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The People's Journal.
He Met the General on Two Oc
casions During the Civil War
and Was Imnpressed With His
Atlanta Constitution.
" Duty is the sublimiest word in our
language." That is what General Lee
wrote to his son soon after General
Scott offered him the supreme com
mand -A the Northern army. Virginia
had just seceded and Lee saw on one
side that there were no honors to which
he might not aspire. On the other
side, if he cast his destiny with that of
his State, he saw, or he thought he
saw, that miseries and trials awaited
him without number. But to seek his
duty and, having found it, it was ever
the principle of his actions. These
strong and beautiful words about dlty'
were not original with General Lee,
and in his letter he has them in quota
tion marks. The expressioi came from
Rev. John Davenport, a famois Purli
tan preacher of New Eing-iat'l-and it
man who gave shelter to the thrzee reg
gicides who condemne(ied Charh lI the
First to death anel after the restoration
fled for their lives to New Englmati
and were iuddei by donli I)ave nport
in his barn. When tiis act of treas ton
became ki >win among his people Ie
ncitherIquiailed nor releit ed but preachi
edi a sermon the iexL Sabbath frol
that passage in Isaialh wIiich says:
" lide the outcasts. lietray not hiti
that wandereth. ILt Iimy oltelasts
dwell with thee and h1o thou covert
unto them fromn the spoiler.'" It w;as
in that serlon thai1t he made use of this
notable expresion: " It, is my duty
to shield the m, ai dtify is the su1bli
met, word in our language.'"
During the war it was my privilegee
to see General Lce (uite oft en, buL
never did I met hiun face to face atnd
have a brief colversationl with him) but
twice. Even thieni we did not kniow
how great a namlie was. General
Joh1nsto u1111i heII WoMiuded at. Seci
PIines, 1111d General Iee camtte fromt
West Virginia to take his place. lie
was almost a stranger t4) th Army of
Northern Virgima. le had been in
commranti hitt it week or INw% 4 wheln
General lIblak, of IUlmC , Cntine Lo see
his boys of the -ighthi ('olgia antd
asked me to ride wilth hi oti e a) (;eletI
Lee's headuatblrters5 and14 intridu0 it lce Iiml,
for he was very desirons of tniecting
him before lie returned to ti orgia.
Of course I compliel, for (s enieal llack
was a iman of 1o sual consIlulee at
home. lie was (hd ani(d gray atnd of
comatditg pieseice aal1 military
bearing. 1 ti tinlutrettigm mystit I ist, I
preseiited (eneral lIibrek, anilt f we
wrneated I said nothing, bit 111a4
modest and respect fiul attenttiOn. I
was soon impressed with the gr1l1ur
ef the matnt be fore mie, aith , ofi coutrse,
as lItecX}indicedl, I very :tt i alIly shtratnik
utp a lttle to keelp thle eijttilibiumit.
Not long aifter this I ie sevent Jay'
batthc lesbgani andii enidedl it Md ('lti ~'s
defeat mtid oU u army begant to realiz~e
howv great a niant Iae wats. It was 1on)
the sixth daiy that I wis set to htis
hteathilters neai Melow liIL. 14)
receive ird'ers, ;andi ere I tn im i
algatit. lie was stan~int. irteovermed
al11d tiltitrmed iin fr1411 of hti. te.t, ;and
"' Stontewall " .1 ack:oon was asleep in
side u potn the x taw , an th1 le se rvantI
had set the ditnner' tables over himtt so
as5 not to dlistinh his test, for, as5 (sent
ing but artillery will awake Imt umvY."
I saitnI th e arlie a itt rni~ 14) kinow at
lirst hiow great ai mtiai 14(4 was. Necl ih
er dhid they kttow ftully at tlte last, for
he was one of thte few great ebtaranetrs
that dIev~elops andt~ groiws brtighterc arni)
gratller as the yeai s roll (lit. l'oi somite
yeas8 aifter tltlIe war hei r'eeceie litt lit -
tie praise at thle NothI a l a great nat
tional eyelopedia gave miore space mai
praise to Oh!4 .lobn iowt nthan t ot in.
eral Lee, wh~o airrest ed arti excente d
of Iifleeti viiltittles :m sltntrd wor k,
eothtedl ait ri mih-d1 by24 - 1 tte mnost
distingitshed~ rehiours amid profetssors
of the Northern collegs-lhle skeches
of (Ueneratl L.ee aitd Stoniewail Jalcksont
are all itat we cotill ask tm.
T1hat of I ,ee closes wht i s para1:
graphil: "' it person1 lie was one4 oft the
nobilest tylpes of mtaly heantv. TPall,
biroad-shlolered, erect, wiith 'a dhi Znity
as imtpressIv( as that of WltAhig 4r,
Washtintgton,, bu11t(ore warmtly religious
aister (4ould41 istutrh or change."' Thle
wlorbi knoiws htimt now1~ a114 venterates
his memryr ait 4 thle lpole lie fouhtt
agam ist halve yien Ihinn a pi:e ini their
1hal1 of fame.
Veily , oblI l. ather Time11 is a eId4
(dOCtor arid Annlo I )oinli te softemt.i
solvent of aill manleinant p jasslion
But this is enougt.h fromit mie c)tmrt-m
in g the great commnlanlder. It wats the
sublhme Christiani famth of Ilaee atnd
.Jackson that made Iten- (haract ers
conmliete andl addbed hlaster to thiejr
military flamte. They were menci of
For a little whtile I woubl astk your
kind attenttioni to those whlo since
189 have cal led thIemtselvyes the
D~aughters of thte Confederacy. J'Tejr
mfission has been a1114 still IS .1( al we
trust, long will be as dleclaredl int artiicle
2 of their contstituitiont: "Edullcaltion~l
memorial, socia nd1( benlevolett-to
collect and preserve thle malterial for a
truthtful history of the war between the
States-to honor thte memtory of those|
who servedh and those who fell itn outr
serv.'e anld to recordl thte part taketn by
Southern women durintg the war aind
its afternmath, their patient, etndurane
of hardship, the patriotic (devotion dur
ing the struggle and to fululli the duties.
of sacred charity to the survivors."
All of these are noble objects butt the
greatest of all is the establishting of te
truth antd preserving it. The p, et saith
-that " Truth crushed to cacht will rise
agaui-" and it has risen andlill I con
inue to rise. Even that popvlar maga
- , Frank Muntsey's Monthly, in its
number, has forever bl(>tted out/
alignant amnd fanatical story of
- Freithi n(1 only mte la
Reek the ladles of Lexington, Ky., put
under the ban the drama of " Uncle
Tom's Cabin." It was the Daughters
of the Confederacy who did it and to
tneir widespread and influential or
ganization the South must look for the
maintenance of the truth. Just think
of it. Within the past nine years
twenty-two States have been chartered
as grand divisions, including California
New York, thl3 District of Columbia,
Oklahoma and the Indian Territory.
1n all these there have been chartered
an aggregate of over three hundred
chapters with a membership of 26,00(
good loyal Southern women. TIIc
largest federation of women in (1he
world. Of this membership Texas has
the largest number, 2,435, GCorgie
conies next with 1,750 (meibers. But
my friends, this great army of daugh
ters had mothers who, whether alive
or now dead, imstilled this love of truth
and unstainedi Con federate honor in the
hearts of their children. They are the
onIes who sacrificed atind i uffered and
Still Were strong1. For More than fiftned:
years I hiavo observed a trait in wo
man's na ture that is lacking in most
men. Sho never gives ill). The sad
results of the war that wrecked the
lortlnies of Southern men hastenet
thousands of then to untimely graves.
b:t their widows still dotthe land fron
Virginia to Texas. The mothers of
lise daugliters endtired more hard.
ships and privations than tleiri his
bands and cons who were in the army
but they never complained.
Goldsmith wrote:
" Man wants but little here below,
Nor wants that little long."'
1lIut some Cynical old bachelor paraf
phiased it:
" Man wants but little here beiow,
For so the poets say,
But wolial watnts it all, you kiow,
A nd w ants it right away."
vell, she does want all she can get
an d wants it as soon as shIe eIn get it
it not s loner, but, if she canl't. have i
she surrenders checerfuitly antd accommc
dates herself to the situation. lu) ri n!
tle war they actually smilIe at lhii
(In Iitiftl aid dislessed icditiont
Thile hoied down th) dirt from IhI(
stioke house that hai long been sat1
rated with the drippintgs of the hanirig
m111 meat d ar 1341 rmaepetyg o alt 4.il
(1f1 it andl( divided with their .nei(ghbors4
T'he' ptrclied rye and gtibbers for cof
fee and sweetetled it With sorgllmti and
bragged hiow g()('(I it wias. Tlhey cuI
tip t heir old garmnts aindinuile! (.;(thIes
for their chilrenii. Indeed it is always
anaumIntranet to listeni it
these good (h( 4 imiotlers as they recitt
their Imakesh ifts and theitr trialls altci
shermian hmd pa11ssed through (n hh6
inarch4 to tlt, -ea. Not long ago oun
41. live o these niit1ronis by ch:liIce lme
ait our house alnd it, was nip ail iul
between thi as they told of the mnol
:unliisintg experittieces. ( nc tohd lhml
her two hoysi and a little girl hail wori
out their shopes uitil they would n
hold slineks much less feet an,#l I
folili - :uI oh1 call skitin that hot l.
beei hanging in the bairii aItt sIl
soakedl it in I ime :41n( red 'ak h'a :u Il
to an old shoi e cobbler, arnl he ntah
three04 parir of shoes that, woul lt(h
shtoks, :uol they 'it the chiblii pl t
well, but the4 redl Ituir st tck outt mi lbt
luitches all over Item, :and slhe hmtihe
amoi langhed unitil the' iilreni did int
wantt t44 wear t hemt, hieciause she. lauigh
((d so4 mutch. T'l't was I thriginl 'I
tant shoes, though these werle anni(e ot
Utl they were .'11( ali yeatrs oll, anel
wcre afraid toi eat themi, atnd sail titoy
werle h uigs. A not her tol ho w she matd
ter boys built, a1ba rinarum the ''ar
dleni by bioring holes in the plank arni
tthe. posts withI an old brace and hii'
that4 ii- hutsbiatti left when Inw we.
'If. A 1Iint ty niiunie lpegs440 m d lrov.
1telnm inolr t here want't a naiI ini tIn
otyOti~. l14t 11441o old Mothler Akin
whlom' ev'erybodiy luoves atid likes tb
hiltn 14), 144hl liow thriee oft her nteo,'b
hiort' i.ot out. of mteal antd hadl s4Omelto4
go t hoh of three busxhels ofl cornt am1
they riggedl up a little rickelty wa':g.t
uil a bliind armty muitle andi ll th lret
nules awaty. 'lhey startedi e:it-lv ami
gotIi t tt'treek, ni lihe creekl wI:Es u
iut thety drtovt in,4 uol sure 'enoulgh lil
ubilet ofI it andti let thenti atll down1
ith lthe fort' wlheell utl sltopped' whenm
hte got o(ver. il hley' n4eer gave up1
lth' shop tir th 1le cotti. It tootk Ithem
about an htouri to get the 'ornt ontt the
wauguon toigctheri ug:itt, andt w~i t trip
pmIi g:awnt: thley' hurried onI to lte
11ill. .\4 htoto(graphj (of Ite $cen'te w1oul
sill :ls the chapton4(t pli'ttre of the woC
by 51und.own'g they were t a'ullI at Iiime
4Lgain lli~ In4ghe4d oveor it andtu every
4idy l:ruished who heartd (If it. Almttst
'very foly) wiithin .Shetrnuma's belt
ill a botok. They arte a cur'ious mtedl
ey (If the sad, t he p athletic antd thte
utnttiing, and(1 exc(ite mtore funi 1than|
My Lunqs
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with a bad cough. My friends said
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A. K. Randles, Nokomis, Ill.
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tle of Ayer's Cherry Pec
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S. 0. AYERt Co., L~oweli, Ma.
The Virginia-Carolina Chemical
Company Replies to the Attorney
ps General of the 8tate.
Attorney General Bellingor sont a
special message to the General Assembly
last week, asking that the charter of the <
Virginia-Carolina Chemical coiipany be
revoked in this State, and gave as the
principal reason for this course that the
company had;petition for the removal of
Its case to the Federal courts. The re
ply of the company is interesting and
entirely on the defensive, and it is con
tained in a letter sent to the individual
members of the Logislature, as follows:
Coi:IM mIIA, S. C., January 20, 1902.
To the Htonorablo Members of the
General Assembly of South Carolina
ng Dear Sir: Tile Attorney General has
ra- addressed to the General Assembly a
It special report directed against a parti
he cular nitned individual intorest-the
Virginia-Carolina Clionical Company.
ite The party so referred to may be per
st mnitted on its own behalf also to address
and memoralize you.
hii The public laws and statutes of South
: Carolina expressly invite corporations
of created by its sister States to come into
our the State, invest, and carry on business.
To induce them to do so they are guar
Int anteed the same rights, privileges and
"t immunities as are nj oyed )y the citizens
and corporations of South Carolina her
ny self. (lRevised Statutes of 189:3, Sections
1,465 and 1,471 )
To her own corporations the State of
n South Caroliina has given the right to
acquire, aid own real estate, and per
sonal property, to an unlimited extent,
e including sto'k in other Cml >mapnies.
, (Acts of 18thi, Statute at Large,\ olime
1Y, Accepting this invitation the Virginia
Carolina Chemical Compan y entered the
y. Stato and located and acqiired pro
perty, and carried oil its busiin ess, viz,
the manufacture and sale of fertilizers.
til In order to do o it has acc1uirod by
purchase a large amouilt of property
the t. Mianu factories to oman ipulate andoh
iianufactire coii ple(te fertili/.er.
2. Plosphate land to provi le the phio)s
the phate rock from which, by proper pro
thIe cesses, is ohtained the phoIpI hioriC acid
red for a coiplete fertilizer.
(nt :3. CoIttoni seed oil mill in terests so as
za- to provide inl cCttoni seed I meal the in
grediont of iitrogon for a coip.ete fer.
ren Much of this property was purchsed
he from the esoits of inolveont concerns
JCd that had sispendied businCeC s InIid whose
ii prop;erty Nvw idle anl iuud
Ily 1th Caroiiin hias no inies or do
hi, posits of piitashi, so that ingrLdiet has
vt be purcbased and iiported from
In the Case of nitrogen-save for its
b ing obt'Ainable from cotton seed meal,
the manuafauttirurs Cof a comnplete fertili
zer in Smti Canittina wouI lie wholly
for at the mercy of tihe foroign market for
n The Virg,,inia-Carolina C heiomical Con
ord pany has, like ani1y prudelit ianufac
Lurer, ou1ght to isure a btpply of its
raw mater ml for use in its niufac
It hits don11( hiig Olso
1or It has purchased 4)Illy the procerty of
Cn- parties w1i)> were viiiling aid CCl'ered to
but jsell.
hier It has driven ll1( no1compet ito r out oIf the
market. --un'ecss pIeha nce hby the fair
o inipetiion u f the best a: ticle at the
chIeaplest prIFice
hS It has extendtedl to all a faji' and rea
er 5onab1)l ecredlit.
in it has4. innl ily pulshied r' pressed no
one( to0 the wi all.
~. It has sinmplyp prchasedl its property
adcarried on is buasinles- in like imn
nor as. any3 persCon would Cdo.
11 The At tolrney General has inistituited a
Ciproceedi ng in the Courts to test whether
.44) the Vi rg inla-Carol ini- Chtemiical Comn
tos 1)an1y ha~s violated the statute (of the
is Stale knoiCwn as the Anti Trust Act.
Is. The reasonus hie gives for statinig that
Sit hias vilIbitedC thiis law is Ltat it has puri
clr ,150.d a large iaout Cof propIerty,.
S I' his is true, but what law is violated
l"t by so doing?
m-1 TIhe State (f Southi Carolinsaid to
gie the compan~tiy:
-nd " Conme antd intivest and doi b usi ness in
the~ this St~ate, and1( youi can buiy aid o1wni as
imuch property ias yCou wish!'"
be No) 011 is comiiplaiintg oIf any inijury
m-re ftromi the comuipany.
T4( he fornmor owneiirs of the property
I -puichansed by the VirgInia Carolina
ChOiinl Comipaniy so far from comtl
et- aiinin g are conigratuilatinog themselves
thle (on hiavinag been0 all to sell. The full
hat, valu o13 If thlilr property hats 1b0en pid to
uni t hem, and thui s as t he I tprpety remuaned
lie |im the State, the puirchIase tmoniey paId
rv- | toI the old o)wners has been1 broughtt ad
ditionial ly intoC the State for its de0volop
mont and1( taxation.
ThI're farm inig intLest hasi noCt beenil afi
Sgfected by any charge for fortilizers in
exess (If what the cost of raw material
"t and1( of manufacture war raiits.
it: The property3 oIf old( uando insolyc'nt
".d1 comlpanies which was lying 1idle has
is been agalin brouighit initCo Coperaltioni, and
nie the supply 'If fort il izeir therchly Iiicreasedl,
- r and renieweCd emplCoymnlt givenl to opera
S Thierefor'e, the only qunestion can be:
dCompany owiis so) muclh property has It,
e by that act alone made Itself obnoexious
is to the Aniti-Tlrust statate?
(It it has oIthrF comnpetitolrs. Tihiore are
n- some twenity one 1independent fortilizer
n~ coinmstie (IF oncernsl selling fertilizers
,in South Carol ina, (If whlichi some seven
are iactuailly Ilcated anid mnanufacturinig
ini tbc State.
It may be the largest concerni in the
State, but it is to the advantage (If te
.eState to htave a large conecrni ini its owvn
te It line very strong and wealthy comn
n petitor-s in adjotininig States, who sell
a- ando deliver withini the State.
a At any rate, s1ome1 onic concern hias to
~.be the largest and~ the elimination suc
ccesasivel y of the largest would by degrees
elimmjate all.
If Thle A ttorney General recommends1
that the Legislatore at on1ce pass an Act
which will suimmarily and0 without a
hecarinig prohibit the Virginia Carolin
Chemical Conmpany from ay loIngerI
c arryinig Con business In the State.
Oin this we be1g yourtm attenition,.
e First-To the utilitarian poinit of
ai view:
ii Whait practical good will be accomi
plishedl ?
s Will it Cdo any good to tranisfer to -
-Georgia or North Carolinia all the pr>
'tlhe Coiily market niow for South Caro- .
hina phoCsphatme ro~ck (it beinig of much~
lower grade than Florida or Tennecsseo
rockl), is to the local manufactories
('specially those near Charlestoni, ownied N
by lie V irgiia inCarolitna Chemical Comi
pantiy. N
This market will b~e destroyed,
Ail the latborers and persons emnployed N
by3 the camnipany in its sevcral works
-will lose thieir emlploymenit. N
Inlasiiuch as the prolperty of the corn
,' panly caninot be taken aind confIiscated all
its factomins mvmulicosdadth
"Plaited Our
Is one of the curious expressions us
for worked out. Mnly a wonan dro
Into (a chair, In utter wealrines
playel out," and wonders
why she feels so weak. She
Is not yet realized that
the general health is so ,
intiftAtely related to the
local health of the
woutily organism,
that weakness must
follow womanly dis
of the general
health hivarl
a 1 y follows
the use of I)r.
Pierce's I a -
vorito Pre
scription. I t
regulates the periols, dries weakeni
drains, heals inflammnation and ulce
tion, and cures fecinitle weak ness.
tranqilizes the nerves en1couraL-0ge
appetite andl iluca(es rcreshin slee.
There is no substitute for ' lavo
Preseriltion," for there is nothing "tj
as goo< P for womanly Ills.
"I visi to advie the ufferiig won Of I
great lani, or tiei goesct I ive rerlvel fi ron
l'ierc:'a latvorlie l'isCrIptiotn 1i113 ' Goldenl N
leni I iseovei y,' " writeI Mi 4. Mar I~hilppell
Cohlintii Gr e P I m Co., ohio . "lVor I
yc:i.rs I hol hevt a siff:rtr frn fetitale tIoil
rt i ir ot ti riel w ais iih1e11 i to do :v n teilt h .
work filr thirve hit the fatnity. I ha d iiech ip:
th t I sfireli.d l i ath doelisof tio '
asfur t ii lit Ave iothi.4 of ylio s it m -<iciies I
It-litilly )3ay thitt lily he'-raith wvas giv-;tly
r ail :ct . l ive :a gaoti n) petite iri n yaill
il slesh vight ILottg. 'l eis frit i 0t4h 1
ti e n iv y iss ha Ihave dlott t heI
cle iniI ill n b hv Ili -;ef ieii withoit tI
rfatiste w itv i:r hop; lik auffe ring woi
m ;ild -e w (llf :li I have donm.
" Ill it ey iitt he h b Ih njst 14-1te n h Iai
n il t utt Sti 1 ,lhii11,111g. 1
tDr. Pierce's CoItlitlm seql tAsedi
A-lviser, i(ioS large pnfiges, pniplr Con\.
Is seilt t-l l 1 rec h of 2 1)Vg e o -C'
Ur for1 clopthI-boundM book, serti si -suun
Adbiress Dr. R. V. Pierce, ittifAlir, N.
, SIorrow. Hiow blessu(I ar. lihey wh'Io
, live, t: t how wet are .n h ( nmlill to
L oft thse, w t - ire I ,f111 or it
- nnivrs of' thu ('onfede-rary whoI h1
perpetul tedl 01.h love o '1.ut arnd
rlove ofSutrnnriin n
- h3arls (fI Ill:. chib iri a le inspi
th prinluipls tt hat hav i rec
yala.' eleveloped that grand organi!
tion. known I lssD as the of
nvll ra. l()iri Northern brlth
maty boa.1, of I hli ( i nld A1 rmy oif
it iublic, butll i hs sia mile i:
,ay)i : " i ,(1' s Ie wh r lie. grvl
COA i) I'Mr Ill Wh o e Nti i
wiiael liv Iitch ial hu r iiiri
:W1 w fia Mt 1* -Ii lI)(t G iol r regatieili
Mill."1 W ell1, it, is all 0%ver1 inow,
wU ia at, lwev, that, blesld oeacthe 1
hath her Vi ,ivt isire rinvnil 0
wvar. A\till t hriceu blesse l is tll. he on
whom iti la att iiti shlued
Il n w .stm ni .ilebysoe With n1
at10Ic iaay s itstIu ini iMvery good wt
:anid wrk. I iIr Itwo thaL inat111,
h S ais tlb:-l byi teiueli but t wire
.n ah, t he ih-Ei of Aahunliti, aml
a :i~ast ilt- wa, i.nr \i sevhal and
tillit r hu i 11 1 w1ais I ait 1 at Itel
gat.ili tiarl tt hexs witavte." I
WhhC4 ini~ tlst t i try shlie I
niiie more rores in etabliin1 g
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all preeIto S:time.l sihes11 ihe
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ine-tenthsl 11of1:1 alee rt pub ill
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a/.an t~'lt onl nt ex~stal wisot aCo
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thatorne Hi wanbpeialy deil ille intwlo
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it bnn git~ dest 11 t ." 141 i truth, 11 4
lthe gluilpl 11f4 the isrj tl d belltu (I
that ist igood m10 led 14)tigV t andaefn
Irnilkind, no14 nml ever wrt ett a n
heauiful41 ietn hn that of ;etlll
" Folor Inti and hldea fir
The tuus woua adve Alwadys herg
Bearst theyun mehseon
the ('oofedredntdsar
Luj)plying of fertilizers to the farmers
iade more dillIcult and costly.
The strongest competitor in the Stato
vilI have been forced out
If, in consequence, there is any ad
'ance in the price of fertilizers it is cer
ain that advance would not go into the
>OCkets of the farmers.
What, then can the State gain?
It would be construed as notice to all
)utsido capital that its presence is undo
irable and its investment at the risk of
rbitrary destruction.
It would be tantamount to saying that
he State prefers that her citizens
ihould remain poor and her natural re
ources undeveloped, and that she does
iiot desire them to share in the material
p)r<grces of the citizens of other States.
Second-To the standpoint of justice :
If the company has violated the law
let it be punished. The fact of such
violation is a niatter for the Coui ts.
The General Atseinbly makes laws; it
Lhoes not try cases.
Is it fair, then, to try and condemin a
party without hearing him? )
The Attorney General has himself re
ferred the matter to the Courts. It
should be left to them to decide. 0
Ilastly-Tho Attorney General asks N
,he Goeral Assembly to take so extra
)rdinary a stop as the summary ternina
'ion of all permission to the Virginia
Darolina Chemical Company to longer
carry on business in the State.
fle gives as the motive for such action
that the company has removetd the case
against it to the Federal Court.
But this is the more legal exorcise of a
onstitutional right.
The Supreme Court of our State. as
well as the Supreme Court of the United
States, has decided that the right to re
move proper cases into the Federal
Uourts is a constitutional one, and any
&ct of a Legislature attempting to pro
Iibit it is void.
The Federal Courts cortainly exist for
somie purpose. They arc created for the
very purpose of trying cases Involving
Lhe question of rights under the Federal
Why, then, should a party be perse
sutcd for only exorcising a constitutional
right and carrying a case for trial into
.he Court created for that express pur
Should the State use its power to de
stroy a party for so small and trivial a
The Virginia Carolina Chemical Cmi
pa n y.
By its Cou nsel, MmIo i.imm, & B.St 'iin
Thousanda Have Kidney Trouble
and Don't Know it.
How To Find Out.
Fill a bottle or common glass with your
water and let it stand twenty-four hours; a
sediment or set
tling Indicates an
unhealthy condi
tion of the kid
neys; if it stains
your linen it is
evidence of kid
ney trouble; too
frequent desire to
pass it or pain in
" "the back is al-o
convincing proof that the kidneys and blad
der are out of order.
What to Do.
There Is comfort in the knowledge so
often expressed, that Dr. Kilmer's Swamp
Root, the great kidney remedy fulfills every
wish in curing rheumatism, pain in the
back, kidneys, liver, bladder and every part
of the urinary passage. It corrects inability
to hold wvater and scalding pain in passing
It, or bad effects following use of liquor,
wine or beer, and overcomes that unpleasant
necessity of being compelled to go often
during the day, and to get up many times
during the night. The mild and the extra
ordinary effect of Swamp-Root is soon
realized, it stands the highest for its won
derfutl cures of the most distressing eases.
If you need a medicine you should have the Ii l
best. Sold by druggists In 50c. and $1. sizes.
You may have a sample bottle of this
wonderful discovery "''H
and a book that tells . . , .'
more about it, both sent ; ' ",a
absolutely free by mail, *~ "I'" Now
address Dr. Knlmer & Iromno or swamnp-noos. part , I
Co., Bilnghamton, N. Y. When writing men- Trj
tioni rading this generous offer in this paper. yet,
Semd your businem direct, to Wasineitgton, ,..
caves time, (osts lessq, botter srvie,
My office close to U1. B. Patent Office. FREE prellnin
is securent ESON l, ATT.NTIONo GVN 19 YEARS
ACTUEAL EXPERIENCE. Rook "Htowto oltain Patente,"
etc., sent free. Patent,, procured through E. 0. iggers
receivo special notiee, without charge, in the
lutrtdmonthly--Eieventh year-terms, $1. a year.
HSLate of C. A. Snow & Co.
918 F'S-r., N.W.
Ick'I4ensi, N. C.
. All woirk guiaranitcil. II ii riefe r
nesr':me I isei fior whoniig i ets thin,'
workl' iai lte w'ork iil-i! f, whotin andmt
xlhieb cnn bi' Stien in theII townsi of l'it'k
P rtie's wvill do wesll ini seet himt befiore
>si tog a ir:nle e~(lstleee oct I
J1. l'. IHo(ils, J'resi dent.
Wh"Supersedes 'T'imc Taledi Nit. 1. El
timi liwin. Headt Upi
No. it0. ST.\T'IONS. Nio. t.
Alixied. Mlisid.
1:15 ax mi......*rgsoni's...2:-5 p mn
i:557 a m......*1I'ar-on's.....2:.4) p am
Iil:i a 1..........* A ii s........:25 pnm
1:0'> t ii....... +3iaubli's.........2:2 pitt
I:15 it m....Ar E'nsliey fAv...2:15 p am
31 iil. 31ixed.
01111m .I....'~. I ekenii s Ar... pm
1:05: p mi.......*'rgsin's........ n Itvett
i: I5 p m......1'rsotn's.... .... pIi Bntfr
:2(0 p am...'Ariil's..........Pit 0
25 lp mi....... *iaulin's.... Ii pe~a
:lt~~ 10 p m....... AA Ehany dv...
Axll Itrais dai ly excep'(t) Siintday. Ctai
N'o. 1t0 Connects with SoiuthlerniHiI~ ) r
No. 12 Conets with Southern tiwyW..
1~I. I ( ineet ~~tl i6:ite 0 Ia m inven
:):1.p m Pato
~y~ior hy informtioi aply t 11 handi
No.12 onnct wih eutern iailwayr Wal. P
For Infants and Childra.
'he Kind Ye Have
Always Beoght .
Bears the
For Svsr
Thirty Years
it Cost!
*3 ini o1ur imUsines, we will sol
iaetons and Wagons
to Sacrifice!
rword for it, but come and see for youir
earry theo liabock, Courtland, TIyeen 6,
S, &c., as strict Ill h Grade Wagons, the
he Owensboro, Taylor and ChattanoogaL.
of all kinids, and we are going to sell er
'Ity well over but we have~ a few bargata a
clerk hire, own our own reposdtory and
te have for ch or goed paper. Polite
-enville come and se. us. Wa are always
buy or not.
..ES & Mc BRAYK R,
Il kindhl of
be work.
al (arul with our addreas will brin4 a sman
l1 c(ar losan( can give the lowest
'E & CO.s Anderson, 8, 0.
*rmpl "p/*,".',= won.
service. Mloderat b
Cpp. U. S. Patent Offlee, I L 6
-J. lTAYv aswoar, 6. U. Nmeew
Greenville, 8. 0.
lay llOe4WOti, Par'ker * ftblngg,,
A ttorneye-et-AdW,
ekons 0. HI., - - South ('arolina
Practico In all Courts. Attend to a
ironrt loan.
Mcgetable PreparationforAs
amlati1ng ItteFoodandReg ula
g lte s(OUR~hs alliBawels of
romils Digestloi.CheerruI
ss and Rlest.Contains neither
)iulf,Morphtiae nor tierat.
,perli'ct Remedy forConste
)n, Sour SlotwahIiarrho~ I
!SS and Loss or SxxEp.
Factek Stginture ol'
riaes Sreys Id

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