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VOL 11 NO. 52. PICKENS, . TURS)V k R
The Mill Men Protest Againls
Law With Qu iallficationls I
Favor Compulsory Iducatiol
preseii eii to 1 tie General A el
To thie Senators and mbris of
19111 tof I remai V 6 of
At nleeling of the Text I
facto nr 5s(of S--uthi (tito ima, lhelid
(reiividle, S. tu., ki Sept. 10, I9
theo I.'h,W m~i~g I exschlition wVa' adlopi ed(
" That a c'ltinittee of live shal11
app kinc d frm ilik 1)0( y who sl
add e-s ano (.pun letter t> tihe L egt,
ture alie ih con it oncxi -tinl
the hull villages, andii expulaiiiung l
the nll t, orpor'io . have (done a
edut-l ofn I their ilo3es. I,
sha I al d .. te any le isa
tpoi hIII IeS. on c.f chil I hoi'
unnlic:Csrt andl shall appear3:I hie'
the I .1.i itutre as riIrSient V
thmill inte-rests of tile Stale. Th
sim reclleit, however, tlitt if the Ia
is lattie in) itsi judgmlenit feels that
mlU't enact solue clii Ild lbo r law, t1
l the !-e limit be fixed at tein years I
1r,1N Wo, a~11 lal t the emIpI~loyn-nt
miors under 1:2 ears of n3! a' Ii,
after 10 o'cl(ik be prolibited.
" I'ey shal! u re most .m phiatleal
UIol the eLegislatiure tie( inecesity
cn0111pllsoly cducat i this sta'te.
'Tlie question ot the a'ivisabilty
l('iilation0 alfltmg the emplojyieint
milifis 1 111il1. has been bl-ore tl
L re el this State for the pl
sessions and tile nestion h:
beell Ve' U I eiIM:rally coI il .ed 1
view of these facts, and of the fact ti
thIre is L.o -i'ganiZiii 'tii M) ao,Lgt I
Iiill 1uell of tie State', st) that ti
views coid be imaole k(o 'wii , ailnel
ig of the textile iualtifacaurels of LI
State was ca ld oI Sept. 1I0h, by e'
tiii fiitilinetuiei' that 1,C isiteraiti,
in ih t be hiad of the siu bject.
'Flm (jlestioll wis ei l3lly coi1i.
(ret ill Lhiis leting,, ail s a S1
te i isol ut 1io~ above tat ed was ad'bptes
One cam cleiiy the uilfrttillate r'
suilt of the eli1l.yieult o (e0ldreun
telder 3et:'s ill lahor of any k ilkI(. Sit
einhI'3)hnelit is nlevertleless ltei
iiCe5aIe y iSeillt of' p(avt - ity. The agi
<!ihluilal iliiere(:ts of the late hae it
ruIirecent, yeas li Iffrded to tile tel
11111 clts.s a livili g rev'e lie. 'The '
stilt of this is thit tley arc in iWOi
se.ctionls ill .1n itulpoverIished col.dui1.-I
aid IIhavne soui.1hit the nu'l! as a in..u
of, obtaiing a better living.
Coiling to the nills withliu. ir's'it
CeS, aid yet unskilled in miill h;hli
thls people:01 ar1e often lir a ime 1 >reC
to put into eullj'oymienIt wiitti henI
wils, tlose chlildirl wio1 tiey Il
pre Il viouly iceustomeiid to work Ii;
their farms. Gin Ititig thit stuth lahr
on the farmlil is nUt as con till ius<
conf liling as that ill the i ills, it is yt
neer h eless the case 0hant the prilip
cause Wiy it has not in evioullIy att I rae
ed th(e Sine atentiin as has the el
pio3 ileti of chiirien in the mill v'
lages is simply f<.r tile rMc n ii that ti
population 1s MOre Coincelit rati il If
lIt tel'mid in1t11ion01 i ' 11 r Cs peeil
directed to the fact of t le cmi ployic1
of children.
Tle mills getirlly b ive I c coniz
the evil tedniency of ch1ibil Iber, whit
using this expiesi- in the sene
empiloymenlt of c'hlilrelt of age 1un1i
ed to labor. They have and de th
courag'e the empiloymilent oft such chil
ren. TVhey' have established , and su
po)1Lt schiot is for many months in i
yeatr, at a v'ery conlsideLrabhle ex:XIs1e
t heimelvee and1 encourage the allec
dance (if chiildreni upoll these school
Tlhey litve aiided in the estabh l ihmer
or have established anal inainlt tiin
churches and Sunday schools, as al
libraries and~ places cuf (ent eri ta ine
aainu1111 emenit.. IHt, whilt, mnakii
mnill po~pul st i , the' i manag..emn ts
the mil l)proper3t ies, ben ini a positi
I o be ('IVciverlant wVithI the fact'ls at teni
ninv VcaBs the emplle me i nt of lhi
ren of a younger' age than would wh i
wise be desired, is neerC 53ali'y.
IEven belere any agitation upiicl
(quest1ioni of' chil laboir thei mu11a Is n su
ceu'sful operatioti had uisedi their elfo
to co3uraIge the wit hdra';wal of' h oln'.
childreti from the mills, and pr ct
their littenduanlce. upon) schlools.
1.Ve ar'e pleased' to say thait. the peoj
of the im II comunniies had iin at'
eases cooperai'ited ncl lahs clireet ion. 'T
proof of thIiis lhes ini the Inct thiiat
quei(stionlaly the bes' conditions ini I
mill vil~ins as to meUanis el ianlota
ance of 'tamily, thle acttendca nce
schiools, arl~d generlaI erilence: of iii
plrosp)1ieous condtitionl is to, be li'on
the mill villagzes ofl several years.- ect;
lishmnent Its c'ontrasttedl wVithI i ewly
gaize'i d eomn imiities.
TIhe mnaniufactur ingt. intereC s i
p)oinIt, with pri:c3 to the ben, i lit'cint
forts of amany of the maiufctrelirs
imnpr. ve t hi conitionbs ( f ltho se
their eidayl)3 ; and they believe th it
exam iaiionl of the mill vilbe'gc'a
pr'ove t his interest oi the i a of
naliuifateil, an 11l thle appruleciail
of b), h II 3 ni3eesit y atul de'sralin
of imipr"ovI *. thet conillc)n of thec I
WiTh ithe1( fact s abtovue ire'ited in vi
the texa ile uinahiin erl of' th Ile su.
whvlilst, fuii ti'3euiingi t lie has-'ion
both to the inidiviclna: atnd to 11he e'
muity <hi f thiiploy itn i al chuib
of too 34)u hful ati age, believe that
rcocrds < 1 f11 ihliinnrii-n:- h..'
tIhse t'ctioiis ate h3e 'Iu' .1o'
antI that, '11 ii t heip oo all wdl
tinue. 'Thie 13i1l ('f 1iiinu \ :llo
great' liIt a liitait''s Ia" hi. I ij'u'*\ I
the way3 of t'chib I, c~h (ebei', ilbra
to attract to Itenir thn e iiuiti le
41.4 Coil)e pet it ~ ~ VIII Illo III(
hezit Libor will frethose whoi~ might
L a otheriwise n3ot be willing to cume to lil
Ind 3111i)OVCd corli lit ions, tc (1o mo.
B- t ing cn yve lsait with tiht pop l I-.
eIei In l) w ith the necesied, atl oa)p
:80ortlailies 0f th3- in their um .y,
he~w believet(he mauatrsare b1esI
hu0 able to exert a proper ill wlnce i 111
illdcteelnnm to dation. Tiew ieh
.of arbitr-ary legishiti -11 woul bel b. b
aIt iot so u ch by oble r t ablislh ti. ill<
ais by the newly established, amditn)n
so much evenl by these hltter a* by
bIe lLat portionl of our poplulatioll who,
fromldistres a lli is fot uV ha v. been
forced to seek mill life, adll ark nlt
m yet prepared it) support iiemslveas
mt Without the labor of their Chilren.
Pill W e I ge lieve it is all uL ori consieh-r
he atio l it) siak of tih I3oportin of illit
Uy crate ill anly mlill comtloiity". All ex-.
:)n a114n1-,00m (0f colndli1ion n illprv that
is this llitLeracy ha 4 uc itIre i primr to the
Ire co1lming of thle, employe les tlo the 1nill3 .
of Th1 TcoIcs will hw that as full a
0) pereentage 1f 1iiil chIib(l-Ire are attl-ld
.ant upn School as any oth1r chtss to
. wlking w,> tlewin the bummis of
it the State. Il(.Ii l l we say with ccr
r I: laily that la h er t t per 'entc of ill
f childre m at school than Cal u all I
lit be forn l even Inl v t : l'a es.
Th r tr. Of Il 6--5 mi inlt il I
Iy in the tabhlt l talhement r f rrt l to, i
of shov that therie are withinj their (n-(Ii
,I un .i lcs 9l:3 ch u h s v alluei at.9 .3
itf 50 , utile of ch(ur1bs situated in
L- :1eslc 3V11 11A.ce S~i;13't31$ t
I t Ic): 3131 ov1 . lln ililt, the -in3 1ilantes
'have c. ntribut-ed .l2,595 'mva3< the
erecition, atki they m r it ill
ii t m inttenanc of4the4 e ch3 u-3ht aln I
L SI '. Iltc oi l it the s inount of
it it 11pp3'ars fl herii 31I tha th ges Ilim
S 4I et Ve , o hitl 01: Ill- "(.111 Iilt
*. ' i lpmatio ts r e lp.1 i ill :tmiMl;ax
towatt he IIc h-11' atiol (If thlt com umik
r.. I ~ nity s i t',5.1, a in the. wa4 y (,C
butilin :e27,512 14 itonal . That
I t he pol laxes 1tu irth Stveial mmunI t l lilt i
e tics tl' liIaot ttI . 1 H usi. t t
I ;iti 0i :vIr .2 . , III I)n t 3 tt Ib
3.. these4(. m (ilciildlb iIittes to iti' P 1331.
c I I '~ti -:II. '1. L1uiu 11 1 ii u i~t co ttt~ccc
h1 einld ' es.
- v h ave illvt3 31 * ill Febotal tll'Il
j di 57-1 ) .W ' "It selle I ai~ilip Lt
Li I'cl.i All ih leh st %it h iat sm l
ex~ .e ti all lite fre Itlitiil, Iall I e ite
v e it'i h ,is i e 1 1 1 .1 11hs. <r
twi -u that 4f labc' the Plit r 1po llls of eI lie
cn-, co-ldi:2, t'. the Iepmnt. of thet
prm(itf education. Thu to
ti. l~lt e ilell 131 iluie r llies seliils lls
het - ~I -il tihc pkt - it igl:;l chlI!
t e, l i t1.11s avinsty (icl ait ice (tf
.3,7 i 1. i tl W i such fit 033 it. lbws slCci
t((it' I lie e ilt.-l t 11131 1 1wt 0 li 1ti1
prt.. isl ii h I b fa'-t,. Illr tt he 111;11tIfl'a -
til e1 s5 are lo ngw :so lleir he t i 1.4 u 11 *;ttI
the ch -3lhte ill i vi ir 1111. v i I i s allo I
W1 h-Ilvc soi41 far .131-3tt prric-be.11'
, illftaitiella ted ell te1 ofei3 i ih O .
t It is I"o rro that i etse it
I- lion for legi h1ition upon thVi' sIb et ik
- coming, to I 1.43 k lx34 it , fiotmt 1111I
i- thlolls. af ly t eilplore of i c,I Ira
e .ion is titilllximils to3 riiuedI y tilt'
v evil .11f ieplomet I13(of chide fi.2 ()I ti;o
I t lI anout , 1 h' rn it',. 'lbli I 'l3t
tr e t til )3. l a hi i i li til)t3 3 llutili
1ttll-els to a e J l m it th 11 I i d(1u
(IF- The 1.1uth1 i- that I hor 11unions
lhvle Cren a'1 < pp.il t 'u. y 3 vIl 131.0
ti S in t rh li l 11313e at'l ii llt ill M'l-l 1
31-3 L'ier t stll il i i ItIhImlaei ilil 3iZ4
Itt - 3 Iiu lldie e htiin It -'n. 1i'ct wouh ie wat b
l- 1111r1 tihet il:3 a3i e u if l ly11 , l ie3)il 333
l iliell'w)3'l11ti hP )ilp-ut hisly i1 rcoI-.
le 11 thcI(13)Oflabcr3t 11314 wlil Itheil
'3-1 TWe fet. of hv hthotr leg', 33 ion hasd Il
13. Il~tiI)V Sel11 :lie coltlcc, (Pot illie c
3:3 fortunate 1113 lei lin that she1) i l ilt
:lc ('131er tr oi wli c'I m Iflt is (10$11 il1.i
Shatuiappel ini~ ile- nir SoI1)l- much
d- an at.endment to t-c con313'titutio of I
the cou1in try froni three to live mionths,
We append a printel table showill.
retur:Is frotn (.5 inils out of 117 in tei
Sate, fIr tle! purpose of showiing
what is bein' don.' by the InIlls inl tie
ma,1t:tr 1f vdne ting! their emnploye-S.
Ail tht' inills il t he Slate were I'e
li11ctedl to anlswt' te (Imestiotis; but.
ill illy (f thi-Ill heiti lew Iliil , biad
114t ct-thlishe(I :chools, land did not.
a1nswer inl linne lor pubbecation. The,
repieis 4of all who rephl( within timeit
have beti pilin'ed.
E,. A. Sm YTH'.
.l i iI:1. I..\ N D .
I. WV. luil.
Age withers the hotly but blossois
thle heart.
l'iantonic. friindship between the
sexes is as ikely as$ tempe-rate dips
11ilinm)'tiliiV dloesil. 1. vlwiy. 1110v11
ilimdesty any1 mor thanl i .11modesty
alway Imanimmorality
dotline people tsceti to ttirhiii the
se rpent with the idea 11hat1. it may coine
ill hanll ly tw bite - inebruIly else.
The average oa'cie1o being
we~l-dresed is L() llave tler vioimein
wot)ihr liov sle Can affod it.
The early bird catches a chdl ,tt-king
upl the fulrnace! inl the, Cellar.
he <lrillk that (tiovibs Yttlir sorrhw
wat tts your bted 4f tilstles.
W eIl ial 111:111 l th e oit(i (f his
airi&_ u eltn s lie swears; a wollal cries.
Aloire pe-ople look ahevad to succeis
tenl l lallsillitI tiics overI thanll look bmcek
att it.
li'e wtuttlnl who sili kes alld likes it
is t, fare as the iiail lit m til sri't it itik
.11id lik en not to.
1'Ilaill I)O\Ver and Ielillemen(At of ill
t(Allect liloVe iln inlverse ratlao.
After ou have learnled t') utnlearnl
y. an i! in a air wy of feartia tug to
It is hatl ftir a Fa( wtman to think
thi:t her tliiier sister is 111 so ut. Ai
jillre inalicte.
A w'ttiniall slwa , s ftls tia the way
to il iprtve lier liusianti's healin ik 10
iiiak so;ne chaige in the weiglt of his
It is (i ly in books that a man1 Itoves
a i'tblllil so fitnch lie wol llbl be willitng
to i01. n OlCt olr niai hive htr if it
wwil mnake hier hjappie-r--New York
II\L (). N T 10 ,-'N-N L.W. --ThU
t'blei. ( hironicle sil~s
n of ate miost l charming r on
teIlrs ill lliwaukk,k e scIety I" lr.
Thoma S If. Btlwles. Siw" is a et rianiit)
and kows tlhnr di3leet-c to perf
t'i Nh etcoub be hnare ilnished
th:11n h11r dark, y. stories,. Ilr IVU1a One 01*
hier best :
A y 11,linma was telling aiecdotes
t a c ircle tand 1lte of his hlIteniei's was
hi., 11)t lmter-in-!aw. lie reilail one
tltt a Ifune'ral' . A woniili h.14l dit. 1.
Tie uuldertaker' at the cites of thec her
vice a.t tihe house said to the herleaVetI
1,411u will ride. in th lirI!Ist ( arriage
" I dtecline t ride witli thait Wo
h. r wtoultd spoif all the ple'asurie of thet
All laugingly apre'iatedl the
hiti11it .1' th le striry except tile youli1g
tull'S luolliel-ill I aw.
~\lV dot you1 0 I lugh ?' ' he a'ked.
"' ( )hi,"' sh: repheid , ' I wvas thiinkiing
of' attiher story aib''u ta!' ciolrea Iun
isltr wilt prayed.!C 00c <hy for1 1rain, h'ke
kntwes. diat de craps) is ai sp~il'.
Thlou kno~we-st dalt tie ('ntti4 on ai thou1
sandlt hills arln a perishinl' fto' water. Senl'
us a raini), toh I medt. Not one4 obi yerl
di iz/.ht s. Stin' us a dow1 npouriii, ai gruly
tile chuirch c'alledl ou :' 1,aok hyarl'
iparison, wihl.flo' to' pray5 thdt~twa' ?
wVtek?' "'
.. . ..--'s*. 4
I tAtlg wlla1111 drei' ad at Itrtie lok
ilIow 1.'l wi (1' dilowl oIl the 11!t '(de
board is ail. elltre i a tilt co'. rne1'.
d')w ttilt'wI 114 1ester'tyIoitt i V. atri
Iu iitaiHI hil tile hor f pitrill, illtW
a ilfl tilt' nulie wil lsta gr i
1tt i ll llitwht Ias winit' lts thaed:'
"-le --r. Bh 'i."~.
Fo-h "1 hent anwrd hidsuredly
-tht ai~ Yo hav A",liwayse Bough
I e
rhe Governor Vetoes Act to Re- Ti
peal and Hotme Sitstaiuns liin.
lct t r jst- ;lu ll ti' tI i litit l tl e tls
'VerI tit is rt' b o s f n ril
rnl )s, It'd the i-&ite ,iv t4 ine I his dI
ve b g to :y G . showtin that a 1 -ia.. the.
jirity lid ntU lavo r l ilt , ii' p I, al' - t ,iV
Itoug th11e hw il a ed tit ' louseat its-, ,i
last, eao.Theu no 4s'age of thle Ila
te verilot' is ais (iows: I1It
To it Ii \t'i l ' tihil M v*li bi els tit' yile
lou,1se oflie rsnttv s
e) t q ettIk. t \I.I- w ithot 1, 'i
' k i' t Ila t N o. 2'..!1 to4 '' i it
ei ri lied * .ti slIt it. pri vvil tilt- I of
it I Ir asilt'X rit, ti ess >ot . l eg i i li f ia .
ll i'l ii: ad by a i d Sl:vs f
Sce ll tor o-' lilt 11)her i l '11 1. - frt
till, Stitit', til- bY .ttut I I it illher i f II. j lit l
It Ie.Ill IAss ily f
ny te or coun1t ty lli -ill, ( rby h\.
jutii e' o f ii eotl' It I. ' I Id, i ' t is- I I
T 11il e t was- p:1,sI (I :I -11 ' 1- -wr _rlse e
hI il as wit l ist i t i ld i ; it ith I .j tIt '
m vuyiii4 1 ii I li ii t iitiit lit tiit' IIt l.l-1dI W O
lt' i o1 tI t lii i ll il e hst i, si he yt. l.\ in
-it ~i ll 1, thr tti t ' -M ,iit 'i . l i\4 11.
Il e )tti Ia i 0 : 11 1 't1-1LI0 i lI iti l'141 ct)i v
'I'lt( v wht ich ittion 1 ti 11 . r Itur I 1- I Iii
J.ittriif s ei i't i i
i i t itith, wI111 th t ill lit ' t i it itu
NtinuI.rC t. rpa ta Ia
power iivt. Im ell
Oire n I seitioali i o pI u I i i )(It- hi
retiov theI-m l it,,1111 a oll the Ii-d l
power and-'i ilu ce. 11 n 11i .ilii I
of I I the Initts of : l facti-lls t h t
tilti aul was 1114 eted h for it pubilic r
Wue: :I I(it d lot k wI l, hny eni' u l wa
0r'ny gNid reatsIoNIt wIh, Mthl ' hIit, n
re tille, r'iiI tI I It iIr \ i tI lt I it'
Nh Zt .l t N1'4)\*.-, f'I., I I I 1
n ISS I 14ilii S a .1111 1 t ViItI- \
Iers of tle t Ie t'is la ill iti iit I 1 la . lii i
ends 1) b fore I lls art wa pa neo -d pro. hI I t,
blti it it wa vr I) Ip tI I !i ln w I4o whi i tt i
I wol bt not fii i t a 1:4,4, I nooI nt heu d r-lit - I Iet, tt
m"('-C)I Its st ili,_ Air it llttatill _, thatt uti i
legi .h I Ir o)~ter i Ificial, .a tiot bu
r IT : ,Ivi I a Irat I ! au w, \ t, it >1houbl1 i-eC l
eiillmini.tle ilt t l l w ii!:a a'I, ill Iln tii'
a111d 1luust fee.(l kiin ' tAt a ia o
or l) qor 11rI' Ion I the r, -1 it-:r t of whilt \- 4~
fa 1vor weS WV I . 1'h.4 v (,. pqrou*:I. it '11
greT, I nfluencev on' htiscn1 11. 111 h1 Vf
thol d a II fraiIIitIIk or a I rk I a' 1-1!i I v .(.Ite Wh<
to :1 eInII as slat(, olli' iai or h- 'i'ln.r. Ila C
whenl it wouhtll n1(t1 n- ihl . :hi go. :,.I ha
;In t, I,(- r lt i , 1 e :1 riv\.It (it. 1 ;.h
-Leg1-iahdionl Is frn 6p1 Il u1:.\ hai I n e.ll tl- wh
in iht tie IIrp it o i ai I 1A (d,,1. o
M esto 1. o nn II I ll c t l' I t iI CLIIl _ 1 ilite il I 1(- j1 -1
vexeCu,(tedl. ItL i s h c- - ir sli- puble areI ".
e-er*vice that the i li :n i ; it. h:. a el m1
LI ir hev claIrely Ire I t o w( m ith tn I r I o -Ir
tienecs to) hoh ilwc 4a1'o. usie a t e
Iight of thet corpugnitil-n- a s w,h I; Is Igal
IlteI rights 4of timl pe Ip - . Bli~ in y4II
I IIs calI be II h(le thanc b,3 wo whI
;wecep' ing favolis fro:nl 1he (- po: blI
ItIIitaind at il iu n p ro i tn e
e Coitf-!deratc Chieftain Too
Last Look at. the Libert
Vv never hiearI of, tle iberty Ie
Lt we dlo ri t think sit tihlt inis' il jotaI l
II nutle 1 ih 11i2 h th ui lth,
Nltielt4ll 1 14S g11 l. MI hatt 11111I it:
iti s N %w 4 ileans, wher- I
'()t ton |-'.x p -iti ' i on ft thi o1 I
Illj IWO" 1i11 i .111dI it1 IW114 !(li 'i1iIll
tili4 41iragre ' 411s, I ; iiii h , le 11411
t. , lI I I I rsI t i it, 11b li h I Il
Iii I w 14f11 w ieb , ju ii I lin the !-evtin
iX s I 42 beh!I1 s of,4 12r4Is -, uIi I I,
II rt ft llrc t I to the l 11tai 1itid 1
Ss-1 - t tl , S, I lt I.ib r I I
b r th )if I li 1 ,(he Iii A ' it
idi |iall (i i tir ;i t 11 i t l t 11
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;1 ( a; i d i 1ti4 41 mI al t
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1i ptl 4)Iiiin was o1w(% i retir in en1
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fiI Il I ois for a flia i i r I It I
111:41, a ' li t t I'I 541'Il1t4l!44 t'e h14 i
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I llleii - .a In rI e 4e I l lle 14. -I wi n1
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nlc Sellng int t ill a wm1ll f " -.i
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pke n i I vne wa w r4141 un II I s
anUt ille it 1 hi k IIIy1 , phy i III11 c I I
Ilc m t.I r,411hat ill .as hec was hl. conIlhi
s 4 I I all 1Wf)1 11, w1.111 1. |11 -,4 I d
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ll el illi l-i y ) I l h ( iel
Is Iihei 0' 1 i ( of - 'i 1 on>
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VI i: % 4 1 i I aI I 1111 ai i
\1:c 'I i 1r1e Il' h, rnu I. !I. I I Ill|.
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1+/aI lit- cits., IIn
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t -r dIs i ; Id Ia t c I 1 .1 i t w-1' Il l
Hair -hlit>ti shplits,
~rc- n ipsl Ihr t'e hai
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., v 1141.1 t 11.11. 11he dr aty - w naAl
owr yo thr cvcy Thait af
yo urn heaTd all thcwnd h
rAierbh: ai rl Vigort line
advanc wiiltlyl rvctte
sp 'littng. If thet-i slitingi( i
hawegundit xii ~ srtip it|
\ 1.0lii holt' ll ur4t. I :)Iht\k wes i
I r' duty. 11hI',I (;b 14rious o4~ld he 4ll t
-l'(1441 445 44444 ' .) I 14 w t .'. Il4. i tut4',)44.
*4l NIl. Ii '. l i ir' 4414 )iai I( flers.4 i)44
'I1.l4 . ilA I'sit (:, I*A;IeCeII 11)455
The World's Great
y or all form of fever take .J4 \'.
I. iH 10) limes hl iler than glu Ii:,( .11
feeble ('ures mnadle by 1l lile.
n rI I' l d kI 141 11fr ai
Cicoskinl!. There ik I little reslaural t
' h('lii. 11 4apitol 1111, lie patroI zes
1-cfeiplientl*y. 'Ilhe ollier. (1b1y thec plaire
I* c ban1ge-c hatnds, alni Ohe Senlatoi- w-am
eItal by- a strangr-. wheli lie wntiv , ill
14 4:1's Ilit' I, 414'vjiI kidicii -'.
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1.4 141 tt in1 r C Nh c r.I" i
I ( ii IIi4mwc ;44'y 1) kiss N44)11illI
ordrl 0ii n 1 lit)
illv alt I' jua
to brotin-r GSlar
11) 1I4 u hy' ill(.'
Aler to. >a il 'l' w rdnn r
IIII,'V1 . 'a I of \ir)Ee AwaY .g I
which General A rt'hr i''rv4ich-1 t. TI'lle
l'r4. ' s <14distill) i(s(( < c(m(net inl
11 111- 44j4 . 1e I' d, 1 VI IV 11 ly h 141 c(4. 11'
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t I-' A N i) W O:KK. N n t i ii A 1' h -1 A
I 1 4i' l it'.'t01 N
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N ( 'k
\llje P .r ~ e ct. tls e pr Pil a-t,
( Ill i 1 oil.
IlI D, L 1'.1414(.4 tN- 10414 N4 E\ Y ''~
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WeoI Ii: av 're n b 'jl ill se41:ci
A1 4-1 ' I till r Ii 110 1r 4 ll. 1- icl
de.' aL tre '- , s .Irt Irict 441e 41( 144I w t
1) ll . 0- 'lflt lishM gpaig l | igg iptiee
mit titean wn tcrcipi -t! mioney
un('tri 'erith- )) ,m a'i i~. - '
7II A 6; I'E R I Is L L 'Er11P67. 8 0
.1.K I 1 I is . irc4 anmi Treac. -
A N I /
4)4(1 444' 41411 '1 41 4 O 41(''4 C1(44 444
- 14o4r41user'4o l' * 4(' that :Ifor wili 1441
ar ,\fl na, oir Brm1 l tis. We' e 144 A h4It 4
t144 in ab' ea permar ni lr e 1
Catarrh% and ill is thW w. I v k wn rceer,
fo 1444gla V ~ Ir 4 , y. 1. u.r i "'i , r r e
ne \r.b . '' Ib 1 ck 1 eping.:' r h rian
. uilesn nad bankrs( W1rite f a
14. l4t l'N 4 1.IGNN~ I '~ .., '144'() , <1 . ' :42I
.\t h'-e .r41e 4.14 De I lN ite
11 444Iit Iiul ))'ntial 4 uineI I (4 leg in.h
ar4.. i' 41..*:1 aII '1;4 ard,. 'oo s - I in4i..
hun. 4. r paricuar..\ dre , .
NIl. llV 4ls.
(4i i 4 '4 14- ' il rtanhur ; . ns g.
On armlanha -:a FRyE. No Attym
B.- Ofr i PA E et 'lo n htr Co fr n ior.1
wrlie L.ff W C N
..i 41 I i4 e4 t A/A',\I\ NOTO 'D c
~~&A% AdL AJJA11
est Fever Medicine.
I s"i19l( <IM' wha4t slow qui.
Cure. are ii striking cottrast to tho
IS F 1 I Clm~s,
Church Directory.
I Liv % e liti, ii33e.4 of churches
1.. f~l*%%v ha e inlfina111tionl. .If
1i3'.i i .14 ilt .4i'14 t, p13~33(ile33 I fe
isary i the. li t sendl th nec -
VIt "-I ISr.
Jclilis \ .33. -1. Toinasu4-311 Sun
1:31', I I a. Ill. i l ' Ill. ; praye.'r m eeiting,
3Rev. ..iEii ter.i' .' lt. i.iturday be.
fi-4. (I' finst 81rlishy .1 : p. i.; lLstniday
'll. i- n'Crfk-- -Uter, J1. 1E. lostor-2d Sat
: i:. Si l ay r Saur
01 v I a Ill.
al b .'r-ek - I .10.E Poster-1 1 Sart
rf3.I[ [- p in ; Suihi:y aiftr foirth Saturday
S- I i le IN-.v. W . (. Sabr33 -Saturday
*ii * tlil si-ii l Smid;.y 2 . Ili; sevolld
13331:3': I I a lit.
8,t.33rthly before. thei third 833rnitay2 p it;
-:,I 83iih;iv lII :3 in,.
S nipi riil li..v. \W. C. iea l 3.n Sat .ly
I lit-r i t th Sm ilayv 2 1, it : 1th Sun.3
11 I Ii
- ev. H. C. 1.11414i1dd ck I st. andl1
- :'., bblt hi: lornin' 11 41'4l01k ; nlight., 8 ;
.-a 41\4rv .,:n l : II Ia t I pin. ; prayer niu
\l- if-., Tabir--Ie.r. (i I l inioe--Saf
ut. bfo)rd% [mirth >- malay at 2o'cl ek
I. Ii
1..- I t. D a"isisT. I til
Y NS ii - I; - 11 1: I. I l : l-i t SIll:: -t
s I Il' ,.3eri1 - t I ini , \\ , .ii'-sdliym s 1 Ill.
Mili lilt , I. l;. l. '. Dag3:311 -1 S I3
T b r la-v :. II. 4I. I n:i ll- i S i ly
rI 3 333 .lJ "e33 33. Iiid I
81IIL : .v h 1o~ la . I ll .
.' . W . P. 'i . iins - lIt.suich ay
SI I'.N'i o ir. W . E. W iggiN--- 1-41, Smill
b lay 1 )i il.
/ I i, . W. E. Wi-ggis--2i1 Siunday
:I . -th Sii arLiy .1 y I.
Il3 h 1 Ieiv W\\ -liu 1 s - -1.1, Sutuh1:ay 11
k l it - ,;:l\ih v In.
\niti Ith Si llday 11
I vii 4 C 3iur-ch Ilb v. W igg i- i 3 .
I ll i.O S 1i1114:1v 11 : l
Ni. .if 1'ii I ENA. Vi:r3: 1i-V. C. L,. ?V
S sl I' .f,
l i - i - : : l l l'l:. A
Th id " illl - isis lia I, 1 a Ill
3 ,i .. :.. y :23 3 . 3
33''3 uri b 'in:n 4l 'I l iii on i ' .333
a :i .l ,: :: , in.: i Ill.
1.1- S I ( I-g
1 1 3 3s3 1 C l l ,. 1 1 - N . . . (.
V 'hm i litirie s. CC
I -r iw, t. nI.
3' 31h3in i a i:.I' 1:3 Ii: :li I I:.i 1z,
l' l rt h n ly ( ; -I , il . mI
ci . , 1 ', . i t.3
Tax Notice
Thw irwu - li,.oal Pc-i,. . Co- irt
' nluf. Wit hf I I ti'elhm, will be( oplel onl
(11'l:1l . ' iI. 1 :11 b for. I ho.e illiee imn
l hi, r,.;;\\ hg nin i 1 'o 8 for . -al
.t-v fin S i n l ; in l,
I .\\ filr fr.li: :Iry 1 (i il ly l:ix. . 1131 4.
I.4.\ v 'fil I i t it lliI s1:kl ini 'i tax , 3
Iu. U h.n s 2 mills,
i . : It v\ fill- . j3 l :11 j - 'im31 " I
iii, l'i n oa i o - t w i
n ll.
-' v. 1 I 1ii ' -1 1 4 'Ii I .h l i ll b 1n
S I : r y Iorint' 133 -1 ,,ii > e li ii. N. ho1n)
Spi e.ial lies' for3 -3h1 oil <li-ietI No, 5,
.M ri le 031t N F.1 . ia l de l. s Nt. 3,
i 33 3 llv for .: rh o d'itri la1c 33o.31,
3ni lIN ,WEi,0-.3 IR3 PA31E
Im -pp neS lioln- Ofro'n Wh>A SliIIbleO D.c.r
(nlo :hiu.33 I'.333t13~ I%1o3ember 13 1111
~\ hI: iSi 5 --8 (3 31 N i i-11 ill i'euli 13,
Ta'i l ~~ri: -'u ri 110 333 l'iIlns ( o i .1
promtl rcl vd.OR NO S~I r.1 I. Sed oeskth
Ar 33 .,- i r i'-- 'i tiI 3 ontlay. Book VtIllow3
liii ii un NI . 3333 I~t 'I .1313 P aten1t1and (3rade-Marks,"
ifl :- I fi iii .1 NI3 ri~L or-e ct inventr.
PA1:NT Awv.ItS or33INIo~: 26 lrARS' PRAC 1
C Lot'w' laTSIav
.\13nalsty in ep tb. Cts3i '
A.\niLI ii-- l 313ond Monday1 in 533hruary,3c
swoul Monhy i .un a d thefort
Meinhy inSept)mber
\m.: -.. -- h r o da nF b ity
hm Moih. in .lne ndfrs n a
aferte out M lAy inSpebr

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