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The people's journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1891-1903, January 23, 1902, Image 4

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Their Victims Are Contiltually
Writing Tales of Woe to Him.
Atlanta ('ostitut ion.
The cry is still - they eoie, atul
the victinms continue to write me for
sympathy. I am sorry for tlien but I
am amzized at their stupidity anid tre
dulity. Now here are two eever, ieedy
womien inl this coilm11unity who seilt
S25 aCLh to one of thes~e fa1kirs nid
each sent hiin a list of twenty-tle
naIn~es-no0t sulbscr-ibers, bnut tunnesCI.
''hie womeni knew very Wi 1 tiht no
body hicie W.1nted tile papepur att so tiley
begged or borrowed or iiiile soine
silitic to get the muoniy atld weit
djihently to work writini Ii.ters and
Seinigll cirlalris to uwr woitei at.
otlier plhes u4t'i . 11 1i it "o . iin thle
sclieinie aid It : i et 's einIpijot tietlt
ait '-2le a itinth. M i " st- '~kt n
11uen2 senut -2--, vai :xid it) we
writingi. to .1 thii:i n't o w0linen, and so
i~ it kce' t tld ol .i an1 e dle- c h
lilt lit L' i i the a
T at \t h nAh
I at k
-- h i , ..,
* ''. Lii.I un. 'I b-- . y ,
- - n 1 b .:k ' all r e ii.
Lii rolbori . i .
1 op . I l ii.-b i n
- . 1 tol spreI * ibi
LI Thi na i li is~'
oSeih~jle hair
hain1 a'enit for this N orth ( ' uilina
partyi ata 1111 t a pir o f shotesi 'dhe couhl
have buouight att home' for 82 50i nitil i he
had1( to pa~y 45 cets express chaLrl.es
up)on them. I have huintedl for this
little North Carohna town alli over the
reekon it i seoine lit e It' t 11 t hat is yet
in the woOlds.
I 1n not throuhl with these endless
lain frn-itts or delusions or sniar.s,
but will close with the mt1110 atiltsin_
little fake that has ever transpiired in
this region. A planter who lives inl
our town says that one isf his ten:nit
go)t a cirenlar that came alL the way
1u0111 that piolns. counliry wheri Ihely
n to seli tilitIegs madieI of w itl atilt[
wed oats iade of shoe peg . Te Iir
ehilar said that any one remittini. it
mioney order fmr $,:1.71 wonhd have st'
to them a hiandsAomle set ()f toak finlishe(d
fullrn itur e. The erethli! .11. Inan) W41111d
not consult li I iietolls, but seint it,
allid as t he eiraua Said: "I'leaste "
lion the col t t hie pholstery that
lit hs esw iit that . lit it(I
I-L.Iteen. I I in- ti e h no tii
that the furn itr hsl Singin'd.
, I he waited abouIlt Itn <lay1. s andi then
1:-ove inl with -1 fto-horse waS n to re
iVe i1 :1d b1;m: it home1W. ( In II p r
ll, ait the ,Iltep t hek IOntIll ht1 t e h I ..
mdIn I inti nI I t i jI itie set ()I 1 r
h . .11"!ne : he d . k t h
.1 hI
st. . u t e tuph i ltein: wa
c' .. .IIIt
- th tieis littl it loa i
ive *ihII in tr n lclih l f a ele
Ie1itiu etih; ii- b tlhr jit itee r e
'nu I t eit l iii .tlili Nt itilti "ie.|| t'
(I t ll -.1 -t i its t''i of i h \ is p i
-- hiu. Oh t ei~ i W'k s it' i 0 ' of I t''t
li t i e thn 'laitte'' tu || 5lll*sl
lietjo hs iiliie ittiti h yhelamei .\ i
t bt loiili iit ai i ' b i-'ai tinis iitu
8iiit. ( rdu l l te 8'h~.|li ''o t sse.
-11 asls sight 11, td the til'hil
<o f1rrhdlup n ni hi .ot In
peS b~ii o inna It hity.h l ,\ wkg se
li) utoly 0 wemre 01' les i n ir i ih i
sa ill . as hua 1 :k's i u think
t hat l eriiy ni i1ueh 'rethe
, 1ck.1: "Why, 1': n't Ntnah hiive
2-k 'ai'. ' .
...\a , li're 114i11; t 00
.. ' N thi '? (if tht- kituil. I wIas Oily
fits ow 'Nl \Iii li ic wh [ a '.' I v
his" Satciia a is.\ Iif I new r - Ii'.
" I hl 'C is a' c hiII i - 'i
" How (14 vtill Ill\. 1 v IeIw w;n -I
V\ery pretty, indleet, he aulsre-:
b i l l a' ti 1 11t 44 1 1 l ww .
li ',ili' : '' k ,lit i 'a h i
lilltgila a 'i V su lit i \-C
li111 1 a I?
N'Itaa N ui'l \ti s'l , t Ii l Ii t'a4 --
* a it' ' b ' 1 4' '' ' ' N1 . 4 %t jia
h .11 ' 1 1 , ' 1 1a \ : " \ , J i ' '
h .. 0\ al t a ei 't a it
\ t'u It, . ' l.. t'
"a a- e
il.'.'i - a''t 4, 4e .
- I . il ' th
l'a l' Ii1 4444 I II,' '.4 Ibon , 4,4~4
N'.11a-s' (.4411' :un \:) - I t. '. .
4 14.ti4 en 1444 a 444t t e | I, Iit ' a
\. 411-,1'' I I"4. l4 4 1 11 1:41 11t< . 1 4'-all
4 'a hI, uen,'' bu I II ' 1 a u - x11 h'
41o4.b4 be~ jii-t I" .a 4o' l~a 111.1- h
" I ha:t 4 I :h-- u,'' I 'ph, a .' 1,41h
-4 *\'' 41h 44' ' a n iIl :l'\ "'44 Il'aaa .1
I t.41 jil I ha' 1..11.Il\ .' a Ia b4.!
e 'vI lli (''n, 'l' t, {|,.t I'.l 11t I .
\\' eI *'iihe II! 4vt IIv r...! 4I.'4U. \1 I I '. -
14hatilI4.he 114 it 4 heI4 '.b er1 Il okI-t'
-i To- 114 V 4 :11 tol i salit 144 fI w
'i''4el 1.' 1 4' ' Ii . 4 --444 41 4i
I' . 1441 - t41 - I 1.11h 11 '' I haik
ii ' 14 'i 41. Ia 4\ 1: i- 44 '44 111 411
i~ b - ' 1 4 k how1% llntoi
thau ' - 4 '1 1 'V i i. 1)ku'1
\4 i h I14 he i' h~ h ' tuta haive
k mi " ' i l h eN . . l ' l h
wort' .a' a re4 the.ti.
s tilit . .lhe 4%'4ri114'llt 1-' 4. &aU. for1'
4' -'' ' ti411 fi4o' Ili 'i l '!.'\ '" a - 1 i1l :t . '
\ it
u . iv influcnces
) . CIL 116CC.
Profitable fruit
twing insured on/i'
Cih i1ugh actual
is inl the rlilizer.
Ncither qanii// nor
glood rpa//1 possible
without Potash.
, z Wi ite f or our free books
giving dvdt.iib.
I'1, \1\N 1.A.I W lS .
,I t ~ ast., . % Vork City.
AN \ Ill 'i I A 1 lo l '1 i ist - l
L IV \ V li' l a tlh i e I ii i li- I
1 I u tit 1 n l - llz: ii i.
it Iv. New , t1-4s I
-:ec t) 1;titils \vL l 4 1
t It' i i' II I It )t I
I. [i t-l i t II .t I- 11 I
-I l( INi 011,1Jc ; , -
! .1 litrt
:' s )ok,
-I. h
- 1 Ole
I'. .~'I4 .
W. I V .1 . 1 L
- -- r
re'.!o fflialarla .i
tn .int,..,,n %4.III c h it i PeCve
ne ,\ 111i- 14 of\alulriall. 1.o I .;
\. M: .. . '. 1 144i1r. !M
. i i~t' it'.H'M nu Ii~ iir
I I t . Iit 4 :4 115+ .
- \ ret N' TONIC-1
T l \ . .i .
I '1 II III.
- \I -'. Ist il:I.
T \ T U .4 I N i. 44.4
- 44j . I tii .
i i .. .. .. 1' I 1 I.. .. .. I :'l i t I
~* ~I \T. C RNI. L
1)1......|,\ \
. u
1 ......A
"Its lit a Itdilir pirty. 'l'he brightl'
otln mllan fouud himself privil'ged to
it next to the young woimi.iin with
eutiful a1 m111 ald n1eck. lie thouIg t
ilusClf the m1o10t favored per'sonliage in
I( 1oom9. 'Suddenly his fallr coma
)n exhibite l siglns of n)a oMiouness.
'wo of his vry best, jokes, Saved for a
occial oicca.sionl, passedt b.v unlnoticed.
Ir fac' wore a look of alarm. A p.
ehnIve l te yung nmal gatzed hot
r ai ol, Imectiln " the lo ik, he ad:
" 1111ll ill m i1sul )I !
SIll Illiser\'.P (-ello( (heu ma1,1.
Y,' Hs he retIp( 4. 'I v as vac
innatud lhe olh r- day amid ii has taken
t11itt il'l y. I fouhl almoNt Hcream, it
u'i Is "i
'lh- .yiung man hocked at the beauiti
Ill al Ins, a11(1, seeing 11 ) Illark there,
" \\hy nhre % ure You vaccinlatedl?"
Il In lostonl," ,IhI rotldied, the smnile
haint i's aiwy tl v look of painI.---lostoni
I Ot-illwl
The gret4' t (it Itespti tim
'el IroIn tie foi-stL-L of the N irthIiwest
Iy v'tu'esu to the w4 st 42nst, ot America
111s CiIsed experilliumts to be 111maC a,
mris tilits of transporting timber
Ii hulk. The rafts a e cigar laped,
dli it I a ventral halk, and sectired by
'ains every twelvce lect. The whole
Af't is aIbout. -100) feet iltl n th nau
11) ot' stit lOo s, alnd being 30 feet
it i :n'tr. It voubt take 'ho i ll
-apaity ofI a tIoz.enA ordinary v.sscls to
- Ty ats niilch tiliiher ats thereu is5 ill
Surh a I al't,
it-, . its arrettt for 111111illg
Notoonse. What's an illegal
A p1.kte whvre they wash the Can
Cle enu i lhii lvaler,
niy~thlie---'' \i V s has a pretty
e0,1I wift'e, ii 't he ' .
lBrowne -- Y. \hv she evenl lets
h111m -lncko inl thle p.11ilor
Orawferkl: \\hY dot you think thicir
tillt I' tV mit Liri iwill turn wit, to be .
I e Tm -11::- fem.h- eakn s fr five
.th vrit Mis Pt-lle lk-ltick. of
Nye. t::.n C.- . W . \'.%. "I w\.L- treaIted
by I pl.Y ;c6-m1 but he" dIis-l 111c unl
. V}.. f.>r a vc ,w ih It oiei eln
::o t ' 'R
W c: Mah ,tal 4iui f4os-nk
w I -'i: lel ain a~~-.'. Vdlllho u fer from
ch . e to. witet I. P iice." f
I rlic~~i' 199k(I 11
Womet '' n itl as Well0 as~w Ment
K idney troule prey~s':' upon Vt mid is-.
courges nd lssen ambtion;. beuy vigorc
f - dsaperwhe hekd
Womb ellm s prvaent
AforMadehiiserable byr
K~dny trub- nrcys. po the chind uris
.....atndto hcfute, soonh
urn dilsth lspri when tie child
reaces a agewhenit sou of orer
the iffiultyis Kidney troubldte first
stepshold e twarsote sotraent o
thesemporta tats ITiso unpleamant
trul isdet aieased cofdtin if the
uidneyscad h lesdor d whe toh hild
recs anope whpoen.tsol b bet
cotolmte assael itas et afflictd wit
crae difiutyi kidneyanbar trouble,hfit
step sould edwad the ereatmremedy,
toe mIsd adu the diemedciatiefec ofh
kidneysoat blade aond notied t aait sl
motbeyl duispnofity
Womn onc wellarsmnae aems
erable with kidyv ad blde trbe
amle bot ne e me a remdy.
rig mald abou it ihedige manyc ofth
tuswandsoft testimoniralileits solivd
byfrsugferer, cued fifty- igDr il
centiond this paper
size. Yo mayhav a YEA.il R'~hs~
f roo sufflereracure In wtin Dlsrip lmerun
qu'Ck.y useringha mton. Y.ree wrer andn
mnention tis par.b~ pJetbe Cmuln
t on a ie l onbltt 50l YEmARk n 'et
set ro lbas neEXrPERtIN ae.
''tnt a hoe it eev
lv a'- lou moniIt hn. 91. sLl' 'i gtl yn11 lpt'i now l tier
AVgctable Plre)arationfovAs
ting itiestouiacis andliowels or
- ~ Sio
IPromiotes Digest ion.Chee rlu I
niess and ikst.Contauns neither'~
OpiuunlNlorphile tor Mincral.
NOT NWil c ornic.
Al dw -.iemrI
A 1)Cffcl Rel~mdy rtColsi)J
lion, Sour Stomlach, Iiari-h1ca
ness and Loss m,' SLEEMIji
Fac Siil signa~ture or
__NFEAV yonllc.___
1, m RUN
13ii~ very
Infants an bildren.
Kind Y V
dIways uh1
irs the
For Om
Th irty Yes
t cost!
If , b
- ~t lii iand Wagons
.b.:. Ti le! hata .
ad-. K Iudl we~i~ ae glg to'C sel
luA ow ou 'r!1n l reoir-.
I a ! l ee u WE~a e areli ah )
& ('O,,
us)AA 1 the~ pos-ald; sir
Mattress Co
yourbuie iettOWnshinrtn~
i'q t inte', costs les- ote e c
See loe to U. S, Patent Offic. FEE rlr~
ntmApec nia . at not uewto har en
aIrc.a .nt. fA O fl 0 &ouh

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