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The People's Journ
Corrected weekly by the Heath, B
Morrow Co.
Cotton.......... .............
Ch [eken @--H ens............
Bfutter........ ...............
Obituary notice in this paper wil
charged for at the rate of one cent t i
for all suoh matter running over
Correspondents are enjoined to i
in their communleations so as to r
tilis oflee not later than Satnrday.
Courespondents are requested to n
their contributions of general inte
short, pointed and giving all the new
No poetry need be sent for publical
The price of this paper Is $1.00 per
in advance.
Addrqs all matter intended for
Office to:
Pickens, S.
THURSDAY, FEB. 20, 1902.
Local and Personal.
-Rend notice of Town Olerk
to town taxes.
-Court convened in Abbey
Monday, 17th.
-Dr. W. F. Austin will be
Easley, Feb. 25 and 26.
-Snow fourteen inches deep
a rare thing even for Pickens.
-Born unto Mr. and Mrs.
Lewis on the 14th inst a daugh
-Thursday, March 20th will
"South Carolina Day" at
Charleston Exposion.
-Mr. John T. Boggs of Libei
invites your attention to an adv
tisement herein.
-Col. D. K. Norris, presid
of the Norris Cotton Mills,
bore Monday and Tuesday.
-The spring term of court c
venes at Pickens on the third M
day in Maroh, the same being
17th day.
-All qualified persons who h
not registered ought to look ai
that matter at once. See the
pervisor of Registration.
-Some of these days the I
projected stone fence around
Court House square will be c(
-Solicitor Boggs went dowin
Abbeville Saturday in order to
on 7hand for the opening sessi
court at that place Monday no
-Town taxes are payable
the treasurer is ready to give
ceipte. Council wants to mi
improvements on the streets
-Messrs. E. B. Key and.
Kay, of Fairdael, Anderson cor
spent Thursday night of Jast w
with the former's daughter, l\
J. P. Griffin.
-Again we want to tht
correspondents for their bffici
work and to urge them to h
their communications at the of
by Satarday night.
-Hiram King. of Oconee col
ty, was here last week looking
ter his interests in this cour
His friend. will be glad to kr
that he is doing well in his adc
ed home.
-Corn, meat, wheat and
food supplies are going up with
enough in the country to sup
the demand. The thoughtful
mler will take warning from ti
-"Old Beck", a twenty ye
old mule belonging to Lar
Hughes, died suddenly in the 11
ness last week. Mr. Hug
thought so much of this anii
that he had her properly bur
-Wmn. Bates and Wal
Youngblood held the winning ti
ets entitling them to the:
young filly raffled by Mr. Johmi
foi Esquire W. L. Jenkmns, Sa
day. They won a valuatlo pd:
-Es Brock of the Dacuss
section, was here Monday. A
making a search for a better p1
than Pickens county in which
live, Mr. Brock says he came
the conclusion that such could
be found and has decided to m
his home permanently among P
people, and in Pickens coun ty.
-Business with the county tr
urer has been very dull since
announcement of the extenslor
time for the payment of ta
There will be no extension a
the first of March, so it is pr<
to attend to the tax matters
fore the rush that will come dui
the last few days,
.-Applicants for certifieate
teach will please take notice
the examihiation will be held at
Court House on Friday, Febr1
21st, It is important that all
plicants be on hand prompt13
the hour mentioned in the nc
which will be found printed
where in this issue.
The time for the payment of
tlbxes. andt leen.etxseprsSt
Mac s 3000, us the preen
4o el 6* h booki
al An Excellent Record.
The Coltmn'ia correspondont to
tho News and Courier of the 14th it
inst., in giving a statement of the f
ruce works of tho studits of South a
Carolina Collego, includes the 1nae
Sof ir. Loo D.Uillespio, of Pickens t
county. f
20 Mr. illespiio is a student in the
a 20 department of law and his record C
.12 for the year just. completed, is as
2'3 foliows: Highly distinguished in C
- soior law ; diitnguislied iii politi- u
CIl 8ci(no ; p)oficielt in. Constitu
I be tioual law. This is a most grati- 3
vod 13 ig recoi-d, and will bo readily e
100 appreciated when we consider that %
highly distigiulied moants1 ant
send averago of from 95 to 100 out of a
possible 100; dist inguished 90 to d
iake 95 Miad )r.,icient firoin S0 to 90.
lo" Crontractor Wyatt turied over
year the koys to Mr.~Keiomoro last
this weok, aIId ho a n.d I I Is fam Ii y IIIovetd
into their iow\, L:ome Thursday.
Easley welcomevs Mir. Kennemore 91
C, and family as new citizn.is.
Memsss. 13Urun11s and PBollin ig'o, of
0remenvillo were, guests of '. Il. (
Taylor at lt. Viow Hotel tSiidny.
Jolh T. Howen left Sunday to
accept a p)sition in Phiuleiilpliu,
as Pa. John has losts of friends w%'ho p
regrot to see him leave, but who \
il w ish for him gri-at Slccess in him ti
. -ninerj i C~aube, of' Southorin 01
n Railway, badly disligured, but in I
pretty goo(d spl iil,:, aftrer his recen t I
i Wreck Iwar, Clit' an, speI t Satur
day and-( Stiunday at Al irs. L. C. iol- hi
ger', Mr. Caible is th iecipient r
' of iniIy words .* praiso for the
1r. mann111e1r inl which he stuck to his .i
be post, wleni his train was wrecked. H
tho )r. C. N. Wyatt, is- s-voerely ill i
with atahl l feI'ver, and for a
'tv, luimilbI of days ir. J. B'. Clyde v
er, h1as been ercitically ill with hieir't
filu Ire. T11hir litinmerois frieds a
ar~e wish1ing for 11bomi both a speedy
ree->verv to good ealii It h. h
.* Th ept who wrote "The Beau
tiful now"'as 1o doubt ni gen ius.
O01- But there canl h! nio questioni that C
Oil- he did not have' to walk half a mile
tIe ill a fiteen-inch !7n1,)w to mail his P
literary gem, fotr if lie had had to 0
ave do so there is .o I1 s. the doubt w
'ter that the interested ptublic would
B- nevir have had the privilogo of
readiig that ((lobrat'oed rhymo,.
th 0 FdItlav is oft.n sa'lid to he the 11
Il- faire. or ou lest day of the week
or moit unlucky m all1. ti
to Super-stit it on, 13 modern "SiOn,
be or luck is a 1ool pluk, a hero etc. w
D11 Be t his as it may, lust Friday the a:
rn clouds floated fiomi the west, the A
wind from the east, mercury stood
at 24 and thereabo uts for 241 hourus
md and~ wheni it stoppled s-iowinp;' it
ro- measured13( 14 inichets, oiver' 1 inch li,
ike quid 01' me'ltedC. Th2iis is the miost
ind snow that has fallen at 01ne time
for soveral ye.ars, The snow has
[of come too late I o) do s0311 of the I
refsmall1 grini any good as most of SC
't the oats anid mu~lch of the wheat is '
eek: wiunter killed,- Theii wheat sown in
'Janury is not upi yet and may be is
safe. al
mik Tho rural :mail car'rier's did not ci
eut make their iounds Satur'day owing
aveO to tho heavy fall of sno0w. No ti
[ice preaching Sund(ay 0on account of d.
mn-. J. M. Gantl t retulaned. yesterday
af- 'i 11 fro X xtendiled tripi to Geor'gia,
ity, T. N. Hun311ter' has gone 01n avsi
low to Florida. i
pt- W. S. Par'sons has moved intO
hiis noew residlenc ea thSu'Ile (dpot,
aill Roerual 81now-Ihall teamlis haid s<
110t their1 inin i gs thei paslt fev days.*
ply Measlesi are subsWiling. Only a c
far'- tow oases 30',>rluit.d thie fpaSt week, 11
uese Rev. 11. C. H .addoclk moved into
the new\~ inianiS Ilast week. t
ar s Fer'tilizers ari'1)e hag im iled out
kin for aniothe icropl'i and a few hours P
ar'- of plowinig wass dono1 a few evinings in
ies last week.
nal C. b
ck' paidl t l h nom foulks a pleasan t s;
[ine~ visit, lnst weet'(k. h
'8* M s i'ac' .Jonies r'etun d home 11
lsTusay aft er' a pleaisant visit u
ze. to rebuive iGreeinville.r
ille Atr. John Foster, ac'comipaiedl~
fter' by his sister' Al is Willio, madiol a
aco fliving t r ip to Gri'einville last Satur'
to0 day,
to We are glad to) report t hat Mi's.
not N. ii. Reid iand Al i s Mag.,io Jones1,\
ako whot havi~o b'een on the sick list foirj
ick- thle past. two weeks, are a ble to be
out agaiii,
eas- Ruper't Th!omas1~, Tom1 Pond(er
the andl Thoma18 Sammi~Onis were tihe
Sof guests oft IN-v. J1. E. Foster and d
xes. family last Sabbhath
etor Prof. .J. Ml. ( ;wynn and sister' n
>per1 Miss hLcy, v'isitealri. andt Mr's.
be-- R. Ml. Faoster laf. Sabath.
'lug CharIi') Fl:ost'Ir, soni of Rev. J. (J
E . Foster', is on thle sick list.
B to Misses Vernier and May Foster
hat spent TLuesdayv very pleasantly with
the the Misses Gwynn.
tary Pr'of, V. 0. Laithem's school at
ap- Olga closed las!t week(1, imluch to the
at regret of his mlainy pup Is.
'tice MioIn Axo,
Pers~ons hlavinig chamis ag ainst thio'cstato
of Oarter' Durham doooenso d, are r'ecquest
own edA to pretoent thet same11 propecrly attested
'day, t ,the ludersigar-d for paymI oat by the
Bilp, 1st day of A pril 1902,
t be 'I'hose indnhted~ to said estato please
will make1( paymenti to.
Tabge Mountain.
The woathor roma ins mo. col(
nd the ground so frozen that tl
irmor aro provoioted 1ron doinit
ny work yet.
The wheat crop is very soirr
br1ough thist sectionl, .th0 sever
reezos have killed it out,
We i are certa iII blosd
hrough this section, is regard t<
hurch going, we Canl go three Stin
ays of oach month nd somo lof
i can go four Sundays. On the
rat Sunday we can go either to
larietta or Oolenoy. On the see
nd Sunday either to PlIsant
Irovo or Poter's Creek. Oi t he
hird Sunday to Friniidshi *p, iIeen
illocouuityanid on the founh.1 :Sutn
aly to Mlt, Ta-hor., Pickenls counllty .
Mr. J. T. singlet~ol iehd an1
xCOli lt Sermon it G sant Grov
hur1 -ch on last fhhah. HiS rn
arks worcO fouiled on Iiko 12
hmp. and 32rd ver. ''Fear no.
ttle flock for it is yorii FIther's,
1(( plea)3l leC to Yi gou tle
AI.rs. J. W. I riddlo I)a frf)( to)
l(ovllilce to Speld a lw (li ys
ith her aIughter, irs. V. 11.
u1 rgess.
Mr. Willie Cox, (df Wttaecc,
1ssed throllug1 hlrnStaany -1. hi4
ny to PICekens lor a. 1);i03sur
Mlir. James (sriin, Jr., of 1'a
is, w01o Came h fio f' nas
A sSept-, vis-ited reintiPs bcr
at week. Jii fIem:' t I i &
is S. C. 10ole, 11 ; t' l iiv 's t
!turl i S meft im' il o
veal of the younil (i I n
Yed a tS o Il ni .: J ,
. igoolds mn List '(Nd y v
e Criilin, Olivia aid hliy Me
ugh. -*Mossrs. J. (v.yunn, Jimll
Id".Ed. GriIlin1). M r. I In.g..od Iand
illl!y always mvkc' thr usts
lvo slich a nice time we are ll
avs glal to call1 on f~hihm. Al '.
Wylille aid sister furliishd OX
lient musiic.
We now lave a good phctogra
llr inl our conjIII!ll.tIlly, l
liviat MAc1ug, wo nkspitu
itli a ikodla, which aIr flic.
Thornasvillo Notes
Mrs. \'illnli., 11un1, wjife of.I4
1ut, of n.eicille, w h; lnsbee
I with li or-neunloila is ilieU l2
Dr. JI. J. Iormall is i 'rAV icg at
Three of Mr. JoeLooe' fml
ho have b.eenI Ill w\ithJ pnomaalnia,
'0 improvincg under the c:ileful
tenition of Dr. W"'. M. PAnlIder.
Mr'. Landers'., wh In Is be1en-l runll
ig MIr. M1ayes Cl ~eelad's mill
ri the past five years has r'entedJ
e0 Jay H un t mil11 now helonging
Mis. E. M. Thomars.
Dri. WV. EM. Ponder' who seelns~ to
thio most popular man11 in this~
ction withi both1 sick and well, .is
ported ill w:~ith pneumonia.0) S
Th'le Latimm secool is in aior
hinlg conditionl iicw'. Ii overag!.es
>OUt sixty puiNl dc spilhe m
emecylC of the wi ather'.
Mr. Will D)avis had th' misfor..
ne to cut his foot Sev'crly' a few
lys sinice., Dri'. Puoder was5
died~ anid took six stitelh i n the
ound. Mri. D)avis is impirovin g,
Clement Items.
Th e in fan t chil ofi c Elp Frel
an has been seiouslyK ill buti
mi better'.
Mrli. P. 1K. McAldam.s and two
ms1 areC dOwln wVithi11 -l pn 1umoia. l
Mi\r. Johni Iit(t andl mothl~er arie
yntl'ined to their roomius withI pnu
Mr. Earle I )ny and (l1ittl 1d Iaugh
r are sick with pneuml~oiai.
Peopcle aRe getting anlxiouls to
all the ''hell (cord"' over' t he mutle
>w and4 it wont Ice l og 'till we
ill hear the geo-haw, see the
10 hirds sing~ and1( smll the frevsh
ir'ned soil. Then the vico's will
eginl to nudi~ge c n-'h (other ia
iyc sprling' is cComing~ whi'.o ccld
nh-white w"ill strut~ ;iroms d withl
is maiute, hu ling Ii i:2 la1 for01 a
swt and Red bird mat11i ng withientl
ill ('lchos ai i suca haI in51
ill go about fiussing~ with t ha~ in.
ates of the barn for a ploro.
ir'ds never ~ divorce 1peopl1 say.
/~hat at pity some1 people were not
irdls or' maylbe geese.
S-amhllO wlants a god r).f1(ci
>hDtativces, lt, ifll c't w it ih l(C( ,'
ilck and1( m)at t(cks readyi to~~ mo( l(ve
irt. lie says t his kindt of c'oinv-I.
onis~ wil do)go'od.c Mon..y land
uiiing aL man11 tc worik all roadl'l
Married on thie 13u h inst, at the
oml (if thle lbr'ide's fathr-r ~', MrI'.
tu guistus F'er'gusonl, i. .1 cJohn Ma.
or's to Mliss An-gil F'-rguison, Mr',
cinzo Edensic A' 1 P.y0 '~ ohiaig
'er~y much impi~rovedi.
Dr. and Mrs~. J. M1. Croenshaiw
avo the youhng people a Valenti no
arty Fr'iday ightL the 1Ith inst.
Mcrs. Miary A . Su~cthcrl'and is vi.
ing lhor son J). I". utherhlc1 necai
Deospite the cold wi nther th
rarmer's ini this M(ectioni Pare go(lin
aha nranarlinI f'or ano'.ther. cronp
Mala News.
Wheat is looking sorry for the
time of the year.
Ir. Johnnie Gantt and Joseph
Smiiith visited friends in Anderson
The wifo of the deceaaed Mr.
Williams (lied at her home in An
derson Friday night, the 7th inst,
13he loaves five children to mourn
her death.
Miss Tirzah Hughes, is visiting
hor sister Mr., J. H. Clayton this
Ivv. Mr. Lowis filled his ap
poiitimenjt, at Fairviow church the
!Iecond unday, there was a very
turn out considering cold
As th weather is so very cold, I
will try to write a few lines from
Ibis side.
Miss Ola Majors of Piedmont,
will opon school February 24 at
Cedar Rock school house.
M is Happie Welborn. who has
been teaching school in Greenville
comity for some time has returned
Som1o of A ,to children on this side
i:Ve rolapsod with the measles and
aro had( oil'.
The many friends of Misp Lillian
Tm1i ner, of Greenville, who has
been visiting on this side for quite
t whe, will regret to learn that
,ho is talking of going home.
COd. W. E. Welborn, of Oconee
iis g1Oreat on this side,
We are still having cold weather.
Ii was snowing this morning when
I t up, but as it was very early
amoz, many people saw it. It was
on1Y half past seven o'clock.
A very interesting sermon ws
preached at FairView church last
TuesIay ight by Rev. T. J. Og
1rn of the North Carolina Confer
Little Eva'and Doyle Sheriff are
downii with measles.
Sevoral of our boys enjoyed a
hlunt dowi on the Brushy Creek
sid, ono (lay last week.
Supervisor Stephens was down in
ht h lower part of the county last
'wxk and spent the night with A.
J. W\olborn. Ile and Commission
' Wlhorn, with the Supervisor
A nderson county, were looking
aer somle roads near the line and
mnaking some changes that are
Mrs. Samuel Sheriff has been
very sick but is some better.
Rev. W. E. Wiggins filled his
r'egular appointment at Zion
church Iast Sunday, and in his
ab le manner delivered an excellent
Mr. Burdine Smith, who had
charge of Sheriff's store has gone
to Birmiingham, Ala., to make his
hoim1 for awhile. We were sorry
to soe Burdine leave, but our best
wishes arc for him.
Mr Will Ellison attended apr
ty Ilast Saturday night and didn't
ewt home until Sunday night.
Conme, Willie!I you must do better
thain that.
CHArrER Box,
The negro-phobe and the negro
phiile may both profit by a visit to
the NeCgro Building . H~ere is food
forK rdluction and ample opport
u ty tstudy the achievements of
theIaco. No negro need feel as
lhml of what is here for they are
imayrespects mlost admirable.
Wodwork, iron' work, needle
work aind chirography, it is all
mos(Jt cred itablo and encouraging.
Tihe negro inventor is in evidence
with a rapid firmng cannon that has
iarnedl the commendation of high
auithorities. The negro carver
wvit 3 a pocket knife as almost his
only' tool, work wonders in horn
and1 wo~odl. Tile great schools send
vi dences of tile education they'
aire dioemuinatinlg and are proud.
Na:tid'nt of the socalled problemn,
can a Iord to miss tis object les
TIhe lprevenltion of consumption is en
h irily a questioni commencing the proper
I rea tI mn tt in timei. Nothing is so well
:ebytod to wanrd Qif fatal lung trouble as
l'oley's Hfoney and Tar.--BOLT &
A delegation of negroes, repre
senitinig tile National Industrial As
i~ciatlion, called on the president
Tulesdhay and presented an address
uirginlg his co-operation in secouring
an hppropriation from congress for
disabled and decrepit ex slaves in
the south1.
Th unhderliigneod will give a free samn
l!( of Chiambrlrain's Stomnohi and Liver
!:lets to any one wanting a relable
' ydy for disorders of the stomiaoh,
i unu'.ness or constipation. This a new
r enwdy anid a good one. 0, W. Earle
Tho governor ha. offered a re
waird of $1,000 for the capture of
l;iartow Warren,. who killed
Thiomias H., Watson at Eranohville
in August. Warren was tried for
robbing tile exprees near Branch.
vil a year ago and is supposed to
have hlad a hand in the recent hold.
up at the same lplace.
Cut this out and take i6 to G, W,
Falo drug store and get a free Wam3A.
(f Cha~mberlain's Stom~aoh And Liver
Thablets, de best phyisie, Thbey eleanse
and im vigor'at thes stomsgh. IuMirg90 $ka
. nimatit A and ramidt tha han!a1=. m..
The bank of Clarksville, Ark.,
was dynanited and looted onl Wod.
nesday 'by six men. They l:illed
the aheriff who at tempted to ar ost
them. They obtained about $1,.,
If you but know tm spiotlid met it of
Foley's Honey and Tar you would be
without it. A dose or t w)O will provon
an attack of pietmoi:a or -a grippe
It may savoyour lite.- I10I4',& THl0N
Miss Ella Murrav, a iativo of
Missouri, who is eight fv..t one
inch tall and wigh.'1411) p)ldIIF,
Will w d Edward lewaupre, a V-w
boy of Holena, Ml nt., wh k isjst
eight feet tall.
Engineer, Li. ,. . W. it. I., at itt
living in Liina, 0. will b)( p- ,' to
know of his recoveryr (nm l;tlntnalI
kidney diseao. Ito' wile'. "I was
cured by urnig 1.'ole's lain l nre
which I recoinimndiit to all. 4jwcintlly
trainmen who are Is:atlly sinuilativ at-.
flicted.-BOLT & T11 0'N b i: Y.
C1IILD I:N I()IS() N V1).
Many chiliren lte joisonl nel Inuiale
norvoti and veok, if Iot killel outrijhi,
by mnothers giving t1hmn ' xyrup. l0
Contailing oliatos. l'Iev' 1 1,)1.y : l
Tar is a safo an tilrin reu. Iv lot
cought., Crt) ) fittil i1i1g I rut , n'inl is
the only prominent cough m In 11:11
conJtains no opit'm or 44' th.-r p ns..
SF'(1' IT.
A noglectvil coughj or4,H i bm
to seriouts b)rn1 i l r1n A I >b lm..
Don't titko clutnet; m1n ! .
Emnd Tar all'oils i; wr t i. ,ie l '
serious afl'mets ol a hl. I I; )1' -.
You hayo from .m. 6, I.,. i , I ,Ah
510th 1902 in which t) in - v.-;r .In
Lurns ptlno look nhr i t :, u r 's t Is'
E 'T 1-:A t 11-: 1 1,1
Aur ~litort.
Fob. ~ ~ NE 19021 I'lI'IF.'
For the convenietiw,, r Ilm publi I
will be ti tht follw. ill;;. plaves,
for the p)rpos o a rii nrus:
Liberty. WNemsly. I b). .-b.
Norris, Thurisiny, ieb. 1:;in.
Central, Fridlay, Vlu. I Iii.
Saturday following in t ni
Pleaso tako tnotiten itid Ihoe who lttvo
not mado their retuirnu nw;t in *. me it
the abov namttod l pht4ev, t4 11 pnIrty
will bo enforotd atter Ih 1 20'1f .4
"I iave ueqitl ('h.u 'b
Remedy for a inhr .
no hesitanine in sovi ll" t I it - h -si Tl
remody for cough-;, oh)4k n 1r t 1
have ever used in my family. . have
not worts to expews tny cntitee in
this Remedy.-Mrs. J, A. Mioor, North
Star, Mich. For salo y U. W. Earlo
'The regrular oxmninntwo 0f ap
plicants for TIeacheris's Ct i lentes
will be held on Friday Flebrum-ty,
21, 1.902.
The exam inn t ion wd l comii nee
at 9 a. m., atnd close at i p . im. A p.
plican ts are requnested. to be on0 )
hand at the begirnunitg.
Landon's ~JTeachlintg an d (ClaSs'
managenment will be u1I~ as a hs.
is of podagagical1 mxa a inae u:k
teachers. W. W. F. 111 luIlT.
t~f6 Co. S3upt. 1:d. t(
would be a goodl (imnto buy1 i some
Heavy Winter shoes,
A lot~ of Cildibreons' I 'nioni Su~itsA,
the 25c kind, (only 15.
Lot of Misses Unio). ttiis, w.or'th 8J)
35c to closis t he lot ia :430. regP(
A lot of LaieiA Uno >uits en.5
ily worth 500 to closi.o at :Ss. 8
Mon's Heavy F"lte.ca im de Iit.
dar'wear. Hewty work dlirts to
keep the CoIld out.
Lots of Loaded Shte:.5, Sho.
Powdoir, &c., for the HItrd llan uters.
Lots of goodl thling3 lto .n. Full
line of groceries at all lim .
CJall to seCe it 4el no,~id 'trl
Pick( , S. C "a
f&""Homio 'Phtono N'. 2 1.
Tax Notice.
Omece of CO~UNTlY Timd:nu-it,
Pickensg C]ouni y, S. C
lectitng the t4 '4Vwi' ta I'
year of 1901:
Levy for state . x.>:
" (" Cnsti. i':
Total levy for st '
Levy for interesti i 4' - ,
Pleckens Cotirt flitin T ,x
b~evy for 1intere'st ' r
L~evy for Intere''- 444 on 5
special levy for .chool Im
Poll tax one nouler 444n4 44maa Mont R at
a x is two dona~urs 44t4 i.s r et e 1. t ,-.4me
me from all those whoi' are 441 44bl (ec)3ung 1 to I
3l00kfl 010SQA on Jntct.mbere 3.t, pyi
alty added after thaet n-.
Ootober 8d itc~i r ~c. (444
Foley's Hioney Ilno Tar
*Vl$ COldIS, prcvcnts pneumona,
a gtugln salvo in the wol
low is the
Wo aro woll supplied with 1h1es
Wo have receivod another big H
Its a caution the waly thoso sh
howovor, as they are knlown1 to I
We havo a few overcoats leu
of IHarness, lBridles, saddl s, liN
lardware of overy doscriyt i l
Shingle Alills, Shinglo Ildils Silp
se' us bf)oro buyinog yor (
nothing but tho bast. Our io1t(
has been inl tih paIst, mST (
PlIlCES." Your patroniage ros
g Sipinnll it 1f uk just 1creceiv
---( )
Ext rao(rdl 1ry va Ilues in all
Extraordiinary values ini
Ext raordinary values in
Ex t radinary vaue i
A (ow CAPES mnd 11M'KE'I,- v,
eavy Shoes. This is th ihI
esir goods8 will he k~pt, in ll IIho
ere can you buy better (oods h)
)nie Picie C
WVo have inust changed the prit
shouhi not jail to call andO se*e u
(1. Our pries8 are fixed to iSTA
....Look at the
Me's Viei Kid Dress Shoe that
$2,0(0 now goingat,.
Ladies Dress Shoes that soldi foi
Men's Rocklanid Calf Dree~ ShIo
__!!_ for $1,50 but Wo sold for
An excellenut shoe for mien' er
generalily solls $1.35 to 81,50, ul
(Alorriks Six Cord Spool Thremi
oft we now ofler* for Ic. 1) balls. ol
uta 01 6 catlio for .ic a ya11rd .\ft
1 yard. A big lot of freshi gar len
>r .10c.
17 lbs Standard girnulata d .Ilua
12 1lbs good k''g sodta for :7oc.
.10 lbsI: of splenid greeni cofteve I
Tonnsse ho5N' Ill 1nad l ml I Iolassef.s
(''nlio 10laouie iilario mUllti IIe at
WVe wvill dliver goodsi to an a a
-idges & Hammond,'
Dry Goods
Wo want to cias out)01101 our 1 utro
>Ok of DRlY GOODS t onC').
Come now and get bargains,.
ridges & Hammond.
I1CK ENS, - - 8. Cs
(100(1s and the pricos are rigbt.
hipinent of
w- ill, it i.-; easily undorstood
'It(- besht s mado for the
o :ra song. Big stock
. 11-1 Wagons; to go cheap.
I'> iting, Fnory wheelm,
;w- -.o1d Acid-wo handle
jo i t' ' ini tie future as it
[11B H NLEY.
a!, all s s. Prices 50o to $7.00.
S ir~ iss than cost.
n o'-Is and Children's
N - A- "iho for little mon
I brobItlel'dries is now on.
v l oft It') sodso l, and DO
I a tI lli" 1unV0 ,
Jsh Store.
nur entiro line of shoes and
n l I need of anything of the
Y andw will not 1doyiate, from
v. . ) o I dr1ici,ly fur
lia'g!tg at $ 1.71.
hat' \8 tal
*in at $ 9.21,
b I an htave ailwayn sold 5c a
ogitafI iau-a Ior 5(3. .1000 yards
-u aiig;a hh3 ' calico for
A I t re tcoived, 5c a paper or
I LLE. S. C.
We Wi '1ll.Sl o h
Net 30 Day
No i.st. a... ijj .....
20 per centi
less than usual pfice. Wo haye
isdtne eeptionial v'alues,
(4,,ot,,,,me 8o -

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