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'j11 fe i u -rm1u.a 1
The "People'~ Joi ial
W. L. MATHENY, Bus. Mon. ar
EntAred at the Post oflice at Pickens an a
ecoud-olass matter. _ _to
Subscrltioi, $_1-00 i Year.
THURSDAY- JAN. 16, 1902. bU
This year 'tle office seeks the a
man;" If it finds him-all right.
Moving and having to mor e are
different matters and many people
afe experiencing these very things
this January.
That extension of tax-paying ill
time gives the Treasurer a breath- a
ing spell of one month and twenty- w"
seven days. ra
The legislature is in session and o
an al nost endless chain of speech- si
making, at tangents, is in progress pr
at Columbia. LI
Those who do not sow will not C(
reap, so many Pickens county far
mers, though late, are taking the
last chances for a wheat crop. It
Franklin J. Moses, one time rt
Governor of South Carolina, is
having a hard time in his old age.
He is really an object of charity t
and pity besides.
- - - -- ' * * *0
That precious old relic called
the "Liberty Bell" is now in
Charleston whoro it was welcomle a
Thursday by the sweet chimes of k
Old St. Michael. n
March winds will hold a cotton
picking and distributing carnival
in a few sections of Pickens, and
this year's bird nests will bu sof tly
lined. The low price will work a
little good.
In 190.1, the valuation of the
mineral products of the United
States exceeded a billion dollarl.
And still we mine and manutfac- a
ture, bringing the products, from "
the very depths of the earth, to
man for use and enjoymont.
Those'debtors who contracted I
heavily with the merchants last, f
year and failed to pay are liko the c
the man who borrowed the black. 0
smith's anvil; and the merchants Y
feel a little like the blacksmith
when he needeathis essential art ieo
in his business, and couldn't get it.
MIatthew~ llondricks, ex-super
visor of this county, speakcs oult. on
the drainage proposit ion. Though
he (does not suggest any dleiinitet
plan to help matters, lio points outi
many of the troubles to be over-- i
come beforo a serviceable law can '
be brought to work otfectually.
Tho late aninounconment of the
appointmeont of Mr. D~avid A ike.n
as pustniaster at Greenwood, S. (C.
was a blunder that an up1-to-date
administration shmoul d remombert'
with shame, sinco that gentlenian
had been deadl ammnth or so at
the timo of t~he announeent .
If you have not paid your taxes,
the best plan is not to wait till (he
last day but walk upi to the TPrens
uror's oflico ando get the nmat te'r oiT
your mind. T1hue exte(nsion of tune
was for your benet, but niot to
postp~one the agoniy of' pa~rt ing wh hiI
a little cash. Thtui must comue
sooner or later.
Cotton mnill enuterprises in Sout1 h
Carolina, for the yoar 19~0 ; shiow
that a totail capital ot $:, 1.15.ouui
has boon projected. Of this
amount $995,000 has heen in act
ual increase of capital o~f (oxistinug
plants, This Stato still holds see.
ond place in the U nion is thi way
of cotton goods mianufackure.
Small por, to the niorth of P'icks
ens, has set all peole to ways of
carefulness and prudence. Citizens
in the immediate vicinity of th& I
trouble are doing their best to care
for the sick and prevent the spread
of the disease. It doesn 't appoar C
that the State authorities, though I
notified, have done more than I
record the notice. t.
Aniderson has lost her power nl
darm and Abbeville her power s<
house, From both eleotrioeity eL
Was transmitted, being there gen- tI
erated for power and lighting pur, tI
poses. But these pt'ogressive towns 1s
will not lag in the precession..... n<
they are blessed with public spirit. SC
ed business men who count misfor- gi
tune little more than incentives to te
broader and more enduring im* in
Provements -' 'h cutr
i~uputis eolunyb
Tho legislature convened on the
lth inst. Plitics will be di
1s8ed and a few bills of minor
iportance passod. While th erie
o somo ilI)ortant probloms
raiting Cho attention of legisia.
re., it is not probablo that, at
is session, any sorious action will
taken on any of themin. But no
ling What the legislaturo may
without warning.
* * *
We havo sent statements to our
bscribers in arrears, all of which
11 doubtless have beeln delivered
the timo this issuo of the paper
received. Th is simply Inclls bLuis.
essand a newspaper is entitled to
i much consideration ,in a blinessc'm
ay, as any busilnos 1111m, corpo
tion or association of Imlen. It is
) int, n ither is it a reflection
ianybody to receive oe. It
ouply means that wo want to in
oyo the paper ant in ordor to do
is we muti1st have What is (uo0 us.
0 are, not. bogging anybody to
liply, but iiiiply reminiding you
your obligation with the polito
quest, that you comply at onco.
is Simply blisineisi and businhess
lies are tinyleildingi.
, * *
An driw (' arngie 11:9 givell ton
illionll ar I.- the f'deral gov
Pilin 'lt to r tlte irpo.si of ftind(I
ig aIn iislit tiol wich s11,ill (o
prate w th thr instittions in
elliiItgii liv'M, gi 015 t i, rsaiel
i ld i i i 1i liei lt Ili t.r
'lon v y s't t ilv l) lit
1*i illd 11id all d ilA.trtietioha of
]t aktvilleie l il t l'a ker to itild it1
un"lifiel t., proftt erb . Thus
artilogiol opes, per fii ps, L reIlm
lise o S ile (f thi e peI plo fe ih 10
i llti t cillhilli atiolls of copitill
The Choorfl :ir of bus ile itll
IIm Overy sctionof tihe ilt)comtv
Tr Mondliy lolintsin that tey
ro detormined to0 a mko th b t.
t lit u i viation . ThIIis In oin i sum
lhe ai hard year, aid tho im, n
hio will most f-eel it, art) the niii
lho through 1901 made advtanos
iiep thos depeilient ol uredit
,)r supphies to tahl their 1901
rlip. 10gi(d eConomi11y u, it
Iervted thi,1-ohout the preselnt
carl and induistry must he thy
Vatch'word of ill or thie t ied i
Oi d mag nt huch wosei1 otnthr
,boyiiro tlday hosi'i wo' ha
itt dono lairl i thi'i,! t he inor
in it, hard to l whose itadvn
he yor Thgerbes phlvi Ilt':mt
)iaely ups andIIlt "arane"~ (li pst t
lisptiti to dio~ tslhergt t hing.ro
,h Ore hm01 Ii't ,l are as ar, it. dl -- 1
hatni( mlfeiythI33 disposd tohelp(1
iiaheropIhey ar aolssu byP potropar
ienesttlohat, is helphertoir i
.pfracted.n sihPoloe p
av~~*e aci norcnira
IrHuta iess ort> cti.
iec f the aiournmentob
akt o viio bydwhchough
IC furplu nditribuin (1f jedra
r elieryul of utils in roa
C ildinopmltel soa 11101103a
invonvedd bWhat tw ountry
vadsise af oncreram) Ol sCtn1i
bni andlthe reprvsneftrtave ihecpn
es ho urg, erseplng at her~
~le vry baidus in theo publi
prvlessnto all provae hrealf in
ereste ingood at Ta
neethy ond e themotr
If All the poople road all the ad
vice the newspapers have been giv
ing them since ,January the first
they ought to be I)OsseOd of
onough information to get through
March, at least, without much
trouble. It takoli the storn roali
ties of the long stminer inonths to
help m(ost people to a full roa iza
tiol of what a year means totheml,
and those who do not then learn
usually finish in the fall-or got
IiIIislied .
Influence of American Wonen on
liritish Social CistornsM.
But it is not only in tho realm of the
shopkeeper that Amerlen ano have be
come popular, ays Earl Mayo in the
Janunry Forum. They have been tak
en u) .with ejlal or even greater en
thusiasm by the highest ranks of suet
ty. There is no doubt that their popu
larity has been du in great mensure
to the influence of those Americn wo
men who have narried.into the ranks
of the clever, titled or wealthy, who
formu the most Important elements of
British high society. Tle grace, tho
brIghtness and the adapitability of
these woien have inade them fi
inensely popular, and the British, hav
Ing fouid themn fair types of their
country women and countrymen, have
extemded nill equally cordial welcono
to the latter. At every house party
held inl Englnid last su1 nner, lit every
I.o010ln dinner find oin every ynichtiig
expedition Amerlcans were iuclh In
There have been many signs ilo to
show Ainertenn ifluiece on Eni1lisI
SoIdl Customis. For onev thing it n1inty
be Seel in tie fleeiny or one nilt say
iniore propler'ly perhaps tih relaxatIona
of the stiff n ecked aperol system.
'itil (huit recently it was iisual to
fIil lin Enghti1 a forul- gnt herig at
whih fasioniable yoiuig VOiN ere
.1ilowed to aittend ineuoaldb
ch rns1. lrinig the List seasoni,
howvevr, tilwre wee weruy such af
fairs or-anized bly fashionialie young
p eI'I1 iiii trader the direction of (
auinld young, iin:itroni, as N, very gene'r
al Ily th Iocustfi I n 1 th Is counft ry. There' ,
is it very ntietvable tediien(y in Eng4
1:ind to iallow youig people InIuch Iore
freedotu of soicial intercourse th for
in'rly. It eniot he salid either that
it cliango 1 at all uiipopular with th
young people thetuselves Or that It
se.ts likely to have aiy other effect
than to develop In the English gil the
Self relllanlce that is so protnminent a
characterlstle of her American cousin
and to mike young ien and women
understand each other better thati un
der the older aid more fortiml system.
Another "ffect of Ainerlean exinple
is 1o he fotid in the growing popuflar
ity of hotel and restiturant 7life abroad.
U'tilI the Amerlenn "ITivIsion" It was
nhu1iiost itn unthieard of thinltg for a famn
ily to tako diner in a piblic restu
rnt whenl their owNN1 lion. -Wits nlin11
Ie for the purp'se. Antd as for enIter
tilliig frientds Ill such it place, that
was looled uponl its altogether too
(itre' toI) be aIttelulit ed. Now, however,
till tis is chlangedl, and1( It 15snot uin
ugsuia1C for ia London0 host and1( hostess to
enii upon)01 thme re'soulrces of a fashionn
b le hot el or~ restau11rat inli gi v ig egnter
ry houiis(eHC(l ne inmnidat ion. A algnl Iennit
signt of thle t reiid ini thiis di-etlion Is to
finte hotels tha~mt is goIng on ini ItLdon
at thle presentt ihgne. T.iliese hotels them
selves, biy the wiay, are beeoiing rap
illy Amneriean ized. A ineric lotintods
of organitizaitIion anad mHtanngement-,
A merlenn ish les and1( Amritennu in itks
are coing uomre anad more Into voigue,
andt~ it is easy entoughi to findl halIf a
dozent hote18lsit Lontdon wleh are in
all essenitlal respects exactly like those
of Newy York.
Dlscovery- Thant Fireproof Mortnr
(Can le Mande Therefrom.
George F. A verill, living at Art-erne,
N. Y., sa i hnt hie has discovered a
mlean s of usinig thle waiste eonaI ash cina
der's 111h1t wll i he thle lithlerto use
less nit eriii of1 grea t coiinntercinl vaI
ii(. Thle uist wleh kitr. A vet-Ill has
foundt for t hese coal nsbes Is ia a new
kind of Iirep'jroof iliortar-, ti0 per cenlt of
which is iuiade up of ((oal ashes iandt the
rest doublle hydrautlic cemtent, says thle
lirotoklyn Enigl e. Air. A v-trlll his hiad
tests iiadie undioer the' suplervision ii of h
deparii itit ol' hulinihigs ini .Alanhatlain
whlichi shiow Ithat te inisuilating pr'opr'
t'es of L I block eiongst riote tn coiI rdig
to .\i r. A ver-ill's sp'llient ionis nire vtery
great. in faict, Mir. A veill says t hat
withI over I ,7to degrees 1". hiardiy aniy
pertiblet111 heat coutmldt he felt Iby thle
hiaiid oni te other' sthle of thle block.
b loik werue no1 t inited, and stome41 whiIte
p1 it' anld oak aI' .inters shtowedt nto signs
lt' chain igg. A t he'rmoter i oin the. up
lit'r sid o thIle block duiinig thle whole
timhe of thle test registered only 11(1 de
Ar Averill also ptroposes to make a
fiirepr'ootf c'tcete'' froim the wiaste ashtes
wlhh eni lie used it cilinigs andil ent
lit ino int o blocks for p artIt Ions. It
hais beenci est Iimatd t'Ihat thlit amiounit of
waiste. of cmail ashes it 1ntiihattaii and
Briooiklyn nggregattes oo,0000 cuble
ynrd(s ycnrly3, the greater portiont of
whlela Iniow dumped intto the oceant.
Telepihone5 ont Dinling Tabiles.
Therie is a ntew quIck lunch telephone
it ChIcago, aind the city has the honor
through the Chicago Telephone conmpa
ny of being the fhirst In theo world to
prtovidhe (iniers wIth telephtones whIle
they cat, says the Ciengo Record-Her
ald1. The broker, financier or mier
chantt itow eats lils hutch placIdly cer
tain that his place of business can calil
hInt uip and lie talk back to It without
leavlitg lisa table. Thtree cafes of the
cIty aire already using the system, and
it promnises to be itnstalled in all popu
Er' eatIng places wItin a short timte.
All the (lining table ntow needs is a
stentogr'apher andi typewriter to make
inan absolutely happy.
,Lntest Sotivenin. Cupa,
Quito new, not more than a month
old, are the alumInium cups, souvenirs
of the Spaishel-American wat'. They
hna to on the outside a large portrait of
President Mecinley, a smaller single
portrait of Catptain ttobuon and groups
of offloora, see, Shafter, ilg~ ga
som Bole and DaIwa;,
Move of Railroads For the Good
of Western Plains.
PIau to Be Tried In to Sow Three
'7Ioumand Acreg to Ifrercnt (rases
to See Which Iu theMost u1itbiLe.
Propoh'ed to llegij the Work Early
Next Sprinkg.
It has just been given out by railroals
with headitquarters inl Omah, Neb., that
a plaln Is nlow on foot which contem
Plates the ultImate resee(ling of all the
Western raiges, says the St. Louis Post
Dispatch. The lrellimlinary p1ortion of
tho Scheime, itself it vork of great m1ag.
niitude, iIvol'es extensivo experiment
Ilg with the cultivation of different
range grass seeds 'With a VIew to deter
mi0ing those best slited to the purpose.
This proposition is o;e of great fig
nlficaIlce and many raiulencat lons.
Should it he carrIled to a successful is
sue the ranges of Utah, Nebraska, Wy
oiing, Montana, Nevada and Idaho
Will 1)0 vastly IIffected. If the proper
grass plait enn be found, the different
railronds Interested lin tliese stItes will
go to great expense to further the
The ri*. lroads expect the ;government
to lielp promnote the slchine as soon as
they sIowv tlie inittei to be prntileal.
The dliterentt stiaites to le Ielieited w.ill
Ilso be Isked to cotiilte at share of
the gelneral expeniie iniri''red in e:.
Ing thev pliins to natiliiy.
The Ien vhio are at oi head of ile
p1lns decla:)re the sCl(em for r-eeeIlng
t1he ranges to he ot inore linipor'tancie to
tlt colintry than lrrigat n, beeuse til
formner ivlll if enrr 11 out he far lore
extellsive in Its s "p.1 nditll the lb-n
(its resulting from its ioption. Th1ie
territory whlelvh Cnl ho htfited( by Ir
rigation Is luntitd beuse of tlle InI
Ity to secure inore thiaIn I tain
Ilnounlit of wnter froin erii strea.118
The trihe tory t lbe beeilled by re-see
Ing is onlI:y liiiited by the extent of the
ran me of the woft.
'Th e emitI I plai is szaitd to be so Well
mapped out. thlt th- a1tua1ll wvorking
out. of the first st-p will glu withi tle
(arly springt:. It. C. ,1utlsoii, industrial
Iaglt otf the t o Itl1I iiway andot Nav
IgaI lon coulpai'y, Is v0ahd to be sla Ite-d
for the expeimental part which will be
1irst nIttimlpiled. lie is IIOw In charge
of the exi: i-irhnental farIm of his ron.d
at Walla. Walhi, Wash., and Is already
tunik ing en reCful prelitninary tests along
tllu line sIggestedtl.
Western ra.iges have heen very much
13)n0po veiisi'd anld InIjrl-ed b y over
crowding of herds in the past few
yeIn I's. Shieep partici' ull y have been
the alise of the trolIble, its they nre
very dest rutive to grIasses. Walut they
(o not (ig olit. with tIheIr sharp teeth
they n h in Ill witl theIr elunlly 1harp
hood's, iilifiuched beyoid a rea son
nhle lImit they enni tirely destroy atlI
growvthI except thle soage grass.
As a1 result of thle dieterlornt ion or the
range Inlm iiy I lnoes It no0w rethiires
two anid thlree time n31fS mny neres to
prh'.vide for' a given nuinber of enttle
ns C orn ierhy. hem rail roadsa expi et by
r'es(ein ig to so Iimpr ove theiose rangies
ihit they will provide fur a larger num
her-i than1 origi nally.
Fori thle conducnt of the experi mental1
parit of thle work the follhowi ng pluan has
been dleterminied 11pon1. A spot contaIn
lng som)1 3,000 neres will he fenced off
in (i) Come1cetra'lly loc'ated ran lge. ThluIs
will lie di vIded into thit 13 lots1)0 for tile
trylng out of as mnany dlIfferenlt gmrasses.
The cent ral hihen wIll be to find( some
grass whleh will he permaniilent, luxu
riant and1( hardy. Seeds from all over
the world wvIll be used, and many from
AfrIen nnd South1 Amerien have al
reaody been receIved.
When thle correct grass Is found,
the gover-nent ando states wIll be call
ed u11on3 to ai vely co0-opberate with tihe
railiionds to reseed thle p~lins. 'Tho gov
er3)iieint will be aisked to makze a large
aphpr'oiatiion Cor tihe purchase an ud
sowing 0of the svled throughout the
ranllge atinit ry 113nd thle sate t wIll he
aske-d to p)rovidle for state lands every
All of thIs will mienil fil en1loIhs
w~or'k, bu13t ('a chiiss5 ig y(ear r'end-rs;
It l'Oi'( illiherative. The greatest puirt(
(If thlit work will be0 the pro(te(' in ofi'
t ha t lai rt of' tlhe couin firy rest-edltuI iit il(
the new grals- has1 siitlit-ierit sianyt ti
iiituinti Islfl. Tis is ai vast jproh
lin, anadtit' giUoiernment will bI enclled
upon toi bruig its authlority to bear ini
\Illsa Aarmgariet. 'Tolle of 1tithiold,
Ill., was th~e guest of Milss lrd'tie Kl
patIrk'k (if St 1,o'iis on C hist mans (lay.
Shte took a wall: withI hiei' poodle dogC
an d fell inito an i eighteln loot well.
She was bruIsed andl~ too) we'ak to evenu I
enull for help. I ler failthful little (log
rani ba ck to thle Kli1pa1trIck hlliouse and
beg'an I winin1 g anad grabn 1)ug wIthI his
teth Ialt tile cloiinug (If lIss illpat
iekI and1( ht'r brothlens aind sisters, says
the New York World. Theucy finually un
dlerstood1 thalt the (log w1ished thleml to
follow hIm. Tihey found Miss Trolle
Iuconselous in the well. I'er injurIes
gre serIous, and1( sh10 certainly wolid
hav~e peished but for her dog's sagac
Gunrdinig the P'yramiidu,
Pli'rpont Morgan Is coming to Caluro
shortly, and ho ia not comning for is
health, saysB the Cairo Sphinx. The
arm11y of occupation wsIll repulse aniy
attemlpt to remove tile pyramids and
sphinx, flnd tile clogs of the Abbasslyoh
fox hunt are being trained as sleuth
hounds to track Mr. Morgan's secret
atgents. ______
"I hlavo nloticed t hat tho sale on Cham
bierlain's Slomacht & Ihiver Tablots is ail. E
mlost invariabcly to those who hlavo once g
lused tiheml," sa:ys -Mr. J. i, WeVder', a
prommient diraggit of- Casceade, Iowa,
Whaiut better recomumendation could anly
modIcine 'javn than for people to call for
it whenI again Ir'. need of suchl a remedy?
Try them whecn you feel dull after eatingc
when youl hay-i a bald tasto In your
mouth, feel biliout', have no nppetite or
when tr'oubleld with constipation, and g~
YOuI are certain to be delighted withI the
Drompt relinft whioh they oiY,,a n- E
1. E. iltIDGES, W. V. IHAMMOND b(
Bridges & Hammond, t'
Dry Goods C
-AT- D
Co)t I
WVo vant to close out our11 entire 'r
stock of DRY GOODS at, once.
The Goods will go- tl
Comse nowland get bargaim. Ii
Bridges & Hammond. T]
PICKENS, - - S. C.
@ @ 0
Prescriptions file ld pollptly
Alnd satisfaction !uarantccd.
Most uJ-todt.e line Cf toilet
irticles in the city.
G entral's
Are you prejudicod? .A ro you
opent to conviction? MIany people
think it impih.l to finte a First
ciss (iencral Store ill a town of
this 'Size
Don't you believe it!
BecausU. 1ou cani be coil 'i ncod
there is a First.-cliss General Store'
1here by calling On
L. R~oss Eaton,
Central, S. C.
Whtere you will finid a fine andi
v'ariedI Stock of D1 ry Goods, D)ress
Groods and Groceries.
Central, S. C.n
WVhen you make presents,
ive tasty ones, purcthasers
>uy good articles.
Pickens keeps silver goods
mdi jewvelry; your presents
mnd purchases await your se
Cicelv Rlolledi Plate Lace Pins, Color
ed Settings, ,05
Colte~ Pla I'te Neck Chins1, W ith I t
list ( obl-1'ih-d LOrgne(ltte Chinjs, 2.50 iN
na~ck Slik V!hs. Go.'d-iateud shiuIe 1. .
'oarii t ens.1 0 old 8.050
nfl1.' *n'-n cu!re ei n ttll . pair .S
ti ll u ob -il d ir 2:
I k oIt S elH n ,a s a d p t
Se hvorth IDraceleIt,:heat I sile lin.
NethIersole, 1 .5
Any article in J ewery ptro
ured on short notice.
R'~oge(rsI 147 silIve:r goods:
3e rkshirte a nd Shll Ma tin.
orbes Silvetr CO's., Ottadru
>le Plate Tableware.
Yours for trade,
iotice To Executors, Ad
ministrators, Guardi
ans &c.
Pl'eanso mauke yonr annual roturns dutr
g the month of .Jaury as the law re
uirces. A failure to comply works a
>rfuture of your commfi:;sionsi.
J9 8 Probate Judge,
.re the most fatal of all dis. N
ases. 1)
.111EV 9p KIDNEY CURE la
ULI. 0 Guaranteed Remedyt
r money refunded. Contains to
emnedies recognized by eml. ha
ent physicians as the be'st for tlt
tdneoy anid laddar traublau at
Not a section of this shop but st
cmphasized il print. To tell ye
e neV Scasoilln the prescribed
mce were impossible. Can only
Dll time to tille. To make lere a
t assertion that this store was ne
r fall and winter business is the p
The dress goods Showig is sue
oud of. Ihe newest, the best
'iced. All the n-ew shades are he
liteve. of style and d(ress mak
is SelSos l)(roduct, a fine reIrese
1rfection may be seen here now.
Are here in great qiuan tities, an(d
nies to finer grades, just as you lik
Ou r shoe stock is complete with
ze wanted.
For any item in Dry Goods, Notion'
la(les, an(d House Furnishing Goods, Come to
20.1 and 206
i L; V'. W~E : P I
*cc I.I.
u ih re, (noan
. ur tur of a\ ki
Including a niceln.fI~
mit ad umin .~wde to knock he hot.
probabl t he~ beIIiSt turni plows Lin the ii
itiul be gladI1( ~ Vt V l Io i
WE' IIA\'E A 1.
To Go \iIG TY I
CJ()E I IN A NDI SEE Us :' dini'
Th poor fa rmers neerd.d hel1ittp it is I hi.-s year P
I laive~ alway don 10 n iy htiif -rI ih'n in t ,
r rucile. I apIpreci..o ' , r ii pa-ti~l~
1. but11 hiow cheap. em nI sill i , e ,ut , a lltI.
andarh lr gran;uhaed Mlggar 17 is all good
si iiihi rs 'I00, all wool J-alns 25 -. whil -Iok
15 as good sowinig macuihine as inaui 2 ) ia re
Woillienis (ourll sho 510 ie, 75c, 1.0;), up to I
r d<o Iz i. ., I1th andl ilger if I n-alll to
wilI pay I .00 fo pens 100A for can .cieed 7Th
ni l g tre l~ t' I i.i. - wan to.s
Oi h :' -1'
A heavyu 1, iied oi
Never burns. t he Ileather; i t.
Secures ife't service.
Sitches kept fromu breaing.
Is sold inl all
con W\asthingtoni, I) A il~
w York E xprless"'IIl trains Nos. 55)
dI 34; lirst carI soutlhboun~Id e
i Wasin gtlonI N ioember) I'rd -
4 cari nortthbound1 leaLving A tlan = 1
Novemnber 51h Ih 1901 " NTI
1'hisi atllords Pulhua s i tOr'vice 01n formec
030 trins.' though1 from Altanta
New York, the Pullman curs A d
vinig heretofore been attached to for on
Atlanita & New York Express NAfa.
Charlotto and no lilma~il sera -1
wewi ChrlotQt adAlaa. .
I C L A I M ..
-ongly pr.esses its claims to
U of all the good things of
limits of our advertising
rive you a hint of a few
re and now the broad hon.
,er More cornpletely ready
rovince of this "ad."
.i as any store might be
and the most reasonably
-e from 10 cts. per yard up
ing perfection there is in
itation oi that style, and
Bi,,- lines of JEANS, OUT
the prices are from cheap
all the new shapes in any
, Carpet8, 1attillgs, Rugs, Window
us alld We Will siV you money,
ster &3-- Beattie,
M10i1 street, GitEFGNVILLm, S. C.
1 heir moiCy As
-.th ll? . F or
ald simple,
Ot(r rooms are
Marchs, I niiesBridles
ds, B-1ran [New...
I edxsteads, and these
tings., :in:I a thiousal oIf other useful
'V le)hih: thog our~i~~ 4)4 t-oc:k.
Ill m out 4t yl c r w (ll1:. We4'. have
ri Fall I nul and let1Ic us showv you
te14 it,
4', thi. tm i: s o h.. m. h 14111 (:1
444 1.1.O': b4 :444nVh, I-on 114,
sh e. :: )i , ' 1o..b - b~ el shil gll
I"I;:l 44 :11 i i . :ge en4ileo)
i Isrng 6 you eg 4 I will . pay go
i r or 1 50fm'<''o'o-6i
.1 hl lUndreUd and one simli
ia: caus~ed by impure blood
ma.ctive liver, quickly yield
the purifyingr and cleansing
>perties3 contained in
urcs permanently by acting
urally on all organs of the
!y. As a bloodI-cleanser, flesh
ider, and health-restorer, it.
no equal. Put us in Quart
ties, and sold at $i each.
Detroit, Mich.
Take Livertca for LIver Iis. *50. gI
your suibscription to Tnn Jotin,
hen reaid tho nows and keep in
allar' ini a small nmount, but it payli
0 eaur's3 sulbscri ption to THE JOUW~
end u your dollar.
ulIverised ago, ginge'r and redl
2 i9I & Thondega; ISag

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