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The People's Jouril.
Obitiauy noll e in tik paper wvill bll
chargold for at the rate of --e . 1 -.
for all Iuch nitter runing over 1
Correspolents are enioied l0 send
In thelir comnl uliti i3a;on1S !0 a1 to I l
this oflice hot. later 11-11) n H litri v.
C(orreol enu . a re ree pm-t ed I (nk
thei ctrv 131ibi n II f H l. r: iwen ,
Short, polint a1d givin :lI th ne
'Pi.'h* prie (if t his paiper ks .31.00 1e a
in wvwe
.A d a all m11 tAr-. i ,nteinflod for I I:'.
office to.: 1.
T''11 Pl'CO Pl,.'%S . I 'i.NA. i
Local and Personal.
-Born unto Mr. and Mrs E, F.
Keith, JAn), .10. it daughter.
-A. few buishe1 of fino seed
irish potatoes at M r. Cureton.
-A full line of Valentive- vt
Mrs Curetons.
-Dr W. F. .'t-t in willI 1-o
Picken FO) 18th a 11 9th.
--1ohn L. ThornI1 -y I-, .'0
traveling it, smolineiI1 I (eorgin.'
rei.emits 111') iego 1"-rt1
-H1oldclr & IPolbbwon wish
notify the puibl I i they will.
buy anly mloro d.-.g w >Odt timb..;- Z,
ter this week.
-T. J. Ma%*, . E.. IVnd4
and J. L. 0. Thm.. n, :-t
the 25th nnit V. Al1. .A . n
tioni whJ ich ("nVe'd at inm
oil the 8th ins.
-liaidingvP )pty 'ilv C e )
C. J0110 and1( C. I !
shials R. .lL n rk RFn
distroye'd a 1:.'S- .
and -100 g!.
bridge Mond1 1gh:.
-Mr. n. i .. v. n In
terbien, Ind, spieit om , .1 ':
the fariler's b . 1)r 1
last veek. 'ill -4t 1,'r.da
visited relativ in lr-I d er v, n
ty. They t ir m il-e tn
the OCaren th-3.
-All memr.,- dfiu Y. .u
A. are tue:li 1 t .
at the Bapit it- m I m-' I n
afternoon .3 p. 11. T1 ( 3'o,
to the n11n - 1n s ti n
ielard frimk l :111 >t)1er '!:i r
to~t d.11'
-)Wie ir talI1et1ilt W1i
-~j ii 3 1 . . lI. I.W a r- w, V In
ofGcetenil b lwil l b in PIl
the roost of the ek 1r. W\u -
law will mali!; v na trip's I
Pickens. and n1![ct . Ie o: hiIo
:nut S. C. le is c~ o 1)'e 1
willi appear Ilnt ' ijarfan tin
to tilme.
-We~b areli chuA ti , b-,r t hd ''
.acceptd l uli r, t- Iv th -n1.. 111
m~~ot .C eis a mst cl.t
alver bsine1C3s jj .b-lo L. wTia
pl. The iwo1~ :-n- ry~ voner <.
P (ien pil pol h8 ; e., In
andg teicle in:1' S0 led11 10(3 13a v
ofi iate ing~)C nI r:e 8toIrougly
pubm liiPcei-j patro3 g'.
teet hat1 te ourna a. not,
ed in prope tl ne d ow.
out. dehw C, . W I I' t, as e l .381 2 . w
to fere on11t81 Ih un ltr. Po1 :n1
V'erl i.'1 ll nfe a i :31o ill ain
PICK3 j)1ES .3 .3 :1i 1-31r .
painsb the fi!! w n ceru e.
trying tlo dir 13' u. pi t fr C
noth ;ni wjom \ i 1 ivo 1e .n
w-rn ont pyic~ :' l 3 <3n:.
Pic en and t al' n:'( -1 - k on:ii 1
th epast W~I, r 'f'irIn mhi 'i
:and ean h~ica ti [Ianij
T1ho farer ie 111 ti loni1f Iid
what) illt b)11 the he wayI' to.d ci
preheir therne:t er.
Thel merebti l'1Hmt) s am1 thin -3 3
TJ.he mohanI :s ;II m:1 3gnt In -'
They phys'ic11 i-n:, 'i am 118 mc
titfthe s wn.rn todfedteiil
theO est qpla to insu t tI 1( i '~1V1
Theq po4litticians are th.inkh;3
about the drainagt hiw
Miss Julia Oldfileld, of Roswell,
3 Ga., visited tli family of Dr. L.
T. Shirley this wook.
. 'rs. W. J. Werner, of Groon
Sville, is visiting relatives hero.
Mrs. Ellen Hall, of Seneca, is
spending some timo with her sistor,
:I Mrs. R. C. Rochoster.
0 G. Simpson and V. L. Martin,
t of Pendleton. were soeen o n our
streets Thursday.
Mis. T. M. Norris, of' Cateeclec,
spent Friday iti towi, as the guest
0 of Mrs. J. N. Morgan.
L. C. W'hite, of G(ainesville, was
in Central yesterday for a fow
i hours yostcrday.
G, e3c rge lamuett, .of Greenvillo,
0 Was ill townl th is wok on business.
Rt. G. (Intiics rtuirned Saturday,
after speidling soveral days at tle
t Charleston exposition. '
Miss Julia flogs accompa nied
Sby her aunt. Mrs. C. C. Fricks, left
Friday for Nos.ry.
e Tlie children of Mr. J. ). A ken,
have beeii quit ill for several
Y days.
The 8"i t h :rnl free traveling
n librari have plavetI a now line of
Ioolk at tlie storo of L. Ross
ri Eaton.
r A m bler Notes.
Grip is geierl inl this section.
F armiig ha: not mado mui1ch
s progress, in sm of the fields
a there is siill c.At iiia(.* l)e gathered.
1R'>ads are in a very had condition
I which pirves what lhe $1.00 com
mutation tax or 1Ii ee doys can do.
I but five days or . s.i) ounds some
better in le futur".
Fare Il) .ught to be suro and(]
sOW oats for they' meet the end of
1some of the one dollar per bushel.
Mr. W. R. Andorson, of Libprty
Visited friends ini this section last
r On a trip to Greenv ille on the 3rd
inst. Mr - B. E. Ri~gdon was at.
tacked by three negroes at Cox's
bridge, w'hile two of the them held
the teai tile thind .inumped into
the Wagol an (1d deni:iled his mon -
ey. Tell mules benm vare frighteiiod
and tore uip his 1%.ngon couIinder
iss Sney Hall, daiugihtcr of
Mr, ". I lal, iS Seriously ill with
pneumonin fk-vor. She is attended
i by Dr. Roht R irks'oy.
Rev. S. A. Mc)niel preached a
vary intructive sermi1non the first
Sunday at Oolenay cliureh.
Norris Items .
After a l ong wet spel i, we are
having somo beautiful weather.
Mr. George Hamilton, Mr'. HI.
B. Bowen's bookkeeper, is at home
with the measles.
Mrs. UJerry Owens w"ho lives
near here and has been afilicted for
several year's is very sick.
Mrsa. T, Ii, IHro k'.s condition does
not impriovo very raipidl Iy.
Rev. D). A. Lewis, spent last
'Thursday niight with Mr. WV. C.
'Waiu es.
Mr. Fred Gaines who has8 been
liying att thiis place, has moved on
T. C. Robinisoni's farmn. He has had
a very sick baby tor several days.
Mr., W. L. Rampey is convales
cing after several dlays selkness.
Miss Lucy G3arvin visited her
sister Mrs Montgomeiry here last
Consideinig thle sickness in the
communi liiityV, (ur' schools are pro
gressing niic.'ly.
'The wheat and oats are looking
fine and1 aro growing aund spread'
ing nicely. Sc'hool Boy.
Nearly everybody in this section
has had grip).
A cliuld of Mr. Leandor' Roper
has b~een seriiously ill for the p14st
two week!ts. I r. J. M. Cronshaw is
atteniding it.
TIhe C cn vi cts ha~ve reached t he
plantatlion of' Mir. W. F. ien
d ricks anud will soon be rendy to
work in tie- 141,g nudc-h ole extenud
inig enitireby a1cIoSs tho Oolenioy
T1horo wi'l Ile les.s corn for salo
on Ole noy is yea.r than there
has been ini mian y yearis.
Mr. Colonel Rigdoni met with a
serious accident, at C. x's bridge
a short timo14 ago. Het star'tedI
across the ihid~ge aft <1(Iai'k and
his team became frightened and
iran oil' of ani (emibanikmen t backs
wvardls, seriously intij uring one of
the mu tles, wI, ich it ss thought will
die. Mr. R igdon had a narrow es
Mr'. Marquis .Jonias has bought
Mr'. V. S. .Jones' plantation. HeI
aliready has oneC of' the best im
provedl farmiis in tis section. 'HeI
wvill nowv en largo his pastures and
go into the cattle business more ex
tensively. S.
Trho regular' examination of ap
plican ts for Teoachers's Certificates
will be hold on Friday February,
12, 1902.
Tfhe examination will commence
at 9 a. in. and close at 4 p.' mf. Al).
plican ts are requested to be on
hand at the beginmnng.
Laindoii's Tialhing and Cla.ss
mlanagemen'it will be0 used as a bas
is of po ingagieial examninattion of
tacihvirs. W,' WV. F. BIRIG WT.
Sheriff b'ots.
Not having seei auything from
this neighborhood, I will give you a
a few dots.
I lealth through this community C
is very good at preseut, with the th
exception of a few casesof measie. Iff
M rs. Bettie Mullenix has been Ye
laid u) with the "grip" for quite ti<
aw hile but is im)roving ' slowly. t
iNss Leila ]allentine is visiting d
at Bolton.
Quiito a niumtilbor of young peOIlC
el joyed themselves for a few 1 hours
at a sociable giver, by Miss Matid co
Shoriff at her home last Wednos- t"'
(lay iight. J8
Mrs. Margarett Iliggits who1 Ja
boon very foble for the past two th
years, peacefully past away Thurs. 1o
day Jan. 16, and was buried the
day following at Zion church.
'h1) Fineral servicos being con
(Itcted by Hey. W. E. WIVggins.
Aunt Margaret lived with her
nieco Miss Mattie Lesloy, who
gave herall the attention )ossible. tio
Mr' Lawreneo Tumblin (lied at de
his home itn Greenville last Satur- tor
day, Jan *' 25, and v as buried at wo
Zlion tho ollowing Sunday. Law. cot
rencc lived in our midst for sovoral cos
years, aid waBs always a good and lac
obe(lient bo)'. In his death our sot
Sdti y schiol h-ss a faithful stu- rtg
diWnt anid ouir comiimunityt 1 a good Poi
Qtiurterly mteetitng was held at tirI
Zion church last SiU lay and Mon- tree
dayt, but owitg to tho ittclotent ad
weaitlhr the crowd was sall bit =Fo
(linner was srvol nevert.lioless. T
Pit..tdintg Elder Wilson praiche
two excellent sTrmons. '
We have a very flourishing je
school at, Roeky Knob uider the a
ollicient managenriil t of Mrs. Mary b
Orr. She certainly is an acconi- rem
plished teacher. She with her lit- dru
tle daighter Mildred madq a busi- C
ness trip to Greenvillo last Satur. Ea
day0'. of
Well boys, ask the young manT
that went to see his best girl One
Sun day night itot long ago how a
Came him itt Jasper's Cortnt patch.
I will now say "Au Revoir.'
Chatter Box. T
- ----detl
Table Mountain. and
The wea Ither has been so had for firm!
tho last few weeks Ltinit it has ren,= for
dered the roads alost impassiblo. bts
The liealth of this soetionl of tle
County is nof -so goodl no(w ms it has
been all t he Autumn.
M rs. E. E. Martin who has hoon b
sBtllering for 8ottno tilo with in
Ilamimatory rlieumnatism is some a ii
bet tr nlow. Bai
Mr. 11. P. Burbage, of Greenville, Os
Wh1o ) s justf iished hi. 1nw
course and admitted to the Green,
ville bar, visited friends in this
section frotm the 23rd to the 28th. I
of January. H e is such a lively Fol
affa1ble per'sonl and good convorsa- a
tional ist that we are always glad Itn
to hear of his comting atnd sorry LE
wheni tihe time comues for him to,
leave. E
Mr ~s. Fate Sit ton, of Hot Springs liva'
Ark., is v isi (tng ftr i (18 anId rela. kni
tivecs here this witnter, she will ro- kiti
turn somnetimo~ itt the spri ng. whi
Mrs. S. T. Mechugh has charge trai
)f tile Pleasant, Grove school. fhict
Hazel Dots.
On Dec. 18th, 1901, at the resi- b
lence of the bride's brother, Mr. con
1E. Calhoun Bowie w~as married to Tar
Miss J anie Robertson of Oconee cou
coun1ty'. T.hese ate popular young tho
people and have the congr'atula-- "
tions and best wishes of many
frien tds.
On ifec. 2.9, I1901, at the resi, A
detnce of tho bride's fat her, Mr. to
Coot D~ods'on, of Transylvantit
coutyl~t, N. C., Mtr. Tally Baldiwin seri
of thItis (ount y, was mtarrniedl to Miss TI!
tituiI)nun D(odso of North C arol ina,
iev... . (XI oren offiiating.
On Jann. 5, 1902. at Bethel Bap-.
tist 2lhurrb, Mr. .J. 11. Nix was~ wvo
[1u1arriedl to Miss Dolla GJan tt, Rev.
B. P. MOre ofliciatt ig. .All of
Pickkots county. JFL
Tlwo little sno0ws baro fallen in
his sectionl lately.A
.Auditor keith passod this way the
>tn his routnds '22nd iilt. Mr. L
Keith raid he would soon be 35c
brtoutgh thle work of taking returns. A
SIr. Keith is al hlgh-tonedl, chris- ily
iatt, and we think he Is the right Nv
rtuan) inth~e right place. Wo hope der,
Lo see htis tnme mi the Jot.IIAI. kee
text sumnmer as a canididlat. gSgl
MaIxwell (TLody) Stowart is inll
Frott Mont ata v istitig relativos Pov
itdc friends. *lt Is ri uored that Lot
Its ltprpo hiite i to seek a Comn- line
panliont. If ai tman comeIs all1 the C
way from Mountna for a wife
well aboe ough t to be aL goodl oneo,
Mr, Bowont's sh intglo mill has
beeon shut (lowni for I t past few
:lays; (lie mill is run almost to f<
perfect ion, turning out an oxcel.
lonttquality of shin~gles,
Perstmmnon and dogwood are in "
T1his being camp)aign year, every peni
man wile oxpects to be candidate iFeb
will love everybody so well that
lie will go a mile to tell somebody
bow dy.
Mr. and Mrs. Plato Gravely vis- F
tedl tile family of John L. Gravel, will
y recen tly. H. M fori
"'I have use'd Chtamberlalin's Coutgh
lbM~'dy for a tnumberi of years atnd have
no hesitatncy itn saying that it is the~ best
remtedy for contghs., colds anud orrnup I P?
have (ver! used inl tmy family. 1Ithavo not
not words to expjesa my cotflddence in the
this Remeiidy.-.l rs. J, 4, Moore, Northt will
Star, Mach, Vor Sle by (A. W, I1EaIe
Misses Annio Shanklin and Viv
inn Folger of Chicora Colleg
sij L n tu uday at their homes.
Cio.lts ldward Bowen, and C. I
i 4d Cloimson College woe
m m. e -1n leave of absenco, Sat
siav :md Sunday .
ief wers, colored, who ha
,veral bargs, for violating th
ha os f. trgia, preferred agains
w ,I wa. rrested here last woo
i n- i utc;wk to Rome for trial.
i Crk Curoton, a popular bus
h s n"n. lot (-reenwood was tb
1'. 1 i'creton, Sunlay.
T. T. I - n has about recovei
S! fromi I.io ijuries Which he r
1.m edi Frida.y evenling. Ml
aKIi w.. sacking a lot of tw
ml . :' ' -ug an( ill sOUo mat
i stack got overbalei
C41. :. fii , pinning him to tit
It was at, first leatied th
to ban, in tlhe right log was frac1
.Iti fortunlately such wa
14 i 1.11 and 'ir. Martin is r<
u'inch as to bo on t?
h of Columbia abl
hIs plipit, at morr
in tho "Presbyteria
v%, V. Folger who has bee
*tMies here and inl Greai
n - Wedinesday- for lie
b4 n 1 sa, Ky.
-i in rs of the Hill Cit
kinidg preparation
* ed:2v trip to thostat
\\hihcl will be beh
*eg'inning the 22n(
tile that free tlanl
be furnished al
b comipany, an(
to) io sh14ould at (,nce
p[are inl all matter
I. d military usage
1 memory of all pas
-i t th earth's sunlight
ho immortal put of
ad Oscar Ellison la3
- h home of J. V. Ellisoi
(,:I Wednesday mori
, for nearly tw<
i hat tied against th<
o Of Consllp)tioin
to his purlpose o
the last hour witia
.1. ;nid then ftul1 o
1 n*oI-e lho said that
held proilise 0
14m I rest thanl thi
rd.c-vtled. Sirroun(
b d 'N wvho had1- beel
t) hi, hi'dside,and firl!2
n h . i !e'f he passed up
n - evening inl the pro
tI nMber of sorrow
aiil relatives the re
hiid to rest in the
4i;a Dare Club met at
of. (0 C. T Martin Fri
ho purpose of making
n ih they will distri
ir e friends 14th 01
b ab will celobrato itF
1 '. -v' Ut~h of Marc..h.
o 2.y morning a f
n upe were seen going in]
* '4 of Rev. H. C. Had,.
da nu ally another couple
w& - ''H 'on, and wheni th<
414. a fewv words fitly
* Wi I N. Gantt and
\\ are were pr~oounc.
udi i wife. After the
4 of friends the brid<
44d a. few immediatt
F'ed. to the residenc(
s ather, Mr. Win
C an elegant dinnjer
o.~ them. They hav(
be i u h. IS of manlIy friends.
*Ii .of the Sominar)
'4 t Presb~yterian churcih
bI. llev. Mr. Cravoy
- n t w in the interest 01
'. ' .a.n . S. Library.
4 H 4 ~ . Libra ry hats ari'ved
4 I ' 4iteeted in readlingf
n se.~'lection of booki
4, - eh of secondi cli
ton the trucks ol
hai lf a miiIi lp th(
the mail was foi
va' und. Sc'me of ii
and144 what could bE
I ut int o the postoflice
< n seed from J. T
h 'Kind, and some fron
namori could 4 o fount
A indlle of D~elineatort
\ : n them. F'or fuir
nu4 addlress Box 9,
a '14s' of measles are
* t. . '' ile Is below hore
'2in town.
1n Gil1 Ces Temn
onCollege, visitet
"irt, the! formier'a
'i th and Mr's. A
b co'n quite sich~
I kilin, after spond~
. iiwith h'er daughi
T tw it ruck our towr
b '. , week, andI gave
(r!'J shiow in the schoo
hi:tvo3 14)1' '.4le rmo)7 good yourgj
it. kjI co)ws w.ithI youniig calf'. Termii
411 41'o (one4 hlttf cash, whou bal
m-00 45 iiade' H'I4~tfactorily 800tir'o.
The Conviets' Yell.
'he lateot n "yells," says the xv
s City JouriJ, is that of the c<
'ts on their Iyay from the jail in t
uity In W'bich they are sentenced
D Penitentiary. A gang of fifteen
am from Buchanan county, the l,
's "guestA" on a special car, ga
lit to this yell at each railway sl
mil they passed between St. Jose
d Jefferson City a few days aq
Wo Years-five years-we will sti
In't like St. Joe anyway!I"
No Meanphone Used.
'This talk about Presldenit lloosewv
uducting his heart to heart talks
3 White House through a imegaphoi
all nonsense,'" said Senator Elkins 1
nator Ilanna the other day. "6I'0
it come fron the White House, ni
% )resident talked to me in a ver
v tone of voice."
'What did he say ?" asked Senat<
'le asked mie if this wasn't ti
est weather I ever saw."
'he good nowspapes ham circui
n; the good preachor has erA'
I congregations; the good do
B has many patients; the goo
rkor has good wagej; and ti
nplaints about the lack of sur
a are almost always dle to il
k of Some nocessarv (ulillty, t
to fatal ilnation, or to dows
It lazinew4.-Saturiday E venlin
hle )revention of Coti oni1liliil)til is VI
ly at <uostion comimeinig thle propt
tiont in tine. Nothimg is so we
)(d to ward off fatal ing t iouble 1
'y's Honey and Tar.--OLT,
A 1,111FRAL OFFEiR. -
lie undersigned will give a fron si
Of Chiamberlain 's Stomnoih and Livt
lots to any oia wanting a relabl
edy for disord(e of the atomancl
msness or contipaton. Thii a no
ody and a good one1. 0. W. Ear
ut this out an(] tnke it, to (g. \)
Is drug storo and get a freo samip
Chamberliln's Stomach aind Liv<
lots, the bost phyisie. They eloit
iivigorato the st~oaiclhi, inmprove fi
tite and regulate the bowels, Rei
s4ize, 25e. per box.
N 011((1
he Oillee of the County Snitoerintei
( ,f Eun uiition' will be opi en (iI Frida
Satur.'dy of ea'h wel, also, on tirn
Montdy 1a1n1(d T uesd ay in e eli ion
the sale of solmol books an1d ol
iness conneeted wii t he tmeo.
W. W. F. 11t1(l,
3 Co, Siplt, Ed.
will apply to J. , Newbory Pr
t Judgo for Pickeus County on Sm
ay the 1st diy :of Marel i902. F
al tattotlemint of the estate of (1. N
iks deconsed, and msk to be dismiss
xecutrix Jan 30 1902.
fyou but knew the splendid met it
ny's Honey and Tar you w~oiuk( 1
iout it. A dose or two will prove
attack of punOUmfOnia or lai gripp
iay saveoyour life. -ROLT & THOR
ho many frienids Of (1. Hi. Hauusat
incor, L E. & W. R. R., at prese'I
g in Lima, O. will be pleased
w of his recovery from thtreatone
iey disontso. lie writ es. "1 wei
d by usimg Foley's Kiduey Cur.
hi I recommendt~ to ailh, espleciall
men who are usuanlly similarly a:
any ehildren are poisonmed and ma<
ous and week, if not killed outrighi
niothers giving them congh syrui
aining opiates. Foley's H-oney or
is a safe and certamn remedy f<
~ht, oroup and lung troule, and
onfly promment eough medioine th:
ains no opiates or other poisons.
noglectedl cough or' cold may ler
:orions. broneltial or I ing tn'>ule~
't take chances whent Fotoy's I om
Tar affbrds p~erfoot. scouony froy
mls aff'ects of a cold.-BOdLT
tid be a good time to buy somn
feavy Winter Shoes,
lot of CJhildron-s' Union01 Suite
25c kind, only 15ic.
ot of Missesa Unijot Suitsu, worti
to closs tho lot~ a 20c.
lot of Ladies Unijon Suits eas
worth 50c to close at 38c.
[on's Heavy F'leoco Lined 'un
yeoar. Heaivy work shirts t<
p the cold out.
ots of Loadod Shells, Shot
eder', &c., for the Bird Hlunters
a of good things to emat. Fuil
of groceries at all timos.
all to see thiemt early and oferi
Pickens, S. C
WHomo 'Phone Ne. 24.
>u hayc from Jan. 6th 1902 to Fol
1902 in whichl to make your 10
a please look after this matter as ti
dty wilt be added after the 20th<
or the convenience of the public
be at the following named plaue
he purpose of taking returns:
[iberty, Wednesday, Feb. 12th,
'Jorris, Thursday, teb. 13th,
Jentral, Friday, Feb. 14lth.
saturday following in the offiee,
lease take notice and those who hav
made their returua must met me) 1
above named1 plaoes, as the penailt
be enfoed aftor Ihie 20th of FebI
Q, ,EI~i~r
toN o iii, ~v~ :.1~ theIhs (
&O IOW'Vra IS Iw a 8 iwi ob
O 11 -:4I TII00PAF E
We Iare V(.e l I tl Iuplied with so8 go
Ye harve n..ihi notherl big Ship
e Its a uio the w way thlse sh1oes
howver, asIt they ar, ktimwn o 1e t
10 w11 n11 s.
W Ae l'avo a1 few .'vervouts l1ft, to:
of IHarnes s,) Bridle;, s i ll S, ilu1gfri,
I Iadware (d tve y k, 1v do ecrii b.dn.
Shingle Mlills, Shlnleb .1hlh sulppli,
c se u befrvin y')url tiua
no(thinlg but. thw hast. (htir- mo)tto i!
has beenl inl the( past, "'BE-ST u(K
PlN W lC14." Your patronage11* respot1
Big Shipin11ent of Tru-lnks jsreived,
NillW FOeACe
l-xtraordliunt'ry vahits inl all
Flx raordinary va1x ,ue iin
11 Io CA Pa'i 1,.- i d C ' I -A' i .
H-leavy Shoes 'u-y . i U.
i -Ix,, tra, d m ii, i au. in -m -w ne
wher -.-i ll Ym'i buy lit ,ir (k;oils ('r liii
h+A- AMLw(' . ( TS w
yO These idslill be i-t in'a all the new X
We ha.e.L o at thes(c
1\ ins \' el i K id I )r- Sh oe that Iwe
laijis Drey Sjhm.5 I hat s .1(1 for .i92
ste11lls 1 Ifo l.> iut w esold for $1.3E
Anf C ecel xl shC for IIPi me ' very<
spJoolI we nIi v off ii*'i ,r l i. I balIs (ifs54
rePi 4.: calic fo r i ' a vaurd \ll e ih
&M 5 yard~1ii. A\ big hi l il!~ of e h il .'!
3 for !Oe.
17 1lIs SIi ladrdI 111 ma uited .lugar ft I
D12 1lbs goodii ke;' soida fori 2:>.
I10 lbs of splenidi green ciiffece for
Georia'- Ii ibo Canoa Hliisyrup, at 3
( ''ilnet I ') i e aliMlr 1ln(ltases at 4O
We will decliver gouds to any part ci
1us produne. Y oursN tuly,
Bridges & Hamfnond,
Dry Goods
We1 wat to i) (Z out (oh ur entire ai
stock (1 ihY G()DS~. at one o
Tho G(;d will go
-AT COST- 1058
Con.e n ow aLnd get baurgauim. o
Bridges & Hammond.
ods aid the prices are right.
neit of
soll, it is easily tundorst'od
lie best -hoes muado for the
o for a soig. Big stock
1 and Wagons to go cheap.
1)(,1tin-g, Emenry -wheels,
na and Acid-wo handle
8 to be in the future as it
[fully solicited.
all si78. Prices 500 to $7.00.
W- T -
W e !d (Ifr h ss thai cost.
('IS, W, 'minn's anl Childreiin's
buy1\; oq1 >d > S hor i t tle mnon
oinbo-rl is now onl.
eh Store.
Iiii (urlt ir luIi o sho3s and
hn Cin need. ioosf anayth inig of the
u~d w o wxil devyiato fromi theumi
sold striitt, ly for
- , . $1.86;
.00 now : d o~g af $ 1.71.
oat goeerl y'
n" gOW 80k0 at . $ 1.21,
rio * $ 1.21.
it we hiave aoInavs W sold1 5c a
its and in-i Lo bO) enl ico for
d *juist eive~' od , 50 a papor or
por' gallon.
3o per ga! too.
r the town Vir Tiptly. Bring
A1U.m BROS. & Co.
( hL3N V[IILE, N. C.
Ve W~il Sell For the
Next 30 Days
~--A LL
Ld arkers.
in Stockat
20 per cent:
than uisual price. -We have
e exceptiornal values.
Greenvilea ',

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