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The people's journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1891-1903, January 16, 1902, Image 4

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.- By Bert Estes
k Copyright, 1901, by Bert Este.
G ALIA CITY, like iruost 0
rive'r towns, hild it ilxe(1
lationl full of isluirp anlta
nisnmis, sovlal, politicnl andn
nigu. Nt wvit hist anutlllig, there y
one locni Institutlion abolit which Ith
was inly one iliild. The Ga'jllia C
ftisoball chlb, ft- :apple of the 11un
1p:i 1 vy'., w:ts felt to bt Sot for flt- (-t
lifteitnse against the world lin gene
111 the iiui' froill 0eliterport In 1)
t'intt'rport, it fvw t'ruilles lown 1
(hl:11(11n011i.ng ote1r toIwNvns to coin(%(
. 4 t thit dtillt- ii. ' W oriis thll th
('et eri6,11f1t luul In 11:1141 nt hIrIge sto
40,o f l ln :110 was liberall InI aplilyling
-- m er. tho dh1.n1111114. Th itliltua1l sec
of ( .it'frp rit nil I;iIlia CIty h1
sithtil lulig traglte iI its intensity.
heaIt Cenliterportwr was1 the "111111n1t
flhillinl n neh-oinen t ; t 'ent erplort liv
flt' tut ri tl is vitrits ov(.r. t
f it 1 IM . I i'l h s I nei ssilt 11f Sl o
I I IIst i Irn ia s ait I rt Ioif I iljunI lt
the lt' l. lssionVs Il life.
lir-t iu: rwit a l cnine t 'l ali a t '
fo s p l lk o ' al i hl 1
:1n, por 'naf, ws aIway In hspit
lii'hsoll Wv as Il u I I' ri l 1. r 11 11111
ter. lia nrwt was - li vI inl th i
:lint ' 1 m rso' n1' - I I IIIia: : i II I i t- w lit
ritt-i tI l tzI l t at 4i-k irw , h IoI
r:iill Lii. w h,'II : I li \ Ii f g' u t 1 i. i
nin I I I fl i t' I I,' I I IIit' tun
t i ' - It w i1v Ii ' I ., I Id iI
\\~t on t i -fIi IlI1 I n II' lttt it'1
f \iN- v It I- hit I ' iiii Ii .i
tri , I Ir Itl : I I I til I !
v i i I'lVit I : 1 IIIsa y
"t; l h- yin hit h I w h II t I I: I
Oythat's ell'ter ~ y uk
f a t sizt-h t i Ii- n ll-iatli'
"Iii w ~ < - -- \\ yI i, tIIi I
\vitt 'I- Ii hI I Ii ' V I I tI t I itni
i l l I I ai tI l I :-ii Ib . . Is.
1'tl 1-'- *ilsr s yv b y g~ r .
.\ r -b- I 'itir ---i' in i 1 1I
k w h.1byu lln
(--t bs w t bi l t his it
nice l e 41 al Io h..Iis n su , o ,im
el p I n s :Hi' : ri4,a ' h
w I- I I v~
i I- t w i | t i i ri- ' i i -
" I a ll a k1 it ty i l t I sr t
t i i- t IIvI e,- I- h e I I rI-I n - i I.
"\\'hy, it 'sin set uii l i-tkson
lui- bilu tl n n-'ifl riiht himll fue l
tl ri- l oan- i iinii l -iot tli~j
" -nI ai wonr ~ttIpr wash-sa, flit
ti . yoiai't ilm ne-pe
"itIcim ing toa y a-iits tr:Wh, Itt'
wo-iiia ld shli-f uni a stl. ".\lh iy itn
"lIt'it'the t 'il w l fal t il 310he
ert nanii "htynutne oa ltur lai'n
Couitel5Jn't hook lil at parhsn tou ,
'Ciln Natl(lay, ati Ton~JordauI 1'ofy
on a big, big bat. You know, there
ain't another nan iII tihe whole darn
town that can pitch a ball within four
feet of the plate. Centeriport knows it
too-tailit's just why they've run this
challenge on us."
"Rtoland upl Town. Ile ennl get InI
shape," Potter sid confidlenltly.
Colonel snorted: "ltouind niotilin'!
Toni's a holy terror whenl he's on at
spree--besides, he's gone. Miybe the
Lord knows Where Ie is-i don't, for
sure, It's the very culssedest luck --l'd
rither lose a hundred dollarS Jl11
hito li thvin fellows cono aind wallop u-1
op -illii we've got to play '(rll. If We re
go fuse they'll crow over it forever and
re tlt! (lly after."
a5 '"(G'rent iud!" said l'oter-lie never
PIT Said anything Stronger. -"Ulutt inti1stil't
Ity hiappen. Call't we iIllport ia piteber"'
it'- What's the lilu1til' with Ste*Ve1&4 Of tile
y's iversit' i 's i 1birdi - Ill ista ke."
rnl Cotloinl shok ils lien. "Never (1o
- Inl tw he old1," het ah.- "'wouldnl't
le I S'pelle d1el for Ole ting; for nill
h tiii', tit''4d be SUre to get o1 to it
ild "\Vil, we've got to neel4 tIle (1ha1l
mut lenge," 'otter sitid. "D1o if right aIway
rit, ' 1114 thrlow Inl at big hitlIf. Tell 'elln
'k we've gOt Ia new p1tcler that will tilke
it aill the Minks; Out (of 'k-1n. Thenl we
n 11111st rustle for it pitcher-we've got to
i 111-1 S fll."
o"l.ord, l'ot, It Innakes tine Slek nthed
of thilii IfI tie lItik iof those Center
he llIt I-u :1 1141 Ieat Its on f11 likes tills wIy
rts \ ''ve n1l L: ai fair1 siw in tile
to ' I IM'. A1I 1110W, Jtlst IN Turn
I wn:i: ftlIhIng in such great
ofll I ' s -11141 gets full Ilgaill.
.l H :Ilk Jdr ti woul plicb
ill in lw l Ir eck anld croim-it'si
% v. \ I;, wh i kg norpl CUSSing donl't
r - a I > 'm. li going back to
.' I .4- 4r4a her," l'ot1r saiad.
h.- h. . I " hang W" ('oon l ad
("'t i l.. ''.\ \4)11 going to s t
,:11t J i 1 i ist the 'clitervorts''"
:I - v - .1 1 1: l w er. - t Ill- last wor:d
n, 11. 1:1 in h:,f way ncross the streeit.
\ h i . r tary frind'i" Ilar
l' tter1 i xpla i l br1 11 that Olo
un 'i' : i4' niilitary 11 ill i. Ii h s:1
a ben 'aia.-Ithat way and wa(he
41' 1s144Sell & iSn. 41 i1 d by
n I'l h4p41 4 u lit!h dild t i)ini lerstan d, h1e
454' also 4f tit- lilgl 1 l ge und ' 11o (;ilIn
n. i'h\'s pre-tlie1 lit-lnt. I larn i( listenevd,
W 1trunu ing sofltly tin thlt strings of It
tirli' guitair. Aith Hsvnid ho sal:
it t "I'lil feeling.1 pretty. dull1 .1un4 blue1( tis'
11 n n l 1ttg. Do) y ou think yo lu frien1d
140- nI l1 ll l1(-t 114 Ills ball to blil
n14' n u-11 '4gh t( ;vt mny blo d (1tIr ulat
I I "llrat, muul, parson! Do youe play
halll?" l t r a . lit t , li 'llil
g 1 ", vI ( h I . 1 I(4b-4', 4 la -
f Il's wvI'1 t :11Iswer14ed1. 1'tter whistled(.
h .s "I itiL kso a s I l t l: s lls If y ( o tii'n.'
n 41 ' II - - its( It -I Jill (i1 I Il n 4 n ,1ar
selllosng Is Jolh. Ilk, di lo half (lte
C gr. t1n11 .1 ll. 'iut comIe I. ntI 44
-d S' to ld y 1 'if IuI iou." 1(5) 11(41
'111' . ' lo lg ltd aittle (41 (li1rw1 od'
1441, where ii t'44151inight11 to 4sha1' to 1the11r
'-to 4410 'aris' 1cntent5 a 'not a lsoul be the
IllS wiser.444 ls1t'1 t h w'lolled ' ug est of114
II 1 l''l 14l1t 'e 1 14n, bu1t14 iek t hre4. ill on't14
44ar- I'rwiIs eyI twh:1 kled1 wickedly,' 4111''
144bu he4 s4-h' nothing,41 4 onlyi'' stIped offju
riv. '10 pIy 1d lhly, bu't'l lily1111.iCl il
b-e ' 4.4l r eturne theli 1hall 1 with a'(great(
4 '114l'hlu n4211 h St'4hi' he tie lost hand
'to 4" 'ci" ('44, lir n,"1gr)nned' (olo
41d4 t'S 11It ''olonel l'hnSt alnuing(1 the
11441 ie t thtel hat. lylrood (re1tendod
113' 1 t1 to 21s et li npih-<141 l ti e . 11 le te-ot
114 lliI'l1 io 14 t ' lieher'Is plc e w ithh
hal I ('14 i kelo t th liro r itnc. AtHllt'lt
rt11g ft 4wI1 will' ov11te14ae ru'a
n'i' i i he l, 411 i 144 p tonIzingely 4' yo4'':I.
11- n gthe321 bltl nerhul2n'., ur.
fhas1114 l ie.'t hVon'll 441soie (thI ine N
Lel (11'1 Il I want (t't se11 i ig h v lst te
"TIat's right wihere they would go it
you (idll't get out of the Way. Stand
still and keep your eyes open," Iar
wood cornIIinded. "Now!"
Bitf! Another sizzlillg illsoot. Crack!
Colonel was lin the air dancing like a
wild Indini, trying to blow oil is.
hiands4 and rub his, elbows at the 14anteL
"I m rU or, Ili-e1ruitl mfgjb c
time. The ha1l had gone :Is larwood
1nLd. The COneussion of It hid jarred
Colonel frornt t1inger tit).- to sbe
b Ides.
"If you'd only pfit on tht t,
Iinrwood said, with a ta ntalizing grill.
"I'd like to throw you n f(% speely
Oles. Othenise I'n really aral I
rinight hurt you."
"Illirt ute!" ( 'olonlel's t n wasI %%.It. ab.
j'ct. "And tlnilf f '.w fellag imi a
full crockery crnte had sinnshoed 'ern.
'ill no glutton, parsioni. I ilow whin'l
I've had (1flgh. But, sny, you're Oih
d-ce'ivilgest Iimkage ever I truck."
"'ir. SIarwd" d lPotter, "if yilu
don't ru1t1 Il 'll go get 'f ill ffed to' en.u.
nl e.:itch. 1,41r you."
"I should like It of all tlugs," sahl
I Inrwood. "T.1'hei little I hinv donlt'
innkes Invl feel .1 nwi iun,"
"le, too, ind ia drd iflr 1111%."
('oloneI lfdeld, but hfe p1halo-d ill 'sh lit
to grin ieartily win I'fotter earne inck
with 11111 llefd, catetlf'r to tIhfo < i ,
tvo or thr1eem! other mn llnrnhors and sfv
1-1al1 "171ns-" heslheS.
When I [:Iar1wood s1ges' glov',
1ll snlfffht .ed v'ell tffol'f' diIsdalinfutlly tilill
('flfi 1h141 doel . I lu-ootdfI s led -a
hw to1ok posi4tion Inl the' box and 4,ab14
softly. "Sny w hete youi w\1Ift1 tile hals,
Mit. Itet'd. I'll try to putl then1f ov.er thel
pla.te nhouit right."
1Iill siuitffled i ck of tihf' 1fh1i4'. :p:t
toiifero jilife oil hifs h1:111ds alnd said1,
"W vu uis at low hl.
IlIrvood gripped th e leathternl shre,
le-:aped tihe- lenllgth f tf' bli x. g-1ve a
twist ofI the .ri.st and0 let (rkiv ft
trait L rop over I I ti 1h1l4 1 o f 4 t !.4,
'fat. Itteeid t p his launSiff: laIt, tl
derth'slff l~iers andfwt ki pp'lit d'Ount'
tihell .t 11ff ftasf eb ginedhit tf l u-siij
ft sahxl abnostl'lf~ ro gly: "iltIfon 'f't ' lly
awf akfel nif)t f tIk.n Wi' Ili II: f::f. ie
do't Il ed fflino lve il t iff'nt 11h i ifteach
ilflgt len ied to th'ls isid11f anl tht i n lf'
As'if fit) , lsal'li n f1 latl went hu1lin
throghfthe f'ust he1 erhu.l fg i
"tl~'llow' 11 lbf yo8e1:1 'ug ;.ii f' hin' ? 11tif
il lidn't <i' :1 i Il'. r in in',l I'd is weS:y - if hai
I hffn, ifthf~ a tu ltin i kef th uI olin
gio) tune to dolg i t. 111 11 Iftifng e 30
kit hi. s :fInd * upflt in tfi n ins ~tviftv
Wlutfrnit of ii el1 ' tiff se.i t'glt. Ncaught
iSthoughi s in er1h nt 1f'g'f t liii'iflf tfthey
wer iflo, jarrf anIuih
"Whoottl (if.'" : r'..' na 'l~ f f I t'xi, itt fn dow
('uddenllyfiti niil sting' wi b 18 yedf af t itlw.
parsonlx. "Hlfs, hwt on1Vr ornely.
"fthat wuzf loe shave.'iiii1f ft k I i idn'
tfn'hfgtn ''he ' 'nrned tf I t w out n -g1onei
lplurhlff hrIif h tiy innards. Wt" y," l liook-1ff
''al t1day. tl-eifou! ' gt ot~I tff ('1f e1 e
fr'lf .lohni 'I' abal' WIb n f1 Ihi ngs'f."11 tV'
know.'l' (iflf' your~'. hand'. in very hfk(t
wt er; I lit u l e:tht1al rgh.''w
to ptyt ithah?" tgiif~lIi fli (1
evetdful dy itpl3arwoo(11 iat,' 5:alsar
lIe wa148 ok1(a1.tynghrdt
keep 'Alc). noieX wa alsoIii veryf' lofel
that rag. Parson has give out fair an'
square he wants to le took on the dead
level- InaIu '111e as we are, only i
daslIed Sight -xe(us e ily French, par
son1-1t gits thle best' o' inly Unlited
Stltes before I knov It. 'e case b
this1-we -wanlt. yolt to he'lp i li11k themn
da--er, thlern invasly ('enterport chaps.
We eall do It If youI itlich for us.
Notliln' iI this comIiy '1lnt !n (Ie
gario With you. If' you'll do It. 'eivry
lun 11 Jack 0' i; 'Il Si il tl you' l'o :
leni tick to a hog. 'l'hat's who"-s the
inntter vith i, al ( a te ye he."
IInlrvootl's faite waw a 1 i:dy. ile
wals arnuIISed, pleased, beyotlevry
thing totiehied, by tihIs reIigl it Pit of'
comm111101 innn1hoodl. It wvas thepasio
of Il, lifo to help Inin realize the0ir
owlii possibilItIes. lie yea rned to
preaich 11nanh1ood ralther thanl dogmalls.
11Is leairt vas warm, anldi he smiled
fs Ie fSaid:
"I thought you1 had comle for thalt,
and 11m glaild you 'n1in1. If you 11had
not, I shoild have vol uiiteered- thi t .is,
if you had agreed to liiy conditions"
"We'll fix ill that, parsol," two or
fihree blegnill iengerly.
I Lrwoold hold 11) hiIs' I hands. "You
don't understand. I don't iint
liony,'" he saId. "I do want-your
S. If 1 (10) solilthing for you
somnethiIng on whilch your liearts are
S \t, yu oight to do s5ilitlng for mne.
That Is to say, If I play ha ll 3011 oloe
to chultrch. Li It it abargin?'g'"
"Youi help us ee-la stingly lick them
Centerpormits," Hill blhurst (lut, "anld youl
('11nn say, 'Boys, 'ome roost oill the
urch steps fromi s1nu11p to sulndowin
every Sundy,' 11114 garnlble onl ourl
d i' lt-v'ery ula'isl olie of us. Hey,
hoys? (h)I, do exilse mile, parson. I've
hcl ai tough sIrt all Ine life, but I'll
li' h:ingetdi II o!'iit quit swearI in'
rghit now."
"Ah! said II :arwooid. "Oentletnmn,
IIs-; blrings upi .-in'ethng else. You
know, and I lritiw, lowIll I al af
tord to have It -aId I belong to an
(r'galnizatio glhi . I walit to i
liirix to a i ora:izallon of genIhtlemien
In the lst se-Iie f 11 e wordl. If I al
t le a (.1lb uiillblier, you luist gite
Ie youri word11 that d1runilwnness :tind
vswearing shall to.Nmw wo unde-r
Stand (:n-h 0ter. Therevi's illy h1n1.14.
Ill yi shli1o it, I shall know you tak
mhe C'oI dil ins l a.1 ll."
E-very Inanll Inl lt, rorn gave him a
h Ur1-11 - I : tIh I t lk ivi tO ll Zz
alaut air-ly5 .ca e.All agroell the(
in-w pleber h~l 1 l-:: h l pt dark;, ls
iv:1 k:1..
ruit. "I ha'.t- MV ()wnI Wilih nw. .\ 'C'
flit t he hi:t ill 1u10o it all :t h(t,.
b .\till so) thei, littlI iom
p:II . -1 . 1A *. k1 i*N..I :: k -i 1 li
Dan wet aay :xutt lu-yi'niini'
tilrl w. f: 'ir il l it - flt very
w athI frt 'lu1 hr:ill. Iti, Iot as lhe
: Sin l i:iv a l lim di tohe
hai :i l el u hu 1ni f' r C'le ('ity.
b O's p (.4bb 111o
t o " l e n u sto
i b for t le hm1te
lui~ n vln Ildtblli- i hl i :: iwnd tlia
(i. 'lli'' t u . T hi e i l ittl'searIty hub
bh'A IIan .l'tl ii:a.1. l paitietisnehad
it iatiul l wave.~lll''s Hi''l'li i
thel i s-it-r (ntiti s luieiuine.iigs n
of1'in wa-su whyi wot ne of te ait l
hl:iyl- linuwe Vlilt tai 4lat . liu G ofant
'I I h'on, wih theretofaor had htir
lhl-s ba'lil hebuters.i I' teyni tha
t ere wer Ii it'' ib iiii''till' tof hanbde
fill i;ihe i gruitilt--* it Iirn th' 1:11)toh .
nry two kl fo thet' ltnit. Till Il)-tch
inlui whoI ha Iom t'ininly ofwnigedta
hiriltabhll fliilieivgolhad beenll'i warned
f.ends waslotl l lso s of wal ragy
dilt drizhlbe to supress3 witring ant
onaldors of'riots o lthlangage. h
lTast viwt itigo lb wa hamina. t
Iet ion.l her IwereI ttio wht Ilad
layer inal t oIil 'iliiits <l I itemet oft
';uo a' s for it 1 t -hi V'l guzle. il h Insea
'IIi'ylo e i n'g i i o f lee d 1t tulett t hem ail
tookr lin-ly o lw hand whyl ther oinlla
('Ity hut (lwen llongi theyIlone it lid
the g 'was p i tinto h( 'cut4i. I't wasi
1n0Il ti no whti' Was prgnofesinut t~o
Alititt ha mennute tee gurliottt
_ih 111t lie a(gr'al trpoits Itn, tht et hand
at'l e I l. l ) ll i doiyeilhy throughi a i
ghall lieurch; 1 iis ti hulIsI t a ig I lit
lcerpobyr 1 whiIiteniw.th "aluh pap.;b rus
hse ( lt' sht bIi'I antheir gofu to 1;n4'
leiicl, ahut i white, buto red nit il'ds
lniali tfe trii swarmsho af hugght,
wlrkN falntaI frilill, pt i el tllt'l{
Ieds of ll both n'ines; lies t lit a ll itay
edlot dril'e ioI mlelttoys intup
f'eneth'ltrough wht~lih ethiety toight'at
lietat vae lw wrmd friland.t l~lii
(ltIit't wob, bey hr to i isy whehe
ther (,w'ss ke rost r n'ey
thioilt e wholafhg. (ii l it falk-n
upony ol thi'' bamions.t Intepr'est, of
htuItes. il GloomI. de ere farcedtibly.
ithot newigti bloo hin ltte Ihome teamg
"Sy, Jim," bawled the captain, "el
ther tils hre heloill' Is young, Or it
vas; pike( inighty green. Anyway It
in't blig elltttgli to send it haI ncross
the4 rubbetr. It otitglifer he set polayin'
111 1-1blks. 'T is ni't nto ple. for cliff
dr1enl. N41w, thlen, ,111m, swat 'er Over
the fenc I t l lwenk the 'helnoin's'
lit I-t.'
"You just wt lluy slloke," Jill
sahl. "Whi I :-it 'er a i lIk, she'll look
like Ia si neivr. 'gillg to kniock the
(l slied thIlIt Ifit."
"Exetise lile, bitt 1.1r ain 't to be 1no
swai'iii'Ii' tlls gie," it deputy ma1:r1shill
said, touching11 twhe ig batstaan11's elbow.
"All rilght. 1:n:2. 1 dhin't knlow tils
Was i p:yer e ilii'," , i sad, n Iauze
mlerit InI every3 line oif h)Is fact..
All eyes were fast ol the pI lihe, the
"ophenontl." 11v etanytolt o
siglight for the gme ie was up igaIlist.
Wuld Itl. fall? IIrwood screwei' the
hall into Oh li11liin of hIs right ba:i,
sprang fonran, thlen lightly, swily,
ts in al er uilglit. loose a tnse howv
1iingh loeld his 1a and enlt the hall
lissing ncros th le plate to raiso Ia plf1
of SaliiI betweein the plate and 1eel.
"Oli strike!" erlled tle tiiiiplire.
"''h ilder!" shouted J1111. "I d Iin't
see It!"
11nr woot1 sileily pltltieed a withIin ug
rIse that wu(lllld over the plate to the
utter confotnnling of tle batter.
"Two strikes!" said the ulnirlie.
"Toughi It w2Ias goi' to be it low
b:!l." .1111 ai111d 21pologetleitly to ils
ninIn. 'The enlptnli glowered. I1Ill
lUcrl latt onl fthe inn1sk and StIluattedI
close: up hebland the hat. 11.woo
grippedwi thw hill pweliarllly, a sign to)
!Lilt 111h11 fig, i would le a whltle out
ur2've. Thelim I statd apparently for'
Harood gcreed the bult into the pjlm
of h r4hsht hand.
agree with him-the jumped very far
back froin the Plate just at the ball,
twiutlng like a serpest, sailed right
9er the middle of the rubber.
"Thre strikes! Striker outr" bawled
the umpire. "Batter up!"
The crowd was at first too amazed to
applaud. It could hardly believe Its
eyes. A strlpling hiad struck -out the
Itininelble JTimi LBunklter. JIm slunk to.
ward thm bench, gr'owling at what he
enille'd "the empl)ire." ie was pronmpt
13v o'ilencedt' by3 thet alssertIonl that the
"'enpIre"' was all rIght; it was himself,
JilIn lluniker, who ha2d an 0oyster in his
freh''ei'al ini ilnee of' an eye.
Wh'len ('enterport's enytn11In had sald
that, lie weint to1 thle ha21t hI mself. Hari
wood siiilled. lIick at college It hadn
beeni sahd that .lWiit Il[arwood won at
hall1 as muich'l by hIs grIn as8 by 1his
cur ives. 'lThe gi Iiwas slow, insinunt
lng, t'xaspera1tinug,'2 enlultehItd to div~e
the coolest hlatter' wIltd. I 1nrwotod sttil
a hltf linutlle rubing the limIl and grn
"'Aw , gIt a move on yo0, t here, kid,"
"'Needn't h~e 'iah~l I'll huist the diurn
I'll show ye a trick w~Ith a hole In it.
Ye aIn't pltch11i' to no blInd man this
tri," the eniltnin wencit on.
T1hie 0l'5rson kept 0on gI nnIng.
The hatter got explosIvely red. Har
('einr siniply drloppe.td outi of' hIs nerve
less lIljw, anud hie lnae n shilvering
ioundiq as Iif ' Whe t w et lib orI frein~ g.
I plled hhniu.
I'i lishll ma2 'l'erel lin~self' aloing
Tin-no I hard al2 sioluld111 iiha tmde a
"Pl't ! I'st !'' Thie nois( that. eletOlt or
ttein i to aittraUt atteintio utIn n
I yanced ar'oundl, anti such a sight I
Jtonehl had one armt strietched ait fullI
length th rough the cage neross thlit
narr5ow~ llasage to t' left. 'IlTere was
fa stanld of Spiingflt'ld rl fles there ('lose1
ngnInst the wall.
H ave youl tever1 seen at person) ren'ieh
for something on fa hIgh shell', somue
tI)ilng hie couild julst t ouch wItih the
'"TIp It, Tommy"i3' (lhe never enll-d me
11y tha t namer le 'ici. "Tip I."' lhe
saId In ft einlglng -mn: y "'(; 'h 21
: t as here lngers, I I.s.
.. -- <.. . i'r a big knuicikledl, hairy1
'.a ii. u ii h a 12hinu11l Ilaishing onl the
'ahne1i1t I 2 I wentlI trough the swvIng
I heaord vl'tl's Iislle thet buildtIng,
1r11d a reporllteri irushed pa~st mie, lis fnee
I'bblize wIth ntews.
'lThe 11a1pers were all wriong. Thtey
ilrIrnl the tir Ih.
promptly procured, ORL NO PEE. Bond model, sketch,
or phot foI'r freeo report on patentabniity. Btook "Hlow
tol tiai II .I. andt ForeignlPatentaand Trade-Marks,"
FREE.I Farest terms ever ollored ho Inventors. -
An 'nineus'i- confldential. Boundt advico. Falthftl
servIen. Mloderato charges.
"uC Ao BNOW & CO.
Opp, 11. 8. Patent Offlee, WASHINGTON, 0. 0.
The Kind You Have Always Bought, andwhich has b
In use for over 30 years, has borne the signature o
, and has been made under his pe
sonal supervision since its infac.
Allow no one to deceive you in tlik
All Counterfeits, Imitations and "Just-as-good" are 1)t
Experiments that trifle with and endanger the healtli f
lItaints and Children-Eixperience against Experncu6
Castoria is a harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Pare
goric, Drops and Soothing Syrups. It is Pleasant. It
contaiins neither Opium, Morphine nor other Narotle
stabstaice. Its age Is its guarantee. It destroys Worm%
and alliys Feverishness. It cures Diarrho*a and Wind
Colic. It relieves Teething Troubles, cures Constipation
and Flatulency. It assimilates the Food, regulates the
Stomach and Bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep.
The Children's Panacea-The Mother's Friend.
Bears the Signature of
The Kind You Have Always Bough
In Use For Over 30 Years.
Belling at Cost'
lEvery thing
Carriages, Surreys, Bugges,
Phaetons and Wagons
At an Absolute Sacrifice!
Unil our1 Ist)ck~0 i r~eIllc i lani take o1r woll foil but111 'omelI and see for y0o11
HI a rneOss of all kiII l4 Mto . We crry P he 11 be wktI~CIV, I ourtland, Tyson a'
Sit lIhel:Iker :1n-1 Weberi; :.-, elt'pI 1 r-t . lI1 - tin Ii. .mb-a-I Tri o -i - and Chattanoogai
I' 1ri, iiolti' Ior noilproli(.
Cone (ort Itn o a In .0 u- oI! a In~Iov 1:1ll Iii it "y 1, Ni l 10o .
WAGTIilIliW. W ilTE. n-~
W H TV~IIE & )qAIIOl)l .C
. lyO nedaytin "in " nir tln :y os r Wmh will h om-:dr~O~
wIthxe-.sr pricsto om anatess ilCrn6a a
pr.ei. hA8tc~oli'rNI NCI hG A N I'N '(
W(IIITE & C.,lA ltson.S. C
h'0 te l u 11 1 'y , Ith 11?4r A t i'i t,h-s priyo u r 1)z tfli 1 1 t
, J.II? I I )~ w lri 100.NVSlmo JtsJ~
MGreenviloletoU.S, SentOffce
AO-MonXov tNB.oooloan.tq
[VY M, MAUJLDIN, ;;;t,;te;poudilr
Alltoruney al. Law.
Pickens,8, j I0,NTV
raictico ini all tile 918 F.9
Oflico OVrI Eamlnas Dun Store.' SIn en
$21 ae ia nn roen

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