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C rt y John Winthrup Green.
SIION I reached Leghorn, I
found myself in the company
of two people I had heard of
several times beforo In Italy.
They were Jailles Salinders, widow
er, and1(1 his daughter I3ileene of Aier
Iea. IHe ws n inan11 of sixty anid a
half invalid, iind she was a girl of twen
ty who had Zill overwhelming destro to
become anl Italian countess. 'Mr. Sn,4un
ders vas I franllk, blunt Spoken 1111111. 1
hadn't known im l an hour when I
lnev ill his troules. IHe had amassed
wealth, an1dI h. loved his daughter, but
h1e hadl no uso for ia son-iii-law not born1
in Americn.
"I don't know what on earth possess
(s the girl," h1e said, wheIn referring to
Eileene', wh111o had bell plailu Ellen be
fore the steamer left New York. "Sil's
Just gonio ild ol the title busluess. At
home sie'd havo been satistled with nt
colonel, i judge or anll honorable, but
nlow she decliri that nothing less than
beling a countess will fill the )ill. It
Seems ats if all tho counts in Italy had
heard of her desires and tile size of ily
bank elicccount, anid they havo lilng On
our l('Os by tihe dozen. It's no use for
111 to talk to the girl. Sho gets hloity
tolty the minute we start to argue,
and If I don't en1ve in to her She sulks
for a week. Do you know anything
about Italian counts?"
"Very little," I replied.
"As near ais I (nll find out they aro
a mighty poor lot, take 'em u. tiley
rul, nnlid I haven't Seen One I'd lre
for a coachman. There's on11 fellow in
partleular I'd break Il two if I was
twen(y years youn1iger an11d could rll
hMM (own1. Ie's followed us for a
m1oiiinth, and the girl seeis to b (ea(
goto oil liim. Say, but I wilnt you to
(10 something for iie. ITe call h1m
Self he Count Padova, nn(] he'"s diniged4
his title nid eastles andi(1 allestor1 illto
my ears till I wnilit to kick 11111. I
want you to find out If lie Is a real
It was a matter of little trouble to
discover that Count l'ndova h1adI( a right
to his title, but it also em11110 to light
tlat he0 was almost sixty yeals Old,
poor as a church moliso and 1d ieen
twleo imarried. Ills charneter ats a iian
was Very unsavory, an1d it, was easy
enough to guess tillit 11e wns after a
imrriage which would bring him ini
"Tle milscrlel0 old dodo" excla ined
Saunders whon I imiade 18ny report. "I
mllistruste(d that he was nn old sinner
and that he was trying his best to
knock twelty years off is alge. Why,
bang tile 1111111, I'm 4) h114's got a wNXix
nose, false teetl aIit aL woodlle leg 1111(1
that without lls wlg w'11111 ills head
as bare as a billiard ball. I wiant youi to
help me11 save Elilen.''
"'unt lheL ent111'l rnarry withoul~t your
conlsenlt anid assistan~e,"' I replied.
''But shie'll keep) at me1 till I give my
consenIit ani'd alssistanie,"' heI pro1tested.
"TIhiink of it, will you--the (daulgilter of
Ja1 ines Snundicers, a stra ight hatred(
Yatnkee Doodle D)andy, pileking uIp withi
aL lop shlouldered, knofckkneed0(, la~yed
out old Italian gr'anthdd(y just for
tile sake of being enllled Counmtess Pa
dloyal Wily, I want to tipset the stove
" lhut hrrc 10udon?" h'rekc- th
I naiturn liy refuse tlol? mix cI the t
ter, thioughl willinmg to offer 5Iuch Oult
side ndlvice as8 Iiiht str'engthen'l the fnt
thor. Inde1Led one0 look at IElleeneo satils
fled mec that at my3 first word she'd re
four or five cdays before I got sight of
Count Padlova. ie hln( priohblly been
obliged to fish aroulmd to get his rilI
rondl fare from Florence. I foutnd him
all that Saunders had described h1im1
and1( a little mlore. ie hlad been walshed
cotli(d tink 0on1y of anl ol towel on n
I Ic saw in~ me1 a rivall, and, strailghten
lng iup as far' as plossibIe and( alssuminIg
whait he0 probablIy thloughit was a fero
01l1us dlIgnity, lie advaniced upon me1
nnd1( said(:
"Slir, I am the Count Padovn!1"
"Well, whnat of It?" I cluerled1.
"And( tile aflIanced hiusband of Miss
"I'ml sorry for hecr."
I thought a challenge would follow,
bult It didnl't. ie tottered aroundi( and
triedl to look bloodlthirsty and1( finally
shoo0k Ils lInger at me and cried out In
piping tones:
"Beware, sir-beware!I No man shall
conio between 111 and( my hove and
I tink he wdent upl stalr's and1 toldl hIs
1ladylove thatt he~ had enred( m011'of tile
track and( then'i discovered that I was
no rival, for ho soon retulrned and
begged my pardNon1 and( offered 111 is
hand. I was reading a newspaper and(
d'idin't se0 or hear him. Saunlder's wats
11inll up Idhi room thlat day, buit he0
enm1o1 down aifter (d11nner and gronned
out as lhe met 11e:
"._ last, hopo Is gonol Ellen tclls
110 shlo has IIe eted tro coumt, RIm
the beggar Is gollig to IfaVO the fant
o)ublIslhcd toitnorrowl"
"But )uppose you refuse your Sanic
:lon andt(] order the old beggar to get?"
"Say, you don't know Ellen. I threat
!tned to do that, and she declared slie'd
lope with hilm."
"And what if 3011 told the count lie
iould never touch a dollar of your
nioney ?" 4
"IIe'd smile and smirk and take it
!or a bloifY. By the horn spoon, but C
['ll pay n bravo ten thousand dollars t
in gold to break his old neck! You I
kiow aout these bravos. Go out and t
llnd one for ie an11d tell him to corie
tround with i sandhmng."
The mnan wi really in wretched spir
Its over the afl'alr. It would not have
taken some fathers two minutes to end
it, but lhe was tiI 1111iirbid, and his
strength of character was gone for the I
time. We sit talking for an hour and
then went up1) stairs and Joined the I
couple Oil the balcOly. The daughter
received us in it chilly fashion, but the
count had been1l drinking and was good
natured and voluble. I had Insulted
him, but I wis ia Compatriot of the
chariniig 'Miss Saunders and her re
spected father, and he 'would overlook
it. We were it little fanily party, and
we were by ourselves Oil a little bal- I
cony, an1(d lie vould take advaltage of
the oceasion to say that in seeking the
hand of the fair guir before hinm lie was
inetted by love 1110110. Ile was forty
Ilve years old and lonely. Ile wainted
to love and be loved. Money to liin
was as to the cobblestones iII tile
street. Ile had estates in Mardinia, in
Lombardy mnd lin Umibria. Ile ha1d
cnstles in Tusnny, Naples and Sicily.
lie had gold miltes II the Alps, silver
minnesi in the Carnies and lead milllies
in the Apeniines. And as to hi1 social
standing, who could desire more thani
to he the confidant of the ruler of the
The old couit was a sleek, sliek liar,
and it was entertaining to hear him
talk, but at the saie time on1e could
not help but pity (ho father and feel
provokedtl at he duighter. The aged
lover was still exploiting wieni lhe sud
denly pitched forward out of his Chanir.
The girl screamed out aid ran away to
her roomI, and I VaS for bringing a doc
tor its quick as possible when Saiun
ders protested:
"Ihlid on at bit. The old vngnbond
has only fainted away. Let's see what
lie is made of."
We went to work, and the results
were stratge elough. I brought soap
and vater from my room, and the tirst
thing we took otY was a fakse brow.
We got enough eiamel ol his face to
reveal a score of wrinkles, and it was
discovered that every tooth in his head
was false. Under his wig was n. shiny
pate, ald his hackbone was stlieneld
with it corset. I belleve that it was the
tightness of the corset had cauised
his faint. Tlie was something stilt to
come. 11s right leg was supported (it
the knee with a brace, and a inose
which had been broken was neatly
trimmed with wax. WV'hien we had
taken the old fellow all to piees, ie
was 11 aueer siglt to look at, and It was
hlard to tell whither the heap oni the
chair or the lieup oni the iloor wais
Counit I':tdova. 1Ibe had( partly revivedl
betfore we got through, and lie caekled
away like nii old lien.
"And11 ths," gru nnied Snunders as lie
poinited to the heaip on) the chanir-"'this
wvas to be my son-in-law! This was
wvhat miy datughiter wa':s to marry in or
dler to be called a countess; I want
her here."
ie wits back withI her In a moment.
I lifted thle counit to a it ltinig poisitioni,
and lhe was cliatteing of love and 22ns
tIcs as (lie girl got sight of him.
"What have you done'?" shrieked the
daughter as she turned from the grisly
spe1cIacle to us8.
"We've simpl~ly taken him apart!" re
plied the fatlier, "and1( the best part of
him i is on thle cliiiir there."
Whien the would be counltess had fled,
we sent for help to get Count Padova
to hIs room. lie had to bie handled
Swith encre. Anly suddteni move might
l* hae pulled a limib or Is head off'.
There was consider'able hilarity aimonig
the serv1anits, and1( it was left to them
to glue the pileces together agalin and
ink e a ru nni. Whlen morninug en me, lie
hiia1d diappea red, anid lie had( iiot even
left a fatrewell note beinmd. A day
later Sanimders salid to m11:
''Lord, miain, but I feel like dlancinig a
hiorni'i 111! Th'lere is to lie no coutiitess
in onur faminily. El len has writ ten to a
yoiiig lawyer in Chi ngo anid said yes
to hiis ipropoisltion, amiil we are imakinig
ready to si'oot for' homie. Comte ouit and(
have three drt'inks and a hurrah with
11low the Ctnrfew Stalrted.
The orin of the ('urifew is lost in
obscurIty. Th'le wvord is, of course, (de
ri ved fr'om the Frenichi, cotii've feui, or
"'cov'er fIre.'' 1lev. G eo. S. Tynek'l wrilies8
in dleniail of thle Itheory3 alssoelaited withI
William the C'onqiueror and satys that
lie ol story, at 0ne t im iiuni11versally
ne(ce'pt ed, was that WhIlm intho Coin
(hlu('ror, fearfull of plots amoiig his1
neOwly3 vai iished' subjects, Iiventted1
antd forced the curfewv as a check to
such'l schiemes(, andl It lais ('om1 ini coii
se~ltIenice to lie Oftenm (1uoted( as a badge
of se'rvitude amid an eiilemi of tyrannyv
It Is ite evidenit, hioweve'r, t hat thio
great Nornut wias not Ithe or'igitnator'
if thie Idea, alt hough lie was proh
ably thie first to ik e it a generai'ul law <
in Eingliiiid. It Is iniore lIkely to have I
h nein a usefuil preenuitilon aga inlst fir e
ini an at tteinied~'( ipr('venitlon of rebel
here Is evbdence that a (!urifew1 bell
wais mung itt Ox ford in thle dhays of
KIng A Ilfret, iieairly two hiunidred years
b ef or( the2( Normn t invalu ot' TiI~ he his- I
tory of' thait c'ity stae tha 1lit "the I
eust om of r ig ig the Iheil at Ca rfax
everiy ighit it 8 o'cloc'k was by ord(er
of Kinlg Alfre'ud, who ord ainied that aill
the' lihhltanuts of O xfordl should at ~
lie r' inging of' (lie bell cover up thlelir c
fire's arul go to) lied, whleh customi is ii
obser'vedl to t hIs (121y."''
VTe etiflorc'eent of thle curfe was(V. W it
nto hiiitdshilp. At a timio wheni pra'ietleail
13y nO onte hat the clergy ('0ub1( rem'i and
wh len every one beugan iithe Ilabors of' li
I he (lay almiost att suii'se, t hero was o
little If any tyrannuy In the comil~sor'y tJ
cessation of work itt 8, wvhIle iii the ii
inture of (lie case all r'ecr'eationl ceased t'
iLlark-'- ti
the Virginia-Carolina Companu
Denies the Jurisdiction of th<
The complaint of the Attorney Uen
ral against the Virginla-Carolina Chen
-al Company has been lled and pub
shed, and in answer thereto th
efndant company has stated its sid
f the question involved, claiming tha
hoy have invested money in this Stat
a good faith and now ask protectio:
nder the laws of the State.
It is contended that the company I
ot a trust or combination, nor is I
gainst the policy of the State ; thi
riecs on manufactured and crude nu1
crial have not been raised by the cow
any, and that there is nothing prejud
lal to the best Interests of the State c
to people in the company.
The answer is short and sets fort
ully the contention of the Virgini
Jarolina Company. It reads as followi
The defendant, the Virginla-Caiolhi
Jhemical Company, most respectfull
ihows that this cause has, by the fllin
>f the petition and bond for removi
torcin, been duty removed to the Unitt
3tates Circuit Court for the Eastern dii
rict of South Carolina, and that th
[Ionorable Court has no further jurimsdi
ion thereof ; and this defendant in r
wise admitting the jurisdiction of th
[Ionorable Court, but protesting again
,he same and answering herein becau,
:f the proper respect due to this Ihono
%ble Court, should it, notwithstandi l
aid protest, adjudge that it has jurisdi
Lion of this action, and order that ti
same proceed herein -now this defen
ant, for answer to the complaint all
aiended complaint herein alleges :
1. It admits the allegations of the Fir
Article of the said complaint.
2 It admits the allegations of the Be
ond Article of the complaint -savir
and excepting it shows and alleges th
under and in pursuance of the publ
laws of the State of South Carolina,
located and carried on business with
the State of South Carolina, as to su
part of its business as was propcily to
transacted therein. long prior to the
(lay of January, 1900 and further alleg
that under its charter and the laws
the State of New Jersey It is cenpowero
to purchase, acquire, anmd hold sto<
in other corpoiations, domebtic al
The answer proceeds to " admit t
allegFations " of the Third, Fourth, Fif
and Sixth Articles of said comp!aint.
7. It is informed and believes tI
allegations of the Seventh Article to I
8 It is informed and believes tl
allegations of the Eighth Article to 1
9. It admits the allegations of t]
Ninth Article of the complaint.
10. In answer to the atlegations of t]
tenth article of the complaint this d
fcndant admits the passage by the Ge
cral Assembly of the State of Scu
Carolina of the Acts therein referred t
but shows that the saane ar'. but part
in said article set forth and allegt, ai
prays reference by this honorable Cu
to the said Acts in full for their pr
11 It admits so much of Article 11
said complainit as may be held to al e
that all the defen dants in the said co:
plaint were anterior to the time ar
(late of the sale anid tranisfer of tj
respective propjerties thereinafter mec
tioned engaged in the manufacture ai
sale of fertilizers in Southi Carolina, ali
denies all other allegations in the sa
article set forth.
12. It denies each and every allegati<
contained in the twelfth article of t
said complaint.
13. It denies cach and cyw ry allegati
contained in the thirteenth article
said comuplaint, save anid excepting thm
this defendant admits the convcyance
it upon. the respective dates mention
in the said thirteenth article of tl
propecrty and plant of the said sever
respective fertilizer comipanics there
mentioned for the considerations there
set forth.
141. It denies each and every allegatic
contained in the fourteenth article of t.
saidl complaint.
l15. It (deiis the allegations of tl
fifteenth article of the saidi complaii
save that this defendant admits that f<
the purpose of supplying neccessairy ra
nateriais, to wit, phlosphaitic dleposi
containing a suflicient quantity of bol
phlosphiate of lime, it has aicquiredl am
owns a certain amount of laand phoc
phate territory in the S8,ate of Southi Car
lina, but iio more of the same thaan
reasonably proper and( suhlicient to su
p'y tihe necessary properties of this d
fendant in the manufacture aind outpl
of its fertilizers. T1his defendanl a
mits further that for the purpose
securing and supplying to this deftendai
of that ingredient in the nmanufacturira
of complete fertilizers known as iiit~r
gen, which is the most necessary 81
essential Ingredient therein, ir, acquir(
a large amount of the capital stock<
the Southern Cotton Oil Company ; thb
the said Southcrn Cotton 011 Compai
is not a competitor in any way of th
lefendant in the manufacture and sa:
af fertilizers. btt is simply the purchas<
af cotton seed, wherefrom it manmufai
tures cotton seed oil and cottoni seed c
products, as well as the cotton seed min
rom which the ingredienit of nitroge
is furnished is auxi iary and~ assistant t
,ho manutfactutre and~ sale of complet
'ertilizers and( that the procuring
aid cott~n seed meal in like manner
he procuing of phosp'hatic rock (14
>osits is simnply auxiliary and( assistar
n the manjufacture of complete fert,
11i. This defendlant denies the alleen
ions of the sixteenth article of the sai
17. Tis dlefendanit in answert'h
legations of Article I7th of thb' Aai
~oplaint denuies the same, cxcep~t an
ave that this dlefendlant adm~fits ti
fer its creation and( organtization, 811
le purchase by it of the lantt and( prc
crty of various fertilizer companice
vhich were b~y the owners and( stoel<
holers thereof offered to it to piurchiasi
m of the elements which were so oi
red to be sold1 to it wats what is knmowl
, the good-wlhl of said fertilizer conm
'anis-such good-will including the in
ienco held by certain mnanaging oflicor
>f such c.orporations, which they re
:ardedl as monmey and1( property, an<
rhich they had a right to sel , and fo
hich as an ingredlient of said sale
crtaini consideration was cdlimed1 am
ccepted1. That ini ordcr to procure the
aluc of that which was so representc<
Sb valuable and so1(d this defendan
hat It did in sonie instances, as to soni
hlrs, procure from them an agree
eicut thm't they Wou'd( not for a certair
mitcdl specific time carry on thbe buisi
ess of manufactut ing~ and sale of ferti
zcres in certa~n territory-it heilig part
f the undlerstaiimhng and agrecemei
at such covena'its and agreement wa
itcded as5 ani assiginmnt and( transfoe
>this dlefendlant,, for valuable considera
n, by then)8 tnins ave rnmnr1 of such
valuable good-will and influonco as they
may have acquired in such territory by
r carrying on the said business.
18. And further answering the said
complaint this defendant shows and al
log e :
That the Acts of the Ooncral Asseibly
- of the State of South Carolina referred
. to in Article 10th of the coimplaint here
. in, and based upon and to enforce the
provisions of which this action is
brought, are null and void, and inopera
o tive under the Constitution and laws of
t the United States, in that :
First. The said Acts undertake in
contravention of Section 8. Article 1, of
a the Constitution of the United States,
and the Acts of Congress in ptirsuance
a thereof, to prohibit and render invalid,
null and void all arrangements, con
tracts, or agreements whatsoever be
twcon persons, firms or corpoiations,
which intentionally or unintentionally
tend to lessen full aud free competition
in the importation or sale of articles im
ported into the State or in the ianufac
r ture or sale of articles of diomestic
growth or of domestic raw material.
Ih t cond. The said ;Acts undertake in
contravention of Section 1. of Article
X IV, an amendment of the Constitution
of the United States, to prollibit and
a render invalid, null and void all arange
y ments, contracts or agreements whatso
g over between persons, firms or corpora
9 tions, which, intentionally or uniton
" tionally, tend to advance, reduce or coi
d trol the price or the cost to the prodticer
j. or to the constiner of any articles ini
s ported into the State or nianufactured
or growi therein.
hire. T'e said Acts undertalt in
o contravention of Section 8, Article I, of
is the Constitution of the United States,
At and the Acts of Congress in pursuance
io thereof, and of Section 1, Article X IV,
r- in amendment of said constitutioi, to
g prohibit and render invalid, nut1ll and
c- void all arrangenits and contracts be
1e tween persons, firnis or corporations that
.1- may intentionally or unintentionally
d lessen or alrect in any manner full and
free competition in any tariffs, rates,
At tolls, premniuis or prices in any branch
of busine4ss, trade, or commerce or may
C- seek to control the samo.
g 19. And this defendant furthcr i-hows
t and alleges that in and by the public
ic laws and statutes of the State of South
it Carolina, to wit, Chapter X LV, Sections
in 16,4.5 and 1,4711 of the Revised Statutes
:h of 1893, it was declared 1by the State of
e South Carolina that foreign coporations,
id duly incorporated under the laws of any
Us State of the United States, would be per
if mitted to locate and carry on business
,d in the State of Bouth Carolina in like
manne- as the natural born citizens of
id the States of the United States might do
under the law existing at the time, and
10 that any such foreign corporation carry
th ing on business andi owning propel ty in
the State of South Carolina should en
10 joy all the privileges and immunities of
0c owning property and carrying on biusi
ness in like manner as inividuals, nat
o tiral born citizens of such States of the
)C United States and as domestic corpora
tions incorpora'ed in the State of Sotith
10 Carolina might do. That in pursuance
of such public laws and statutes this de
10 fondant entered the State of South Caro
C- lina and purchased and acquired prop
n- erty and carried on business therein, but
hli has only acquired and carried on the
0, same as natural born citizens of the
ly States of the United States might do
id and as donestic corporations of the
rt State of South Carolina might do, ain d
that such invitation and the rights there
in given, wlhei accel)ted and acted tipon
of by this defendant, constituted a con
e tract between the State of Suthi aro
ni Una" and this defendant, which the said
dState of South Carolina has by its said
0Acts referred to and set forth in the
ni- tenth article of said complaint sought to)
1(d imp~ ir an d violate, against the p~rovisionls
dof Section 10, Article 1, of the Constitu
id tion of the United States.
20 And this defendant further shows
mf and alleges that in and by the said Acts
referred to in Article 10 of tihe said comn
plaint the property rights of this defend
nant ithe State of South Carolina, ac
(fiuiredl in pursuance of the invitation to
at anuid contract madle Wvith this dlefendant,
to by said public laws and statutes refer
lred to in Article 19) of this answer, are
me miad e subject to impairment and destruc
.ailtion at any time if this defendant shlould
i make any', arrangement. contract or
ni agreement which should unintentionally
have the ell'ect of in any wise tending to
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tu nide ii Vonilete enire. It wias slow, lhnt sr,. I
"I wouild say to il11 who rends this: Try Dr.
, Pierce's Goldera Medical D~iscovety before- wast
ing timne and mlonley,"
1 D~r. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets assist the
-action of the " D~iscove ry n
Ovmt K ANO WVonxa, NonTh AUOURTA. 8. (3
Doors, Sash, IIlnds andh Huildeor'.
All Correspondence given prompt alh
idvanco, reduce or control the price or
,ost to the producer or the consumer of
.%ny article limported, manufactured of
rowi in this Mate, or tending to lesson
uill and frco conipetition in the jim
portation or sale of the same, or
uf in any wise affecting full and free
competition in any tariff, rates, tolls,
premiums or pricos in any branch of
trado, businces or commerce wherein
and whereby said Acts referred to in
said Article 10 of said complaint have
impaired said contract, and have further
abridged the rights, privileges and im
munities so by contract granted and
given to this defendant, and sought to
further deprive this defendant of its
property without due procces of law
and to deny to this defendant the equal
protection of the laws of the said State
of South Carolina, In contravention of
the provisions of Section 10, Article 1,
and of Section 2, Articli IV, of the
Constitution of the United States, and
of Section 1, Article XIV, of the ar
ticles in aiendmnent 'of said Constitu
21. And further answering, this de
fendant alleges and shows that tlt said
Acts of lie General Assembly referred
to in Article 10of said eomplaint are inull
aid void, and inoperative as in onmtra
vention of Sections 5 and 1; of Article 1
of the Constitution of the State of South
Carolina, in that the said Acts abridgo
thbe rights, privileges and i mmu in ities of
this defendant and deprive it of its prop
erty without du1 proccss5 of law and
deny to thin defen dlant tihe equal protee
tion of the laws and impair the obliga
tion <,f the contract so entered into with
this defencio t, as hereinbefore in thbi
aniswer more Sl.cciicadly set fortI and
W herefore defendait prau s thiats said
complaint be disniHssed.
State of New York, County of New
York I: Persoinaly appeared Samuel T
Morgan aid, having been duly sworn
mmdC oath that lie has read the Forego
ing answer, anld that tihe Saime ii true t<
his own knowledge, except as to the
matters therein stated on informnatiol
and belief, and as to such matters h(
believes it to be true.
Deponent further saith that the said
Virginia Carolina Chemical Company i:
ia corporation, and that deponent is am
ollicer thereof ; to wit, president.
A Cough
"I have made a most thorough
trial of Ayer's Cherry Pectoral and
am prepared to say that for all dis
eases of the lungs it never disap
J. Early Finley, Ironton, 0.
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral
won't cure rheumatism;
we never said it would.
It won't cure dyspepsia;
we never claimed it. But
it will cure coughs and
colds of all kinds. We
first said this sixty years
ago; we've been saying it
ever since.
Three slres: ZSc., 50c., SI. Mll drugglsts.
Consult your <toetor. If he sa~ a ko it,
to tk it., ien <9,i't ti k itte 11 no s
Leave it with himi. We n wnnnig.
J1. c. AYER1 co.. Lowell, Mass.
Women as Well as Mer1
Are Made Miserable by
Kidney Trouble.
KIdney trouble preys upon the mInd, dis
couragcs and lcssens ambition; beauty, vigot
and cheerfulness soor
i disappear when the kid
* ____neys are out of ordci
/ ~or diseased.
_ Kidney trouble ham
- become so prevaleni
that it Is not uncommon
-for a child to be born
\'W~~'afflicted with weak kid
-- .ncys. If the child urin
-- - ates too often, If thc
urine scalds the flesh or if, when the child
reaches an age when It should be able tc
control thc passage, it Is yet afflicted witlh
bed-wettIng, depend upon it, the cause ol
the difficulty is kidney trouble, and the firsi
step should be towards the treatment o1
thcse important organs. This unpleasani
trouble is due to a diseased condition of the
kIdneys and bladder and not to a habit a:
most people suppose.
women as well as men are made mb
crable with kIdney and bladder trouble
and both need the same great remedy.
The mild and the Irnmediate effect oi
Swamp-Root is soon realized, It is solk
by druggists, In fifty
cent and one dollar, -
sizes. You may have a
sample bottle by rnail
free, also pamphlet tell- nome of slwamuleo.
ing all about It, including many of the
thousands of testimonial letters receivec
from sufferers cured. In wvriting Dr. Kilmei
& Co., Bilnghamton, N. Y., be sure anc
mention this paper.
Anvotto sening a skeh nnod descrit lounimny
ii1 iu ilo h i 1i- Piut do. C i heri
tioini rictlj eoutnilntil. llianbok on I'areuns
I ittot i li r Il i ' och 2Iinii A . re cuvc
rpirefal no~t hc, wit hut, cha~rgo, in tho
$cktnifle .Hwtrican.
A hiaaesomiely Ilittrated weekly. nrest cir.
eiilathm~u of iniy ,aelontillu jornal. 'rermsn, ?:t a
year :four nitni hn, $1. Sold by nil newaidealer,.
%.V. l'Aicx inu Pickuens, S. C
(GreenvilIle, S. C.
II Iynesw-~lOr'th, Palker' & RhbinSOn,
At tornmeye-t-Law,
'ickenis C. 1 . , - - Suthl Caroli ina
Practtico 1:n alI Con rtsi. Atttend to al
----Qoenvillo, S4. C.
O)flico ovor Additsons Dru-tg Storo.
Tho Kind Yot Ilavo Always In
InI uSe fori over 30 years, 'l
A 1) % v 'i
All Counterfeits, illifittios I
Ex~perimencits thant trifle, witlh
Itiftants and ChildreinI-Ixiel
What is C
Castoria Is a hmarmless subs
gorie, Drops aItil Soothing "
confns114 nicither Opiim, M(
stlbstainee. Its ago is its gin
and 1 alla1ys .Feverishiness. It
olic. It reieves 'eetiling 'I
anil Flatilency. I t, assiliin
Stonmach anld Bowels, giving,.
The C(lildren's 11anacca-l
Bears the
The Kind You Ha
In Use For 0
1'HC CCNTAufl compANY. 77 mu~
. 1
( )wing to) non propos1ie~l chan I
Carriages, Surreys,1
At an Absoli
Unt4 il I 'e r e 411 I ln I . ~I~tliiiii t ak o
Non sIth ho11)eo fort sllin vieloslI1
yheutlvicie, wt o glnt.trOnse r"ealo'
lilyu own y w 'rk. eXwil o an i i n gu
hpr op t p o le 0FE whenthe ahet wih
rCj ; I Ine r[ort, lt r ita .I k * o tre
W AI f 'll:t W . Will~ 04114T111ri-. ~ tr
knowno11 dr t~ e h~e tl na rp
WFIW A.SNO & inish
, PAfEN T e~ AythnEnor lnea
np at entsi Of ruco'ri WAsSHINGTOrN. D ,
ought, and which Ias been.
as borne the signatnro of
Ls been mad uider his per
lipervisioln 8incee its inihnuey.
ao 010 to (eeivo YOU inl thiN.
11nd "6 Jiust-as-good'' ave bu1t;
and enidanlger the lealth 1Or
-ie gakinst Experlimen',lt.
(tituto for Castor 011, Pare
.yrIsps. It Is 'leasant. It
orphino nor other Narcotie
tran1IteC. It de'stroys WVorumsi
crsDiarrhwa(u and Wind
Prloulbles, eurles Conkstipationl
Les the Food, regiulates the
healhy Idi natural sleep.
3 .mother's IFriend.
Signature of
to Always Bought
ier 30 Years.
IRAV GTECT, taCw Yon.~ cITY.
at Cost!
einoru ineVssw ilrl
V 44
77 -
Liae tons and Wag
ate Sacrifice!
nrP wtord for it, but ctom ande see foF
lhe~4 (hVenisbor'o, Talor and44 ha
Orf1 allO- kind iidI we4I' are into
'Itv~ well over bu't, n e have a fewv 1na
eler k hire', ownI onr own reposi
se' ha~ve for' enh or' good paperl)I'~~'
('4en4viile com and41 :14 e e us. W3
o4 4)4"oy ornot.
ill kid o.f
t al 'arid 'wit h our* addressn
I' hn ml (ear lotst and( c~llan p~1 JQet
'I N( Sl'IC(: IA L'II ltS,
r'E & 00., Ander
md the sia. Drop it
name in full, giving
id Mattr
Prahctico ini all th
WVM '. tCA 1~1 mIr

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