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The People's JohiiaI
T. J. MAULDIN, Erroi.
W. L. MATHENY, Bus. Mon.
jutered at the Post Offico at Pickens a
secon(-clas matter.
Subscriptioi, $1.00 a Year.
TiHURSDAY. JAN. 30. 1902.
Tuiic pasiago of a well framoi
dog law, giving the pleading shec
a fair chance, would entitle the
present legislature to thanks.
OF all probl-m18 before the leg
islaturo, the matter of drainag(
furnishes most perplexities. Bul
the country is aroused on thu
question and something must b<
WE1 hopo the legislature wil
succeed in passing a road law tha
will be both constitutional all
adequato to tho domands of travel
Fortilizor hauling and May meet
ings are not so far ahead of us.
WITH no jury law, no road lax
and, if Some other laws were tes
to(d, no laws of local applicatio1
passed since the c o n s t i t u t i o
of 1896 went into effect-and voril
no roads hardly worthy the name
it cannot be said that this sessi(
of the South Carolina logislaturo
in vain.
Ir Pickons county is pliced on
cash basis, am con temn plated, t
county Lbusin'ess will be done
a cost reduced 'muich more t.11n
the amount of interest liaco 11ss]iry
be paid onl the borrowed Jmolnie
Tie cash planl will work a savii
alike to the county and to lhe col
Turrl cominittee, appointod I
draftianaccoptable bill providin
for practical drainago prov isioni
in Solith Carolina, will fin
troublo in a(ljisting their milealSlr
to tho Varied conditions prevai
ing throughout the s ite, and th]
Suprome Court, say they niiit, n<
allow local necossitios to overrid
the constitution.
0 * *
WJi EN Trcasurer Chapman 'lost
his oflico on the 28th (lay of eel
ruary, there will still bo sonr
waiting without the customs 0doo
By deferring this m.ter till At
last day a hardship is worked o)
the tax collectors, and possibly o
the tax payer, surely so if thi
crowd1 should be too great on t
last day to be acconmmodate'd.
Wrrr'm twenty thousand dollain
with which to satisfy all lpast ii
debtedness, including adeqjua
funds with which to repair ti
jail and make othecr niecessary ii
p)rovements, with rimeasonables t ii
in which to rotireo the debt) at moe
crate levy,Pickone countyw ill ha
a% fair wayof progress,and her stan
ing among the counIItiCS of upp11
South Carolina made enviable.
TE oflicien t gent lomon compo
ing the present Board of Couin
Commissioners, along w ithl of h
good peole. will rejoice whien il
conisummation of prosent efforts
place Pickens conunty on a cas
basis is reahized. These genthc
mnen, perhaps more than all olst
see the need of this helpful legisla
tion and have urgod it as5 a wis
and proper measure,
IF' the suggestions, conitainedi
the Glovernor's message, and th
inteontions generally an noun ced b
the legislators are strict Iy fillowe
this legislative sessioni will I
mfarkedl by wise measu res and an21
such legislation as is reqire i1
meet the ex~iecies anid pro~gres
ive reqi r~nemtn of the ti mes
Useless ando ext rava1gan1t a pproprl1
ations will not bn tolerated.
TnmEm town of Liberty with ho
good schools anid churches, modh
cotton mill, adequato and we
officerod bank and her most exce:
lent peop1le is no longer a side stii
tion on the Southern Railway, bi
the business center of a prospe
OUB community, where business
done in larga volume on bamsino
principles. Liberty is conung
the front, or rather in the lainguaj
of one of her most sanguine cit
lens, "She's done done it,''
"Tuman would be hope of redi
trioting the state by the preser
legislature if there were not
many redistricting bills intr<
duced. It looks as if the po1
ticians looking for congroesoni
jobs are going to have their wa
again.''-Newberry Observer.
Yes, it is not so much that tb
politicians looking for congresi
onal jobs don't went the state re
tridted, as it is that some of th
lolans looking for congreseaov
are striing to have it don
Jr thoro ei or was a time when
people should look well to their stt
business, it is now at hand. Thero Bc
is no question about it; our people Pi,
must get strictly down to ways or rel
true oconomy, and that iml)plies ho
a closer attention to good business an
rules which -always mean that th
men m ust pay their dobts or satis- pr<
fy their creditors in somo way and oi
curtail their living exi)onnos. in
every way consistent with honest D
iF tho legislature does tako ac- ta
Lion eldorsing tile 'opo. itiln w
that the seats oW both our I. ULitel thi
States renatot s ( vacan y, r 1)
oil of tleir lesigilation s haivinl g tro
belen tellded(lr to the (overneiri , I a
last sunluer, what a eclliicatioll an1
will insul !. But this is a day of Fo
constit tit nial goveln meni t stud y ,
Iand Ile".CS Il r beh lugh t
bearing it the fudan ntal laws of thi
- )oth tho union and the state, and (1i
tle- doctrino of state sovereign. tl
ty gains grounid with ainost evry
couri1t decision ' Ifectit.g it.
SENAToit 1IlChA 1-IN's me0tO(,riC
flight froml GC all'ney to silelev r-eels 1)
to hA ConIceded nl over South Car
olin a. Hmowf er, the fact that Iu.
is alive aid if WashingtoJn was 0
1,3 brought, to nt4 o at i littlo gia d I
statl.<l play inl th. e wdae hiftwni
a the two Soumlth ('alrolia seliltols,
1211, r h'eI g t .I doff(II 1.l 1'i: ill I ll.e
ly. h-tw en cngos al ' t i
by' legOish r t I it he (I . haigll
h (411 c(?h ilbiLl ns il io l w. ilr
htiitioial, 1n11 hd1 triiel h,
by r)a, undo the af ruel lsta -eV(', to ('
get togullier 9111t1 ii tall a sa ry
erCib'lo 11 d(tilay (II111, C01111 (-)fII
stat Il I r( 1 p;. lin(1 fila r dol hat she S.
gatoful to all -ilo aOItriIll u nc- n aly
iiittionl, aiSnu~I( ll tvi~l." 11)
2' T f i -: (b~ Pit 1 i.:N Citiry J.:xpoi1.
>t) tion CommI iiner dirle wat they g .
a oulds, umXCL'Ilel t th lilrl li n l l I
fise tfog tr (I l1 staoll o a veyl
~ceitabl ~ily o the count ye ke
gr'atul t o llet1. who contibufac any i
niatrilt afssistance ithi unel i Si
countyI hu~la ithe people iat large( ir
wi slle raize beor ehln theaisni at f
in islin t ake a~ZA drviae oflas
idIer1sIknow th fu'ill truth bout 1
the unrlieled adv~ningesofferedC by11.
e Pickens 11unty (i(t the Ime seekerd.1
:uuL' thej investoir ht theI* fat .- It
,-t m:enLts of11,(1 we. ar pCi ~usig,
in e n 112s, huibling beter ue nrsih
d.~ i ig 'lt 11 the il n ci 1uliatin our--L t li
or(I 'sles inl alllls hegartiiand tays o
prgre ssivt ~it' 'Cli' i lenship . Anygoo
citie watin a homi e,4 f enn find1 it
yamong saom of thelhos peoloion
. hstures rf puzh d td-ise pOLanit
is tomourhet ro uirent of cutLy
Lu govnm iient withu aX ful' iew~ iio
-o romvny, they.Mo oughnt to ho nd
i- flece ' ofhe ac througoo nyoath il
-theat men elln h eugh e j l
ts pac-u theow buries, byi
v tnhoro meaup biosrans
ithoutla enet ~ton loouine bi
-undas achotohairigi yorua wor cht. 1
.t e e~ne to fuml th rcheapr of
iservants ofhal Ptl."lcliL? airihci
'of bll sters, ar calin the aud
geiu aor t huw enir timen ofaml g
a fctie rgy6,u os oi
r ofogparVimoingtolegislainintid
ea amstratino prdrcsulic adfairs
itnNby.imcopol7t2novies in Ruse.sh
SelLprivata life Mon ughtut two Ct
~-ha is el nuh nb
'I' "
Whether from choice or circulm- 1
mco, the rotirement-of Julus E.
ggs from tho presidency of tho
kcens railroad is an occirronce c
retted by all Pickens people who hIa
1)pd and waited w-hile h10 worked ar
I sacrifield for Ilie promotion of
t enterprise from the day it was e
>jectod until its completiori, and fl
till the present day .
irect from the Legislature. c"
8 co
ie only hills of great impor- tat
c beforo tho houso last wook er
re the bills proposing to divide til
iitato into new congres- sa
ial districts. There were three
Is on th is subij4ct The bill in- *c
duced by Mr. McGowan of
nrons was finally agreed upon ti
I passed tho house by a hand- si
ne imajority and it i8 nlow up to a
- Sen.ato. F'rom prosimit iidi- ti
Li< ns we think this measure will N
411y pass the Sonato. Under it
is bill no chanuge is inade in our I
it rict. Thor e has boon a bill on o
is sulject every session of the
vislaturo for the past several e
uiirs and we hope the passage of y
.is I1ill will quiet the politicinise
I this nionsure for awhile, at least. n
The usu.l child labor bills aro <
ding fre ly discuisse. The cottot
ill interests of the state as well
i the olperatives will, wo think, t
ecoie hampered by the passage
f any law upon this su)ject at
IiA timie, 41n11( we hlope to ,ie, aill
h44 hills (0fonted.
The el i ar00' ilo ill over and t
-liI oneQs li ve g' ttoIt down to o
( ' judg I the third cir
Llit a fli all the old jidges whoo n
'rIms hol expirwd, were re-OletAed. r1
'14 Old Board of I)ire'tors of th i
i ale 8 cispensaTry w re rei-lected,
ouoIgh 11n)t without oppositioni.
Th1 (W10noi1 Assehlily Was il- t
led to Aigista, (a. ol lust Fri- i
1y to ait e(lie (Gocd Roads Con- S
Iition, buti declined to accept, t
i)>gh inmiy of the meibers took
day off and went anyway.
The next bill oin the calender of
nportaiice is one proposing to Imt e
I 0 le con Ity oflicers On1 salaries, 1)
hi!-i will likely como up for dis- t
issionl til wool. M.
"Some time ago my d iughter caught
sovm d' l. She com(plained of paina
li ch:4t. mnid hld at had congh. I e
', o hor Chaimberlain's Clonigh Rlemed(y
co'rding ((o directions anid inl two days
w wal well 1ti11l h11)[o to go to scllool.
laive used this remnevdy inI my family
r ihe past s-v -n youa and have never
21w 12) hoal,'' says James Prender
ist, m elh:init, Annt i Bay10 1h). Jfamfaica,
'esi Inia: 1.s:uu(l. Theii pains) in the
iisst. 1 indietedi anapproaiching atlack of
neiim1on ia, whlaichi in this instance was
ndoubtiledly warded od' by3 Chianiber-t
il's(Coegh Remeidy,. It counter'acts t
23' tenidency of a1 cold( toward pnielumlon-.
('ould (Count More.
is. ('rhusaon~henik-I 8ee by3 thIs pa
-r tha t~ Ihere are abuhut nInety deaith~s
2 Shakespeare'es play1 s
\ir. ( r'imsonenk-Oh, I tink I've
'('t n1e Shkespeare's~a phlry' Ild m iore
ines 11 iin thait mayself. -Yonkers
Hun nlown.2
Moediggri-Whait's the matter with
our1 ineck ?
31('digge'-Ill, t'hi?
Thligumbaob-No; bile; automoe
---Phlladelpia Press.
Above Mortal Comment.
I1arriei(t--Cupild la always repriesented
s ai poor little urehlin without any gar
lII rry'-Yes. Thaiit 1s (1021 so thait hto
ill never go out of style.-Detroit
A Suggestion.
Paisseniger- 1less me, I'm afraid I
ven1't a cenit 1 Must I get off the earui?
C2onitactor-W 1,ell, I can't let you ide,
r. Youi might go to the omlie and2( re
>r't thle case to the superntendent.
Perietunly So.
"'This year will be tihe gieatest In our <
"I low (1o you knoV t y'
''elh why shlouldnl't it be0? E'ver'y
'Went Agnlnftt Him.
'Oh, why did( you1 ('at that book of
00ations?'" asked thle imotheri goait.
li(anse li~tt wasii labled 'Food for "
>ughlt,' "' 81aId thle sick k;IdI.
We'tll. you shouild have thioughtt be- (1
0 you atte it."-Cicago News.
Aftermaeth. S
W\~hat aul l tiimmersmnith?7" aked E
sdick. di
'ie had1( all the Christmas presents a
bought charged," explained K~ee- P
k. S
I have a1 feow words to say regardingIi
mmbteihu lai' Cough ltomedy. It say.g
mty little boy's life and I feel thtat I e
Itiot pra211ta itienough. I bout i b
tile of it i m A. E. Steero of G owl
21, 8. 1)., and whten I got home with it
e' poor biby could hardly breathe. I
ve the medicine na directed overy teu p
mtutes uutil he "thr'ew uip" and theon I
otught sure( het'was going to choke to
olth. 'We hand to pull the phlegm ont
his mouth in great strin gs. I am
sitive that if I had not got thIat bottle b
cough medioeme, my boy wvould not be m
eartlutoday.--JoEn D~natoNT, liuwocd u
va. For salo by G. W. Eaurlo Drug&
cioughe ouured quickly by Foley's Ho- wv
y antd Tar. IEciues aubstites., r
hInd'e Hnn1l ..I4 .T!
(Speial Correspondonco.]
)ne hundred more poliemen for this
y and a rearrangempnit of committee
ndling of histrict affairs In congress
two feigtures whlih .impress Repro
.itative Jdnkins of Wisconsin as be
r vital at this time, one for the pres
t and thd 'other- for the future wel
' of the District of Columbia.
ts a leading nokber of the house
nmittee on the k)Itrict of Columbia
. Jenkins has for a nutpiber of years
!n a clogo obserpr of the attitude of
igress to the, i1sitrtet and has also
)t himself pdsted roarding the do
led workings of the municipal gov
Inent of the (npItal. In dilscussing
3matter the other day Mr. Jenkins
'As far as the local police force Is
acerned It Is i splendid body of men,
d it is only repeating what others
ntinually remark to say that this Is
e best governed city in the United
ates. I am rellably informed that the
-erage pQllelnan in thiscity works
irly-six hours out of forty-eight
a. here is a chance for the humani
rhuI to get in some good work. There
a growing demand for the reductioi
I the hours of labor, and it is a sad
ymmentary on the national govern
uent that right here at the seat of gov
mnact min whose duty it is to protec
fe and property ind be continuall;
kposed should be 'ounpelled to wort
a the polce officers of this city ar
oimpelled to workl"
Wittualhigtonui's Shiny Foot.
The big ornamental brass doors a
hie eastern entrance of the senat
ing of the capitol have as long as th
ldest eanployceof the big building cat
omemnber been noted for a sigula
eeuillarity. OnO of the scenes reprc
ntied onl the door Is that of Washing
m plasing through Trenton, the hadle
f the city strowing flowers In hIs way
Vislligton Is ounted, and l his righ
)t. extends Ieyqnd the usual lines o
raamental wok. The foot Is strikIng
proaitnlit because of the high pol
.h on It, which nminkes It glisten In th(
orning sunlIght with all the bright
(-SS of gold. The guldes at the capitc
Iways show those handsome bras
01ors to vIsitors and explalin to then
lie meianing of ie. scenes depicted o,
hem. Almost invarltbly some one o
ble group of vis'itors steps forwari
aId, puttI aing hIs or haera thumb on th
111113h foot:of the Father of ills Cour
-y, reinarks while rubbing It:
"What makes this foot so shiny?"
The guide ivariably replies:
"TIat is Just wh'laat does It."
Then the visitors laugh and are tali
it to other points of Interest, and thel
laces aire soon taken by another grou
) relailt the scene, including the foc
Libbing and the query about the cans
f the phlienoinenon.
rhe Caipitil'n Plump Wonmen.
"The thing Ilint impresses me mot
bout the Washington crowds," said
'oman who has been spending tih
ast two years In the City of 3 exlc<
Is the comforting number of fait w4
ien. Before I -went to Mexico I usc
o think overplump) women weren
ood to look at, but now I admIre theu
11 hugely. Tfheru aren't any of thea
ui the Mexican capital. Spaishi wi
ion everywhere else p~ut on flesh a
hey grow pmst'their first youth, but i
lie City of AlexIco they grow painfull
hin. Th'le ellmuate is 'worse onm tm
oimplexlon than that of Colorado.
rics the skin and gIves it a dull, sa
>w hook. WViahingtonm women'a loo
ke pictur'es to mie. Trj1j. skins at
o clear and1( they're so dellgghtfull
lump. Aan antlobesity specialIst woul
tar'vo to death in Mexico."
All ie Could Get.
Senator Blururows~ of Kalamazoo an
onator McMillan of Detroit are n<
nly colleagues, but also close friend
bhey ar'e given to joklug each othier 1
lanes. A (1ay3 or two Senator Blu
ows had occasIon to go to the depar
iort of agr'iculturc in behalf of a col
tItant. On his way back lie amet Sez
tor AleMlilanm, who stopped him an
"Where have you been, my son?"
"Over' at the agricultural depar
nenit," repiled belitor' Burrows.
"Ild you get anything?" asked Sea
tor Ale~lilani.
"Nothinlg but a pretty planat thme
avye mune for muny wife'," reliied Senatc
iurraows. "Thait was the onily thing
01uld 11ind thiat wias not in thme classitic
Opposedi to l'enny I'ostage.
Re~preeaitive' Loudi~ of Cailfori
hairian iiof thle comintltee of postom
eas anmd posit roadsl, talked with th
r'eslident the othier (lay about postsi
'gisalatoin. .\ a'. Loud Is opiposed t
enny13 postage. "'Thait is out of th
hostionua," lie saId. "Wi'th penmny post
LL' thiere would1 be a (de11e1t (if at leas
i,.000.(O a year ini the receipita of thm
IIstoflic'e depart ment."' Mr'. Loud I
4fiosed to go)vernmenii~ut owner'ishipi o
lographii lInes, as hais recenutly beel
Appi'eeuinted thme Joke.
Ileimreseunttivye Richardsoni of Ten
'ssee, the mIiority leader of thi
>use, foramally p~resented( the presi
at with a beautifully bound set o
a coamiplationms of the messages anm
upers of the presIdlents of the Unuite<
ates. In making the presenitation Mr
Ichiardlson hanghligly asked the presS
mt to read( carefully the constitutlot
ad D)eclaration of Indepenidence. Tha
'esident took the joke good naturedi1
ad saId that lie would.
'IN Protect the Flag.
Seven senators have Introduced billh
prevent the destruction of the Amer
uln flag. Senator Penrose heads tha
at and bnses hIs mneasuro on strong
ouds. Ie claims thmat the govern
cnt is perinittlig tio flag to be de,
sed In the IPhilippines, and ill Mn.
ha the stars andI stripes are used tc
lvertiso saloons~ amnd as signboards on
aces of objegi19nnble reputation,
CAnt. ScuomrEL.
'A 00%5d~g2ZAIN
"1 hiave noiced that ahe sale on (Jbam,
rlinia'n Smotuach &- Liver Tablets is al
>st inivar'iably to those who have 0on04
ed them," says M4r. , II, Weder, U
oiminent disggiet 'of Casoade, Xowa,
hat 1tter recommendation oould any
>dielheo have than for people to oall tol
when agiaiused'of suoh a remedyl
y thuem when you feol dullafter eatin~
in son .havem a bad taste in you
auth, feel bilious, l)ave no nppetite or
ion troubled 'with constipations and
u are oortailn to lbe delighted withl the~
Omnit relief w.hio thay ammt4 I9m
Bridges & Hammond,
Dry Goods
We want to close out our entire
stock of DRY GOODS at once.
The Goods will go
Come now and get bargain.
Bridges & Hammond.
PICKENS, - - S. C.
@[email protected]
Are you prejudiced? Are you
open to conviction? Many people
think it impossible to fine a First
class General Store in a town of
, this size
Don't you believe it I
Because you can be convinced
there is a First-class General Store
here by callling on
L. Ross Eaton,
Central, S. C.
Where you will find a fine and
varied Stock of Dry Goods, Dress
Groods and Groceries.
, r Central, S. C.
t Notice To Executors. Ad
0 ministrators, Cuardi
ans &c.
Please make your annual returns dur
ing the month of January as the law re
f quires. A failure to comply works a
e forfuturo of your commissions.
J9 3 Probate Judge.
The County Pension Board will
,hold its last meeting at Pickeno 0.
s House on Monday the 10 day of
February 1902. Please send. In
Y your applications before that day.
0 J. B. Newbery.
~ J23td.County Chmn.
LSAE Clerk's Sale.
County of Pickens. f
In Common Please court.
tIn pursuance of a dlecutal order made
in the following statted caso and on file
in the Clerks office. I will sell at the
hi hes ider on
Saloday in February, 1902.
,. at Pickens C. H. 8. C. during the
. legal hours for sale the following describ
ed Real estate upon the turne herein
after mentioned to wit:
Haarison 0, Hendrick, et al Do.
against cretal
William A. Hendricks, )order.
. All that piece, parcel or tract of land
situated in the county and State afore
Ssaid, in Hurricane township on Six Mile
rCreek,* waters of Keowee river, contain
1ing one hundred and fiftly-six (156) acres,
more or less, adjoining lands of R. W.
LI Williman, Martin Evans and others.
Terms, one half [j] cash, balance on a
credit of twelve months, credit portion
to be secured by the bound of the pur
.chaser and a mortgrge of the premises,
Swith interest from dlay of sale. Pur
Ichaser to pay for all papers and for re.
cording the same. A. J. BO0GGS
(Seal) C. C. P.
t Auditor's Notice.
3 To the Tlax Payers of Piekens County:
* For the convenience of the public I
will attemul t he following places and dates
I named below for the purlpose of taklug
tax returns for. the fiscaul yeair of 1002:
Six Mile, Monday, January 6.
Calhoun, Tluiesday, Jan uary 7.
S Centiral, Wedresday, Jan'uary 8.
Caitecchee, Thuasday, January 0.
-JLibertyv, FrIday, .January 10.
In the oflice Saturday, ,Janaray 11.
I Essley, Monday and Tuesday, Janna
I ry 1 3 and1 14.
,(ross Plains, Wednesday, January 16.
Looper's shiop, Thursday. JIanuary 18.
Ilughes' Store, Frilbsy, January 17.
In ofmco Saturday, January 18.
Pumnpkintown, Monday, January 20.
Holly Spi Ings, Tuesday, .January 21.
Esst.atoe, Wednesday-, January 22.
Mile Creek, Th'ur.sday, January 23.
Pltes Friday, January 24.
I will be0 in thte oficee from January
25th, 1902, to F'ebruarv 20th, 1002, in.
cloilve, and after this date I am required
by la w to a~dd ai penalty of fliy per ceut.
on all non-returns. Please meet me at the
a bove uippoint ments andi avoid the usual]
rush In tihe offiee. As thIs is real estate
assesment year, I miust urge that each
and overy land owner come. prepared to
give a full desctiption, ncumber of acres,
boundaries, &o. All male persons be,
tween the sges of 21 and 60 years except
those incapable of earning -a supuport
from being .mained or otherwise disa
bled, all Confederate veterans over 50
years of a go, are desraed taxab polls.
Be sure and be able to give thee umber
of school dirtriot as this is very impor
tant information.
feb20 County Auditor,
Poley's Kidney Cure
maakea kidneys and biaddeer a~bte
FIl Us lion ene Ta
Our complete
d Price List.
aing, showing
gents wanted
t strongly presses its claims to
I you of all the good things of
>ed limits o our advertising
Ily give you a hint of a few
re are and now the broad hon.
never more completely ready
ie province of this "ad."
such as any store might be
,st and the most reasonably
here from xo cts. per yard up
iiaking perfection there is in
7esentation of that style, and
w. Big lines of JEANS, OUT
and the prices are from cheap
I like.
rith all the new shapes in any
otions, Carpets, Mattings, Rugs, Window
no to us and we will save you money.
Uste r, &:Beattie,
d 206 Main street, GR EENVILLE, S. C.
it reople want as muich for their ioney as
ive them rilht prices on everytlhing. For
reryliotly, would bo a lic-pure and sunle,
our different departments. Our rooms aro
ing Machines, Saddles, Bridles
nd Harness Leather,
Cinds, Bran New ...
ron Bedsteads, and these
dI cheap enough.
Mattogs, and~ a thousand of other useful
site by looking through our stoek.
1, Shot and Caps, for sporting men, D~yna
t)btom out of your wtfls. We have
he market, and of several sizes.
>u try thiem.: See them.
tock Is cheap enough.
your Fall trade and let us .show you
plrecialte it.
(yobr. on ection) to ev.ey rrub.
wor'be au nlh~ o o ,late Iits
A R 5nmesac
i CALL 0m.
> l fame rto ris Belgi
L.~0 Blan*oe weighing, 8~r ployuds
til prdc from 40t 0
sndvie of he hnoar tesavhe
,heile News advismes SellhiC
nae as th peroptan maret
rpim 18 to 40 sants a a.
-High Gra
Wifte for
Catalogue at
It costs not
all kinds of
Responsible A
* Lin each town.
Please iuention this paper whent writ
Not a section of this shop bu
be emphasized in print. To tel
the new season in the prescril
space were impossible. Can or
from time to time. To make he
est assertion that this store was
for fall and winter business is ti
The dress goods showing is
proud of. The newest, the b<
priced. All the new shades are
Whatever of style and dress
this seasons product, a fine rep:
perfection may be seen here no
Are here in great quantities,
ones to finer grades, just as yoU
Our shoe stock is complete v
size wanted.
For any item in Dry Goods, N
Shades, and House Furnishing Goods, Coi
204 at
, , , WE EXPECT A 6
1|p'di AND WE HAVE
We expect to deserve It. We know th
they can get for it, aid we are prepared to g
us to saty that we t111(erimuY P.11( udersell ei
ad aliar is seldom1beliee lan w ut hetr l il
stccdf liite all to come and1( look through
ks, Groceries, Stoves, Sevi
Halters, Sole) Lace a
a . . Furniture of all I
Including a nice line of:
are nlice, clean ar
g rades of Mattresses, Carpets, Rtugs,
articles that the goodI people will
Cutlery, Shtot Guns and Rlifles, Powder, Lea
flute aund Bltasting Powder to knock the
p~robably the best turn plows 0on
Would be glad to ha~ve ya
though all tihe regular
COME IN AND SEE US and1( gIve u
how we aj
We Will Sell For the
Next 30 Days
---A LL
and LMarkers.
iow in Stock at
20 per cent;
eus than usual price. We have
ome exceptional values.
Greenville, 8. 0 .
For Coughs, Bold, and Oees.p
Is Miute Ooqh Ours

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