildanoifete and U o
allro wrichn wehe sisers werealkis
may thge Firbesd, Addie lallsbu
PdalWlm and -:itr his iasdal
theal fiandhyi we al heari
Ricd. wA few eactr baf sl
ofo thy wfeth and laiter ofPr
ter'ss reei asrc Powed us wit
anod necessaryalso the bratnie, n
son count, coff, whit ad por
lae,~l1u wwai aal band una
paresnd ood gsoin thinam
After thnesomundingthe bpenthre
ora hrors; Ceean cnos
made mysilfte bu anddiaaprsnt a
aeturggd Itoer 1om0, levi
steem theyet aifestod to usil<
and cprize th vey Uihghiy, an
d3~anly, and Mr.1 Eiorths wisen
theOfirstatuing avore aexp
riencued. feow myear ac som~
ofthe brtre anSisters fiPrd
bte' Creekf chrcha lou ntde wi
youd thigalste brothersa Gon'
ricstso blPis chrch pino Ander
pres eresith yoa hublg amr
an i agam soe of the Loretr.
of raers eek churolQ
President Steps a Dance to
Ragtime Tune.
Prnnegal Down the Line to the
strainn of "A Hot Tline"-Virginin
peel Started the Fun - Senator
Lodge Entered Ileurtily Into the
JieveiN In the Ennlt It0on.
I'resident Roosevelt took part in the
cakewalk and danced the Virginia reel
in the White Ilouse o Christmas night
tie a flnale to the Christmas festivities,
writes the Washingtoin correspondent
of the New York World. Senator
Lodgo and some young people, invited
guests, also took part in the festivities.
The frolle took place in the historic
east room. Amid much laughter the
party formed for the Virginia reel. The
orchestra struck up, and the president
of the United States led the dance up
nid down the line, executing many
fancy steps.
- rs. Itoosevelt and the other ladies
in the party were almost hysterical
over the antles of the presldent, who
entcred into the dance with all his ac
cus(oined spirit. The l((presient chas
sod, sidestepped and "alanced all,"
while the little Roosevelt boys gave
vent to howls of mnerrimlit.
Following the presilent enm Henry
Cabot Lolge, I'nited States senator
fri-t Massnhwiusetts, usulmy sta1d, dmg
nith., staitely. On Christml as night lie
f?::rot all this an Id dinc.e-4 with all the
Nim a ild alitd 1on1 of I]-- young ))on,
v.ho wIas preselit. The lo Isevelt clil
dren guyed the senator just as they
luu their father.
For thirty inutes thI reel was
dnne11ed. Thenvi the orcheostra s-tllruc up1
"The.ire'll 'I, a I11t Tinw." The guests
yelb'1, and s wme one started a cake
v:I!. The ridenltt (1hos a partner
mal 141 the en n:; iluwn the long
east rolm, (exuing fa ney, blck and
wi tolps. v il ters inl the party
clappeul "jnhtn."'
" it., p:"t yelI'.d the Roosevelt
chlilIdr.I. M r-:. 1 svelt l aughed until
the t''arls Ca('le to] her eyes. After a
frw liinutes of "Ak llot Time" the or
chstra began p'ayilg "Whistling IlN
fus," a real Ckewalk tune, and the en
tire party joined In the contest. The
young son of Senator Lodge soon demn
onstrated that he was the star cake
walker, and the president allowed him
to lead. A fter the cakewalk came an
old fashioned country square dance.
It was the preIsdelit's own suggestion
that after dinner the party have an
old fashioned Christmas celebration.
.'Tho party adjourned to the long cor
ridor, whre gaines were played for
half an hour, the children all piartici
patin. .
When President and 'I's. Iooevelt
llp(mol arising prepared to conduct the
family procession to the sitting room
to examine tile Christmas stockings, it
was found that the restless youngsters
bad stolen a march and already knew
all about the presents and were joyous
beenuse of the multitude of gifts.
Th'leodore junior received a splendid
hulnt ing out fit, includinig a shotgun, a
maigazine rill nutl a hunting knife.
TIhese armus will bo tried during his
huntin lg trip, just begun under tho
guidance of I)r. Rixey.
Tie mornting was devoted to a family
reunion, punlctuated by visits from cab
11(nie ebes. At 1:30 the whole fnmi
ly, including Mainme, the nurse, drove
to the residence of Commander Cowls.
.Shortly after their arrival a switch was
turned, and the big Christmas tree in
the large sitting room on the second
floor instantly was ablaze with electric
lights. The ti-ce wvas sot in mossy
grounds surlrounded by a lake and
with wonderful animals grouped on
0 the award.
d While the merriment was at its
>i height the president withdrew unoli
tr- served. Shortly thereafter the children
Owere delighlted by the entrance of a
rollickIng Santa Claus. What seemed
i-eal~so andW11( icicles clung to lisa boots
nnd11( to hisa pack. ie knew exactly
what wvould ilease little boys and girls,
'i anld just thme iright Presents were forth
r, coming fr-om the pack.
r', I by- Quenltin dilscoveired time absence
b. 01' hIs father anud hiamented the fact
s.VOelferously untIil enimod biy the gift of
( Nir's. Cowles heirs-lf had imiado and
w lhi offset a sailor uniform present
ed to 11n by Shlilield Cowlea.
* At i' o'cloc b(I othi fi11liea retui-ned to
S t' WhIiito 11louse4 for dlinnter. I abiy
QtuI ient ii sat op1pottsi te I aby Shefllel,
H othI were ini hiigh chirs, and1( thiey
weore thle a ut ocratis of1 thle feast. The1
*growni tol k , 1inci ldinig Preshlenit and1(
Nilis. I oose'vt , Coiun inIder and Ni rs.
Cowies and Al iss Carew, with Ailiss Al
ice andi~ yountg "TeddIty," were so place'd
>labout thie boar'd as to best assist thec
Pr 'iesident Roosevelt carv-ed the tur
t- key-. T1hie feast w~as coniclud~ed with old1
dj fashioned i)umpiklin andit ince pies, sent
a by3 Airs. Roosevelt's 01(d neighbiors at
(1 Oy-ster Bay. 'The evening wias devoted1
r to gamnes and( (danlces.
Sen DI)ver's Great Fent.
d Captain Louis Sor-cho, the chiampion
deep sea diver, beat ali records the
I other day wvhen ho remaIned uinder
. water for nine hours. The feat was
Sperformed in the Coliseum building,
where tile pu -e food show is in prog.
ress, says thme ChIcago Rtecord-lHerald.
Captain Soreho's exhibition was thed
main featur-e of tihe big show, and
- from tile time he was lowered into thed
'big tanki at 2:041 o'clock in the after
noon until 11:041 o'clock thle same night,
when he was taken out, thousands
were permitted to view the unusual
sight. The previous record was 8 houru
r40 minutes and 30 seconds8.
"I was trouble for about seven Years
- with imy stomach and( in bed half my
time," says E.X Dam ick, Somerville, Ind,
"I spent about $1,000 and never could
get anything to help me until I tried Ko
(d01 Dyspopsia Oure, I have taken a few
betles and am eutirely well." You don't.
live by whlat you cat, but by what you
digest anld assimilate, If yotir stomahl
dloesni't digest your food y ou are starving,
Kodol Dyspepsmia Cure dtoes the stomachs
work by digesting tihe food. Youi don't
haive to diet. Eat all you want, KE
do1 Dyapopsia Cure cures alldo
troubleh-BOLT T HORNLEE .
Ohio Senatr's Itesninimeeneem of the
Mn1rtyred President.
lin the current issue of The National
Magazirm Senator IlIanna gives detail
ed remi!mlscences of the late President
McKinby as a man, a friend an1(d as a
leader. Mr. Ilanna says In his artile:
"A great deal hits been said about his
proverbial good nature. Ile had that
and in addition to that an unequaled
equipoise in every emergency. In all
my career in business and lin politics I
have never known a -man so self con
talined. Ile awiys acted deliberately,
and lil, Judgments were always weigh
ed carefully, although there were times
when his heart ii)uilses would re
spond quickly without apparently the
slightest delay.
"lin all those thirty years of close re
lations I never saw him in a passion,
never heard hin utter one word of
what I would call resentment tinged
with bitterness toward a living person.
rhils was again reflected in the story
of the assassination told by Mr. Mil
burn, who said that lie could never for
get the picture In the expression of his
countenance as he glanced toward the
assassin. In his eyes read the words as
plain as language could express It,
'Why should you do this?'
"And then wvhen the assassin was
hurled to the ground, when the fury
and Indignation of the people had be
gun to assert Itself, lie sidl, with al
most saintly coimIpassin, 'Don't let
then hurt him.'
"I know of notlu1g in all history that
can compare with the splendid ellmax
and ending of this noble life. One of
the Sweetest consolations that come to
Me Is the meinory tinit oil 'T'uiesday
preceding llls dIeath he asked to see a
iewspaper, and when11 hV wais told *Not
today' he asked, 'Is .\iark here?'
"'Yes, Mr. Presideit,' was the re
sponse, anid In that ine sweet last re
imembran iwns a ic i Irwiard for the
years of devotion whiii it had always
been miy pleasure to give himl."
Senator IIanna Ci)ls'S tile article as
follows: "we were hot0 i of Scotch
Irish descent, but opposites in disposi
tioni. lie Vas of ia mor iriect descent
than I, but it Is thought from our dis
positions that lie had the Scotelh and I
had the Irish of the combination."
Glant Skyrocket Caused Religious
Ones to Pray In the Streets.
Several thousand inhabitants of New
Milford, near Winsted, Conn., on the
Berkshire division of the New York,
New Haven and Hartford railroad,
were startled the other night by an ex
plosion somewhere to skyward of the
town, says the New York Times. The
sound was territie, they say, and the
sidewalks trembled. People rushed
out of doors, and some of then declare
that they thought the day of judgment
was at hand. They knelt in the streets
and began to pray.
As the terrible sound cane there was
a bright flash about 200 yards fron
the earth, directly overhead. A little
later the streets were choked with peo
pie, gaping at the heavens nd wonder
Ing what was the cause of the noise.
It was finally concluded by many that
a meteorite had exploded over the
town. Some of the moro religious citi
imens, however, perslsted in believing
that the strange blast wvas intended as
a warning that the life of the world
was about to end. That no fragments
or trace of a meteorlte could bo found
was used by them as an argument that
they were right In their conclusions.
A. L. Conkley, who conducts a music
store, solved the mystery late the next
afternoon by saying that lie set off a
giant skyrocket, whbich caused the ex
citement. The rocket had been left
ever from the last Fourth of July, and
his family thought fitting to celebrate
with it a happy Christmas.
Everglades to De Turned Into Sugar
One ' of the greatest projects just
etarted In Florida is the plan to drain
1,000,000' acres in the everglades and
turn them Into sugar plantations. The
Floridia East Coast Drainage and Suig
ar comtpany has been formued for this
purpose. Surveys mnade unditer govern
ment supervision years atgo show the
feaisibility or the plan.
Arranl igemnent~s were per'fected recent.
13y whierehy M. l'ichtenb erg anad I lenry
Itened let of Milwatukee 'will uderwrlte
the enterprise to thle exteniit of $5,000,.
(000. Thie opening of the secttlon ablout
Jaiickisonvillhe by the ioridla Etast C~oaist
railroad has muade thle plain umore feasi
tble, says the (Chliengo Iliter Ocean. It
is snumised t hat I lenry M%. F'lagler is
interested itn ll this i (neprW5 is and that
lie is ieally btehiind it withI his Immense
capital to) aid its developuinent.
Matineit to itave Spruce Gum Fiarms.
Sprucee gumi productlion will be mde
a regular i business by- owners of the
forests in WVashington county, Me.,
nays a dlispatchi front IBngor, Me., to
the New York Evening Journal, Rie
cently3 inclsions in the lbarkn of sipruco
trees lhave beeni made, and it is found
that these incisions prodtuce gumi of
the best quality. Thei( first large shil
ment of gum secur~ed it this manner
was made by II. J. Wells of Wesley,
who sent 175 p~oundhs to Bloston, pro
ducod from five acres of trees.
A Voyage U'nder the Sea,
The Petit Parisien learns from M.
Goubet, Inventor~ of the submarine boat
which bears lis name, that there is
some question of constructing a sub
marine vessel which, dleriving Its mo
tivo power from a cable extending
across the strait of Dover, wouldl be
able to take 200 passengers from
France to England it less than half an
Buirns, bruises and t'nts are extremely
painful and if neglected often result in
ly liable to suhmsnsbecause net go
careful, As a remedy DeWitt's Witch
Hazel Salve ic unequalled, Drawu ott
thelire, stops the p'aiui, soon heals the.
wound, BOwoiro of 'ounterfelts.ire
cure for the pils, "DeWitt's Witch
Hazel Salveocure'l my baby of eeuoma af.
ter two physioeaus gave her up," wri tes
Jams Mok NWesterl' Ih, lI he
gores W0KO ao bad she salad two ou
drase ian- a Amu
Bridges & Hammond,
Dry Goods
We wnftt to closo out our entire
stock of DRY GOODS at once.
The Goods will go
Come inowland get bargaim.
Bridges & Hammond.
PICK ENS, - - S. C.
@[email protected]
F. P.. IV.C"C'LI..:IlNTa,
Prescriptions filled promptly
and satisfaction giaranteed.
Most up-to-date line of toilet
articles in the city.
Are you prejudiced? Are you
open to conviction? Many people
think it impossible to fine a First
class General Store in a town of
this SiZO
Don't you believe it I
Becausez you can be convinced
there is a First-class General Store
here by callling on
L. Ross Eaton,
Central, S. C.
Where you will find a fine and
varied Stock of Dry Goods, Dress
Groods and Groceries.
Cen tral, S, C.
D, T. * W.5 M. CURETON,
* ?Ja8L.Y% 8. C. 4
Good Fresh Stock and a Full Supply ot
all articles needed for Household Con.
sumnption. Store is on Table Mountait
street, roar of Dr. Smith's Drug Store.
+)1-Rememlber+the ?Place..14
All p~orsons are~ hiereby wVarned1 not to
hunt, fish or ohterwiso tro.spass5 on nny
of my hands. Th'loso disregarding this
notice' will bo prosecuted.
I hav'o just bought a two horso farm
and a one horso farm near' the Court
lI onse, and I on'er the fsamfO for sale oi
ront. IVY M. MAULI)N.
Th'ie Piickens Brick-yard will bo runI
this . e:ir, andi we will wvant a largo qual
ity' of wood, delivered at the old Neal &
Newell yard. Apply to WV. E. Stephens
at thin bri'Ik yard. Geor & Mahafl'oy.
(times 5)
---Those indebted1 to thle JoUnsAT 0on
accounltI madel beforeo the 1st of Jainuary
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as the books wvilh be turned over to tho
stockholdora at annu Il mooting in No
vembor uext. Journal Stook taken at
par oni subscription. TI. Cl. Robinson4
Small crops, unsalable veg.
etables, result from want of
Vegetables are especially
.ond of Potash. Write for
our fret pamphlets.
9)ass&I, Ma a Ye# 1
.. .L LdAI **i*.
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rpto 1.2 J. lkinrg onr your eggs I will pary 20c
m.edl 75c for corn 1 50 for hean o 1 .50 for'd1riedl
lit to sways~ Cri-t mill. trix or anly thring else
'Cr ' Aer beomie and '-Wm (;aett"l'
;.oo 1 sito lk of *.ouo i tr.e boys w,~vil treat yoiu
a will atllow~ for eation sced. Better' iradeo
est for you hislr tie.
and the hundred and one simi
lar ills caused by impure blood
or inactive liver, quickly yield
to the purifying and cleansing
properties contained in
It cures permanently by acting
naturally on all organs of the
body. As a blood-cleanser, flesh
builder, and health-restorer, It
ehas no equal, Put us in Quart
tBottles, and sold at Si each.
I Detroit, Miob,
Pay your subscription to Tnm Joun.
NAYr, then read the flows and keep in.
nl formed,
es A dollar is a smal Amounti, but it para'
o for one year's subscription to Tiua Jo
NAZr, 8n04 # your A 1llay
*IA A ILA--%-1%-0ViA 4 %A A
Not a section of this shop
be emphasized in print. To
the new season in the presc
space were impossible. Can
from time to time. To make
est assertion that this store w
for fall and winter business is
The dress goods showing -i
proud of. The newest, the
priced. All the new shades a
Whatever of style and dres
this seasons product, a fine re
perfection may be seen here i
Are here in great quantitic
ones to finer grades, just as y
Our shoe stock is complete
size wanted.
For any item in Dry Goods
Shades, and House Furnishing Goods,
We expect to deserve it. We know
they can get for it, and we ire prepared I
us to say that we underbuy and undersell
and a liar is seldomn believed wheni he tell
We invite all to Come and look throt
stocked full.
Clocks, Groceries, Stoves, S
Halters, Sole, Lac
. . . Furniture of al
Including a nice line <
are nice, clean
rades of Mattresses, Carpets, Ruj
articlcs that the good people10
Cutlery, Shot Guns and Rifles, Powde!,
mite and Blasting Powder to knoec,
probably the best turn plows
Would be glad to has
though all the regu
how w
Theic poor fa rmers needed hllp it is tl
--1 have aLlway's dione my13 beat for thou
for produ~ce. I app)Irecialte your liberal
get but, how cheap, eani I sell it, at good
Stamblard gratnu lated sugari 17 Ilbs, a go
hiest. chairs- 40e, all wool j eans 25:i. wha
4 - ,15 sgood sowinug minlle as made
4Ic, womns course shoes 50c 75c, 1.00,
I)er doz1? to Diee., 35thI~ andl loniger if I w
I will pay" 1.00 for peas 100O for cane
fruit til I get ready to (piit, it. I wa
inu the store It the chiiren, ini for wilut
are a epresunt ing mue at (a ial ill wiahI a
right, t ry themo
I wvill pay'as inmch t he l.ow of Ilhe trus
with mue this fall I tam dini my~ level b
Some Reasons
Why You Should Insist on faving
Unetiuaed byiay other.
R enders. hard leatherc soft.
Espe~cianly prepared.
Kep 015out water.
A heavy bod ied oil.
n excellent preservative.
Never burns the leather ; its
Efliciency is increased.
Secures best service.
Stitches kept from breaking.
L sold1( in all
ocalitis,4Manfeturedt by
Standard Oil Company.
Southern Rail vay has inaugur
ted Pullman sloeping car line bi
tween Washington, D). 0. and A
lanta, Ga., on their "Atlanta
New York Express" train s No.
and 84; first car southbound lea'
ing Washington November 3r<
first car northbound leaving Atlal
ta November 5th, 1001.
This affords Pullman service c
these trains though from Altani
to New York, the Pullman ca'
having here.tofore been attached
the Atlanta & New York Epre
at Obharlotte anti no Ptullman se:
betweeni Qharlatt, an4 Mt..a.

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