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The people's journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1891-1903, February 20, 1902, Image 4

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The People's Journal.
He ig Busy Taking Medicine and
Sneezing--Waiting for the
Spring Tinie.
Atilantil ('otnstn "tilon.
it I knew iiin well, Iloratio. A
man of infinite jest tn(d most excellent
It hias beien years sinice I met my
friend, Mark fl3anford. I see by the
press tispateles that he is (ead-(ie(
in Columbus hiast week. It grieved me
for a ti, althoIlh he wiis 01(l en1ough
to lie. Eighty yes is a gOO( olI age
if the nMnIi is Iool. Every time one of
these old tlees falls it shocks me.
Gecrge liarne die( not long ago in
Augiista, tIl I was grieved, for 1
loved him anli I n1 1 Ilconscious.y whis
pered, " Nex:" Only t hree o' is left
of the senate (f I . 'I'herc were
forty-four, but tle (,I reaper h is cut
(oW l all but our C'iicf .1ustice Sill
1lons1, our 0chall ain, ro(ith!er Yar
brough, a( ImyeIf -and I am sick
]3tut I was4 tumtinating-' aboult .ludg1e
Blanford-me1n ca. 'Il hima .Alrk--we
who knew him bcst . le was, as llam1
let sai( of Yoilc , .3 111111 (I f 1in l ite
jest and llu -t t 1 filcy-%. W ht'n
the spirit iuved b :n h oIuld enter
tain his frin1 nty it.
was our i tt et him aid .1udge
Underwo-.1 axa lud: Bueliutanto
gether w v a --ol ' - a
ind' seni the e b n3 ho'iur. durin-.i
the eup:.( :'t court when
Na: k wa I . Iu in
the court h.. u tier Warner
was -ittin and solemn
as a Prerb n . drikin:: in
the r he law of Ohe
case '. w- t
ingsat tl.:', 1
of V 1 latI
mnt a :: "1.nk
rc,"In w- k
u - -
* -V
, .7I
l'r. h y , , ,
I l )rr..G l b --
n Ioui a, el . .1 h
a nu h b e i 1 3 1',y . '
h111e d ictor --- . be b~
a 311i be litd hei il, ii!siuiji ii
I:h's tis, bos a.31 ' h ''i a hins1
g ~t St iiil'il fsh ~ tme hs~s
case ill 1hejIuOV.
i. e1 nW3flI'' II o n's. intoi'
wkthe an1,i nal~ ls . ii pta's
Iflc *' '~'N f ithe"~ eni
1 o U n- ' cs.
ao llowen e 2h
c1)ora di an . n res.. . \i I
owtz boae~ I" n h
p~crescr:ed en, -
re .6
as I amn, ny wife laughs at me anl H
says if 1 expect to rate as a gentleman
I had better be more careful how I ex- A
poctorato, and she made m an old
fashionied honey stow and I'm trying
that now. Itsthe woatlier-the horrid
old weather that lis flopped over oil
us from Yaukee land.
Every ohd veteran who has the grip "
in bad weather ought to havo some- VC
body to toll hin stories or sone chil
dron to play around ani cheer hin up fo
with their merriment. The old I'ersian of
monarch, liarun at Rasehid, was kept o
alive by listening to the beautiful sto- K
ries in the Arabian Nights. Certaii it
is I don't, hanker atter serious or.
mourniful colnpiy. I've coiiheil st<
uitil 1 ai almost i cotlln. I'm like by
that bad boy whlio got to saying <1amn an
it and his fathei whipped h1n1 for it, de,
111( so oiie (Iay he asked his father if I
there was any barm inl saying '' coffer. 1i0
dam.'' ho
'' No, of course not," said the old th
1inan. ( W'hiy (10 you iask' cr
iecaise,' said he, '' the old c an
ha1s smwlhlwed a cb and is about ti e
co11'en-lt hearl off."
My dilaughiter reg 1les me with aneC
dotes and my wife feeds me (Iln anti- to
dotes, aid so I am worrying along, d
vaiting for the spring If L Cani live f
a mnonth longer I will get well, rc
Our Washington Correspondence. gil
The Chinese Minister Gives a Mag- -1)
nificent New Year's Reception. li
WVA.,111u lhT, l-elbrilary 1 1, hl i .2 -- inl
Special: " A ilappy New Ykar " is a 40)
somwhat surprising ihItatin ] on the tii
"tl of -'ebruar :, but :i- -I werc the to
wolrdlks will hi ici Mr. and Madhunit Wu, th
ireeted their fritnids on la.1 Satu vi b l[
eveliig w.hen the .' -:1 ovoy Exlra ordi b1
n.ryW ald Miniister lLenipotentlia r to at
tlhe IUnitel States frin ('hina -' ,ave a p
card retLj1iioni iI Ceebration I tlie iI
'lilise New Year. Wu Tul:'
falunmus inl Washiinlton f11 i-znu '
lht spitality as i- ab-o his chtarming wlii N
an t n nit )cea-iion hial it hant m1r)
evd tt h no ths r i a \n :i . I
(a Qt Undp tnt t. t N
"V~t 11
V.. ' li t-l it v, I e . I
a' ecte
steint-ll' .e atLil hnt t w 11 [;i i l
7.1 tr-S wt hr .
VA:I I' ll I t,
the V 1 ; - ; - I .
T I'h. v.. .i th : ; -
X . t: m v Ill . L
W it :- :w I a ,
ii Ii i rleili :lit a p eI i -n in i
we.:e1i~ ltiitt I~ i ite fr1 i rn li ve I it.. h
c ..:kigli an.!ii wit .!ln, eher,1114 tl
x.ri at w ~e hi time teta m t ity
- *e * - . h.sdn car ~ii
e ~ h 1
* -i
Li Interesting Account Froml a
Northern Newspaper of the Sad
The ceatli of (telieral Leonidas K,
>lk wias oil of the s3addest tragedice
the war. Ihteret Iave beoll manl)
11ion1s of how the death of the noted
sh)op anid getieral occurred, but the
lowing from The New York TimeE
IsI is the true story of the killint
eieraIl l'olk, wlhich occurred o]
ls14aw m11iounitaii, tle body lycin
mglit to Atlanta :
It scens that Generals Joe John.
>n,1 l'olk anid Hardee, accompaied
General Jackson, of the cavalry,
I an escort of staff officers, haId rid.
ii out ill front of Bates' liine to exam.
ia position, thought to be suitabkc
the Washinigtori artillery. Th
rses were made fast at tile foot of
Shill, andl the party ascended to the
>lwn. Here they were the initials tt
abatltis, with several cinbrasures
iderinig tice place veiy iucli exposed
itr own gis were less tlin Soo yarth
front. Thiere haui been litile tiesul
'y tiring during the early houirs oi lilt
y, bIht this had Ceased soie titne be
re the group of oflicers biegan tilil
:onnaiss~ance Tnis was prolonger
a mitch greater extent lian usual
I glitled into i geieral and aiiinatet
nversation, all (if the utlicers heimui
thiered into a kiot atid sini til
u3d and -lsses with a t'retIoa ie
eakinig nauik atml interesit. Thle -,un
rs tipon ouir ide could iot 'ail to set
0111 phnLII. and whilt ticy were he
If observed, doeliberatel 1 retuirned tit
servation, with illi time for calcuia
1 d 111:adjustment. The party s.:emliet
fgt their expo1041l :Sititutimn, al
Ilhi SolC Of lhe can .:ers wlo ha
en at wvork ulvin tle little tier o:
t a!tl,-0l4o1ited Iu:. to tiill tit
unter f oucr shos. Prsen1tly v
hil eaiut e het.llcwaslischjai.e
ti -h nitil it i t he cli t oncus
oi k'I !'l n 'lt . It was tiltl pro.
I. t iy:d , alId telt diffte reilt Ioli
tt :t 1u 0 t 1u it 5'e il s Wert.
bitu1. Gener al Ptolk ielectedl a very3
ure~~Ila bler:bubcoming impati.
ti anxiou to) :ie the ran e ( I flit
1 ."C litc el y. hit- StepT ed <ut 1PO
-111 b r tul was intently gazing out
- te cou.tl y--hlis arn4is fli I
I h i e pre:-ented-whel a.
h r~andsh t frin a teelrith-d c n
n -1tu k theel o , r sh n b''th
ni-. :. ' . ia thron.:h the h eart. u
ru-n 4f tei t 4t ;i n h u
l. mn itre.
P- '. I'll! lit-eleSS n Ian11
Iw i:dul. .1 ok . hn tol W.
i-il v rhiu l a tant, w t
-a r t .u t .2The ti f tli.t i n
P-111ee t<o liis fgliitt telz
b - be ilb-r tt in lit.11ry N fanmily
t withl tHt Iiourninlg (t' 1ruer1
tlt C p -- 01' fath- . Th i .
- I it1. T he ho 11,f th II Ie
i-e o w e.1 t a lat -J a a'l
an .u u a; t ,t fro th nc t
he :.e. N . ( , whe e his fa nl
Lortga Smr as hie Ken
ttt, t kian.t
* -- * .tr.
-s . - r' i lt 2
n t /2
I j tllli *t~ 4II t i
it tilslis..~. .tii sic /ea t -//in' Il t' .
se f . l~x~iivc is it it. tg
Its quityI inilutices h
tlile ali. price. g
1rofhia ie 'ruit d
whell c li )L actual St
is in the. fertili.er.
Neit her guanl/i/fr ti-r
without Potash. i
Write for our free books w
othler, atill )Il,111t v li it) o t il C t a o : ik
oi 1Ao n . . tIu deti.
, ,t. . o k ' t
otihi O~~ tt t1~ Uik !1ii - - t
T'hay were ill ~wCary et liC-U
story, anti] tring!- to ,I nd ,m y
It to ria aaak il. .At .:a h ;\l -
l"MIused to taUke ;t d 0i1 i, k! ..It
WUIs l'elil\ to ake up A- It..
.not loSv 1 llillute, Iu
tlli):; of~ik il
(LIs. anil continitnl
ill which hl e lt aal I m'.c , .u .
Ioni-lie -aive 11": ie."
- riicipals, andl of' ith!:,
piarties to the atfai:. It,
the quarrel, the l.ace of n -
weait het' idti Ialve ril' L.
It was a graphi st .rv a n -
f tlll by thme te Ai.e
but IBlackhrn eljaw -I . -. *T
had progressed. to the paiit f the mw -
Si 11111tpiit- C . W112 A '!,l''l~t I t l
r tt de1cribe his (wn h- ln
he con[teinghiteel the tr - a-:be e,
hle ein-ete<!.
Satevenslon ituuh'ed inl s"1n11- iluoratl tit
rtflections over this aiwakening ol his
ConiSclenllce, titil thrieu.v inl .6Ilue line. hi,
tonl: hti of 1Mliinent tihat atda to the it
rt ligni of the picture. lie theni tie- r
ScrilLd N ith ItiuCi Ileitail the cen- it
the ibattle grotial as the principals C
took tir phlii:7 al llhtekburn, as an no
liuthority, he:.;anitoa 2i ve htem thirl in- J
Structions5. Till stll wvai* juist ri.,in 11 a
over the hi! aii li h )tin L tht wein. fh
Tihe ': \1id 're- i t hail hecti Le
tjing For iit-i an h ur, analll Ite, tit
to p.u-ed tat Itlti a <lrink Fi. 'The
ot0h.*S wiiti lo f-r hini to resulie, but
lie dli nil at. ly
". W ell, hov lil Ithe (1111 enl -?'
a 'rowtor Knott. cit
" )h." :-ii~l S-tevvenson, "it was so M
i ik whi-ti .ifa :rot throlIgh -jiviai ill
sitrutitu ath il~t they caul not, seu to g
"ho ., 111l th". IIi: hail Io be Ic larel
lit- he a: tughia-l hieartily' as theyv
lfori it.
IAzi6erson's Famtotts Legislator and
Ihis Political Ihistory.
('har(maan Lactnirn;'l
lTnere is a wairnii chlihl of nature ini
n~ee: .--htyins corne. to town''z. If
there beal anty :tutng us .o beniighited as
I)> . w il-at te itndenitity of .Joshi Ash
cy. it ra- pr;er to inforzi him that .Josh11
i.s a ine ta'r o~iaf t heC LegishI ttu re frinn
.Ande-re')n C.o unty, a -utccessful tarner
i..rd thec dis;a.enser of a line ot' diction
wi t.:. tir1.7 up ini ;eth what it hicks in
tbCA1h7Iey isj' tite character.
pat o ch n th a
* a 7. . -. 1 i .a ~ a hand-.
.........r .7- y'-- 1 ul'a .7
7 a Ifart iat'u
r j . . a/ t fa~u Zi ta' th'e w bllt
- t*a1q ,r */.l';db. A d lt'> (li 11 t
-p y.- :.r 7:- l'.:. an *aaI he a;,u-o y~
- . a y..a M i i jhat.).sit ;iin ,yan
-.... -. 'aA h yw ne fth i t
a a a .. '.i.h'7an wa4. te jg~ne a
h.. it y a; rS .a jI; a7 i~ t 'u ua'
ra:. ,.a to :a T l';nt ; n g~ rab i,' (;aaj.it
U . L A:~a/7hy thiar~t f-a Jt.a)0- rg
al: l a l; Pa 1 1r,1 Iat:. eA ';j gla
llnanohn bra , A i y '.ht:iat coIe C v i al- e
a'ana?. r: r71 h~at y Wia : 4 aloj t he h;it/t.
1-ajo a'a I .i I a 11 giWl, till a: r ;~7 ata
adj yet,~ al.yhO e bt l I hI rat tti rin 1g0j w
Ira ya-al. vr: air A id-t a; y spi ll y, la: Wa d
'1 a0 /je Il) jh ': aTuha a d A h gal V.1111
Ii'a al '.,aa I lth iaE94t I tll by i.be her i ll f l g,
iahga U. ck . I a c h ajilce (illr n : con via -
rhalt,a 'ira l itog a IK Wa.: Vthen lthe .J.,11 g
IAc: alV "'. 1h1d" he'dit lu f tha Itl I aaaa- .
tu aA l. hal . V/lln: .j-Ih Vi,,l|,| la iii Cr
ili: ilia n ar wta1l: l 'la h l: that t11 an7 'a.ig hge
Aa.lray l id r-al la-I Iiva la he g luaio je
al a a Al. hllal I ludob y1171 allj eIIglIla ~
hll al. aa e lail thI lilag lag / Vl ild h Ila i bll
I a ' la~ f I ta lhlt:la I, 'i. 'll aIig lil II.ii h
WIn'I WCiayta t fir e'
a onb jian Ie a I l : al alwill ggI .1-ia a Iael~
4; , ti lgaaIr l . b ' 'ill i /\ 'aa p | p vV I n y , -
I I A~ ill y a hl~~ak a. 1 g
n Ine g aa Ien ati a ggal . h al i~ iveI
laa ila lae gilag ltilallann th < a itll y J
lall~ata ll Ibnaal-1111I taualy In n ait.11 Ali
aTh1y1 hail 111 nol algI anlggnen I of yal
llj i hlwn, lga thaeyl-) p iy lhigta t wga
ha I len nlaleglni I ta the g ~l ry1 I ii /11.
I "I aaihalia lahgato l to 4:iallhh Ilin a ll ,a
I ait aae. l 11 h It tha Voty we~lh l u 1111 at illan
Ilat Iaili Ilni l itlan retg, a thin ay gga
Itth I a. \ t he a gons 4rv tVl vot, (abhuI l la
ash to iarpoon victory. TI'hat was in
392 and Since thiic, exceptlig o0 term,
itizoii Ashlev has beeirt a muhier of I
to legislattir," atild his adinir s say
U call iiti lc laWS a c:-aily as )I,, Clli
reuk "110111.
Wieu Josi -cears li) oii the I1oi0 of
ko Ilo1s to (10 a fcW IiliAssth illeli
nts he ladics out nIeli i t of talk
lat is not ilnfre(uiently ciowtI. d With
ird, liorse sunse. W hat ho k ii ,n .:hout
)litieal ecolloily and the vic-lic o'
averlin ctit niitlls Lohingt, hull inl
Jalin~g With pracLtiCal prpoa l:ntnL
'c not beyoiid his ken Job' i in iake a
spoocII " that is anyI)thingiL' (ehW 1 bU' 0!tt,
al end i pIIoliiaie.
IL tihe fuIineusL, Of tilue . ' Ill'
1r Benij unlin ( tiln nh.l o:u
r Iako'poe or-net To
1 meinced !n the I . S. scn te :kwl h bt
til to giYU .1 ''. l C,'IL. .tll rt' It
Salcs. ill hittr ret:dd I' il, IAny
>lden promiises that 4'Ih~an imi 1,
a18 atond did " I SH h to : t h
4>.- hi dtla ol' oit Iu~ u u
r6i Ii i to 0 t t i b . . . . I
US 10 11 A 0 lt il) 'l %' ~
e-e!y ga. hull thc
ay .it1thet
6 4 6
m . r
.'til W e t : k' ! -
s story cu ' . -
n el tillil 15.i
>pped Ih;, hatue I
Wat sculeu, on! t
sh h is ph.ud n -I.
This is not .1 -1
utrlim . INe w -
) With It num e . n - a S
glature, ataI( be ~_ M '
lplpy ex ,>e~rien ce. The
r a sali ariund the hQ,
isick. WhnII the b v 1
u Wharf and - .
ira lirma ht- w\a, . i
u sail.
"flit Was al: riHt11,"
:but. muy Umlow
JIsh rece itly i n l
nlditdite fl'o th le :A
ike a hot i ' i
tonish the -dent jo
liStic fire w
that took tif : I
chased a boti'th 4
Vigor and it brou ht h ..
back aygain.
O.ne thin s cemin cv
Ayer's Hair.871 Vio redes .1
the hair grow. This is
because it is a hair od
It feeds the hair :;vd the
hair growvs, t hat's aI I thre:
is to it. It stops lilml
of the hair, too, and a*
ways restores color to
gray hatir.
: - 1
housands Hlave i~iuy Trouble
and( Don't JKnG i.
?tr a:.d b~*t n --/ dI
nl'/i nlf pr'i flat '
.1 (r I orthT
.n / l ..e, .h.t I
I' i ' - ii ll
I )th ; il. Le 1.1 n II~
y i'ff 41 t~ .. ll . g \ ~i .J1
II I .llti e.i .ii lIh V b ~ I''S4 I l
For Infants and Children.
he Kind You Have
Always Bought
Bears the
For Over
Thirty Years
Lt Cost!
aetons and Wagons
e Sacrifice!
'word for it, but com' 311(d see for your.
P e 3hve-bor33. 'iTalor ad (Chat taLlngat.
>f alI kinds-., and weU are goiung to 8ell our
ty well over buti1 we have aI few bargainsl
-l k r, (3 wn ou(o n re oiloy1n
W IL L E. WfiT[C
& CDO.,
I kind o
3333 133 . i:-13-. S kinanii
h 11 o ilr331 tIe's will brinig a man33
3333 33~ 1131 :.I ' i t il ' i 'e, t
3- (' : r133n3 moucha. 111. So ' by att newesteal
3ra .1 m3 , to 1 '3 3tt., 33I3 as ing 43n, 6.
3 ', 3 3.\ 1 4',l,:' N . (34
Attorito1 at I .aw,
1 s t'gur3, '3 . 33 (~ t I 1dvi .I.. S
41 '1 3 ''1. l t e c u t, t t n
s11111 1 11ii i t (lIl d B(d 'ls ii ,
Va noR the Seitsa I&Mlweso
1' ld h1) estion1.Cli4erliti
h i: I C t inIilS iillic'
Nor4 .,mc4,ic
I4. I' 1 01' t ) 11 %N I
N 1 ~' Y )11(.
mnr ' ii
out n, lureys,
At an Absolu'
.I' t d. I l'' Iiie o
144u ot herI4 1inak .4-. f Huggl
-*-L k ! :4? i. \. ! 4 ar44 Il I.i* l ay y I -
L rii i: . .1 i : . \-e nfr
Iuii~ 1* d -,n4 bh.juh <4, 110 lI41 .a
\ I'l-N i- \ ( .\ iii I< ,,pl
I \ NbW lii'
A1111 .,1
ro44441 1414414r4leni a gill 444 I li*e 144'si 164tagines,
4y ,fi4,4 All..a, 1,.if 4.4 'a*ent44lha 4il j a~that
a ..,, .. InI~ ln ..IAin A i 'a4 fu4e 4..1 4.hse 41 *u.( .A. .g
IlHA I. . 4 '1.14 1*14. 141. 114444 '' 44he *44in lsfae '.,.i. '
I *te 4, 1 i A N4* 4. W .4
Al nI

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