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Clines Kennett Burrow.
Copyright, 1001, by
American Press Association.
I T Was a gusty, squally day,
-which made It (iflicult for
- naggie's bare legs to carry
her toward Cariore as rapid
ly as the oecasion demanded. She
unde herself as smiall as possible,
held the shawl wleh covered her head
close under her throat and in the lulls
of the wind incrensed her pnee to a run.
Tightly clutched iII her left hand
was a slip of paper on which was
scrawled a list of the articles she was
to buly nnd(1 carry hnck to lBallyeloghier.
The luxuries ('lnumllerated on the slip
of paper were for the enterdhitaient of
one guest, Maggie's uncle, lier noth
er's brother, whom she had never seen.
Sho understood hili to Ie rich. Indeed,
he was nlways held up by 'Mrs. C(Iyle
as a model for her husband's Imitation.
"ie's hundreds," sho used to say -
"hundreds, an' it's my belief they'rt
all in gowId; ye ean seo money in 'is
face. It's ye might. he as warin, Coin,
If ye'd think av the poor ethtlder."
She inade her piurchases ill at one
shop, and then foinul, as was i nvI
table, that Mrs. Coylo had ntieleiu
lated the piciies aldi sIe was 2 shillings
short. Mrs. 'Alit'lonagh, who k(ept the
store, was iitie willing to give iredit
for tlie bia llnce. Iut it seemitd to lag
gie that this Cours would he a kind of
I'tilection oi ier iicle. While she
groled hopl'essly In her picket for
moIlney wicih 81he k new was not t hire
Fl0 SaIIW JlileS I'llelati Ws tle dtllr.
An Inspliratjin shot hier. to Is sle.
",Jiin," she cried, "ltail me 2 silin 1';
I'In that short. Yo'll have it back to
"initl, Is It ye? Well, vel1! Two
shillili' Is It? 1ow do4 ye -thill I'd
In vi' fill that Iiul t Ille?"
"No jokin'. It's a bltessin' I saw y",
"That's4 thrite," snl Jinm. "The polis
might live'-had ye else, Magggle." I'
prucled the mnei y. She sitt1led thl
a1ccoun1t anld took nt rvecipt withl an fillt
of grave itgnity. iw shi Iunt oit
(of (lte sllop, .11111 was waitifl1-g.
"Is it ye still?" atshii Mhigel.
'All' why iot? I'ni g. il'yer wi v.
llre, fiii' we Iiight ats will walk ill
:,Fll In n 11111(l hu11y,1l1.5a.
" tId I iusk ye to go sloiw for mt?"
"Ye did n4t," sail 'Magglo i'allihly.
"Thal t's at grea t , u1g,1y 1 a1rcelI," sakV
J h nI, " fi l l ' t o I il a v y fi r 1 t tli l i l m s a
'e. Just huanl It hlir', iLah'."
" 'l nit 1hrp I t? T 's h
tioedbre-ak !f ve dIM."
"I'll I wi')td :n to It riht e g
What's ushle a' t vt IaIntll ?v lit in (rot
he( atvy'!"
"Al I I rts Weve a it t cNmr
t'Ighl'Il et i F'ra Ii'k Pwe.
"AnI' who's Ifw? "
"Sure ye've irl toll a\ hm time
in' till s h ll.' n t e' r te.
"t've twav it st 'eyetnl y t hi r i'i s
strezun hte Tio watlliwlnn
'u'lale't luoelwr':" ii hs iitli'
"To'ii te htis i ~e ow uo, aur."
"TJ'imt's kolia'iii,''Slt su ~ilm.
Afteri l ie Jlhinit a s olahl 11'
'"W eii'd ast litl' hr a,' b heit." i
"''ketcha' ygret Tht's 'ioym
hl''si ti hury, Nligte, If h'110t' 3''l
iie lt'i'i nt ldry aspt undrer 'way''
''hod enruldy pid all close1 toith'
trnk'I t hiilgi e mir st','' hl~e bshlt
teoe t andl i'te 1 ndt the1 ii s 'oii
the rtai td thr leavedtand watnd rlth:
sttnn wahopite toad. lmsta
"Ye'd a udl booitsina tl.hiaiwetei,
thn id Jiit. Snite aiti her lorg fieto
he t? h rse e totesil'tsliot into he
oftH'ii i ea th. tiittli ako 11
"I'ia do tin' wel for likge." f
Tha t's good hehn r," she s'a id."Y
"Aye, hot cldoi' el, e e"ne
'"ie'algb'an'r(ost anwema, Mory,"
"SXventor Carmorbirth ay,"sh "arc.
7narryin' tie agl.Is'oey
Noent ntotio a'v an yerranet'?"li
Jun, ellpe gon aay on yer wist
andssed her.
"Sh'I though nihlhv," i Jhe lauh
"age awtuhdancosdhrye
fore'a tnoeln Thnthyopnd"g~
Jun1 reend hver sudeny nder led:
"or das Jmn s-a tal, ohansoinev
gil wat'nlrehi, thatg tos tneatbl
?ut'elrnt herbkiof her, Mapproeh
"tile other I tilk wIdout have."
Maggiq trenibl'd H114 sh(' lifted her
face3 to his, a1t(I thliee were tears in her
eyes, vllehl Jnies iPla1l1n did not see.
When the children camtle iI fronm
school, a ri-otouls 11uoh, they were taken
b3 MKaggle to be "put stralighit," i pr'oC
CsBs whilelhIvolved nuch howling and
unny teirs. She Wias so full of the
Inlornilg's episod4e that she11 w.vould hI'avo
preferred not to chalnge the dress she1
wore; it seenmed low to be part of the
altered life. In the mle way she hesi
"4 'i (I mur1111 yf fo~r the like <v that,
J 9nnes 1,11 ! .0h Solid.
tabel tot wvnAihe mul ntl froin her fevet.
I -uAt. Iof ,ur l. he lbl boIthl and InI the
n14t wasI IT.roght nearter tit tIl practIeI
shle f t i n..: wa in.
\\'lu-1 s la' wen~lt 41lown Stairs-, heri fil
h 4- h:14 4n1nt In frain the forge 111l
wat : it M le, Cleitti 1111a1 4lt o lto t1hl11,
ps- Ich 1 1 4 4. 1t 1 I4 w I wt) 114 ' I 4 -1 t' lilt I
ar ilI ' wai: t. lt . 1'4yI1 k 1 t 1 p1 %hI I
n rea w 1 n t I w d s:n I I 1hs tha
ra al :4: the wa.lIl~ . The un4ole4 wnyI4'~I
"Whishit B e Shitill, thelre! Yer unlcle
b, n]t(ue to) 04 th. Iktvn that"
"I ;.Id l I 11 t11 e1 n!" hb" ' n1n1 .
"Al' why 14l help b1in' ur1e, 1very
1:11 eann' t 11n11rry3, 11n' It'.- well they.
"Ha~ve yer w%*'y\, ha:Ve yor wa~y," sal
t'n."i'nm thlinkn' F-rank Power'; it
111:e4'v1114 4: i ll:414 :44 1j
"Faih, thIn, 'II the 14 no dOes It."
"Y1'll harp il that sihtring till it
"Atrah11, C'onn, yk-'ve liver- it gooli
I w 4ril l4r thll 11111 t iln, 1111 1 l owl
"Sure, 1 '' enou411gh to talk atv 'In
it n bl.SsedI 'alint we1re, earin',1 w
(couhin't have.14-l hrito nwo11av It!"
( . ' 'i f ll tI l l (ltk Larty*, veII. I
was-; tuwxpretk1 ill: b n y a sh,4
la0 ,. frec l f1 l w .y e nllel 1t.'
VI y. lit' ht:l h 41 n11 4 z41 g' 1 4101r at l10n
t:In4 at s lespre tty' feet, d1111 tIh
,I 144 r1*,, o1ut bef-1ore4 ht- rrneinhewre
flt.w solninifty oIf the (Ovonslion.
"'Ningeh1', sho44w uls ti:- thrh k wihl ye
14.4 14" 1t was41 abou4lt th only411 nec'ort
141i11h144'It timt Mau.gle possesses'~I'i 4414
4.Zr41 nrol lek upJ 44ny3 14444i1 4.1h.it'tt froln
th< grI'444l4. TIs1 trick was41 al sour414
1f t nil N <elg tt t ec iirn h
- 4"Nt now11, Ie, 441'ah14 NIa4 1ggio, runn1in 4
Nir14.. 4'3yl' was at 1144 doorU la aI 1414
1(o11s trInterl44 at the4 14.ear t. It wI'nel ' t
114' was1 1n41t4 1a14r44141sess1ing tulnn. Th'l
lIllienessi1 144 1h1s sister'l that he4 1h41
was, 144 It were14, hhh 4l aIway 3 in (441
n11a1l thent revenh'd44 It 411 by3 t'oinpuisto4144
114 le wa 141nul 41nd4 14lmre't of tigurle; 114ni
a44 b444nn44 h4is 14441it14on; <1ry'y 13' nellhi111
44413 III 1441411 4'10', 14 4 44l'uersi \14h4 1ha4 t,
14lease4 t) lIvt'. 111is face4 was1 14uir'd, say,
141 1144n' s 1 of4114 ~lis Ills eyes4 2 were forh14t
ti ve, sh1oot'11i:. 4 14udd41e1 ghtnee'4 411nd t'
in44J4ress1Ion1 414'y h4:441 1tlwn. Ite was41 4
11n:14 wh habli4414144211y 14ans1ked4 hhnse14'lf
thou44gh4~I 14t so4 11t114 art' 114u4t a clos1e
1ber :r4ow his 11421 1444111soul are under
1144- dis1guise,.
11244 144uccess. 41444 lT'. begn' 11141 14' 1wer1
N' :'g1h'. IpoorI guIl, was4 as~ 4111t 41s 4
s411144 b411'ir. Shet was11 toppressed14( h4ot1
bly Ilt'e's4 presence1t4 2114d 1144 thou41ghi
fr'oin 1her Iparent1s. Yet 441414'ier 4 th1o
presIon1414 ther1, was21 4a sin14.21g 4'urren'1t 44
joy3 thant Diie 1inust4 t44 her41 heat, 'l
141u1s14. hard'4ly 1t4 be4 l1stenal to' w~Itoul
brin4g1ing 1th4 1144 b4lood~ t4o 1h44 t'hee4ks.
11nt'n h1:11 the4Ir 1411441 lit Nin1;gge 411nd bli
Itloter pulled'4 44ne4 44f thle benc~thes' to tht
wI I i foltled hands411, teach1 wa4lItting fi
thalt Unle Frankil 'owter 11nnde1 a start
" "TIs losi~g since.1 1'vle seen41 yC, iEllen
anl' y'e inight tInk111 I'd forgotten ye', but
"A'. c4olrse nlot, Fran :k.'' Sho shiota
"''v .e bee nttI busy114 1412414 Ellen, an1' I
knew'. ye wer'1e well'h 141need' w..ith ('on
Conlni. "Ye'~ we' blac1k ag'in Int' wanfce,
I'4Jwer'12 waved Ils 1pip)e depreen't'intgly
"'Ayet,"' het sa411. ''I'd ai(413 fu e for El1
"Wo's41 in jai14this tw..o y'ears4 for a44
bla4gyard'1 a thriIek n Ive a.(4 tna play1 )11
"'Thruel for' ye., thru'ie for ye. Eller
did( we4.ll, anl' aI 111ne (4111111y too. Ye'1l b)4
14r'oud avI th111n, ('onn.''
thtronblio thian ILb n a a e ."
to lave~ wint ye have to yer owl
Mrs. Coyle's face epitomized ill the
joyful emotions, but Conn was staring
hard Into the pents and (t(d not Hce.
"I've bin takin' a partner," Power
went on, "an' it's our intintion to in
crease the business. iHe's at ahmart
man, w1(I 11on'ey, an' he'll take some av
the work aff mie owid shoulder's." U1
laughed dryly, glanced round the circl
an1d repliaced thle pipe inI his mouth.
"It's timne, sure," aild irs. Coyle.
"I've bin thinkin' ye Might shpare mec
wan av these childer av yours; not,
ho added hastily, "a young wan, but,
say, MAggle here."
"Mel" Maggie ealled the word out
of a dream. The dream was br'oken.
"Iush, deare!" said Mhrs. Coyle, lean,
Ing forward eagerly and trying to cntch
Power's uncertain eye.
"She's Ia fine grown girl, an' 'u(d (o
well in the shop. 'Tis a pity to lave htr
here. In timse she'I 1a grand help
to y0. In six months, or say nine,
afther she'd learned the biuiness, I'd
pay her soime Wages, an' In the mnean
time I'd kape her free intirely. Th(
thought just kerm to mne," he iddod.
"What'd we do widouit Maggie at
allr' said Conn. "Come here, asthore.
Rhe went to h1im a1d sat on his knee,
with hei- arms round his. nek an( her
head sink ngainst his shoulder.
" 'Tia a fine offer," said Mrs. Coyle
"What do yo say, Maggie'?" Connu
whispered in the girl's ear.
"No, no," she plended; and ngnin,
"No, no," with a shiver that shook iet
throat. She Ilung eloser. "'Let It
shitiy wid ye; let Inoe shiny."
(onil held hert' to blin and allowed his
VIVO to go out. iHe was i poor tinn,
with rIany elainoring Inoutios to feed;
Ie Aits also :1 11111 (if strong tifeetitons.
A biiter sirtrggle begm ii himu. Frunk
l'owver wattedeutouly
"I'ni 1tik in ' the n'orth tinighiln't
14hut' the chil, said ('on. "An' ill:
there's the youting witnus. Who'll see
a'ther thin ?"
"mure, lidy's fourteen Ini' veli able
for it. \ mi'old ye siIn d in 1te gil's.
"lb'd save Its. vhiat talk. woinn !
Shlitlin i her way! is it tme harini thei
chilil? A4.1h, Migie, ye knmow well y,'r
lit, own hecart's blood'.
"Ys. whi lpere'id thie girl.
" 11y 1im1k ye kiodly. F-tinik P'ow
o'r, tin' 4;od lievs y' for the thought nyv
us,. We'll set tle what we'll do tinilor
rl'r. AfT to) bet-d whI ye, 1:Itie, asthore
alt' :1 \ uo ts to thliitl in hit.'"
Shi. slIpped ronii ('oil's kneie'4 a ftel
mn ent1hrneeoi piteouls wlith entreaty, iss
,.d ler iother a nild tho uncle'h whatin sli
already reg:irded4 witl a kimit of terroi
andil went upj rlitletly to) bed. 11ut I
wveek ifore she woull hav nceepte(
th proitiposetl chalige. lnot, itdt'ed, Withi
ouit buo, but as itrt of the necessa
ry ro i 1f M1fo. Nv it setnmed ti
- utter u1proot ine, terrible, n4 the Idjen 41
It was de iled that Niaggl.e shol
irgo. 1'mik I'ower when h' in:th' 11
offer kliw t wag ilvitab nde iico
h gratuhl td 11 It elf (oni 1ktheis b Ii ant it
kNt hl had1 senit 11h ito seellen's 1e
est gh oitr. Ii itretivenss w,a whvo
is i hlt's; ven Ilin his (yes Sho vI
Spretty, andl he --aw- not nore. 01h11 tl
Si1hel1 if her, llt no let i t e featti
nd (if health. Ito advaned a n11leagl
hr srv it)oward lthe pur he it' te nec
. '01ry outit, t ' e r tuabl, h' i d wii h vt
tooln his: earnin for h'e rseIl' f.' 'ts I 1
ge Ititier part i froms.Tnw hl
.Itill'heat wts to N i hig for i~ speen
his t fe notl flt , t1 h'it'ro.' ed h
tos nrrno iiire than loseghtt have be
.hMaryf 111 i1reg i'n. a he knew,'' hadi :1on:
1 ars tlg I(a lmorer i')'4 ton ito was (we
lt be d'licreIt. siub rwt -a I'o r h<
hagef4 a haito iet tioing.rk4 bot
saw it ''li hotrd.! 'i sl itn. bhent'
,~ iht night' was liian inIie ong Iefn
. gether~i 54ll(1 owr under hin ros
liioti' 1 la'ts words town o-:h'werrue
te good,1. st j harerte a whightyo i':
li' h okw,'lti Iie he houuehold yi."
The' hg to fec smtinghe liid (h01
gloer h tolll itn wa s li t!i
folin~ horeer toring lose row'sn. 1t1.
oheslik te anmeiwh life o theoo
Atshepowhlh ofher ste herns, wit
aplage hs n and urnpdiino tcrul'd
.lite inei a whle astreet, ith had
ruthe iron than'tox ls thinaghI s 'l'.
Male wrtand 1iti ncn Cain orked bu n'
('ned 114)unswr.n Thise did his noroth
paer uch benothe fIng kit.w The tno
pua arner w an tale yoiung t rnaiwi
aetente ilt4seeiedlI, t inr tder l'
t11lior' iretin n app'ai iteearenge I
haim, no shen of4 thiso them Powerrled
theil pinice.4' Hf hat up' late at nih'oe
has boks,11 ong 1after1 thsre ousetlha
'1one eto bed.Once wh'mentdi Mngit egm
t'tte h f (oun l i his iiO'1. lttl
othin hs uckyri'gor rows'ti lof 1
iadrekeel)nanti ahs fidendlied hi
thel sofuio ofI'' s fanta'sticp' puzzh
At thme ad ofch h(er strop he rseiwit I
gie ind a 1wh013'ng apohii4'gyI neeorn
ynnhted edwath( trigd bydearmets, wi'11
the gfroundrso-s thatn14adil~ isage. gti
e wrot to Junlltl'4 tof coure, buot ro
cedan nwr hsddnttob
Ote pe.'She herd o herm It)ent
Jn, at her' had tod temAf (thing t'
ITok expetoed ail01 pnnn lid' ot egi
Was as they walked back together that
she spoke.
"'Mr. Riiordan," she said, "May I aSt
ye a question?"
"To be sure, Maggle."
"It's nine months now since I kem
here, an' at the end av six or nine I
was promised some mioney."
"Quite right, an' iaven't ye got it?"
"Not a pliuy," o t 1aid.
"Ye say that?" I H stopped short for
a moment, then walked on slowly with
bent brows.
"I spoke to uncle, fn' lie put mue af1
ag'in. I thought maybe ye'd see inc
through wid it, Mr. Wlordan. A v
coorso If I'm worth no pay I'll lave an'
vt eleoie."
"Tihe owbfl Ingyard," Rtiordan iut
tered under hits brenth.
"Ye see," she w'ent on, "I want tc
talke a look at. me own people, nl' till
I've money I'm tied here like a (log tc
a gate."
"Maggle, ye'll have ivery peniy yC
were promised for the last three
nontli tomo-rer. On me soil, I
thought ye'd hal(d it."
Iaggie dili not grasp the full menni
Ing of this; she only thouglit there had
been somne nistake. "Ahi, Iihnnk ye,
MJr. Itlordll." she said, tlushing wItlh
"Aye, tiln' if I've my wny ye shill
have mfore-nil I'vei got, hIediad, an' ye
(an live n way froin l li( owlid imi."
"Amn I worth more?" she nasked.
"Ye'rev worth fill ninn 111 nn '11 give ye,
Miaggio. Sure, ir yIll have Ine ye'll
iever' go iiinr the shop 2ng'ini. I'm yet
own for the tiakin'. (.hihld4, an' that'.
God's thiritil"
The niennling ofI It rulshedI .ponl ber
Il.i a blnk mist, Hi. er 11 h nvlned,
"Ach, not tit'" she rld. "here's
a hoy ati hoin who's wit il' iv ie,
an' it's him1 I'll waryitn' to sev!"
lMiiordain took Ih l(ow like nit utin.
After imlomelt' silence le liftedl his
load id h 111 ha1 In lr shoulder'.
"If thiat so, lie sahd. "I'i done, nln'
ilot nillother word'll I say."
Miliggle mihi1iti4 it hin tihirough tears.
"Y1'ri a good uini," she said, "an'
Cod hless ye.'"
Tit n igit Itilrdanl retlurned witil
let to the slop, wher, 'ower was at
bin usntil work wit h the hooks. aing
lit to bed nd sh'pt imlort Iap
w!' 0tn sle haid done since thir
v. ild hud chnliged for her. lit al
night in (tie litilt counting houst
I-raik 'wer stool lit hly, tiitIi al
last, stripped bare of lying and suthter
flgs, his partnor saw him for whatl. li
v :is - a swhai'nd'ler antd a thief. But Itior
tin it his a nger let slip a word of hIh
love for Ia ggle.
A fler breikfst, Just before the day'
luisintess commlliienced, ItIordan ealle(
her aside an1id slipped a packet into it
"Thnt's the money," lie sild. "EY
maiy go whin ye like."
"An' whin must I be back, Mr. Rior
d "Ah, well, we'll think av that." I1
e uiled it parc'el. It ciitaltied sp'mti Ed
01hawls, nll unp1rofitable linvestlanent fu
t l.a t ieigb it orlood.
"I'i thiikin', lie said. lusiiiig t
his 1imir, "that wnn av thIese'd shiute Y
IS ' ine. .11ust choose wvan, Alaggh-.."
t0 "Ah, yere too good, Mr. liordni
\\'hat'd I do will the like v that't"
r "Wiar it. sure. Tiiey're owld stock,
. he adtded illidenitly, "'an' antiywn
n somethi'll hei saived if yie take
We'll not be here mutich longer.''
''"Are ye guint' to have thle shop '"
1."Aye, that's it. WXe've enided thu
''lt "T i mustin't I come back?"'
n'"I think it's goodlhy3, Mlaggle, whina y
..go. liut we'll see later."
lie laid the shnwl aside. "I'll parc(
It ill ftir ye,"' he said.
Before Mitggie cotuld answer her ur
cle's voice enlled to her from the litti
Pa rloir behindit thie coilnting house. Pow
ter wans leaning withI hi~s elbows on th
table, where the breakfast things stil
"Sit down, Miaggie," lie said. Si
(obeyed imi. Ie lifted a cup as though
to drink, thetn put it down againi amt
tmolstenetd his lips with his tongue.
.'aIm hard (rIven," lie said, "'lin' It'
"liow' ennl I hielpt"
"I iarid driven,'' lie r'epented. "An' im
gettitn' ani owlbl mantl. I mneanit no harn
but tthe luck wvas deatd ng'in mue. I i
er' had it ehnntist-ai poor tman's alway~
.kep' down."'
k "I thtught ye were rIch, uncle."
"R~ih! l'mt not worth the priCe a1
mec futnerntl, anl' prison'8 stain' me 1:
t the fact'.''
' But ye've done nothin' wrong. The;
r' ennl't putt ye awvay for bein' p~oor."
'But Ity catn for stelin~', chikil, an
s that's what I wais driove( tp,!God hell
me ut! Aye, this ininit I might lit took I'
I lie shtiiveredi and1 dr'ew~ at hand ner'os.
r his moi0st fast',
''"Ye a th ief!''
S"hiit's thet word, an' ye may thirom
-it at meii," lie witlhed. ''inggie, thtere'
0 01n1y wnnil ennii save me1, tan' thntt's4 yei
n "I've only this," ahe said~l~andi put th
. pneke't Itior-dani had given - hier' oii th
a tali.
r "'Tlait's lit good !" lhe erlied.1 "It's y
- Itiordanm, I've r'obbed, an' ye till Hs
i tne mmnme. If ye'd mtarry hihn, he'd fo
"'I ('nni't,'" Hail Minggli'. "'It' aske'
it 1me last night, ani' I said( 'No,' for ther'e
et anthler I belong to."
bi "Ye said 'No'i' God save usi Where
s yer sinse? L~et the oth~er wary go."
s "I enn't."
a "Ye mnust for the sake of the-namo
f Would ye have y'er owni mtother's brotl
5 er put ill jail?"
"Mir. Riordan'll not 1bo hard," s
II said1.
r "Would ye he0 that ongriatefuil?" ecrk
a' Power, his tenise nerves givinig way 1
0 the press of antger. "Didn't I take 3
4 fr'omi the dirt an' feedl ye like tue ow
a child? fOid I (1o it till for niothinl'? At
e wh'lo's the 'othter ye fnney? Th'le hoy3
Sstaw ye wblii wnni night ait liallycloghet
a P'nps hte'll be thet wnn as suit ye
l etthier that I'd the sinise to stop?''
" 'Ye didi that ?" she erlied, her fat
flaing. ''Ye d'ired to do that? A('i
Iy3e cowalird ! An' ye brought mue here
Skalpe ye out av jail? God for'glve 3'
~'for a lacik hiearlted miatn!"
Slit' disr'egard(edl Powe's restrainin
gesture and r'an into the shop. Rhioi
8 (1113 hadi( Just finished wrapi~pinig up tia
" shawl.
t M. to'duCii nItr u ii, ,
AMegcable PreparatiolnorAb
similatinig lte Rod and Reguda -
t' (the Stumachs -and Dowels of
niess and iksiA.Contains neither
Opium,Morphie nMineral.
NoT NAIUV.e oT 1C.
er/w//- Cr/, --
Pe v Q
A perfel'C Hl'le(y I ' r(Conslipa
I ion , Sour Stoinch, Diatrhwca
Wo'rmus,C onvulsion~s,IFeverish-~
nes lImdCSS OF( I)' ov EEIl .
Faci Siiiie Signatiure of '
TN EW YO H K. __
u past i h i ' i
CuvaQPIR CS Uvl'CyS, D31.
At an Absolute
l': l n-,1I r' :ial Iu vii~i
Harness u-XL- a t. \\
.* ule' he a \ .. Eal, --r i. h
Iri. po.i'.'
yd. isem o no h i---rii o l
.::1 'ih i ub - er w-h ou
if \ o nee~:,n~ihium in o u li iipoI tl<
i h d 2tn am it e l o i ~ II iourihome, \\'i ii
Vji-- Wh-Ilb')N IFNA-I.N U A N!) I(OIN
)'ouri for I roule,
lily 'ry "lPd ' isol iFlyn yonei na
D~exter Broomi anc
$2.5000.0 IN Go)II) (G IV '. ', W \V
to ''ur a eta : brit = lhe re~Ilar coimmuis~~j
iones, Hor ' jlin ou ''i ;!emuIl hue ili iJp
IM V I1' -Oi 9I100 190t .u \ b rizes~f
Ordler uitil and 'cent ihicei~' of Ierri
lory 't 'in, Authlressi . E. in: tt~ la
Oh 2 * ~ I 1o urt lhtino Opi
orir sit IA, H IA ( g'rapher) rersident,
r Infants and Children.
e Kind You Have
Always Bought
3ars the
For Over
Thirty Years
t Cost!
hiin g.
nm ouAliss, we wil' Sel
Letons and Wagons
Sacrifice I
hIo l for it, bu t comei and see for your
rry Ih-- I ib c wk, CoutrtIand, T1ysonI &,
t-., as -ticnt I ie~h (iratic Wagona, the
D.Ven,b)oro, Taylor and Chiattaniooga.
ili kinids, and we are going to scil orr
well over but. we~ have a few bargaiins
k hire, own our own repository andl
nive for cashi or p~ood paper. Polite
ville come11 andi see us W are al ways
Uy or niot.
nie btil lrst-classq workman
-ardl wit.h our addiress will bring~ a man
1'Ii er iot.' and1 can give the lo)west
& 00., .Anders'on, S. 0.
the ala Drop us the postal; sum
me in full, giving addreep,
I Mattress Co.
mpll>rtr ed OR 30133.4
j a . r es e e r. ero offerU a e
TENT LAwyigg 0110g TRVgg 32Aggaf
.. Moderate sharges.
~C. A. SNOW & 00.
p. U. S. Patent Offles, WASHifTON, i. 0.
-V -
to the acre at less cost, means
mnore muoney,
More Potash
in the Cotton fertilizer Improves the
soil; increases y-iebl(-larpuer profits.
Send for our Iook (fret) explatining how to
get these reulti
93 Nassau St., New Youk.
rh A bl. liv followedl her. Wheni 1hw
door wits Closedl, shte turned Illitd k:1c".
"If I sakt I'd 1i1.rr.1ty ye," :;he trle.
"Noltld ye v iv ie, knowin' wvelI t Iat
I loved anot41her runn?". 0'
"No," ie Salil, "for y('r a i til-si
girl, fill' I si l Ito shli te.'"
'"otl bi'ss yv for the wIodi! i if tiln.
<Iv IIter winits to Save b'li i't-It, nll' it
was4 by 11111 hle thotight to do It. .\lv..
ltrawHll yo le0 'In1 go?"
"ll's ilone his worst for both Iav us.
.I rggle. let fle oio- J1ivve g4 n'
wvoeline. There, take yor inoney :,,i'
go. too, hl l . 1)(1n't leave it there Ii
11h1- owbdlvhawk."
Shel took the( pOneket frotu11 tho table
Stl s-.11l goindhy. I'Holan1 kissed t" w
ff.[ the. i u hllst thlne. P-or l'rank
l'4we.r she onlhl suniionl neit her word
flo gest it're oii fl'rwt'I.
Shew wenIt stralight to thlt stailon -Ind(
follitl that a tain Ieft for 1he soutl iI
ha t an h141tr. To hnty. her tivket I t
pneket hn1d to be opwned. She 1,out111.
InI addition to the tu'iney wlhlelh I''wr
it hail itheld. II live pound n . .\I
thl( last uointenit Sho r0n1lurdi:11
shet ha.d left lthe shawlI beltl.
When "he reached-4 Ca1,1ro, twib.1ht
was flling. The might (it' the fa11;ta Iar
wilte towt 111i4l the iong. uphill treth
of the It'llly olhtr toa id broulhit h:lc
to her inI full (loo1 the lonig lst sens
tY i
of frietdoi. .\s she wa!:udl. ii r hur
- sol~Iuing. Ii inly ill' se S iil i' \su
byv the way~shl.' tlini.
She ituul bieen too distresse in I a
of~ her (oiinlg, sol t hat as tihi in-arte I
shit plalisill atid listtened. A singi
litter she4 wa1s ioverwhellinied wvhhi wtl
,Iter' 11t14 tellrs.
her noek tal a 'oulell of chtibilrin otn
hter lp, shte sahil sthlenty:
i down , dearts, whlile I take' tic shos an'
sttockinli's affI. I itl ver liked thililt, an1',
P sure1, it'dl lit not htoliday it. aill widt thlii
"LeAt IneC tak e tint aff'!'' shiekeid
"I)o, boy,'' said Contn. WhIle linrtwyi'
was nt work ('onn said, "W\V'd giet.
ttnies here ylst erday, Maggite.''
"Whatit was it?,"
- "'Jarnes Phlelan I. 110 ittarr''ed Mary
Cregian. 'fThey'd bIn coortlit' this six~
p "Maggle," said( Itarney'3, "show us~ thte
P "WVhat's wr-ong, as~thIore?" atskedt
-fee'ls cold. I'll soon01 he4 used'c to it
" TeWo Greatest
a ure for Bialaria X
For all formns"fi Malarial polfon-i
.ng take Johnsonun Chili andt Peve -
S Tonic. A tint of Malaihril pisonMlt
'-;in y('.tr~41 billrxl eansinisery atnd
(Oct a bottle to-da1y.
Costs 50 Cents If I8 Cuf
o IIaynesw~~11orth., I'arkerd' & Rhbinlso)r

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