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The People's Journal.
T. J. MAULDIN, Emroi.
W. L. MATHENY, .Bis. Man.
intored at the P-ot Ofico at Pickens as
second-claSs mattor.
Subsep1h)I ii, $1 .00 i Year.
- IURSDAY. JAN. 2.1, 190:.
According to the Supreme Court,
wo are almost without law.
If the proseut jury law is uncon
stitutional, how about that part of
tho work already done 'towards
providing for juries during the
present year ?
By the grace of congrcss, ninoty
thousand dollars have been11 appro
priated for govornment expenses
and floor space at the Charloston
exposition. This helps the ox)o
Notwithstanding tho decision of
the Supremo Court, there are ,r som(
members of the prosont log islatille
who seem disposod to iln(liig, in
the doubtful pastime of specil
It augurs well for tho peoplo of
South Carolina that the Supreine
Court of our State, with hill ap
preciation of their import iflice,
declare the law by tihe strict mea
ur6 of the constitution.
Tle movemenoit I ciut off 11a pt
of Marion coil ity for the ie
of ostablishing a now (00Iy has
been killed by a (ecisivo vote, alii.
the expenses of the electioll an1d
agitation will fall oi the propoisi)d
11w county people.
From (lay to (lay o)e (dim ab111(ist
feel tho tighteniing ofi JIm pur
strings as they are drail Wi Ih'
handls of pueieai cifn
at the begililliig of tl eli( p u.-n
most 111011 ar (-tel-rilinied I01 I
their best, through hard work tuni
Judicious saving, to neet tll cu
ditions imposed by a m.t disap
pointing year prece ding,
A. gonoral County g.'vol nimnil
law-one thalit leacs hocal (ulS
tions with local aIIthoities wNiti
full power to act-subject howevir
to the iialioiiblo right of appeal.
wvould sobe the gra'ter imrt of thle
tr'ouiblo niow oni us thrioulgh poial
One by 0one, thle wildl-cat selo-i-~i
Os to get muoney withIioult workJ areI
falling through.i 'J~ The mot p~ ri
quick "' idea (Ioes'tI hod good~ un.Illi
(der the rules of pflain bu1 sinel's.
T1ho pity is that somo1( de~seringl1
poo have beenl miadle victims <
T1hoe Virginia t'iu a ('ar n iiihemil
Company agaiinst whlliebI .\ IttorneyC~
General llinger' hias brought suilt
for annulment of ebiart'r conitendsl
that the South Carolinla ati-it ruist
law is inl conitra~venion o1(f thle led -
oral const itut(ion , an has ~i aipplied
fojr the removal of thme case froml
the state to federal court.
Theli most effective public re
former is that~ which does its work
through the pocket b ook , conisider
inig that cl ass of in f ractIions 15of law
usually tormed petty. If the penl
alt~y in minor cases woro miadle
hea.vier, the malgistrate~s woul
have 1088 occasion to exercisa their
criminial jfurisdiction.
* * *
Th e irrepressiblde re(1hstric.-iin
bill bobs upj seenely thI is yea r, as
herotoforo. Now, it isprod
to place Pickons, coun11ty in a dlis
trict to bo known ns "'J\C'wc.'
along with Ocontee, U reenivilleI, An.
derson and &\ bbe~villec. Theri'e is
more1( of polhties thanim wisdon( inl
somne of the sugge5stions9 about this
Thle peCtty je'aloulsies of' inor'therni
pe:ple are still aipparen'it when any
legislation is prtoposed in congress
looking to the ad vanca I cut of
southern interests. The long dhis
cussed canal project gives obun
dant evidence of this fact, but the
cana~l has almost become a necessity
and will b)a built, eventually,
making one great stop) towatrds the
development of the S3outh n the
line of transportation possibihitics.
If a legislative act, purporting to
validate the work done under an
unconstitutional act, is invalid,
then the juries already dIrawi
the work already done, in p)1
anee of the unconstitutional
law, is iavalid, and the legivsl
has no power to cure the defec
nept by the passage of a gem
~ that is constitutional, and
to be done must be "doi
Ni, anid 'twere well'
That., through congress, ninety
thousand dollars of government
mouey have beci inudo available y
in aid of i governnent oxhibit at a
Charleston is a ettlod fact, but, it
will tako about forty stump argu. '
IIeits ill the IIxt cnmpaigni to dn, I
terminle with anly degre( of C(lvi- q
lion which getitlem an eprsent ing
South Carolina in con.lgre1,s ha: a
been miiost inaflun111tial in (l ain it.g -
it' It app".als, at long distancve, I
that certain weIbler'1s ()I the lower d
branch of that. bodyI\ had ab 11( aS
much1 to do in finally seciulin , I:2 , h
miateprial aid ..s did anyl ' v anat a:
for that honor inl fit-! .int
(lover'liir MI , l SWi'e(lev'*: uiw'-s14Ig4'
was a fairly able il<lieune 1dlealng
with thw qpwations ()I publit' (o-()It
c rll) alld 1 'lIpi t 1l l it o ll -t 4V,
if of t he e.\el.t ca car andt pru
lie(c I li tho il n llitiint, o{ l a\( s
and le i(I t ho e xpelis'l-S ()I It h
rovel'ilillvllt. 11o Ve-o t l~ rg
Ilition tna iu; l ts it) agri'ul-- It
Lilr-al pNoo lde II' ,fle ;( o, tIr t
hiort erops lt I I\w pi*-, an
i() lIi l 4) Ii)<41 dy. I 1 il ; 14'
L'i ii'iil I 4to
anld su.I t i- tht[ t he
combina 1,,I O lo -
itr, 111 41 ~ . i4 ' I41'11
1 ' III Il. iI I ' I i
a i, I
-us to b v .1 i1 , 1,lv- - Im l( 1 9
(!ilali -\ til ;l- 1
1111. 115 14 cl i: I III.- 4 l %) I
rtvl l m t ea ;
t ai i. \\e ii b11,' C 1 1 1 11
a4''s (l'Wit I.lil 4:ll4. !' - . ii I
lilgh\'14441 t 't~.~:4Ilt 'I4 l i
1of1I lI:',IL I I''!lL i l' l lIi:ijii
411r (1114'111li
4~r oII hba' Ie ''4 . It -a
so 'i 1( 4h ':'iI I' t l
tI r If I li -4
oIll (Ili i ll,114 I 4 (I I '~
nighr 'ini -u :n it h 1 -44 :' l '1
a ly l)' ho l CIV \.s aly j 1 4I - a
11C 1i:o , h ie c !D.; tIe {41 i11.i
cuflt11'1ioiu1 111( > l l|,
a beork noc~ il ' t (.) 1111 1 4.411. 111
(101'1111lfliit)' 0 itII 1 )ate in tuosj(': Ci II
jt l' eI)1' . 0111.o o I''I4 '4' h te[
ilig thil
1 til p 'l 1tOi t 1)1jh'~ il i s
url thorug('11iv 11adtke
to :n-acl~to~ ajuIligt
runU I in \11 t .-ia a im poer~
o'ro tho LQ U'Ioi tovu1'q1unt~
Mr. WM. P. Calhoun, of (Groon
illo, S. C., a lawver of ability and -]
geitlemianl of (ICC) t1houigh1t has
mst cfimple(ed a book oti'led fr(
The Caucasian and (the Negro.'
t, purpor(s to deal with tho raco e ,
urst ion froin all impartial stand- du
oit(, sparing neither criticisin
Or prais1 wllere (iLior (1110. ta]
Tr. Callhounl is an earnest student,
)1;icail and conise and has evi. th,
tently givenl unichl thoulght to* thlis
ue4sti whiCh is on of the prob- in
Is I ippero)st, in tlie thoughts of re
I good southlie111 people intorostod
I he Welfaro of their sortiion. (Jr
ho hok ought. to be widely read, pi
ad if tll? 111tho 'm soluItion of the
roble11 proves practicable and
v et0 tho amproval of intulligent d1l
usin(Wess n111d Socia1 judgement to
lch ali oxtent us to bring about th
cooperation of e (fort to allo- en
iaeIi the struned reitions now ex
IinI butw cNi theI races, Mr. Cal
'uI) Will have done a lIasting ier- so
Sco to his Country.
Direct from the Legislature. 2
Ile 11-lst of Rti h1
Hil 0lb' S(onuatOl in 1CcordIIC wit.h K4
e 'State Constitution inlet, at 12 (1u
'lc(?k (nll imsday the 14th1 inst,
Everything" in1dicfatMs that this is I
hv th) 1IoSt linteret-Sli,g sPsin ,
ic thw passage. of the - coInsiiti- ill
ijn 4f 11",5. 1t s(,eems to be a siet
r1i l2.(et h111t, the body, will nI ot t.4I
Into linlything that hsthe least
- u llneo of I loI1ca or cl-!c1laI
v Ia his11 tIIfcourse was brtought
h tt b lt! rD , d C -|I is
hii 1g ul4n n (it litional tUhe julry (111
: Nio ( c41ty H(* goverin- riu
Ce1n14'rnIll it Samvilm thait. there.( VC,
Ili ? l f I)> r ido iii g tti ug 1 )a bil A
1I''t:lll fill theM., Sill) j~' v Iel wh
rug nhsuje wicill i
o ;al lie (c 1.tr o4 the I ti ?ro It
a-l but v wlnn 1 e attenl, pt to (n
S14 a e M y i I .Iv.r-I1 1 -i t 1,1\w. I t, 11,
Ora We th sn il e 1e1ry couity [Il
Ihe Site 1ia1y difill i uie p I 'lr- I
ni thinllslIv s, theIr lI fel i tuile now
.,t all tie cuni t(ies will imt he agt
l'di-it)1>ma~e what law on
S .is enaced. il
Tlie 1I.tlad e.ti I. of sil Ily and a
S<is nIasurs have b) o 1e Or
n) titL hlji~M (ht I i I Y v
r hie, many ol liech, it, s-1omstI
i 1:, areT preso10 ent ineproly hocallso ed
boy are regardl as "opiular", P<
nIvaS -S whle.i their autli ors wAll In
's(Ils thenii to8 be tnipractcable e
Ther isan el'ot beng radt tl
(it\e l' .i uen s delratio an oput iS
Iur 54nu11y onx a c1ltas bas is 10pa
pl~' inist, nd'btedneswitho11 t, is-Vo h
lo lhe~ prten levy.. ]t.llj lhks nowP1
4n4 28- II1h-itl w ie1ffi will littore
uhI' th ie' lvy forg thi eari an lmlt or
all ori one iill)4 lowrta it, wasl tah
iule upl(' toteprsn. a '~n
arel111142 pmw~ lith4l hous yt, zeuISi1
neW i 10y ii'tt I t hi wek.i t he~ ir 'i K
rit Mr. Burko21('3 fom ~~(, Charles- ar<'
he-hb to M. ChrieDnz.rp
lh sukdaln a n i he
1 4bunhi 414.44filled 1wi p liij' 44 I4
loIdits at tiheui field2J til e ('12n
al, of lcd ie for Stu Owis arotno
be t il.'v (he com1inined of1( paion .
A 1 s I'bI :.UtS .11' a h VE1)n ho't
.II' li r In b rb til Conghl I ('eelt 1 11(
11:2 hug (41o1' te n a1m i n 1 ho d ' I i 10
II was w). 2111 i ah , to go 11) >1 w-ith hat
he uol 1 by toid rdliymy rfaml- I "t
ye (11' li'i O(1(11 11 . hioct ma vey te'r T,~
4)5g lt 4110 t ' 4Vnx ot tov .chok ca t he
I uiht2V e (i t 112( appo ' higt dilte ('r
t4?41 il. vIhieb' m~l to his i :n (11 ii 1. 0
W,[i'Slby . . Ii1I Jruggus. ~
oley'snon--ee a dT r
h innte abouga trOssingth
orv, nwih,- fornWS was shot.p *
@[email protected]
Bridges & Hammond,|
Dry Goods
We want to close out our entire
stock of DRY GOODS at once.
Tho Goods will go
Coiie iiowland get bargaimF.
Bridges & Hammond.D
Prescriptions filled promptly
and satisfaction guaranteed.
Most up-to-date line of toilet
articles ini the city. u
G entral's
Are you prejudicod? Are you
open to conviction? Many people
think it impossible to fine a First
class General Store in a town of
this size
Don't you believe it I
Becauso you cnn be convinced
thero is a First-class General Store
here by callling on
L. Ross Eaton,
Central, 8. C.
Where you will find a fine and
varied Stock of D)ry Goods, D)ress
Groods and Groceries.
Con tral, S, C.
When you make presents,
give tasty ones, purchasers
buy good articles.
Pickens keeps silver goods
and jewelry; ~your presents
and purchases awvait your se
Nicely Italled Plaite Lace Pins, Color
ed Settings, .05
Sohd1( Gold Brooches, Beautifu PLI at.
terns', 2.25
lRolled Plate Neck Chains, With Set.
tings, 15
- est Gold-Filled Lorgnette Chins ., 2.50
Olack Silk Fobs, Gold-Plaged SlidIes .15
Gold-Filled Watch Chaiins, Phuiin and
Patterned, 8.00 0
Colar But tons, separable tops, (18
Collar Bitttonis, 1-10 gold, :25 .
euffT But tons, colored settings, pair .05"
Cuff Buttons, Gold-Filled, pair 2.50 '
14 k Gold She'll itings, sets and pat.-r
terns, 7
Wellworth Bracelet, 3 heart silver fin.
ish, .30
Wellworth Bracelet, 3 heart gold fin
ish, 5
Sterling Silver Bracelet, Chain and
Nethersole, 1.50*
Any article in Jewelry pro
cured on short notice.
Rogers 1847 silver goods:
Patterns, Vesta, Columbia,
Berkshire and Shell Satin.
Forbes Silver Co's., Quadlru
ple Plate Tableware.
Yours for trade,
Notice To Executors, Ad
ministrators, Cuardi
ans &c.
Pleae make your annual returns dur
ng the month of January as the law re
quires. A failure to oomply works a
torf uture of your commisions.
J0 8 Probate Juidge.
are the most fatal of all dis. a
FOLEY' Buanteed Remdy
or money refunded. Contains t
remedfes recognised by*m.,
nent physicians as th t for i
KJdney and Bladder trubles, ie
Not a section of this shop but strongly presses
)e emphasized in print. To tell you of all the go<
he new season in the prescribed limits o our
pace were impossible. Can only give you a hii
rom time to time. To make here are and now th<
-st assertion that this store was never more comjp
or fall and winter business is the province of this
The dress goods showing is such as any stoi
)roud of. The newest, the best and the most
)riced. All the new shades are here from 10 cts.
Whatever of style and dress making perfection
his seasons product, a fine representation oi tha
)erfection may be seen here now. Big lines of JE
Are here in great quantities, and the prices are
nes to finer grades, just as you like.
Our shoe stock is complete with all the new shr
;ize wanted.
For any item in Dry Goods, Notions, Carpets, Matting!
1hades, and House Furnishing Goods, Come to us and we will sa
JXC.A-listex r, & Be%
204 and 200 Alain street, GR ICI
We expect t) deserve it. W( kilo w tllt I voie w4a1t, as much1
ley can get fin1 it, and we are a repilreld to) give1 t(1 he i riSht. prieces 4)n
S to say that we uiderl)uy and undersell vr bod, would b0 I liv
Ind a iar IS s believed wi( l hen le t(ll the 111
We invite all to comie and look through uir dil)Crent delpartient
locked fn!l.
ks, Groceries, Stoves, Sewing Machines, Sa
Halters, Sole, Lace and Hlarness Leatl
. . Furniture of all kinds, Bran I
Including a nice line of Iron Bedsteads, at
are nice, clean and cheap enough.
frrades of Mattresses, Carpets, Riuggrs, Mattings, and a thousm
artiele's that, the good peopie will see by looking through 0r
Cutilery, Shot Gu tns and iletis, P~owde!, Lead, shot anzid 'Cap f~~ -p
mitte andl~ Blasting P'owder to knock the bu oro out oc f1' o -
probaly tie besit turn pliows on the naiarketi, uad of seveil
W'ouldi be glad to have yota try theum. See theini.
TO'( GO 2b11(.Il T Y (III.:A',
though I.1l the regulari stock is ceati enough.
COME IN AND SEE US and~ give us youtr Faih tiade and let
how,~ we. appre(I cie it.
____W. T. McFi
TIhe poor farnmers nle~eded help1 it isl this~ y'ear--withi shtort c:o 0:11
--1 have al ways dlonie my best for thenm in the( ices I 900ll antt 5t~
or produce. I acppreciateI youir b leral patroniage, this time its not1 I
~et buit ho w dcap (enn 1 11il It, ai goodlis ltenit ilottr 6-l.Oi bes t coir
tandalcrd grulattmted siugari 17 1 bs, am good No 7 .love $7 (00.ag
est chir 40e I~ , aill wool jeans 25:. whiole s tock shcoes. $1.20 ('Ottbi
-I, 115a goodt suwhig mcheine ats maicde 20 year giua:'anitee $1-1. , Si
e, womnis course shoes 50c, 75c, 1.0:), tup to 1.2). Bring on youri e g
er doz, to h)(c. , 15th and longer illI want (4'.
I. wili pay 1.00 for petas 100 for canie seed 75c for corn 150i for leac
'mit uunt I get read~y to qjuit it. I watt to swaps chriist umAs t rix <
Sthe store to thle chii 'drent in for w.tIlnuits. ''Cis"' A beIomI~1bie muc
re repiesentinig tie at Gap 11111 wirth a good stock of e~g loIs li m
ght, try them
I will Isayas mnteh the lo)w of the Iild u l wilo o- r cii itti
'Ii t e this fall I anm doinig my level best. ' i to y o hi time
Some Reasons; 1rndigesti(
Why You Should Insist on Hlaving d spepsh
EURKA A~ SS O~ b iliousnei
Re(crs11 leautr soft. and the hundred a!
esoutl watr.r~ lar ills caused by ir
A heavy b)Odli oil, or inactive liver, q
HA R NE SS to the purifyinga
An excellent p)reservative.I properties containel
R educes cost of you.- hiarness.
Never burns the leather; its
Efficiency3 is inicreased,
titches kept from~ breaking.Y a
eItre be----vi-.$ --p
Ia sold in allQURBO'
ocaliies anuhetred1 by It cures permnanent
Rtanda Oil Comnny, naturally on all 01
Ibodly. As ablood-ch4
Southern Railw~ay has inaugura bilde ano qualut
ed Pullman sleeping car line be-, hats andquld Put
weon Wahington, D. C. and At, BoTtes MUan sodRat
ta,' Ga., on their "'Atlanta & D eo, M
le w York .Express"' trains Nos. 55
nd 84; first car southbound leayv.
og Washington November 3rd; --
rat car northbound leaving A tlan.. Pyyu uarpii
a November 5th, 1901, ,te byeur tubsciptio
This affords Pullman service on fornedenra, tenw
liese trains though from Altanta
avin heretofoe ebeen attached tofo one ear' sisoi1a i
be Atlanta & New York iCxpress zNz Send us your lit
t Oharlotte and~ no 1N4timan serb -Plese g,
QN99# QJ#ez94e ad~ 40Unit P uP~ a Ilel& A hoQnu
ni France duels are most frequent ir
iter; Iin Italy,. In the spring.
L'he exports of Canada increased
ia $106,440,244 in 1895 to $195,041,
I In 101.
t Is said that $9,000,000 will b(
Lded for the repair of our warsilpf
ring the next fiscal year.
f the sea were e(mptled, and ths
>rld's iver* had to refill It, It would
i them 40,000 years to do so.
L blue'hook recently Issued shogws
it ile postal department of the Brit
Isles employs 173,000 persons.
)v(r 5,000 zruotor carrlages and 1,10c
>111r yccles are alccountted for on the
;istrybooks of tile 'aIls IOIIC.
'le latest society fad aionig the
ilionable wonill in England Is that
livlng plotigra phed as a moving
1'li lord1 ma1.yor of Loni0doni recelvesq a
lary (of 110,000 i year and has'to
anld twice( that stiml to malintainl'the
iity of Ils positiol.
)f late there has developed among
1! native Haw-allans, espeelally
long the younger inen, a desire to
gage in a sea far ing life.
Iliousands of apparituses for mak
coffee have been Invented. The
tenlt ollile Is packed wiVthl pots, etc.,
ie of which cost $25 iplece.
['ie hist Amerilan ciniel died In
Itliwester Arizona a few weeks
0. Thei( enimels came to the United
ites fron Egypt andl(] Siyrna in 1857.
\ iniher of autormoblle lorries are
ig RhOnde In Brussels for ulse in the
mtgo i-'e State. Eichi of thei will
tle work of sixty-live tinatIve Car
InmngarIan vineyard owners are re
(.(il it tle r()tling of the phylloxera,
<1 t hey (eXI('t soln to be slillynl ig
.ir fiury wils to till parts (If the
,ltd 11 'nin.
(' . sto'blishineit lIn Romne of inl
canilibrilry has been ordered by
-: <b'erev. It wIll coltainll iil pulibll
iois r-l:itiig to the new wolid sluce
i siiver~y.
tainhbol iow, have bieen used Inl In.
fcor ot*- a hu11i1nrel years. They nre
<e like the ordinari'y qulltI pen and
i few hor1s1' writing are sild to he
Y siervia be.
1In-vardi professor is discovered
it le considers the r'emlaills of an
lii' violvano lit $chuylerville, N. Y.,
1,:li etoiiitiy j'laice ilready famous
wlericanl history.
lie oceanl uised to he considered
it 11 divel at Its deepest 11 the
hes1t. In111t.1ita l ar highl It has-1
v len pioved to be half as deep
.in-that is, -10,230 feet.
-oIdiig to a Frenich army paper,
thde is mvore common in the French
ny than li iy other in Europe. Of
aiual deati rate in all branches
the service suicide accounts for 5
I, cent.
iocking accounts have been receiv
-it CaIlcow (if wholesale flogging of
1ish children by 'russian school
istirs for refusin.g to learni the cate
181m antd prayers in German in
ilhigi) is malkinlg a ipe6l1alty of
inding thlrough thle malls envelopei
stened with b)ucklesi. Tho bucklel
e of white enmel anid old gold
10y' tako the place of a gunmmed fiai
Xcoirting to the Pall Mall Gazette
Bi' 11811s workngma an has almios1
anidonied hIs clay pipe alnil shag ii
ror of' the twopennily packet of cign
't'es wIth1 a por'trialt o~f a fav'ori
tress or' kilaki elad geiinraI given.
t va l"iaches areo so common in Swit
-lanid tha~it devictes ai'e no0w hei
de to ('on11trol thein. The SwIss form~
'thwor~'iks 01'r itttechm~ients whieh
polited ini such a fashIon that av'a
('hits 'omning in conltnet with them
Split and( 8o diriven aiside.
I.Soiety called the Fani anl Eireen
s been1 foi'mied at Dungannon for the
rpose( of endeav'oring to check the
:|tyy 'xodlus from Ireland. Memabers
ve takeni an 01ath to remain in the
neiraldt Isle and( to do thilr utmost
supp~lort of hionme Industries.
obl'ienz has built for Itself a fine con
't hall and wIll hold( ai lmslcal festl
In iiIt next sprinlg. Mayence will
o bie festive afIter thle same311 mananer
hionor of' thli threce comlposers, lHer
4, Liszt anid Wagner, .with WVeIn
Ii'r as5 c'onductor. Four concerts
decitded on.
Iir. Scarlsbroeok of G~runIe Ihall, Eng
d, hasi offer'ed to pay for tile inl
letionl of all thle fishermien Ii inta
age In thle arIt of Swim nug. Lan
bii ie fishiermn havye a strong pr'eju
a galinst learniniig to swimt, belier
thatL thereby~ thle agonIes of driown-'
aire gleatlys increased,
wr1 are'i bi't ween 8,000 and( 10,000
yer's inl Chliengo-thant Is to say,
e are h'llet wIeen 8,000 and 10,000 men01
le city who hlave studied law and1(
I admiiit ted to pralctice'. Of thuis
ilher, lhuwever', onily 41,500 to 5,000,
'i on t 50l per ('enlt, are following
r' profession. Tile othier 4,000 or
) aire in 1110 ranks of trade.
bie ILincolnl 1)ark' conmmissoner's of
t'ngt have authorIzed tihe erection
be' park of a monument to the miem
of I )avid K~ennlson, w~ho Is de
ed to have been the only soldier of
Ilevolution who went from 1111
returned to Illinois and lies bur
In Ilinois-in tact, in that park, A
-Ider properly Inscribed will proba
1)0 placedl over his grave. The Bons
lhe Itevolutioni will bear the cost.
Newark (N. 3.) woman has a cel
lOll of 1,500 pItchers, no two of
ch are alllke. They are of ev'ery
pe and color under the sun and
e been picked up in all the odd
ks and corners of the world. One
them was obtaIned at the little
'o that Dickens immortalIsed as
yold curiosity shop." The whole
'0 are on exhIbition in the rooms of
New Jersey flistorical soclety.
have noticedl that ' he sale on Ohamn.
11in's Bliomach & Livor Tablets is al.
invar'iably to thoso who have once
them," sBiyS Mr. 3. H,. Weder, a
ninent draggist of Cascade, Iowa1
t better recomnindation could any
blee have than for people to call for
ten again ir. need of such a r'emedly?
them when you feel dull after eating
a you havy- a b id taste ia your
th, feel bilous, h "re no appstI3 or
a troubled with constipation scid
are certain to be 4eflghted wltk the
opt eliet whioh they ygv1 gg
g1 w, Wt edtD f
its claims to
>d things of
it of a few
, broad hol
letely ready
e migh t br
per yard u
there is
t style, and
15, SIlmT..11r
from Cheap
Ljps in any
V YOU 11110Y,
Svet ~thint I.'iir
1( rooms are
Miles, lk-idlcs
Mew . ..
1(d these
li1 Iii 'tull.L0 flJ
llS 10W Jo f
iL L.
the price I pay(
Va w :iieh e~tn I
* .ri>l* 1e Ibh~
- c Ie lot gilli s
ting :eenir
ny huig ehte
d one simi
rpure blood
mckly yield
d cleansing
I in
Iy by acting
gans of the
:anser, flesh
-restorer, it
us in Quart
$i each.
wrIs. DS, *
to Tu'n Joun-'
and keep in-'
mut, but it pay $
a to Tiua Joi41

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