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His Experience as a Grip Patient
--Taking Medicine by the Clock.
Atlanta Constitution.
This is a bright and blessed morn
ing. I feel better-a good deal better.
Think I will write a verse or two of
poetry. If a sick man has good sur
roundings it beats medicine. Good,
cheerful company to call and not stay
long--go(1 children to sympathizO and
watch the clock for nedicine time,
good grandchildren to come and kiss
you and go to and from and talk and
make a noise; a good wife to scold you
and tell how imprudent yov have been,
and a good doctor to look at your tongue
and choke you with a spoon handle
so as to see away down the esophagus.
But nature has the best of medicnes
stowed away in the blessed sunshine
that give life and vigor to everything
animal and vegetable and revives the
drooping spirits of the sick.- It has
been a long and hard winter-the
coldeit and n t disagreeable one
hundred consecutive (lays that we have
had forycars. flow I envied the good
people of Forida while I read Tom
Sawyer's rhapsodies in the Clear Water
paper over tile advent of spring with
its peach trees and yellow jessamine
perfuming the balmy air with their
fragrant blossoms. But it is coming
gentle spring is not far away now and
a day like this is its harbinger.
If it were not for the daily catalogue ,
of horrible things that hetidline the t
daily papers even a sick man could be
be calm and serene on such a day
as this. An aged country friend
told me that hie had quit taking
the daily papers for it distressed
him to read such things. "t I haven't,
long to live," said he, "c and I
don't wish to cloud my miind with a
daily record of luman misery.'' But
1110s all people have to mix up with
the affairs of nations aind of men and
keel) posted about everything that hap
pens. We can't skip the bad and read
the good only. There is a fascination t
about horrible things that we cannot
* esist. They are the first, things we ;
look for. ''hcy exoite our pity or our d
idignation or our wonder. Our child- t
hood began that way for we never tired f
of Jack, the Giant Killer, and Ivawhead ;
and 13100(13 ones .1(1and Robinson 0
Crusoe. And now the editor of the
press dispatches carelessly looks over
the lttle Elips that are laid upon his
desk and reads " Another explosion in
the mines-one hundred killed;" t
" Another railroad wreck--thirteen
killed,'' and then resunes the little an
ecdote he was narrating to a friend.
We are all growing case hardened to
pain and grief and suffering for the
same reason that tile surgeon becomes .
case hardened to the paim of his patient.
But ever and anon some new horror c
comes along that shocks huinani- s
ty and astounds the world. .1 read t
three long columns last nirht about the a
horrors of adulterated food in iaris y
and how 18,600 infants died the last :
year from poisoned milk. Ilow the e
great incorporated dairy companies in
tile suburban towns have to deliver t
800,000 quarts every nigit. It is j
skimmed before it is canned and then 1
is watered 20 per cent, before it is put i
oil tile cars. On arrival at their depots t
it is delivered in calls to 800 milk boys t
(garcons) who get .,1 .40( a night i mlas I
much mlore as they can make by water
ing the milk from the hydrants thlat
are sup~pliedl from tile river Seine, the I
filthiest, river ini all France. One h~un- I
dlred (detectives are employed to watchll
the~se boys, but t.he boy's have (detec
tives, too, and1( arc seldom cauight or'
arrested. The superintennlent of police
says it, is impossible for one hundred
11101 to fol low and watch eighlt hund1(1redl
boys and~ lie now asks for two thous
This watoredl milk qulickly souls anid
by the tinme it, is dlelivercat to the r
tailer at, (daybireak it has t~o be wateredl
* againl with a solution of bicarbonlate
of sodla. This is the milk thlat, supp~lies
all Paris, and is daily fed to infant
chlildreni and in a brief time they take
chlolera mlfantumn or diarri and~ (lie.
Tihie mledical faculty all testilled that
thlis milk caused tihe dleath of over 18,
000 infants mn Paris in one yeiar and1(
the mortality was on the increase, andl
this (lees not iniclude the deaithis of
child1ren over one year old. Thliese
eighlt hiundredl boys are orgaized into
a powerful syndicate for protect ion
andI defenice. lEach pa1ys into I hiri
treasury $1 a week, making a total of
$14,000 a monith with which to pay
lawyers' fees and lines and1( the wages
of those inl jail and to brib'e the city
dletectives not to catch themi when
watermlg the milk. They water it
while the wagons alre on1 the go -jump111
ing inl behind with Cans ->f wvater. TLhe
milk suspected is turned over to tile
city chemniste, who analyze and1( replort
andl if tile bloys are arre-sted miost or
them escape) puishmenlt, ill some cor
rupt way, but, nione are dischiarged.
T'hey go b~ack at, oncec io the com11
pany's service.
But Paris is alroused1 as it, never has
b~e('n and1 det lires the di. athl-dealing
business shall be broken ump if it,
takes two thouisand dletectives to
purisuie the eight, hundred 1)oys.
SOumr ciireni alre fed oni miicrobes
from the river Seine," is no0W
onl every tonguvie. Othecr citics have
taken uip the cry and lonien and(1 )on..
kirk show a larger dleat h ratec of infants
than P'aris, and( no0w they3 say3 no0 wonider
tile )ppulatu n(1 , Ii'anice is dlecreasmlg
ma1tead( (f inicreasinig. We are poisoin
ing th ree- fouirthus of all the chiild ren
before they are a year 01(1 and1( half the
remainder soon ofter. ,Seime water,
microbes aund bicarbonate of sodal.
This explosure comles from latec of
fIcial sources and is no doublt tlhe trutlh
or very near it. Just think of it anld
shudder-18,000 inocent, helpless
babes, murdered in one year in one city.
'L'om Hood wrote a song about the poor
Be ving women that aroused all Lon
don.. If he were alive in Paris now
what a pitiful subject he would have
for another song. What a shame upon
our sex, for it is not women who do
these things, but men and boys. The
mothers suffer in giving them
birth. They nurso and cherish and
clasp the little things to their bosoms
and love and hope and pray, but the
destroyer comes and theni all she can
dio is to grieve and weep. England
slaughtering the Boers and France her
innocent children. W hat next?
A graphic writer in The New York
Press describes a difTerent kind of hor
ror that we k now not of, but is a living,
breathing, seething thing that is not
new, but has collie to stay and grows
bigger and more horrible as the years
uove on. Ile says: " It would have
icen unnecessary for Guistav Dore to
Lollow Dante for a text in order to pic
.ure the horrors of lell." The govern
nent has established free baths at Hot
springs, whic thousands of the moAt
niserable of all G(t's creatures con
,regate and bathe for relief and a cure
rom their loathsome diseases. These
vretches leave their rags upon the
emnented floors which are an nch deep
n water, then stagger or reel or crawl
iaked as the fiends in the chambers of
ll. From thence they clowd into ia
hird room where the water and the
.ir is up t. 110, and the stench of foul
dors is horrible. In this room are
wo large pools like vats inl a tan yard,
*Id the victims tumble into them like
logs into a 111ud puddle.
No doctor, no soap, no towelh, no
ttenldaits, and they are sooin hurried
ui, to make room more, for
even hundred a day is the maxi
inum. Ten, lifteen or twenty nt a
ine soak their loathsome infirmities
11 thu nasty, lilth y, hothealing waters,
nd then recloth themselves with their
ret rags aid go somewbere to dry. All
re bent'eited and 10 per cent are cured.
V'hat a picture! Their lives, such as
hey have ilmle them, are not worth
aving, but they chn lg to them and live
I hope and defy despair. One hunimi
led aid seventy-eight thou.-anid of
iesc human being passed through the
rue bat hs last year. ()ne bath room
for white men,on i for white women.
lie for negro men and one fur negro
Not far away is a magnificent hotel,
nd there is a fashionable ball going
1). The rich, the gay, tie elite are
iere. One moment a man is waht zjIIr
rith his -vife, the next with some
ther man's wife, the next with some
ody's mistress, and the next with his
wnit mistress. I-'verNthing goes, and
11 Is hell. A famous physician took
is daughter there this season, but, sent
er home quickly to keep her from the
ompany of wealthy and diseased para
itt s. Almost cvery one who goes
here registers under an assumed namie
id play incognito during his si y. A
outhern judge was recently called
pon for a toast at a hotel baminuet ani
aid : " Ilere's to the names we left
chind us.1 lut the half has n)t beeni
rid--some of it is too hail to tell.
very night the poker rooms are iII
last and thousands won and lost. The
ender ponders and wonders can such
hings he in this Christian lald, and in
his God's country. Verily, the hum
I, and the poor who live around us on
lhe hills and in the valleys or down ini
he pinicy woodhs should he thain kful
or the health anmd miorah ty that COmc1s
rom poverty, Ilurns never wrote ai
ruer verse than that which says:
And I know by the smoke that Sc)
gracefully curled
Fromn among the dark chuns that a cot
tage was near,
Lnd 1 said to myself if there's pece1C in.
this world,
The heart that is humble might 1hope
for it here."
B11mb Anr'.
Iias been rudely defined by smne cynic
as n slops and sweets." And after aill
there's more truth thian poetry in thme
defiition. Ice creamt and( cake imay
satisfy the palate, but they aire far fromi
satisfying to the stomiach, which requires
that food be inutritious first and ice
afterward1. lBy careless eatig v omien
pav~e the way for stomiach n trouble,"
and1( its kCindtred miseries.
I )r. P'ieree's G olden1 Meidcal J)licov
cry Is coinfidenitly contnni~iende as
enre for diseases of the stomach and
other organs of digestioni and nutrition.
By curing dilseass whIch p~rev'ent the
assimnilatin of fo od It enables the hodly
to be built up~ and st rengthieiied in the
onily way k nown to nat ure -- hy food
digested and assimilated.
"For twetlve long rni' ft t 1 EnO(Teredt ttntol
iseiry," writes Mits. M 11llii colgateu' of lan -
dolphl, Chintlotte Co'.. Vai. "* No totrgne could' ex
press the niit that I etndtiue beflie I cOin
ttencedi ta king Dru. Piere' % inedhiin. I was~
no1 t able to do atnything at all. C outnot eat
antythintg Xeet blread~ and ten jit if I lid tihe
top ofsny hed t o it seemted it wioil a ill
ine; with aitl lhat I could dto it wioud torn like'
fire. ltnt niow, sinice ntinig you r ' G lutun NId
Ical ilscovery' nnd 'Fnvorit. Prescti in'.' I
ennH eat ai little of almiost at .ing5 I wit. ando
cant do ai good day's work as well as nbd
cCIn. Amt better thann I have been rot yeatS."
D~r. Pierce's I'leasant Pellets cure
His Apt and Caustic Reply to the ti
Senator From Michigan.
The Senate had under consideration P'
the Philippine tariff bill, and a numl- inl
her of Senators took part in the gen
eral debate on the subject. T
A resolution offered by Mr. Tillman
was adopted, directing, tle civil service
commission to tratismit to the Senate
a statement showing the apportionment
of the employes in the various depart
ments of the governments Ir'oi tlle
several States and the i )istrict of
Columbia, together with the percenI- P
tages of employes in the departments. st
Mr. hurrows naid that Co nress was
dealilng with Philippine questios as th
they were found now adi not as i
they had been in the past or might be (I r
in the future.
4 We hold ," saili he, "1 the 'hilip
pine islands 1)y a title that. cann<. t he
eballeniged by any coilrt in Christen- c
doin. We have become responsihe
for thiem to tle natioIs of tile world.
Tle peldling bill simply provides rev
ellues suillicient to meeutl the leeds of
tle government of the l'hilippines."
While the Micligan Senator was i
reading tle proclaiatioln of l'resideal ab
McKinley known as the "1 bi-nevolnt bi
assimilationl" proclamation, Mir. Till- s
man interrupted to inquire if lie (oil- o
teided that the 'resident had authlior- (
ity to issue that proclamation. iic
"1 No doubt, of it," replied MNr. Baur- ca
rows. While tle treaty had not been r
ratified, he said, the 'resident had g
am ple authority to issue such a p (w
hIniation as a guilde to tle military by
COImII illainldersi in t(e I'll Ili ppines. ill
1 In other words," i1ugesel Mr. 1(
TillIman, "1 althioui.1li I hat. proclamation tin
sedulously ignored the politicalI stat us
of tle Filipinios, it was expeeted that r
I-he ,00O,0O of peopic woul accede
to its prov'is ions."' No
Mr. Culbersiol interrupted to say r
that the proclamiation was consttereil
so extreme that a part of it. was sup-. I
pressed by General Oti4. ch
Nr. I Burrows decliiei i be divetemi
fiurither fromn his argumin ent by . Till- to
man as "1 lie Iluestio ol the Senato r
from South Carolina evidntly are notl
intended to illuminate the subject." j(1
Mr. Burrows contended that while fi i
tle Filipinos desired a good govern- tio
mient they (ill l.ot, as a whole, desire w
itileiCidenlce, because it was realized
by tle best informed of them that an ' T
indepindent government in the be
archipelago was ieither practic- 2\t
able nor desiralc. The Filipinos, he %Wi
asserted, Were no, prepared either by II
educntion or experience, for indepen- Oi
dence, and couid not maintain it if it Iit
were gIanted to th'm.
N Ir. Tillman presented .1a numl a ber of
publie documents, as lie said, in refu- f
tation of statements made by Mr. IHur1
rows. These papers genera ly bore
ipon tle treatient by tie Unitl ho
States of the inhabiiants of newly
acquilei Countries and were mtelneldI I
to show that they have in the past, been .
received as citizens. ]Ie laid especial
stress uponi the differenlce of the th
irllllstalces c(iected with whe av- Ili
gu isitioln of Loutisiana and those on- 1
t cetIed with the aciuisition of tle liti
Ph'ib ippinles. The former lhe charnec- (m
tenzed as Democratic expansion--and mi
the latter as lepublican subjuigation. T
Speaking of (lie l 'hilippinies, lie said l
that our contuect in t hose islands had
been so infamtouIis (liat it should cause
a blush ot shame to nmunie h ehi thi
oif every Ameruican,
(Quotig I 'icsid ent AIc Nitiley 's an
nioiuncemnt thalit we miust pur sue a
method of '' benievolent assiinilationl' 10
of (lie l'ilIipinos, Mr. Till man said that li
anthe asimiiatio wul d bedlen t"
pais wen thycould gco traute (lintothe bI
nsoel of the eprabl of buidin lmb nL
tadth (lion sy t, ould le (found, avai it
si, ofe they sholdceu that the te~lesslt1l
liaibwd, be i isid h(onlie sytm avctd1
csentf lhe eote of builin up il
Amertican tschol b te li hoitilipp ie W
thatlte ofylte could, ie of noaimiedn '
vie ofy th fac tha mei taheirs pisint
aver knowl nth g olte laguae ofl5iLi tu
teFibpor (lejdanythe 'linos terorym
and that tsih lavnuge.t "ab And en, W
(hesad I 'hhins is th ioe sysemaletcaedl
tgovrnmepre etabli nsed byi hoiis
ionstbytufetsoh peol(e of Miciga. it
p el of that Stateye. xhimd
1 tiayttGodg hav merc ontli theid pusie
hinimous sois. i oenrs(falI
lepitng to11 Mr. Tinlmanhgtii, M ir.For
ake said hat he peole oft Loutisi at
t ay nt bln( algoweds to4 gletihiea Gov
erno orThe judiciary of thatIteritoryie 0
and that t govern mena1io titiestbh,sid n
Mhe l'oilipene i amrepy'ad hbe is han
Till movernmnt, estibed 111 in Lou its- t
innaibyiJefifeishn band theli i)eimocrathe ii
Coesse ofwhe dayu coiiilam a
Presdtaen aeoits the casernors(. ofe all -
orr'itres anaditn hs r
i'rakerni said that n oeili atrint lis r
tritueseaowmtae t(f the Phip ite
pines This( sthaeent led Mr.itllmand i
iore atteiyIt to goveln the peOPle of A
le I'hlilippinies witholit their -olslent
ian there was in tIhe case of the pev- I
0 of' Iouisiana, when-1 Titim111and
al mark nille Ie point that an early
'oi e f Stahelh kI had been made
tile case of i mlisana.
tisband of Her Comnpanion Ar- so
rested for Complicity inl the Kid
napping. w
'The l'is Teimps pidished a dis- h
th onl tih: Isti inst,. from Con -
intinople which announced that Miss
len NI. Stone has been released by ti
brigands n% ho have held her cap- h
'C 8inCC Sep. 1,1!11, and has been
ided over inl good lielith to I)h
agdmillin of the American le.gation.
le dispatch adds that the Rev. Mr.
ilk i ehs Iet arrested oil the t
ar ge of Comphi ity inl the kidiapping t
Mi"ss Stone." pS
The Coimnpalion in e..ptivity with M
isag Stolie wats Mladame K. S. Tsilka,
ulainwomlanl, thet wile of Mir. 91
ilka, Macedonian teacher of Sallia- lit
ve. Nliss Stone, whIle travellin.lg b)o
th Aladame Tsilkt :1ad a party of ci
1ut lift tn f itlids, was Captlri by int
igad tilte dhstrict of' Salonien,h
ptember 13. since that time vi,_or.-m
s e flor'ts have been inac de by tile
ited States (1overn me t ad by mis.
nrii-leS to obtain' thle release <clf tie lol
ihives. The briginis deiinatalcleud a1 f1
isom of 1'25,000 (Tin kish), but only ra
2,.-() was collected aMh this umi was m
id over to the brigands Februry ha
M. Garkuilo, chlie dra.'goimiaster of PC
Alericall legation at Costaiti- i
le, and W. W. l'ect, treasurer of eV
A A ican 110ssion at Conptaniti- Lo
pl, who met the brigatiuis on Ohe
l to the I'odrom11me Monastery. h
iad li :ieTilka wais ecllwated at the in.
irthlield Seiniinary. At the tilme of I
:civim:r her Americali trainliniig and in
1eation she was Mis slephallora, a wI
I aria 1a. llavitu' been converte i in CO
ilhood to the Christian helief, sit WI
Ine to Aierica, after having refused m;
ilarry a 1m111n of her parelts' choos
. 1)r. Ivight . ooI d4y, Ietot lng p
eriested in leti welflare , flnd ka ice is
I her in his nioted zchool. Ibiving 11,
iihed her training aat that inllstitu- i
n1 she becamlle a tainled us.
hile elngaiged in her p.'rofessional in
ie.s she becaie aiuaited wit h Ml r. gi
Lk11, a Mlacedonian, who lad also
inl eu1cated inl the tiited States t.
tha. period he was Ireparing fr -l A
rk as a mledical ulissionalr,y. Soon lh
er the cotuilde-lion of their training c
- couiple we-re mari~ed and wenit to to
lIgaria, where ithey at oLnce entered ai
()n missiornity work. rii
M iss Sitone ih oie of the missionalrits gC
the Amlerican bard (if for-eign mnis- IV
n1is. She has beln attached to the wl
lonin in ission since I8S78. She was t Ih
rn at lIoxbury, Mass., ald her hoite di
ni Cht1-ca l Mass., where her inothter h'
ide. Fotur' of Iiss Stone's brothIrs
ii hiillsitess Ini leiIoll. il1
lil'. r. Tilki, who, accordin.g in it
( Conlstajntiniople correspondent, of st,
l'aris, Temps, inl a dispatch an. t
nIllcing the rease of Mssl stone, ol
I been arrested oil tilt charge of 1o
uplicity it the kiuiutappimg of the inl
ssiont ry, is the hushl of NIime .sa
ilka, Miss Stoue's Coil) panioll. It pl
5s annonced~t r'ecenitly thati the Turk
h uthlor'ities susp~ect edt the llev. MI r'. V
tilat ot compljlicity ini theC abhiiuitionu of iw
re'tding caise cadiiie before ,1 ustie '
ipe, of thie supremClie Coti t, wiin Ii
ztioii waus iiiacde last wee k to grail t
il to Geor'ge K irk lan d, indliCIld for'1
iirder'. Similply .statted the facts seemi I
be ablou tas fllows: At ia parity lit
C res~'idncif AMr. ,. . Grilliin, of
>bibinis, ini lIaniwell County, on tihe ai
eninig of' t he 31st of D ehlebe last, '
iile tile danin~lg was ini progress, Air.
'orge Cobb uinnitenitinlhly gave of'
ciee to MIr. Arlthiiur 1)iinbar, who left
C r'oomu and1( ili a feiw me~inets tre
i'necd ith his fat heri, Mr i. George '
*iiibar, iiu his brother', Mr i. I larury i
tiunhir, all of whocm atipyroachedc M ir.
frel Se ninett miiierpjose'd to pre'vCent at5
Iliculty , when l Mri N. Geiorge IDuniibar
Ciw t his ptistol . Mr i. I'' I'. Son- c
itt also, initerp >sed to keep the peace,
hien lie was shiot. Hie thlen shiot u
zeorge Dunbi ari dead an.il a generael
iootng eniiulI, the r'esulIt of iwhiichi
Its the killing of Ilirry Dunbiiar' andt
,e mior'tallyj wouinclg of Arthur Dunii- o
ir,'wh di few (1ays later' oh his pi
oundl~s. A fter the goei'ral s hoot ing lh
as5 over' Geoi ge Kiz klaiid appearedi~i ti
hto watS lyintg woundedclic oin the loot': ei
is for this thait hce is niow itunder in -
tmencit for murderc't.
Thie testimointy is said1 to bei con Ilict. s
g, it bingi (ccntendedta Iby hiin that s
heic timec, whlile~ ln thc other~ hiatui it ht
iootinig himt. t
.Iustice l'opeo grantibiltc in11 l the suml .
,000J( iwith nt. less thant i tor'
ote thani live saiinrities.
TUhe( State ent cuoolgst of New
craey hils askedI for ani approritii' on
f' i810,00, ico carry tin the war' of ex
rinaiiitiont ofi Ithe mluxtlito. Strttange
i it maiky seemi thierce are a ntuiiber of
gislator's wiho atre not1 in lavor oif ie
loinitg lithe caus of Newi .1 ersey 's unr
niabjle Ci'li rptaitioni amoiig the State's,
ndl tite of' the~ defender's of the piest
'called that, histor'y says that thle moits
I ito drove Gen. howecout (if Newv
ecsy in Ilevoluttionar'y daysi, thins
cak ing pcossile Washmttgtoni's si gnal
tc i'ry lit 'J''enitto
oUtg Cornelitia Vanderbilt a
Stlece-siful Railroad Man and
Amiong the young railroadl toen
e-re is no oi more talked about than
mrneli us Vanuderhilt. lie hats bee
ie(eessful ill his chosen professioi
at tf railroad engineer, and there are
mine peol whoC clisider thi4s remark.
Pie, simply hecautise he does not1 hIive
he a ratilroatl elagineer unless lie
ishe us to. Ilis fialather dici not leave
mli as. mu1tlch Imloniey its i dlid1 his
other, ai inl tle settlemen t of tile s
te he receivel tily -57,0)),110t. With
is trilI.nig sum111 as a H.1t4, low ver,
has done very wvel!.
It hias beei only seven y..as s:nee
graduhtatted fr< m Yale, but mII 111f sl .
ven years lhe 11ms' nuuttis:ged to do a
inber of things. 1lc has worked in
e 1nilway' sliops and learned all1 abot.
0 IInakilair of 11an engilte. IlIe has
telted a imiblier of illvelitiolns of
cat isnportantce inl thec railway busi
14. IlIe hits be atueil a ltitiollii
mrdstnan and dabbled inl podliis at
11. l.e hats h com e a public olliciail,
ing inow a inintiber or the mnillicipal
it service board. 1-:lfots have bven
ule to induce him to runil for ollice
t ie is a very level-lheaded youg
I Iis best known invention is t patent
u hox for the economical working of
:oliotiVe8, which 1111 bceI success
I)' tried oi iline f the principal
iroads and which hils fair to coMe
(o geleral use. i1e also invented a
ik car that hats la:y points of su.
riority over the ()1ld style ear. The (d4
ind for tank cars is greater thaln
er befoie known andt this promises
he a very valuable pitl it.
ver siice he citle out of college he
s bceln a very busy atu hard work
younlhtg ianl. lie is striving hard to1
1ve that it sil ver spoon ill at boy's
itlih doe not, necessarily press up
Irtd .o as to aleet the w bain. IIe iS
niviiced , evitilly, thatt the only
y () have, a aine woirth having is to
Ike it for yourself.
A g reau deal has been maild and
inited abhout this yolting mIan, but he
not. a notoriety setker. lie is jst.
Iltotest atx alny ohtier Imanli of his a-e
his owi bu r1inecss, and his
iendsl saty ithat the attentio.
receives in certaini was amioyx him
Not long ago lie -Ive a muppur to
lle of tIl oste in his Militia comailmy.
great deal was printied 40f the fact
it one4 of his guests was a Mai who
ives at ealh. At this Supper lie atsaid
one of his frits: x " I am hav in g
ildendid tine toll.gil, but what wor
1s me is the fact thati the Impels are
i g to have a Write ilp ' of it. I
sh :tiey wouldn't. wisi they
>ul let m ht." lie papers 1ad
ir " Write up " all light , but they
I not ret, ally of Iheir ilforlnation
Pllu ie host.
M r. \I anderlbill. is Ilmdest and dots
1, like to talk about himiself', Hot hais
Press agenAt. aind does not, toier
tui why the feet that, he ' gets do wnI
his desk at. the New York Celtral
ice inl tinu: each mlorning" aund atteinds
his business during the day slmilld
Ierest. the puhic aily mnore thati the
Ime fact concer. lin any other eml
'1y1 of Ohe road.
I4Biesc bing't~ean invetor dMr.I(I
anderbilm is1011 also somBetig,''
rsiat Won lmechnicl bjects1 i 1, and
i ead -keoveratl poaldut i ho scien
Teeodies lI tha addressedtl the
mearicanl, Soit'f'ic a ia -n
itcr and41 ~Vlcture ill te helliel
eiy iiie schtool t1iiat, Yle. The ad-'
resses 1have atratef greattwailltt dal tof
"t Mln y.has nt been ab''lex ito4 kee
from 11 amtoin moto somethiing," it
I "t Th le idd tn taut t'is il.a
Ohry onei ieems totik hsisvr
itiia whell workni the h andgit
>ingvr phllottin forii hilers wht1ates
gratim int ctemplat~541ing111 th ae
iatthe tIC thetingka cexamphe for114 ote
almgtiien of great ealt, uthat, teil
e ae It her thtub li iteo h1ei hasi
tracted~i)(1 i~ has been tarey oac.un'
IThec What he pretstc
rong cotrato mohist younl en t
l.ted a c he is siut 4 e.i Su 1i' or/
feaor illaOnSS acteiaio
Senat 5 Ceeridets a "~ rs.p
The World's Great<
For nil forms of fever take eJ( )iINS(
It i 1t) (imes better than iltline ,ill(
ini le canl ot (to ifn 10 y(1 IIS. I t's sp eIII
feeble etrirs made by iininej.
A"N TII F lsl'NsIt Flan- .
Ihe Florence correspondent of the
News aild ( 'ourier S'ays (h1t it SCeIU
is if there is to be another hot light in
tle .Stat colrIt over Ihe dispe sr41y11
I w. Somie tinn' Mo eletctios were
hlk hdill Scraltit and anke City, two
thriving- townss inl WVill ia lnsbure!. Comn
i,s to 1" Dispellsary " mr " No Dis.
'p -nsary." The1 eleCtMin inl both. places
I-ulted, by at very viose votev, in favor
of the dispns81r1y. Iolise who voted
"1 No dispensary " have sveured Mr. 8.
s%'. G. Shipp, of this city, as cisel.
\ esterday 'Mr. Shipp went to Cheraw
ai~td -eviured at tempilorary in junction
Iro-in ('hief, .luSt ice AMclver. 'Ille inl
jutietiol writ is Ilatle retirnable at the
leXt lleetIII of tle slprelie (lcoirt
whieh will, (If coirse, stop the e(tab
li-linent of dispeniaris at I, Lake City
atil Scranto f4r a time14 at leant. I'n
is argtunent before Chietf .ustice Me
Iver, M'. SlipI inaudue -a roig Iiint
against the dlispelnary law, climing
that it is unconistitult ional inl that it exf
elupted certaini counties from the pro
visin )11 of, the d1ispelsary haw, wich is
undolbtedly special legiilt ion.
It appears that ill the fi-st act onM
thisi subject, ill cotltitcs which had pro.
hi bitory 1bluor provisions andl iln towls
which had itIopted I .oc.l0 option "
haws, 41)ecial provision wa. 1mde 114
flowl)slyx: " 'rovided, tihat dispeln-ix
ries iay be eshtabiilied ill the ciltles
of Williamburg, lickells 1md Marioll
1111d i at Sell and o4 t1er towns n l
ilcorporated Ill ()eole CIunty, with
out .1uch elect ion 11 ' (m0ulpliallce
with11 tle otlier revof411'ur illelts of' til,;
Iy smne tlle11141 mr 1thr inl th pro
visionl tlhe "1 on1 " was chanlled, prOla
bly by erlror inl the IengrsiXll- deprt
Ilent, ill the at of 1 '. 1 to 4"1or'
which iternially changes the win
bus-Iness and re-1moves the sec-tionl In..
)irely from 1111 er 1114! th e ratin (4f telt
law. .Just wiit will be tie mte01me4
will he anIOlxiosly lwIitel by a large
nuiber (If South 1Carolilllall.
TiiII l 'S WIl ?1',\ l-IKa:r. aIn)ee
upo a ime nt so ver~y long~ ago,
says IIhe WVash in g41 tonlu 1'41A, SeIlitll,
T1iman11,11 soIughlt a place I1um41er 111e ')is
stitlenlts. it , o84) hapiinl ed 11h:t juist
(henl anl lectril-ican was wanted, 'and
fi AMr. T111 4'ln walts 1o141d that if' h 4 had
if manl will) c)Ill !! the place the ap
poilltillell woi he Ilnlide at mne.
4Ilemberin a1 yI ung4 man111111' who
had d411 d i m tr andot liphysies,
Senlatorl Tilbnvanl wired1 him IIIom to
W ashInnutonIl. !!" valne. fit- wv - a
raw-brine11d CMrstith (1r.141rui tr li,
and , WI t al u n'n Wiiu 44 thl t! wie
for)I which hel. was desired, hev rv
Iolrtd for 1(duy. At the mt oft tw(1
(ifr thr1ee weeks, e returi'n1ed to Sena1tor
T ilillall.
"1Senator," he Said, " I' ve Cleen dis
" That' too ba , repie .. . Till-..
doIwnI to thle Inavy yard4 and14 registel
TIhe yoogmnwndwnoil
- avy' yard, bult ('nm11e back wvith ai lon(
faice. " They illt not1 let me14 r'egis
Ier,"' he remarIIked, "unllless I gi.a reeCC
''An 11 nn not1 114you get that?"~ asked
"' I don't1 thin1k 1 (canl," conIfessedh
the youth11. '"1Down at. I he navly yari'
thley wnntI an1 elee.iriian. While I
was wVo1 kinzg for I le D istrict (.ommu..
81i1ners' I wasH an1 insp cd or ofI woedsl (on
The famllous Scotch rIlra id Ie
across8 thle I Ii of I-'orthis now r11 e
4'4iviil-s fourth444 4oat (of hsaint~ in1ce it
wasM opened4'' (tleven4 years1 ago. A r
guhwi force: of about1 thlirty'-live mon1 i44
keipt contnt1ly at work pa11 iin ig th11
year44 to) wor1k a4cross8 it, pu11ttin ol' I
oly1 01ne ('oat, it becomesli4: nIecssarly foi
A\IO~ nov l prj~ct, for the ralisin ol~(f :
j100~l,000t endtowm~enlt fund14 for Amu
hlerHIt Co4lle4ge, tol be: presente to:4 tha111
Iinsti tutinn 14)1R , [is undeer coidera411:
114ion by thle alummll. It1 iI propose4'
thait, 100) mfembers shall1 eauch taukl out1
puitale comlpanly, for .9If100, wai hi 14h
a1greemenClt I hat thel money(', sha~l be4 palil
over to thle colle'en at1 the exjuinliln 4)1
For lufianits and Childrencf.
The Kind You Have Alwas Bought
B~ors thio'""""
tninature eg'
II . II N I y 4 :oortI (. I0 l10onlN84o
i. W. l'u's ac, ick4den, S. I
j ~em e, S. C.
Il yt lles wOrili, Iburker' & Rhinsioni
At Ieorneys'l-t-LaIw,
ickens1 C. Ht., - - Montth Cauroin4
P rac(ti1co in ll 1 Couritsi. Attea to11 nf
11sin444s pro'inptly.
tiH-Mloneyi to 14)an1.
xx dA.~d4 A A A LL . l ..
st Fever Medicine.
1111*14 kSnd eVR 'IONIC.
41141e in4 at sil laly what slow qui
lid !ureii are in strikiiigcontrasIt to the
Church Directory.
\- vi4 the niums of churhes
l'm".:tal th''- Sunlshiys ml wvlihi gh
'll p. ;1s 1:Ir nv h1i \- inifon1 ut.1tion . If
yti1 - ii n 41tin' ll iSt 1141 0h0 114
Pi(keis .-v. A. .1. S. 'I 4111m ,'d Mlu
4 Y, I I it. Ill. atiii S~ i. [it. j1.; prayvr meeting,
W1ii1esdaY~ 8 P. Ill
Seco~i--I . . M. I'' vr - Smt arday bo
foi t hi first s u S nlt y :t :I : '. it. ; 't Sun4iday
If I; . Ill.
I't'isC Crvek lItv, .1. E. Foster - 2d Sat
tail:tY it tit; Sitinhiy a1fter setcnd Satur
day I a ill.
ji re -k i.v. 1J. C. 411-r .. ) H t
uini-a If ,to ; Stimla~y affter fourith 8attnrdlay
Si ' lile Ier'v. W. C. S-alhr-"-Satturday
ll-filrel4 thl- lin S it 2 11 m); meconJd
Sta4441a4 II 1 a1n1,
I'vt-.r's Creekl i-'v. W . (. Seaborn
satlnrday be4fo'e t11 third fln4ilay 2 p mi;
-141 A1In4liy II a 1ml.
oc444ora4 Itev. v. C. Smaborn-i-Siturday
bfo144re th f'outhit .11rilay 12 P m ; 41.1h Sui
41ay II it aInl.
I,. 4 -tv N ov. n . C. 1114a1dock- ist atil
..d S:.M: m- oring, I1I o'vlock ;, night,, 8;
4. 4.4 4 n% httiiii1iy at. I ) f. ; 11'yer uDeNt
it , \\ 1illn-adays 8 1). Ill.
.\hmmnt Tahor---ley. (I Ir. RtInion--Sat
tird %y befo4re fourth utinday at 2 o'clock
ip. m4.
l'icki-ns, inv. Rt. It. Dggnall---tt Sti
s It 1p : 21 84mnli4Y II a in: -filh Sunday
Ill : bra.\ r 4 -44e1 t lng W di'4lii dayvs 8 p ut.
\nehe Neb- luv. It. 11". IDag'nalll- 14t.
81i Liy I 1 1 ; :1,1 Sui y ;;;;;o y : n.
Ih-t blehenI 1:4-1. R. . 1angniall 241 81111
<bLy .:2::; p ini.
Tabor44 Nov. R. i. Itg1ill -1111 Stnday
II : ; '1h 1 n l:4lv I 1 1 Fim .
l':1Ash-y vir. \''. N. V iggin4S - 14 l. SunH daIliy
' 1 ill : si4idav I 1 :1 In.
St. I'ail k-vv. W . E. W igginI - 1.4t, Suni
Il: y II p I.
t Nov. W. -. \iggins 2d Sunday
l1'.-i1 14 LI1.% VIggits ist S unday 11
m41 . :hI Sunil l I p In.
.\niilj if I er . W igi - 11 .1h 8i1111ay 11
Pi'-en i hurch N:'v. Wig-iis 241 Sun
N"I-: Ii I' l kivK C41 444 -1 'ov. C. If. Mc
( a n.
1 I 8111111 i\ Frilikl isi ill, i t I ; Por
14r I 4 i 41mp .e , :2::; p4 tol.
84. 1441 Sur :"O 1 Mit. ll 'l, 11 a 4 ;N
1 oi . in NI.
Thir1 Su1111I1 '4o114tr's Cuipe, 11it at.
SAIh-11. ::::;414 p 1;1,
4 'II1144 8111 I;I\ K jiI I1 y's C4 I s t I
;i i : . oras e.:; ;; IV ill.
\\'ij 'l'i-s C'mciT iiNev. .1. 11. Altat
%%:I. V \ i.1t illn ilunt, .4. C .
I'ilI suilhid y l''airviewiv, i :4. Im ; Ca..
11r4b4' I 44. mI.
'T.'hird i Il:y (111 hIill, I :. ill.
F11 111 bS114o bay al ,1 4 mb1 , 11mb I l i ii m; Lib
Irty ', .la 4.m
O14vI'4K AND Wohui, Noni-rng A1141wrA 8. 0
I ard waro.
IN G;E'OlGIA l'iNI'.
All ('orrespondence given prompt at
lent Iion.
prornpt ly procured 1 0R NO FEE. londI model, gktchb
criiht I.nce r.-prt pa1tlnalit4y.4 nok "Uow
4F . F~restI terrna over offred44 to4 inventar4'1.
Alibu4n41co 1h4nia. Bound advici. *'ith1A11
"C. A. SNOW & CO.
Opp. U. S. Patent Olfles, WASHINGTON, D. 0.
anythin you ivent, or improvo; also
PHIOIECiION. Hemd me4r1'el, Sketchl, or photo.
f'or fre4' eina~iltionu an4( d vlco.
- 1414tent I.awye4(rs. W AASH I NGTON,. D.C.
i<.400 Graduates. lleceives from 11 5o ap
phl 4atIionsI (laly for bIooIkkeepers and sto
nog1,raphe14rs. IHookkecepinlg, Shorthaind,
Tlegraphmy tauight. Recfers to Atlant1a's
hu4H14ne14 44nen arid( banlkers Write for cat.
loigule. A hdress A.* C. IIRI800E, Pres.,
o)r I,. W. A R(N OID, V ice-Prue., Atlanta, a,
AtL t he Largest. liost hIulipI 0(1 anid
most1 In 11uent IalI Hiness 40 College in the
Carolinasn. Board, liooks an~d Tuiition
may be earned by anly energetic young
man or lady ini a shorrt time by work at
home For particulars, Adldresse,
I II. WV. (G ''T: 1 N U~It, Man~ager,
Spallrtan b~urg, 8, 0
04n farm lands(1. IEaey payments. No coni
ai mji04jons chiargedI. IIorroWor pays noi.da1
(cost, of peorfectoIg loan. For 14~informatson
J . O, B. P'ALM4ER 4 60N,
Coludda8. 3,0

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