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The People's Journal.
W. L. MATHENY, Uus. Mon.
Eutered at the Post Oico at Pickons as
socon -cl matter.
Subsicription, $1.00 a Year.
THlURS DA Y. FE ll, 13, 1902.
It- PickOns people aro propared
and want to earn a few dollars
through the dull summer months,
let them begin now to advertise
to that end and take boarders.
lv the legislature enacts a gooi
and sufficient road law, the pOople
in the upper part of the state and
in Pickens County especially, may
feel disposed to be sparing in eriti
cism as to other matters.
TFm "child labor bill'' dovhpdt
somo good speech o P, f t r. a nI d
agailst, its provisions but tOc leg
islnturo decided '. that the pareints
aIr the guardias. of theI r oIn
TmF. S outh Ca:,. lina gi la~iturte
has been enziiy is a~ ret urn of . in
pliment for the han1dS in' appr
priatin maale in Lehalf .: th.
Charleton ixposi t n i. a re
ride and a gneral y I it .
ce pt ion.
T~il 1.: tte 1 - a
arv '. n ' :- a
(usjd, i utV
sad in ti.- lee -.aI . n
bet tr r.. ad-, t ,. .
this ar: J :I th u
.yit'a . 1- :1 i:\'.
1 -I
t -
taIr hai In
t hIre..- :
-r. au eha1r~
te alhniti.
nd.. frev';uar t viit , i. t
.1 hen the~'y return to th.-ir
h."n' -. .ther they liv ii
crow' 4 n i. ntijcs whence are
(i'a)t4 : :.'Ain~g or in cities
wLher: the: .: a:. :urroui.ings fall
en' t~i rn *i~' U.g :-1 themi t o seek
miore i:.vit:: 2 :..iat in which to
eiend ' thir 1 aid corniplete the
Over, this c uriAy gives~ promhise of
immediate develoiugint anld this
makes it a ection, desiram' to thme
young moan with atzibitirus iur~lina
tions either as a speculator or' a
homesceker with pr~ j.~ .41
about agrbcul ture or any other lire
of b)usiness. What the county'
needs to stimulate rural deve'op.
mont is that a Ilittle mhoro attenh
tion be given) to advertisemett
of its accredited possibilities when
the natural inducements which oh
s tain so abundantly will perforce
bring myevstigation~ and investiga
,tion will be followed by iuvest
ment, home building and reason
ablo progress through the increase
P opulation an the maiking of
Tn organization of something
like a County Fair Association
would be something towards help
Ing to solve the problem of "how
to keop tho boys at home." Ono
reason why a boy wants to leave
home, about the time ho reaches
his majority, is'that from the day
ho becomes able to do work that
brings in any returns, Ie filnd
that the circumstances at heile re- -
quire his unrcmitting labor. III
most cases lie cheorfully yields to
conditions an(l devotes himsel f 'n- (I
Coil) plain in)gly to tlie nOver Jil- C
shed work h' fi.ids to be done b
right at lonie aid denies himself
the tiiei for recreati and obser
vation his- nnuopops hnw
he reaches bis majority, the feeling 7
of frevedom takes 1faily good js0Ses
siin of himi an le is impelled by
irresb ideas which lea] to at]
'lteli-t) at exploration inl the CL
hi pe of inding whethor the world T
really hohls the allurinug prospets t t(
of which he has glineid a faint
mI l p.-O through his ]ihmitted read- at
ing~ ..tuady, his thoughts being ah- tI
ortte.1 ty t3 dLuso th t IIIn- p)
dc ,i e V Iere are intinitelv tl
I eter than at hme an'd being t
; t ut - r kee' as to lctll
t .9 on fcTtulhu+
ri i t.
na v-r :.aii aI e itillg
nnd rturnI tU his h mea111
u .171. :- h . ts dn his dea Ily t
ur . .
r~a9- '1a1:l tis m1ighlt havo
b* n. ai b-du if he h~tal remained at '
n Li tUC stead thinking thi a
Shimi a living. io to d
hI his pal.tsN who have "
. .t i righlt heret
* much iisat sne .
h "r - : trlianige chn
ictvhi. fils to uin
- m wha '1'.- res most
'7 I:.di:-r..nee, and to I
hi b, a. TIhe honie ought
- ' e:. th u rghltest and~ miost
pl 'a. f. r the full grown
th: tt ramtivet featutres of
-........ . i , pireseintedI to
h- .:I- atid tot impel him
a~h2:easan to jtudge
a t fa urie-s and hard *
During not12hods make
* ~ .'.- : faruning, but b~y
I i i u.:h-~going b~usinees
I.7,-trautlin of the farmt
n .b..There are privi
r.-I tbut ''ther peop1lo cani
- and :ii there is reward
-1 :r thet inidustrious4, jnl
.1.2 2.:t I. Thiero is ani open
tf r fr overy young mansi
b I nII rgy and( ordinary in telli -
ite andl all that is neceessary to
II hle the. yung man see it ini
2 h "t is that the whole subjec
rou'I ltfed to them iln its true as
t tnd, as a tacans of demionstra
. '~post ionu that farming
ll ti., ii isnt nlecrssary to cry
normI i s tiM ppjropriationsB by
verana0 ut for big City expo
li utte peopPle themnselv.
th .i hi.e p7:o11h, may got together
a dipa i' h f.' homefl produtcts and
Ihomed)lomp1lishmuents and have
ani exI' )iti in at home that will (10
morei oe-l good)4 to the young meni
rof the counutry than all the World
Fairs, disparagi ng the good thley
no doubt do accomuplish .
Rn. JOHrN D. FRosT, no0w asdst
aut to the .Adjutanlt General, arad
late officer iln the first S. C. regi.
mnont of S3panishb war volunteers is
an! openi condidate to succeed gen- (
oral Floyd. He is a young man ~
and enters the race with the advan.
.ge of being well informed on all
matters appertainling to the rmiti- e
tary affairs of the state.8
Tutii more we think of it, the tA
more we want to see that model '
hotel built in Pickens. There is I
money int it and there is advertiae
menit for P'ickone in iti town growth.
will surely accompany its opora.
tionl and circulating dollers, trace- 13
able dirootly to its operaion will P'
find their way Ito many pookets
Qf Plapkoa *1
'T'he irreressibl- Josh Ashley,
ver true to his promises on the
Lump, continuCs to pose as the
antcli-dog- of the South Carolina
reasury. ***
"An act to ropeal an act entitled
ii act to aiond an act entitled an
tl-Suih rei-oration grows mon
.onous to legislators ; the effective
ork is (lonl') inl the committee
1o1s wih.re good j udgient, sound
nnman ense and retivo, intelli
-11i wI( k govern the measure of a
I)peiItttivo'8 isefuillness in tho
:islat tire. Ii open debate, the
illiaal speaker sonetinos gets
god Awork, but tho hard worker
t.-n says very littlo and yet he
timnnnaids considora tion.
Nows From Columbia.
(C'o lumbia is not i he lagging, lazy
y, sh is represented to be by
V e fireig nows)a)ers who are
dOubt jalous of the remarkable I
-ldos 8u ti Carolina' capital city
8 iniadlie, in recelit years, along
lust 1i: lint s' Much of the pres.
t actial bisiless pirestigo of this
y is dilt to the persistent efllorts
"'The Stuite" niew spaper which
, froMn its initial issue, done
(rythilig consistent with a pro- i
a sivo pvlicy and patriotic lo
8 to :Advice the real interests
tIe cIt y oi the Congaree. Tli
at's atiive urgit g anid assistance,
lipled witli tli natural advan.
gus of Columillia anld the cooper
ive elI )rts of hlor business mien
Ve hrIought restilts nost surpris
un U:d e'r Iunly most gratifying
every Sotihi Carolinian who
.l a bii)coniing prido in the
at-'s chosel seat of government.
icre is business liere and the via
'r is i iinessd with the way in
bichi Columbians go about it.
Thto legiilaItriio took holiday on
riday and Saturday and went in
ody to Ch'irleston as special
lests of t Ile Exposition1 ianaig.
ent. F very imembr-r is expected
> be in1 his s -at oinday morning
ir there is much work to be done
the dfy of adjoilnueolit comes.
11 in a, this is a progressive
dy. Each member seems to feel
%o weigh t of responsibility rest
1 on hin, Iand is determined to
1) his best for his constituents,
rd avoid al1 l urnecessary expen
itUMres of t ho people's mOney.
The Y. M. C. A. delegates aro
>illig in aiid the convelntion
ir'iniasj arac good in the way of
mii re t horouigh organ izat ion and
ettr~ Worik heriafLter of thant po
'nt famy of yolung meni.
Amnoi g other acts by the Gov
rnor, < n of in t er, st, to Picke.nis
opile is the comminutat ion of sen
neo of yt.ung Wesley Hlead who
aus ctonvieli in Pickenis county,
NIarich 1901), of inanslatughter
ii s intenerd to) three years in
hie I ne ('tt ii ry. Th'le sentence
~as e i annueI- to one1 y-ear and
Ild wil sto .n be a fret ma'n, if
at 53o ai mr~ny. Solicitor Anusel
icoinuni' nd(ed thIiis action.
Oniv hears plitics freely dis..
'lSSitl on overy hani i l ini Columbii a
*-ini laet this semhs to be a kind of
neie fto1 Ir poitiician and one( (1
hin Ig mol~st gratiIv i ngto the uipcoun-.
ry is t hi elcknowledred weight
udi jinfluee the up-)country is ex
rting in)al poit ial conlsidora
inn. ur nun are capable and
lw hbiliie of thie state recognizes.
*. limeI1( l'd On t Sectioni is at
hi o rm, andi~ in all the political
lehi ao whletheir app~ertiin~lg
a stal or naitionial ollices, Pickonig
unii andu' hilr canida~ites are fac.
S to ireloiied wih. This is
It! -1iup p ienit to ova n the casual
a'k-- ton Io p)oliticral outlook.
H Vlas (tir cihbby liltie boy
bI~o iy 1'neumnija almlost to
i,'' wiriies %ir. WV. W~atking, of
I ('i'y. "A terrible coutigh set in
*" I t t of a goodit dtctI or' is ltetm n
ri t v~si week', grew~ worse0 every day.
\ iil un n l 1)r. Kinug's Nowv I )i.ncovetry
( i ritntnplitn. andzi tilr d irlinrg wias
t ni .:' I t v.: el. We* ntie sure this
nulill 1:iet a4V., his life."~ Millions
- r i. 'st s. IBOLT &
Prfs 7 rrnmond at n flan.
- - of th Iato Pro
- - 0t. theo irofessor
et:h.:k!:g young
-........ ;..~ reorn meeting
- ed:dd." and con
., onfly invitation I
-c (e' '. I wanted to see the
i ;c. '4 \\ .es in hi~ native jungle.
t was a i..'t magnificent spectacle
11d quite a th!ag to see onice in one0's
fc.. I watched the princo and prin
ess throjugh a danice, but had no op.
ortuity of giving thiem-tractel Aft
r~ al, a ball is not such a pandemo
ium. I hiad 01n0 or two really good
tis, and1( One noblo earl said to me,
f I did not think Christ was as near
1o here ais in churcb, I would not have
"l-inig the witer of 1898 1 was so
meit int m.i joints, in fact all <.ver my1)
'Js, ti h .t I ouild hardly hiobblealrounTi,
103n 1 bouigt a btottle of Chambri's'
uin BUnim. From the~ first appliatlin
tegant to got well, and was oured and(
ved steadily gained all the ear,---.
Judging by remarks in tho legis
ature, thero are other countios be- e
iides Pickels suffering for want g
>f good roads.
Tho legislatiVo jaun111t to Char
08ton confirins tho old saying:
"A littlo frolic now and thou,
If relished by the best o1 men."
Gon. Wade laanpton, it tho ad- ol
anced age of eighty-four years, n
os critically ill ti his home in r,
olumbia. c
Tho Cook County delegation of r
emocrats, on thu.ir way to the le
ha11rlestoni exposition, took Columii- hIl
Ia by storm Monday. If on1 In
lould judge by the speceches ml(ade, of
: might conleludo that the tivil co
ar lis beon forgot ten at the north,
ipecially in Chicago.
IF tho road you travel ucst is
most. past use, don 't blamo the cii
imimissioners for all tho trouble. So
h 1onllitions have beon sulI as "
i make the resilts unavoidabl, ski
for as they are concorned. They im
11 as aniauls astayhs de to sue' on
it Situation bMtdere,1'andeare I
aiitig the le:t lheV V:Il1, udiii l&r t)1
w irumtaceIo I.ring ab1out %
* *t * ti,
nie st t'. t - I tiinill In . were cI
iii ~ ) t'i- t~l vi kl- S~i ttt ei
wn. iiTlV I -Ch'i:!10 Nver Cie ioi Ol
MIA cdy:l e llS sth mldI te
0i into fli '1 in of their 'h
wn aywho n) ride would i
rimwiramumstmis- fe
(t brlyr.a o tle seem, ti
ig heartk( eness of fate, would bo' i
in (,- think this worI'l a veritable w
mullliso. Exemption laws are
1sed0 oI a Wise prinici ple but the
-dJ prpose the ii'*siervel is mere P
ian coulnterlIlahied by the evil
cy bring. Judgements give lots m
'work to ofliials with occasion- t
Iy a little pay ; heaps of thelm lie
mty and decaying in the clerli's
ltie. marked ' 'nul a bona", silent
ideniC, s of the debt bvndinig anId (I
e(ptivo business dealings of it
itnv who owe honest debts and, I
Ste :d of lonestly endeavoring to
ay them, have taken refuge b)
id the exeliptiol laws. It is
is kind of doings that has
rought the mortgage andl tihe lien I'
ith all their drastic and exacting
isul ts into business as a permal
ent element. Tihey are the sal
It ion of the business of the coun
-y-the creditoms cannot adlvanlce
is money~ or. suippli is with~out theI
'asonable assurance vouched to e
imi th rouigh thlese, the onivil mealls
i security, while all tile COu nty
seis the, effects of. nlon paymnent of'
obts in the diinut ion of mloney V
irculation, the consequent lack ofr
onfidenico in busi ness and the stag- r
ation ot trado, w ithi here and
here a failure that cripplles busi
ess and makes the creditor peoplo _
ieeesariiy more exacting in thei r
usiiness relationsa. The whole I
oun try needs ani awakemnilg in thle
-ays of honest b)usinelss, theii
ureachers ought to preachW~ it ini th"
mnmistakablc lar'guage, t heo e ii'i
l'ho are wont to adv iso ini
ther thin gs ough t to be) eon
stenit auln prcti~ce trule li ving inl
is respectI, tile prinies42 i of( econ
>mi c ando hon est dleal ing s in h -
10 (less ought to bo seriously taight I
nl the sIchIooiilslind li-it liupon ii
bt homoli-it 1 is on ofth I eudbun I
vil some( of them :n-ndi ii f :l ' v
ii the ease with whcich thov~ warii
hlOmllclves inito the coni ,~.e.. I
heir fl~ lows and virtindly stintil
heir substanco.
Buit thault kinld of praIc tie canii
ot go long without detectioun, andi
hme honest maln, ill the long iii.
wvii ll'vivo and lbe among tl :.' :
.fet to) saar anld enjo y t he a nn
>est fruitsP. lie g t s the gou. n
reap~s tihe sat iact ion ;the l'eei v.
.vho profits by tihe law mnade * fr
he0 protection of innoceniitly u:
or tunlato people get is re w a~ ' .
ventually .
is often a run-dawn systemi. Week.'
6ss, nervousneas, lack of appetite, en
rgy and amibit onl, withI disorder'ed ii veri
ndt kidneys often follow an ettack of
bis wroehed diease. Tihe gretatest need C
b~en is Electrio .Bitters, the splenidii j:
>n~ie, blood purifier and regulator of e
tomach, Liver and Kidnieysi. Thou- I:
inds have proved that they wonderfully
rengthen the nerves, build up thle sys
'Im, an~d reatore to health and good
pirits after an attack to Gaip. If suif
Iring, try themi. Only 500'. Per'foot ~
itisfaction guaranteed by JBolt & Thorn.
The best andt mlost famous coinpound in
the world to conquer acee and kill bh
dn~s, Oures oute, lhe -Is liuirns-andw
ruses, subdues Innammalllltion, inasftei-s P.
lea Millions of BOoxes 80ohl 'early,'.
Or~ wonders hii Boils, Ulcers 0lons b h
in Etp~tio, I era or no pay, 200 W
mott AThornl4 dru atora.
James K. Sutherland.
Janmeq K. *Sutherland was born
Feb. 16, 1811, being at the time of
his death, Jan. 17, nearly ninety
one years old. He was a quiet and
highly respected citizen.
For the past eight years he has
been paralyzed and could only
travel by aid of crutches and very
little with them. Though crippled
and feeble in the body his mind
as clear as a man in the prime of
life, He spent a great deal of his
time reading, until about a year
Igo his oyosight failed himi, this
was a severe loss, but lie bore it
xvith the greatest patience, and
flung to his old home, refusing to
ive with any of his children or re
Ho leaves two daughters. Mrs
.,aura Shirley of lonea Path, and
dre Dr John Wilson, of Williams-.
on S. C. His only son died in the
ivil war and was buried in Vir,
He was buried the day following
us death at Ooleney. A lage orowd
vas present and quite a number
)f lis old slaves came to take a
ast look at their old master. They
rere very much affected, as he was
tiways very kind, and did a great
leal for then after they were free.
He was sick only two days, and
dlthough he suffered a great deal
1 bein asked if he wanted any
Ahing rel)lied: "No, I amu a happy
loul," and silently passed away.
iay his dust rest with God.
We know of no way in whick we can
,o of more service to our realaders than
,o tell them of something that will be of
reoal good to them. for this reason we
want to acquaint them with what we con
iider one of the very best remdies on the
market for coughs, colds, find that alarm
ing complinit, croup. We refer to
Chami berlain's Remody. We have used
it with ouch good results in our family
so long that is has become a hou4ehold
necessity. By its prompt use we haven't
any doubt but th-it it has time and again i
prevented croup. The testimony is
given upon our own experience, and we
snggest that our readers especially thoso
wvho have small children, always keep it
in their homes ats ak safoguard tgainst
croup,-Canden (S. C.) Messenger. For
sale by G. W. Earlo Druggest
Ile Blade a Show.
An English sailor recently paid off
at Malta, having only a day in which
to spend the money before his shil) left
port, hired forty rowing boats, formed
then) into a procession and, seating
himself comfortably in the stern of the
last boat, he had himself and his forty
boats rowed round and round his ship,
much to the amusement of his com
rades. After making the tour several
times the sailor paid the boat hire and
then returned to duty, evidently well
Coughs cured quiickly by Foley's Ho
ney and Tar. Resfues substites.
The firm of M. Hendricks & Son,
has desolved in the merchantile
huineitss. No bnsiness wvil be dO(one
b~y either of thenm hereafter as a
The Board of County CominssiPioner a
will mneet in apecial sessior. T'rscday
F'ebrurr 27 for the pulrpose of complet
ing all unfin ihed buiiniiess. Thoseq h av.
ing buainess with the Supervisor's o00ice v
may find the cleyk of thme Hoard, Mlaj J.n
M1. Stewart at the Couit House during I
business hours, till date
Counrty of Pick , f
L. N. Geer ar..J L. 3M. .\Ihaaffy 1
Laiutiffs- .
A. T. Newell.
By virtlure of ani Execution lodged in
my offleo in the above santed case, I did
on tha 27th "'day of January 190)2, levy
upon andit ill sell on salendlay in Matrch,
1902 at 12 o'clock, m,:mi Gceir & Mahnffy's
brick yam d on town erook in stato and
county aforesaid thme f..liowing described
piroperty to wit:
Engine Boiler and fixturos, line ,-hiaft. C
ing Pulleys and Belting, Drum, Cable, ~
3 cars, turn table, track &c Tools, & -
Chest & grind stone, Rmpressing ma
OinoI(, Lot Ilack boarda, Lot Piaping,
latmher andl covering boar'ds one pr
soales, Lot roofing, Heating stove, Cook 2
stove, Baker, 3 beodstands, 3 Mattressmes
iand Coverings, Burcean, 2 liook cases, 2
Tles, one safe, 2 Rocking chairs 10) -
siittiing chairs, one Iron 1K tbie, Farming
toos, picks shocveles, .\lttocks, and
others farming tools, several whoelblar
rowa, onei, smoothing harrow. Telephone
hine rumiun ng from the town of Pickens o
to thme Brick yard Terms cash, purchaser i,
or purchasern must comply with terms
of, silo within one hour, or the property
will be res:.old at the risk of former pur
ohbaser or purchasers.
J. HI. G. McDA Nf(EL,
t4 8.P.C.
Pickens County, 8, C.
Pickens, S. C., Oct, 1st 1901,
The Treasurer's ollice at Pickens court house,
louth Carolina, will be opened on .1londay, the
5th dlay of Octolber. 1901 for the purpose of col
ecting the following named taxes for the fiscal
ear of 1903:
Levy for State tax, 5 mills.
' "Ordinary County tax 5 mills,
" "Constitutional school tax, 8 mills.
"i"'ast indebtedlness, 2 mille.
Total levy for State andi County taxes 15 mill, 0
Levy for interest on ilckens R. R. bonds, ~
'ickens Court liouse Townihip, 8 mills.
L~evy for interest on P'ickens IR. 1 . onds for
[urricane Township, 2. mills. 1
Levy for interest on Plckens IR. R, bonds for
Eastatoe Township,* 3 mills.
speciai levy for School Difstrict No. 9, 2 mills:
" " " 10, 1% "
I, .1 ,I Si II SI 81,4 "s
I, ii ii 49,2 '0
P'oll tax One Dollar and Commutation Rtoad ti
Pax is two dlollar, and is cohuectable at same ft
hfrom ail those who are liable according to
ilook a close, on D~ecemiber 81st, 1901,1
ity added after that time,
Respectfully', 0
October 8die~Treasurer Pickenis C
P~lolei~nys ed I
fligh Grade
Write for o
Catalogue and
It costs nothi
all kinds of
Responsible Ag<
in each town.
Please Mention this paper when writin
And Card4
t is worth all it costs to have a
seeds, we have in stc
Qarden and Fa
Hoes, Rakes, Shoves, Spade
looks, Mattocks, Plows and Plc
turners made, Wheel Barrovs
vIachines, and Furniture of all k
A Nice, New, Cl
New Goods Coming in and
Anything ' and
About a Hom,
t \Ve invite all to come an
No trouble to show
Prescriptions filled promptly
.nd satisfaction guaranteed.
vlost up-to-date line of toilet, I
.rticles in the city.
Auditor's Notice.
o the Tanx Pa:yers. of 1Pickens Coutily: vI
Fo r theL conienI)IIce of the publi 1
'Ill aLtenld lhe followiig placisaind daites:
amed0( b.*low for the pin-pose (of taking
Lx returns11 for the fi-c~ I e cir of 19:e2:
Six Mle, Mlondayv, Januoary G.
Ca*ilhoin, 'oTuesday, Jainuy 7. -
Catechee~i, Thunsday. JillnuaryP 9.
L Ibertyv, Fridasy, -la"nnary 10. di
In the oflleeo Saturdal~y, .Jaimary 11. T
E:aley', aloday and( Tuie.'day, Januna
y 13 anld 14.
Croes Plains, Wed nesday, Jan uryi15.
L~oper'sI Shop, ThursdaylIL. Jani. li'riy 16.
1Ilhc' Store, l''i Id-1y, Ja.nuary 17.,
in ullice Saturdayv, .1anuary~ 18.
P'iii kIuitown, alondaL, Jaima ha? 20.
I Jolly Springs, TVue-iday, JanuarIA 21.
31lile C reek, 'lhrsay, Janual~ri 23.
Praters, Frhiiy , Ja~nuhary 24.
I wIll he0 la the olliee fromt T Janary
5th, 1902, to VebrLuary 20th, 193,2. in. al
lusive, and atfter t his date I am~i reu ired
y ILw to add aL penalty of flify peri ce t. al
ni aill non-.'ireurs. lIeiise mteet iic at tL he
hove :1pp1 liiinments~ and avoid I -e uisu I
niih ini thei oflic~e. A, t his is real silLate
.aPessmen~t year , I miius! urge C ta iiieh
iad e~very1 land ou~ ner comea prep dl) to(1I
ive ai full dIesriiptionl, niumbeir of3 a:cres
OlInllaieis., &c. All inu'l) perisen he.
ween lie aiges of 21 antLI 60 years excep
boI~Sie i weaable of eainiuiig ai slppori j
roiti heinog iime or hi~I otherw ..e dia
led, all Cion feraIte vetrausi over i50(
11ars (if age. are I< eni. ed Ian b i polls. a
SI sureind lbe able to( give theeq iarcher' (
f school di-i rct aLs this is very Imhpor- (i
int liformantion C
Very re-pet fully,
I. FOS 1'Eli K E'l H,.
feb20 County Auaditor. w
Th~e County Pen~sion Board wvili Si
(ld its last meeting at Pickenms C.
[ouse on Monday the 10 day ofl
ebruary 1902. Piease send( in e
our appliicationls before that day.
J. B. Newbery. p
County Chm .
J23td. 1
Persona having clamis against thie estate
Carter Durham deceased, are requet.
i to pre.'ent the same pr oj e ttested
the underuigned for payment by the
4 day of April 1902.
Those indebted to said C les
ake paymen to,
?ebot8 A dministnatorI
The Wonderful activity of the new oan.
y is shown by an enormous demand
SLife Pill, Constipation, 8: k
~a dache,TBlliousnss, or any trouble
Btomach, L~iver or Kidneys they're
' ivaled, Only 25o at I olt & thoruley
uir oni e~te
P rice List.
ug, Showing
'uts wanted
m Seeds
good garden. Bcsides the
>ck the necessarv -
trming oh!
s, Forks, Bush Ilook Briar
w Stocks, Iest 1t1 1 PI am
Iron King Stov(e .' wing
inds, Pretty Stylsi,
an Stock of
00S AN U L 'L '
Going out Evr\ ! )ay.
* Everything.
or Farm. -
d look through uw1- r 1o..
through our stoci:.
Are you p u n
)(ln to c it'I~C '
ink] i' t imposNII.. iblI
ass Generl~ St I. .:
Doent v u m'.ie
ere is a First-eba- h n, . re
~re by callIing vu
Where y 1u will fili; r m a
bried Stockc ' I l)rv Go bat
L. RO.SS E V' :
Whe you liaIu
ly goo~d airticle,
id. jewelry; y -
Cely Sell le Plate~ ,~
le Se s,
st, Ghoud-Fihlb-I oI I e' I
ark Siik lohs, (ii I
> ld lled Watch Chl,
dhir lutio, (eparabh. t
>'l~i i.ton I~rc -10 I
k'~,a~ o h uheil Iin a t
c worth Ol Iaceh),t he~I
rIDNEYt 0raciet. ih
ish, -
\OLy $ril inr~to fh~
te oshrfndt r'tan
Rog econzrsy ii
icatrn, s eastebtfo
orbes Silver er rul
e lt Ta. *ew

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