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The Majority Against the Measur
Was EKxceedingly Narrow.
The following gives the proceeding
in the House wheu the bill to prohibi
child lIbor in the cotton mills was dc
The child labor bill did not come i
until a quarter to twelve. The ques
Lion was " Shall the bill pass secon<
readig, and be ordered to a Child?"
Mr. Ashley made the first speech 01
the question. Is it right, Ie asked, t<
say that men are not competent 01
should not control their own families"
There is another question. The rent.
ers in the country, a lot of theln
couldn't making a living on the farim
and they moved to a Lown to work it
the factories and make a living and pay)
their debts. Is it right to say to them
that their children shall not wol k in
the mills? There are in the mills in
Anderson people who are as good a,
any member of this House. Tle prin.
ciple of this bill is wrong.
There are people from Alassachu
setts who are urging this bill. The
labor unions are urging it. There are
no labor unions in his section and they
have no strikes up there. Here, in
Columbia, where they have unions,
they have strikes and strife. There i,
not a man in the cotton mills who
would not sond his children to school
if he could afford it.
Bad crops had run people into the
mills. Families had gone to the mills
barefooted. The mill presideit had
actually put shoes oii their feet and
given them work to do.
Ile has a hundred cousins in the
mills in this State. I Ie has cighit cous
ins oii the Richland mill hill. IIe had
questioned them and he had seen but
one man there whi'> favored this bill,
and he had been in the strike and laf
moved over to the di.stillery and is at
work there now.
Ile told of one of his tenants who
had moved from the farm, where he
couldn't make ends meet, and with the
aid of the work of his chilhren in the
factory lie had been able to buy lim
a hom in town and a little Flarm; and
all of this man's children can read and
Mr. Ashley said lie had started life
as a hirelingc, drainuha'' diiches in the
swamp. What would have become of
him if lie had not been able to hive
worked his children? And there is as
much right to apply this principle to a
farmer as to 3 factory operative. ile
loves the poor peoplc of his country
and would go down, if go down he
must pleadilig for them and for their
liberty. ' Equal rights to all," lie con
tended. lie hoped this bill would be
killed so dead it wutild never be resur
The opposition to this bill has come,
principally, from Greenville and An
derson. But now Spartanburg had a
representative to oppose othe measure.
This was Capt. Dean, who said he
wanted to discuss the bill ini a practical
way. As a census taker he had visited
the homes of mill people-the Tucapau
mill onl Tiger river. lIe folnd some
had mceo homes while others were
slovenly. The oflicets of that mill are
humane 11(nd kind. The opeiatives of
the mills of South Carelina cannot be
comnparedl with the operatives of thle
North andl the managers of mills in the
South catnnot, be compared with the
mill oflicials North.
The operatives of the North are for
eigners who have nto respect for law
atnd order. In the South somte of the
best blood( of the State has wvorked in
mills. Some of his own grandchildren
had worked in itills, and( fhe hadl ahvays3
considered himself a thoroughbred.
T1he pleople who can't, make ends
meet on the farms are freqtuently fore
ed1 to go to the mills. Some of them
are shiftless while others save atnd lay
u:. money. The datnger of this legis
lation is that, it, cantnot be enfot cedl,
not even by the strong arm of thte mili
tary law. Is this cotutry dIrifting to
imperialism? That is what this bill
ie stated in rcply to a stuggestion
from Mr. McGowan that the childrent
woriking in the mills are far f romt being
oppressedl. Iec had visited thte Tucapau
mill in company with the stuperinten
donit. They had seen a little boy
sweeping airoundt itt onte of thle dIepart
mnents. T1htc superintendenit told the
little boy lie had( better go honte as lie
was not, on the pay ioll , btut the chihl
said that the mtothter had sent the httle
one there to play and~ stay with his
brother as she had to be0 away from
home att work. That, instance odin't
indlicate cruelty or hairshness.
ie would ntot assume the garb of
preacere, but lie dleclared that Sabbatl
dlesecrationi in the itural dlistr-icts is eve
moi-e noticeablo thtatn in factory vil
lages. There are churches anid Stun
day schools in mill communities. Th<t
itnthueutes atnd restraintsa are for thtei:
iec was followed by Mr. Wingo wh<
statecd that lie r-epresetnts in prt, On
of the largest mtanu factutring section:
of the countr-y. For six yeats as
member of the Getneral Assembly I
had examineod this questiont. lie hai
beeni told by factory peole that the;
S think the Legislature could find some
thing better to (10 thtan to be -inier-for
tng with the factory p~eople. Thes
Speople have gone to the factories t
bY hetter their conditins. Tlher-e is tal
etnt there whicht would do1 credhit ott th
ficor of the Ihouse. The factory 1peop)1
resetnt the intimation that they haveni
sense enough to manage their ow
chtildrein. They know whether the
want legislation or not, and they wi
show their resentment when the time
' Mr. Wingo continued that the mill
people have goed Sunday schools. I1e
e had visited one in which 500 children
were assembled. lic had been astol
ished to learn that 41 of them had
s never been ini a Sunday school before
they went, to the mill district. Mr.
Wingo's speech was in his character
istic style, m(1 was received with at
After Mr. Wingo's iicasured, Spon
(laic sentences, there was quite a co,,
trast, with the raipid-fire utterances
when Mr. Spears, of Darlington, got
'he floor. lie spoke rapidly, earnestly
anld With effect. iHe declared that he
had opposed this bill last yelr, )ut
since that time, he had gone home and
found the conditions to be quite differ
ent from what he had suspected. Ile
declared that around every mill com
munity are- drunken, idle fathers who
buy drink With the ineicy earied lat,
the mills by their little ones. Talk
about liberty ! God Alhmiighty liever
ilitelded that a chib lihoul.1 he c >m
flned inl a1 cottoni miill. That is not
liberty. IIe declared that if 500) chil
drien should be brought before him lie
could pick out the ones who work in
Mr. Williams, of L- ,inIieaster, opposed
file bill. lie had given it imtore study
than any other measuro which had
conte uip With I IIe last six years. Ile
la d visited manly mills. ie fu dil
that people who have skill and Coipe
tency never work their chidirei. It is
the " ne'er-do-wel "' who caniot eke
out a miserable existence on the fi III
who works his clhi dren in tih mnis.
Tiiey have gone there ratvged anad hi un
gry, they have goie there and have
gotten woi k ald Comfortable q uarters.
It is pitiable indeed that chiirell must
Work, but if they be driven out. where
in (Godl's nlame can they go ? If yoI
drive them 'ut ft the imill Wicie they
make a miserable living, low can they
gIet elucation wien they canot get
ex isteuce ? IHN would vote for no t).! I
which woulI give iieither . dueatioii,
nor clothes nor food. It is true that
the mill childreni are wan, but it is also
true of tile chilrena of the tenan t class
in the back couitiv. The bill w ill not
drivo the brute out of a man. It will
not maike him work. The man who is
bitute enuough to make hi-i children
wvoik in the mills witile he slays (frui
is brute enough to let them Starve. Mr.
Willinias spoke vitl an Cariestness
Very miII ked.
Mr. Mayson, of Edi fi Id, declared
that lie lad opposed the bill last year|
because lie had been misguided. Since
then be had iiformed hiim'elf aind lie
is now V heaitily in favor of the bill, for
good Citizenship, for the mental and
moral conditions and for huitanity.
Mr. C. E. Robinson at this point
made the motion to indetiniitely post
poie te bill. Th'lits was not i debata
ble muotioin, yet several advocates of lie
bill have not been heard. The iuotioni
was put and the louse wient on rc
cord as follows:
Ayes-(opposed to the bill)-Messrs.
Ashley, Al, Austin, Banks, Browi,
liryai, Butler, Campbell, Carter,
Goggeshaill,. Coleock I)antzfer, Dean,
D enniis, Dodd, I)orroh , ii-ant, JEt
ridge, Fox, Fraser, (;alliehat, Ifllis,
IIlumiiiphreV, d1 ames, 0. L. dohnson,
K eels, K inard, Litttle, Lockwuood,
Lomax, I gles, Maublin, McCall, Me
Gowan, Moffett, Moirgain, M )5ses, N es
bet, Nicholsk, W. 11. 1l'arker, Prince,
PyattI, IRankin, C. lE. I obinison, R. Ii
A. Robinson, I hicker, Stackohouse,
Seabrook, TJhomupson, W\olling, Wells,
Whaley, Willuams, Wingo--54.
Naysi Spaker Stevenson and
.lelase, flolts, hirooks, lIe~stick, Croft,
Cunm, 1DelI rull, IDunbar, Eler, ( as
toni, ( aurdin,sIiaile, II ill, liough, f zlar,
Jariigan, 1Kinsey, IAl i, iLogan, M~ay
son, MeCtaw, Mci auglin i, MecI eod,
F. IH. McNaster, John McMaster, Mis
hoe, Morrison, Moss, Murchisoii, W. L.
Parker, Il'attersoni, lIainisfoi df, lIichlards,
li ichardoian , Roabertson , Sanders, Seig
ler, Sinkler, Mi. V,. Smiith, Stroman,
'itum, d1. I'. Tlhoimas, d1ir., W. J.
Thoias, Towill, Webb, WVest, WVeston,
Woods-5 .
There is ai suit, before the courts of
Virgin ia which was begun as lon11g ago
as 1 797, lbut the Iliimond Times says
there is now prospect of it speedy set
tfemient1. It is the case of the Diusmal
Swiamip ILaiid Conmpanty vs. Anderson
aind others, aind the sum origin ally in
volved wvas about&) 85,00.
Bad Coughs
"' I had( a bad cough for six
weeks aiid could lind no relief
until I tried Ayer' s Cherry Pecto
ral. Only one-fourth of the bottle
-cured inc."
L. H- awn, Newington, Onit.
Neglected colds always
lead to something serious.
They run into chronic
bronchitis, pncumonia,
asthma, or consumption.
Don't wait, but .take
-Ayer's Cherry Pectoral
just as soon as your cough
obegins. A few doses will
cure you then.
*Three alzes: 25c.,,$. A tidruggIt~
L ieave It withm hiin,. wei arei wnning.
- J. e. A Yi-En co., Lowell, Mase.
It is Difficult to Keel People
From Drinking -He Quotes
Atlanta Constitut ion.
I was rumilating about this little
unpleasantness that is going on
amongst our neiglbors at loie. Aly
comfort is that it. is not as bim a thing
as they think it is and will soon pasS
away. After the election is over the
leaders will apologize all rollni and
make friends and the de.tr peo'ple have
time to reflect and woinder what fools
the leaders made of themI. A fiend
writes me that there is nothing inl it
but ring pldities-who shall run tile
nlachinie, who slialI have the ollices.
Whisky is tie background, but tle
main thing is ollice. As Leonull Mor
row onice said at a public speaking,
I Hoys, don't let 'eml fool you. They
are1 jui.,t bide n ipill' round huntin' the
orthography of a little oilice.'' Carli. l
said, " ! EghnI has a lppuhi >n of
.30)000,00 --Hmostly fools,"' on4 ju-t -o
there are elloigh ft ol I every co'inty
or Commiiiunity t. elect a man if le cain
get tiei all. lIe is pretty safe if h(!
can ret a mljoity of them.
"Dispe nsary or lit), li v
that is the questio I lL i Iow S1;-ing
Iome auid Floyd (ioulty. Well, We
know all about it here il ('arterlsville,
for we ti ied saloonls for yeasl' and they
did so much harm we abit d isle(d tlke11n
and they will iever coim e back here
awuvl-never. OW we are trying the
1lispensary; in fact, we have two of'
themi , (it! ill Injute and the other in
Atlanta. We wouhill't have one inl our
Lowna or coun ty for anylling. The
Farther ofl the better. 'Tie easier'
wliisky is to get the more will be, draik.
Dawson, inl Terrell County, lias hand a
hispen sary for n early four years. The
sales for the first yeir we2e ,0t10.
y'hie second yealr were 8t9,000, the
tLird year 5ui,000 aint tlie presni year
wvill pt obably run to: 7 -5,000. You sc,
t takes tile boys some tiie to 4ilmi( out
low easy it is to get it, blut. the col
n1111itioli gocles oil and oil, ilcrellsing
Ind the people take coifol t inl that t lie
)rofi s increase their school fund md14
essen thelir taxes. No matter if it. im
wroverisies the poor and makes drunk
irds of their young meii. Tait is of
10 Consoluenice.
Now, our dispensaries are most ton
lear. I wish thut the colsluimiers had
o get their supplies from Cincin
lati or Baltimore. That would cut the,
jug busiless down one-hatlf at least.
le coiion people couiti't wait so
ong and so nobody but uicommniol
)cople; would get any hardly. It. would
>c a long time between drinks, as the
.overnor of' North Carolina said to I lie
overnor of South Carolina. There is
)olld to be sonie drinmking go ig on if
.hey knew that the world was going to
)c burned upt tomorrow. "'All we can I
1o,' said a good man to mie yesterdy,
'is to make it hard to get ani regulate
Is sale and consumption." Th'I'is mani
ind had experience with young imen t
vlio (rank on the 813'. Ile ised to
Irink habitually himself, but found the
labit, was growing on him. Ile wanted
t oftener aid more of it and so he quit
ihort, oil' two years ag.o. lie said ''that
here was but, little (iflerenee between
>peii bar rooms and the dispensary,
- far as the better class of young mn
wvere concernelld. A (1(l1 ir' bottle inl a
r'oomi with thr ee or four I riendls was
ubout as had as tile doilar sptent for
driniiks iin a bar rooml.'"
Btt the har11 rooms1 are a nuisance inl
any town andl at disgrae to its reline
ment. If they are al lowed at all they
should bie on sonic sidle street where
ladies (10 not freqenjt,~i or haive to pas
Keep them out, of' sight and out, of
smell. Of courise, the drliinkinig habit
cannot be stoIpped by3 [aw, inor canf the
sale of whisky b)e stoppled as8 long as
the government al lows its maniu facture.
Our pleole can (rive over to Cherokee
and buy wluat thley want from the gov
eriniment. distillery. Thecrc is nio such
thin g as proi bition and n111 everI will be
ntil tihe daiwnl of the milennium.
Th'iis tiling be1gani with old Noah and(
had its uips aud downis 1111 th rough the
Bible history. It inever' was1 sanlc tin
ed. It nlever wvas prohibited exc ept to
tile priests ill the tabernactle. '' Din k
nlot, in thle tabieirnacle lest ye (tie,"' slmth
Moses. All otf those old1 timei people
kept somie on tihe sideboard. *Joseph
and~ isi brlethlren dranuk to(getherci and
were meirry. D)avid speaks of winle
that makethi glad the heart of' man.
S~olloon says, "'( Give striong dink to
him that is ready to perish and wvinc to
those that, be heavy of heart.''" liut
when lie was sabcinig uip from a spree
le said, " \Vine is a mocker, strong
(drmk is r'aging, for at the last it biteth
likew a serpent. and stinigethi like an ad
deri."' I heard a judge of our circuit
say that tile w1'ind~ upl of a spree wa~s
the mots', wretched and forlorn mental
coiidit ion thait coul b Iefall1 a mnain. Said
he, "'Away in the deaid of might I have
gottteni up and1( goiie to the well in miy
i dit shir t and1(< rank and drank ofI the
co'otling' water unitil I could hol no
mi ore.~ I wVanted to hite a branchlel in
two~ and1( rtwallowv the upptier enld.''
Nahab~l got dIruni~k and1( became as5 a
stonie, and1( Behadad1~li and thirty-two
kiiigs aill got (drunk together aft er a
bat tie. ,dieimiah, thle prlophiet, triied
tO mal~ke thle Recllhbites drm k winie wIt h
him, but, thley wotuhi. ni>t, for so thrir
tather'11( had enjoined thlemii, andI .1 ere
iah 1 bleIt ssedl them(l foir obey inig thiei I
lilthleu', and said, "Thlus aimth thle Lmd11
the lous ofi5 ( d 1onadab11, tile soil of
Ithechab, shalil not wanlit foir a man~ to
staind lielore meW forever."~ Zachariaih
seemhis to~ haive winlked1 at the inll~t
genree, foi' he said, "'C1rn shall make
lie yotunig meni chieerf'u an ne11 lw wiin
lie maids.'' I wonudei' if that was sure
enoulghl cornl ibinor). The agcd women
You ?
Ih dial of the punch
ing hin achine Nwol't
answe~r that <piestionl.
Strength dIeends onI
iutritotn. When the
stomach aiul other organs of digi'sti(il
Anid nutrition are diseased, the heboy fail:
to reccive its full suppl y of niouiiinHiiien1
and hence grows weak. Thait is why n
imatn is stronger than hs stotmlh.
I)r. Plierce's Golden Medical I)iscoverN
cures diseases of the stoiich antd III
allie - rIuis- l of digestion aind nu1trition.,
T..The fodetn is then perfectly digeste
anld assimnilated anld the body is mmhdi
stroig inl the only possible way-- by n1.
I wtas trottblvd Ivitit indigest iiot l alboti t Iw
v it "writts W ill. nlowker, . i. 4~ Juliaeltta,
1.:itsth Ce>., 141.11ho. "I tiled dlifferetat am!ers;ii
remlieis hill to no0 availl, to1til I wnte 14W v.,w
nn-i y toltold tile what to (1o. I iifllr.ert witil ;
itilk inl tI Sttiteinch a tid left sltit atid thought
ltt it wouIi kill ne. Now I am gd it) to wti st.
thi-.nd let yout know that I "1n nil riHilt. I cmi
<h) inv wirk 'tw with tit patti 1a1ti i dont 1 liv
th:t iit-ed f eling tilit I usedi to litve. I-ive h t.
tits of Dr. 'i ic's G<>ldent Melicai Disover
ntot two vials (if his '1'larsa it l lets' cu14
I)r. 1 Picree's Pleasant Pellets stimulate
the liver.
veire enjoinled not to drink iutlch wine
wilereint is excess. Kilg Ahastuerti
ot drunk anti ordered Queen Vasit
to) collie before hui11 an1d she irefised
Intl didl right ant the old rascal de
posed her. Hlosea salithl that Winl
Lakes away the heart. Isaiah wats ha1r
l.!nliilst it, and says, "1 Their tables arl
full of' vomnit and filthiness, and chlar
is no0 place Clean uipon them1." liabal
ktuk says, " Woe uto lum that givet
his neighbor duink an-I puttith th
bolle toi hin.
But this is enough Scripture. Fron
.hat, day to this the excessive use 0
qiirltitols liquors hats gonle on in all nIa
Atlis, carrying ruin inl its train, de
'atding kings and dlisgracintg president
md neither law nor precept nor preach
mrs ntor the plew'ing of Women ha:
)en able to stop it. The dispensar.
s more respectable in its surrounding:
han the saloon. There is no gather
ng of rougiis and toughs at its doo
mid woien ca: walk b)y witIout beini
usu lied or disgusted as they pass. J
lo not believe that it lessens the ist
ir abuse of whisky. Nothing will t
hat but home iniluience and religion:
raining amuI puliuc Opinioll. It take
verything to combat it and keep it it
:heck. I have before mue the last of
icial statelIInt of the dispensary busi
iess in South Carolina aid it is amaz
ing to see how it is growing. It is nov
le largest and lmost important bisi
less iln the State-its aggregate sale
'or the past fiscal year being a ttih
aver u2,000i,000, and over $50,00 ut
pr'oiits, anld of theso profits and th
stotck on handi the school fund is ci
titled to 8611 IAS4I allil the State has o
hatnd ~s640,0u0 of stock. '.l'e profil
puay huindreuds of oflicials good salaric:
besides actcumultlating ani enlormot1
school .fund. I have traveledl a goo
deal over the State and found publi
opinionl muchel dividled upon0! the queu
tioiiable miorality of the systeml i
it pay finiancially anti tihe queistin (
educating the inegr~o with taxes froi
white pieople tdoes nlot raise such a prc
test as lon~g as the sale of whisky payl
it, espiecially when~ the nlegro is flh
d'isp~ensary 's very l iberal tustomier.
Whatii abt,)t the parlt that womuan i
takinitg ini this hiquor busmliess? Whn
does all i hs meanlt thalt Hihshopj Colt
mann, oft I)ela ware, has recenl iy aisserl
edi inl a pulic StlrmonI prieached in Ne
*Jersey. lie says that11 the whiske
hab1 it is actully detcreasml lg amlonig thi
nwnii of' tile North, bult it. is rapidily n
creaisingl amongi the womienno, n
the fasionatble3 womenII, but, ammg i
muiddlet classes5. II is assertio caust1115
ai commlhittee3 to be appoiinted who quit
ly fir'quentedi the hotels anti eatn:
hlouses andi laties' restauiranlts and
large malijority of women I took wm 13I
heelr or whisky 01r cocktaihs with the
meals, and11 very many took no0 mna
al oridered tirinks on ly. TIhue cor
miittee'I il u naniously r'eportedci that i
iishlop's assertIion was th~e t~rthtl
thlis hie so, G od hlp thie couinlt ry. O)
Southernl womenC will be ii alimht w
save it.
Wh len I was a sItdent. in college
A thlenl ill 1815a thle woinderfuil i
covery (,f D)r. L onlg aind his use ofC a
aesthesia was tile talk of the townI ai
our professor of' chiemis'try, I )r. I.
Conite, made it the sub ject of a ltetu
to his elass. In~ 18-11 a dientist by t.i
1n1am1e of L ombard camelI ther'e andl pr
posed to extrat, teellh wi thout, pin 1
tilt uIse(I of what lie called0 mortous11 ltt
iennu. lie extr'actedl a jaw tooth for
andi it was a success. I iut it, w
wllnsperl d aroundli that M~orton hi
stole 1)r'. 1I,-mg's diiscovery an itt
(:ess, and1( as he was a I I' stcnI Yanluk
thle friendls If 1)r'. 1/mog were veryi
dlignanlt, .-Enough (If tis for the pr<
eiit. I oly) wished~t to say ho0w grab
etd I was t hat thle comm101ittee appomnt
tol select tiur two greatest, Georgin
huave: gi venl 1)r' . I og theC first pulai
The medicalI wold ha Ius odone himfl hoi
in all counutries, andh Morton antd Jat
sonl have beeni relegaitedl to the ro
where they belonged. They v
But about the second place the C
mittee had better go slow and cons
carefully when they meet again. '1
had better consult the old men
espeCially the veterans off the civil N
Some thinigs are forgiven, but not,
gotten. The veterans "oild not
Sume to say Wiho shiould be selec
but only who sllould not.
lle: " I hear that you have h)
talkingU aboutm.
She: " No, indeed; I make i
point iev r t! lw-k (f my I riends
less I cani ay ts 11 1 b' ' 1od) . f IIbei
Alrs. Winks: I i i
that l0.olle always4 ca,' it lo1coiol
Air. liinks: " I don't know,
Sure, uniilesi it isl bILaluse she uisn't g
for Ilueli w 1ithouit a 1I1 too 11111 i
iI was nea-lIy over-comel b y
again,' remiarked the mIani who I
coeii from ile sIturbs.
". When id l it, ocern ?"
"tkt thle u01ual1 time. When 1 th Ie
puny rendered Its hill."
ConIressman Lacey, of lowa,
cenly received Irom i conalitleii
rIinest for s-me v olues (1 contain
iiiciliol hil addri ses ()In dead Conuritn
mueni. "Theiire 0 ii othinig Ii read,"
the writer, "'that I like xo well as th
"1 Doctor," Said the in veterate 8n
ker, "6 don't, for goodless Sake, tell
Shat the use of, tbaidco shortens a ina
days, because- -"
" But it does ,'" interrupted
doctor. "I tried to Stopl simiking oI
and the days seelied in termiii iable.'
I i never prete"il, Sail (-1. St
I well, "I that I take alcilolic bever:
for medicinal purposes."
- " The subterfuige is soimletitles
C duilged ini."
4'* It woull niot do for Imle. It wo
e create the imllresioni (hat I ai
0 chronic invalid."'
IWif: " Do you Ibink Tommy i
turbs our nigh-Ibor with him ru?
IluIshand: 14 I'm afraid so; tle n1
next door made him a present.
ice new knife to-day mld sugges
that Tommy Shouill cut open (lthe dr
and speid 'the money that is iiside.
"I tohl You," said the teneher, apt
getically, to Tomminuny ' Ilat I shio1
whip you if you did not tellyour 1at1
you had r'unii away from chool, dil
I ?"
That's all rigli,"' respol
Thomas. "I didn't tell him. ()nv
your tit-kills iS at pieilie by tlt- Zide
one of dad's.''
41 Chailey, dear, said young At
Torkins, " thiee is ine favor I want
ask you. I hope you will realhze it
for youi own good and not get angr
W \hat is it?"
" 1 want you to solemnily prom
1me that you will never het on a Io
that idn't going to will." --W ashing
Lady (see'king as cook:) " You hi
e good ref eeces, I Miuppose?''
. Ajpplicant: "' No, mia'amu. I hlavo
any113 at all, nua'aii.'
Lady(13: 4'Iut I really do niot like
idlea of engaging a coo1k without
a ference."
d Applicant: '" Oh, thiat'1l be0
e right, ma'amn. You can pay me1 ini
An Iibbmaniii, who was1 chiarged v
stelin g a wautchi frotm a fellow-citib
1tout' ly eniied thie impej~achm~enit
(courti, an id brought a contfeir aucci
8tion agatinst his accuser01 for axsi
Sand battery commiited withi a fryi
pan. " Why diid youi allow th li
s xecuitor, who is a1 smal11ler' mani J
yourself, to1 assaulft, y' ou without
s'ist ance?" asklled the jud ge ; "' had
niothinig in your1 hanitd to dofenid yi
v~ 80ff withI ?" (I luila, youri hiomi
Y said l'at. "' I hiad his watch, but w~
e was that againist a fr'yinig-pan?"'
y " If you're Ii hungry ," said thle chi
e table housewife, '' conic ini and I
d give you omietfhinig t oeat.''
g d iplomiat, " tfhere ain1't. nothinii' I'd
a fbetter, fbut I'im afecrd."'
Ii '' Af'raid of wfiat 7"
ir W'y, maux'ami, if I was to eat
Is fine cook in' an' victuals I 'd eddy<
i- mie xtumm uick uip so's it woul 't xt
ie for wvot I have to give it r'eg'lar,
ifr I 'd stLarye to deathI. Thfan k ye kini
ir iia'ami, but if you'll1 jeSt give a (11ua
11 instead it won't b~e gettini' mie at
mlicik into fhad haifts."-Ciago I
. A little Germaniii~to)wI, l'a., boy,
_goes to Sunuday schiool everly Suni
ii ilways receives a niickel f romu his x
o- r Lio pace0 .iln thle coll1ectioni p
re i'ast Sunday hiis father gave himii
E- The WoV : Greates
sCure for Malaria ..
F"-r all forrm'%f Malarial ndoxio
*.ny take Johnisonl's Chui and Peve
11. '!onic. A iant of Malaorlial puoiso
' I : o anver bi'owl iainenn4 amisery an
a-'il)urn. lI(oqorI me14liin 14eaan' ,oti r
NI. ala~rl ,oisoin1g. '11ho anitlilo
m.I The World's Grea
For all forms of fever take JO.1 N
hcy It is 100 times better titan qiinie nv
and nine cannot (io in 10 days. I t's sp4
'ar. feeble cures made by (uttiniC.
lor- COSTS 50 CE:
nickels, saying:
" )ite it fmll the lind and the oth<
is filir youself."
As it wis too early it) stair for- Sic
een de y , I ( littt'l, t li1le boy mat on th
por-chi telps in-1 the wa In -4uns1himl
a l ying With the two niek s. After
nwile(he dropped one of* thleu, 11nd
n isaippeatred <lown) a crack. WVi IhIIe
a Imomient's hesitatin, acnd still (helci
i3 in., (fte remainling cqnikn m his cie
I li.t, lie lookull tilp at his ilher, e:
chliing: ''
Oh, - p' there g [elite I rd
Interesting iExperineits with th
Deaf, Dinb) and Blind.
A vtmde intl I acCoUlit I icies frl
Vienma (f, tlie inietlods of lr. 11ciI
re. who isI tealcng the lii )t see, 1I
d deat, to liear aid the dmillib tio Spela
ic We give the account fit l)r. Illelier
s. 4 wnderful ies:t in tilt words of ti
ccid l~iiondo I' legiph:i
IM, An intereslinug case wvasx lrouigit LI
other (1113' befre' a Imleuting uf tIl
Society of l'lhyicianis aif \'icinia. 1)
' rector IIeller, ofi the Vieim i chid I
ie stilitionU, introduced a boy of seve
I ' years, blind Ilfomin his birth, whoim hi
his s3stei liu i ni t ini foutic e
le mohixto rc'tl tth cltingiuish c< llr
RIu forms and objctx, to lmcal Z" anid I
distiinguihli tlcciim Witulticc pievi 1
euch ecilte'r iy dlay mr attiticial igh
acid at conicit dmuallyi ncreasing dist ai ce
The 'rofessor, wilo hat hdci thirtli
yearti expericeic with ihlle denti, dum1i
and lii came lincg ago to tIce cmt
hlision that hIien( the I f. ume r have it,
ud Feetly-ftorme eairs they ca-i he1- car, bi
the connection with the hn;kil lfl
14r. 11leller therefore vileavore-kd
iouc. thoughc t il conctinleit witil
ubject , :nid hi made sevilty-t
'uch chibhceli litar' anid spioak. ''l
u11ccss with ile dcal and di11hi (i
ci ouraciigedl him to dlo) simiehi ing ior th
hind whose eyes are rie ectly 1i4irmie1
'anI Who siffer froi c i'yical buln
nessx. Three )ears gi twii hocs, hrol I
ecr1, aged four ancd live, born hritii
!- w re rouight to hcicci Iirorc II iunga
ild f'mr prcpation for the Blii Schoi
erc Prolesorxic l''lchs, one of 1the leccilini
c'i oclifts Viini,t) Wh141im1 tlie h03
Ver*e taLen fori' exIciiicnationuc, pI
ed niinwed ohlli t be ) Ib il witlh it- i
(f l-ormied ys. -a c'me, tlerefiuoe, c
oi phyical blillccnn .
The imietial wililed liv 1)1r. lelic
is .o place lit patit inl a periect:
in which a niiiveabit ilu
o minated tranispareit disc 14 piice(t
h'le Child thus lea is, after lonlg an"
tedious labior, ithe dlitrite 1ht v
. light iand taik. ''hie yungst i
se oon able to localize the Itse-, ai
r large house-key wats plaed in is hicac
that. lie muigit leel it. Tis was It
fasned bit e hinid tle cainva. The h
ave Haidl:c" W i a you have iian it n mi e I i
is your11 houise-key." Th'e ne xIt objt
m' thati he recogniizeid was it hall. 'Thle k
anti hail were often e xchanccged, buti
Lice necveri fail ed to diii igtmcuisha thlem iet
re reetly'. T1he dircect or thlen ii hg a pit
of redl gIass bceLween thIe pijano lan
ali andi thce dise-, whienc thce bov sa
ad..- '''o-nuight t here ix ancothier light."L
was expilaindc to himi thatl this wats ri
and graduamllIy hie ieant to dIisti ngui
'ith colors with great preison Ocutsi
enl, the darkened room hce was still lit
ini feetly)h bliml . G eometical figure
lI- Iinies, eneles c, t rianigles were In
mlt. tupon Lthe shceeL, aifter whiiiich 11 e1
cg- tritumnphiaii Illy procceded Io let ter atci
iro- liguresc. Thei lhii bo Itiy ncowV rcm
cac i thc hiis eyexs. G raiuly t th1' e cistitu
reC- 1tion was extemhi lii to claylIighct. A ftL
youie~i c iht moith (lIlel'er broughc lt his~ pli
>urn- hacek toi i'rofessort l'iichi, who Lthougl
w," thait Iherei mucst lie sonc miitake:, Lih
hat thIe liiy iiullowedl thet miovemen~cts of Il
ebcalk iupoin lthe haicc with hcix aris,
.ci listeneid to thce signacls of his Lechtlc
"* l~ rect or lielr Ib' iegied l'rof essor i I'rcc
w iit tale thie chii intlo anoiither toci
whoreeotit ofi sixty'-four expeiment~cc
lie e (kinly fa led threce tiunes.
Amconig cerini peopille thliere cs
ycr stron g cclen thcat niothcincg is wiorse f
alte dogs Lhan xalt , butt as a matti er ofl ia
cacc whcen admnisitccred inc smcaI ijciiciin
ani' it matcierial ly assists thec process tf
ily, gest~ocn. 'Thcre is co iouti i, hcowcevc
ter thatt Lc) give do's or thrci acnnucails liro
cc- of pot-lihproc inc whlich silt. lpmi I 'c. b
ciit. coni has bceeni hioilled wvouhl be ahni
euivaclenit to givinig themic a scmac I'l
whoit of poison. 'lie iu ofl sailt a~inc
lay, horicses, cattle andci xheeip is adiviocai
at-c- by Lthe highest vetimnciy auiIc lbmih
atte. I 'igs, oni the ectrary, arei c xitreii
two suisceptile Li) thei ji~ioniius icclinen
-. f Lice cagecnt, ando expimenctcsil ha
heen~i muadce whlichc had, after siniull dos
j reularly acdmcciitcred, fatci r esuli
I achi tualy13, as a mcatteri of coursce,
"aniimals eicsume a iertainc portion
salt , ats it existsL iin tcrtacini pr.opo tic.
-i inimost airticltes oif fioid.
orinfants and Children,
- The Kird You Bave Aiwcys Bouj
Bears th
v &lgn/tIE
test Fever Medicine.
4ON'd 111111, an k EVER TONIC.
4Ind dloca ill in asinglo (lay what slow qui.
milid cures are in striking contrast to the
Thousands Have Kidney Trouble
and Don't Know it.
How To Find Out.
( Fill a bottle or comon3 glass with your
, water and let it stand twenty-four hours; a
a sediment or set
it tling indicates an
t 9 unhealthy condi
tion of the kid
neys; if It stains
your linen It Is
evidence of kid
ney trouble; too
frequent desire to
pass it or pain In
the back is also
convincing proof that the kidneys and blad
der are out of order.
What to Do.
Theta Is comfort In the knowledge so
often expressed, that Dr. Kilmer's Swamp
Root, the great kidney remedy fulfills every
wish in curing rheumatism, pain in the
back, kidneys, liver, bladder and every part
1, of the urinary pas;age. It corrects Inability
ac to hold water and scalding pain In passing
. It, or bad effects following use of liquor,
8 wine or beer, and overcomes that unpleasant
necessity of being compelled to go often
during the day, and to get up many times
during the night. The mild and the extra
w ordinary effect of Swamp-Root Is soon
e realized. It stands the highest for Its won
- derful cures of the most distressing cases.
. If you need a medicine you should have the
best. Sold by druggists in 50c. and $1. sizes.
You may have a samplo bottle of this
wonderful discovery
and a book that tells
iore about it, both sent . - 1
o abolAutely free by mail, '"'o
s addi ess Dr. Kilmer & Tomo of lwamp.foot.
Co., Binghamton, N. Y. When writing men
i. tical -ading this generous offer in this paper.
h0 5 YE ARS'
R 4 Ii.'r [n1in.
A n vain, s i t i ietei chnau ale riphmny
quieily seernin ur itlimnon free % wiher an
011n1,0n I porthly patentabl'j. Corin inien
1in srel c uo it. lin ho4 4n l'nfiY1"?
g44.1 1 P. ( )1,14,4t n!( wY ftr twe tir 4 43 g I 4t4'l4M.
I 'n1ents talon thrugi %M n co. receive
It houtJ ..hnu, in tho
Acintfle wmrican.
A hiisonnerui'y itinst rntt wee~rokly. I ,nrglet ctr
enliciin if 11nV ,whuttl j'trnal. ir ruisi. 13 a
ye ; i , $,. 1ohl byni n w1O ittIentert .
MUNN & CojuI troadway.New York
I-olr o fenee .9 vt, Wahntn tn.. NC,411111
Sent your busimnn frict tii Washitoiltcn,
It Ratve tim 4, Its liesm, ietter miwrvice.
My oale cloao to U. R. Pntmn. Ome. FREE relimin.
eatuizi A. PERSON IATllT! N vFN -10 IA
ACTUAL. lixP:Rti.NOI:. I hk "now to ohtain PatentA,"
S etc., sent. fre Pa tentn t r r i through r. 0. Big gers
receive s p i a 11oti .., wit hnut charge, in the
- itatratett inontly---1veth year--terna, $1. a year,
h Laite of C. A. Snow & Co.
e 918 F ST., N. W.,
o ( onutractor and~ Bilderh
Pl Iicken1s9, S. C.
Olbr- Iser'4viieIs Ifo (lle generil 1.ilh
4. All worIk gmr'44.44li rfer
8 nal, IIa l ve 'esn county I'
8is l'ries4 will dlo we.ll to see' himi before
c.. lil IN o .ing n i nul elI where,14i~ li foth
.\l i .h4y in. S pl iner ..iiy i' M rli
siE 1.n 111 rlnlv in Junol ill ithe fouthr
'aller ti hel' fout i Mlila in~ i Septemor.a
II WaI i. N I 4.1 .43' ii 'ijt.,lorn y in M rh
' h lei th n oirnay ninhror,
elPROTECTION. Hend model, sketch3 orphoto,
for freeu exanitinaition and advice.
'i BOOK ON PATENTS f'boor*Mt
ve' Patent Lawyero. WASH INGTO N, D..
11.8 Attornoy at Law.
Pickens.82. 0,
Practico in fall the CJourtH.
Ollico over Eatrlo's Drug Store.
Attorntey at Law,
4/ l'r'( vii'4e ill aill thu cottrts, Sitet and

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