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fie reople s Journai
Corrected weekly by tho lleath, Bruc
lorrow Co.
Cotton- -------. ..-- . ...7lto 7 3.
Ahgck n --Lin ..... . .............15 to
Fryc erSs...... ............., .. ....... 15 to
Fryos.; 15 to
B tter ............................................,..
13e(0sw aix ..........................,............... .
-Ea Gov. John Gary Evans wa
here Monday on business.
-E. B. Richardson, of Liberty
and B. J. Jolnston, of Norris, wer,
here on buiness Tuesday.
-J. N. King,bridge builder, wa;
here Tueshuy boforo the CounIt
-e110 County (om iII issioner;
d their regular monthly sessiot
I eday and looked aftr mucl
businioss Of prossilig Im Ipor ta llli.
-Mfarried oil De., :01hI 1901
By D. J. Johlson N. '. l\lr. AlftIQ
Green to Miss Rosa Presley. All of
-I.1oad notice of chlosiniig ou1
sal of Di)y goods. of k rid'e; ;
11:ll1innf)114 at, CoSt whi ichi is nou
On. the tlilin for a liar)j j.
The Bloard of St'ward. Pick-n:
( lothor-dit) Circuit, II(.u in ll
oLfiice o" Prvolt.ludge Newhry
oIIet for I
V0'~ssil: W f t' ill,- 01,i th o
t o a t.I nu i oi l,1,il
$Y;. 2. C .ndSnhyoon>
0 o'Clk m the M hlodi :st ll.
E ver)iy mr s uryl tley, -ut
ted to lattn I , im doub) lcta:S it b i
m0etin g..
movedl his aw olioe fomh ,h build.
ingnea I~ liriedrug store- t')
tho buildmsbrl fmI-Iry Icuinp Il )I
t hev Jouirnal, ad1joinling s the Bigey
Storo .
-S sai1cls of h Poik.ns dis
i ry . r thS a o l at I)o ') In.
ber. nt 65 of
which the r proln o mght t ed
to r., io ts nstpoi w being
---The ou ot f oftG ramv & Fergui
so, inl ti o thetwe ye
LouS Mn the) p t oenied bth.
machinry, ws Sold Monlday, at.
assineis sle, to B. E. Granldy.
The plant will doubtles resume
opuarlien at on eary dag.
Isl'OP1 IT.
i nh:eted couh or cold may load
to serio is brochil or ng toubles.
Donl't tako cbanices whenl Foley's Hone11y
n1. Tar ablords perfoot seciurty from
wit athes ot a cold.-BOLT
he hnt g ii one into winter1 quar-(11
la think2(, ~ Ih yun iought tohave
workmm.~ God want l)iui to wor alld
schol isaisittonfr h
youn to elp~ thema o towards
arr 11id' 'at theEaleyp Parsonag,
byi~ Rev. W. E.iil Wiginse I e o5th
Nisso . Maxi SthY of Elo y to (lrl.
tyThe brie and -roo hm ent a
few day ftltollon the iir'ti mariageik
ith:ji htisle the brie' autMrs L R.l
.\ is th hom scwe of th ai' o
cerMing Marth Boroughsd, wrnidowa
ofi~ Jamy aE,1 Boouhs <jnd Il hrs
Borugs nd Mromuelmi C. Hoggs
ofs (ntr~ an wee ined mun holy h
fin ihy e sce, the har ve num
bert ofinvied oust ofabnt friends
aLu latlgie. 1The paor watast
fullyeri, with. Ieve g0ens a0.
anhy h-mdii (1 posc and isade
cavsiond A weei otclled tiht fi
byiath;'; gmin tr W. g. seabrn
enternedg ate. Fouleywhe sixno beau
tiu mai lsa al eradin whinty fon
ctghe. r o and lunge tom, ves(
onnh 1id0 of ateo sthon n~~amely:
and MaYtifSPnemIr Dora
.pe and Ma Jone @Then
A U ,1E1$4 It ATl O N.
Ar. Editor: Will you favor me
with space in yomr iper for the
following onmments and montions
of the colebration of the Quarto
Ceutenial of the Ebineze.i colored
hiptist church.
The mlainl Purpose of' this article
will be approached by the follow
img f'acts anid commotnts.
Ii tho month of April, 1000 the
Ebinezor Baptist Church ollored
m( a call to serve a.s pastor. T Ie
Said call wiIS ascepted atnd I entered
uponl miy duties as pa.;Cr May13
1900. The condition of, the chu reh
it the time waft not at ill desired.
This inay, inl a hi. 10811 1w attribui
ted to lisitidersta I IndingJ, liisgiv
igs, and irregIlaritics in tle
church itself, wihIII the view of' de
veloping ia m(ore desirahlh state of
all airs a (arofuil survey, of tie(!
whole IllIter was mk, and a
sI rict course of act ion was adopted.
The0 carryinlg out of thins couirse of
action has beel attelided wvith a
little friction, but this a duo to
a lack, ()In pall of s oll of the
lir-etl no to ,iue thle frralit
purposo mil ended and not, from
mtieannet'ss o hart. yl chief pir
inne' mail ann11 was, aInd Ill 11ow', anid
the s1piritual and miia(rial conudi
tion of the churelb, :nd11 amllg the
mlany pres ing neds, of the church
So"'n amd felt bfy all, wai a more (
sirable! house of worship. The pul
it, at, once becunc th 11 % eeIro, of,
aigitat ion. .\t irst it was extensivo
ly felt, Ihal the fitu. kred conli,
tini (f the church wIas of Icll as
l)nt gulIaanteo su1CCss, liut i
nially a pressuro was b'ought to
her o ro iethe Peo(Ple as to
make thinm feel that, somothi Ing
Could he donle and thmt mellthlin
mulist be don 1, whIch c ne1 ()Iv It iot
lead to tile ippointientt of a build
i oilg olit tee. For solme reasonl
the church hionored the writr with
chalirmanoship, of the moveienut.
Our Work was to get up )lphlls and
lead ill oreeti ag a I now house of
worshi ip on the lot, with Deacon
I . S. l'erguson1 asi siStaint Chao imanI,
Rov. C. T. Mil 11 r., SecreoU -y and
Irlac'ln II. LawreleO, TroIsurr.
The work wias begun Nov. 190o uand
by the lIst of January 19i0 all the
framing was oi the lot. Short
crops caused mon'y to be
unusually scarce, and wi.-lim die
tated our stopping unil S;pt. 1901,
at which time the old house wa,
torn away, sinco then a large up
ti-dato church house his been
erected. Tho house in i!oor sur
face contains over 2000 feet, and
when completed will be worthy of
the town of Pickens or most any
other town. The contract of build
ing was given to Mr. S. MolIlwain,
and the work is well on "to com.
plotion, as contemplated, anmd what
yet remains to bo done witl be fin
ished by the 1.7th inst, at which
timoe the work will be turined over
to the Building Committee for re-.
ception or rejection. The latter is
nlot anticipiated. The comiimittee
feels bound to congratul ate the
imembers for their uinstended sup
Port given to the work. Ouri
fr'iends have shown unftalting in-.
tererest in the wvork. They have
given their money and intflutence in
the movement, and are yet giving
it. Pickens is imado uip of a gen
erous sot of white people. T1his
is shown on business lines gener
ally and has been muanifestod in
our struggle to build. Just the
amouiit given by our white friends
the wvriter cannot tell in this arti
ele, bunt we endoa~vored to keep an
accoun t and the wvhole w ill l)0
known later. The work will close
upl with a (debt of not less thiani
$250 or $275. but this doesn't by)~
anyi mieanis climparoi withI what ha~s
beenI doll". We w ill on en torinig
to-Ceniteninial. The following will
be the program for that special
Friday, 17th inist .tst day.
7 :30 p. im. The initrodulctory ser..
mon01-liv. Geor'go Ea rle.
Salturdaiy, 2nd doy.
.10 (). im. Devotional E xen-oises--.
10:1., a. mn. llading (if t ho hi
tory of the (chu1rchi--C . T,' M ill er.
10:~> a. mi. C'all Ihe r'oll of Ihi
chiurich, and( invitinig visiting
friends to a seat.
1 1:15 a. mi. 'The chunrch when
or'gaizedo and spocial mldtltis
(onni(eolod5 ther3towIithI.--lb-o. Peter
I I:35 a. mn. TIh e finanluI spirit
of the ('hulrch ini .oarly thuis.-ll.
.12 M Th'le h ouses wvorshtipid ina at
the I time of or'ganizat ion and1 on
up to priesenit time,--l. S. Ferugut
.2 :20l 1. mll. Thel '.1 coferoneo of
25 years ago-ElI aM Andeihrson.
1 2:10 p. m. GenerIi(I discust si ois
on tie ab ovo subhjeoct s.
1:80 p. mi. A djourn'I for' dhinnetr.
2 :30 p. m. P'rayermieeting lead
bJy Deacon GJlover'.
Easley Union.
2:30 p. mn. The Pastor's of the
chnrch from the hoginntinkg.-- Boy.
3 :50) , mi. Gluetral Maur.lC8
41:00 p. mu. adjour'nment.
7::30 p. im. f1roachinig, Rev. C.
T. Miller.
Sunday, 3rd( Day.
9:30) a. mn. The Suniday Sehool
of' the church, D. A. Lesley,
9:15 at. mi, The old (lesconi8 c
the church --R, Rosaton.
10):00) The older emmou and
mrn~ of the churiich--a tor Djiana
1% 19 u full0W~d by othora.
Miss Maggio Brown of Central
is tho guest of Miss May Oatos,
Mir. and Mrs. J. G. Acker of
Gireenvillo, spoit last wook in visit.
ing frionds and relatives in Eaaloy
and vicinity.
1Aliss Hattio Wyatt of Central,
and Mis5 Manidaline Pickens of
ihmdino aro guests at the home of
Dr. C. N. Wyatt.
\liss Estheor Holcombe left Sun
s(1,\ Vay vnin fo! 1,6r it visit to f'rici ds
ad rotativ -; inl Greenville.
* s Abbi' McGo gavo a high
ly v. jovablb sociable, to a number
of i j' yo iiug frieids, at her home
ill sou(-I lasley S1atur(hay evening.
Cadets 1). (". Humbe1)rt, C. B.
Ih1 tlood ad 1Henty McGee left
un.day to re-enter Clemson Col
Salm Rhobiln-onI has accopted a
po'tioni witl (,x (Xan1 \Vost in
Gre'pnvill', whl'r he will be pleas
'I to hmve 1i fihrind call and Fee
him, w1en they visit tho city.
lrhallininillon h-ft AMnday
"r~ ''t anhu1 rg, n i here h will re
I-ntIPr ('tuver.:e Comnetrvial School.
iss IKat;e Ech of, Gainiesville
vi ;1-1 .,t.wIk with her sisters
-th n s Sh r 11 and Ifarris.
( 'at urda~y , be1)o Magistrate
JTP'-Pn, ebarmi.d with; riot, as.
SAndand :1t1ry with Iiinteunt to
Li!!, m . 1.irrving concealed woap
'\Vd1.1 G her lli, and William
!\ee l ti do. to aypoar ii
u r' '1 at io- : si t ing in th 8111
tO ive hnal r.. dollars each11, ill
h -o Rle Ibrto mL aboon for
" P Pn> al dol lar and tiamp
ti ! \\'ili. r Thhlteen Hfundred
d~lhu. Thecharges areo the
IhA 1. f thme 1i'()in which
happeied Christimlas ove night.
() Frhhty ov noin' Mr. and Arm's.
b of ' slav y ,ung folk by the
M c-hu .111S MlMhan of Allan
H 1 poi a 1 1ition of the hohidays
ih 3W.:; \'Isa RIuniin at tho
.\, onta1:0 inv \'iw otel,
Ir. NaIlan Smith and wife,
and on: Hotwaid and Wylie or
M% fl0ihon, N. \. aro guests at
2loinpa ini \'ic w Hotel,
31 'Sr, lim :M, McGCee, and Bial
I r sen:t oine or two days with
. M. Tiylor at Moun11tain Vicw
1iotel last wwk.
Xmas is about over and evirv
thing has past oI very quite around
Coldar Mountain.
The liVerl'' Ganite Co. has sus
pO di work until the holidays
arc, Over.
2lis o- land Sheri ii has been yig.
itilly; Miss Couell,
21 isa Sal lie Kennemnore and her
sisteri have bOCen v'isitinlg in theses
Alir. AlIvini H ome of Newborry is
speinling Xmas with Miss Couch.
Mr. W. F . D~yer of North Caro
lina is spending the holidays with
.J. 1). H]enderson
Mir, Nelsont is the Pastor for the
Reounjin chiclh for another year.
Thle Sunday iSchool at Reunion
is no~t s) flurishig niow onl aic
count1 of' tho inclement weather.
There arie enuoughi young folks in
t his v'iiity to have a flourishing
Su;~1avy !hool if they only w'ould
tak' an interest in it; and they
l-'w 'a the LhlPtyitOS paid Co
d1(1r M\ t. a viSIt (hIrling the1 holidays.
I ~Ila Coneh'I is visitinig her'
'sisr Urs i. "Iherai w ho hives below
Thle manyv fr-i'npi of Ci. ii. Hlausamn,
livli)naP' i Lim , I .c le p tPVJ~i l'Zstilto
know ol' his recovy fr o heaee
otucei by uteng Fo.' Ki.ne Curei,
whieb1 .1. rec a' ud~jiyip to all, especially
litvpd.-if~U T &1 THOH 1)N I1E.
We sublma rp'lnd a day more
pleasait ly or pairtako of' such eln
uintt'I hopi:italy as wasl tondered0(
ui'. at the rt'idtenmo of Mr. and1( irs.
:th. Thost IinvitedP arived mi (1ue
I reI'll HistOIre-itld' Mitch'l ai dlinner!
I,.ve~ thing goal that is r'aisedl on
e,- 0,Pp. t ) il it i1~ aull of' the s, as
o' 'li h' sitil kinow what a goodl
ennu v <hnn111r is; b-ideslo, it would
'p wc 'tX h e guie080s :d hi lLd
d J1. A. 11ndicks and MinSs
di y k, 1'r. .\ . (2. SutIhel'lanld an I
litl dau( gh0.'I r 1' I izzie andl Pearl,
were allowid to njoy thle dlay in~
t heir owni wayV. 11 r and M rs. Holn.
dricks and( t hir I'(har'ming dlaughitr'
knov~l't just howc to miake all have a
good tunelL. I atoP ini the afiterntoon
alP reurnd to thir . reslpectiveO
homes10, hiopin g for il maay happ re-Y .
a turnis of the day. E. II. M.
1 If you but1 knew tho splendid melit of
Foloy's lioney and( 'Tar yon would b)0
; without it. A dosi or' two will prevenit
I an a th.ck oif p~lnemonia or la gi ppe,
-- It 11my5 1ave Vy 3ouri life'. j3OILT & TjIOjtN.
1. L.'
10:30 a. m. Praismeoting.
11:30 a. i. Missionary sermon
by Rev. J. A. Pinlson, Greenville.
3:00) p. m.. An address to church
and pastor, by Dr. A . J. S. Thomas,
[)astor of whito Baptist church.
At nigh t, memorial sermon by
ll.,.,Wa tk ins, pastor.
Al friends are juvited to attend
and aid in. ra isi ni 15. on that
d 'a. Th church will care for all
visiting- chlurches.
11. WA KINS, Pastor.
Congts e ued <iniekly by Foley's Ho
ne~y andl Tar. Refuen substitos.
The Counity Pnsion Board will
mcoet at Pieklns C. Ii. on Monday,
,Ja n uary, 2th, 1902 for the pur
Pf*e of.# Ottlit il ig nmow applications
of ex-Cn fiederato soldiers, sailors
an11d widows, wh-]o are applicants
'or pensions, under the act ap
proved Feb. 19, 1900. and for the
pu)rpse of roviving the pension
list of' 1001. Those who received
(e.:.-iolns inl 1901 do not have to
mlkV l!n1w al)plieations. We
wou11!ld he pleased to) haCve any inl
i o'oladtinI in r. t.ard to those ponl
'Irs who lave died or moved
aWV Wltliin tho Iast vear,
J .1. Nr wn1.: ,
Coiunty Chairnian.
Jan ,111)12. (2
TI' pr" v!,nAt'' n of consumpPoti is on
i ! aq1iuw'tion comuimiwinig tio propor
t r . inl tiwiv. Ntlinog is sio well
:ti l to wani olf Ialh l1n1g tionblo na
1v m tilln [ an '.6ar.--HO~L &
Clerk's Sa1e,
i'lE I * t I' II CA I (U0 , 1NA
("ounit f P ken, j
in C'oinio 'lease court.
r pn-rnuwe of : decutal order mado
(01l..-wing t,[ ited casO and on file
In!,h Cli-rks oiflice. .I wvill soll at the
hti;:ht biddler on
Satleday in February, 1902.
i Picen ('. .11. S. C. (luring the
emi hIurs for sale the I'lo'.owing dchcrib
d IZ' . etat upiif o n theli tu rns here'in
af io tioned to wit:
Hi n , I lndrick, eti l ) -
Wind \- crotal
lia .\. I ll drick, order.
IIt piece, p 1rcel or tract of land
"i l in estaty ind Stai aforo
i .i i iiirictue townsiip on Six Mile
Crek, waters of Keowee river, contain
inig ne I audivd :iad fift y-six (156) noros,
ieII or I.<.;, adjoinitng lands of It. W.
W itwin, M\artia Evans and others.
T2rlne, on half I] elila, balance on a
credit of twelve months. credit portion
to be sicuired by the bound of the pur,
clhser and a mortgrge of the premises,
with interest fron day of sale. Pur.
ebaser to pay fori all papers and for re
cording the same. A. J. BOGGS
(Seal) 0. 0. P.
'"ly child is worth millions to me,'
says Mrs. Mary Bird of Harriuburg, Pa.,
"yet I would. have lost her by orou had
I not p)urchased a bottle of One Minute
Conghi Cure," One Minute Cough Cure
is sliro for couighis, eroup and throat and
lung troubles. An absolutely safe cough
curo which nets imumodiately. The
yonigen chid can take it with entire
afety. Th'lit hitle ones like the taste and
rememiber how ofteni it helped them.
Ever f~u i)l tld have a bottle of One
Miuute CoJugat Cure haudy. At this sea,
sonl espeiiny ia miay '>o needed sudden.
FataI kidniey and bladder troubles oar
always be pre voted by tho use of Fole's
We will apply to J. B, Newbery Pro
eute .Judge for .Pickens County 8. 0., or
the 30 uhay of Jain. 1902, for a final set
tlieut, of theo estate of Lucinda E
Jouson.0i deceased and ask to be disoharg
ud as.' executors. W. F. JOHN~oN
miunes 1) - Eteoutor.
TI.. (3. loinison will be at th<
Aubr's scel d pt1(1]lces at the
s-amie timeS, forI tho pu1rpose of col,
lecting all ne.Couts dueltI the Journ
al belore Jian. 1st, 1901. All ac
counts must, be settled during the
next thirty days. t3.
\o 'havo recievedi ihe following lettei
frt' .\b-. I-y K~omp, of Anigobi, In d.,
"t we m' i bed tfour~ wrokls with Ia grippe
a . I in d inuny r edies and spont
* I mblo i Ior trtteatet wvith phy'si
to, bu I. reeivyed no relief uinti II
tr I h-.v's liontey tind Tar. T1wo) small
t,\w t' it i~lhtalvely ini my family.'
I iro ,la. I ih 1902 to Fob.l
V.2 l1 I ide I tfter the 20th of
l-. I-T)S l'k KITE'.'II.
Auid ito r.
Dyspepsia Cure
Digests what you eat.
This preparatIon contains all of th4
dlgestants and digests all kinds o0
food. It gives Instant rolief and novel
fails to cure. It allows you to eat al:
thec food you want. The most4ensitiv4
stomachs can take It. By Its use man3
thoan~ids of dyspeptics have beet
cu red atfter everything else failed. 1i
unequalled for the stomach. Child
ren wIt h weak stomachs thrive on it.
First dosecreieves. A diet unnecessary
CuPoG all Stomach trouhi
1'rearr <m~ v 1'. O.ln)TVT&Cn, hi
For Uoughs, Colds and Q~'.up,
A Auditor's Notice.
To the Tax Payers of Pickens County:
For the Convenience of the public I
will attend the following places and dates
named below for the purpose of taking
tax returns for the fiscal year of 1902:
Six Mile, Monday, January 6.
Calhoun, Tuesday, January 7.
Central, Wednesday, January 8.
Catecchee, Thusday, January 9.
Liberty, Friday, January 10.
In the oflice Saturday, Janinary 11.
Easley, Monday and Tuesday, Janua.
ry 13 and 14.
Cross Plains, Wednesday, January 15.
Loo per's Shop, Thursday, January 10.
iuigheis' Store, Friday, January 17.
In oflice Saturday, January 18.
Punipkintown, Mionday, January 20.
Holly Springs, Tuesday, January 21.
Eastatoe, Wednesday, January 22.
Mile Creek, Thursday, January 23.
Praters, Friday, January 24.
I will he in the ofice from January
25th, 1902, to February 20th, 1902, in.
elusive, and after this date I am required
by law to add ia penalty of lifty per cent.
on all non-returns. Please meet ine at the
above appointment.s and avoid the usual
rush in the office. As this Is real estate
assessment year, I inust urge that each
and every land owner como prepared to
give a full description, number of acres,
boundaries, &c. All male persons be.
tween the ages of 21 and 60 years except
those incapable of earning a support
from being malinet or Otherwise disa
bled, all 'onfederate veterans over 50
years of age. are deem ed taxabl polls.
Be sure and be able to give thee uniber
of school district as this is very inpor.
tant information .
Very roliectfully,
feb20 County Auditor.
A full line of fresh, pure drugs,
doliverod at any time, day or night.
To Meet Competition.
FROM 25o UP TO $4.00 EACH.
Complete line of Bibles and Tes
taments with full concordance,
Agents for Belgian and Angle
Lamps. If we haven't got what
you want, let us know and we will
order it tor you.
would be a good time to buy some
Heavy Winter Shoes,
A lot of Childrens' Union Suits,
the 25c kind, only 15e.
Lot of Misses Union Suits, worth
85o to closs the lot a 20o.
A lot of Ladies Union Suits eas
ily worth 50o to close at 88o.
Men'. Heavy Fleece Lined Un.
derwear. Heavy work shirts to
keep the cold Out.
Lots of Loaded Shells Shot,
Powder, &o., for the Bird Ihunters.
Lots of good things to eat, Full
line of groceries at all times.
Call to see them early and ofte n
Pickens, 8,.C
?WHome 'Phone Ne. 24.
When you make presents,
give tasty ones, purchasers
buy good articles.
Pickens keeps silver goods
and jewelry; your prcsents
and purchases await your se
Nicely lRolled Plate Lec Pins, Color
edl Settinigs, .05
Solhd Gold IBrooebecs, Beautifjul P~at
terns, 2.25
Roll P1late Neck Chains, WVith Set
tings, .15
Best Gold-Filled Lorgnette Chains, 2.50
Black Silk Foh~s, Gold-PIt ed SIlides, .15
00o(1-Filled Watch Chinsm, Plain and
Patternedl, 8.00)
Caollar Buttons, separab le tops)', . (8
Colhiar Buittonsi, 1-10 gobl, .25
Cuff Butt(ons, (colored set tigs, pair .05
Cuff Buttonis, GJold-Fiille, pair 2.50
14 k Gold Shell itings, sets anid pnt
Weliworthz Uracelet, :3 heart silver fln.
Ish, .30
Weliworthi Bracelet, :1 heart goldl fln.
lsh, .50
Sterling SilIver Bracelet, Chaui n and
Nethersole, 1.50
Any article in Jewelry pro.
cured on short notice.
Rogers 1847 silver goods:
Patterns, Vesta, Columbia,
Berkshire and Shell Satin.
Forbes Silver Co's., Quadru
ple Plate Tableware.
Yours for trade,
Notice To Executors, Ad
ministrators, Cuardi-. I
anns Ac.
Please make your annlual returns dur-~
I ngthe piouth of Jlanuary as the law res
A tailure to comply worke *
Ib reoz oif your omissione.
I.n n an
We wish to thank our friends and
patronage given us tho "past year
a continuance of past favors. We y
and prosperous year.
We have sbmo bargains to offer in
nels, heavy Clothing and Shoes.
Yours truly,
Exraordnary valuies in all
Extraor1 lin ry v~ aluens in
E'xtraordiinary vnine
Extraordi ity val i n --
...Un erf
A few CAPES and JACKE'S will U
The most extraordinary value in I
Heavy Shoes. h'liis is 0ho place to
The sale of Vhito Goods, Lawns an
These goods will be kopI in all the now
where can you buy hotter Goods for the
A. K. F
'West ]Endl. R
Produce a &
We make a specalty of CHICKEN
who have chickens to market to not rus
the holidays, but hold them till abo
when they will bring you a nice price,
that time.
We havo a nice
Chirstmnas Goods
Such as
lot of FANCY P'AT1ENT F.14
Tlobatco is going up) and .you hadl be
cheap. Wo have about11 500) pounds of s
it to your internst toi see us if you want
We expect a big Christmas trade a:
Since tho fire in Juneo have Iaken thle slore-room
Street, next to Finlay' Marketw. Wec hay
Wite new and comi
Clothing, Furnisl
Hats and Shoes
Of the same grades8 kept by us in the past,
than ever. In addition to a new stock we have
good clothing at prices unheard of before. Loc
more you look thre better you'll be pleased when
A~f 11 o e":om l c
customers for the liberal
and we hope to merit
rish one and all a happy
Blankets, Jeans, Flan
I! Sold for less than cost.
m's, Vomion's and Children's
buy good shoes for little mon
di Enmbroiderios Is iow on.
things of tio season, and no.
same m1oney.
S AND EGGS, but advise all
.ithomi on the market during
it two weeks after Christmas,
Lls the old glut will be over by
line of
I UR, with prices right,
t tor lay mn a supply while it is
voral kinds and we will make
a bo.).
1(1 have p.l~lnty of help1 t > servo
w Goods
'W Stand
w ethods
nown) ats the Babb Building on Maha
e just op)'eed for the Fall andl
>lete stoCk of
ling Goods ..
Weo feel better preopared to servo you
Don't miss8 this oppIortunity to buy
kc around before you comno here---thQ
you reach us.
iti GRE14~ QiaL &

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