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BIIL, ARP IS AGAINST W AR. facntorv shiriuiwr i out y iinmmm11. in the , .I I l d - dI I a - 2
He Says the Spanish War 11
graced Annals of American H
Atlanta Cotistitution.
Not coultilg the great civil war
forty years ago, this last year of 11
vs the Most bloody and disastrous
a iy InI my recollection. Over 40,0
of our solliers (lie( in the lhilippiii
--'lObt of thei In hospital. That's
1iMlc Colsequence, of course, to t]
yovern ment, but it brought myriads
sighs adil teats to mothers and wiv
and children. The Spanish iwar, at
what has grown out of it, has eternal
disgraced the annals of the nation
history. And it, keeps on and w
keep on, io doubt, bringing mise:
and ruiti in its train. Some IIreat'he
say-it is the work of the Lord. I don
believe it. "Offenses must niet (5 ColI)
bit woo unto them by whom the
ce itti." Besides all this, the year wi
full of disasters on land and Bva. E:
plosions5 iml the tuiles, railroad wreck,
Iilers bursting, fires, floods, miurder.
sticiles, husbands killing wives an
children, lovers killing sweetheart
al every other devilish thing. Ever
iay's (lispaclihes record something ne1
and horrible, and we are getting so at
custoined to it that it hardly disLurb
or surprises us. We, too, are gettin
hardened to blood and bloody deede
This unconcern always follows in th<
wake of war.
After the battle of Malvern hill I re
member hearing one soldier bet an
other that he could walk across thi
ridge and step on a dead man at ever,
sep. IlIe tried it for a hundred yard:
an(1 won. Soldiers who had been kin<
111 l gentle at, home became hardene<
to the sight of blood and death. Aftei
the war wais over many a good molhe1
watehed and waited for her boy t(
Comlie home, but he never came, an
she died still wondering how he wa:
killed and where lie was buried. Biul
few of his comrades were left, and the
were widely scattered. The recordt
were not, kept or were lost in the war.
Out of 10,000 buried at Vicksburg lest
than 2,000 have names upon then
graves; so it is at Salisbury and F'red
erieksburg and all the others. Of thc
F'ederals and Conft derates 90 per ceni
of all the dead are unknown and slee
in inmarked and unrecorded graves.
And this is war and as General Sher
man said, ", War is hell '' There a
enough un written grief to lilt an ocean,
and many a broken hearted mother let
concealment like a worm in the bud
feed on her pallid checks and turn het
hair to gray before its time.
And yet we keel) on fighting and
calling for more troops-not for de
fense or liberty, but for conquest. I
is a war of aggression upon a peoph
who never did us harm and beg to bc
let alone. The eight million negroce
here at home give us great concern,
but the goverlnment wants ten iillionm
more to add to the perplexity of the
problem. Oh! the shame of it-the
Pity of it. It is the same Old unchris.
tian story. "Man's inhumanity to man
makes countless thousands mourn.
But I didn't start to write an elegy Oul
the year that has gone. It is pleasantet
to wish all a happy new year and .
hope for a better one. A superstitiom
friend says that it will be better be
cause 1902 is divisible, but 1101 wiat
The jimes seem prosperous and nem
indut~stries am e continuially being planttet
all over the South. War always bring:
activity in its train. More iron an<
steel for ships and meni of war, morn
cannon and guns for the army, morn
cloting andl food for the soldiers. Ilu
I have more regtard for the humble
conitentedl people than for all the pom]
and1( circumstfiance of wvar. I have mor
regardl for an ainedlucated hi mest mal
than for an edutcatedI rich onec
wvho mnade his nioney by questi in
able schemes. My good 01(1 frien,
.John ,Jenkins~ is (lead, Ie haul~e
wood for me many years and gay
anu honest cordl. Oni his last be
he sent for his brother Jack an
wyhispiered, '"Jack, lIm gwine to dlii
they pay, and l'm willin' to go ; but
owe lbob Pertiller a d~ollar andit a hal
and it bothets meW mightily.'' "Neve
mind, .John," stid Jack, "'I'll pay li
that money whent I go to town for th1
c.llin. Now, just, tutn over andI diei
easy as you cant.'" Amnd lie did. U]
was a llard She lled Btaptist.
T1he other night, we hadl a good la(
visitor from the North, and~ wheni si
saidl somethmiig about this horrid o
l'hilippine war, the coniversattic
dlriftedl to the hatrdship~s atnd suifferin
causedl by orr civil war, atid, jtust,
amuse and~ entertaitn lier, my wile at
I related how when we got. back
Itome with our half-dozen little clii
ren we till had tosleep on the Iloor, f
-we had no furniture, and we lhad
lotur or coffee or sugar, andI there wv
none to be haid, for what :ittle the
was was kept hidden and( couldnt't
botught, with Confederate money; a
how our corn meal was nearly all got
and there wasn't buit one cow int
county, andi she was kept hid ini a cam
brake, and how I borrowed a ho
andit rodle twelve miles andt bought I
fot $3,00() in Confederatec money m
(.1rove lien homle in the niighit and k<
her in the buirn, and she gave j
enough milk to keep ouir btaby fr
pet ishing; and how 1 bought, tecn bm
ela of cornl away dlownI tile river at $
a bushel and got goodtld 1 owland II
ant to keep it hiud for mle at his tic
six milles from town, and~ once a wv
he took a bushel to mnill and ha
ground and brought it to towni
undi~er the seat of hlis buggy; andt
the scouts and (utlaws robhbed cvi
body who had anuything, and1( these
laws wore a company of cavalry ni
up of thievea and deserters from
own army; 11mi( aow I1 had a haul
for two years, and as soon as we dared
is- it was brought hone anid my wife
is- could exchange a few yards at a time
for potatoes anI chickens; and how" To
about these times the Confederate de
tectives arrested a quartermaster in
of ,elma for big stealing and put him in 1101
01 jail, and hie was desperatly scared and] Jack
of wanted to got out and in away, and Ohio,
0 there wasn't, a lawyer in Selma, for appea
(3 General Morgan and Getieral l'ettui by its
of and Dawson and all the rest were in Sten
le the army, and i friend of mine advised " 1
Of him to scnd for lne, and he dil, and I which
B8 went dowl there ill an oldi buggy, for io tral
'(I there was n1o railroad runing then lielpfi
and I interviewed him in jal aid fastne
s agreed to get him out for $10,000, and it he bel
was deposited with my friend lld I lowed
d (lid get him out oii it habeas corpus and decide
s a' It.raw bond, and lie itan away and is lie did
tiruinin yet, I reckon, antl how a little him.
A steam boat cane up fron Mhbile 'with single
3 some1 blockade goods and I bought two When
s pou1nds of opiuiim for ,5,000 and ifty Ithroug
pair of cotton cards on the leaf with- I make"
' out, backs or handles for $100 a pair, replied
4 and that took the rest of thlie nioney, any o
I and the captain gave in two pounds countr;
4 of coflee anld as iuch sugar, and I put agalinst
Y the opium in one side of a little old suited
V rusty valise and the cards inl the otler fillani
- side and returned 11. h1mC an1d f1 oimed a so aut
s partiiership with Bob Hlargrove, who were al
i had half a box of cheap tobacco, and antagol
we opened a store and t ok in a third craLic
3 partiter, which Was my wvile, who sent meitact
down two holts of the shirting, and we stop to
- went to trading for something to live til the
on. his parl
We assessed the card- at $200 a pair celebi a
and the opium at, $10 in gold for an " lie
ounce and the shirting at $2 a yard. It work, s
was a kmid of departimietiL store. I1 4h 1he col
clerked oi one side and I oi the other. Itome,
We didn't, tike Coi'edeinLu mon e for and say
anything, for it grot worse every day, this da
but, we exchanged thin igs--al we sold fromn I
the opitmi to the f-, w who ieeded it, and (m
for gold they had hid away. ()ir storc lies bet
was a seiisattioi, for it wa s tihe only party n1
one inl town that had a stock ot' goods. Ntw C
All the others were empty. In April, ness i
1865, a colmpaiy of' blue coatLi came only lu
down in the niiighlt and thtle next miorn- -i.an to
ing we were all su rpi'istd to see them. right. is
Mr. Lincoln was kilmil I w , days he- A I
fore. So it was iumore1t1Td, bit, we tdi n't can ha,
believe it. It. Kilg wi. a great big dence.,
red-headed inun aind said wlt lie pI incipi
pleased, so lie rode up to the company thei?
and said: "Cappen , is there any tiuthi creed '
in the report that ole Abe Lincoln is rea1dy L
dead?'' The caiptain r( plied gruiilly: 1 change
SYes, sir, lie's dead and buried ' A haltil
Well, I thought if lie was dea- it Ials to
was likely that they would bury hini,'' and dri,
said Klig, and li put spurs to his " An
horse and galloped downi i the street to is fotina
tell us tle news. The captaini Said until tI
afterwards lie came very nearing order- stacles
ing the men t6 shoot fiml. hold at
And so we talkd over the old war timid f
times and the good lady ai our other and ligl
gucsts listened and laughed and wona- victorie
dered unt il beti time. feat, by
11tAn'.% deaith t<
"1 Ti
well as
lie th:
The pal
than tO
cause it
ile sal,
cause it
is omni
party n:
rend tie r
is entir
When "
- the gr
by \Va]
-Do you have a feeling of tudue fullness as it cI
I in the stomach, helcings, or sourorwlco
.1 bItter risings? These arec b ut a few of a
e the symnptomis of the diseased stomachel. ua'
for the stomatch in such a catse is to take pones5
soetbet or powder which merely control
gives tenpar rlefomdiscomfort, as the
Thebet tin t doistobegn hecure cani ga
of hedisas bybeinnngtheuseiioof amOlalit
r t Dr iere'sd GokttnttMed"~ic r. l Dicoey.e
oteI on ofis g,'i d"'igesio and nutrijlttion.
Itmkstieugea nc tinachv. st i ong pourein
and pts th axl tinlttrt acoditoeolla
" a tronhte ao tixne withollc dysl lie andi
y oradlieI ndvconsti, wrte Mrs. nhaie (epi
se Ae astog iroud otlve Iwrtet
a few days recexniveg i a k mindter advice eln
me toise Dr. Pierce't Gorden Meden; Dhiscv J 11 i
PeTCTIN tond moeecohottls n n iloD. goiver
d iecesPeUes and no 11 cn etlr antn asr
want andit don'ct. hVJ-ASHe I NvTN notbe. in pin
1 bid to dyinitkyour 'Gtf oiteiIIohgilen Meiathe wh
hid Dilonefr ',' in Ihv ot sicea ( fel ny ) yt. - je'
uts I oif cos eas' havme( t~ ke a f heient i
')rtn otwer lveorn" poes tl ltoi whil
ito Dr. Pierce' PleasntI lescrecn an
(s sirpation. i ao ecr htioo ter frit
he ofi origin laia.~a su
m lrca(y conferreti upon the world a
benefit that cannot be ieis'Ired )3
lmoney. Their valor has lrotlgllII
greater security to all the repubIbcs of
Lilt the ear th ; the bodies of t heir lead have
built a bulwark behind which the
friend-i of liberty will fight for cen
he turies. The fact that England ha,
cr, been comupelled to vmploy more tlii
'lit 200,000 soldiers to sub juuate less than
Ild 25,000 mnenl in arlls- the fict that
ats l'ngland has expended more than d
L: $1 ,000 per loer--the per capita weallth
,or of the United States-and hate neither d
mn been able to purchiae thet nor kill \
rev them1---tese facts are immeilasurlably
d- valuable to people everywlrhere wil it
i want free g('overnmeti for themselves
and are e- tlt hat others .01,11hui em
1 joy it al 4o.
to "1 So the i Democratic party, wh ther
C ill power or out of power, is servin h.
a mankind when it stands steadfasth t
I for c01stiittional goverlinmel and il' If
it sists that .ha1 govel i i nn-it t hr be4 ad
El ministered according tofI .helh 1f isma 'I 24)
11 axi, t'Oef lual rights tn all andspeciWa
n privileges to ntone. ''
i r
S -i 'utoP uisiEi) A ii-:\1 N
t Admiral Schley visited lie Whit
flouse a few days ago, snid llIade a
re(quest of Presitlent Iloosvet-if too eln
jf tertin and consider an appeal for a
reversal of the action of See() 'an
a Long and a disapproval of the mjrI!
judgment of the court of l1uirv. '1' Th
k, Interview was satisfacetory, the( Presi
r dent granling the Admiral's r4eftiuet.
[I MessR. ayo and Teagu e, ( muicel
for Schley, will assist Admiral Scle I
in preparation of the appeal. MC
v The interview with the Presid-m''it
f was arranged inl advance arnd Admiral %
k S'hley left the White House Iln a Sat
islie oi of min d. IIle has beei
r givel full opportunity i) preselnt theh
I case from his slandpoint and t) (--ii
r ciuaint it( Pre ident with m1an1 y (I- c.
tails of which the I tIer v'chlufd not
Ihave a1ny knlowl( dg(2.
While Schlty would 11o' malm a ny n
L Statemenlt. regardillg the u1111 lt dis
L eussied, it is understood that he nt
. brought to the l'resident's attenition -i
many alleged injust ices and discrep- i
ancies of the majority reporI)t of ifthe
court of inIuiry. re'
S Schley's interview with the l'resi. tI
dent was the result, of li-, deterinia1- In
e tion to exhau-t every miea1ns ill Iis IIM
power to overturn the judgminiiI 4 whi--h ('
has been rendered agamSt him. I is sti
n new app al will brinl1g Out Some( new n
v facts which have I11 imp' tnil 1h Ir- 04
a inig uphoni thle c2ontroverlsy'. de(
AN I"'NinLF.A (F)L-' .I'l. rrY. --The C y
famlous Liberty bellunder the esor1 i
of Mayor Ashbdiie m11 a deltgatit no
fromive1 the 'lhiladelphia CI)' cutIIIl, Itold
arrived in Charleston ()1n Tlisda a
morning from Savaahll, Ga. It was
iet, at (lithe sation (lte 11tuayor and n.2
board of aldermen of Ch1arleston, and i
pIresiden t. 1n1d directors of th1e2 I Exo's- -'It
tion company and at detachmnt of re- ,r
gulals t0111 the arti'lery post, and n
compamies of' marines from the ca llip
at the Ex position, with i regin1.'lt (
militia drawi u) at the station wh(n i
the traim bearin , ! the hell rolled in. I11
As the bell was lifl.ed from the 11:11 w
r1, a1 1 lte f )1t irI'te(( gI w ' ired.
I'e bell wa.s placd n )1 a dccorated .
truck which had been prepared to con- M
vey it to the bxposition, hut after Al
plaemg, it was found that the truck ii
wouldI not bear' (1he weight anid the( di
hel11lhad t1 he 11( relci'd onI thle car' aindl'
1taken to the ~x positIion( groun by111 rail 1'1I
In the aud(1itor'ium1 at the groundlis,.
SMayori Smyth le extiended4 a formoal wel- 14
coine to the bell and1( its e2scorIt and1(
Ma:yor' Aslhbridlge r'esplonded . Several .
.br'ief add1 '840 resses were (1( nuide an pat1 iotic ,
41airs were' sungll by 2 ,000 (210 (211o cii- sl
dren101. The4 bell was p1 v~ed in the Ph.il- e
Sthe e2xercises31) 11 11 in thau itoium and the1( -12v
eliuiId ig was f'ormailly con11li'led to (1(heI
cuistodly of the( I'xposlfionI coIlpany. 1
r- '"My mother w;as troubled withl 0
m0 consumption for many years. At hI
is last she was given tup to dic. Then f~
w she tried Ayer's Cherry Pecctoral> -2a
and was speedily etured."
I) . P. Jolly, Avoca, N. Y.
r No matter how hard h
b(e your cough or' how long
"1 you have had it, Ayer's
" Cherry Pectoral is the
uid best thing you can take.
.it It's too risky to wai
S until you have consump
re tion. If you are coughing1
odday, get a bottle olf~
S Cherry becctoral at once.
o r Three nizes: 25c., Sfc., $1. All druggnk 2
11( consult your dinctor. If i he ~ say tkC it.
then rio as he0 says. If hie tlN yout n'
a I to take It, then don't tako It. Hn. Ia mi.
Leave 10 vith hIm, we ari' wUlni.
J. C. AYF, lo('., Isoweu II .'
-le- On farm lands~t. IEasy p i aymen N'..
missilo11R charged. 1Horro ser p-1v O' a11al
nii cost or perfecingi. loani. For ini ematuoil
opt write
08(e J.'o. i. P'AI,ME in't ,ON.
ie- ' . . -
on-. WM1. P. CA I4IIoUN.
but A' Ior (I l' " fI.1b
the 'a ic in ll 1. ,u . a - o
eorgia Has the Oldest Nameni
of the Father of 14%s Cotitiry
Aliss E' F-. Antilews " it.ui
ill)will article to the Wa'ingt
G;a ) /'ronich1 :
Alth. ihOtirol townl is the t-bll
1iIne.ake of" the I'ather ofi his cl')
r-y," very f'ew people, apparen'iy,:"
ware thatt lre.-didet Washingtonli mn
laie at vi.i, to this, ItIhe li.te b.IrII
t hingtrIc--Wasion big I
ishit itonsii litt i Washingtons 1ur.
ball itl terl itorial, that I vv -ill
)I I V1' CI I <11. 1 es lio I o 111 I I:,
et, such is thet fatel th - reat founl I
Ih tiv reublic onc pu - a igit
ir in, I ani( (here it pr ph a : S,
t i$ in 1111ir i dio tr eIl It t i l . I. :in
.k d withv the veritable l nia011'l .!ai,
liil 'ile 'liIIIFi lli b1 1). 1 44, V' i
It was inl thll year 17!1:, whilt
m il 1 Statte', ( lithr-aitejig l h .114
Nl t oil and Sitv.itiat'l, li''l' ill
lie til til. 1t4 ti i'el i 4111 lit
Ain 1itn w i1,4 n 'the r i h I ib 4
It w n I l Ich i-v anw( .\ni e il I
iusliy al-1$tig te ute th e pr .9sidi'
(I s4) calnr fu ly 4-1p1i hut ho ill
lf th1t he nevir f:tili- to ariive i
Ah place whecre! h.' pr-Ao -w-e. t-0 i!
Ithi vely da~y hic bild4 lixedf Th'ler
1hving here it that time to (Ill
lion l, who ha ll fiiovvlo the tilie.i
i. Iit' it ha . ii w d r I.I I I' gi :
V SO 11ny ()f ' our early settler, ilf
S a1 brave I', vil.'tionary ollicer,
sibe i f \\ci ;ihingt[tI' i if he nl :h'u
r ll per1Solal f iend itln iii who I
rgui Itt, i ll utorlej Ittural thanl th
twill all sj ua ;t\ ght In th Ihi
.-onV lbson lived ill ;a two) Ato
ile houil l~t l' i pretenti ';; b 4i
hirl those. tinleks -11h1Att i,cti Ilo .tat
Xvt, lil was bd111ulied n inl Ill
at fin! of1 1. h d estrovt 11 th
C'leisvignti fhurch anil many 4t
b ii ,, ls n thIlat, bl4li. lels vIt it
nember1wls it as a thlap Iitte eI I (1
t c re i t 14.1ha' u" e w- bi p-It I Iou11kIk 1 tl
tIhe ( tys if oI* e Ikr y(IIIIb, as thi ble:I -
use v In I.wnI . ThIIi.Cis fael. ,: ave it
'a ilIl i lit ulest . 1114i sveel I ((I L i ) v, i
tilte itIs onl ) c'-. I 11 11inc t)In -,a Ith-' cil
I tf s tal .o i fI' i had oIl , re It-'
ill Li' ionis . .ll:' it s Is bi li it 11 i p1 1 r s
l i r he reIlh, icS S TNI
liigil, to h1,1\ve IjY :-t'vl I t- iti I l. - i 1
ndl. The ()hl houwII l nl Y w -,nI
li bad to wosens I th w.i c.
t r M I edi d l. w, fi a
rrtewho %viw.%:lv mInc %thin ll h
watlk ats tick It- tile l'pulblimpi it
(w% Yolk (vitel l i t.
f*Ittilitt r-, Illf till,- ( )lidie (,If 0 w (' i
.;11111 IiS cert11iilA4t t:OF lilt-illberO
pr signel wil'has'haint aurwto
li lt, is llow ill i l it , i P lilt It
p lain 111(. A I t h I-x tl:r, o AItI.I i
1LefI' a wi~d Mw who lived L.0 1 :1rva
', till a soll1 li toe r wilI waI : th
1. lilshantd (f NIrIs. I li cln I t thll
mher 11ur 1 hon red e.I Iz u 1)r. F-rai
10, ;and 1114. : I n. In I I it to 11.
Idrs. AlIlI i, w iiHI [l 110.1 1; All:
JI., fenr , wae very f'ltitt (f hi rI
exandr 'sI riu t e, Mrs. C liff . i
il, reen~het s w hen a veury h1ti
The World's Grea
Filr all ftwrn a of fever liake ,10ons
is Ii ti i es bet(er thal cit i iic it
tune cann3ot (to it I 10 day . I' Spc
feeble etzres madc by qutinite.
of ~A ""6 sI 41 ov. Noirrir.:N
.'ll I--le' ple inl Tampae, V''hI., f ell a sitory a
al he xpeseof vex-( overnor Nordheni
or f m le - iial Gorgi(an ha
. hI u fuIIII 1.11nc at alea ttrI, on ,ini
IIe IN, w Ie re' he v 4- nij ys I rc cdonii flion
tlte p Ih si'al St rife of lis own State,
'Ie )1.,NI I place fron mts ot1 t(
i t.V, whiere Ihere is a con'i(l ah!e rl i
and h.ll if' the tide'. As thet, holm se wm-1l
lyodI 3 f1 itok hil, th 1 last 311th1ng tlt!
13(11! ''s'331 j3'~(II C M I Vll (.I 4)3 WIt(. 1
flkil WaIs (o 4 pen Olh llingl aindItal,
11-4 coast-!ns lhormlgl y ' II v
l ..e &I c.- i nll ; i r special al t 1 1 ija'
ir t lik him1 thal t he msniooth
wie. i t ly I beach i f'ot f tile
bonil-te was4 jllit ithe plee-( on whichl to
prvad thel- Iia ttse (or a .4on1 hath.
e valnte trombil a regionl where thle vaga
33 ' ol, o l 431 atll at' t31et. k Ilows l, a11141
hOwpn (Ilon of114 tide's was sonlit hing- tien
in111. Acti-ng 11p -i his tho 1gh1t. of i
stil hill for. (lte Ih hlin 11, the ( ver
no . i (I t I p 1'n'sv n (11 r eight, hli'
n11a 3111 es and! spor3( ad Ill m it (n the
Sa i 1f1r a 15 ce. st3n hallh. (oite cI k
agi:'n itoll he loui-se 111 pur-Suilng h11is
labor,3( he forl! m I :ill a .>3t13 t, lihe t.
t reiMsSes. WheiI li! (arnet! olit scvera
Ih 13rs M h t (3r ! Was Iral3 z (3 to 133331
tIntt thlt !nen11inn title hanll antIed off
Ik liIe (ihling. 1{'jort f1r( n ('lear
water1341, <i not 1e wh'. th, (v wvernor
sait3, b hut po-sibly his tholu3its were
t155 il I I. w ords. 1Ie3 ahvay' s til3rs
nl' sulijest 33.w wenl a frinil asks
hill)) .h i -, -3333 h11b11- f''1r 1ouIMs(II l
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Own Slpiar ;1n17 r Oh th tres I rotn
For Intf'ant aid Children.
The win You Have Always Bought
rears tb h.
rUe g0aiie of
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1lil,3 int fr t i h
:o!gh P otash. h
- l~~~n'I'l < 3313,3331you 1133
-:MNKAr.l W3)1'KS,
r 's~~5I5 s,~ Nas-,au si., New Yosrk.
A ll ST.1, (:1.
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}: 3)ro(. M~aNIh, t~Inc~i4 an141 3 uiIiir
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In'. l.a l S e ( ve 333 ron 1 5
pl1ientIOns8 daily for b)ookkeepirai m1.33w
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bsinen men.! a133 33 ban)133kers. W\ i e 1for C:
al:(ne. AddIrLss A. I . iI3I -O3., P'r(
sr b.. "W' A I(NO I.i). 'i(Ce-Pr' . .\ s 1:333a.'
.t lUI"'NIISNN I" I) ('I'ITION' I''llIj|4
.\t t 1he 1.argest, liesi3 l'.iip. ed an0
3r.st ihilliential l33inson:~Ms iCllege 3(n 33h
4arosli asp. libardi, Il'os ~anrd Trlis'
ay.IL be~ 31arnal4 by an3 ( ent1 r:'etic I' on033
misan r lat'ns a sha(:31:r4 ti by w r
('OVJ''ItilNI' ('Vi it 111 l-I Il
%f 11001.
15.\ W .1 . I N G l '.l .\ a rr
r ~DR. J. P. CARLisL
Gru'en3ville, S. C.
1 0' )l'i o3v''r A3((IhliorI 1)i-'ll, St
test Fever Medicine.
t .ib ad1i Ri VO R I ONIC.
i(dII " rillest (ay what, glow qui.
tujr tirre ill string contrast to the
Women as Well as Men
Are Made Miserable by
Kidney Trouble.
Kidney trouble preys upon the mind, dis
courages and lessens ambition; beauty, vigor
and cheerfulness soon
disappear when the kid
neys are out of order
or diseased.
Kidney trouble has
become so prevalent
that it is not uncommon
-for a child to be born
afflicted with weak kid
neys. If the child urin
ales too often, if the
urine scalds the flesh or if, when the child
reaches an age when it should be able to
control the passage, it is yet afflicted with
bed-wetting, depend upon it. the cause of
the difficulty is kidney trouble, and the first
step should be towards the treatment of
these important organs. This unpleasant
trouble is due to a diseased condition of the
kidneys and bladder and not to a habit as
most people suppose.
Women as well as men are made mis
crable with kidney and bladder trouble,
and both need the same great remedy.
The mild and the immediate effect of
Swamp-Root is soon realized.~ It Is sold
by druggists, in fifty
cent and one dollar
sizes. You may have a ,. , s" "
sample bottle by mail " ' .
free, also pamphlet tell- nomo of swampi-non.
ing all about it, including many of the
thousands of testimonial letters received
from sufferers cured. In writing Dr. Kilmer
& Co., Binghamton, Nq. Y., be sure and
mention this paper.
-l. liC. Ilo14is, l'residentl.
TlmIC,' TALEl- Ni. 2.
S -N'Snit -ri de ITime T l . I. I E.f
| lerlivet 12:111 A. )L., P.ebl. IsI, 1901.
I en h w. - I I .
-il 10. STATI . N . i. , I
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- a ill...........* . ' IIon'S ........... -:30
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Nil. P2.' STATI - - S
-:1 pi ...... I'v. ii i i .. . (: - . i
-l~n lani...... *F rgu on'........ 6:30 m
I:I ..........T ro '... . . n 5 b m
S i .......... ' i .......... i
-1:'25 0 i......... 'a li n'sll8....... n:0 I m5
il n isibl ixct. Inll
No. 11, Colinn-es with' St"uthern1 ita'"iwy
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No. 12.
i, No. 1 w ets wil h Sant hern Ita bil way
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N.T. ' A
G eineral Nlhmalt'41r.
CopyRIGHTs &c.
A n1Vone4 ,.i'inig nt sket' ch l . I 4II' desc ipt l 7n
(infe~kiy n...erin l. u.r ( isiion9' free i e13 Ier an
inve3 ior n11 prohnb (tilly Jus. te.tnho. Co'rnuinnien.
II11in a Ic lyermth.,imiini h l n113iboo3(k (1n iPhlents
aent freeC . O(ie nI'4 3.33ney for ac uringe p'atens,
l'Iet, a lken ic iar ughl Afunnia & Co. recive
spectat notier, w1lii hiout, charo, ini Iih
SCitcntific .JItericatt.
lAtlhalshoey illust rat od weekly. Lnarcest. air
enint iont of an ay w1cient lIla jemurun. 'Peinz. $3 at
year our eon ha4 3 1, $1. tioldi byn31 t0'.ew t(dealr,.
MUNN & CO.soirad-ay.,New York
(ioutlay iX.i -lorti h Mo1y n ta n
Nl'ry, last MI imLay il lay330 aii ithe second~l
Mioiiay~a int Saptembiier.
A ~'A i: 'lciii MoNIavti~ inl lacht nary,
* le ''oint' Moily i .i*n e fouth for
Aii t'iin .ii 't Tird~il Manciy in llebr ry
altiiIl iler C' h31fontth Mornhi y i .1eptember. 3(
. I the 11 ini Mor141 hayl afteri thiefatrh Mon
P'ichesast., N. O.
a e il worik ;u.aranteetl. IiIis referi
-- workI :o I thIe work itseltf, whtom io
I 'rli wuI ill l e ll t> se -e in b e'f-i
We can use1 it for ('ottono. WViii 1ell 1
limited nulmb~er of our 7 per cent. cert ili
cates. Initerest pnyable J1anlu .ry anei1tily.
Th ''le beat cotton mili invest 1neni (offered.
Amiouno t~o suiit. N) dlepr 'hinti~im. 1te
deemable o iiibort notice. Guaanteed
E bn *so,OOo.oo vi aa eatuln ln
mit direct and on recoeipt of mlone~y we will
mi il ep'tilicates same any .
ro. .1. B. It .as, P'rea. and T'reas,
lfingerville.8. I.
Be Right is More Importi
Than to be Successful "
I. William J. Bryan spoke at I
)n .Iay banuet in Woost
inl which iei made an vloqui
to t lie Deilouratic party to stia
principles. flis subject i%
d(astiless," and he ti sai(d in pa
tnong (he traits of charactl
distiiiguished Auidrew Jacks,
it was more prominent or m1e4
I to his country than his SeLU
is. Wheni tie believed a 1hi
eved it. \\ herm duty lea he ft
wiittiout questioning. WVhen I
:1 that aiything ought to be doi
it and no power could overav
Ile did iot have ill his veins
dlrop of "anihiytlinig to Vil" 1)oo
Nicholis Biddle c lared lih
h1 the natioial bank he cou
m1d imiake Congresses ,Jacks(
that tiat was IorC ionwer Lihi
Ile man ought. to have inl ti
', and ie then began i his w;
Iiddle and his bank, wh icl r
Im l the overtilow of that gre
ir and the iisutution which I
)cratically control!cd. ( )tie
aid tlihat, lii.d1( 's influti. ice,
lized W, i.1 defeat the Dem
[)arty, but, .J.cki-n saw inl it
to tis country, aid lie did im
consider what effect an attac
banlk would lave o h11imself
y, a1ti we revere his name an
,e Iiis diy.
iton, in reviewing ,1 tckson
1id that, as Cicero overtirei
spiriacy of Catalinle and Save
so Jackson overthrew I tie ban
ed America. We sh1all observ
y inl vaini if we do not gatie
ie life of .Jackson inspiratio
ouragremenit for thle work wie
re 11S. To day the I Democrati
(ds to lean fromi thii e hero c
clns the lesson of steadfast
needs to learni from him tni
it to be right is more i mjilrlan
be su'cessful, but that to 1)
the best Way to insiure succesi
arty mu ost have pritnciplhs or i
1i no claim ip:i pubic coni
an1d 1114w call it comiiilend it
(1S better tlan by i1tandinig 1)
Vio will have faith in t
f a ptiiy if the party Stand
1) harter away its creCd iml C
foir llthe promise of patronage
Jkg, valcillating, courec not. on1,
invite recruita, but it alienate
es Iwavy veterianis.
tlier reaoi for steadfistneS
iu the fact tIhat n0 one Cali tt I
e hattellt il made wliat oh
coumglle Can1 overlcomle. Thi
4l fearless triump whiere th
ull. Tle victotii 8 w hichi liv
A Us on to noble deeds are tl
i snatichled from the jaws of( de
intrepid spirits who preferre
,re, isl ai profoul I phlosopihly a
ia iligiou truti in the words
it saveth his I'fe shall lose it
-A\ that has no higher purpos
:-ave its owi life will (lie b
eslerves to die, if ned he, to
of a great cause will live bi
deserves to live.
io svs that the iimoney powc
potent and that the I)cuimocrati
.nist comiipromise with it or sui
io i11 Not unt2il hiumianli nu11111r
ily Cihngedl cani the finaniciei
uisted wvith tthe guirdianshStipI t
dulcers of welth ; niot uint ii g re
s just cani the moneyiC chianigei
. a system i for' the mseln
vili b~e lair to any one else.
1 be balanice:l upon)1 tie po)is
iden it is ini raid&ji mfotion , and 4
flat tinaniicial st ructoure designe~
1 street, foir the benelit, oft W
will standl~ uipright (only3 so lor
n tie kept whiirimig ; the collapi
nio when the speul is slaickencei
1o says thait we canniiot alfforid I
e~ sti enth wvith the gre, mon<
yhichi nlow arroganltly) assumfei
the dlomini oif piolitics 118 w(
lield1 of i til ustry ? Not unotil i9
Lter1 goo~d fruiiit fr'omi an ev'il tre
a fr on th1istlIes, can we expect
monoilyl to bring for thi publ
gs. Thei walter' Liat, lids het
inito the stocks of our great ce
mshi s for1 the1 moid1(st par11t be!
friomi the aigicltura'il regio
e drought, that, is surie to folk
achV the fairmer the mieaingii
ist, syst eml.
that, golvertiments LI derivye thei
lowers from the c9onselit (if t
meld? Mulst. we accept imperiaie
accomlishedt fact and(1JO jin
ot, foir bloiod and cotnjuest? C
lie rests u ipon sohdIl rock , a
its priniciples are reviele
L be overcithtrow frm wvi
>m1 withiout, bu1t if all part
together to crect an etnp
Americani soil t hey wouhi bu
theo 01a1d andl the edhiice coi
idure. It, is a law (divinie in
,irrismstltble im its force and et
its duhration, that wrong-doi
dtely deCstroys9 the wrong"-doer, a
tioni Cr comit~iton of nioi( a
;enough to evadoeor resist reti
ut supp)ose- whit, 110 one lBhi
IC, and( what0, o1one can prlv
tocad last ad herience 10)to emoen
pipes would result, ini repeat d
is t.here any reason why weO shio
lon tthose princeiples and1( 114
sor have none at all? Th'l
prefer prisonl fare or a servile
lot to the dange~rs (If tihe hat1
maly condemn the Iloers for<
ng whad )it om des'crib~e as5 a h<I
sitrui.gge for lunh-penideceiC,
who1( eni in itil e'i thie iiiighit)
e9n (of greatlI deed1IlS kn ow that
hy 1)1n (ehnu-n (if Sboth A frica t

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