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The People's Journal
T. J. MA ULDIN, .Em'Ton.
W. L. MATHENY, Bus. Mon.
Entered at the Post Office at Pickens ai
second-class imatter.
Subscriptionl, $1.00 a Year.
1'IlU I)AY. FIIN, 27. 1902.
Fon weather, this February leade
all the months for many years.
Wellington of Maryland has al
so been adjudged in contempt of
the Senate. Something seems to
have broken looso in the senate.
AT the session of the legislature
just adjourned, some things have
beci accomplished that are really
meritorious and creditable to the
I, you have a good article or
want to write one for publication,
send it in, just so it is c'ourteout
and doesn't deal in hurttil person
WHTIiI[,E tho politician." f1
talking about the caipaign (ues
tions, the] farmers and homeio people
are giving their attention to their
own business. This is a hopeful
Ai.iL that Pickeis county neydg
to lead to rapid developienit im
more advertising-that kind in
which the whole truth and only
the truth is revealed. The mdi
vidual who would speak in dis
paraging terms of his own county'
is not needed among its p. oph, and
he seldom remains long in the
Wir the passage of the now,
the road question more forcibly as
serts itself. For nearly a we"k,
they were graciously hidden from
view, but now their yawiig cavi -
ties proclaim the greatest neod of
the country. The Couii try de
mands botter travel ways. It. is
hoped that the new law will bring
the relief deouand.led.
'Tuim-: appeais to be but on*'
thougiht among or01 people regard
ing the work they havo imi'pped
out for 1102, and that is evidenced
by the generally exprCssed andl
ajpparenit d et eruii ntti on to Iiutke it
more suiceossful than anyl (luringi
the past ten years. Withi this de
termination maintained, this sue -
ceSs is assured.
Two' hiund red thousan dltol lar s
peniion mone1 y is t heI portion1 Soulth
Carolina gi ves in remembrh1anice of
the servi1ce of her indigent (onifed
derate soldiers. This is better
than heretofore, yet it is t o~be ro,
grotted that the resources of' the
state are not sulftliit to authmorize
an alpropriationi suicient to keep
the deserving ones in comfuort and1(
relieve them of the burdens of
bread-making during their closing
Tusm Baptist Courier, the Sou th
ern Presbyterian and the Southerni
Christian Advocate, religious, de
noinatimonal papers priinlted in)
South Carolina are h1igh-standIard
publications and the editor of the
country weekly w~ho wants to make
his paper a 'welcome visitor to thme
homes of many subsecribers would
do well to take his cue from thoe
representative organs of th<~
church, especially in so far as thn
giving of cleanm, compreheivj
rep~orts of current news is conm
THE reduction of the levy f..
this fiscal year, be it even so smnaI
is an encouraging thing to thi'
about, though the amount neces
sary to run the county and stal
government will show no very ai
preciable diminution. If the ai
sesusments, in this year of real ei
tate assessments, hold reasonabi
up in proportion to the growth i
values of real property, the goo,
work of the tax reducstion may b
continued by the next Jegislatur
without hindrance to p)ublic im
Tax~ tellow who promises easi]
anid fulfills slowly will, some fini
daty, wake up to the realisation o
the lack of .onfidence his peopi
will show. This is true not fo
tho reason that failure to mnee
) promises is the rulo rather thal
the exception, but because all mue
admire the good judgment of thei
fellows who do not promise with
out reasouable grounds therefoi
and pin their faith to the ma
whose word Is backed by a wise
safe judgemenit, and an honest dii
posuion, Yet all mien are liabi
sr p4 meDt Wiln an. Qkh$abb
Su;m-:w1rrioxs havo beon made
to this oflice that a suitible prize
bo offered to the best correspon-I
dent during the romainder of this
year. We aro contemplating suic
venture, and will annoince our
determuination abortly.
Roos1m.:1:r, in reviewing the
proceedings of theSchloy in] vestiga
tion may 1bO accused by som1e par
tisans of ''etraddliing lio feilee,"
but to the mijority of people his
version and decee on the whole
matter is a very sensiblo announce- L
ment. It' ho lad oly gone a lit
tle further and given (lie credit to
tihe men oh1 b(ind tle guns, he would t
perhaps have ben more nearly t
correct, yet !o (ots decide that 1)
tile in(dividtal ships, mg ltinlg sepa,
rately did the work at. Santiago,
and icither Schloy nor Sampson t
deseirves any special cr)dit for (10
ing his duty. This much is the h
trutilh, and tho country hopes to
hear no more of the controversy.
We nover did understand why the
peoplo should Want to make so t
ini uch over either of the claimants y
for th1o ospecial distinctioln of' will
ning tho battlo, when from all I
sou1rce's of information it appeu1 ci'
that it was a battle fought witliut
lefinite plan of action loO thii ol
ach i captamn of shii1p aild (neah I an thl
it the( gull could un1dersAnId fior I('
himself Was thie IbOt and only thing W
tLO be djonet, underr thle circulmstan.
VPss at the timell . Roosevot's etl
ing is right wh th r lie 'Strh.il ed t
the' nlce" or not.
.l ,id l , ll
rin cello btd W nshingtoni's, birthi-VI:
day1t with a litttle i t in thu e
sene I ebaber, th <h1. t1 ll(10icultrI , liv- Jol
ing beeni broughttl m) by 4tineug St ronlg 'TIl
rli~Sllar lS fF 1.I l -uiLail re tei
Mir. Mel,1aur1inls conduct Mii Vo)tels Il
which were denied by Mr. MeLau
r.ill:, and eblarueteriz.l as faltse. t
litth le bnnig was downI'to eiher nia
,A thle inl-ci Id nt e vidences thlt t ex
reme1 had feling existit'g betwe.,n da t
Ahe semit,0rs from South Carolna. to
M.Tillmlanl opleed the act've C
osl it i d thir litLe tilt maide to
tlLit l -il n gh for ihat stell oil
, hody , fori fe Im o inutos. Bthe
li~otshaebu adjudged inll
II t I I I
'on t reboh hve apologized aj)
>ut irt et~ remins fore ~~tesnt to dI
o c nthe irtloffense.i I n theiracendz
ilout scem
Ho10wayver thcsoure only ~
ta8rague will coting buites (at1s
of iiune Old standii andi~ old s t
willR of thrhe invers and moe ap0
propritin will ite voemsto a
liot.h ruifublicnsinteir gdizU-'
~in schemes.~~alehep a
Ono way n whicouh th county
newlape 'can dof ioda seric tol
ib readrsionb ofderileg itsfola
uml a medmf thre exchanefe
ofd idionbrrontocnd at-~'
iter ofignrits to the poo- r
mstance wihalisprbesi
be giventhug the (1u-e
pulbication of dtil el inorma-i
tin ganeghhrough expfrience r
( intoeting to the peopnde ofwhose
k ing~ eatlgriuur. puruit thir~
busiess.lb~ Then, oxheootatioother
qutiesIitmn on whic menOi~lC women0
lad chilren aro wandtind equht
omn they agncio, with tile
Ycuoftheir b rroand frieds bara
hiwanking tn o theyseaeo tern
t h any tion heymndso thtoo
mostpin xatn tseie Mora qes
they lit isfi the wxprin of movn
eand womenie and chidrn equa,
to theo ergois, withaohe
towarins to hihems bel ln ifr
Teeplehaay wisin inyodmtatof
themy, wat thain thalwy of advan~a
metn tad willmelt, and rntho,
a paper will contribute in every COn
1 Bistent Waiy to tha~t end.
r ~ - ---__
Many children are poisoned and made
nervous and week, if not killed outright,
a by mothers giving them congh syrups
conltaining opiates, Flely's Honey oud
STar is a safe and certami remedy for
Ooulght, croup and lung trouble, and is
thIe only prominent Qougl inme'ine that
contains no0 opiates or other POisOW~
o':Ru drainage law did not mate
rialize, and all 1101)08 for Much a
neasure aroe dead. Tho low-cOuIn
bry poople enlinot tInderstal the
!oniditiois in (lhe up-country and
Ive do not appeciate tile Conlditiong
>btaniing in the .low-coulntry.
[his is a matter that, ought to be
eft with tlt County Coilmmission.
-s anyway, anld thoy ought to be
nvestod with full authority to leg.
slate, so far a8 local necessities
lialy reliuiro. That )rovisioll muay
et bo effoeted, and the quicker
Ie better.
Winthrop Winnowings.
One of the most entjoyable enter
AiimOIts of t his season was givenl
y th Meidelssohii qallrtette (omI1
ally Oil tlie evnnUll i g of t(e tnth
itaitn t Th e tnors, Alessra. Smnith
n( Newall, desorve special Imc, -
oil; whlilo Mlss INlarquerite Smnith,
m crild ii persoliator, is without
oubt, the fin ebt inipersonator that,
ias ever appe0-ared beforo a in
irop audieceo.
The11 "Shumanina i us" renderod al
111u1galily fine programmo oin the
(eling of tie 13th inst. Tio Col
alto, Alims Beard, was especially
easilig inl her renidition of' "and
11th said, 'Eltreat 1110 Ilot to
avo thlice". 'T',he Illaly enlcore's -MhS
reived shoved the app.roval of the
itlcal audience.
l'x anminat ion for lie first term
de(d last Monday and th e fces of
D students Wenr a loss. alxious
>k 111111 before. h1)owe ver, they
11 not look 1quit s oene algainI un
reports ar I e.0 v .
The studelts were deligltd to
'on1tly receive anl invitation from
(ir Cieisni rlthers to spend
shliilgt)oI' lW irthdav with theml,
d w Pi 14ory h I beorel to de
no n ccoun1t ofthd intenided
it to) th Exp sitionl the latter
rt of ne~xt mionith,
Ile first issuo of "''1 wintliron
irnal'' was ieceived yestorday.
o style, the arrangement and
subl)ject matter all reflet great
(lit oil tl, editorial talf; and if
I steceeding number is as good
this first onle, we neId haveo no
r for ti success of the "Jotur.
'res. 1). B. Johnson spont a few
m ill Columbia last week in at
idanca on the State Y. M. C. A
IVeltion1. Our President Is
vays taken much interest ill
is line of work and his earnest,
orts are Suro to be successful.
SnIvow commeinced Ialling Fridny
tornoon aid by Saturday 11011
it was between fifteon and oighi
[3n inches dleep. D~uring recrea
mi ho(urs Sattiurday afternoen thle
mpus wits falirly atlive with girls
igagcd iln pitched b)attles with
ow balls and( ulutcky were the
idestrains who cIhanlced to pass
1 camptus. T1heo professors wore
ecial targets and one of tho~ thorn
t brave enough to run the black
le sat meekly in his 'oflico until
e huad to go to sulpper,then (quijetly
ipped oIl to his boardinig house .g
Clemson~ College.
WVinter is giving us a hearty
arting handshake as sh1o with -i
traws to 11(r summer abode. We
00 that the renownedt weathier
irophelt, Ira 11 icks, has( i,redlictod
otugh wOathelr for F~ebruartiy and1(
Thie otside wo4rld , ini its seem
ng purity, furnlishles a good phlysi'
al ex ample that inigh t bo0 moratlly
ippl iedl to a) certaIini (class of pe,.
he rugged ptlacem', bun it cani't
TIhe Clemsoii h oys halve not for
othe n thir~l juveile gamies, if
sno~ vhallbag and1( sl idling downVl
steeop Ihills on b arrie1 staves he
long to) thlat happy clpoch.
Thoii tirist gamlei of cl ass foot-bhal1
cam t Wedn)1 V 1 usda af1 te~'rnoon.
Tet he Frelshman "1 tou eng aed and
m'fen~. . h1 Flesheno and lesonh
mIreitkas wouill n.x1 t) ha.. aor
rolthehctrs ma hee Juniors. Il
ECade's Hag'i') and1( by~w v011
tled8 tirli rspt ive hone la,.t Iwo
urdayith11 andlSundy. d nt9
We e d' k irry ~t eior fellv
flt'iekens takun. uh ohv
reeearve herf 1110Ciall
hEslbrs1 wgreado b i sl~o me~ byt
the11 s tnt toh th e \Vint ro
the do' now whrckatd ate inj
ofThe rapaaneofte ap
Soveral new recitation room
have boon flu~ished in thlo baisemen0
of the now barracks.
We aro ttuxiously look ir g for
wa d to the pleasnit spring daty8
for we know they horald the up
pror ch o~f Many meetings.
Fo b. 15, .1902,
If von but knew the splendid mnetit o
Foley's lHoney and Tar yon would b
without it, A dose or two will prever
an attack of pneumironia or la gripp,
it ay save y'our lifo.4130LT &'iTHO1U
"A negleoteti cough or' cold may lent(
to serions bionobial or htig troubles
Don't take (hancles whlen IFotey's Hons,
and Tar affords perfeeecurty froit
'otous affe3's of a od.- LT I
Looper Dots.
Wc' hiavjust had the heav iost snow
that lis falleni in fifty years, say
the oldest inmn among us. Mr. ][#)it
ry Williams savs he iiover saw as
big a snow. It was 16 inclies (oe)
and tihe weather very cold.
Mr. S. le. Robinsonl's daugh ter
is much1011 botter.
Mr. J. S. Williams is very sick.
Pn1ou1mon ia is 1pen ti iful in this
sect ion.
MIs. J. C. Ihighes has beeni 'Very
sick but. is implioving at this.
Mr. Henry Williams is stay'ing
with 1is. dauIgltor, Mrs. J. C.
H ughes. o. B
h'lere is not much mtoney in
raisling corn1 iln the Piedmont, says
tle editr of Tje Spartan, bt we
iot icO that the fiiraner whoalways
raises corn to sell generally keeps
his smokehoul:e on the farm and
there are i o mortgagos against
hirn . I I thorc is not imtuch money
in it, it is a great money saver.
Th people need corn now. 'lheir
neeil will be prosing by the first of
May, Somo of' them will feel as if
the pressure wits about i ton to
(tie square inch. They will also
need cin first of nect October.
At that date there will not be ten
bishels of old home,raised corn to
lie sqliaro mile in the county.
These aro facts. What are you go
hg to (1o about it? Suppose we
:onsidor the matter a little while.
For echIl horse yel work or
fep, plant for 1.00 bushels. For
iver tell hogs plant. for the same
Lmount. Do not count more than
to to 12 bushels to the acre. Of
:oturso you can make 20 or 25 with
t poncil on papor in Janury, but
:;nsider your average crop on poor
and for the last ten years. Pencil
-1ropS are pour feed,. Do you not
ind it so?
Tle many friends of a. H. Hlausate,
Engincor, L. E. & W. R. R., at present
iving ill Limit, 0. will bo pliasoId to
know of his recovery from threatened
kidney disease. ie writes. "1I was
aured by u8ng Foley's Kidney Cure,
which I recommend to till, especially
trainmen who are usuailly Himiliarly tf.
1licted.-RO)LT A THORNLEY.
To a few People the decision of
the PreSidenlt on the alpoal of Ad.
iirl" Schley came as a (isapoint
miint but it had been expected by
the lma pio ily. Fov mnfli are capa,
blo of rising far above their sur
roundings aid of acting in entire
opposition to their political advi
sors and ovidently the) Prosident
is not one of them. At the same
tiio it, should be romembored that
the Admiral di not appeal to the
President on those points which
the publ)1ic would have b~een glad to
see thle Presidenlt cQmpelled to re
view. Th'le actis 1 and111( attitude
of Admirail 5atupson, from his ar
rogant message annioncing the dle
stuotion of thie Spanishl fleet down
to his approval of tile illfamious his
tory, written by labloror Maclay,
hma ve been the ch ief causes of thle
resenatmien t of the p~eopl e and these
h ave never beenf toucehed1 on) by
Adl nial SoehIey or his attorneys in
their regnests for justice. Secret
ary bong will soon stop out ot the
Cabinet and the A merican 1peopl1
will continule to sho0w their appre
ciathion of Admi11rat Sehlev the m'an
and1( the naval oflicer, but ofliciailly
the inlcid'lnt is douibtless closod.
Miss Ella Murray, a native of
Missouri, who is eight feet one
inchb tall and weighs -100) pounds,
will wed Edward Beaupre, a cow
hoyi) of Helena, MonIt. , who is just
eight fooet tall.
Thle preven'lt ionl of consumption is on-*
B irely a (Iuestioni commilencing thes proper
treatmiet ini time. Nothmi g is so wvell
sl(1ipted to ward off' fatal in ng troutblo as
F oley's Iloniey and '.'ar.-ROLTI &
-1'f newspaper acceoutst are correct,
the, itie f'or B'ziymlent of taxes huas been
extendii ed bty tact of Bthe legisliatiure ti ll
Mi're Ba:1st, butit T1reiasurer Chialpman is
read-; to srveb youl and it is wel not t
dlefer this molttor too, ong.
TheB undesignedt willI give at free sam
Pit, of (Oh~tamberlain's Stimacha an~d Liver
Taltat to any ones wanting a relable
remtedy for distorders of the stomach,
. bdiousnaess or conlst'pation. Thliis ai new
remeicdy and a good one. GI. WV. Earle
"I1 htavo used Cliamberlain's Cough
R Iemedy for ai numl~ber of years and have
ano hiesit ancy in saying Bthat it is thle besf
remedy for coughs; colds andl croupI
havo ever used ina my family. I haie
noatt wordls to expo5s lmy confden'e iri
this Remecdy.--Ms. J, A. Moore, Norml
SStttr, Mich. For salle by G. W. ~arle
are the most fatal of all dis
UOLEY' I FanTeid Remedy
or money refuinded. Contains
remedies recognized by eml.
nent physicIans~ as the best for
Kidney arid Bladder troubles.
PRICE S0c. and $1.00.
Geun tahtiped C C n. Rtfver soMA In balk,
#9War. of the dealet Whto trfes to sell
sA90mthb u at as p'od.
"During the winter of 1898 I wag B0
lame in ny joints, in fact all over mny
body, thait I could hardly hobbloarond.
whein I bougt a bottle of Clianiberlein's
Pain Balm. From tie first Application
I began to got well, and was cured and
haved steadily gained all the year.-R.
Wheeler. Northwood, N. Y. For sale
by (I. W. Earle Druggist.
The best and most famous c01)ompound
in the world to conquer achos and kill
pains. Cures onts, heils Burns and
Bir ises, subdues Inflaummation, masters
Piles, Millions of Boxes sohl yearly.
Works wonders in Boils, Ulcers Felons,
Shin Ea uption. It oures or no pay. 25c
at Bolt & Thornley drug store,
The Offlee of the County Superinton -
dent of Education will be opon on Friday
and Saturday of each week, also, on first
first Monday and Tuosday in ech mo th
for the sale of school books and other
business connected wiih the office.
t3 Co, Supt, Ed.
Is often a run-dawn system. Week
ness, nervousness, lack of appetite, en
Lbrgy and ambition, with disordered liver
md kidneys often follow an attack of
is wretched disease. The greatest need
then is Electric Bitters, the splendid
tonie, blood purifier and regulator of
Stomach, Liver and Kidneys. Thou
sands have proved that they wonderfully
strengthen.the nerves, build up the sys
Lem, and restoro to health and good
spirits after an Attack to Gaip. If suf
foring, try them. Only 50o. Perfeat
satisfaction guaranteed by Bolt & Thorn
"Ii three weeks our chubby little boy
was changed by Pneumonia almost to
a akelton," writes Mrs. W. Watkins, of
Pleasant City. "A terrible cough set in
tha spite of a good doctor's treatment
for several weeks, grew worse every day.
We than used Dr. King's Now Discovey
for Consumption, and our darling was
so0n soup and well. We are suare this
grand medicine saved his life." Millions
know it's the only sure curo for Coughs,
Colds and all Lung diseases. BOLT &
Thornley g naran tee satisfaction. 50c,
$1.00. Brial bottles free.
The Board of Comnty Coammissionors
will me('t n special scssion T rsday
lFebruary 27 for the pirlose of c(omlplet
ing all unfinished blusincss. Thoso hav
ing business with the Supervisor's oflice
may find the cleyk of the loard, Maj J.
M. Stewart at the Court House during
business hours. till date
The wonderful activity of the new con
tuy is shown by an enormous doman d
fo the world's best workors--Dr. King's
%V Life Pills. Constipation, Sick
n dache, Billiousness, or any troubl
of Stomach, Liver or Kidneys tboy'3re
unrivaled. Only 25c at. lBolt & thornley
drug store.
We know of no way in wuhick we can
be of mere service to our re-adaders tana
to tell them of something that will be of
real good to themfl. for this reason we
want to acqnaint them with wvhat we cotn
aider one of the very best remndies on the
market for coughs, colds, sua that alarm
ing oomplaint, cronp1. We' refer to
Chamberlain's Remedy. We have used
it with such good results in emr family
so long that is has become a hiousehlad
necessity. By its promplt use we haven't
anmy doubt but that it has timo and again
prevented cronip. T1hec testimony is
givona upo)n1 our owvn experience, and we
suggest, that our readers especially those
wvho have small children, always k l) it
in their homes as a safeguard1 against
crouip, -Canden (S. C.) Messenger. For
sale by 0. W. Earle Druggest.
County of ickens. f
L. N. Geer and L. M. Mahaffy 1
A. T. Newell,
By virture of an Execution lodged in
my office in the aibov.e stated1 caso, I did
oni tbe 27th "'day of January 1902, levy
upon01 and will sell 0on salesday in March,
190)2 at 12 o'clock, m,al Glee'& Mahaffy's
brick yau d on town creok ini stato nad
county aforesaid the fo'llowing described
pro'perty to wit:
Enlginoe Boiler and fixtuarcs, linao hiaft
in~g Putlleys and Boltinag, D)rumu, Cabh',
3 cars1, tun ta ble, tacak &c TIools, &
Chest & grind stone, Re'pressinag a
chinao, Lot Hack boards, Lot Piping,
Lumbler and covering boards one pri
scales, Lot roofinag, Healting stove, Cook
stove, linker, 3i bedstenda, 1 .Mhtitresss
and Coverings, luarocan, 2 liook cases, 2
Tubles, one safe, 2 Rocking c:hairs 10
aittinag (hairs, one Ir-on 1( ttle, F'rminug
*tools, picks shioveih-, Muzttocks, ianda
others farming tools, several whaelbar
rows, one smoothiung lararow. Telephonie
line runnaing from the towni of Pickens
to the Brick yard Terms caish, purcluasor
or puIrchaasers must conspa~ly ith torma
of stale within one hour, or- thle properly
will be resold at the risk of former pur
ehaser or purebasers.
J. H. 0. McD)AN[EL,
14 5. P. 0.
I will apply to J. B, Nowbory Pro
bate Judge for Pickens County on Sat
uarday the let (lay :of Maroh 1902. For
a flinal settlement of the estate0 of GI. W,.
Banks deceased, and aask to be dismisard
as executrix Jan 80 1902.
t4 Executrix.
Cut this out aid take it to 0. W.,
Eaurle drug store and get a free sample
oif Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver
Thablets., tihe best phyisio. They cleanso
ando invigorate the stomach, improve the
appetIte and regulate the bowels, Rtog.
u lar sise, 250. p er box.
The thie for the paytnent of town
taxes, and iicense taxes expires Saurdny,
March lst 1902, unader thae present sup'
ply ordinance, All sucha taxes must be
paid on or by that date n5 tihe b)ooks wall
then close, P. E. Alexaunder
Clerk of Council.
)?er-ons having clamis against theo estdate
of Carter Durham deceased, are request
mcd to present the sames properly attested
to the undersignedl for paymn at by theB
1st day of April 1902.
Those indebted to said estate please
11ike paymnit to,
Esbita Adiistrto,
Uniing the Pi
Centers and I
Resorts of the
High-Clase Vemtibul9 '
betwoen New ilorSt a
Cincinnati and Flor:
New YorkE and Florida,
and Savannahs or ,
superior Dining.Car so.
Excellent Service and
Vountt South Caroline
Wintew Touriat Tioltets
reduced rates.
For d tcaied inforuvsatleft,
apply cpftareJ Qciree*m*'
Goneral Pqasen;9r 9gen
WaXaAkegen, 9
R. W. hUNT,
Div. Pasqnger%459nt,
Charfelflig. .r.
FkUnUARY to, 1900.
.. -1Ii~FC
-iall kiul
- neach town.
Please inention this paper whet
Extraordinary values ini
Extraordiniary values in
Extraordlinary values it
Extrain~ ary values ini
T1he mtet (extraorwdinary vi
Heavy Shoes. T1his is thW
y .
Th~e sale of \Vhiit.> GAood., I
l'hoso~ goiods will be0 knyit ini all
vhiere Canl you buy1 buatter1 Good)Q
I espectf
Bridges & Hammor
Dry Goods
We want to clo80 out our et
8L00k of DRY GOODS at o
The Goods will go--.
ConIJO now and get bargaii,
Bridges & Hamnmoi
4' 1 *
rinipal Cosnene.eta
ke=lth ana PKta.s..
South with' the .
ST and WEST.
3f4 kew evzoavk% via At t
id& volute vi. Atia ~m a
ti.o .a% all TRsuo - eaft
t a&lrl Romovte MOW ea at
#ftn #howing
.09"9 Ge. __ft.
nothin, deing#
Ac Agents wanted
Ig business hours I am at your seryice to tigure
the~ lowest prIicos ou
comnplete! line of Sewing Machines, Needles,
Itepairs, &c., always oni hand1( or promptly or
n n r sae at ttoeniaesdre
>ritcs, delvred.
pair work skillfully done. All work guaran
John T. BoggS,
Liberty, 8. C.
:TS will be sold for less than cost.
iluo in Non's, Womon's and Children's
Rplace to buy good shoes for little mor
awns and Embroideries is now d.
the noew things of the eoiAon, and now
s~ for the samne money.
. ark,
'We Will Sell For the
Next 30 Days
e an d Markers.
no.Now in Stock at-.
20 per conti
1oss than usual price. We hav,
some exceptional values.
Grqeenville9 S. A

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