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Gives a Parting Shot at the
Fakirs and Describes a Liar.
tlanta Constitution.
My speciil pets, the mothers an(I
ildron of this blessed land, have
eon neglected of late, for I have had
time of it in taking care of myself.
r a month past I have been per
lexed and burdened with a correspon
enco that I could not avoi(l. I. have
nswered more than a hun<.dred letters
Concerming the Monticello fraud, but
that troublc is now about over and
once more I am calm and serene. It
was a most marvelous enterprise.
Nothing equal to it has ever occurred
In thle South. One, woman writes3 that
she has written over eleven Iiuhin(red
letters. The area coveicd by it aind
the victims who sullere(d is astounding.
My correspondents are all women, de
'pendent, struggling women, and they
Ileck the land from West Virginia to
0 Western Texas. I learn that Monti
c.Cello has surren(lere( and assigned,
which means, of course, that the army
of these agents will have to surrender
nd bc resigned. Blessed are they who
expect nothng, for they shall not be
Just now there seems to be a lull in
the excitements that have agitateI the
press and the public for so.ne tie
past. The negro has almost retired
from discussion and is the same u11ncon
cerned ereatuic he has always been.
P rofessor Stone, who has been study
ogJn them in Mississippi, says that in
he delta where they constitute 87 per
aent of the population they are more
ontented, more industrious and more
aw-abidilg than in any region that he
visited. Maybe Bishop Turner is
;ght and thoy can take care of them
elves if left to themselves. But my
hilosophy is, let the problem alone
y let it work out its own solution. It
'i ~ay take twenty years, it may take
t, but it will solve itself.
Politic, too, is somewhat tired and
I a dormant condition. The country
as ceased to make much ado over the
ntics and romantics of the new 1resi
ent and is just waiting to see what he
11 (10 next. He is a Sphinx. ie is
going to do what he tlinksis right,
but the trouble is he thinks wrong too
ften. ie is what you might call
fiiky. When a mai is tiniky, he is
niky-that's all. Thle word is not in
h dictionary and has no lefinition.
Finiky is liniky.
Well, our State polities has sul)si(le(l
or a time. The pot hailed over at
first, but has simmered dow n and we
are not making as many (overnors
and other oflicers as we (id before
'Christmas. I don't feel %ery anxious
about the next Governor, for with
'those who aire in the field we can't.
hardly make a mistake. As Cobe
Vuki Hay, "ItL'sall optionary with me.''
There is notling left, hardly to fuss
and fume about except the Atlanta
depot. This is en(uring stock. I have
not been to Atlanta since last, March
and I am not going until they build a
new depot. Nevertheless, we sti!l
have the usual amount of hor rors and
wrecks and honicides. It takes all
the big type to keep thoI head lines go
ing. Forty years ago there never was
a displayed head line nor the picture
of a woman in a newspaper. The
Richmond V hig and The National in
telligencer did not even have a caption
to their edlitorials. You had to read it.
to find( out what, the article wvas about,.
Now wve glance at the heading and
readl nothing~ esc and as for the pie
'~'tures we old men canu't, tell the dlit
Sference between lydia l'inkham anid'
the belle of l''rogtown.
,B ut, the mothers and their children
~are still left us. I was ruminating
about the hocks we boys had to.rcad
~m tho olden time aind how they had
disappeared and gone out of print.
There was the '' Arabian Nights"' and
," Robinson Crusoe '' and "G( ulliver's
TIravels"' and "' Baron Munchausen '"
-all were made up lies, but, the bigger
the lies the better we liked them, for'
children are imaginiative, and the little
stories of " .Jack, the Giant Killer "'
and " Jack and t~he Bean Vine '" and
" Oimderel'a '' have to b~e told over antd
over again to the little ones before
they go to bed. There arc two little
ones that I have to put, to sleep many
a night repeating these same old
stories. But, the ''JBaronu Munchausen'"
type of lies p~assedl away, although it
went through miany edlitions andt I have
seen nothing like it, until recently,
when I received a little hook called,
".I'm Something of a Liar Myself,''
published in Loiidon and New York,
and manufactured by lBaron I )evore,
of Edgelleld, S. C. I thinik lie is a
lineal dlescendlant of Munchausen and
has imp~roved upon01 his great ancestor.
It seems that, lie fell in with a dwarf
n Kansas City, whose iiamne was Ranm.
his Ran had -lived' nine years on the
anks of the Amazon river and told
aron D~eVore how the ammonia of
at region produced forests of great
roes that were two or three thousand
cot high and big round ini proportioni.
o says it, took him eleven (lays and
ix hours and~ thirty-nine minutes to
alk around one of them. Han says
am~imoniai dwarfed* him. It, enlarg
d his head and lengthencd his feet,
at shrunk up his shanika and neck.
c wore a No. 10 hat andl bo.7~ collair,
lis feci, were 18 inchies long and flat,
ened like a (liuck's bill and~ his h ga
bout, the size of a hoc handle. Ilis
eot grew long onl p~urpose, for then soii
as so soft an ordinary foot would have
unk dlown in it.
Everybody knows him in Kansas
ity and1( it is dhangerouis to dloubht or
sputo his stories. Han says that, some
those trees are awfully crooked and
no (lay ho caime across one t hat had
lien dlown from 01(1 age. It was hiol
w from the butt to the tonn an~l was
10,70 feet long and one of its big limbe I
hal stuck in the ground anld lie noticed
that millions of bees were going in and(
Conng out of the hole in it. So he
got lielp ald cut into it to get the honey
and suiddenly the limb broke and thit
crooked tree commenced rolling and
the honey couielncod pouring out(. I
The tree was so crooked it could not e
stop rolling and it got faster and faster V
with its own momentum and crtuhed p
down the forest for 50 miles and rolled K
over towns and villages and cruied 01
the people aid the lioiey marked its T
way inl a stream big enough to turni a N
saw mill, and the tree finally got to the st
sCI' and rolled in. T
Then he telli abo4.t sitting on a log iml
one (lay to rest and after a while the S:
log began to trenible and rise up in the i
middle and suddenly bowed ill inl a1 w
spasmodic motion like one of these S,
imeasurving worms or like the loop that fll
Schlcy made at Santiago and threw him
50 feet ini the air and lie found out it If
was a snake and the snake opened its m.
mouth wide for him to fall into it when 1i
lie came down, and lie did fall in, all "4
but his right arm, and with that lie pl
opened ins big knile with his teeth and fa
cut the snake's head oif and crawled gr
out. w
Well, it is strange that we like to wi
read these lies and how We become I'"
fascinated with them and read oi to !ee Fi
how le got out of the scrape that hie m
got into. Bit still the world is full of llc
lies and1(1 if we have got to read ti hem , (1h
it, is best to read the whoppers that at
Haron A1unchausen and Haron DeVore Ti
Lell us. This dwarf IRan has a sur- in
name of Isoali, which letters, the ed
Iarolln says, stand for "'m1'i somewhat ili
If a flir myself."' That is the title of af
Lho little red hock and at first I took it or
is a reflection on my character that i
Lhe book was sent to me. It was ai lic
insiniation and so I have given it to a
friend who has more reputtaion in that mu
line thian I have and is proud of it. 'N
All this, of course, is for the children C(
niid meabINe will keep them from sitting o
an an I 1-1 rusty log in the woods. There hu
is no harm in a lie that is told as a le. p(
Until lharoni DeVore ca'ne forih Edgar si
Poe was tile most relined and plausible gr
liar this century has ever produced. it
(1is "( oldbug "1 and his murder in the v(
Iue Morgue have never been equiled. ta
Blii. iAim. til
'l'II N iv .1 (Ami .:s --The Colublia li
:orrespondent of the News and Courier
rives the following sketches of Judges
I)antzler and Purdy:
Ilon. Charles G. Dantzler is -15 years
)f age. Ile is the sol of the late Gol. ic
Aliil M. Dantzler, a gallant and dash- sui
ng Confederate regimentl cominiid- s .
1r. lie was born and reared ii Orange- ki
urg Counly, and graduated fron er
Wolford College with honors inl 1 75.
Lor six years lie was a member of the .
Lveneral Assembly, a prominent, active iS
ind safe member. Ile is nw ia pro- I
nimient laymai in the Mlethodist Coil
creinec and a trus3tue of Wolfoi d C(ol -
ege. lie is deeply ini terested in fie
:ause of education. ie is esteemed
t learned lawyer. His high charaCter,
is lgh conception of right. an hii
.:xact and exteu-ive knowle!dcge of the
aw, together with the unsuillhed purity t1
if his public and private life, give the to
imrest guarantee that lie will exeiplif ta
,he best traditions of the Bench and 'I
lischarge the duties of the exalted ta
>llice of Judge with honor to the State. P
N1r. I )untz'ler had h nonositlion., ta
lin. 1t. (O. 1 'urdy as born1 F'ebru - NI
iry 11 , 1857, neartL I a:wrenceville, Vai.,
his parents being J1ames and J1ane A
PI '1ly', both1 of whlomu are living, tand 1~
aire natives of I )ow n County, Irecland;
having remiov'ed to) V irginiai after their
mriageili~V, bult blefore the birtlh of AM.
I'urdy, where they engaged in farming.r
In this pursuit AMr. PurLdv was rceared I
aindn all the family, exeptIlimsel I, were i(
edulcatedt f onm the suiccessful manage- I.
ment, of the farm. AMr. I 'urdy was .
educated at th e Virgimia Agriculturail E'
aind A8li chaniical C ollege-niiow. Vi irgiin a
P olytechnic Inhstttte--and11 severalI
years thereafter 1by his owniiC exrtionsia
he completed the law course at ther
Umnversity of Virginia on June T21,
1881. '
le remlovedl to Atannmn, 8. C., IDe
comher 5, 1881, and1 conmmeniced the
practice of law, being connlectedl with Y
the late Col. J5. II1. Earle, subseqlueiit
ly United States Senator fromi thiso
S~tate. On D ecemiber IS, 1583, lie
miarriedl Miss llattie I ngram, of1 Man
ninig, a daughter of the late I )r. .Jolin *i.
I ni ram,'hy which marriage there has '
b een borni inme children, eight of whom
are living.,i
In August, 1886, Mr. I lrdly removedl
to Sumter, becommng thle partner of
ColI. Earle in a large and Iluerative (
p ract ice. Tlhiis relat ishiip coniitinuted l
until Coul. Eirlc's removal to G reen
ville in 1891. Soon afterwards Mr.
Ilildy associated with him Mir. MAimk
lteyiiolds, with whiom lie is no~w en
galged m i the ipact ice of hiis profession,
the Ii rm nme being Punrdy & licy
Air . I 'urdy has inever been engaigedl "i
in active polities, except to serve one
term as inyor of Smni ter, (heelininig
re-elect ion. lie has also served several a
ternis as alderman of his home city j
aiid is now serving in that capacity,
P residlent Itoosevel t has been recomn- o
mfli~ende for ai brevet.-coloniielcy by the o
Armily Board of lIrevet Awairds, of il
w.vhiich G~eneral A rthiuri is presidenit . The y~
SPesidlent's dlistinhgmishled coiidutct inl
the presence of the enemy before San0- c
tingo, Jtily 2, 1898, is the reason (of t her
recomnmendalt tin.
American capilitahists have made I
large purchases of lands in thle statlo of I
Vera Crutz, where they will raise to
bacco on a largo scale. Alexican to- I
1 acco is now steadily wmnni ng favor ini
nmnoa nmi th Utedr t
rew York Millionaire Buys
Winter floine Near Beaufort,
A corresponideit of the New Yo
erald de-scribes a splendid count
itate nlear Beaufort which Mr. . I,
'ilsoni, Jr., of New York. has ju
rehiased from Col. .1. 11. Etll,
vilanna, an I which will he mlade o:
the firiest winter hollIes inl the Sout
he place is known as May Hiv
eck, beciAse it is anIli eloiated islat
rip between the May and New river
ie landing place, leadilig up to ti
iISnii, Is about half way betwe<
Lvnnah and lioantfort, heing appros
ately thirty-five miles from each I
Iter, althouguh anl air liine fro
vannIal would be little llore thi
eln miles.
The island is the iext. soiuth of II ibt
0d14, wh'lere0 one of, the governm eit
*vail proving stat ions is situate<
,fore the wir between. the States 11
Neck" contaned tlie homes au
aitat n uls of soie of the Iost faoi
miles of South Carol i na-- tle l'et
us, I)raytons, Illamniltons and othet
lose na1imeIs have become aRsociat.
Lit tle State's history. The bat,le
>rt Itbyal open1ed the country to If
deal - gull boats, alil il less thall
)ni LI what had been a rich anti pro
rollsi plallillng eOminnuly, with fly
ousanid slaves to till Ihe land, w.,
aldoned to the invadinig force
in it fell a prey to marauding fiec
a. iandsome homes were destro)
or wrecked, atnd tihe fields becal
ikets aid forests. It was i o ilt unt
er I G7t; that white men again live
ithe island. At that time the countii
(d degelerated into almost a wilde
As a hoy, long before tle war, Coh
I Estill hid 1 resided for' a time c
ay iver Neck. It was the that I
neived a desire to be the owner i
u of the filine lI a'Iifations. \Vien I
di returned homlne from the war,
111iless formner Con federate, the d
-C was still with him. \hien he b
n t'o prosper ili tle publishuing bti
ss in Sainah, among his first il
stiments Was tle purchase of a plai
lion oin May Itiver. From time
ne he added other plan1tations to I
>hings on the Neck, unLtil eventual
had secured illteen thousand act
tichi:he has tratisferred to M r. V Iso
There was much sentiment, in Cc
el 'still's L-atheri'ing of 1he lat
eC-meId. Ile had an ideal seacoa
m11 an1d plantation inl view. 11
eceCeled Iml bringing uin1der his own e
ip one of the iniiest, properties of il
id ini the world, uponi whilcl I
acted a ilansioni iml keeping wid tl
tent and importaice of tle estat
is this iansion which Mr. \Vilsu
having- refurnishied for occupati
113 in February. ,It is inide rsto
it he, aWcoinipaied by his siste
s. \alerbill, anld a few f riciid;
1l arrive at tile May liver place di
Sthe latter part of this im on th or th
A of nuxt.
M Ir. \Vilson i's plans, as fC1r' as the
Ii he leaie-ie, are broad ali amb
u1ls. ()Ie of (lie t ir st iuImprovelleil
he made will be the colistruction <
automobile road to Ilardeeville, til
tirest railroul stat ion, nine miles di
I t. In addition, a long distance tel
01e line is being built from tie pla
lion to) liardeevilhe whuich iwill p
m withi Sav'annah and Chiarlesto
ni electriie Ilihti ng apparuatus5 at
limingiiL plan(t is ialso bing put ini.
It is said to lie the pui pose of Al
'ilsoni to retaini 5,000 acres of
uitly wooded and gamie is pleiitLift
lie tishinig, too, is exceptionally fir
n onel side oif thie isilnd is a Stilt riv
omi which priactictilly ev'ery r pecies
Ih firom (lie ocean may1) lbe Lake
bile I n thi le ofther1 side is a fresh wvat
veirm abin ld ing in fish. Th us t
viier hats only to go north oir son
ro ss hiis acres to take either salt,
eshi wa'ter fish at his pleasure. TI
aiy IliiverI is ai (loot str'eiim, tandl it w
possibile for' Mr'. Wilson, ori'
anlderi' lt, or any guest, to sail
the hindinig, within a f'ew hundri
rdsl oif the mansion, ini his ocean g
g yacht.
Besides the foi'est, hanid, the clevy
antaitions whichl miake up Mr i. W
ni's li purchase eiibraice som e of Li
'4 sea island cotton land in tL
airld.- Th'e soil iwill prodcec ju
((ont an pr)jodu( ict, that may be gi'o
(lie temlperate z ime, aml, lieit
ar' thie ocetan and cuitirely Hurriounld,
P wvater', it IS peculhiar'ly' -free fr'.
Iiling frosts. T1hus cr'ops are aiilim
bl snalps.
It is said to be Mi'. Wilsoin'si
nitioni to) dividle the 10,000 aeci'C
ai ning afteir setting off his shiooti
eserve', into farms of approximir
'ty ticres each , andu to bingll iln G
an farmiers or other' Lhriif'ty wh l
tLlers to1 till them.
The ideau seemis to) lie to construe
miodel fam v illatge tas 110ar1 the centi
r the tr'act as miay be coinven iec
he village iwill haviie its school, clhuri
id libi'ary, besides otheri mun icil
::'cssoiesC. Whether M r. Wilson n~
wni the houses ori permit them to
wn ied inideplendent i ly hias not, yet, 1be
etei'minied. Theli details are toi
'orked out later'. It is said to be
urpose~i5, however, toi encoura'ige
ul tiv'ation of sea island cotton in
wie,an t hlle miay give some ttlenlti
a Ii ne cattle. The 'anges on thle
osd are exceptionatlly line, wv.th ca
iraikes icht aiid gr'eenl the year' r'ou
L, is uinde.Aon fuirtheri lthat Mr.
oin will give some11 ttention to I
TIhe manisioni is one of (lie hands(
stiimi the stwastl sect ion of (ie r. j
st I
Small crops, unsalable veg
8. etablcs, result from wvant of
l Potash.
Vegetablcs arc especially
fond of Potash. Write for
'5 our frca1i1n)Ihets.
e '~~j Nasmwau St.,N. n .
t is ony 111 about two 11ndred pards
,r from11 the WIter fit. The marine
e view froin the piazza4 iA e1pecially at
a tractive. The water Iupp-l N is from an
artesian well, and is pimre. alld roh)l.
c In the orchards wNhich surroil the
Ls place are 1)cari Iin fri t Irees, trs i
.plulm, peaches, pern.imon mI al~l,;tll pears.
I- The carriae.IC house, stable, servalls'
? house and keeper's hoise and the
e bowlinlg alley are in,1 far from the
it residence. At a convienient dis tance
(I fromu Ilie mlanisi ion tIhIe Ir It a saw muill,
-y grist mill, repair shopl, stables "Ind stock
r'.. h us .
Should Mr. Wilson put Iiii model
ilfaIm vill ae idea to the tet, lie will
n have an iteal situallton i: a which to ex
V ploit it. Midway between two citIes,
)f Ii each of which there are stamiship
Slies to the North, atd with a1 steam
a boat line to Savannmah, tilre wilt he nto
U- lack of markets for produce. And0 the
U- ivislid is jist enog.hii isolated to plre(
- Vent the ett lers rom beinC'g distracted
by ally possible politcal or otherl conI
1- ditionls that might teuni to ainioy them.
13 Sot:TiI:N GuowTI.-in the eur
rent 1* inuiber of' The Chattanoo-a
1.Tradesman appearls ant edfitorial on
Southern grow whicb discloses an
things in tlis section, considering the
i advese circmstancs whie bi we Ihav\,e
- heenl called upoL to lace in reelit
s years. Aiong other things containedl
iln the article we 41uotILe tle following
a paraglriphs:
" In the twelity years, ended Sep
1 tLiher I last , the ISouti produced
y -I; G7!9,967i(;SS worth of cottonl. On
.1an average three-fourtlis of tie year's
r, orp was sol abroad, or say Sl,:|I0,
0,(00,4100 vaklue exported. Inl 191A) II
the Soulti sold to Elurope, of raw cot.
e toll, nevarly .9100000worth m1114
exported fully .2li,0t10,(t)0 of othe14r
y producls, including.. tilimer, lumb11er,
iron, steel, cotton fabrieIs. le. .l'lit
S Soutli is begiumig to do its full share
J and( it will dto moreM.
C 1 It comeS out of the old year iml
high credit , with good prospect.s ani (1 a
willi liItl for tihe work before its
peoplI. These people ar e more ait(]
a- veClopmenC~t, as thle yer CI o by~4 ), and1(
'i they have a right to ben. Making al
illowance for' wha .t they icid tI olC ontend
w ithi, thei SouthernI peopl ha1 0ve doneli
'.CXC~ eceilngly well. TIhey ale niow pie tty
e indelpendIent. Tihi(y have Itlur-hil ths
I-oi h ordsspl of cottonh am1l
wI ~ ill have inlitiely. Whatg the 8(ee
C. tion1 doseni't, prodlhuce it w iil have thle
er means1 to bu13' The Soul bI is lem load
ofI d ith mlorltgageq debti 11than113 any lit-r
">, part ofI the coun1 ltry. The farmis are
Ce'rgeerally freo of diebhI a111 tils Comb I
e lion of agicallural( imlepenI'IdeceI b~e
iicomiesi miore miarlk ed yealy i. A cornii
t Lry thus11 conitiionedl is not distulrbed
e b~y thle criti1cism1 of comnniIies that.
hiavehll grealter oppo( I unities, and
I.ale incelinied to look downtl 01n thiose'
1Pwhose lines have flllen iln less prios
Alperous holes, or have only3 well b~egun
Sthe work of bilinilg their inidustrial
im Sanl lFrancisco (Iihronicle; ! )nrinlg
mI thle voyaige oif the iiteamerC Necw Iling
st land, which airrived thie othier mlornmlg
ig gr'ounds(, ai most, pIeuar phenomenonr~i(~
a(d was obseMrvedi by) the cr4'w. () Ti'Iues
mn (1ay3, just after midni~ightI,( 'iptaini Free
ist - manli, the pilot, was 114ton ish~ed LIo see
w a clearly dI I ell rainbow fro ho4 izonti
yto hor'iz'oni yIn'g to Lii n gorthiWest of1
the New h'nglanld's posIitioni. A still'
n. gale of windl was ibt~lig at, the timle,
-e- and1 the moon4)1 wasupm t h~~111Iloughi its
ng~ fa1ce was11 freluently obs1(lcre for miiin
to ultes at a timie by) lacnk clouds, the
r-- raino 11)WC os s howed no1 cv idenceIC of
te fadinig, 'een wheni tile moon(1 was eni.
irely oboscured'. lFor iialf Ian1 hour the
a rinb~ow was ini plain view, and1 thieni it
er' begani graal11ly to fad e away from1 lie
it. oastern endl.
. (C1o11y- What was t he result of you'
interviewv wvi t1 Mis ~lIll3 Ii's falther
helast niighit?
're--Itwa: ai walk -. ver for mie,
be holly-Ah! Allow mei to 'on~gr'a.
gi-npl1141y walkedl till over mei.--Chicag(
id. She: '' Ad cIi am reall y and ru l)
h l. the Iirist eri yo 1 11everI k itsed ?'
She: " YesC, yourl minifer tiavors (o
Ilh lie: '' IIow di v'ou kno)w it (dOnH'
The Republican Leaders Are Piz
zled What to do With It.
The Washington correspontient of
the I li l hi ' 11n11 i BecoI'4 sayi that the
probleli of the surpiu i hle trleasry
coldintles to be a I-oti-ce of serious 1 is.
eussion inilolit the atiIIlnistrationli l:0.
ers. inl Congress-4.
A ray3 of hiope that Ihe su rplus might
he kep, )L r Contr1ol ias heeli a fTr
ell ) i raige of receipts all ex
pentlittires thuls far this Inonth. lie
ceipts have, beeni abot.1,00,000 less
thaI for thl saIC period last yeai',
and expenditures hav been a Critie
Ilnole. This hali s colribhut etI to re ilire
the excess of receipts for tI Ie first I8
days of .anuariy from - 3,990ti2 last,
year to :2,59 ,0'1f tl his year.
Tlis chani e is to, siull 1 to be ac
cepted as ye, a1s a serioIu imlieitiol 0f
the exhibit, for the reimiaintler of the
useal year. It it believed , lunoever,
at tlie treasury that (lie su rpius di
the rnuaiiielr (f the year enlirut on
.Julue :0I next will pobilbly not he anly
larger than fI' thlie sanie perioil of
There hag been an increase of the
suri'plus thus flr duiring tlIe iscal year
from $22,517,247 last year to 15,21-t,
111 this year. Tie reatson for expet
Iig a cieck to this increase is the fact
that arany and navy expenilituLores first,
Ieganr11) to (rop back toward their nor
mal figlres before tle Spanish war at
te begiililing of last Year.
These expen(ditu rev are still much
larger than wheni the army contained
only 27,000 mun, but they are d istinret
ly less than ciuring tile war allot dhi ing
tle many llont wli he con t acts grow
ing out of' the war were still heing set
iled at tle treasury. IMllitarv expenli
tore is approachinig, although it lias
n" <Iu1te reached ti le ior'mal basis 46
a peacC estalishment of about 75,0O00
regular troops. Tiere will t101 be,
1ijerefore, the saie <lecline inl liilidary
Xieiditture's, douing the next Mx
Iiiotitlhs, i coinirin with the pr
vious year.
Notwithstainlingii these calculations,
the surlu o1 receipts over onlinairy
expenihttires f'or the entcir year proin
ises to be 100,0001,000. This wouI
raise IIe avaiilable cash balance, which
stootd on Saturclay at $171,227,91-1, to
about '1:225,000,000 at the close of t lie
fiscal year mn . 3u0le 3t 1ext.
ll w hat way to get litl of the sur
phus inl the treasury corlti ues to be a
piobleimi which grows 1in1re lillicult
with the alsorption of' the sllrplils of
purchasable honl) s ol the nia k t1. Sce
retary Gage has been rather fortinate
<1urin g the past We( k inl taking illp
1 hrIds h ich te h1lrs wCIe ren4ly to
sell at the liberal pr-emiimls paih by the
ireastlry. The amionilt. pluchased this
1monit hi ilos beeli nean ly I2,000,00, 1an4
the total of bonll purflellases Since
Nov(einbeti i lils however, l'.ihIl
only :-19,73,-,290, if whicb abt :-1 i1,-1
10)0,t10 were purchasedl inl November,
a-ll( the rei'tiiliig aliolts have hiee
spreatl over seven weeks. Thet, uanount
gotten rld of inl this wly fruin it'
treasu ry sur plis h as been .2.1 ,7 17b,:n.1.
'I'lie hotitledI dubt has now fallen to
about > 41-10,000 ,000, and1 shows i Ie
<lnetion ofI about 100,0(t since the
51 llilt'r of 1S99.
The stilt o.Ef r'educ('ing the revenule
will lbe taken up1 hby the ways anal
ity withI Cubao has1 been <liSsose ofI.
'Thils will lie 5omei weeks or1 mionithis iln
the future, but1 the flew Secretary of
lie Trealsuriy will Lthen be mi (lifhC4 and1
will be able to priesenit his Views to the
comii t 11 Lce.
It is aniticipiatc(l that. the taxes l'vietd
biy the War liIevelnuti Act (If I1898 will
be for the moust.fl par. repealed, but. th1ere
maay be sOntie <jilest ionl ini regarid tol t'
I'vied on tenl. .\ redtiioni of nlyt11
filal r':vefie if a conicessiton of -10 per
the liitedl States, but this wilt con
Irlihifte onlly al smallll fractiuin of the dle
sired reductition ill the icreene.
Tlheo great cost, of itansp ortl.inig Lim.ii
bei fromii the forests of thie NorthIIiwest
hby vessel toi the wed: conI oi..(f Amfierica
has1 caused (eieimets toi be mladle ml
var ions timfies (of tranispolrig timbi er
ini hulk. The ralftM a1'e cigarl shiapiet,
chins e~ very5 tY.welvye feet. The whol e
ralft is illu 14)00 feet. in lngthi, mxadle
til of 8(0-foot, logs, anI bei 80 feet
ill dtiiiinei'. It wolI talke I le fuill
Capacity of'1 al dozen f'4 orinary ve'ssels 1(o
suhi a1 r'aft.
Chi lrles hlllamy, a1 Jlirgto.n rmll ,
roadt firemnan, in eleviei yearis ofI faith
fuzl sei'vice, hils travl~ele'ldil'i,M84t mlile'
and1( shIovIeld 82,.,f)1 tons1 of coa on1 hei
waly. ie niever lost aI trip or' receivedl
aI sct1~ch, Lthrou~ighxlI acide nt. lI ailroad14
inen say that, it is aI ease of plhysic:al en
duraniIce never equaled.C~
Te WOL ' 3 Greatest
Cre for iMiafarlaX
h' r all formnfoi Malarl] nision
.ne~ ta~kfi .Johnson's Chill and P'eve:
'tonic. A ta int of Mailiartal ptlorin
'4-: in ye' ar blottoil leans rnise1114ry ani
'alluiro. 1114 s meI144 11 tineS t cu ro
(Jot a bottlt to-day.
ICosts 50 ICents lI It Cures.
The World's Great<
'or all forms of fever take J4 11 N
It is 100 tirnes belter thaii cjcmcinie arn
line a nlillot (to ill 10 days. It's SID e'ii
feeble cures made by qtinin.
wAtn' N'' i.; Sox-t N- IA1w. ---The
I ( . Icia t IbriIeIe y' S;
One cf the m Ow st cliarming" raconi
teurS inl AiliikC socieety 1.4 irs.
I loras 11. howles. She is it (Georgiai
and knows the negro dlialect to perfec
tiou. Nothing could he more tilisleci
than her <arkey Stories. II ere is iione of
her best:
A yuIIIn)g ninII was tellin tig anleetotes
to I cir-ce 411111 tione ofI his listiers was
his unother-in-aw. Ice related onle
abtiit a funtetal. A woianl hid <lie I.
The u ticertaker at the ciose of tic ser
vices at, 11hc house sii to thle hieaveI
husbant :
You will ride inl tle first carriage
with you m1othet-in-law.
" ucleIne to rid e with that wo
Sia shl tie vifower. " -Shbe lhas
nuiiale my lile Imiseralle. To rde with
her woul poil all1 the i pleastire of ithle
Ali laungluy appreciated Ile
lihiiuor of the story except. t.l yong
man11's mother-in-law.
' Wiy <ion't yoi itti ?'' he askecl.
It was a goocd story.'
cfh, she replied, "I was thinkinitg
i unother story about, a coloredI mint
4er Vhio prayed one <day for raini, like
" ' )hi, Iori, sen' us i a rain. ''hioui
11.-wvest, <at fte cr'ipi is a1-Hpilii'.
i'iou kinwest at. de cattle n a It ou -
aiiic hilistn a periishini' co' water. Sen'
is it rin11, tilh Lonc. Not one cilh yer
Irizzles. Seni' is a diownipur, a guIll 3 -
wa-shin', a t-nish-liftin', rain.'
"LIN, An1( ohll manny inl thet back inirt (if
thi chitinch callel ()It! : ". l.ok lyar,
parsoni, whuIlfli' yt' pray chitaway?
Why you pray for a trash-hiftin', rain?
h)ant' yo' 'imiemliber c<bt I <i'ltne hury
<lat, trillin', sonl-inl-bw ' mlinle as't
BIANN:n VAN . IOn Tw1 Wa
strieet experts have <himcovried that the
last tweve inoliti of I.ruisi-niakilm1
ixtIceis aniy siiil periol inl Ithe his
lo:v of the reputblic. Ncw .1ersey
hols the palmil as the favorite aaimon''
promot.urs. AMre corporaioll. with
.m'v caplital havre beenl erentcd tunder
Is fiavoring laws i tutti c uret' Wtse oIf
It IIc other Statcs coibinel. Siice
Ianuartly, Pl001, nearly 2,4100 croa
iolis have tiee Iormt in .il isey.
l'hcy have a1 total capital of .:,i i
HH),fHii, as tgainst a Iiiust capitaliza
ion it, $1,300,000 formedl inl the
am14 State fast. ear. New Yowk
vlit -h aspired to clethriconice .tcrsey as
e " iother f it rusts," Ims utterly
alled. Its new Coirpwolat ini law,
masse(0 by tlie Irt legislatur, ha inl
Ilue(d oily 1 .5110 corporations to oro
,,anllze at, Albaniy, and the('ir comb1ineUA
eaipital of 822.,-0110,000 is a trillc tmoriet
than1t oiie-half of the capital of tlie
Northeli SecurijtiVN coolmy alonme,
Which organlized1 at Trenltonl with 4. 100,
(H00,000 as its capital -tOck nest egg.
MA lilNc .Aloccier To'ccci -r i'i t'iii ir.
-- 1eret' is ac sicory onte raiilroadic manii tolcd
anoctheri ini a depocct tip the line I ic- cither
threecm cents a nuiiic for wages. ( ine'
dayi whent timii an' me wats onl the trlaili
chic got alway Onl onei 0' themii mounitin
rmclis , arci I he first thiint. we knocwted
lie wats ftyini' dcowtn the track ait abtit
rtincefy rilts nii hicur, with litiniii' in
ighit liut, the tditchi aiinc the happciy
litin ' m.riouini-c whnct we comie ti the
.stml. I t wistd 'ciii cdown ais hardt as I
ciuil alt aclng Itic tcops, niti thien to at
cicbcen I sece itike etawliui' aloniig toi
wardt the ciii cf thce ('at's on all foutrs
with his fac(e the colcir of' tnilk.
ti hit tie wats get t ig ready' toi j iinip,
itol l'ci see his finish if hie did.
"i Gike,' I says', < fort Gocd's 5sakei
"c lIc clampns his litgers cin the
itirnt roi'ci, andt, Jookinig at ime coni
t.eumpitttuc, minswerts:
tie after jumin' an' tme makinig' muoniey
asi fast as t auin ?' "'
cmch Wylyni hai' Is a prtiy
goodc if'e, hausti't. tic ?"'
irow ne- -" Yes. Why shlie eveno lets
him i amoickeC inh the parlorii."'
For Infoants and Childiren.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Boars tho
Signatero of
Hcenct youcr busictcness direct to Wacshin gton,
nacvesq time, coicts less, better service.
M~y omies ctos to U. 9. Patent Offee. PREE preimin-.
ary examInations moade. Atiy's fe. not doe untli patent
ACTUAL.EXPERIEN(JE. Book "How to obtain Patent.'"
etc., sent free. Patent, procured through E. G. Sigge'rs
receive special not toe, without charge, in the
Ulusratd aontly-levnthyear--terms, $1. a year.
r~nun~rhA ate of C. A. Snow & Co.
~i~II~~H918 ST.,. W.,
a. IUI uUVA8AHitNGTON. t .
- -~ A &A -AL A
4st Fever Medicine.
.:II an ta I VE= '! ONIO.
d(es ill at single lay what slow quli
li cures are ill strikiigcontrast to the
('01 nactor (and Builder
lb i14hllg m. (!.
1:s se m'rve.s 14 thep gerl puth
4. .\ l 44or gna ttIatt(. I iH refe '
I10- :1 re I Ih.IM fr11 whatii t(. i .has donie
wI*rk aMid Ihv work use lf, whomu and
whicb 4-:at ito st-4-1n ill I he towim 1l' 'ick
4n1-, Klash-y, :tnlaa all over l'ieenIs cout.*y
I'it i. will do 4 w( ll to )e ! hi before
"'-i -,I i :alh' VIls v.ewher, 11,.1
1: F-:ic , nl N l. 1 Ith I I M t( n114 v I tI .llJ ant
11ry, ht 1 NI I 4 1 ntI if aINI ly k i S th i seco' il
.I'lah.v int Septe1rnher.,
A I lI':IK iN- Se' I l .1uid ityid ii Febrimary,
II . a l nItaty inl ,11114no anel th fo 111th
~A.ona tint~~* Ieptiber.tala tl'diiai
ItinI NI hI I I i i t e :nti' I irst. iNh4 I 41 'y
:.1 (1r the foit t Ith 'i h in Sepu.tenh r.
i . I.,. iN '(41to :hv in a
tin- N I NI tn' rydv i( er I lie 'fouitt II fil
h iii Ita 4.', itit, I he 4i xII i Mo4ndity after
1. f4uthi NI l.tvI il l4ipteinbea1t4r.
1 4 1- i:.\ Thin ' lo i ni y in stareh, third1
3 il y: after I' 1urth ta 't4aty in .J4n4, anid
eI 14111111 mlolatil;y ill septizber.
anytlhing you iveiit, or improve; also get
PIO-TECT(ON. Hin tai 141 , sketch, orphoto.
for freec exam ~ition an44 t1 ntie.
wt b-oL 11tc.t
"'C. A.SNOW & CO.
Patcnt hawyers. WAS H I NGTO N, D.C.
Ween use it for otton. Will sell a
lililie number tif iur 7 per cent. certili
cates. Iniie rel payable.lan-iry aid .1uly.
Th'le bes (1414441 mttiii iiveitlment offered.
Amneii ito s4H. No depreciation. Re
decir able ao sitirl 4o1ice. Otargtriateec
biy $50000.00 palie Its eupititf. Re.
ma tirectl tit nf receipt of money we will
mail verlilii'aes sai clay.
Fl~li ER VI L E M F. COp.,
.1. I. l,tr. l'res. and Treas.
-M Medicated Cigars
hEM Smoking Tobacco
14'tor isers of T'obahcio that sufTer with (a
larrh, Atsilhia, tar Ir tittis. We giaran
lee an absolule andi permaneint cure of
0atarrh ai it is the (fly.% kiown remedy
for I ay F'ever. If your <I riggisit or grocer
tiies nt4 keep it. write CKC-M I )., Atlanta,
;a., for Free Sa mple Trade supplied by
('arpenter Brol', (Ircetnville, S. (., or
('rhtiield & Tollson, Spartat burg, S. C
SI niii airad(tuates. cenci vest fromirto 5 a ap
(1i4'.lianst daily' for It tokkeepers an te
nito'r'a btert. I Iittkkeeptintg, Shocrt balndI
Ttleg raphya tautj . liefe rs to AtlJanata's
bus$inesst mten anid battkers. W.~rite for eat
ailtgtue. Addcrests A, V. (il lSCOIC, Pres.,
or. I,.'. A R(Nt)bH,) Viceo-l'rts., At~latnta, On
A :U ii.s IlNNN EI) CA 'I'ON FlEIR
A ic Ih 1.argct, (test (m4ijipped and~
maiti inlutiac al l iustiiinessIa ( clge in (the
m ray bie earnied by any, enterget iC y(og
man oir lndy ini a sho(rt time by work iat
h(otme. lo'pr e ir.Ah es
S'l(''ItN l) I, IA
- Spartabuarg, (S. C,
Ot farim (lands Iapaymen1ts. No comn
misi ons itua r;'ed. (Iorrower pays actual
cos of1 pelrfetinig latn. F4or m41formation
J . . 1I PA 1,M Iit & 80N,
Columbia, S. U,
J. 1. ltfinos. Presi denit.
T' LIl 0 'T'A l~I.lE No. 2.
feetive '':Itl A. MI., lF'b. 1st., 1901l.
No. (0. bT 'A'TIONH. No. 1).
.\li \id. MixedI.
144:1 i aimt. .. .1fw. Ptickensti Ar...255 P9 m
(4:-15 a1m.....* ''erguasoni'.....2:45 p mi
((0:55 a mt.... ....* a's.....2:30 p m1
(ii 1h a .....*A ~ii's.........2:25 p mi
((1:5 am......M uldi's.....2:20 p ma
1:15 aI mU...Atr Kiaaley' Lv..2:15__ p m
Mixed. M ixed.
.4:0) pli.. Ev. i itlc'is~Ar I:-.10 p mI
4:1)5 p m1.......*Figsona's...... :30) p mi
':15 p Im.......Parson's... .. :15 p mI
41:20) y im......'Arail'.....0 :101 p m
41:25 P m......\~laubaint's... :05 p im
4:40 p m1..A r l'iisley l~... :001 P mi
"IF'hag Statiitns.
All trlaints dlaily exceti Bndiay.
No. 110 1 'onnetcts with( Southterin llailway
No. :1:.
No. 9(1 (t'nctsR withI Soutthern lIiailway
Nit. (2.
Nit. (2 Coinnects with Southcrna Itailw~ay
Nio. II.
No. 11 Connects with Bouthern llaiilway
No. 31.
Ab~' "'o lany informnation apply to
Gencueral Man~agey.

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