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The People's Joumal
T. .MAULDIW, Emiyoa.
W. L. MATEENT, Bus. Was.
Matered ;t the Post OMos at Pickens am
' ecnd-oltas matter. -
Subscription, $1.00 a-Year.
THURSDAY. XAR. 6, 19i.
Wrra the approaob "
the pro pecty Wandidat ni
hig way. .
A. Tzw more rains like that 'o
last Thursday and Thursday nigh
will develop new. phase. of . th
road question.
Easley is going ahead trying t
build that other factory, and th
prospects are that it will be run
ning before another Christmas.
It strikes the average citizo
that the least said about the incid
ont in the U. S. Senate heroaftei
the better. About all has beon sai
that should be said, and more.
Farmers are beginning to fe4
their patience tested ao they wai
for the oponiing -of 'spring .ni
good weather in which to begi
work for the boat crop: in a deoad(
For the accommodation of youn
folk and old alike, some concerte
action ought to 'be effected when
by the roads will be )roporly vorl
ed before the May meetings set in
The velvet bean In not withou
its good qualities If reports aro f<
be believed in which it is claimed
that,. for soil enriching pirpos"8,1
it is about throe times as good as
the coninor cow pMa.
EAstPr is to be commended for
the enorgetic way In which sho .is
mnoving for the estal)llohllhment of
another cotton mill. Her)businoss
men are behind the mfoveimn,
and the )rospects are assuruing.
'H Till iman-Mc Laurin iniitlent.
has been daicussed and written
about till every sh ade (if opinmoln
has boon expressed and a great
deal said that loes lot have) the
saving grace of well formed opin
ion about it.
ArrRn all the assurances held
out to secure money to secure the
release of Ellen M. Stone; the cap
tured missionary, she is not yet
free. Those brigands need a good
threahing :nore than money, and
their government needs the same.
1t was Col James Tillmnan's op
portunity, so be went to Augusta
and telegraphed the President to
the effect that he would not be
wanted to take part in the execises
attending the delivery of the sword
to capt Micahi Jenkins.,
some~ gentleman from .North
Carolina claimis to have settled the
question of Abraham Lincolun's
origin, and givee the Weatern par'
of North Carolina as the plage
where he first saw the light. Now:
that is getting prett y closo home.
WHt1Y can't some of our poophl
arrange to supply a few seed to the
government for free distribution
It seems to be a paying inidulstry
at other p~laces. But, thuen, we
live where we mt.t take whait is
.given us and besides be careful
that we don't expect too much.
TI.FAT1 considerale .*eenut of
the good people of Pickens counut~y
that has been advocatinig a return
to twelve days, as the full road
duty for a..year, are beginning to
see their ideas vindicated. U'nless
something is accomplished speed ily,
the full lhmit, now provide~d by law,
will not suffice for a decent job.
The Senate and the Hiouse seem
to have been most seriousiy divid
ed in opinion wheni Lie huisto'ry of
our present road law-is considered,
and those constitutienal restrictions
have served to defeat the plans of
several counties when those plan.
wore based on what everbody con
ceded to be necessary in. the public
The high rolilog riine Jamnes,
Tilinant lieutenant governor and
late Colonel of the flrel.Southb Vare
olina vonnteers, was having in
A ogustalast weelddi lsle4i iiad,.
in~g its reaction aboutunew 'in -.bit&
ter regrets for his very foohish act,
especially as he realise. that il
the people who vote don't always
authorize the free interpretation
of their sentimnents under covere of
. telegram, even though such ititer
pretation be made by a lieutenant
T% all the eorresbondento a
eatnestly please .,ake you
communications as :interesting s
posisible, by giving that quality <
news and tersely expressed opii
IOUs that will be looked for wit
eaoh ia4e of the paper. Broade
the* scope 9f your contributiot
and write aoit things in whic
You are thanly concerned aloni
With the rest of 'your community,
rhili iQtufenerally concede
that the indications point to goc
r crops for 1902, such assurances ai
t never so good as when accom pan
3 ed by that wisdom in practi<
which directs the planter in mal
ing his calulations with a view I
a supplying all nocessaries for hon:
consumption possible before I
ventures on the uncertainties of
speculative cotton crop.
* 0 *
One thing noticeable about t1i
Tillnian-McLaurin fisticuft episod
i8 that the popl who om1
condenned Tillman for roft sin
to fight are among the first and ti
1 most vigorous inl c0)(lefllnil)g bi
t for the very thing itself. All C
-which goes to .how that a p)oliticia
a can't please all the Joplo a1ll th
. time, and he is doing nmigh ty slic
work if ho pleaseC a good portio1
g of them miodt of tle till(.
d it0*
3. Theod liowintvelH, Jr., is he(
ter 111141 able to traV l. Ilis liitle
. iCcknvEs 1has raised a lot. of fusis.
but no telling how ruu1ch3 trouzhle
ia lead-0-trolngi J.o130ol b 0y 'all
> caulso, On11e th1ing .r'emfak-able
about hi.C1as is tlat lie i. 'ul10e to
(Arly' aiter eiling ait tile ]).) unt of
donti. Buit stilnge thiligs do
h1aJppen tlcer days, ospocially
arnoig those who movo in high
Men, grown men, men with fam
ilios and young men still living at
the home of their parents might
ill help to make the home a place
moro inviting and clear their own
,kirts of some of tho consure for
Family short comings if they would
only be a little mote thoughtful,
a little more mindful of the -wel
fare of thoir wives and mothers
and sisters who are, from morning
till night, from day to day, doing
thei1r regular .work and always
attiving to do more thani they arc
really able to do to make thlose
homes the inviting andl comfort,
able places theysee they ought t<
lbe. It is for the mnen folks of th<
family, for their comfort and hop
pinesa, that the women of thu
househiold are striving and sacrifi
cing. Tho men, as a ruli, do not
shtow their appreciation1 of all thest)8
things as they ou~ghit, peorhalpsi they
are really grateful but they ought
to let their grato.fuilness ho known
and one0 of the host ways to d<
this is to make as little trouble am
possible for those best, and t ruosi
friends they have (31 earthi-show
them by every, passible ' videnetC
Itlit you atre ailways consideriiu
their welfCaro and1( happiness, andt
every little mark of appreciatioi
will imake theoi ri rdens l ighlter and
brin1g a cheerfu31lins to their ac
cusatomned work t hat nIothinglh
0180ocenn bring. They wanut noth-3
inog more an~d ask not1h ing betteri
thlan to knowv that they are ap
ages them as to feel thlat all theirI
planis and~ works and personal sac
ri fices arec regardled only3 as thir
just p~ortion. Thmnk ahout this a
li ttle, anid thin1k ing tako the 51ug
gest ions to heart, andl if you mare
no1,t. ong t ho waiy you abioul d,
w hether fro n')1)oglect1. or slheer per,
Yvrseniess, mienid yone ways at on3ce.
It will pay.
LAI N'S Uni'Oii R R Mil)y.
Hlet wC44n the houirs of- (leven o'clock a
m3. and3( closing t ime at ight on .ilan. 2(
1901, A. F. (Clar k, druaggis t, Gule spiedig
Va. s..l' twelve batLties of Ch'aml'e lains~
Coughl IRemeidy. lie says, ' I neuver hid
led a1 nwtdicluie that sold1 better or gave
better satisfactioni to mEy customers."
Tihis Remedy hats been In genleral me ini
V'irginal for maniy years, and the p~eople
there are nell aicqiuinted with its excel
lent qualities. Miany or themi hava testi
fled to the remarkable cures which It has1
effectedi, 'When you need a good, t rella.
ble medicine for a cough or cold, or at.
rack of tihe grip, use Chlamberlain's
Cough Rlemedy andI you are certlan tio
be more thsmn pleasedt withtthe quick emeI
which it alfords. Fdfr iale by (G. W- Eairle
"Ij never as so-muich surprised hi my
~tie, as I wias with' the results, of. using
aminberlain's-Pain Baelm," siay He[lnet',
T. Orook, pressman of the .Aseirlfe- [N.
C:) Oben. 'L een~tastd a seeecs
of rheumatIsm easly Iaat winter by get
ting bnyfeet Wet. I tried Several tings~ for
it Without benlefit. Onle day while look.
ing over the Gaeette, I notbloed that Pain
BahnIit was piuntively uaanedp 10ttre
rhel~inatiAnh, no hou~ attl. It Cami
before using two tl~id 61 di My rhetimab
thlrn hta e it. Right andi I have 1)k
a rb'atis~ n.-, 5...l .y. .
R - oads And Something About Tie So.
tien of tihe question.
I have been reading - the niol
)f given by your correspondeimts ai
k. the most I see is that some ofthei
h are telling of the visits that nre-b
n ing ia(le. There is.no-t. ko muc
visiting around here aid I doll
' think it necessary to tell anytiln
a about such anyway. I eagj't'.
g that it would be of much interei
to the reading public, Jbut ;-it .fit
up $Paco. But now. reimearbi
d somebody in talking about' cand
d dlatets and there must be room- !
toll us who they are what the
want. and that is all we want o
to say about them; don't tako '
e two or threo columns to tell wi
. the malty friols have to *ay abot1
themr, we can judlge them whel w
see thei.
* I want to tell your rea(lersi thu
e right now is the tfini to spra
a your friuit trees- to (estroy wlit
called the San Joso scale, for It .J
destroyilig all your fruit. JDord
* neglect this 1111d allow the imsectl
t,) ruin your trees amd neverivhve v
full devOloped applo. Mlr. K E
" Perry hasi been sprmayinug Iia troc
g about six years; a good mntil tokI
e If( lie sold last year about two
1 hum,(lre( (1o1lairs vorth of peaclie.
Tht beats coltl. The sule-Ct' of
spraying is no lolig..r a matter - of
Choice, it is a necessity,. amd i tin
Ile (onl() or you will havo no fruit,
tlitt is fit for use, I want to tell
yout too that there lias be en ia g-i.ng
(f coinvie'ts at work ill (he cowity
about six years and that they have
jist reached Pu mpkiiitown. . I
leari soimebody is poIitioning to
the coimissioirs to take thom
lower (own, but we are asking
thiem to fix that big mud-hole, if
they don't fix it we will get Mr.
Joiis to (1o as1 before, call on .the
boysito bring on their wagons xnd
fix thCm up, but then renember
too it is going to take a heap of
money to pay the expehses ' of
the convicts, six mules and about
twenty-five men to feed and' Iwo
to guard to pay, then pay - for. thle
convicts. Our boys say they have
helped to paty these expenses. for
six years now, if you don't want
them to help us any they are will
ing for you take them and- woik all
your roads wtth them and we'*ill
work ours as befoie but roiembej
too that we don't want to te-ll
pay the expenses any longer- an(
think it would be right to pay us
back what we have paid. ''lien ]
want to toll you, before you agro<
to do that, it is going to take 1
hea'p of money torun the machine
then if you expect thetmi to wor
all your roa(ls you will not s0e il
becauso you will all be dead before
they roach tho en(. Thy can
make some good roads hero and
there hut they movo slowly,
I will tell you too that that it
has ever been a mistake imn ou
law imakers to keep cutting dowr
the t imo for working roads whiei
you cani hear menh all thme tim<
[or henter roads and~ thne editora
are talking about it too. Se i
seems- the ty kept Cutting upl an<o
cut ting dlown and changing abou01
uin til at last-.-to nothlin g. Il ow
over., it was said we did miot have
any jur iy nor roadI law you *ee-r
const ittiori, wi thoumt a law, m1
good ; a la w not enforced no gapd(
I dlon't. kim sw whait new law wati
miade, I have hoard it is one (101
tar or six~ days, if so that wil
mean v.iuntary labor or' taxatiot
oFrino i oads, still there may be big
caleuitionis made as to what oni
(10llar and thew chain-gang will (10
if that should be to not ice- in' then
end~ how you will bo ddceihdl
then to the man who w'ants to gei
out of road wvork you might a:
weoll givo your labor as your mon
('y ; you k now where you put youi
labor, it is right at home but w hai
sonme one else takes t ho money hi(
maiiy or may nlot want to p)uk ..il
whore you want- it; this you see ir
a difieren ce. MIore work :-n. les
grunmbling will solve the qIuetioi
I'Telvo (lays heats anything we
have over hadin since to unlko good
roadsu. If good roads is what you
wanut, inui~iro for the paths 'our
forofathern trod, the burd'cen will
lbe light and the yoke easy after a
year or so, Some peoplo4. say let
us borr'ow mnoney to build up pub
lie enlterprises and~ issue bdnrds.
.Let. me tell you it is had pol idy.
It is better in my mind to lay up-a i
few d1ollars for the clhild(rer thani to
nmake debt for thiean to p~ay. We
are out of debt now--so listen, ler
me tell you what I think is best
amnd by far the safest.; that is to
pay upi as you go upJ and pa~y down
as5 you go dlown. You kniow too
that for us to have a heap of bonds
for the bays to pay will unot be
good policy, it takes all they mnake
now to pay off the lien and they
are falling a little bhindu~ anywgy
so they don't need any 3nord put
behind for theum to pay.
Now, Mr. Editor, if you should
be away and those correspondentu
should fail toe flll your coluhiie
then your boys always piok up a
little trash and fill up with it,. if
they Can't find anything worat~b :et
them put this in, but if it don't
suit their make.up, lot it go to the
wasto-basket i it may hurt 6.ome
body'. fleelings, but it -dqii't
make any difr'orenes about t* manmy
hurt foolings aniyway; he would be
a better tnan if somiebbdy . wotild
knockc feeling. ofT him1 hel just
takes the mw wth him to ehow otut
and out up and let the peo~&ki6
that the dleviltfurnilshed more ma.
L erial for his tmakue.p than.; the
Lotd no let him toll-#o good
I;)t! ,'l tat I ) 41iiri0, hJcosettjoled il
lfioltig.4 ~ftgrfpY6 .Iiti jcol s (tlCifutt
ly to tlie woiiitrli ciitriive itijialil ics of
9- 'YoW.Wit UdileVhl4'iar..;Thr 'i I.- ;. 19thl
1i lfkg'iit.a ood ."? -01 iot,& 'llor'lt
lesy Pickthi4? tbawz~itiu& (,aiiiaaII P-7
31 -)Im itg ll .
~ '~ ~ h gr'pv.Bolt A;
'o "li'--.1.-t-* U I
k-cOLGjL 613'.'11) ()N tj Itt LUNGS.
1) 41 my*Ilawkrilret Iilml -t Ierriblo coligl
it whbi *. 4-etic( oil her *lorigs. ' says' N.
t J:wlt-sonIj of. Jhs~tvill M11t .. ? o ti-limi A
't, p. lt. PI6.4 t1(I6,IP *1111, Tar
t &'
8~ i( ,' 14.11411ev t *Ilkhs the k(Idneyl
tilblitltlet rIkhti ( mt-lt~ills maIllbig In.
jliiill; 144" Ihlt &, llt i Pikel ciall
'The foiln)j letter frofu A. ..~
lit lmt1 of ti 'iI~' lii. els t I o
4t(;t. Mis'ill 00'Iljrft thre- miolltle, with1 It
1IQt~hld.A * t gajVe-tue tolie ijI,!d
Hill"4, mIill a vA~lelit lPtes (Iibtcd.m .i4)l 14,
I t 'I (li(d fot' VJpE .! . .u theou ti o
Itv' s Iloi1tv ltI.) a.'ti ItoIt eight *(IOSt'i.
ciltrlIl 11.1.' llftU 40 itibmstiIttits.' BodL
lUibc Ity. 'I
1)ANO1jt,,s OFI'U.NrNA.
A cold att his.0tme If l~veiceted Is Jll
Ill.- to C11,1041 +~nn111 'ih NN tich, 1. so (,.eIj
fata~l , iti11( cV(.14JkWlN) 1t)(1 Plthitlt has -1.ze
.13et~ I jlimis 11.1 Weak. ne,, tilihiig
Iliti1 PM1ec411-tiY SISC1.tible to the( (IIIvelop
111911 t of (cot'4qtuipti II. Folpy's liIottc.
azid 'Par will sf(ots .tt og, 11,h
II~toyatd I r, I 4ltnli I otgI'If 111'tI.
In l(Rr~ter tAl tillg Ill* )ut (F,,
:erf11t!114 4l)1y1'f1u i ~k (if illiC~lt
Dil'h~iy. .
If'~ ~ ~ ~ W Fvvv~c'.f1iJek"hy i't.( A-xo.
eM VIN for A i ~~ptt li't! b 1111 o111l
I14 la Q~1 tIhi f-t Ith ~coik a 1e58l
.e it~tth IIS OW(1 thtiN Ili Yes (rom( oltI,
14) It.. t1t,,e~mqIII01 . 0*(Ii , 'jIv,45tu. e te
,frotu Croilp andt W1.f lootigf, gt* n~
J16s~Licgi fIItartj.uel lot al4 TIMIL 101.11
I LII g~tI-i bl-S.rjo ,$1. ()0. 'P-i.t I bottles
fttI Ia ! I I14-' d Ily II f o f 1 1 4 t o i it i l o t a
))a trtWtbSO lln'h.,' 11141 Hill'k kIjd%% nill
Ll-it te nis' it. .vI " .. I.-~ Iate ~ it..I.1 - !
Ohriatian -Da ly. at Tokyo Wil Rte
form Oriental Idena.I
U. Kawal, a Japanlesq ljtewspriper rh~ari
2%, in.St. Josepi,. Mo., .inyling. palrt pf I
newspaper plartl. whiqh Is .to .b) 1ai)*
pod to Tokyo to fo.W tbo niioletis of I
great poperty for- i CljritlIan daily
the lfir.st il that plart o. tha ivorll, Sayp
the. 'iltideIplij.t.1igesth, IIe hits Jtis
,conatuitg4 the .4..iflICig [email protected]
of Topekm, roecet.vin , ,tpt qutljny9t1
Jdeasor te 11ubJct. I Wiiw icoalsp'te
hi otlier u(relirses, inl tidc li*g -typeslt
.ting aieillties, -u (Cli f(e.go and in .east.
ern cities.
"Theo Journal wIlt I ienratfid,"' Aid
Krilmati, "the greali; liti.'egsti oAr-i
maini11ty arid wilettleavor Ito. 1,01ndV6
tfle- previtilitig .li tyrow y Que(%ytons 6
patriotism niild . liattionallsin nnl:i.
plaint instenti a b~road,'lytlt~f yn
patily for the whole wold
A Poetto.1,l .1rends.
IfArly of th .friolls .of. Mr. Artliur
Stringer, the CalnitiI I t received
Jupi before Chrittinas postal' ,1w-(1'Ca
which was written the folloliN'( t'efdr
If. thoughts of yez all - were cratnber ry
An.'wp c wr. ur~cys this 1, 1Y.'
Tod be 't zt obr ey , i a a
With trimrn 1's the soize av a sha1
n " 4aEjt Lbirdomn Yanele,.
The, ldif~l'A"'s tfell'ttdt. pthb., II
trink~ts in Lend-oy
br6obes are se'lli't Very rapidiy -ne
isect Is-imiltated 'i1 Colored 1n' 1i i
the celitdr of a gold safety pIn. MIltlivu
an. binkc furnitiilfe,~ tlie ltest fiincy
of the artistle--tatuve wood, pitk statirl
brocade and eurt'ins hi e %%tIi ie e hot
with both colors atid flgdred with a
-Plttern of Sweet poets.
Tax. Notice.
By joint resoutition, tlh (ienrli As
sCIblIly Ilas eXte1tlel tho timilo. for th(
payinent of taxes for you 1901 1 withot.it
penalty to
M ARCH, Sit, 1902.
E1xecuitioils will lIo(t I'm iq.itled l . ir lln
paid taxes tantil after ti expi-itin)I of
lifteei days aifter Mit-clh :st, - lt from
the 31s4 of .,atch'1111l thfe' exp 1itutionl of
the liftoon ilays, fax's' will be rve(ive
with trn per ctnt penalty withou.L xe0011
tion;1aflter Ithe expirtationi of the fift.-en
'iays execittiot1 wtl be is.-td for h lte oel.
lection of all 1111pait tixose
The time for tlI*o-paytnenut (if the comn
t1111ation roatd ta has also bee n extoni
dod till lie 31st day of M 9el, 1902.
Oflice of Conlliroller (Gencral.
Columlbia, 8. C1.
Febty. 25, 1902.
Treasuirer l'ickens Clounlt.y,.
Dear Sir:
- Tho General Assemlbly y' Joilit
Revolttion extettiled -tio titeo fo'r the
paymenc'tt (if taxes( 19)1 witho t penaltly
to Miirlch the ;lut, 1902.
A fter liIat (alte yotI c.ollect thio' delin
qIe pit taxes willi the utk1itioi of 10 1er
coat p)tl nilty for 15. dttys,.beforeio . iit'uig
exeotitiory s..t.y.
JFollowinig is tIbe:Ilevy:
P'v is S. 3'., (et. 1st 193o1.
year of t9il:
tLevy1 ios r S atex 11)1 m illil i' ~ iit
"~~s or liiitrryt 10t'('lnt tax,.n3b. .~it rot
33" rri'anejiiiitioin3ls'uihltax 3ii.s
"~~' or tl'l t Oi L h IC ies k .- 31.iiitiil ()
- staevy t for llnters 'i' : 'i -e s iitio
.Pickens t' ont t loSe Ti'own hi . m ll'
Ljieivyfo teres on Pcken it.2. , b n s o
llurrinne T wnshi,*1'smills
. Lev forinter t onPiel- * . II'. b ti o
'nix fs't wso dolatrs und. .is'0i N'letaIle .lit .0am3t
ti mu. frorn 1133t ht'.ni li ho .r3eiJ linbe-iiopl ihg a
Hoiok weoe 0'iSI. l1 1)el'iombe.'r 31 (.tl J 931.
talty 11 aded tter (ht itue .114
I (isertrI 'u l 'ly. (U iy
qtpihecr 3d1 likec3I'Inue ckn ony
(yotr owi aseIOlet) to every 'tub-I
-,scriber. Only 50 cenlts a year'.
as n i b nuiful.. olored plates 3 itelst
wote huso~ ltsi ii~to :tn
U'scribe to-day, or, send to. fr atest copy.
L.ady agents wainted. endi for :erins.
StylIas., Roliable, Sinlo, Up-Ito.
n'tO,' RCcoistle al ?3d Ab1h1el
..or~ec-FitingPapr Patterns.
f8e0 s Mlfoiqd and Perforations show
tu Bastlipg and Sewing LInes. ., '
fod ton remailSo~dnhearfy ever,ty
I13-tlg.,7 West )fst St., NEW.YORK.'
as . .
P'rescr~it d~~~ Pro ptly
and satisfaction guarantee&
Most un-to-dtate line .n tt
. AI L
.TN . ..A.
n miing the Pri
~enterg anO floe
Resorts ot tor
gh-las Yestibul
hetwa,1gn New.1l
Cincigati~~ 'aad Florida
Allshevillo. '
New -Yoir aand F1rcida, eith
apd . nnah, -.or- via
SuPerior Mining.Ca f QUeetc
- ExeI11ant . Servc a'd IoQ
9ou.t' South Carolina est
1im9 'B'oukrist Ticlste to
* For' detaIled anner1gatlofl, tt
appily to nea rot tlcketea'gne m
- . .Gen.eral Passeswer ~ne,
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Bridges & Hammond,
Dry Goods
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B ridges & Hammbnd.
P'ICK ENS, 8 .0.
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ohn T. Boggs,
- - Liberty, B. C.
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(lAK RRO8. & CO.,
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We Will Sell For the
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