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The People's Journa
Obitiary IOtlee in this paper will
charged for at the rate of one cent a wc
for all suc1h matter running over I
CorreSPOndents are enjoined to ne:
la their coimnaunicationis so as to rea
this onilce not later tian Saturday.
Corripondents are reqitested to ma
tijelr contributions of general intere
short, 1oited and giving all the news.
No poetry need be sent for publicatio
The )rice of this paper Is 81.00 per ye
in advance.
s all matter intended for ti
Piekens, S. C.
Local and Personal,
-Take care that you do not ru
inlto measile.
-Dr. W. F. Austin, will be i
piokons, Fob 4th and 6th,
-Born unto Mr. and Mrs. NN
W. Hammond, on the 23rd inst.,
-The attention of pension al
plicants is called to the notic
-1otter take care of yoursel
This weather is admirably condu
cive to "the grip."
-11r. and Mrs. J. N. Morgan c
Central were hero Saturday an
Sunday with relatives.
-Clark Bros. & Co. invite you
attention to special sale of marb
works at a discount.
-Snall-pox viotims to th
north of Pickens are roportei
progressing favorably.
-I)r. Jesse J. Morgan, thoug
still quite sick with a comphcatioi
of toublep, is reported some bet
-Prof Dendy was a little indie
posed Monday, and the students i
his department were dismissed ear
--Miss Addie Florence McWhor
ter, daughtor of Wm W, McWhor
ter, entered the Greenville grade,
tchool Monday.
-L. N, Goer of Anderson one o
the proprietors of the Picken
Brick yard was here looking afte
his interests Monday.
-Dr. G. E. Robinson, (. W
Bowen and ). A. Allgood hav
been coin missioned Supervisors c
Registration by the Governor.
-B. F. Parsons is now domi
ciled in his nico little dwelling a
the corner of Cedar Rock stre4
and court sqlare just completed.
-This community is confronte,
with still another trouble whic1
eomes this time in the way c
measles. How such epidemies rag
--T. Christie Robinson resume
his duties as teachar iu th Bi
Eastotoe district Monday, af te
several weeks enforced rest on a
count of eye trouble.
-Mr. Jas McCollum has move
his family to Toccoa, Ga, where h
will assume ta lucrative poi
ition with the Toccoa Furnitui
-Cody Bowen, eldest child an
daughter of Wm Bowen, Col, die
at her home in Pickens on the 22
inst., aged twenty years, and we
buried the following day at Seconi
-Bridges & Hammond hav
bought tIho assigned stock of Chai
mian Bros and will place it on th
markot at onco. There is a chanc
hore to got some goodl bargains.
-A sovore blizzard is raging i
the west, the mercury in Wisconsi
b~oing ten dlegroes below zero whil
the ground is covered with heav;
alnow. The cold wave will give u
a feeler also, in all probabitity.
-Married on Sundlay 26th inst
Mr. Jacob LewiA to Miss Eflie Ke
ley. The ceremony was perfornr
edl by Ray J. E. Foster at th:
bride's residence. All of Picket
S-tf you hiavo good, dry piu
woodl for sale in largo quantitle
soMr.. W. E. Stephens at ti
Picins Brick yard. This institi
tion will bogin work about Apr
1st next.
-The next quarterly conferenc
for Pickens circuit will be held
Bethlehem. Thel~ contferenceo
Tabor Saturday was fairly wvell a
tended and encouraging repori
-Rapresu'itativos Robin son au
Mauldliu'"took advantage of tl
holiday o.scasioned by the trip i
Augusta of many of the legislator
aind came home to spend Saturdi
and Sundcay, returning to take u
their work Tuesday~morinfg.
--At a mooting of tho stockho
der of the Picken3s Railroad hold
XPlckons last Saturday, J-ahn Ga
Evans was elected President, J.
J3ogg.t, Vice Picsident and John
Taylor, General Manager. .Messi
L., 1W Dalton, J. T. Lowis, J.
Carey, WV. TV. McFall, J. E. H1
4 good, W. J. Oliver, and 3. McI
liruco were elobted Directors,
...The soVon year old daught
1i Mr. W. H. Gilstrap died at b
home in Anderson, 5, 0., on t
19th inst and was buried the d
following at Bethlehemi aemetar
TJhis makes the third one of his lov
ones to depart this life in the lt
twelve month', his wife and I
chilfren. May Lb. Lo4 o;
-Big shipment of trunks just
received, all sizos and prices from
50o to $7.00. Folger & Thornley.
be -Rev. M. P. Matheny of Char
rd lotte is in Pickens on business re..
00 lative his inisterial work; he will
be in this vicinity several days.
--Supervisor L. D. Stephens, ac
conpanied by F. E. Cox and Ed
ke Stephens went down to Columbia
t, Monday to arrange lease of some.
convicts and transfer them to
ar Pickens for road and other public
ar works.
-On occount of late arrival, w e
are forced to leave some of the let,
ters from correspondents out of this
issue. All correspondents will
materially assist this office by mail
ing their communications so they
vill roach this office not later
n than Saturday night.
--Married on Jan 26th, 1002 by
1 M.F. Hester, N. P. at the residence
of the bride's father Mr. W.C. Por.
, ter, Mr. Jeff Pace to Miss Mary
Porter. After the ceremony they
were all invited to the dining room
whern the table was laden with
many good things.
Claude Freeman.
Claude Freoman, aged fourteen
years, passed quietly away Friday
morning, at 7. o'clock,after a linger
ing illness with pneumonia.
f Though all that medical skill and
d the undivided attention of his lov
ing relatives and friends could con
. trbute were given in the continued
e hope that lie might be
spared, yet his young life yielded
to the dread disease. He was a
e bright young boy, a favorite with
I his playmates and was dearly loved
by all who knew him. His death
is a serious loss to his loving and
devoted mother and little brothers
- and sisters. His remains were
laid to rest Saturday morning in
the Pickens cemetery, Rev. B. E.
Grandy, conducting the funeral
services in the presence of a large
number of grief stricken and sym
pathizing relatives and friends.
Rev. O. J. Copeland.
Many Pickens people will no
doubt, be interested in the follow
ing from the Keowoe Courier.
r "Rev. 0. J. Copeland has been
appointed chaplain on the staff of
Governor McSweeney, with the
rank of lieutenant colonel. The
a appointment was quite a surprise
to Mr. Copeland and he can well
afford to feel complimented. He
has decided to accept;it. Govern
*t or McSweeney has pleased the
)t many friends of this popular
young minister and has secured a
valuable acquisition to his staff as
Beverly News.
Messera A. Horn and Win. Dyer
d have just returned from Arkanss
I on a pleasure trip and5 think that
r a very fine country.
James Gantt was at Cedar Moun
dtain one day during the past week,
e Miss Flora Boggs of Liberty is
s. the guest of Mr. and Mrs 0. F.
.e Bogga this week.
The Beverly Granite Co., will
d open up for work on 27th inst.
d Mr. H. E. Couch is a reident of
~, of Cedar Mountain now.
s A nice crowd assembled at Re
'~ Union last Sunday but there was
e no preaching . 0. F. B,
.Jan 26. 1902.
0 Mala News.
As'I have not seen anything in
u your columns from this section. I
n thought I would send you a few
o dots.
V Mr. R. rr. Ilallumn's baby is very
Sill with typhoid fever.
Mr. Leo Muellinix, of Anderson,
was guest at Mr. J. H. Clayton's
Saturday night.
e Misses Dora,Almna and CarlClay
s ton were guests at Mr. Ben
Garvins, Saturday.
eOur Schools have seemed almost
0doserted for the past two weeks as
Oso many of the children have been
. confined to their homes with colds.
il Preaching will be held at Fair
viewv the second Sunday morning
and the fourth Sunday in the after
noon the year through.
t Hale Dots.
Farmers are showing signs of
a hope) and prosperity for the new
year, by building nowv houses and
d preparing for a big crop.
ie Mr. L. M. Porter, has moved in,
o to his newv house Mr. A. Cannon
s, will soon be ready to go into his al
y so.
p Mr. Tucker Cantrell~has bought
part of his father's place and will
soon buil:1 and other wise improve
ry Mrs. J. fL. Graveley visited the
[C, families of W, II. Stewart and Mr.
I'. Tucker Cantroll Sunday.
s. Prof J. D. Edeons, who is teach
~' ing a flourishing school neal' Norris
a- Cotton .Mills, is home on a visit,
Hampton school is progressing
nicely under the management of
er Miss Nanie Kirksey
16 Old Aunt Cynda Reaves, of An
ederson Mills is at the point of
Sdeath, She is said to bo 95 years
,st The Small-pox scare is about
,o~ over And no body serieusly
isl nuved. Bt some have been best'
Mrs. W. E. Dendy of Pickens
Was guest at Mountain View Hotel, i
Rev. John B. Wilson preached a
highly instructive and appreciated
sermon at the Chapel in South i
Easley Sunday night. L
A. W. Folger has purchased the
stock of goods formerly owned by
J. A. Sheppard. Mr. Folger will I
continue to do business at the 1
stand occupied by Mr. Sheppard 0
Mr. Sheppard will probably .-travel v
as salesman for that popular 0
Greenville firm, R. E. Allen & 0
Bro. ti
Easley's pogressive business men
are making a determined effort to 0
have a new Cotton Mill built- at
this place; the probabiltios are d
highly in favor of the enterprise 8
being successful. t]
Mrs. J. Milton King and son,
Oharles, roturned Monday fiom a
visit to relatives in Greenville.
Mrs. Edith Miller and daughter -
Iiss Beatrice, of Pendleton, spent 2
l'uesday in town as the guesis of c)
kIrs. C. C. Fricks. n
Mr. T. M. Norris, of Oateechee,
visitod friends in town this week. e
Misses Prudence and Janie
Dlayton, of this county, were hero h
or a few hours Friday.| 0
J. 1H. Farnworth, Atlanta, S. K. a
Dendy, Walhialla, J. 11. Daly, w
3ainesvillo and G. W. Lee, of Clin- ai
'on were among the commercial P
risitors iin town this week. tl
Mr. Silas Stephens, formerly of "
his placo, noved to Atlanta sev- h
iral years ago, has re.urned to 4
lis home here. t)
Mr. C. W. Young and family, C
eft Saturday for Greenville where
hey expect tornake their future i
This, from the land where every
man may sing psalms and whistle li
For joy when he desires. We've been P
hyhistling and singing and going
along attending to our own busi- C
tness during our silence in your ii
olumns. But changes work won- w
Jers and we are offered space again c
for our litttle say in the deair old o
"Journal", an old friend with
which we have had many ups and
Liberty now has preaching every I
Sunday as follows: Baptist, 1st h
and 3rd Sunday at 11 a. mi. and d
7:30 p. i., by Rov. H. C. Had
dock, pastor. At the Presbyterian d
church every 2nd Sunday at 7:30 f
p. n, and every fourth Sunday at I
11 a. mn. by Rev. T'. 11. Medd, pas- a
tor, also every 4th Sunday at '7:30,
p. mn. by the Methodist minister
who now lives here.
The. oil and cotton mills are nowt
runniug on full time. The saw
mllsAJ ~AoLu hereV are also doJing a i
good business during the bright
sun-shiny weather this month.
The Baptist parsonage on the1
border of town is nowv well under
way with Rev. H. C. Haddock,
contractor, in charge.
Joe Lenox's brick residence is
still mn the hands of the workman.
WV. S. Parsons is building a resi
dence just back of his store and
there are other new buildings in
hands of the contractors.
Joe Hunter has moved back to
Liberty. 0. H. Parking ha. also
moved back.
We now have three livery stables
and two beef markets. There is
talk of another factory. Why not?
T. N. -Hunter has been putting
up niew poles along the phone line
fronm here to Easley.
A bner O'Dell has been confined
to his room for several days by
Grip and measles are plentiful.
Dr. Walter Smith has moved to
the C. T. Hutchins place which he
recently purchased.
Berry McWhortor has moved to
his new residence on west side of
Mrs. K. Dunwoody has been sick
with grip.
Nearly half the wheat and oat
crops sown last voar' seems to be
killed or badly injured; about onei
fourth of the wheat crop was sown
since New Year. C,
Jan. 27, 1902.
Alex Johnson, representing the
Tennessee nursery has been with us
again; he has this county in charge
and all people will do well to says
their orders for him, since he re
presents a reliable company and
gives full value for your money.
Wheat looks sorry, oats are
badly frozen and, in some places
all killed.
Miss Nannio Roper opened her
school in the Lenhardt district
Monday 27th inst.
.As this is cam paign year let us
hope for better Crops for every
thing, as wvell as pl)Oitics,
Let all strive for better times,
grow more of what we consume
and not be dopend'nt on the north
ern and western markets for sup~w
plies, and grow a small crop of
cotton about three fonths of wvhich
is usually paid for guano' Let all
say they will live at home, growh
ing all we eat at home.. S. C, 0.
Koo4 Byspesa Osuge
The health of our communnity
s very good with the expectiou
>f measles which is abroad in ou
and, yet there are no serious case,
The farmers are pleanning, turn.
ng stubblo, clearing off and repair.
ng terraces and doing general
Our Six Mile country is on a
ioom; there are three places of
ierchandise, blacksmith shops,
aw mills and a cotton gin, all
nithin a stoig's throw of the
hurch. besides our cuintry id full
t saw mills, shingle mills and cot
Dn gins, and, generally speaking,
,e are in a prosperous section of
id Pickens county.
J. C. Garrett and soveral mem
ers of his family who have been
ick are improving; we learn
iat Mr. Garret[ is able to wa'k
bout' He has purchased the mill
to once belonging to McD. Far
ier and is thinking of starting a
>ller mill which will be a great
olp to our country.
We understand that J. L, Cox
ipects to build his water wheel
I feet in diameter to run his ma
Einery so you see we are on the
A good crop of wheat is promis
I us.
If one should calculate carefully,
e woul(d find that within a radius
f ten miles from Six Mile church
a much as 100,000 bushels of
heat is gathered each year, and
i far cotton, there is no part of
ickens county nor any county
int can beat Harricane township
hile our far-rers Purely do know
ow to raise corn, and our country
building up, drawing good set
ters from Anderson and other
un ties.
Later on, I want to show what
nprovements this section has
Lado in the last thirty-five years.
Mrs. J. R. Davis and children
re visiting her parents, Mr. and
[rs. J. L. Cox near Six Milo. We
ke to see the childreu roup and
As the second year of the new
entury is on us, lot us set in for
ew resolutions and try to do all
e can for the upbuilding of the
Duntry and for the advancement
f the youug and rising generation,
Murphy Dots.
Mr. Jordan Rice died on last
'hursday 16th inst at 10 a. m. at
is home on Crow Creek from
ropsy. Helwas strictly an honest
nd upright man in all his business
oalings. There are some unusual
acts connected with his life. He
ras in his 90th year, very temper.
te all his life, never used tobacce
or spirituious liquor as a beverage,
'ever had trouble with a neigh,.
>or. A member of Antioch Blap.
ist church about 22 years. The
nost remarkable facts about hiE
ife are that he was born, rs.ised,
.ived, died and was buried onA the
iame plantation, having nevel
enoved from the farm on which he
was born. He has been ready fo
hieaven and waitinB for the trans
fer several years. His wife die<
ibout six years ago. His daughte
Mfrs. Lycena Riggins lived wit:
b~im, and was very de'voted to hiu
and did all in her power to mak
Lis old age comfortable.
Rev. B. F. Murphy preaehe
the funeral scrmon. The who]
:iommunity attended the burli
of "Uncle Jorden Rice" as he wi
called and paid their last respec
to him they all loyed.
Vineland Notes.,
I will giveyou ftztewalots fro
this Section.
Tfhe general health-of our cor
muinity is not good. The litti
(laughter of Prof. 3. F. Folki
very sick with bronchitiB. Three c
0. H. Carpenter's children hay
pnemonia. Yet we are glad to sa:
jhat Mr. A. B. Kay. is improving
The grain cropb are looking ba<
mwing to the intense cold weather
Lnd so much rain..
The Vmeland School under thi
Iupervision) of Prof. Folk assiste<
>y Miss. Mattie Williams is in
~lourishing condition ; the enroll
nent being about 115 pupils. Thi
weather is very threatening a
present, and has been raining 9<
nuch as to prevent farmers fron
rotting their stubble turned. Mor
n the future. Shorty.
Fatai kidney and1 bladder troubles ca
mlways be preveted by the use of Foley'
Kidney Cure.-~BOLI' & THORNLEY.
I have for sale some good youn,
~nilk cows with young calf. Ter'm
inah or one half cash, when ba~
rnco Is made satisfactorily secure.
If you hut know the splendid meiit
P'oley's Honey and Tar you would F
withoumt it. A 'dose or two will prove
mn attack of pneumonia or la gripp
[t may save your life. -BOLT & T H ORI
The Office of the Conty Superinter
Sut of Eucatiori will be open on Frida
iiid Saturday of each week also, on fir
Wrst Monday Apd inadyr~ each mont
or the nato ot schoo lbooks 'and oth4
)usiness connected diih- the office.
-8 0o, Supt, Ed.
I will apply to 3. 13 Newbery Pr<
ante Judgo for Pickens County on Ba
uday the 12th day of March 1002. F
i anal settleixient of the estate of (.1 M
las deceasedl, and ask to be dismiss
is eoutri* Jan 80 1I.
MARYj U, nANmra
The preventon df ooidsumptibn il
tirely a question commenoing the prol
treatment in time. Nothing is so v
adapted to ward off fatal lung trouble
Fo 's Honey and Tar.-BOLT'
Governor McSweeney has plac
has veto on his free pass Act pi
led at the last session of the leg
"I was troublo for about seven yet
with my stomach and in bed half r
time," says E. Don ick, Somerville, In
"I spent about $1,000 and never cot
got anything to help mo until I tried I
dol Dyspepsia Cure. I have taken a fq
botles and am entirely well." You doi
live by what you oat, but by what y<
digest and assimilato. If your stoma<
doesn't digest your food you are starvin
Kodol Dyspopsia Curo does thestomacl
work by digesting the food. You dot
have to diet. Eat oil you want. K
dol Dyspopsia Curo cures all stomat
rouble.-BOLT & TH1'O1tNLEY.
Dr. W. 11. Timmnorman, formn
Stato Treasurer, has an nounc(
that ho vill bo in tho race for go
ernor this year.
"Ay child is worth millions to ne
says Mrs. Mary Bird of Harrisburg, Pi
"yet I would have lost her by croup .hu
I not purchasod a bottle of Onio Minu
Cough Cure," One Minuto Cough C1
is sure for coughs, croup and throat ai
lung troubles. An absolutely safe coul
oure which acts immediately. T
youngest child can take it with onti
safety. The little ones like the taste aw
remember how often it helped the
Ever family should have a bottle of 0
Minute Cough Cure handy. At this S<
son especially it may be needed sudd(
-* 80
We havo recieved the following lett
from Mr. Rey Komp, of Angola, In
"I was in bed four weoks with Ia grip
and I tried many remedies and spo
considerable for treatment with phyq
CuIns, but I received no relief until
triod F oley's Honey and Tar. Two mni
bottles of this medicino (ured mo and
now 110 it exclusively in my family
Take no eubstitutes. -BOLj & T1OHR]
On the 31st of January no:
there will be a Iinal settlement
the .Journal business, beginning
the 1st of January 1891 and on,
ing on the 1st of J anuary 190
Journal stock takenti at. par.
W. C. Williamson, of Amherst, V
says: For moro than a year I suiffo
from lumbago. I finally tried Chamb
lain's Pain Balm and it~ gave mo ont
relief, which aU othar remodies had it
oid to do." Sold by G. W. Earle Dr
Trwenty..two car loads of tobac
produced in this State and shi
ped from T1immnonsville at o
shipment is something remarkab
The many friends of 0. HI. Hausi
Engineer, L. E. & WV. R. R., at pros<
living in Lima, 0. will be pleased
know of his recovery from threaton
kidney disonse. He wvrites. "I v
cured by using Foley's Kidney Cu
which I recommend to all, especia
trainmen who aro usually similarly
ficted.-BOLT & THORNLEY.
r There are six homicide cai
1 awaiting trial at Union, and -t1
a will probably have to wait ur
0 the legislature remedies the pi
ont jury law.
Il Many children are poisoned amid n
.a nervous and week, if niot killed outri;
:s by mothers giving them cough sy'i
contain intg opiates. Foley's Honey
Tar is a safe andi certain remedy
cought, croup1 and1( lung troublo, anm
tuhe onmly promuinent cough micline~
n contains nio opiates or other poison
e The annual report of Suiper
a tendont Griflin of tihe State Po
f. tentiary shows that there have b<
a thirty dleathls during the year a
that twenty-six convicts have be
released by the exercise of exe4
tive clemency.
A neglected cough or cold may I
to serious broinchial or hotig troubl
D ion't take chiancos whenm F'oloy's Hoa
and 'Tar affoirds perfeet seecurty fr
serious. alffoets ot a cold.-BOLT1
would be a good time to buy so
Heavy Winter Shoes
A lot of Child reis' Union Su:
a the 25o kind, only 150c.
Lot of Misses Uniot Suits, wo:
360 to closs the lot a 20c.
A lot of Ladies Union Suits e
ily worth 500 to close at 38c.
Men's Heavy Fleoco Lined I
fderwear. Hea~vy work shirts
Skep the cold out.
Lots of Loaded Shells, Sh
Powder, &c., foi' the Bird Hiunte
Lots of good thing8 to eat. F
line of groceries at all times,
Call to see themn early and of
f&"'ome 'Phone N.. 24.
feb22tf .
You hayo from Jan. 0th 1002 to]1
r 20th 1002 In which to make your
.turns plaso look after thin matter as
a1 penalty will be aiddel after the 20th
Feb, 1002,
i, Now is th
I's We are well supplied with thoso go(
ily We have received another big ship1
ki ''T~t-xle .I!Lmc
0 Its a caution the way thoso shoe0
however, as-hey aro known to be i
We have a few overcoats left to
of Harness, Bridles, Saddles, Buggie
Hardware of every description.
Shingle Mills, Shmnglo Mill- supplic
h Soo us beforo buying your Gua
nothing but the boat. Our motto L
ha beci in tho past, "BEST GO(
r PRICES." Your patronage respoc
Extraordinary values in all
Extraordinary value in
Extraordinary values in
-J Etxtraordinary values in
A fow CAPES and JACKETS will
1- Tho most, extraordinary valuo in '\
- Heavy Shoes. This is the pwae t<
The sale of Whit- Goods. Lawns a
ThoRe goods will be kopt in all the now
where can you buy botter Go(Iods for th
0( Respectfully,
3r -
ire AmK F
DO VVest End. GmI1
Te iset Othen
Having dcideld that, the CRE 1D
than' profit, we will on F'EBRUAI
h0,1o a S3T R(3T1LY CASh BASIS i
si olvyes and at greaIt deall mTor0 for1 o
.o We w*ill malto(f aL spoe)ially of pro
I i less thani the merchant sells on ci
t~int. We thank our friends for their
andl hopo to merQi t a libheralI share
I1I~ ~Watchi this spaco for* prices.
ni. Y ours truly
es. -
N i
~' Precritos fil led pr1omlhlLy
th and satisfaction guiaranteedIC~.
as- 1h
Most up-to-dat(e line of toilet G
articles inl the city, CII
(SI Cu
on arte the most fatal of all dis. a
or money refunded. Contains F
remedies recognized byemi- I
'ob, nent physicians as the bes fox 1
no Kidney and Bladder troubles. i~
"oPtfse two
)d> and the prices are right.
neit of
soll, it is easily undorst:od
i1 bost ehoes made for the
Po for a song. Big stock
8 and Wagons to go cheap.
Bolting, Emory wheels,
na and Acid-wo haudle
4 to be in the future as it
tfully solicited.
he sold for lCss than11 Cost.
en\,Woion's and Childron's
buy good shoes for little imon
id Emhbroideries is now on.
things of tho soason, and. no-.
Ssan money.
3 F ollow
TI business is more LO)SS
Y,10th begin our busineOss
we can (10 moro for our
ar. cultomfers.
duce and always sell goods
ediit calln aAord to (1o.
I radeo bo0th cash and2( cdi t
of your cash and produce
W\then you make preCsents,
le tasty onels, p)urchasers
y good articles.
P'ickens keeps silver goods
di jeweirp ; your presents
d1 puLrchases awvait your se
ely lI olled Plate Luce P'ins), Color
'I (Gold Brooches8, ea~uti fuil Pat. .
1)', 2.25
ltd Plate Neck Chiains, WVith Set
"MN .15
1 G'l-.Filled( Lorign~ette ChaIns, 2.50
ek Silik Fobs, Goll-Phated Slides, ,1 5
'I-Filled watch Chains, Plain and
4t('Itterne, 8.00
lari iDuttonis, separable tops, .08
larI Buttons, 1-10 gold, .25
If Ithiatons, coloreat setti ngs, pair .05
t lhuttons, Gold-Filled, pair .5
k Gold Shell Rinigs, sets andit pat
CUrns, .75
allworth Bracelet, 8 heart silver t1n
sh,~ .30
ellworth Bracelet, 3 heart gold un
erling Si1lver Uracele., Chain and
Ne'ther8ole, 1.50
Any article in Jeweh-y prd
.redl on short n)otice.
Rogers 1847 silver goodst
atterns, Vesta, Columbla5
~erkshire and Shell Satins
orbes Silver Co's., Quadru~
le Plate Tableware,
Your~s for trade5
1ABE B. d

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