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The people's journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1891-1903, February 13, 1902, Image 4

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The People's Journal. ,
The Text of the New Jury Law- aI
Of Interest to Every Citizen ot t1
the State. 10
ile 1 te fu-l text of the
jury law ju: t Cf3I'. Y IK
ture, -hich I pv v
Governor. and sf
every c unt
Scee 1.
the c' '
the ee -.
*. - .
I .
1 *.
(counIty taiht er, the 4,o4 y
and1( the 4b-1k of Ii 'th iort of ;,14
at jury HIndi he ebarse w7 jith ai
anon01 of an~ything~ ill tihM Mitioni coni
)lned1 utii a itverthet shall bie found
Ar ai1 mistri'd oirdered in auch case, im
nediately atler such petit, jurors atre
fdrawn the clerk of the court of comi.
- 11ff1n pleas8 shll issehis 1wr liti of venlire
t..facias for such3 petit jur~ors, requlir'ing
'1cir attend~anlce on the Iirst dlay 0f the
WNi for which they have beeni drawn;
id the said writ of vcuire fawias shall priu
3 forthwith delivered to the sheriff of copi
ic county: Provided, That in case cler]
iy term of court is to be held within coui
ss than 20 days after the approval of licit
is act, such petit jurors may, never- scn
eless, be drawn for such term of
m urt. TH
sec. 6. That the said drawingT
all be made openly and publicly in
e office of the cleik of the court of An
1umon pleas, and the county auditor, S
e county treasurer and the clerk of
e court of common pleas shall give t
n das' notice of each of said draw
p'ostig in a conspicuous phce (t
-ur t house door, or by advr- ing
county newspaper, a no. Ulnit
day and hour of uch suet'
That in ca.s any ..i
of tl ftekdc
bec eari
- ==
h * . th l euabet ~ ve )
thi.a..h,.ad .he.nm .ar heeb,
,n~~io ar o.. ........ -. . ..
ted at once a sulilcient number o
es of this act to Supply oe10 enel
c of the court, county auditor
ity treasurer, circuit judge and so
>r in tis State, and forthwitl
Ia copy to cach of said oillcers.
Appeal to the Veterans o
outh Carolina for Contribu
'n. C. Irvine Walker, comnmand
th1e South Carolina )ivisioI
ed Confedrate Veterais, has is
the followig Geieral Order. No
n1 regard to the .lefferson- Davi
tuieut. The attention of Con
rate camps throughout the State
e4Ntly invited to it, so that a coi
' t <tort iay le made in Souti
.1na to raise the balice of th
cy required for the uornumetu
orzder reads as fo:'ows:
3 ua trsSuch t.aro'ii.a Di visi4r
n e 9.'ouedrae 'eeru
. TL...alumry 2~, l.
The a.tention f the comaud
'c a! i'I . yi.d n
1: C 7 ~ .1. cf c'
uer.1appe l in le-. v d
Y bL
Ju latl hmV7
Th t'.aou al."
Whm doe your fther do
As amattr offac, is'tyo
3. le's itti ' ver thee ot
v."1 ;L ./
'Our Washington Corresponde
SThe Platns for M%.akinig a Mq
City-The Finest Thorough
- i the World
t \\
b V
1 A :-'
ThePlnsf. * akuga*
in t- - r
I o1.
; bI -
t I Io t a br n 'i
b h ;. bu .t of .rd I. u
p. :, / . Etalth- ej a r
I.E o g t 1 lo inan therIe
un-E'hl;i'e si (ibr hjlibl
v b i.b iii-, E~ n 5'ieb , Sth ~E E~
- S -- i t Vo ;il the ''iov.eniin' t boi
I Eor V Ie purpol S E eS , wdl be II
fij '/E 'l I I. '. SI Vt1 f i l t0 i il ilirl
lEd II i . , al W ilih frileii f-.
jiictiures sand tiih! of thes ne~w City
r is1 a liuiudil ofl th'~ ' y aII it. nowV in,~ S
a-xt toi Iii'. J El howEEiiiii 1 t1 will
whenM lthe pho.E i\iy'uuliLii~I
long facade of the Capitol becomes i
niatter of only a few inches and the
5. feet of the Monument as about
..a. incelics. Yet the modelin is so
aveunaite tluit every tr(ee in the cit.y is
o ,al one looking down from the
teILIIotry allery aroulid the models
might he able to pick out the redluced
facsimnilc ot his own home. In these
two iull plael side by side there is
a direct object lsson in lthe possibili
tis4 o' ei\ic i tiliiivelliellIt ;nd t a view
of (111voth wl.l colivitnct il 1k st skept i
Cp ll of thie \,I ti- ot it' ilt I lie prooisedi
U clatu'ge-I. Ihattuilbil~ the wit.lI ;arc
arch ite et t ii L i.wit I-. 1 ) L y se vr c I of
tile fil0st 1*l'IIIhol :sItair t s '- d-O"ttl
'h1o0wilig certal "i tit t1- a t -hty i!I
a i ;ea c oId. ' t o tI k I' ; I vt w a i i h
vw tc0iv a evs the wkr)iI w k l, eNt.
tirt-ly renioves that tih J colti. yl 111.10.
i1! a st rits ' o e vrraces ? h:It w i eI
l.1 0' the --ralttlelll tit' te westernI ;Iit
ti1 1 I tilt' til I hiilt 1 t ll iiik'l it
I ltitilq-,;i it I le, A S o\. i I it! v
til.11 ltAl it fack-d tlhe I 'st ;is it w s su 1.
ptlil d that that te(Llibe the dIirteii it
.t I t city wou g1klow. Bt.,
11m the e' 11 'c of emlire. \\a' hii -
ne l, l Ih s a k 1i U -- W.;1 t t0o ile w e-t :a di
iii1lh.w-est, tl.1.ol'.twi'1 te ril, s tit
W I1 a .'ikn iill i NV , ere
:xa li co i 'i Ill.,t ite
fat r e l t d .t
- - . . . - ..
\\ Tiltv L1. '
- It \I W i %)0 ' I IL I
1 I t an
\ t\ .I
It ~
* 9 C
- Ir '
rr it
1' '.
L TL 77/i JLL)C
- r
- I r1 . li I|
- . - - ,r
. i.\ r , .e
r a b'r . .
DR \ \. -b. LsL
i I
lii.li d
h i a . . .I v.I. r .... \L yLI ,
ii i ' i . ......... n o s . .. . . . : y ini
II' I i . ........ i Iil I. ...... . I II ii
I ...... L . i' I li. :........ i I l I., LL
I 1 I.........Ar iLel ......... Illi p Iii
1.i1: No. :1. tc
No. II.
No. i 'onnelswithSouhernl~alwa
The Hind You lIcavo Always
i:l itse Fuw over 30 yea'rs,
AI, 1110 ()
All oitntetrt't'its, 1 iitat ion
C perimne i t s t t r ill %e ni
11u1'an1ts and Cihiltrenl-U )
What is C
Cas-toria is. a luirinl1ess su11
S t anmitU e :1 lif l ti i
''lhe Ch ild ren1's l':11nac:k
Bears th
The Kid You H
In Use For
t N A bs
e li1,1E
BEe I(1"n
\ i W\ Il .I
i t I |
0 Ilo ei l : i \ il' Ii I i I I i :. -i I
1,1 iI- y il' l'l' I i \fi \ II .1
IIorIs, Manh,!I nImi and1 3 )1 u ilder f'
I,)OlNG, MlDI)NG, cr~ 1l iNG AN
IN (1110R(IA l'INP.
All Correspoinoc glveni promnp, ai
a armn landn.1 I 'ny paymi n.~l No( conl
inions:iu cha:rp'ed, lIlrro~wer pava: annoi
,Al of peorfect Iing loan:. 'o r 2:,l'orma I
.I 0 . Ii P l'A iM A' li 8N,
~''nliefmhin 8. U.
Bought, and which has been
has borno the signature of
uIs, been nmnde under hi1s per
I s1iuper visionl since its infantcy.
V 11 0110 to de6eive you iI this.
and ' list-as-good" are but
11 :1n1d e(ti:Iger tin linilith of
erienteo against Experwimnt.
,stituteo for Castor Oil, Pare
SyruIps. it, is 'leasait. It
4orplhine n1or othier Nar-cotio
:iravit e. it, testroys Worsi
it euce CIiarrhonIia. an11d Wind
: 'lnhes,. enres Conlstipation
it.1(tes 11h4 V-'00, regnllattes tho
it.-t;miNh~ mid natural msleep.
l'he ilo er's 1rieid.
e Signature of
ave Always Bought
Over 30 Years.
at Cost!
Phaetons and Wagons
>ILutC Sacrifice!
r w\ . four it, but, cotn.. anr1 see for your
thv i Ihe -k ('ourtI-land, Tysoni &
: -.A . e-iwi Ili-.i ;h Gri WVagons, the
n-b '..oruw. TayII~tlo nd Chattanlooga.
I khol-, :an iwil are:t goling to sell Our
i i wi4 ove bu e have a few bargain.~
.irLi, ownVI our ownl rep~oitory nt
coni:ul. Ole e us. Wa are always
I to m '* ,r ot
I IIIr I.utlr4 h s k
I' i (.i i wii h111 our lIiressi wvil brine a mlani
We ha ini Iar lo and can u~i giv'e the~ Iowe.st
I I F & 00., A nldersouJ, S. C.
p.'jI~rmpty procured, OR. NO PEE. Boend model. skob,'
r h. I e fo report~ (n patenitaili t. Hook ''1low
ri 5 isi .r Frign Putuntsau rado-M rk.,'
1-RI~ ll ii Ierinn ever offered to Invon i .
$ 11 I oinim soiien.Illti. ounIdT ac,IRH
~wC. A. SNOW & CO.
Opp. 11. S. Pateunt Oflfico, WASHinGTON, D. 0.
II .I. I, ' i wow'urn, C. 10. ltoni INliON .
IL. W. 'l ulurwi, P'ickonH, 8. (1
( reenuvaillo, H. (O.
i y llesworthI,Partker1 & Rhluson,
I 'uk~ha~ ewi ( . ..- - South Canrolinau

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