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Tle People7s Journal.
Corrected weely by the lIlelth, Bruce
Morrow Co.
C1o)c~ Otto,, 7 3.8
C ottn . - -''......... .. . .~......7..t. 7I .
chickens-lIens---''' '"''''-''''-..15 to
Fr y ers..... .- -. ------ 15 to
Be r - ........................1
Local and Personal.
F. Austin will je in
_Sth and 200h.
qlirte(Orly Conferen)ico I
ircuit Will be hel( at I
Tauva -..inst.
-Sovoral Old soliers" were oin
the streets Mond3' looking after
ponlsionl m)atters
---Born unto Mr.. al Mrs D. T.
Hloyes, of Pearl, on the 15th inst.,
a daughter.
--Mr. Jeremiaiah Looper is ropor
ted very sick. )r. Earle attends
_-Craig4 lIrotlIers are redu cing
their business to the cash basis and
have 80 notified Ileir customers.
Road their advertisement.
-Married, it Li.herty, S. C. on
the 16th inst., Miss Anllie Hod.
dock to Rev. 8. . Stone, Rev,
W. J . Sporman, ellici.ating.
-Married, at the residonce Ulrs
flettie Simtimuons, Miss )ora Stiln
1110118 to Mr. B. E. HigdoIon, A. L.
Edens, Notary P)b lic, oficiating.
All of Pickens zoun yv.
-lridges and IHniond are
selling out their stel:c of dry goods
at cost, and oIler argiains in that
lino. They aio iaking romi for
now stock.
-Married, Thursday 16th inst.
at the brides rosidence, M r. Char
lio iabins'on to MN issi G rogani, (. e0.
A. Ellis, Notary Public,ofliciatiig.
All of Pickens coluty.
-Chapaiani I "rot Iers issigned
thier stock of general merchandiso)
last week to J. Mc). Bruce for the I
benefit of editoi. ILe lia bil ti(."
aro somewhat in excesi of the as
-E. Smith r(,iinfl1's mill has re
suimed loperation, aller thorough i
overhauling and rpaiirs; it is r
now under the efficient iiaiagement
of Ise J. Chandler and ready for
busmiless, t
-Keep a wvatch (int theso adver.
Using columns ; somie excellent bar- .i
gains are being offered and wll con- c
tinue to be offerod until the win
ter ends. Merchants are makimg
room for spring stock.b
-In a prehiimnary hearing bo- 1
fore Magistrate .Jenkins last Fr-i-i
day, Matt ~Jenkins, charged wit h
assault and battery of a high and i
aggravated nature, on1 the personi of
Will Seutrdy, was bound over to the. 1
Sessions dour-t
-M'nrs. 'W,. F?. Ba-rront, anid lit tle 1
sont Greoer U. of' Salem, Or-one'
couty ter spend ing se veral daiys
with heri jparents, Mr.j aind l J 5.. F. J
Cauley, e-turnedl home Ilast Satutr
-day ceco pained bv her brother, C
Xir. '.Q . Cau lay.~''
-Maj J. M. Stewart has been
electedl Clerk of the board of Couin.
ty Coimisioners, Mir. Robiin:>n
havingiresigned. All1 person~s ha~v
lng business wi th that oflico will
find Major Stewart at the court
house at all times dluring OusineOss
--We are working to soecure a
good, hive corresp~ondent at every
poet oflico and in every set tlod soc
tion or Pickens county. If yo
havo received a recquest, by lettert,
refering to this mat ter-, Ikindlly hand
it to some1 suitabla persion andr ask
him or bor to commnininicato with us
at the earlimest opportunity. We
walnt every section properly repri
senltodl by a e ampeteiit (correspond,
enit who will givo thte iie ws prompt.
ly 4nd in roadable st yli'.
--Mondeay was a bui'y dhv with
all county oflicials. 'ro bio. Judlge
Newbery was espeiatIlly activye
looking after tho int an six of. the
old soldiers with his usuial courn .. -
3y and consideration for themir we I
faro, and many of the veteranus
wvent away with thneir- papersi~ prop- I
erly prepared entitling them to
pensions under the law. The po- t
sition of County chairmain of the
pen~sion board is no easy place, and
Judge Newbery deserves the
thanks of all old bold ie.
--The candidates for governor
this year, so far as a known, wvilli
be Talb~ert and J. HI. Tillman of I
Edge field, Ansel of GIreenyille and
Helyward of Colleton with ai possi
bility of others enttr- I
rng. The people of Soth
Carolina will elect their oflicersi
this time strictly with regard to
their fitness for the laico to which
they aspire and no mnani's p~oculiar
connection with any issuo or with
any other man will cut much fig.
vre with them. There is someO fine
gubernatorial timber im the forego
ing list and the people canl be de
pended on to make a good select
The County Pension Board will
hold its last meeting at Pickens C .
House on Monday the 10 day of
February 1902, Please on m~lI
your applIcations before that day,
J, 11. Newbery.
Countyr Chm,
Clemson Notes.
The students were troated to a
rare and interesting lecturo sone
time since. Prof Foster, the liquid
air specialast who is porhaps better
informed on his subiect than any
other man in the Unitod States)
delivered an instructing lecture, in- Lc
terspersed with many:exporiments (O
with the liquid air. 14
On Wodnesday night, Jan. 29,
t Prof. Wioidling frolli Washington, L(
D. C. will lecture at Clenson on
ithe subject Over dear to the pat
riotic Southerner. 1Stonewall Jack
soi." President flartgog has very
magnaminously extended an invit
ationi to aI without admittance leo.
Last Wednesday witnessed the t'l
i first dress parade of this term. It ('a
was quite a grand sight to tho rats I"e
but by no means 1d0lightful, as ally 1)1
One canl testify to who has tasted I1<
milotary lifo.
That siiii-annual crisis, co
f monly called exainliatioln, will soon
be staring us in the face. Wo hope
I it will net proye our Waterloo,
t 'lhe new barracks are completed1
-but no students have been ad
I itted yet, Ruior of an appro
1 priate celebration in which the fl
culty and studetts are to engago'
at .le formal opening of tho bar
racks aro being circulated.
Clemson Collego has sustianed a
great loss in the death of ono of
ler staunchest trustees, IIon. C.T. (
Redfearn. It is a striking fict1
that this is the first state trustee
that has died; while all tho life
trustees, those mentioned in Mr.
Clomson's Will, are living.
Arrangients are being made to
have a few galnes of class footbal l y
after examinations are salidly pits. ".
sod Clemson has some excelleit Iin
iaternl 'in the rango" which Y4
conch Hieisiman cal soon orgaizO li'i
into a first, class ballteam. our
Tihe Pickens delegation of cadets
missed one from their mumber af-, ren
i tor tho holidays, surely Santa E'v
didn't get hin, Our best wrishes go Mil
with him. XII1
What has become of all the new
sy writers who once Colt ribu ted to
the Joilrnal? Tell thei ve Would at
be glad to hear till their muriner- h
ings ithrough its column1 s agam. al
SOI'H. i
Prater Prattles.
As I have not seen anything in a
your columns from this burg for '
sometine, I thought I. would send r
you a few dots.
Rev. A. J. Manly, of Roanoke, '3,
preached an ablo and interesting thi
sermnon to a large and attentive we
congregation at Praters Crook on
the third Sunday. .I
Mr. and Mrs. Sam BoLggs, of Cal
houn, visitedl tihe latter's mother
Mrs. Boroughe, last Sunday. f
Miss Daisy' Boroughs is teachiing and
a flourishing school at Gates.co
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Riggins
baby died last Tuesday, 11 iho Lih ho
inst., and was bnried the day fol- iiov
lowing at Six Mile. Tat
Mr. Frank Goudlock, of Georgia,
is visiting his uce M . jN. Goud.l
lock of this section. . I
Mr. J. C. Garrett, wvife and sonh'
are (dowi with typhoid fever, but C
are conv'.elescing at this writing. .
D)on Quixote.
A mbler Notes.
Wheat looks fine ini this section) wit
considering the cold wether. tim
Mr. B. E . Rigdon & Bro, of uet
Ambler, hiave ci 1ed their store dol
house and wille carry a complet e -i'
line of general merchaindise. -.
Miss Uniity' Rigdon, is teaching dl2
a flourishing school at Ambler k
school house. - I
,Mr'. Joseph Stansell has added dl)
to tho appearanIco of his neat ro
dwelling by a coat of paint,
Some Reflections. ls
Christimas1 is ovuri and people are an
beginiing to get st raighilened 0out.
ISonie who inidulged a little too free
1l' are' reaping the fruits of f olly.
Samibo, th le o rimele of t his se-et ion
says tiimes are hard(; lie's go i ng to -*i
laniit corn, andl vegetables insMtead~
of (otin m Ihiya in ordher to lbe surie it i
falivig, and( if~ heca us" of thie il
scarrily ~ of (.t (eoi somei mill peolel --
are thirownx out of employmont,thore
-will be moe to raise cornl andi
wheat and1( pototoes . ie thiniks '("
the farmers are hav inig a hard anii
time, M. y
'Thou preveintion Of consumiifption is oni
tirely a question commencing tho proper
treatment in time. Nothing is so well
adaipted to wyard off fatal lung troublo as
Foley's Honey and Tar.--BOLT' &
A nxyro fell from a stelple fifty tui
feet high in Florence a few days {{
ago and came outL unhurit.
& Coughs curedl quickly by F.Aey's IHo- Ni
e noy and Tar. Refues substites,
. On the 31st of January nextt
a there will be a final settlemen t of
. the Journal business, beginning on
.the 1st of January 1891 and end.
ing on the 1st of J anuary 1901,
Journal stock taken at par.
' Safe craokrs blow open the rail
way safe in one of the omfces at
Carlisle and secured something
Sover $1,000 ini money. a
h. C
Pole'sloney na Tar J
iina. nep n
Dcembor*, 31, 190: .re:
ans, - - $25,'88.38.
or Drafts, - - 206.17.
rniture ald fixtures, 1,337.50. wa
penlses, - - 290.00. ar
1 and building, - 2,108,93. na
io from Banks and Mi
cash on hand, 7,921.10. o)
Total, $37,712.88. Tlh
p)i(al Stock paid in, $21,550.00. q
(livided profits, 752.05. En
i ier's Checks, 135327. livi
disconits, 3000.00. km4
e to Banks. 87398. kid
lividlul deposits, 11,683.08. eh
Total, $37,712.88. flie
te of South Carolina,
ounty of Pickens.
S11. C. Shirley, Cashier of above mil
1ed llnk do solemnly swear sp
abiove statomont is true and in,
Tvct to the best of my knowl- wi,
;I and belief .
11. C. SIIIRLEY, Cashier.
iworn to Laeforo me this 2nd A
Sof 'January, 1902. n'
T. N. Il1'NTER, N. P. . C. n
ITect attest: Tar
.II. Chiapmnani cho
I. It. Irown, '0th
J. Carter,
'3y child is worth millions to me," C.
- .1s. Mary Bird of Harrisburg, Pat., biu
't I would have lost her by croup 1had
ot purchased a bottle of Ono1 1ut ki
gh Cure," One Minute Cough Curo
uaro for coughs, croup and throat aild
g troubles. An absolutely safe cough
3 which act immediately. The
imgest child can tako it with entire to
!ty. The littlo onos like the taste and 1)
tmber how often it helped them. an(
,r family should have a bottle of One sor
nite Cough Curo handy. At this sea. Ti
(spevially it niy be needed sudden. -
\ negro mado two unsuccessful "
enipts at assault near Spartan.
rg, and was finally run down
I shot and captured by the son
one of tho women he attempted
'atal kidney and bladder troubles can a
ays be prevetod by the use of Foley '
luey Curo.-BOLT & THORNLEY.
l'ho now cotton mill enterprises
djeetmd for 1901 amounted to
145,000 in this State. Most of
s amount goes into old mills by
y of increasing their capital.
oY( have recieved the- following letter
u M1r. Rey Kemp, of Angola, In d.
was in bed four weeks with la grippe
1I tried matny remedies andl spent
oidcrable for treatment with physi
pe, hut. I. received no relief until I 25t
d Foley's Honey and Tar. T1wo small clui
tls of tis medicmn cured me1 andt I by
use IL e'xclusiivoly in my faimily." d
no 11ubalstituts.-BOLT & THORN- ab<
\dmniral Schley and Captain a
hson will1 visit Charleston on1)
b. 29 as tho gucetsi of the South tw
rolina D~aughtors of the Amer- Lh<
.1 Revolution. fro
I was t rouible for about seven years of
ih my stomaeh and in bed half my tat
e,' says E. D)em ick, Somerville, Ind,
sp)ent abetL $1,000 and never could
anything to help me until I tried Ko
D)yspepsia Cure, I haive taken a few .~
les ad am entirely well." You don't
Sby what you cat, but by what you
:est andi assimilate. If your stomach s
stn't digest your food you iare stiarving.
'd01 Dyp s~epsia Cure does thestomachs
rk by digostinag the food1. You don't
ce to diet. Eat oIl you wanit. Ko.
.| Dyspepsia Cure curea all stomach
ablAe. -BOLT & TIHORNLEY. hi
T'hen President will boat thteChar- at
ton exp)ositionI the 12 of Febru- lce
.The members of his cabinet ed1
ll acomaniy him. aft
t you but knew the splendid meuit of
,y's Iloney and Tar you would be.
ht it m. A doso or two will prevenst
atlitck of p)nOtumonlia or ha grippe s
nay salven your life. -BOL T & THORN
['lhe Ollico of the County Suiperinten- era
at o'f Education will be open) Onl Friday to
I Saturday of each week, also, on first oh
t Mondaiy and Tuesday in each mouth wi
t he sale of school .books and other oh
aninss connected wiih the office. c
13 Co, Supt, Ed.
10ou hayc from Jan. Oh 1902 to Feb.
h 190)2 in which to make your Re- w
-18sipleasne look after this matter as thle
ealty will be added after the 20th of
U. 1902.J
Wen will aplply to J. B, Newbery Pro
to Judge for Pickens County 8, 0., on
o 30) (day of JIan. 1902, for a final set
unecnt of the estats of Lucind.'. E.
>huson de(ceased and ask to be dlicharg
I as cxecutorn. W. F. JoJHNSON
(times 4) Exoutor.
Tr. C. Robinson will be at tho j
Luditor's sobeduled places at thej
two timos, for the purpose of col- i
cting all accounts due the Journ'.
I before Jan. 1st, 1901. All ac
Junts must be settled during the
ext thirty days, t8.
lakq aaWse an mE
Miss May Oats returned Sunda
romt a visit to frionds in Contra
IMiss Gertrudo Hlagood is visitin
elatives and friends in Groonvilko
Mlaster Will cooloy of Walhall
S visiting among his young friend
n1 L~asley.
#J. If. Martin has sold his stoci
> merchIIdios to A. S. Jamisu
Oho wviil coitinue tho businoss a
he lesent stan(d.
N rs. M. E. Boggs has purchasei
h sito on church St from W
). R Ticy an1d will soon bogin t(
reet a residnce thereon.
A. .I. Loslie has taken the Ellii
(Le andl IIoved his family to it
4.aslty people ar" always please<
0 have 11(w comors liko Mr. Los,
to and hli's fam1ily.
J1. M. 1er has moved into thl
>Iaiklin iesidence onl Piedmionl
Lveie. Mr. and Mrs. Goor wil
tPpreciale as ever, the visits o
heir friends to thii' new .110111t.
Sup-rintendont McGee being il
Mwsistant Supt. Boggs proside(d a
he U mon Sun)lday School last Su
lay. The mibers of tho schot
lope for Mr. McGee's spoody retur
o health.
11ill lBrown-i aIIIl Sandy Roseman
.Wo Cdolre(l youths, hld i fisti
>i'y iast wIck 1111( Sandy got tlhf
uike dImg for a prize. Satdy ha:1(
1) be reIll red, an1)d Bill paid th
Oayor's C"(01ourt otno dollar for hi
)imrt in the galme. It all llippenlI(e(
)Oef0.1 Isill I had lost fifteen cents
kind Couldn't lind it.I
Jhn I-:. ('aig is n1ow1 sole own
' of th livry stables formnerly
T orah'd b-y 1,r.1.lJoh n Ja mison.
dr. rai ; 1ii; also formed a part
wi ip InI th-1 more,1-antilehbusinless8
oith At. .Jlihn Wvatt. Mr. Wyat
SaI A i.l'on CIuitv man of' that
(1 I y uI): senls ou0tt, to engagi
11 th9 prolfl)ems of bisiless litf.
Miss Mayv Oates, of Easley, is the
un' of 2liss aigio Brown.
At Is. Tom lImw Ilnd, of Charlott(
s vi'siting tin famnily of . .11
olaI 1 this week.
T. J. 1laul! din, of l'ickens w:
it tw S 'taturi-day oi professiona
'rs. '. I. Poesy, of Brevard
"~)i a oIlll af days with he:
1' thr Mr'~ Ats. Poesy.
2liss M:is io Biown entertainet]
few ]fhr fr-iends at her home or
hle ovning of the l7th instant.
W. L. (assaway and R. Ram
Our. of G r'(eenville, were seen or
urt sireeOts yesterd'(ay.
BoulIh May, the little daughte:
F MI'. and Mils. C. Ii. Btllingsley
iled a t thlir ith1 mo1( Satuirday even
Iig Jaitutary It hi, after a shori
O u r sitrorts h)ave seemed al mosi
.eted for thle past thtree weeks
g -o mantiy of thte (hildrenl have
on ('ool inedh to t heir homes witl'
Lafash. f ati minapil's. A greal
a an y of th em have r'ecoveredI anfl
me arte glad to s ete ou t again
ft lhe Central Lod~ge3 of the Knightu
f l'thias weore held in the hal
1 thle Lodhge W~ednesdlay nlight
'he elorttentt adldressasdeliverecd b3
, J AlSwainj of Greenville, Dr
.C. Douyle, of' Senec~a and Rev
Ljuery, of Westmninster, also the
>ou ntif ul supper)01 were greatly en
oyed by all.
Jan. 90, 1902.
Olga News.
V. 0. Lathem hias chargo of th
)Iga school.
R. NM. It'ostoir inlade a flying tr'i
o G rei'nv"i ill insl Tuesday.
3fessrs' W. T. an~d HI. A. Batsoni
oft on thle Gth in tst. for Greonville
there the I y e'x pect to en iter thi
nrc1'haiftetc buisjtC. TIhese ai
'orthIy yioung 1101 ll nd io egt'e
O los them fro 1ony) mid'1)11st, bym
vi'sh for. themi mucht'1 success,
>Iprn''d Mlonda~y ait, Fr tiendsmhip rf
( Ti. Illendr'i1ks is hanving~ a neai
:c.'t of' (n I
Somo of1 thi' y)oung) peolo fron-r
irt t Itndd thle dunie at th~c
~a thim ichl house otn Fridaj
yoingtt tho ntinth inst andl all re.
ior't a good time1). More anoni.
Norris Items.
Wo liro haivilig somne hin0 woath
r now, and1( thle fai'iners 8'0 moak
tig good us0 (of fteir time, turn
mIt ot' cr'op,
Mrst~. f. HI. Brock, a v'ery oh
ad y ntear h'ro is itn very bad health
Onur schools ait this pla, bot
on:l' and fe'male, are doing well
Pr o. John E111 Klis has1 charge of th
i0Vys and) MIiss Saulho Mlullidin th
Mr. WV. C. Gaines was ordere
to the Distict Conference at An(
arson last wook, Ie visited b
lister's, NMrs. Fleinig and Mr
Hud1(gens w~hile in Anderson cout
Mr'. Montgomery and famil
htavo moved to Norris, He is or
of Mr'. H, B. Bowen's carpenter
Mr. Howeol is doing a large bus
ness at this placo.
Mr'. Rnobon Fowlor 1s the obani
pion1 rat catcher of this sectior
iHe caught thirty-six in a ke1
'rh0y wvent in ait the h)afna hon1
We wish to think our frionds a
patronago given 11s th ',past ye
a continuanco of palst favors. \V
aud prospeirous year.
Wo have sboe bargatins to olfor
nels, heavy Clotlug and Shoes.
Yours trufly,
E xt r god inary values i n all
Extraordinaryva si- .
Extraoiaiiry valiu-; in --
Extraoini i fi l m s ill
A fow CA I's :ud .('K ETS wil
The most, uxtriordinai v \-alun in
Heavy Shoes. Thi.i thi pi I
Tho'sale 01 \Vhit .d , Lawns
Those goods will he k. pt in All the no
w1her3 can you ouy h..tte. G'mods for t.
A. K.
\T N
S3ice the lire in .1lune; im-" I the stor'eroo
Street, next to Fi - Marat. \ve
\\ In-r a newU an etii
Clothing, Furnis
Hats and Shoes
Of them e eria)C hL i' ~ by, as in an. p811
than ever. Ini oldiiti .toanw .tnk w-e inn
WORTHI OF. WINic <.E . I>nI111 N; sA V
DIION, TO ic ~Ol,1) ''T A 4At IIyl'Iei
goodi clothinug aii e u u nbed ofilu~( befuuuo. I,
more you I(ok thfhu r r iii'i'II b ph-aseduu wvhue
.All O'-codas So'l
Let Ot her
II avinig deecildd thatI the 01u31
than profit, we w~ill on Fl.:I'hIA
selves andI a groat deal moro for
We will malko a s'pecialty of pr
less than the merchant soils onc
() We thtankc oJur friend,, for thii
andt hopo~ to mer it a Iliberal share
Wa/tch tis spaco for pr'ices.
Yours trtti
W. C. Willianison, of .Amhorst, Va.,
ys: For more than a year I suffered
)>i lumbago. I flually tried Chamber
n's Pain Balm and it gave me entire
iof, which all other remedies had fail.
to do." Sold by (. W. Earle Drug.
J. D. Smith's store at Carlisle
ms brokon open Thursday morning
d the eufe blown open with dy
mite. This is the second time
-. Smith has had his safe blown
en and he has never kopt any
>ney in it for several years.
ere is no clue to tho porpetra.
'ho many friends of G. H. Hauiaui
gincor, L. E. & W. I. R., at prsent
ug in Lima, 0. will b ploamed to
>w of his recovory from threatoned
ney disoaso. Ho writos. "I was
ed by using Foley's Kidney Cure,
oh I reconiniend to all, Ospecially
nmen who aro unitally similarly af
:cd.-BOL'' & TH1'ORNIEY.
rhoro has been a considerable
ling off in th amount of rock
ied last year in the State's pho
into territory. The rock minod
1901 is estiniatod at 82,656 tons
ile for 1900 it was 119,208 tons.
[any children arie poisoned and mnado
V'ous and week, if not. killod outright.,
iaotliers giving them cough Ysyriup
ttiing opiates. Foloy's liono1y and
is a safo and cortain remedy for
ght, croup and ling trouble, and is
o"ly prominent cough medicino that
taims no opiates or other poisois. -
\l attempt was made to wrece
pIaseier train on the C. & N.
road near Nioores, in Spartan
rg county, A cross-tio wais plac
on the track, but the engine
ocked it ott.
L ineglected cough or cold may lead
serious blronchianl or lung troubles.
n1t take clanices wh( -n Foley's 110110Y
I Tar alford perfeeL sei'rly fron
Mu1 affects ol a cold.-liO &
lo most healing salvo In the world.
Auditor's Notice.
the Tax Payers of Pickens Conty:
For the coivenieice of the publie L
11 attend I the following places and dates
med below for the purpose of taking
. returns for the fiecal .year of 1902:
six Mile, Monday, Janiary G.
Jalhotn, Iuelay, Janairy 7.
entral, WeIdnesday, January 8.
a-'.tecclie, Thisday, Januiary o.
Aherty, F ridahy, January 10.
i the oflice Saturday, .Ja9t iuiary 11.
.asley, Monday and Tuesday, Janna.
13 and 14
ross Plains, Wednesday, January 15.
.,ooper's Shop, Thursday, January 10.
bighes' Store, Friday, January 17.
ni otilco Saturday, January 18.
'umpkintown, Monday, January 20.
1011l' Springs, Tuesday', January 21.
Castatoe, Wednesd1ay, Janiuary 22.
Ilec Creek, Tlhursday', Januar'y 23.
-r~at ers, FrIday, Jlainary 24.
will ho In the ofilee from Jaonry
hi, 1902, to February 20th, 1902, in.
sive, and after this date [ am requlred1
la w to add ai penalty of Iiy per ecot.
all non-ret urns. Please meet, mue at the
ueveil appoint ments and aivoidl the uisiual
h in t hie dfice. A.' this is realI estate
easiiient year., I iniust urge that (11ch
I every lnd oiwner' comol prepared to
e a fll d (escription, nmunber of acres,
inidii'ies, &c. All male11 persons~ he,
en the nges of 21 and 00 years except
se Ineapable of ear'nin~g a sup port
mn being mahned or otherwIse dlisa
d, all Confederate veterans over 50
tre of age. aire d(etr.ed taxab polls.
sure and b~e able to give thee umber
school distrlet as this is very uinpor
t luformaitlon
Very respoetfully,
~eb20 County AudItor.
Clerk's Sale.
PAT O1" S(OU'PIl CA nuI.INA 1.
County of P icken.J
in ('ommon P101 lease cori.
In) pur)suanco of a dleutail order mad(
lie following stated case and on fik
ho Clerks oflico. I will soll at thec
;hcst bidder on
Saleday in) Februanry, 1902.
Pickens C. H1. S. 0. dluring the
~al hoturs for sale the following desoi ib
Real estato umponm the turins herein
er meOntioned to wit:
Finarison O, IHen]d rick, et al De
against .. rotal
Iilliam A. Hendr(icks, order.
\,IIli ht piceO, p~arcel or tral of hland
latedl in the clounity and1( Stato alore
1, in Hfurricane townhip on Six Mile
sek, waters of Keowco river, containi
one0 hundredl and tifty-six (I156f) aceres,
re or less., adjoining lands of RI. \y.
lI iman, Martin Evans anid others,
rms, 0on0 half [11 cashi, balance Oin a
udit of twelv'o months, credit portion
be secured by the bound of tho pur
user andt a mortgrgo of the premises,
Lih intorest from (lay of sale. Pur
iser to pay for all papers and for ro
rding thle same. A. J1. 1ROG0S
(Seal) C. C. P.
ould be a good timo to buy som(
Heavy Winter Shoes,
A lot of Childronsi' Union Suits
s'e 25c kind, only 15c.
Lot of Misses U'niot, Suits, worth
5o to closs the lot a 20c.
A lot of Ladies Union Suits eas
ly worth 50c to close at 38c,
Men's Heavy Fleece Lined 1U
lorwoar. Heavy work shirts t
ooqp the cold Out.
Lots of Loaded Shells Sho
owder, &c., for the Bird Ihunter;
aots of good thinga to eat. Fu
ino of groceries at all times.
Call to see themn early and of e
Id customers for the liberal
ir and wo hop to morit
wish one and all a happy
in Blankets, Jetans, Fl1an
Ic21rps -.
I he Pod for lis thani cost.
Nonl's, Women'si and Children's
'o buy good shoes for littlo non
and Eibroideries is now on.
w things of the sOasoni, and n6
he same money.
ew Coods
aw Stand
ew Methods
nl knlown as~ the Illahh BuildIng on Main
iiive just opened( fr the Fatll and
mpleI(te stoc(k of
~hing Goods...
'e . I Al, '1 jl.iSf) I))IIAWts
I) F1103'M Ti FIRE IN 0001) CON.
Don't iis Iihis oppjortity to buy
ro rioii u .fore yo u come hero-Rhe
d. for Cash...
s Fiollow
IRY, .10th begin our business
is we can do moro for our'
our cutomners.
oduce and always sell goods
rodit can afford to do.
' rado both cash and creiI
of your cash an~d produce

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