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The People's Journal
gow Dr. J. Rufus Bratton waf
Kiditapped at His Home in Can
Dr. 11. .). Massey, a former resident
of South ('arolina, now living in At
lanta. (Ga., was I comipallioln inl th
(onfedcrate army with Dr. .1. Rufui
Bratton, nlow deceased, of Yorkville
S.C.,and revives the story of the kidnap
ping cell-t that attracted much atten
tion in the catly '70s, a case that, Vitli
a little contrariness on the part 01
Gteneral (Grant, then president, imigh
hive caused var between Eigland ali
the United States. Dr. LMasb4y's story
is as fo lows:
Dr. J. Ri. Brattoi, formerly of York.
Ville, S. C., is lnowi by his hosts o
friends throulihout the South as Dr.
-llufe liraut'n." Many years before
the beiinn in (ft' the civil war, he had
become a very popular physicialn anld
eminent :-ur.:eon. And after the su
pension of host-itics and the srrmciiler
Of the ('on fedeit' forces, his ilnme
had becomte fatnn iar in almost every
Southern lious h i n accotunt Of his
havinz beeni kinapped I in Loindon,
Canada . and bt::: 2'.v force wit hout
hcvOf O ;1w or utiit yV hak to the
Inited Stites.
)r. 1). . I i:tt,.n. t cli bor of
lratton's phai a y , ' nt 11,1 relates
the f ' '..!
iihli: I h'c h
whic~h a.. u n a e
South n - .u -
in e a
ner ' k
a!: t *~' '* ' - n' h eiii
tt u Th.
h t. t
the en it
lilt :. itI it \. i I t b le .- ii
mi llsIo'.lll t 'a p 1Ti2 0' ali -~ . b
their lilt. I iT in, i te n -nt
stillrise, it in e.iit! : It ; L --)I i t
forever, lui it 4 ispero1d in -,g mI
ter traivel'Ih-d l an pi hi. iif ils.
niegro whoIpO nedt qitet anliIt nihn~i.
over otheri hhwaks int l1 r ermtin' th
the dispotsaul of him~u l r. lIration' wr
tid~ to bet connlected. It whas mi vi
prohveni tht lbe hiad anlythinlg to
with the traitiie eliding Of this lie !
TPher~e waIs, howev~er, aI warranitl IS wi
(tut fori the dhoctor fromli the Uniut
States cti1It, and1( placed ini thle hon11
of a~ marshial bty the namne of hi este
for service. 1Dr. 8ratton wa9 arresit:
by 11e1tel onie night, chided thie viig
aneeC of thiis (.4eur and1111 I fiitlty tran I
ferred himtiself to the IDominilionli
Canwhli. lle took~ the oath (If citiizei
shipij to G reat JBritaini, settled in Lol
(loln andu resume~d the piractice of h
profhessioni. lie hadit been there but
few months when, 011e Suinday afte
11001. out walking on thet laiwn, a maiu
sha1l by the name of J. I). C'oniwe
who was hired by the samie i este.
slipped up) behindl Brattoni and1 wil
the assistance of a hackminh, sem/
him, threw himli dlown and1 handehinff
him. Geieirally tile dtlotr caiedit
pistol, buit this piarticullar aufternin ithI
hiad none1. Dr. lBrattoin asked hi
whom he was arresting and1( for wh
pulrp)oe. ''Show 1me. yourl aluthurt:
Y'ou have arrestethe wlirni _man
The mnaishal said, "' We knlow winhl
we are dhomlg; we've got the re-h
D~r. Jlratton I eplited, 'Showi lme you
paperB, you dh-( rascals."' Thiey ra
'' I'll make youI paly well for this,
the doctor said. Carry mue to ai magi
trate.'' Inlstead, they carriedi him ui
and1( down tile roadl and( across the law
and around about un' il the trainl au
rived. T1hiey put him oni the train an
hept him ill a (lark rom. Thle fire
thing he recognihzed was theo callinj
out of " Detroit,'' United, States o:
America. They hiad brought hin:
across the line. It developed that they
p had no warrant for the doctor, but a
.warrant for a Dr. Avery, and when
this was found out they wanted to turn
him loose. Bratton would not be re
leased, sayiig,'" You scoundrels, You
have arrested the wrong man, and I
will make you pay well for this. I am
a citizen of Canada and a British sub
ject, and I will call upon my country
for protection."
Dr. Bratton was then taken to York
ville, S. C., and having a friend in
court, hie was released upon what is
called a "1 straw bond.' lie at on'e
went to Washington city, called tiponl
the miuister representing ( reatl Britain
and laid the case of kidnapping before
him, who at once refei red the whole
matter to Queen Victoria. The (jteel
immediately, through her ut inister at
Washingtoni, nade a requisition upon
(cneral (irant, then president of the
Ulnited States, to have 1)r. 1 ratton re
leased anI restored immediately to
1 A11(lon l, his place of residence. It
beinlg plainly a casus belli, General
(irant saw at once the importance of
prompt action, atd promptly honored
lier majesty's reiuisition. )r. Bratton
was forth with released and restored to
iberty. I)r. ration, after spentliniz
a few days with his fatmily at Yorkville,
S. '., went back to Lonmdoni telegraph
uig his nephew, ). R. Bratten, at T
:'harlotte, N. C., to mueet himn at that
place on tle arrival of the traiui and to
i ,o with him to ('anada. Young Brat- A
ton did so, and escorted the doctor to
Upon meeting his nephew, )r. Brat
ton said, " lave you a pistol?'"' The n,
reply was, "I have one.'' I)r. H ratton
said, ' All rigt. I have two. You II
it :ht here beliind me on the next it
seat I fear nothing till we itt to tle
her: r. Thhere may e tr'ouble wihen f
er Over the bridge at N iagara (t
b Whlen you hear me "'hoot you Z
and tire to kill."
was no trouble, however, and lo
kdel in Iolldonl on Sunday I
: c wit to the hotel aid re tr
I inder assumied nimtes. l)r.
on asemne(m d that of dohnsoni. lIe
inot want it known that lit had got- fi
I )r. lI ation at once wen t
ieut his lawyer, who was a broih- h
Cith 'aroliniani, and who kept him:n b
i house until next mornintg. Next (
int ruine the case of .1. 1). Conuwel was
Aini court charged with kinlzapping. i
r im fuIfly uanler way I lr. Bat- tI
u walked iito tlt, court roon, very el
1U 1t (lite surprise of the court andI r
u rIt di ftil the prisoner. No o'ne s,
e the Owye andV~l n1.lIephew kniew that t
h-attn was in L,0ndoni. The
j e r nIIi ined pa"Le and became v er y
folri suine tine when le saw I)r. p
I'. Iittion was ca.lled to the stand bI
te Stitied to the facts as above re- a
d, identitlied (i.'miwell a the man
Iilfw him (iliowi hialleluffed him -
intl C.arIId hini to 1)iroit. CoMVell
\l wa- liuni ginity antl sentenced to Six
- a luird latotr ill the pellitntiliary, (
antl the hackmnan ti three years for
y. bleiii ateee wry I t) tie act. It i, said
t-Vtv i to Ihi- alay that at th- termina
1tin li thei. St two cases inl court, there
ni vi ' hat Icheeti p to that ititne or has
Ser -nei a delii.-l -tV.itioii; .iti.
4 l ndon iche. They wv nl.
< that they actav ii , wir1:
S::.i for hi' faitti y.
I I hat nitii ini I ver lon isse
n ihe lilllilelle. tn tu. itd
t 1 t . i prich ii
It n the i ttiiiii a y hy
Li hit Itn iihlrich andl hie ;if
hit in lrut after inny years,
I t a 1 .';ri l iti l ai eemi ml'g
lifu iii I -.iiriuw lii ir.e-ra.on
iii the i n r lii.ur mie. ile li n- m ft or e
i! r'an f i .' t hr I )ir Ihiii is' be i it ftin er
it Th -fri.'ty la-in si s i
t- In' irated by I he fact t hit evemy ttne ofi
-' In-0 s uI' nhs e n stgnr -
tltdheiu liiere areti <.nlymi5LIto
*l e "| dnre 'silll er ciih.10go
dont'. h tl s c th ha hsnuaa wl
tt fi i m s eialy, ~iiu t o n nt han i
j lv tis the. p tse t io f hea t , a .
11inesh tihi, an 'heej~ynn
itsfiocialtes . Te r e ca:e o oo
wota n wio ho i ntt
ipiers, rii wtadn
l'- r o lesr los'resa
i' firtunt'es ler
lyen aire~ tll She
-hso thoe hat
Ii pinesis i no rocial
r- limtorieree's -
' theres hthehia-......
stroy iteheath gvagtdhlt o
it etbl ishlte reg-siti Lp
I lar it dri t dis- r ~t ~ir go wti
fdiiI agreeable draitn rt t)?ts, utiv
e~p~li tion ' lcrati o, andie, enrts feialeou
1 weakness. i ilit' ives good~uti thealth o
. goo aptitife a ond rser i
fr ialet. t uble a wrte, tout y tou for dvtce
tif Iny M. te tietas, o uttin.t Me Dotie
It et fo nie ;I~ ezug. I folwd 'ordre in. ndl
. till)'- d it h ea r rori youi wl when' I wrtae to ou
feel ditil Niyi Liakt to you fottr ouktny
Ior. idercn Medical IrAver in 1apugh i
cove is Pil felet' cIi wguldi nof tak one
cePierc stmici ne,, i t . ofenn workial s
onD. Piere's MedriR PcaAdse, i paer l
fao .V.1
"My wife had a deep-seated cough
for three years. I purchased two
bottles of Ayers Cherry Pectoral,
lirge size, and it cured her com
J. H. Burge, Macon, Col.
Probably you know of
cough medicines that re
lieve little coughs, all
coughs, except deep ones!
The medicine that has
been curing the worst of
deep coughs for sixty
years is Ayer's Cherry
Thre sies: ZSc., 50c., S. All druggists.
colisilt youir aioctor. If iho says take it,
thi do as t he say. If ho toll' you1 not
to take it. theii dtn't take it. Io kitows.
Leave it with hit1. Wo ni, willitig.
J. C. AV ER CO., L.owell, Mas.
it Interestiig Builletin Froi
United $tates Geological Sttrvey
The DieIpart inent of the Interior lia
)W III press a1d shortly to be pub
lied "'A (razetteer' of (huba," b;
enlry Gsannlett, (ieographevr, wichl i:
e title of Ihulletin No. 19- of ih
niiteid St ates (iot logical Sut vey. Thli
!b' wing is a coide nsedi st attiieit o
e 111folIllation contained in the Ga
Cu ha, Lie largest tantd lili't popi
us of tle West Iadinli islantis, lyinL
rectly soith of l'lorida , has -in ex
e111 ltligtl , froni ('ap 'MaisAi oli th
is! to ( agtpe Sall A lltollio o l th1
ust , of 7.'0 11iile , a brelltlI ra1gi
oi 1,11 ill tle east. to 2.7 niiles in tih
.'Ihhorloo otif f labana, aIid till area
cidin:- the isle of l'ines and tih
rderin iKeys, of approximately 13,,
MI Squlare 11ulles.
Tho nortlh coast Is nmaily steel) an
t'kV. IIf the W 'steri part. of Cub;
0 biit-i air low ; toward the easteri
Id, inl saitiago I 'rovilce, the coast i
1e(l atnd all 1 miolliltaitionis. TlI
lith enawt fromu Cape ~atisi Westwail
C ;It' '1Z is bordeie by mountitainis
rt1 Iy hy the Sierra Maettra. We.
'ape Cr1. is the lav of littelu Es
ianza, imo wInch iows the lki
muto, the largest treaiii (if tilie is
Iit . Theclle west ward the cotst is low
il iii.iruv. birt'ialeiilli , West of Cieni
ii, ito the G reat '% iptita Swaini
litills Iiriig a11 :t( IIIiive, broat
If th lthe ticoas t are ilaitily lo;
allerj:ove*4-cove\tI-1' Islda.k M om3 o
It. harbor f hl'a Coasts have inl
ow, cr'kI -:rn e pe~ning int,
1 t1V Irtiti hat il . The tiidttle pmtili
f the i-lail. indludin s the province
f I1 .-an , M atanr'AI'. Sn1it1a 'lra, an.
uing i. p1 il n, anti shalbiw vaileyi
Eh'1 n12 Jut l'n ftie ii'n roinc iW~
tjii tih tt) ial. Ini Saniting
i lee, h t he S errat NI lt'sti':i 'eae
it it irjni lt'I iii s ii.'i le f t'N lii
erstlt it 'it albit il are lt'utlie o tlhi
h 1rt i e 111 ew t' it e lt iiil e ce
i zati i l~~e'roine ,eris nvis:thl f
b'ut .huh' es 'an the Sliagl (.ra einIe.
eai e' he 'itior Sofiit1t - i-la nl ier d
05ttiin t U onlyt I10 lini ei i f ai lroa<111 i
tsi (1uir wttit (iltlt ris folih r tite
itlienunitti hol11 ltll SOI. ' I
Tilhe tinera'. rsiourles othe ishless
ut 'otr t s dev lod cropist alioi
itivg rofs hie igr trei whie
has' been.t tne for itniey iar, ti th
'illu 'Ith se e te I ier ilaetral
ein~it' eil l ~Sitli i111i ', iiea iol
'il.l ofl irn, i shiiad to tizite
10t' ti' 'ine, gb antIt siilver weil
'tnim-dtl feiney cithes. um hiais ahetI
tiilalin sevral ha o esl iitlicuar
*ari th)('i55 lti of I lenta 11 ('h ira lh r ti
lie! been lit ize t tkilltnnai
The 111 ai liutt f (aNe istomaratnive
ort i'llte. i Th niorthas tradi le e tind
(ring1 an, 1 Itul raifal2, 'aout5
~lei, to c the csther lopesii of thi
shutil, hetI w eary atnd i l-tber; la
ititfll1(,1 tl on lut er so pe lt ic zss
'ui li i ent fo I0lil uti t erops. 1t T'' I n I
tllin an a tiCN iiii/ltuperar )( ait liaban;i
Iure lsts l' onltg time, b'lilutl on tii
or tern slipf oft 5)the''Iri iatol t
ihtts, eventi n sunune~r r cool8..
'inar die i Iiiatt ii2 llaan ,Qtanz 1
antaI Clara, 'I'rt.' linci, S ia ,nt
rte'k diitde mi'i)3:e mimicipal itit
r t1 (inlttly on 'i'lpl 5inluing eth
lel fPinde, andt ar luit' vtied slt
hdou 1,500 huet bari Iosll'~ ineblg t:
nsttt the cii itie s.lv('yitis as 88
'op iis i m eost of e 8 mu vel d
)ohnhsintedat Nuevitas on ~S7 this
to the acre at less; cost, incans
anot1e 11noney,
More Potash
in% Owi- 11ton fertilizer intptoves9 thle
soi ;itut ~els ih--laiger prits
-mr. lk for) expLaimng how to
(F 1! I\ \N K.\ l.I WOR KS,
,- Na, m ',I., New York.
takeli unur thle direction of thle U'nited i
States War De-llelmen inl 199 'gave V
thle popuilation as 1,-772,797, or near11ly
0,000 loss. All-iwing for probable ill- b
creasie of population between 1887 and U
1895,i thle date of thle beginnigll of thle :
LinsAurrection, thle lossA of life dlue to 1,hek i
war, ats inldiented by these two Cenl41ss
may be esituuate d at n early 200,000 and
fell entirely upon the three western
provinces, Plar dlel ltho, llabana and
- Matanzams. The denlsity of population,
taking th island at, a whole, was-.1 7
inhabitants to thle Sqiuare mlile, anld
varied from 15:3 per square muile inl
11Iabana to 8 inl l'uerto l'rincipe. Thet
I rbanl population of Cuba, inlcluding
-cities of 1,000 each,1 i.; 17.1 per cent.,
thle Saine as that of the( U'nited States' t
As to sex, the proportions wvere, 51..8
per cent. muales and Tdid per cent. fe
-mtales, the excess of malt-, being proh
ably due to imniig1hration. As to race, t
there wvere GS per cent. white and :12 1,
per cent. colored, and the color A pop
ilulation hais for many years beenl dimlinl
,ishing,. Thle for ig-b-orn formed 1. per:
C ent. of the( ttal popul 1tlonl, Which
- laves 60 per cent. as nativ.e whlites.]
Th ree- f ourth1s of* thle Foreignl ban camle
from Spiin, thle remaindler Chiefly f rom
ile U'nited 'States, Chilna and Afriela.
1Nearly one-third of thle foreign-born
elemnent. was found1 inllan. The
proportion of those, married was 2.1 per
v ent. of thle population, and of' this
proportion ai'mut two-thfirds were legal..
ly married aind one-thind were living '
-|ehrwithouit marriage. The legall
.3. ~ , all
>Married constituted only about onle-haltf I
the propo~rtion I') thle popuhation that -
,they dlo inl thle Unfited States. Of the -
-total population 34 per cent. Were able
to read, ihe racy bein greater .among
-the colored than amonqg thl, whites, and
, reater lin thle rutal districts thani inl
f the cities. The mnmber OfCuis re
pot re a- having gainful occupations
0 was -11, per Cent(. of the totall populai
Ition, a hituer praenta than in either
a VhC IUnite t -St!te-s or in a'r to liseo. Of
taen ; nte temalrecto opr thet. ()f
.tte wae-e carnes, er i n t. gwe
't eliPlyilt iou a:iellli I I,~2,~' ohrisand
att) lminAIaing ;forercnti deietiand iii
cr~eses f -o 1: ier tenti 1rade and
> trnspttateof ;: i beri cnt.~ of the
hnavingectin averae lsiz of if :i t acrei
- and' an aera utiated area erl 21 pert an
t fanitozars. <iedniy ~f10 perh onf
theaktinrgo the islandhoe was.:under
cuinain.Mtantsz es alre i leaan :11
proies frme pheroshahre mleiva,
ed prartsouht of th (sid Ofba thecui.g
- vatied oarea~) , le~ is 5 7.1 cienit.a
thowed11 by itha ofptt the r ielstaeng.
- r' ent. and110 an 5 per cent. fccped
tber were as owers (or1 rhterad nly
, l er cent. b oloreadt e olrmainder1
ulbeinlts0 unno n eas bye t areas
ish uner ultivatin, suar tn foped Pci
e 7rcent of the e )1uliated which;
lavI'eet lPtei cet per cettV whitbes.
Ihr e-oithi o l theatareaglittle less than0
frome $1ent1, n othe riie ehiop yin one
I tpeoIotiis. San ta (Chinr and lAfa.s
Serlce onemlythh -oth of theilri
elin uiar wras luag adilabouane-siThe
't Tree-fouths of he iaretirw tbaco
Icn.op tcame fropm . Piarmei, andti
nely allhedad'emat iiir f re livbang
an to nt erwa ntararince. Ther erell
centrals pr odng ily paplatt tbats
of0~1 sug iar.Tioii wter entls wer stills,
with r a dily~ cacte y ii'of. iae 1 1,7: ll gal
thes Cole ta Ilionce tan itandt
Cuban prodte ;rut hle isrcs now~i ino
dfted iteat litlecomingr fo thean pro-p
I tote at ot ou-lt, httiand tknowl eiher
Alsen t'ieldom ltalk ohntr i s~ nhoth
in thoml~ sa ' womeni sc.o dn't.wg~eri
A 1 i thnm fwoule raher bent. loved
. t not~aliedii anci toii0,i be loe~ bu, ntt
I t11S a'~than ul tiinall stpret, but t
5There we habit. 8;7I fits
The wittig aan snveraeseof18 resise
Ste ar', tili'wie Itti ott lleve Pthe chatppIfy
It n1 at~ m i of'Iy lie is 111 jge 1111 i
,iI way ioen mnIey; i when iat is abano
eTheret'ts afnte iad. o t te, Wub
is neeaar ovrre d;ttnZ( ther' aritt ltS
ataoi perdlitn and allpa hav e re i tm itg
, moesty pran dspc' tato. aei ac
la hitaes, as falertopi ani raample taah
au al tin hernt lay coore. th rnaittc
. boysig t no irN~\ cas ret infytearedas
A 7It ('lt ho t ill big shame tonhis ;
1par ent wi naotaaa bi ite s to rnhame tb
str' ee t * it is t taha 'tla ther .stnrloom
enoughantar nell mto-whnithes'aIc
aupmg~ tree Seifats, hti ticsxh
Ol'(ts ainhuihatnits know better bun.
enr h 11ri e ciiom.,,litt llt..t
There is 110 great harm in falling
owi un)less YOU stay down.
The nan who doosn't love a dog
loesn't know how to love a woman.
When a mni1 gives is wife nmoney
0 paY lhe bills she always feels lhe
intsn't given anyllthug to her, but to
lie sliops.
The more a womia loves a iman the
nore she pities other people for lack
ng the discrimninaition to appreciate
ood lqualities ats she does.
A man of strong vill can imako any
voman <10 anything that. she W1ais to.
A lit'le bit of sweetiess cotnes out
4a kiss every time 3ou take it off the
am1e lips.
It isn't necessary for at inan to be. at
ylmltint inl order to get his inind. con
entrated on the toothache.
The saflin(e 1Vo01nan who hats inionley
nough to have her red hair called gold
it tresses can fieal and have it called
Nine men out of ten who start, at. the
op reach the bottot, but, nine out
f ten who stiart at the bot0ton stay
If s01110 preacher wat only smart
ilough to put a side door in his church
10 would have it filled with mien who
Vould go in fron force of habit.
When a very young man begins to
:now how much less lie knows than
ie thinks he knows then lie knows
oniething that is really worth know
Senator 'ettus was quoting scripture
o somi1e of his collelglies ili the Cloak
oom1 the other (lay. "1l(ow in the
vorld do you happen to be 8o familijar
Vith the Bible?" asked one o[ the atu
lience. 11 went to Californ ia inl 18-19,''
eplied the Senator, smiling, 1and 1
o4k a complete library inl my kit. It
otiprised the ihble, Shakespeare, and
ohbie Burns. You'll fin1 1 arn pret
y tamiliar with all three.''
Senaitol; Teller's speech on the l'lil
ppine <luestiot fills twenty-six pages
'f the Congressional Record, andi con
ains 75,000 Words. With the excep
lon of a lew docuietils, the oitire
peech was exteiporaieous.
'Ldney Trouble Makes You Miserible.
Almost everybody who reads the news
apers Is sure to know of the wonderful
cures made by Dr.
Kilmer's Swamp-Root,
the great kidney, liver
and bladder remedy.
rIt Is thle great medl
cal triumph of the nine
teenth century; dis
covred after years of
scientific research by
Dr. Kilmer, the emi
nent kidney and blad
der specialist, and is
vonderfully successful in promptly curing
amo back, kidney. bladder, uric acid trou
)ics and Bright's Disease, which is the worst
orm of kidney trouble.
Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root Is not rec
mmended for everything but if you have kid
ley, liver cr bladder trouble it wIll be found
ust the remedy you need. it has been tested
n so many ways, in hospital work, in private
ract ice, among the helpless too poor to pur
:hase relief and has proved so successful in
very case that a special arrangement has
>een made by which all readers of this paper
who have not already tried It, may have a
ample bottle sent free by mail, also-a book
clling more about Swamp-Root and how to
id out if you have kidney or bladder trouble.1
Vhen writing mention reading this generous
ffer in this paper and'r
end your address to .1y -N$ .
amton, ... Y. The ~ 4 -_
Igular fifty cent and iromo of sani-noot,
ollar sizes are sold by all good druggists.
ll Ti hAflhAl No. 2.
f-3"Supersedes Tlimie Tlale N'o. 1 . lC~
(cive 12:141 A. 1. , Febh. 1st, 101.
N'.10i. STlATIONS. No. I.
Alixe. - lid?1.
19:-114 am.....V. P'iekens Ar.. ..:5 y' m
11:15 a in....*'rgulsha's.......2-1 p m
(1:55 :i mi........*Prsons......2:1 p in
1: 15a ...... Ar IEasley ljv.....21 p m'l
No. 12 sTI'IONS No. II.
Alised. ' Aixed.
.1:05 I' m..... *F eg so . ......i . II:3 p mi
1:15 p mi......'arson's.. ... tI p mn
1 :29 y' m..........4rialls,......:10 p mi
1:25 ' m.....'..azin's...:015 p mn
1:1 . P iin...Ar Eiasley lav... :001 p' m
"Fing Staltis..
All I nins diily except iiund:iy.
No. it0 Connects wvith Southern Itailway
No. '. ~(Conect wvith Sothe~mrn tailhvay
[o. 12.
No. 12 Connects wvithi Sotthern Iailwaiy
Co. 1i.
No. I I Connects with Southlern IHail Iway
!o. 31.
OSt2 "I 0r any13 ilnformat ion apply to
J. TI. TIA Y ,O\
' Icinerail Aliainier.
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ler thle fourth lomilay ini Sept141eber.
-~iI.1i. Sieg"nI Nialoiv in Marebl,
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e fourth0 leina in 5letembler.
Pten a:s .T'hirde :oberi~ in strchi), thirti
e fourthi itomilay ini septemer.
>R. J. P. CA R LIs LE
Giroenvillo, S. 0...
Oflicn nov. Add1:--- n...u. St-r. P
AVegetable Preparationfo-As
similating iteheFood and~leg ula
tig the Stomachs atu Bowels of
Promotes 1)igestion.Cheerru S
ness and Itest.Contains neither
Opim,Morpline nor Mineral.
NoT~NAt c o rIc.
farqc'0 M/ld Ir&hMMVE1YUM/
B/or/-M v iAr -
Aii i .Veed -
neri e /nw:
Apemlfcl Hemedy I'o r Conslipa
in, Soulr Stlmch, )iarI'hoca
WormS , onvt sIns everish
ness and 'LOSS OF SLIEE
Fac Simile Stiennflurc of'
N EV Y 01RK. I
el-i ng a,
( )'ing to -Pilp b0 popo (I an
Carriages, Surreys, Bt.
A t a n A bsolute
lilil (Pil S twlek iprecluepel. I)on'r take ur ( ii
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We banciilet all I
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IP)Irs tor Iroled,
Andl your butsiness ellrect, to Wnnhispgon,
craves time, ecists loss, bettor service.
My olico clone to U. S. Patent Ofmce. FREER relimin
.CTUIAL EXPERIENOB. Book "How to obtain Patent., "
Icolsent freo. Patent. procture throgh E. C. Bgger p
lustrated mopt - Eleventh year-trms, $1. a year,.l
~3~ERSLate of C. A. Snow & Co. ar
i iii 918 F S-T., N. W.,
Attorney at Law. --
Pickens.8,. C,
-actico in all the Ciour't. 113.
0Oman ovar Ea,'' n...~ug Str 1-er
)r Infants and Children.
ie Kind You Have
Always BoughtN
ears the
Fo.r Over
Thirty Years
t Cost!
C t~
iies s
Letons and . Wagons
oni for it., hist comohE atal see for your
rry e I hibcok , C~ourtlanid, Tly son &
.;is siclt Iliih (inle W.agonis, thei
hvensbor),-Tlaylor anid Chanttanoogai.
all kinids:1 weji a~re going to sell ouar
well over~ but we have aL few bargolins
rk lhire,.ow~Vl. our OwnI relposi tory and (
mye V for cash or' y,oodpaper. Po liito
vilh' com in see1 5is. 'WSa ar Ue l ways'
y or not. '- ' k
i' Eui lin' -eclaiss kmn
arl' wit bli r 11aldress wvillI bringi? a mani
y in ear lots a1ndl cani give the lowest
HIlEC I A 1110l8.
50 -YEAR$'
nyono Aconding n skefeh nnd d ecrrt may
lal n'orin l o g apn foo w other anI
'urA ri Iy t~oili( m. andbok onl Pa
I tro laS ot g o, ai t 0n . receive
kkuifc Jatrican.'
snu io oy Illuutra wookty .uinrg tdor.
r: t our months, $1. 8old by af nowadoltors,
3INN & Comr-New York
rnhOfloo. 6226 F St., W hngoI). Os
Attorney at rLaw,
West Court St. GRleNVIT,, 8. C
mel ice in all the couirts, State and

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