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The People's Journal
T. J. MAULDIN, EDrron.
W. L. MATHENY, Bus. Man.
Rutered at the Post Office at Pickens i
second-class matter.
Subscription, $1.00 a "Year.
THURSDAY. FEB, 20. 1902.
derson, is a candidate for Congre.
from this district.
0 0 0
UNDER the bill, just becoming
law, the third congressional die
triot will remain as heretofore.
0 * 0
If there are people in your mid.
deserving help, remember then
substantially in these times of try
ing weather.
IT is quite probable that eaci
county in this congressional dis
trict will have a candidate in tho
field in the coming campaign.
WHAT we say about Piokoni
county is without qualifleation
If you want a good hom11e among
good peorl, come and see, for tea
ing is bE:ievmg.
WiiiN the cpapaign kope:.s in g"C'
earnest, a ::t.e 'ater :n the season
there w'. bve let t alskau Z'.
abut ud a g ;i . of the harC
__er . 2 r...~dv
a 'b..u # 1.
,, .T
.h ' iL t
nd tm
remmbre :'lnen an- hm
fello. That . aiis seid
il h~Ue is.:doubly frtunayfte.]
WEo wouldr hked to give tesr
textdof thet bill reote~d byl
rspeci'alegislorat committeefl
prartitoe a dqut o
f rzthersent hroul aihnd ise ca
sengetdio overcome the deficm
cleson preset sytem .,
Savin grae tote e ialo i
frellwR a all, is Cainaiid
abou thee bes te mte unlst
tand aPickn bony can't, e no
don wouldtive datges byh
tount of the billtepArte by
sisal itlegmorlactive energyo
ous, litl moreate foris wIch
pser toe coan madeqtouate ri
br e por ee toule forsc
clTe tmercatome tdisposa,
ClSofthe prsntstm
about he hos sae inte e
andhichard countyr doan't beo
collt bidfo the stpeopll Ie old
seriter hae ectie creergy,
litty ofreny cookatv forardt
mot abundanortie, whibh
raotiate courm pib teg mak
aend tan bf menod serde
A~ t nr raeoall pole mse por
Te saingsa mor dispoentl,
thisi haist,oceotieil :
Thains hatr minfertues tht s
- ~ mill brilgrelie frome e asat
Tin visit of Prince Henry, <
Germany, to this country has mol
of politics than true friendliness I
it, and there is neither sense n(
policy in the way some Amerloat
are raving about it.
A correspondent from Union, i
C., to the State says in effect ths
- the snow was about two and a hal
inches deep and that business wa
a practieally stopped on account of it
That wasn't any snow, hardly.
a Tamaruc are hard times to th
- man in need, but the lesson to bi
learned and cherished is that, a
no time hereafter, must any mai
t fail to give heed to the practica
a teachings of the proverbial ant,
Tnx peoplO who pay the taxei
want economy in the adminis
tration of the government, but
th6v do not regret reasonable pro.
visions for old, worn-out Confeder.
ate soldiers. They earned this
recognition long since.
Tn state house in Columbia
will soon t e completed. when it
will stand among the Linest publie
buildings in the U nitel States. It
is in keepin.g with the greatness ci
ku h Caro*,na, but it has e:ast a
m ut of ImIrer.
L..m :e. . r atto altC
a~ vv
., L.m n law s I
r~ays oer ime w iu paj
- a. auc matters in. worirt
en tr> th depth zo fouteh
irarmw~und aik e Aerencb
ach was the por~tiona icheC
peopl whe threy aok lat a
r riV strm jut rarignthae costl
the worldi-e etB semedrapdinga
e &10 a poters wie. wItt a o
Er da theisCharestopn exp
he itio grows2 mattrs inrertia
a ifyin to the dpthofotertf
eshwR Ever oth Cof ni
ed who cawhe the timke ougt
kiso astluythoeht and rlecet
vieyhay thneCrflpres ehp
hbeenz grows morte iouthrespial
in thi rspt ow sue. sm~g
th I-rt~ is ta principee, lon faset
edy shoo. pryiao.The ncessinyf
en- proportin toar the advanemengt
t ie haght wnerfucail proeresi
. This mae ie the principecutl
. in hrcieis wate mseswn
the te wnt t pr oof--a, l n aeti
ut.' shoolth proiofs henectheitrep
cs- eneival dationwis alidh
the higher eduaioa ntr
Thins mbth inciplgo bgt
racytocepe idtteasses south
Linheyont he rooedand ao
>b ate th ofofr whne atfeir moep
we basenis aestiae and do inh
ed lcdhmatteha fa
as dfuty.Co ouy~mcasw
to- taing birtda n thigouien
ndio utheraemectooexheesnions mstre(
traeosy poteted iats ofeshe
eopled whoe ihn oin pmrie
ald hia b h ed fa
)f 'TianR is food for thought in Al
e the suggestion that the counties
n and townships desiring roads that
or are equal to the need of growing
s sections of suoh counties issuo cot
long term bonds for the specine in
purpose of road improvement. but I
This method has been tried and co
has worked admirably in otherito
f states, why not in this? It is all cot
a question of cost and who is to I
pay. The only trouble in the way of
seems to be the fact that the own- bes
ore of property would be compelled mit
to bear the burden of taxation,f qui
but an equitable law could be en- Thi
acted whereby the shifting popula- 0111
tion could also be required to ren
der proportionate help through atU0
number of days work sufficient for ties
the purpose. As thn matter goes are
today the owners of wealth are Por
bearing the heavy losses through 8,o
broken vehicles and impeded trans- t his
portaticn. ti'oc
-. - and
Direct from the Legislature. an
Both houses of the General As- the
seibly have been doi ng good work rai.
of late Several bills of more or in
less iuportanco liave been passed cle:
and scmc go'd ones have been str<
killed. ha
The anti-trust measure intro.,- 111
d e by Mlr. Joehson passed t he of
H{ouso last week but there is some we'
..oubt of its passing the CSelate. ste,
l'he House has aio passed th. her
ll re ating to working and main, hal
g roads aud highways and we ing
thitk that if the Set.ato passes this les
m sasure that we will have a law
Tl this sabee: which will be ge on1
e-A in its e:peratton ad cform bui
So:tItUt0ioA, reqirement ts rut
sp-.C al o oa esaina
d1 a: the same time take the "read et
Aw" qus:ion out of ConutV poh.
ua'id w:. W% Will we believe an
v e genra satisfactin thrugh- Col
:ti t;A state.
The salarv bill is still harging faS
r' but we wil likely re.ch the t
* lueieu on that subject this aml
v q k. bu
'he appropriation bills have bo
htissed -ind the county supply bill at
ma1 1 'aIcihed the Senate. Tho levy nt
or l:ckens county will be ono- 8o
aa f ( ) mill less this year than t
.aut. We would liko to see it low- da
-red a great deal more than that, fa
but it looks as though that can't N
be done at this time. an
Everything is being rushed with d
a view to adjournment next Satur
day, but we will have to wora night
and day to get through by that
time. We have been holding night
i sessions already for a week or
d more. There is a possibility of re- a
a maining in session longer than the t
forty day limit which of course will to
'be done if it is necessary in ordter W
0 to finish the work that is obliged '
g to be accomplished, but I hardly
think that it will ben necessary to km
stay here longer than Saturday. |C
n iI. M. M. Il
iti *' 4.
n Children are cloio observers. st
it|The farmer wiho is successful, and sc
]has faith in hlis work and, above pl
Sall, love for it, will have littlo e
trouble to make farmers of his a<
Sboys. They are not likely to have u
much love for [an odcupaItionl that tI
p~arents have failed to. make a fi
s- success. To arouse tile boy's in-~ o
1( terest while young, start him out e'
Swith someoth ing of hiis own, somoni- ti
thmng lhe canx take care of, harvest ti
e aind soll himself, Don't miake vi
m them work for you all the time, h1
to but begin while young to teach t<
lhim to do business for himself, to ai
look after his ownl interests, makro c<
as him your confidant in your busii
7y noss affairs, teach him huiesCs ti
princiles by actual example. hi
Remember 'tis very discouraging te
d, to give thenm anything while it. nl
needs care and attention, to be- fc
eome Papa's when sold. Start w
on right, being mlore co~ntented your- 0
or self. Call on your necighbor once
in in awhile, anid see how he is (faring, al
of if worse thani you, you will be more a
*contented after that; biut if he is p.
he faring better, it will help you to nI
improve. The world no longer te
laughs at the successful farmer.
sy Don't think you have been over
re. looked in the grand struggle, that
,ir the other fellow is getting all the u4
plums. If we do not get to the er
top, it is because we have deceived ~
ourselves and placed to high an Rn
nl- estimate upon our real worth. to
ye Make the home attractive, stoip St
,rumbling, practice cheerfulness, saI
no ach is catching. Don't keep
nso busy lowing turnips and Bowb
of ing on patches, sow something fe
vo thait will satisfy that natural hu-, sa
ye mnan taste, something that will ap. Iet
t. eal that dormant intellect. This
b knd of sowing will do more to
Skeep the hungry soul from eating In
'Y the forbidden fruit than all the
in irnjunctions you ever issued.
r-An Observer. P1
o MB., WfEELERt GOT tu1 O' 11IS at
"Datrintg the wititer of 1898 I was so
5 lame in my jolite, in fact all over miy
e body, that I could hardly hiobble aroundc. de
when I bougt a bottle of Chamberlain's an
"in Ba1 n. rm the Birst application fir
bea a t well, and was oured and foi
sie ~Iffthey4.b
kiny person vishing to live in a
nimunity whiro diversiflod farm- i
can be madh a money making 4
uinosea,'ehoilt como to Plokens I
mity, S. C. rhe climate is unox- I
od and it his every advantage I
bodesired for an agricultural 4
t is now knqwn that the hills I
"ickees cQunty are rich in comn I
cial minerals, iron, mica, as
tas, copper, filafar and other
icrals exist here in.. payiiig
*ntbities as the geologist gives it.
se miuicials abound here and
y await the influx of capital and
rgy to make this one of the
t thriving sections of the rapid
rowing south. The opportuni
offered hero for stock raising
unexcelled even by the best
tions of what is known as the
k raising states. With a small
ny of capital and a little work,
countywould afford some of the
Rt, pasture lands in the world
horses and mules and cattle
sheep can be raised here at a
'a doubt that
di ,
ir limpid reiesting SpIM ..a. d
amrs and wl.enl once the lands
e been set ia grass it will re
*n for all time to the exclusion
worthless undergrowth and
le. Long winterL the bone of
k raisers is a thing unknown
e and very little forage would
,e to be prepared for the keep
of stock as compared to other
favored r-,gions.
'he flourishing town of Easley
the Southern R. R. is rapidly
Iding up. It has a high echool
ning ten months in the year,
.uk. an oil mil, one $1100,000.00
ton mill just started last year
Swill pay a dividend this year,
I another cotton mill in the
irse of construction.
-iberty a thriving little town
en m il-s west of Easley is alo
t building up. They have a
months school, bank, oil mill.
i a cotton mill, all doing a fine
oine farming lands can be
ight in and around these towns
reasonable prices. Northorn far
rs who are thinking of moving
ith, can find no better place for
ensive farming, stock raising.
irying, fruit growing, truck
niing, etc, if you will write to
A. Hamilton, Easley, S. C.,
d tell him what size farm you
ut, ho will furnish you. He
a1s in all kinds of real estate.
"In three weeks our chubby little boy
a changed by Pneumonia almost to
kelton," writee Mrs. W. Watkins, of
easant City. "A terrible cough set in
4: spite of a good doctor's treatment
several weeks grow worse every day.
e than used Dr. King's New Discovery
Coneo~iption, and our darlinug was
n soulnp and well. WeC are sure this
aind medicine savedl his life."' Millions
ow it's the only sure cure for Coughs,
>lds and all Lung dise.ases. BOLT &
ternley guarantee satisfaction. 50o,
.00. Brial bottles free.
Cannot the chemists of our
ste and national colleges get up
mo cheap and] healthful chemical
-eparation of human food? It
ems to mec .tjhis would be very
colptable just now. Is getting
p the proptirationls for crop~ foods
ie negrost road to it they can
?.I thitik our young people
ight to be wyell warnedl of the
til e fl'cts of whiskey andl tobacco;
eo latter does not cause the devil
y to others as the first, but it is
~ry filthy, oxpensi-:e, injurious to
al1thI, premnaturoly wyears out the
oth etc. It strikes me that there
iculd not he so much said to en
>urage theo production of it.
We igh'lt remuind tihe boys of
oc unwisdom of runninmg their
>rses half to death I in getting to
wn to loaf, and finishing him up
iunning back home after night,
r fear of being overtaken by
itches or blue-devils, Tram
'Shanter like.
It seems to me there could, and
iould( be, a great many improve
tents, with very little effort on our
irt, to improve the lelasureable,
's of the journey through this
rraqueous sphere. Agricoliet.
Is often a run-dawn system. Week.
s, nervousness, lack of appetite, en.
gy andl ambition, with disordered liver
a kidneys often follow an atak of
is wretched disease. The greatest need
en is Electric Bitters, the splendid
nie, blood purifier and'. regulator of
omach, Liver and Kidneys. Then.
nds have proved that they wonderfully
-engthen the nerves, build lip the sys
n, and restore to health and good
irits after an attack to Qaip. If suf
-in g, try them. Only 50o. Perfeat
~isfaiction guaranteed by Uolt & Thorn.
Thei best and most famotia compound
the world to conquer aches and kill
ins. Cures onts, ho-ls Burns and
nises, s~ubdues mIlnflamation, masters
lee, Millions of: J3ixes solit yearly.
orko wonders in Itolls, Ullcers Felons,
Iti Et uiptiot2. .t dires or no pay, 25o
Bolt & Thiornlay dr'tig atore,
?'ho Offlee of the County Superinten.
ut oif Education will be open on Friday
dl Saturday of each weekaloonrt
it Monday and Tusday Inench suo th
' the sale of sool books and other
sinaan aannnd with thn nMan.
Pentene.a a~ landicnp.
I. JR. Sheffeld; the fullback, can
jp fMm Princeton the other Sunday
iddress the Weet Side Young Men
lhristlan association at Princeton, at
n illustration of one of his remarke I
od an Interesting anecdoto of tl
'ootball field. Fisher, the giant centi
)f the Princeton team, was unable 1
make the team at first, for, while I
imd the requliite physique for a Ili
player. he seemed to lack that essenti
lement known'In football parlance i
"We could not understaid this d
iciency in him,' said MA. Shefliel
'until one day in practice a coach w]
tad kept his eyo on him noticed th
io stopped and begged the pardon
its opponent for going at him in su,
in enthusiastic fashion in one of t
rnes plays. Iisheris fault was d
3overed. He wastoo polite. He h,
stways been very gentlemanly al
.ourteous off the field, but on the gri
tron there Is not room for much polil
Fisher was instructed to play ha
and clean and beg no man's pard
for it. Ile obeyed and made the tea
-New York Times.
Had It In its Pocket.
Rlepresentative Dalzell was dise(
Med pacing uneasily up and down I
ways and means committee room c
day recently.
"What's the matter," asbed Rlp
sentativo McClellan. "You seem to
"I am nervous." replied Mr. Dalz<
'I'm going to speak on this Philipp;
tariff bill. I always havo stage frhl
for hours before a speech.
"And that reminds me," he cont
ned. "Years ago President MeRin
and I were waiting at a hotel to
dr1ven to a hall where we were b
9nnounced to speak. 'Mr. McKin
sat calmly smoking his cigar, whil
was pacing up and down just as I
"'Major,' I said. 'don't you ever
nervous before speaking? You are
cool as a cucumber, and I'm as n(
ous as the valedictorian of a yoi
ladles' seminary.'
"'My dear Dalzell,' he replied,
difference Is this-you have got y
speech in your bead, and I've got nm
in my pocket.' "-Washington Post.
In this industrial day and g
oration, machinery and its mu
form labor..saving devices, are
interest to every man, and it is
liberal education to the uninfor
ed, whatever his calling. to vi
and examine these agregations
ingenuity and capital. To wa
one of these machines at work,
to s cold iron and steel puls;
with sentient life. They seem
think and then to act. Hero
the marvels of electrical inventi
wondeors in rubber and lentti
strange combinations of sawdr
coke and salt transformed i
shapes of wondrous beauty, har<
than the dliamond, the new ab~
save, carborundum. Here are<
gines, land marine, a wild~erness
pumps, cotton gins and grain r
chinery, implementq and~ toc
Truly when one sees such ain ex
bit ats this, it is not diflicult to 1
derstandI how and why Amer
leads the world in inmnufacture
We know of nod way in which we
ho of more service to our re'adaders ii
to loll them of something that will b(
real good to them, for this reason
want to acquaint themi with what we c
sider onie of the very best remndies on
mare or coughs, colds, and that ala:
igcmlaint, croup1. Werefer
Chamerlin'sRemdy.We have nu
it with such good results in our fan
so long that is has become a househ
necessity. By its prompt use we hmave
any doubt but thit it has time and ag
prevenitedl oroup. Thue testimony
given upon our own experience, and
snggest that our readers especially th
who have small children, always keep
in their homes as a safeguard agai
crou p,-Canden (8. 0.) Messenger.]
sale by G. WV. Earle D ruggest.
The firm of M. Hendricks & S<
has desolved in the merchant
busi'uess. No business will be do
by either of them hereafter as
The Board of County CommnissionE
will meet mn special session T'rsd
February 27 for the purpose of cornph
ing all unfinished business. Theo 1n
ing business with the Supervisor's off
may find the oleyk of the Board, Maj
M. Stewart at the Court House duri
bum iness hours till date
The wonderful activity of the new ce
tuy is shown by an enormous demal
to the world's best workers-Dr. Kin,
Ai ' Life Pills. Constipation, S8
en dache, Billionuness oraytroul
af Stomaoh, Liver or ~Kineys he
unrivaled. Qalg 9Pg
drM tor
IC iarg bir
N.", 7
[it -1~
in-.i El'R
It is w~orth all it: costs to havc
Gi" arden a -
1) Fook, iAlattocks, l1IS~~ linf I
-.11. 'I hirne's nmade , \\fil" (A . I.
111L ilachincs, and l'u r it-re ()f 1U
H A And a r'
\nLA~ 4~,7!j
2-7. ]P-.z2X,
- R E, Rke,4 ShvesSp
ltX1'IIM DllUG SKI '
of (itREENVILLE,,- 1.\
-I~ Prescription l li4'l(4 ; om
the 4 -10St lt o- t I t I ilii Ct'
18,ue .il .444 *e tt. I8. Ill 4~I
. 4 To th Tax Pa~' . s oI k
1:41 rf 4)4 e e1 tv n t1.r i
of will41 aten th4 a o he lw a t
ae uann' l be4' o beo
m.'- 1 ix .4 li' , .\ o bi , .l4y v n
o f -Cent e: Webr y .. --r
Liery 1-'rh "y .rno r 1
iol y 13:b20 1.
ire ( r oPnin, Wedfni'y4... :1y1
Looper's C shopn L~ Th ':r-iy f.i.Enav:.
r, Inv vlic a tt e r, bI, .hin-:n, 1 I .
to) .llp t ttly i Sp I 44 Tuenifty, .faI' i \ f .~
,lF)a2 ato..4,4L \ tIrbw fay .9:e : y~ 41.
11- I~B will 't he i i w 414), 1 'ti 0 Io .44)1',
of i 25th, 1902, toc Febrn44-. d' , 14)1 :. i: . ~
~. chlive,'1 fuiter (')VhIi- 4d1) itl (4444 ;,n
'. on all nLon-returns. L'-as4! naI4v ('to :n h
11 stove opp.o, 4It4wni :(i,1\ at ti e
n 41141 entI yeg, I1Q 1i m .i I -,i' .
ivoo l l dick -iioo ifa N t 1I5 44
homs harit, .OIM .\ C'4 iI'c1t
rowsin (41' . im - in htitc V .1c4I1444
okof hhal, :.lill U tuo 1 rj4I
O)l-wll e~iI n' --f 19ko o
iness liours I ai at your scrylceo to figuro
Ihe lowest priCCS'on
11-L h ir itewing Machines, Needles,
;I ways 4on1 hand or promptly or
4t :M41 u'raphophones anud Sup.
S i r tie at. the coipanies' reula
uuuy done. All work guaran
n T. Boggs,
Liberty, S. C.
en eeds
a -ooil grarden. Besides the
s;tock the(- neceCssarlv
arrning Tools!
es, IFork;, Bish looks, Briar
w Sio!,ks, Best Steel Beam
ws, Iron King Stoves, Sewing
kilds, Pretty StyIles.
Clean S')tock of
out Every D~ay.
* 7verything.
u n.
. hrouwgh our rooms.
u our stock.
av'o the most fatal of all dis
d @COuaranteed Remedy
ormney refunded. Contains
rem s recognized by *mi
nt p. 'hysicians as the best for
Kine and Bladder t-roubles.
PRICE 50c. and $1.00.
H Io *"ni et ion? Many people
Ihink. It imp i bl)(~j e! to finle a iFirst
ch. Gene ~ral Storo in a town of
Ion't you bel ieve it !
.-ean? yoUfu an heCOnvinced
r pi Fi r.-t-cl1ass General Storo
by catlling on
uwill find( a tine and
1 . 13).SS E ArTON,
C'ent ral, S. C.
n\:1 yo mak1Ilde presents,
'Vones', pu rchasers
( p s ilver goods
) ouir preCsents
I f.e lPius, ( olor.. *
utifl lat. .05
almi Sib2e .15
- 8.00
- 10 obl,.25
- ~ c-l'ilI, doir 2.50
- .715
04 i heat gol fli..
0,~ti:lei in *Jewevlry pro,
nu hor t notice.
Is 14/y silver goods:
\sta, Colu. .bia,
;. .;e and. Shell Satin.
Li lver Co's., Quadru
1'AS4LEY, 8. O
Iwill ajply to J1. BI, Nowbory Pro
b) .tv j Jug for .PickIt 15 Cou1nty on1 Sat'
urday thme 1st. day'. 'of' March1902, o
a Iinald sottIlement of the1 estate of 0. ,
Bantks dec('aseHd, aind 10sk to bo dceinissed
vY n.1 An or

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