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The People's Journal.
- T. J. MAULDIN, Emron.
W. L. MATHENY, Bus. Mon.
Entered at the Pont Otfiee at Pickeus as
second-class matter.
Subscriptioi. $1.00 a Year.
TIlURSDAY, 1EB, 6. 1902.
HAPPY is the man who owes no
man anything, and has paid his
THiiu agitation of the cotton mill
question in Piekens would not be
at all amiss at this time.
WITEN those newly leased con.
viets get well to work, there may
be a pleasing change in the road
So far, nothing serious has b1)een
said or done in the legislature ro,
garding the Tillman-Ml.iu
A Summer hotel, with an all
year round attachiment odt to
prove a profitable inistitut imn in
Pickens. Whv not
ONE week c: ccntinuous rain
without the proverbial "sunshime
on Saturday " was last week's
record-to say nothing of the roads
You may travel from the court
house to any point in Picken
county, yet you will ne-lver los
sight of that one long, continuou
W. J. TiXLHEl V :9 on- of thn
promising candidates f)i Govern
in the next campaign. le, al,(
is a clean, compete-nt man, we
posted and a vigorous type, of in,
tellectual manhood.
Ir's ham sandwiches to raw po
tatoes that the end of this, tliougli
the way may be hard aid self-de
n1ying. n ill find the m1a jority of
the people in hLtter shape than
they are to-day.
TijE best plan to aIdiol.t for the
improvement of roads is to work
them, as early as that can he done,
then keep them worked. Delay in
this matter is positively dangeroui
and very expensive besides.
* * *
fTr has been said1 that debt is c
stimulant that often helps to mor<
etrenuous endeavor-but debt ik<
other stimulants will get the drol
on you if carried to excess whet
"the goblins will get you if yol
don'twatch out.'
* **
As the merchants gradualla
change to the cash system of dloin
business. as they are le d to it b;
conditions, their customers are rc
lieved of a sore temptation an
the result will prove beneficial t
THE Southern Railway Goo
Roads exhibition train took a turi
at the South Carolina legislat.tui
after giving the Supervisors an 0
portunity to enjoy the best foatur<
of a convention. Porhapsa doze
members of that body were reall
interested in the demuonst rat ions.
SINCE the Booker Washingt on
Roosevelt dining incident, ti1
country has not had to liston to S
much newspaper talk about the r<
marablo virtues and philanthmroi
ic wvork of Booker.
Doubtless, ho sees the blunmder hi
made, as well as the P'residen t, an<i
feeling a just humiliation, has ti'
ken a com~rmon sonse viow of th~
situation and doterined to proli
by his experience.
* * *
THlE PrexlENs RAILtuoan is
convenience with which a goo<
part of the county could hard I'
d (ispense, after having experienlce
and learned its actual helpIfulnesl
to every feature of business. Ji
fact the people of the section imme.
diately around Pickens towir
would feel lost without the daily
coming and going of that accomumo
dating train by some facetiously
called ''the doodle", and no pub
lio spirited citizen regrets the in,.
Bignificant tax he pays to meet the
bonds voted in aid of the road,
* * *
EvzxtY dollar saved now means
that much added to the profits
from your labor at the winding up
next fall, and every good day's
work means so much towards the
saving. Jf, in truth, one cannot
see the immediate good resulti of
Judiciouis work, that is still no
reason why constant, dilligcut ef
fort does not bring reaeonjable re
turns. Try it this year, and do
nsot become discourged,.during the
the long heat of this year of neces.
*7 economv.
A~s evidence of the general trust
prevailing among fellow-citizens in
South Carolina, aud also of thelac.
cepted wisdom of the system of
trial by jury, regarded as the pal
ladium of liberty, one has only to
note the fact that though the
present jury law is conceoded to bo
ulconstitutional and no inill
charged with crime can be forcel
to trial, yet defendats with s'0
rious charges against them are coil
senting to be tried anI mioreover
domatiding a hearing before juries
ComposedA of their peers.
Fou real business euergy and
far-sightod progressiveness, the
towni of E'slv is really distinl
guish in hierselt in present efforts
to ieet th org.iiation And be
n t bui:kdiig ot ant her cottonl
ll o most creditable ploport ions.
Th cons ilum uat ion Of this new en ter
prise is a tuatter altogether possi
leo and withal quitito probable, since
the prloposition is baig fostered
by thorough-going business men
who ate ablo to intluence sufficient
capital to assure succes to the un
dertaking, and with experience to
direct the enterprise along divi
del paying lines.
As that correspondent from th<
ix Mile section asserted last week,
there is no bette agricultura1
counItv iI South Carohna than
Piekens. andi no 1b-:ter s--etion (t
Pickers thranithat ini whichi Sj
M ilK nrebi is tle cen tor of settle
m t A I.:w mc1 yelrs and thes
fact-- w (ill be deim >ntated to thc
satist'actizn f investors ainl home
seeIkers of the mot desi rable kind,
Al ready that Se!Ctioni is a'Lsserting
tself and establishing its right
and claita to nlore) public attention
anad Inoro caref ul consideration at
the hals of .all oflicials at th(
head of publiei im provemntsClli.
-Y * 4.1
Go) roads conventions fall
spkehes galoro will not help trave
in this county until tho practica
suggestiois are tosted by way 0
requiring ia number of days worl
sulicient to pilco and keep th
ways in rosIctable condition
The oxcusos for roads we Joi
patiently tolerate, simply to kee
clear of trosspass charges, are dis
cretitable to the county, a soure
of additional expense to transpor
tation and a travosty on civilize
tion-they are a succession of rut
and holes, presenting .most pronr
ising prospocts for damage guit
and suindiry claims for broken vt
hiclos. They are dangerous, a
well as inconvenient, and oute
harmony with other evidlences of
progressivo, upJ-t o-dato counlty.
Y * * *
- M Eien'rT A arei t gradually work~
ing towardst the caish piiple e
o business aind in thiis thtere is
healthf ulI tendloney towards di
recting the peole in thle way u
ecoinoune ex pond itures. While eni
dleavoi rig to take care of thonm
sevsin thIis respec t they arme (o.
mgavery gi eat sriic( to the poc
Splo not only in the way of1 the rc
du tced pri1ce at whIiich thetir good
tar' delivered, b ut also in the re
st raint(s 1h lencsh system throw
._ around mnty buyers whoe rock less
I ly con tract dlebts before any pros
a pot of payiing for themt have man
. (erial ize' l atndo oven bef'oro thec tinm
.for nol uzal tuse of the goods bough
on t imte has a rr ivd '(1 llThis coutnt r,
e needs1 to pratice genrerally imor,
I, ge'none, prac(t ical scomiomuy.
'' 1Nth prJoosition to est abl is]
ta sold1ier's hiomito in Sou th (i Carliinn
the legislatorms seem ver'y muel
dliv'ided. It is ar'gued that th<
jhiomie wouldl ho a saving to th<
Sstate inl Iliat tire eXpense in main,
tali. ing it would ho much loss t hat
the amouinit inow paid to dIesorv,
ig pensioer-s, wvhile the condi.
tions enttitli ng one to its benefits
would be mnado such thatd no man,
now impr'operly receiving of th<
stato's bounty, could partake 01
the benefits of the home. We dc
not know that anry are nlow reoiv
ing pensions who are not entitled
to themi under the law-certainly,
so for as kenown, there arc
none in Pickens county enjoying~
these provisions of the state's care
for old soldiers who are not in every
way fully duthorized to receive
them unzder' the pension law, but
the law is'.difficult to execute in
some instances, and the champions
of the soldiejr's home idea are bas.
ing their arguments on this fact
with a sincere regard for tihe wel.
fare of deuurving old soldiers and
a constant lookout for the cost
thereof to already heavily taxed
Couabas cured quickly by Fol..g j.
Direct from the Legislature. c
Though both holises havo been
busily at work during the past
Week, littlo beyond the important
mneaure's pIesen ted has beeti atc
Com) ptl)]ishI ed - \t h
The jury law proposed, to mlloet
pressing ioods ttar>tighout the at
state, ha3s practictily been agreed
upon; it is a imniasure oeubodying at
the teatures of the old laws that t
were iljectod withthe hope of pro- ti
vidinig a safe and wisejury statute o
BHIls of various characters have Ic
beon introduced, some of then far- th
reaching in their i provisions. Theto in
seois to be a deter-mination to reg.
u lat., corpoiitions and provent, if
possible, the foriation of uniilaw- e
fil combinations that inight event- ti
ually becomo oppressivo, if not al
ready so. P1
The roau and drainage matters si
are still utnslved problems but it ti
is hoped that some proper solution Yq
of 1 hese questioi s will be reachod
beforo adjournment.
Menoers and senators seemed
impreseId with their duty to look i
well for the care of the state's fi. I
nances and nono are introducing If
bills that involve the expenditure t
of muoney without good reason I
The whole business of legislation (
is a serious matter, and the watch- c
words in the hgislaturo, or else- 11
where, are 'jiudicious economy."
The salary bill as proposed iay
becomo law if representatives can
ay ree as to the amount their respec- t
tive county oflicors art) to have; 1
there is a disposition to pay theiso '9
puhhe se'rvants well for their work r
smee the duties requi-ed of them t
grow more onerous year by year. 1
Economy The Watchward!
Caininot some of the readers of
the Journal suggest a remedy for
keeping our people from all going
to the towns? Tole U. S. Consus
reports show that 47 per cent. of
them are thero, taking all the
states together. I did not expect
this thing to happen sooner than
the year 2,000. bomo of us older
ones ought to have philIantithropy
enough to warn tho youngeir on10
of the stumps and snaiigs we livO
passed on life's journey.
If this "town " inigrat ion does I
not Stop, it sOems to lU) thorn will
be a wrock on this terrogeous
a sphere oro long. I will suiggesit NwO
try this:
Quit feeding others on chickens
at toil cents that cost thirty to for
ty conts to raiso, and beet at, four
and five cents that costs ton to
e twelve; quit using tobacco, unloss
- you raise it, ais you paIy f rom $1'2
.to $20 for whlat you enni raisrj for
$1 ; quit giving one-fourth of a
'e bushel of corni for one twenty
-fourth part of the whiskey that is -
B iln a bushel of corn; quit fojed ing a.
-dog at from $10 to $12 expense for I
~ wenty-live cents worth of sport I
andi~ ten enits worth of profit; quit '
going to town for all your meal
a and bread; ask your state repiro
Mienitatives liot to spend our monecy
t4) get up big shows as we n~eed no0
-temilptaltioni oni that line; we liled
little ones that take all of our time
and lioro inion1'y tial we havye,
'1 As the world grows mobre poluiilouis
- there are more idlers to tf'mpjt on1e
f to id lenius, whilo I it requir es m'uch
.more ilndustry anid ecotnmy to live. s
I think we ought to take it as a (j
special act of charity that Provi, 3
donceilC does not lot us l ini seeral e
hundred years in this hard w orldl.1
have ini my inrd's eye a nlumbiler
of mien and1( wVomen~ who1( coulId give 0
us5 siome goodi poinits along this lino j,
-of thought. Please Jet us hteair il
5 from you, a. .1 thlinik it is your
- b)ounden duty to talk out I
.With another crop failure, I ti
. hnkw will have to ask Enele y
Iiero sh ow), put all ''in psy giicl ii
t eed roll, then will follow the life 14
penion of ;at counirse t hat would h( a 1)i
glorious I i
A Fn int.itT.
A iemnine C'riticimy. t
"'She se~ue heatless."'
"Well, her' 'omuplexlonl would be a le
good dleni hetter If she were lverless."
--Clevela nd I'lain D~ealer.
(leuernl Suru,rtse, 5]
Biessie-I wats surprj~ised wheni Mr. ,01
D~ashulelgh asked me~ to miarry him11. I
P'l'ssie-IEverybodly else was.-Ohlo Ii
State Journ'ial, e'1
A ratient Dloctor. c~
Sho--Maried life has1 imlpr'oved in
young Dr. Squalls very much-.t
lie-Yes; ho takes It according to dli- r
Is often a r'un-dawn gaystem. Week
ness, nervousnessJ), lack of appetite, en
ery andt ambition, with disordered( liver sc
and kidneys often follow an auttauck of iin
tbis wretched disease. The greatest need a
then is Eletrio Bitters, the splen~lda
tonic, blood puifie~r anid regulator of
Stomaoh, Liver and Kidneys. Thou
sands have proved that they wonderfully 0
strengthen the nerves, build up 11hesys
temn, and restoreo to hiealth~ and( good Ud
spirits after an attack to Qaip. If suf. 01
foring, try them. Only 50o. Perteat ti
Patisfactionl guaranteed by Bolt & Tihoirn
The best and most tfamoust compllound a o
in the wor'ld to conquer aches and kill Ph
pins. Oures outs, hie -Is Burns and th
lruises, subdues ItI'inination, nmasters for
Piles, Millions of Boxes sohi yearly. W<
Works wonders in Boils, Uhcers Felon, tor'
Shin Emuption. It cures or no pay, 250 so
at Bolt & Thornloy drug store',r
Foley's honey ana Tar &
~EUm euwe, p enbt aeuaaente pl
Age' It)f Noted DogaI.
A subscribe r asks f Ameriean Vilh
Vieii is at to oi VOnsidet'ed old ?" I
I diepends. .Is 'he Field. Soul
>vs show thei - Lge at five years, bil
e are eVier ally pt1tted house (og"
eiih arc fed 9t1 all kinids of dainti
i get tit) vxcw Cise. When dogs, hiowj
e', ar pirioelw t'Jy fed Iind cared fo
At get i f:1-ir a nount of exercist
LIr livek'S and 1t'selness may be pr(
aged. 'or seveitti years beyond wha
L.y would lttti'.ni wheii overpette(I 0
er'worlkd and 1ul;bjected to niucli e
suir. C ha inpion GTH;Iidstone liIed t<
Sripe tge of fouetei ytearl ms and fou
>nths; at the tline Of his death Coon
)ble WaS eleveni years and fiy
miths; Rtdr.go, eleven yeal's and seo
Iluonths; John11 8. \Vise Diomet
Irteen years and three montil
'ince Lucifer, thirteen years; Chan
on Elclio, Jr., teii yeal's an 1d fiy
withs; Lord (raphle, nine years an
0 months; Da n's Lady, nine yeIr
id seven Imioliths, and Jingo, cigl
,ars and one iuonth.
Negro 'Opulationk Doubled.
There aire twice as mlany Iegroes I
LO Uinited States today as there wer
'hen Lincoln set them free, an(1 th1
St censutis returits shiow% a white Po)
tioi of 67,000,000 Ilid i negro popub1
oin of 8,850,000, with about 500,0X
dhians, Chinese and Japanese. 'h
(athl rate amiioig the negroes in tl
itis where they live iI tle congeste
Istricts aid "where every law of 11,
ire and saitatioi Is detied" is nearl
ouble that of the whites and is far I
xcess of the birth rate, and this lilg
sortality hats led some to thinik th:
lie negro is dying out. 'The census 111
res ihow tiiat this llief is eIrolnou
'lie linerteisc of negr' population inl t
ural districts iore lta inakes up f,
he loss inl the cities, ani1d the ruiral su
>lus flock eitywail iin suilienit ])til
>ers to fill illp tie rainks. 'llie ineg
lopulatioi is inlrelaslaing. i'apidly, not
vpidly ats in shivey dys, )it 11 rl
dly as the wihite's. - San 1Francs
AnI mli 'I'i m.I onel.
As tainer-s amid ()I' agiers
lark ilenii litve'ri sni'-e, \'sifs toi z
mt to iii ( ge'tje i ( il\ to b e i
iariably fair witellW ith y low- i
rowlil li.ih' ilk<l willi |1111o Till:
it the' Z41, i, i l gairdh-i ' ill this cit
lre is 11(11 i littpur whlo is rk. Jol
\h .11illh'll <if the li(1;I h1mise m 1e
|aiil' ill tibt ui n h
irb. lae'wr' ofl the wove I VI a0 foxs
itill ' cii' lii oc lltlly I i
I uiilolle4 lco..', thIe sna~ike hiouise an
he ~ ~ ~ 11-i s(.0101ininlin
tII IlYi'Vl. 1o ()I' tie most p
ion lI b'loiils at tline zco was jobt
bO1illiiso, m h inowi li oniolil
Ilnkiig casts of fishei's forl I inu1isetI
herI'. lhlinisn Is ole of t(e mos
e(cssfuILi ieers the zq.oe 11.1m e-t
1I<1. Not. only snlakes .1nd turltles, I
pecelalty, but lionis, fo1xves, waives, det
dtill lnliiy other 1110ii1.08 took to hll
murially, aid he wi ; iever scratclhe
ri hiitteii.-l'hi ilaid('lphinl itt'cordt.
GuaiirelIing thme i r'eneh' Proessident,
Itresji lnt ItLoubet Is we'll ptrotected
[Is secret gniar'l 'onsists of twelv
net tinder thie orderis of a police eon
alissl iiner. Th'iese i iu L wat ch cin stantl
y' over his. p)erson i. Whean lie receives
hey 1luliiglec withi lhe guests close hr
dini, aiiei wheii lie g'c's out they follo0
Lihi iiiil ha~ve order!4snvr it to lo)s5 hIn
it linstant from iiew. Wlwt'i lie drivesi
hitys LI(e'ntii4any1 hin i oii hcicyles, lane
I is (uly thlen thot they enii be recog
ilasd. 'lids goi rel of thirteen mei
he'ie (''sts the sltie the ice lIttle suit
'475,Id itraes aI yeart.-Chicago Rtec
Shr 4eep nnealt(a nitle on Ilnnge.
Wyllig; lis :5,(1i00e~,l)0 aicres o0
cod grinL/iig hui 4b. Th'lere are abou0
iniini enLi itle rli ic ,00A4-0,0fit) shieep ii
ii' stat'. I h't wecati e cattlemen an<
ieeiiuinen exists La 'eiid that ntot infre
iieti ly l'eads to iiinyideir, Sheep a
atinn orl) Iiiityi nlot knlow, feed it si
''se orde(r that when a hlockc has fet
fri a raniige not. a spear of grass re
Liills.- l'aittlI broe wse at r'andoim an<
u-e behuliid mor'e t hani they eait, si
it thie iriange muay priov'ide sustenane
ri twto or' t hree herds, ono followinj
0 otheri.
Vereschnigtin's Nexet Picture.
''coosevelit ait Saii .1 nan 11111" Is to bi
e subject of a uintinig by Vassil
I'rescihag ii, thle piniter' of battli
'e'lis. Th'em fin ious lHusslan ar'tist ur
ved In New Yorkl f'romn -ut'ope recent
(to ('onlltt Lin e'xhiblit Ion of htl
ilutlng it. the, .\ut Institute, lHe an
>uiict'd hmiu ittion to dev'ote twi
''s ori iiiore to) the wor'k of por'trayi
g oni caniivaLis thle batthIc, which, he
Inks, I;eea use of' itoosevuhl's elevattlom
thle hirt'shic'y, Is thie most lnter'est
g war scene of recent tines to Amer
Oil on Tronhtlted Wantern.
A (('st.(1 fla ('Llioin that thriows q
tellI desi gnietl to seanti'r oil on boister
is wave(s wa'Ls r'ecenily~ iade. '1'li
t'll I~s of' woodunel itlconileiil in shape
(conitainis Iwo"c giloins of' oIl. At onm
trd otf thle pr'oject ile is a v'ent. T1hlu
covered'( with Iiaperlt'I, wt ihih is blowr'
' as (t' shell lea ves t he pIece, allowv
g the (oil to cape. lIn this way it ii
o puriipose of thio inventor to calme
ugh sea for thle dlsta nc of a mile
atking it smooth pathI for a lifeboat t<
lIlow on hter way to dlisabled vessels
l'he Liamb na the Bunico Victim,
It is a commnon saying that the per
a w'ho buys a "gold brick" or investi
"gre'en goods" gets just what he do,
rves in view of tho wide puoblIcity
mnstantly gIven in the press about
chi ti'ac(tlins, Liut theo exampllet
lamb sheaing In fluanco are qutite
commhtoni, and the loser of a fleece i
serving of about the same measure
sympathy that the buinko victimj
ualIly receives.--Los Anirelae Heraldl.
'In thriee w'eeks our chutbby little bo3
R,ohiangedl by3 PIinumonia almost t<
kelton," wr ites Mrs. W. Watkins, oe
asantt City. "A toer rible cough set it
:spite ('f a good (dcctor's I rontment
several w'eeks, gr'ew wotre every day,
tha-n used Dri. King's Now Diseovery
Consuimption, fad ourt darling was
en soup aind well. We ny'e sure tii
ndl meldic'int savedOi his life.'" Milliona
>w it's the only snraieur fo1 r Coug~hs,
da and all Lnng dliSnat s. RO3/ L
'The Vrice of Liberty.
Ieddy the Cinch breathed I
t again.
o "Not guiltyl" was the verdict.
t After many hours of terrible
pense a Jury of his peers, influenc<
8 the fervid eloquence and the ft
- tears of his lawyer, had deeltred
L Itoddy did not steal the safe, but
the crime was committed by his t
body while it was projected Il
t state of kleptonania.
r Turning, he grasped the hand c
legal champion, Lolden Ul))httir
celebrated criminal lawyer, who 1
r his time wearing noisy dianontis
t the majority of his clients put in
e time wearing bangles on their a
at Sing Sing, Ossining, N. Y.
"Well, Mr. Upphardle, wot's de
age?" Ieddy the Cinch mutterei
i- easily, thrusting one hand int(
e Docket with a deftness born of c:
d ence,
5 "We'll call it only a thousand
it time, Iteddy," responded the law
"A t'ousand!" gasped Iteddy.
t'ousand wot ?"
"A thousand frapped plunks an
n a plunk less," the legal luminar
e sponded grimly.
e Where were his tears now?
I- "All I've got, you know, is a t'o
t- and a flyer," protested iteddy.
O "I know. But you don't thin
o take all you have, do you?" tho li
.0 said Indignantly.
d "Aw, of co'se not, of co'se not!"
I- dy cried Ironically. "Ilere's de d
y and I don't kick on givin' it up,
n hates to lose faith in humai natu
h hates to see a bright lawyer lik
it so inperfessiona l"
"so unprofessional?" growled
8. ltwyer.
le "Dat's vot I said--so umperfem
Pr a," repeated Iteddy thle Cinch.
r*- ain't true, Is It?"
I- "What isn't true?"
o "Dat dere's honor even am
is thieves?"
iAnd, with an injured sigh, a tei
'0 his eye anld on1e little five'r InI his i
et, Iteky Ohe Cinch went out int(
cold world to project his astral
In the dir'ection of another porI
safe.-Philadelphia North America
Thought It Was Catching,
J Doctor - Well, Mrs. Finnigan,
fact Is if your husband doesn't I
care he'll have delirum tremiens.
Mrs. FInnlgan-Och, docthor, (1
an' would the children he ap~t ter k<
it too?
County of Pickens. f
L. N. (Geer and L. M. Mahaffy )
A. T. Newell,
By virture of nu Execution lodlgoi
my office in the above stated caso, I
on tihe 27th "day of January 1902,
upon01 and1 will sell on salest(iay in Mar
1902 at 12 o'clock, m,at Geer &Mahn
brick yard on town creek in state
county aforesaid the following desor
tprope~rty to wit:
Engine Boiler and fixturieq, ling ,,)
igPulleys and Belting, Drum, C:
3 cars, turn table, track &o Too
Chest & grind stone, Repressing
chine, Lot Hack boards, Lot Pip
Lumber and covering boards one
I soales, Lot roofing, Heating stove, (
-stove, Baker, 3 bedsteads, 3 Mattre
I and Coverings, B~urecau, 2 B~ook cas<
.''oblos, one safe, 2 Rocking chaire
sitting chairs, one Iron Kttle, Fa.rn
tools, picks shovelep, Miuttocks,
others farming tools, several whel
ro~wR, one smoothing harrow. Teleph
line running from the town of Pie]
to tihe Brick yard Terms cash, p~urchi
i or putrchasors must compilly with te
of, stle within one hour, or the prop
will be resold at the risk of former
chaser or purchasers.
1 4 S. P.4
Tax Notice
Oflice of COUNTY TIl'AS~LR
Pickens County, 5. (1.
P'ickens, S. C., Oct. 1st 11
IlT TIrasu rer's (,fi(ce at llkens court he
15t~ ho ayf ()'etuher. 19101 for the purp'ose 01
le h't il the fotllowinlg namedi taxes for tho
1.evy lfo State tax, 5 mills,
I ()rd Inary tCotunty tax. 5 mills.
"'" 'lnst itutionat school tax. 3mill
"' Past ind~ebted ness, 2 mnilIs.
To''~tal levy for State andt (ounoty taxes 15
I~Ovy for tellrest on P'lekensi 11. R. bc
P'iekenis (ourt flouse TIowniship, 31% mills.
I.ev for interest on P'ickens U. R. bonds
nlrrlcane Tlownsiilp, 2 tomilts.
l~evy for interest on Ilckens IR. R. bondi
Eastatoe Townihi p, 3% mills.
Special 1ev y for Sol ool Ditrict No. 9, 2 n'
~10j, 1%
10, 2
23, 2
66 553
Poll tax Onec Dollar and Commutation
Tax is two dollsa and is colretablo at
timne from all those who are liable accordlr
hooks closos on Dlecemnber 31st, 1901, with
alty added~ after that time.
S. 1). f11.t PMAe
October 3d ide,3lTreasurer Picokons Cour
The wonderful activity of the new
tu y is shown by an enormous den
for tihe world's best workers--Dr. Ki
New Life P'ille. ConstipatIon,
Headache, Billiousness, or any tro
of Stomach, Liver or Kidneys the
unrivaled, Only 250 at Bolt & thor
drug store,
for chlldren,saaf,aur,. No oplal
Foley's Kidney Cu
amakes kidneys ad bladder rig
Ilodel Oys pel Onm
Isiea . -' Ie a .
U R- ~~ ~ -- - - -- -
reely igh Gm
- OR Tj
Write foi
BuB-Catalognie a
'd by - costs no
lling all kinds of
ut InI Responsible j
while in each town.
their Please tuention this paper When wri
I unX- I7YTI
And Carc
y re
It is worth all it costs to have
k d seeds, we have in s
" Carden and F
but I
r'. 1 Hoes, Rakes, Shoves, Spa
you Hooks, Mattocks, Plows and I
the Tturners made, Wheel Barroi
Machines, and Furniture of all
4t A Nice, New,
New Goods Coming in at
o Anything A anc
About a Hot
9 We invite all to come -
No trouble to shov
CLARK BROS. &k C01.,
We Will Sell For the
the Next 30 Days
ake A LML
Ma,~ oinments,
and [Markers.
Now in Stock at
20 per centi
I in
did less thantl usual p~rice. We havo
roh, some exceptional values.
ing, Greenville, S. C.
958 Auditor's Notice.
10S 2 ,othe Ta'x Payers of Piekens County:
10 'or the conveniiece of Ithe public I
igwilJ attend the following places anid dates
5131named below for the purptiose of taking
ar- tax retutrns for the fiscal 30:ar of 1902:
one Six Mile, Alonday, Januiary 0.
en2s| Calhoun, ''Utet-day, Januuary 7.
mar : Central, Wecdneaday, Jauary 8.
rms iCateechee, T'husdlay, .Januuary 9. (
orty 1,iberty, Friday, Jauuary 10.
pur- In the oflice Saturday, Jaunary 11.
Easley, Monday and Tuesday, Jauttua- C
J. ( Croes Plin, Wednesdad5y, .Janutary 15.
- Looper's Shop, 'I'hursday, .Ja n um- y 10.
Ilu ghts ' storeo, Firday, Jl~t aunry 17.
Ini olce Satuitrdby, ,1 anuary' 18.
Puinii itowni, M.ombr(ly, J[anuary 20.
Iiloily Springs,' Tuealay, .latintary 21.
'1 Eat4ttoe, Wednesdayt~v, .1 an mnrv 22.
Mi le Creek, 'Thutrohty, Janni.mr'y 23.
03. Prtors, Friday, .Janui ary 24.
>eI ill be. ini the omlec'from Jantuary
ho 25th,~ 19)02, to Febrary 20th, 1902, in
(03. ive, t l t his date 1 ie rend
te1by hlawi to id a( penatlt-y of flfty per (e t.
('n all non-1 retuitris. P lease mebet nile at the
above a1 ppO itt mts~ an a~ii1ivoid thie tusu
- rush itn te oilee. AL. th~is r real etat e
ills. aL5ssteiet, year, 1 must, urge that nc neh
uide, atil every land ownerci come prepared to
for give a flld dIoeript lou, number of neres,
botundaric.4, &c. All male persons bo.
for tweeni the auges of 21 and( 00 y'ears e'xcept
those0 incapaible of eariing a stuppoaIrI
from bingiahned or other'wlae dil-a
bled, all Confoderato veterans uoer 50
years of ago. are d1cened taxab polls.
De sure antd be atble to glyc thtee tiwber
" of school dlistrict as this Ia very impor
a tant information
Road Very reapetfully,
(Rme E. FOX l'ER KEI l,
ig to fe b20 County A udito~r.
ty. The3 County Pension .Bard willI
hold its last meeting at Pickens~ C .
Houso on Monday the 10 (lay of
oon. February 1902. Please send in
tand your applications before that day.
Bl~k J. B. Newber-y,
itb J3le Coun ty Chbm .
yePersons having clamis against thistate
of Carter Durham deeased, are request.
..... -d to prosent the same properly atteeted
tthe undersigned for payment by the
tO .let day of April 1902.
M 'Those indebted to said estate please
make payment to,
7940 A4igniMor
de VehIcles
- our coniplete
tid Price iist.
thiug, shxowing
71, OHI0.
Lgents wanted
len Seeds
a good garden. Besides the
tock the necessary
arming Tools!
les, Forks, Bush Hooks, Briar
'low Stocks, Best Steel Beam
vs, Iron King Stoves, Sewing
kinds, Pretty Styles.
'lean Stock of
id Going out Every I Day.
I verything.
ne or Farm.
Lnd look thrioug.- h our rooms.
v through our stock.
Bridges & Harnmord,
Dry Goods
We want to close out our entire
stock of DRY GOODS at once.
r'he Goods will co-.
Come now and get bargains.
Bridges & Hammond.
PICKENS, - - S. C.
G entral's
Are you pre.indic ed? Are you
'pen to conviction? Many people
hinuk it imupossible to fine a First
lass General Storo iti a town of
his size
Don't you believe it !
B~ecaus'. you canl ho convinced
hero is a llr s-cla,-s Gene~ral Storo
ere0 by caliliung eni
centrI, s.oC.
Wlu,royo w ill find( a fine and
aried Stock of I )ry Goods, Dress
roods andt ( Groveri s.
Con~ t ral , S, C.
-Road the( A utditor's not ico and
Lon't tneglect to tInl\e your return,
'his wiltl save troul, hereafter.
(y or on S elt)t every sub.
~rn b autiful oelored plates; atest
Ay agente aoreternsrto
ate E l l
AZAK ilW ti

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