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-ple's Journal,
Corrected weekly by the Ieath, Bruce
Morrow Co.
Cotten. .8..
Co te ......... ...... ...............8.4
Chlckans-Hanp..... . .2
Fryers...................121 to 20
BQee wax.......................................2
Hams............. .......
Obituary notlee in this paper will be
charghed for at the rate of one cent a word
for all such matter running over 100
Correspondents are enjoined to send
in their communleations so as to reach
this office not later than Saturday.
Correspondents are requested to make
their contributions of general interest,
short, pointed and giving all the news.
No poetry need be sent for publication.
The price of this paper Ws 01.00 per year
in advance.
Address all inatter litended for this
of tice to:
Pickens, S. C.
THURSDAY, FEB. 27, 1902.
Local and Personal.
-Dr W. F. Austin will be in
Pickens Mar. 4th and 5th.
-W. M. Hagood of Easley was
here on business Monday.
-Milk cows for sale. W. R.
Lynch, Sunny Dale, S. 0.
Born unto Mr. and Mrs Flem
Kelly on Feb. 23rd a daughter.
-Heath-Bruce-Morrow-Co., in
vite your attention to their adver
tisement in this issue.
-.Mrs Nancy Roper, on the the
John Ferguson place, has a nice
young milk cow and calf for salo.
-The County Auditor may now
breathe a little, the time for ma-.
king returns expired March 20.
-The Pickens county delegattion
came up from Columbia Saturday,
the legislature having .adjourned
that day.
-W. M. Jones, a sturdy and re
liable farmer of the Table Moun
tain section, was here on business
last Wednesday.
-From every section come com
plaints about the fearful condition
of the roads. The question saems
tabbe growing serious,
-The small-pox patients have
all about recovered. No deaths
resulted, and the disease appears
to be thoroughly checked.
-Frank B. Morgan, Central,
and J. 0. Jennings, Pickens, are
petit jurors, from this county, in
the United States court which con
venes at Florence, March 4,
-Fifteen applicants presented
themselves for examination for
teachers certificates on 21st inst,
Of these 10 were whit. and 5 col
-The Liberty township singing
associationwill meet with Ruhamah
church on Sunday march the 9th,
1902. Every body is invited to
come and bring all of their song
books and a well filled basket.
-Married on the 13th inst,at the
residence of the bride's father, Mr.
Augustus Ferguson, Mr. John K .
Masters to Miss Angeline Ferguson.
Both of Greenville Co. A. L. Eders,
N, P. officiated.
-This is the time when agents
for nearly everything under the
sun seek to make acquaintance
with the people and dispose of their
goods by sample. They have thus
learned to evade the county license
tax provisions.
-B. R, Stansell and John Con
,nellhey were sent up last week by
Comm Iissioner Lewis for working in
distillery; Lee, James and Foster
McKee were also sent up for in
timidation of witnosess and con
efiracy and Tom A. Hughes was
discharged on preliminary hearing
charged with removing and sell
ing, all in violation of internal re
venue laws.
-Married Monday the 17th inst.
at the home of J. P. Hyde, Magis
trate, Mr. James Smith to Miss
Nettie Hudson. The guests pres
ent were, Mr. J. P. Smith, brother
of the groom, Dr. WV. M, Long, Mr.
IHouston Craig and Mr. Wmn. H.
Cantrell. After the ceremony,
they left for Greenville to spend a
few days with frieds. J. P. Hyde,
Magistrate, performed the cere*
-It is always a matter of regrel
to us that a communication must lIe
over for a week before being print.
ed, but this is unavoidable when it
is not mailed in time to reach thiu
office by Monday. We appreciati
what the correspondents are doing
and subscribers appreciate it. We
want to give the news from ever)
section and invite short, well writ
ten articles on matters of genera
interest and we urge every contrib,
utor to have matter intended foi
publicationthere not later than Bat
urday, if possible, certanly not la
ter than Monday.
Mr. and Mrs, J. 0, Striblin1
gave a delightful "At Home" par
ty last Tuesday afternoon, fron
three o'clook. in honor of Mr ani
Mrs. 3. Q. Stribling, Jr'., at theil
lovely home "Sleepy Hollow"', I1
was a happy ingathering of th'
friend. and4 relatives of the youi~w
o04ple, and the guests gvestly en
Wyatt Aiken who, for eighteen ba
years, has been official court sten. LI
ographer for the eighth judicial Pc
circuit Is in the race for congress, F.
from the third district, to the fin. tr(
ish. Mr. Aiken was roared on a 4
farm in Greenwood county and has up
been identified with farming from rev
his boyhood days. He did good Th
service in the Spanish American ris
war not only by volunteering as a the
private soldier but by his activity sta
in helping to raise a company from ust
his section to which successful of. It
fort he gave his personal attenticn, us
time and influence, He is well wo
known in Pickens county among do
whose people ho. has many staunch the
friends, ths
Miss Havilene Tompkins in Sun. the
day's issue of Greenville News has *VQ
this to say of the Pickens county WO
exhibit at the Charleston exposi. fro
tion which shows that our exposi- pr,
tion commissioners did some real gin
good work for which they deserve ol
credit: bul
"Pickens county has the most to
characteristic exhibit. No effort
has been made at decoration, but Of.
the choicest thinga grown, found tai
or manufactured are sot forth in a 3
matter-of-fact way that is very at- BoI
tractive after the yards of colored stal
calico, roses of corn cobs, fringes
of oats and colums of cornstalks
that have come down to us in a
never ending )rocession since the I
notable exhibit of Arkansas in we
1881, at the Cotton Exposition of wa
Atlanta. an
The snow has about disappeared ne
but mudholes are very much in wh
evidence. for
It has bewn a hustling time the till
past week to keep firewood, as the in
snow was not expected and many in
of the people were not prepared
for it along the vood line. s5
Fari work for February has Br
been a short metre. cot
The policeman scooped in a pr
gainbling outfit Saturday after
noon, out of.fifteon they brought no
Liberty seems to have a fair Mi
share of professionals in the art, do
both bleached and unbleached, a.nd
it seems that color (100 not cut wa
any special figure as they gang to- thi
gether. The unbleached part of I
this assembly took leg bail how. mc
ever and made good their escape. on
J. S. O'Dell and wife, of Rome, I
Ga., visited their father, A, O'Dell do,
last week .
0. R. Parsons, of Sewanee, Ga,,
paid his old training ground a fly.
ing visit yesterday.
Misses Ida and Floride Calhoun, rot
of Clemson, and Miss Louise an<
Smith, of Chicora. Greenville, visi- dai
ted the latter's father, J. P. Smith,
and family Saturday. ab<
5, 0. Stewart, of Clemson, visi- pre
Led his father, S. D, Stewart, Sat- str
urday. pci
T. A. Pond, of Greenville, and an<
H. P. Cloyd, of the McCormick bei
Machine Co., stopped at the Brown prc~
House yesterday. Liberty hath thi
charms, ble
Feb. 24, 1902. C ing
A son of Mr. John Burgess died yoi
at the Monaghan Cotton Mills in
Greenville and wos burried at to
Oolenoy church the 21st inst. sa
Mr. A. D, Chastain had two dogs tv
to go mad recently, ono of them all
bit a turkey and a chicken and wi
tried to bite one of the family. ar<
Other dogs were bitten. we
Owing to the bad weather, Miss th<
Ida Hendricks' school at Rock is so
suspended this week. of
Mr. Mark Williams and son, of -
Dacusville, Were looking up beef eai
cattle in this section this week. A. sta
C. Sutherand, of Pumpkintown, the
sold them a loti lin
Mr. J1. W. Sutherland has recer, all
tly completed on eli to his house
and will add other improvments. dloi
He has one of the prettiest loca- s~i
tions in the up country and a nice moh
dwelling with ample room for ins
boarders. Why don't more of our kel
citizens who have the room adver- ]
tise for summer boarders? It cer- the
tainly would pay. S. hi
Feby 21-1902. do
A mbler Notes.
On the 9th of February, a Sun
day School was organized at Oole,.
noy church. Rev A. S. Whitmire ...
was re-elected superintendent.
On the 16th intt., an infant son inl(
of Mr. and Mrs. G. WV. Sutherland thi
died suddenly, aged five months, *8t
and was buried the following day in
at Oolenoy cemetery. a
Our people have been hou sod up
for several days lately. 0ld far. Y
mers say this will be a good wheat cr
yathe conditions have been fa
vorable, as
r Roads are almost beyond travel Wi
in this section, c
The celebration of WVashington's m
birthday with us has been post- n
poned till some time ini the futrure
when the weather clears up. v
[ Capt Ragadale who has charge d
-of the county convicts is in this sec-.
tion is doing somie road repairing,.
r , D. 8,
The firm of 14. Hendriokm & Son, G
hasii 4ssolved (I# the tuerobantile at
b##Soess, N~o business will be done
i e iht1 f themA lhgaftna *. . .
Vineland Dots.
Health of this community to very
d, pneumonia Is still raging.
cile the little girl of C. H. Car
nter is Ill with pneumonia. W.
Pace Is also sick with lung
Jarpenter, Jones & Co., finished
ginning last week and sold the
ults of their labor for 84cts.
is shows that cotton is on the
a considerably, which will lead
farmers to plant more of the
pie product this year and as
tal receive 6c for it next fall.
has always been a mystery to
why the people of this county
rk so hard to raise cotton and
not raise enough corn to supply
home demand, for the reason
6t cotton looks cheaper at 6cts a
and than corn at $1.00 a bushel.
notice in every papor where
people want a commissioner in
ry section. I think two or three
Aid be acceptable in our section
m the condition of the roads at
sent. I have read that the en -
ears in building roads took the
English system for an example
I think Pickens county failed
Lake pattern.
V. D. Jones is now in possession
his fathers commission as cap
n, which his father received the
it day of July 1863, from M. L.
hiljan. commander in chief of
Le at that tiuo.
Norris Items.
Ve are having some very bad
ither. The snow of the 14th
a about thirteen inches deep
I is not all off yet.
Plhers are several cases of sick
is around here. Capt. Whiten,
o lives near, has been quite sick
several days. This is the first
e Captain has I een compelled to
:e his bed on account of sickness
twenty years.
drs. Mary Cannon, of Georgia,
nisiting her mother Mr. T. H.
)ck this week. Mrs. Brock's
idition does not seem to im
>ve much.
he farmers cannot do much
iv but keep good fires.
)n account of the bad weather
3s Mullikin's school was suspon.
1 last week.
[he Southern has erected a nice
iting room and frieght depot at
8 place.
dr. H1. B. Bowen shut down
et of his machinery last week
account of bad weather.
dr. Pickens and family are
vn with measles.
School Boy.
Major Dots.
['he health of our town and sur
inding is good, the weather cold
I we have had snow ini abun
['he town of Major is blessed
>ve some towns. First, the
tty place, broad and shady
eets and fertile lands with good
>le whose deeds of kindness
I good looks make it a place of
Luty and the sojourner here feels
ud to abide in the town. And
s is not all. We have two
ecksmith shops and a never-fail.
bank, one church with an ever
enU Sunday schoel. We are
king for big things from it and
.i may hear from it again.
Jur bank is without limitation
a bard working man and we
r no wonder there is not an enmp
house in town. But we welcome
who desire to move mn if they
II comply with the rules whioh
~: "truth and honesty and a
rker", and none can object to
he. We know nothing of the
-called. hard times often spok~en
in other places,
Another good thing is w hen a
Ididate comes here he has to
y so long to find out which side|
p line he is on (the Anderson
e is near by) that we find out
about him.
is to the soldiers horne--we
i't see how the legislaturo can
o us one; there is not enough
noy for the colleges and these
tituitions of learning must be
>t up, soldier or no soldier.
[lere is a proposition : If it takes
legislature forty days to do a
le, how long would it take it to
tours for good luck.
eb. 20. VIM.
Lenhardt Section.
3now to the depth of fifteen
hem has fallen in this section;
s is by several Inches the heavi
fall we have had In this section
years. If a good covering of
w will do our little sorry look
wheat any good, I think sure
this will be sufficit.nt for a good
Nir. R. F. Lenhardt has planted,
usual, a Jarge crop of onions,
th this crop he is generally suo
Mir. Silas Rloe, of Pelzer, has
>ved to Mr. J. B3. Mauldin's farm
ar here.
Mr. Lawrence Perry and mother
sited Mr. Henry Holoombe and
ughter last Sunday.
Miss Olive Williams, of Green
lle, Is with her unole Mr. B, D,
Mr. Thomas Granger, from near
reenville, visited Mesirs Berry
d Henry Hloloomb. thiB week.
Misses Cora and Maggie Ch ap.
an. nf the Mdioeo aston. vtitta4
Six Mile.
News is a little scarce here,
though aix Mile school house wasi
consumed by fire last Tuosday at
12 o'clock; the furniture was all
Our farmers are at the same old
trade hauling guano.
Our general health is somewhat
improved; measles has about played
out though there are sone old
people to have it yet.
0. H. C. Smith. formerly of this
county was visiting in this section
last week; lie is looking well for a
his age; his wife died last Novem
ber. v.Mr. Smith draws a pen
sion of fifty dollars a year for &
wounds received in the Confeder
ato army during the war. le
lives in Banks county, Georgia. a
Why can't South Carolina do the
same for her old soldiers? I, for
one, had to bid farewoll to wife
and children to put myself up (
as a target for the yankets
to shoot at and they hit me too,
but still I can get no pension be
cause [ make $100.00 worth of pro
duce on my land-gross income at k
Rev. W. C. Soaborn preached
an interesting sermon last Sunday 01
at Six Mile; his text was Luke tl
20th chapter, 25th verse. ct
Robert Holcombehas been haul- th
ing lumber from A. D. Mann's
saw mill to Norris crossing with
traction engino; lie hauls four or th
five thousand feet at a load. This hi
is 14th of February,Valentine Day,
also ground-hog day-tlioy will
come out of their dens Fob. .14 and
if they can see their shadows in
the sunshine, thoy will go back in
their dons to stay six weeks longer,
as much as to say wintor has not v
broken. But it is cloudy day, ald G
I guess they are out to stay. Why
this is f cannot tell, unless naturo
has so fixed it.
The saow, to-day measures :18
inches in my yard. Wheat is
looking up a little and will look
better after the snow molts, as old w
farmers say snow is good for
wheat. Fob, 14
Turkey Knob.
The heaviest single fa4l ot snow,
perhaps for the last fifty years, tl
greets us this morning measuring
on a level from 14 to 15 inches. y
This in some measure stops the
progress of the agriculturist for a
The preparation for crops has d
been carried on with unutisual zeal k
up to this time. Most of the stub- S
ble land has been turned and most
of the briars and brush cleared off, P
and a general disposition is mani- L
fested on all sides to work the sur- li
face of mother earth to the best
possible advantage for a full crop.
The wheat and rye crops are
badly winter-killed, and perhaps
one-half of thenm may be plowed
and planted in other erops, corn,
cotton, peas and sorghum cane.
Health in our section is reason
ably good. Our Post Master has
been looking ugly for some days
but is improving.
WVell, your corps of reporters is
adding vim and "get-up'' to theg
Journal; hope they will continue bi
and broaden out their communica
tions so as ,to include general
topics, especially such topics as
are of benefit to young farmers ofa
the country, as I suppose a large 1
majority of Journal readers are
persons engaged m agricultural
pursuits. Supposes they give us
briefly for two or three weeks the
best inodes of planting corn, then1
a short article or tw~o on cotton,
then an idea on sorghum cane c
peas and p:>tatoes, etc, and how to
thin cotton, the easiest mode of CC
cultivation, etc. Tnis would b)0 c
more beneficial than to know who C
has visited whom, at leant so li
Feb, 14th Rustic.
Prater Prattles.
We are having some very disa
greeable weather again. The
heavist snow fell hero last Friday
and Friday nght, that has fallen et
in several years., the rabbit huns
ters around here were very much P
dIisaplointed its they failed to find J3
any rabbits during this snow.
Mr. A. B. Riggins and familyF
have been having a severe tussle P
with the measles, but are much im
Calvin, the second son of W. F.
Tompkins had a norrow escape
about two weeks ago. lie started
to Liberty with a load of shmngles,
as he was going down the hill af
ter he crossed the Gassaway bridge,
a block of shingles fell off the
w agon, which frightened the mules,
causing them to runaway, Calvin,
fell off and the hind wheel of the at
wagon ran over his head, breaking 2
his jaw bone twice, besides bruis- n
ing him up considerably, He is
improving as fast as can he ex
pected, Dr. W. A. Sheldon is at-,
tending him, e
Misses Ada Goudelock, and Lu- a
ha Durham acoompanied by Mir. z
Perry Durham, visited friends in
Anderson Saturday and Siunday22rd
and 23rd inst, They reported a very
enjoyable time.
Mr. S. M. Boron had the misfor
tune to lose his only horse last
Mrs. Nix died last Sunday the "
16th at her homne near Praters and a
wan buried the day following at
Bethlehemi chnrch.
Prescriptions filled promptly
nd satisfaction guaranteed.
lost up-to-date line of toilet
rticles in the city.
Are you prejudicod? Are you
'en to conviction? Many peoplo
ink it inpossible to fine a First
i1ss General Store in a town of
is NiZ
Don't you believo it !
Becauso you can be convinced
cro is a First-chtss Genoral Store
re by callling on
Ross Eaton,
Central, S. C.
Whorm you will find a fine and It
ried Stock of Dry Goode, lDress
*oods and Groceries.
Contral, S. C.
)uld be a good time to buy some
Heavy Winter Shoes,
A lot of Childrons' Union Suits,
1(h5)kin, onlly 15c.
Lot of Misses Unio, Suits, worth
ic to closs the lot a 200.
A. lot of Ladies Union Suits eas
y worth 50c to close at 38c.
Men's Heavy Fleeco Lined Un
3rwoar. Heavy work shirts to
ep the cold out.
Lots of Loadod Shells, Shot,
owder, &c., for the Bird Hiunters,
ots of good things to eat. Full
ie of groceries at all times.
Call to ace them early and ofe n
Pickens, S. C
g?''ome 'Phone No. 24.
Wh~len you make p)resents,
ve tasty ones, purchasers
.iy good articles. 8
Pickens keeps silver goods
rid jewvelry; your presents
aid purchases awvait your se
icely Rolled Plate Lace Pins, Color
ed Settings, .05
>hd Gold Brooches, Beautiful Pat.
terns, 2.25
oiled Plate Neck Chainus, With Set.
tings, .15 1
,cst Gold-Fil led Lorgnette Chalins, 2.50
lack Silk Fobs, (Gold-Plated Slides, .15
01(-Filled WVatchi Chains, Plain and
Patterned, 8.00
ollari 11uttons1, separabh.e( tops5,.6
aLlar Uttons, 1-I10 gold, .25
off iuittons, colledi Settings, pair .05
uff Buttons, Gol-Fiiled, pair 2.50
k Gold Shell Rlings, sets and pat
terns, .75
!ellworth Bratceet, 3 heart silver fin.
ellworth Biracelet, 3 heart goldl fin-L
ishi, .5i0
erling Silver Braelet, Chain and
Nethersole, 1.50 s
Any ar-ticle in Jewelr-y pro
ired on short notice.
Roger-s 1847 silver goods:
atterns, Vesta, Columbia,
crkshire and Shell Satin.
orbcs Silver Co's., Quadr-u
le P'late Tableware.
Youris for trade,
Tax Notice.
Pickens County, S. C.
i'ick ens S. C., Oct. 1at 1901.
rhe Trreasurer's office at P'hkensr court house,
uith Carolina,, will be 'opened on Monda, the
th day of October, l96M1 for the purpose of col.
~ting th folilowing naImedI tnXes for the fiscal
Lovy for State tax, 5 mille6.
'"ordina ry Coun t . tax 6 ilila.
"(" onsdtt tonal shool tax, 3 mill,,
""Past indebted ness, 2 mills.
rotal levy for State and County taxes 15 miill.
ey efor iteret on e'ik e i. mRlabonds'
Levy for interest on Pickens..bndfo
urricane Township,2 mills. d od o
Levi for interest on eckens R. Rt. bonds for i
tos 'Towns hi~,34mls
Special levy for cho District .o 9 2 mi .:
"6 "4 "6 " "464
PI tax One D~ollar and commutation Road
ax Is twe dollars and is colleetable at same
me from all those who are liable accordlag to
Books eloses on December 81st, 1001,
ty added after that time,'
8 . .'n A r A'N
Ostebrad dagsreautster l'ioftens County,
Now is the
We are well supplied with thoso I
We have received another big shi
Its a caution the way thoso sho<
however, as they aro known to be
We have a few overcoats left t(
of Harness, Bridles, Saddles, Bugt
Hardware of every description.
Shingle Mills, Shingle 18ills suppl
See us before buying your (4u
nothing but the bost. Our wotto
has been inl the past, "BEST G(
PRICQES,' Your patronage respi
3ig Shipment of runks just reeeive(
And Carde
is worth all it costs to have a
seeds, we have in stot
4arden and Fa
Hoes, Rakes, s-hovcs, Spades
[ooks, Mattocks, Plows and PIm
turners made, \W'hcel Harromvs'
lachines, and Furniture of all kii
A Nice, N(-w\, ce
New Goods Coming in and
Anything * and
About a 1 lome
15 \ We invite all to come an
No trouble to show
-mm 0
And we are better p)repared
low Shapes, Iron and WVood Plov
hain~s, all kinds of Disc P'lows,
uano Distributors, Cotton Plant<
WVe have made extremely lI
oods, and it will pay you to call
Big lot of Fertilizer on ha
nore to come. Avoid the rush
Heavy Cr
Large shipmien t of FlIou r, 11
rrive. We are better p)repared t:
oth for credit and cash, and can
ee us. Yours truly,
Heath- Bruce-I
3nie Price C
We have just changed the pr-ice
ou'should not fail to call and see uts
ind. Our prices are fixed to STAY
em one cent.
....Look at thes
Men's Vici Kid Dress Shoo that, w
$2,00 now going at . .
Ladies Dress Shoes that sold for 8:
Men's Rtock land Calf Dress Shoe I
80118 for $1.50 but wou sold for $1.8
An excellent ushoc for mten's every
generally solls $L..:5 to *1,50, our
Merricks Six Cord Spool Thbread I
pool we now offer for 4c. 9 balls of s<
egular 6c calico for oc a yard. All cc
* a yard. A big lot of fresh garden et
for 10c.
17 lbs Standard granulated sugar
12 lbs good kog soda for 25o,
10 lbs of splendld green coffeoc fe
Georgia Ribbon Oane syrup, at 4(
Trennessee ho rso made melasseo at
CGenuine home miade molasses at 'a
We will deliver goods to any p~art
la pr'oduce, Your. tr'uly,
5oods and the prices are igM.
pmnent of
e Eih.ocem."
'1 soll, it is easily undorstood
the best shoes made for t
>go for a song, Big *took
:ios andi Wagons to go cheap.
0ltJig, Elmory wheelo
ana and Acid-wo handb
is to be in the future an A
wctfully solicited.
I, all sizos. Prices 50c to $7.00.
n Seeds
COOd ,ar-dnii. Besides the
k the,( necce;ssary
rming Tools!
Foirks, BLush llooks, Briar
v S tock, Best Steel Beam
lIon 1K ing Stoves, Sewing
ids, P)rctty Styles.
In Stock )of
Going out l'veriy Day.
* Everything.
or Farm11.
1 look through our rom1S.
hrough our stock.
o0 meet your wvants in Steel
bStocks, Trace and \Vagon
D isc [Harrows, Cultivators,
rs, Side 1Harrows, &c.
wx prices on this class of
nd inspect our line.
nd for corn and cotton and
m~d comeI andi get wvhat you
'feat, Sug~ar, Coffee, &c., to
man ever to meet your wvants
nake it pay you to come and
Viorrow Co.
'nah St~4ore.
onl our) ent iro line of shotes ancd
when in nood( of anything of the
and wVo will not (Ideviate.s from
e Prices....
e sold1 strict,1y for
. $I.86:
3.00) now g')ing at $ 1,71,
Fiat gonerailly
>now going at ,$ 1.21
day woar that
hat wo shave always sold 5o a
wing thread for 50. 1000 yar du
lore and indigo bluo calico for
od ,)ust received, 50 a paper ot
for *1,00.
o por gallon,
~33c per galloii,
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