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The reople's Journal.
T. 7. MAULDIN, .Emon.
W. L. MATHENY, Bus. Mon.
Entered at the Post Office at Pickens as
second-olans matter.
SutbscII)tioti, $1.00 a Year.
THURSDAY, MAR. 13, 1902.
0. B. Martin, of Greenville, is
a candidate for State Superinten
dent of Education.
The Charleston Exposition grows
more attractive every day. The
crowds are going and every one
that goes comes back with true
story that it is the best show over
had in the southern states. Spring
is coming on and before tho busy
season opens, every one who can
ought to take advantage of the o)
portunity to see the historic old
city of Charleston and the most
complete exposition, in its flne,
ever had.
During ton recent snow, an eld
erly man was attacked by a crowd
of snow-balling boys. The man
warned thom to desist but they be
come more detormined and uider
took to wallow him mtho snow.Heo
drew his knife and sevorcly wound
ed one of party. The man was
prosented for aggravated assault
and battery and the jury promptly
acquitted him. This is a timely
lesson. Boys ought not to take
advantage of an elderly man in
seoking fun. They brought on the
difliculty in this cams.
* * *
T , )eoople of Easley are setting
a good examle of united eflort in
building up their town. Their
second factory seems an assured
fact, and, in ad(lition to th1is, they
are diligontly at work arranging
for the establilmtent of aln Ij)-to
dato creamory with suflcien t ca
pacity to firnish mp01loymiien.1t for
many )eopl11 a a ready an( reas
onable market for all the milk the
neighl)orhood canl sulppl)y. It will
encourage the raising and 'use of
tho bost quality of cat tio for milk
ers and ,oth directly and indirect
ly stimulate all stock raisers
towards imiiprovmnent in their breeds
and induce them to give more
thought to the profits to be de
rived from their lands properly
prepared and used as pastures in
stead of running them dIown in
ceasless efforts to make end(s meet
by planting large areas and real).
ing doubtful returns in cotton
crops. A creamery, p)roperly man
agedl will provo of immliense benefit
not only to the town in which it
is operated but its benefits will be
felt by all the section fromni which
its sup~phes are obtained, in the
bettor prices at which the peOople
throughout tha :;eto wl be
aldedtoseel such jproducts through
the medium and1 agency of such an
an institution. Easley is on the
right line. While cotton factories
help to build up a community, the
smaller industries are not to be
Tfho Exposition at Chiarleton
seems to be attracting a great
degal oIf at tontion from the people
of tihe country at large. Cincin
nati and Chicago have sent large
delegations there to inspect the
show. The Governors of Georgia,
*Vest Virgirnia andi Indiana have
been there with their stafls and
others, anid all scom to unite on
one verdict, that it is as croehtable.
an Exposition as any held in this
Illinois insp~ected the Exposition
March 11, with a delegation of
several hundred, and other states
are booked for later dates.
The Legislaturo of South Caro
lina and the Governor of the state
have given their endorsement to
the Exposition, and urged that the
people of the state visit the Eixpo
sition at least onlce, and have
named March 20th, as South Car
olina Day, with the idaa that there
should be a grand rally of South
Carolia on the Exposition1 Grounds
that day.
It is South Caro lina's firstat
tempt to show to the onr at
large the Industr'e courcat
and possibilities of te, Raeourcey
have h)3n welli-dispaetae. te
Let us all go and by our rs
.ence, a how an appreciation in wha
has been done.
Tn E Educational, publisb(,d at
Columbia, 8. C., as successor to
Carolina Teces Journal is a
mnonthly magazine devoted to the
-interests of eduoation in South
Carolina. Any teacher desiring
a copy need only address its pub.
)isbore at ColumibiA t9 *90nre a
U- Compay "" and the I.:xpostio;
On Friday 11011ing tho s22mnd
id int. With .'33 men (it: hoard Itho
1. lill City Guard1 Jeff; IaslE y ill it
is Iecifal Oilr, f1*orI thn Charlem in
11 EXpositionl. h'lli run I I'qronvillf
wasm quickidy doho, and the holv
i thore took breafr'dast.. A 1, 9:t . n11
o train No 12 thoy tai'led f6r Char
is loston over tIto (I. & (II. lIy.
>r Train 12 Imakes gI'wil filinl, whbln
to 1410 is not, l tiulit1 g N iliti;a, bit,
it carrying mnilitia ,nly falirly go
d tinnet is mado, fthe r -is .n4sap~s
)f eit. they are heavy-, I lwever,
)r 141 Iialla uston, wNhere Ow wat(. is,
good, wa-i sf o reaeeld, 11n1d h.*lr
1ot. at feyw ('I thlt) ho. . 4('I ' I
11111ko '(oo Goo' y w iI I t h. u , lleg
. girls; their stucces was h ordly i
y tering thIt hourl wa-:I to" earl 11*%or 11)'
r r was' t11 l0 v '1n w'
W Only at fiow of fthe "Worbd., Fair
(I Smilie(dIIIn (hoel ls Iliny s- '.
0 lbsiton was rea 11141 :hiuty f-:Ievenl
. clock, d1111 1v.11 nga :f mw in .-.
[. 1.4 w L oil 11.n I ho I-:. -r 4ta l 1 ),
I (1t1 boy4 " "ol. (I dowvnf t o SI r 1 - I eI
t s I lves, an bin t h v F0111.1 "siolo kinl
11 b-act ." Te li el n cr1d wa.Ii;
t -% 10i 1i8 lle .11 (1n AI 0., (Inil l l I d it( !
11 was ban- iing Co. "-:'4 f Anldr
it ill T wo ea s f rIli i i ! W -l,
1 things liv neld tipl, 11ndu l C't -.; "E1"
Ia "I I " l in tI' viS t h of h l'r
11s1ad Swap tho slao's4L , tl) m1p'h
If is a e(ll knlown f t (ha(
thinI Igsi ar n)I th" u li weIlon
Pickens and Alol erson enuni' s hm
gil to ex.han ge cmIlilte --nts. The
case WOr! ats W-1u4.l onl tis trip all
the boys (4ofl tlhe t oilluipauslI'. git
ail1n0g 3ilously '
At Groonw<m<>d anothel' er), Of
militiao was ndi l to. th. train, and
1he 3 boys mad mo1( re mvli' a illain
talles *1I,1t li s were I ro1llred,
a111d t o oys . jIIoyed th m(l v, '1I's
for tho low m111 :hintles that the
train atdll companly was;
.oilld e.ro by1 W . 1. CurI) l.ton wh1o
is 11 pres it i->at'd with thilta)
haortil at 'reelword.
At, Newbory color egntLr
1e't d a l ood de! of amu - mi3,
by ldi 4liH- llgr 41 t 1) '4 t it
f- 11.1'3 vl.l I.to.I [I(.
Phillipines, ll -Il o a ..od
miany or them, those tha4' t I In 11l;d
catchI bel i vo th It Lit wva3 s ( lith ren i
thing and mhiro lay the aooment.l,1
At Cohnhi the 3r'1'b tre iitary1'i
coach s werle d b rom No. 1)
antd 1. o'clock t( tho ni 1 h I s
1ailin On domt.s
corniees, and i igin archwa'y
7 b rst. ilnt(o vioW'; aid sO-inl th Iloiy)s
uwor inC y i llilla 44 111 'iti :n (tllE\
position lnding.
M1r. l I 131( lvato w hvio wa-:1 vis
iting the I x position Ilnet the hv
a ion 1fa)l t he CAli(lit m .. A (
folow i h0 compsanies 110 il set3 ty
t ow to0 rt .1( Tle b 1148 llri
pogloost she k n (1 abnaeN of li 4ht
.athrough33( tIhIntIding, and the1i'4)
f ored tt keep'3 <igit. ehtal was1(
stilyo saeefo thee measrl d re~g
Ufm 1 i' s lttll- soits t he' o a & o
upfm the hdlo. anrd a cli.
fortabto, of~l t fo all. this thercd
cll Wofgv hr V aly they undr41 'oa
me icn bleht ' m ltfay 13) iunil rms.
rJot T aroiso' lC1ie, or stil s
i of eora ' hlb s t iiyarledit
7 1y8K llyCt4 14k! the Idtoiio ru ds o ili-s
f ar bidayi waslit o.htstolbl
Noar aot 'itonh3 I'clck~ Chp.
A Chartming 'lea (Jown.
TestI gown) Of ('r4n1111 crepe qle hio
*nited fill aruni t hI e Iop, h hib lull 14
opeling otit h1low the wat. e'11. lw I
ieck la bo4 wrtiered vitl 1 pretty draped I
f 1,
d <
1 .
A 'l iI cloWN PiOM PAnis.
I[1 I llii Il( y k iot of ivenin aioggge.
hlill do solo (liged with embrloIdery in A
ieliintco colrs. es
The ho')toi of' ihe skirt Is filished th
with the einbiroiblery and witl applique th
ro 01' fli 1k guIIz. The01 a'rge sleeve
consis(t ' of Iwo full puffs and it de(e!p
frill trimiml with the embroidery.
Chic PUisiei. I
o'ma1i'i L'oPuits XVI. Coat. lit
Louis NVI. coats, with all their ple- i
tlrii(n'Sjllenss (f' bi- revers, hii) pocket Of
inps, tiniovier cuilTs inl(d Iaee tritn- It
mings, ire n i4 the season's ifavored '
Tihsigs. This hihly iIef'tive1e tlodel 1.
mil. Iin Ithv wlost fashionable lines and
Is adapteii to vivet, velveleii, haiiiId
F(1an C1th and silk, vither with skirt ii
to innt h or in cont4rst. The original I I
innakves lirt (1f a costnine, the( mnnterial
for. whic 'h .1i Is huniiter's green velvet, Iind
is tiuiiiintd with .11131ls of ilnk und tiI
h4 'R: . ,ietw i but ons, the riving or w
lI'4r('1i (it! the revers, collars and C
fsor Iris erehe over white satin,. w
The waist. po1tio14 Ills sugly andin
eludes; inl ust daris. The skirt 1.4
Sentani(d (III alti flrit. 11441 sids, but Cut
Ili 114 willi 1he Iiik, and the pocket
hlp1 are a11t ltnehe1d lit the seaml3s. The I I
Vest, 11s is closely' fitted an(d IS JoIned v
to tle fronits, wlicl are extended to
t blI a ck aid forti ievers. 'Te'lle fieveves
aire In coat. style, wvith r-oil over, lrn
cufls, .14441 the ie'k Is f1inisled with a
deep turiover cllar.
CombinatIon Party.s Gown. i
A'4 pariity gowns 4Ire hlll exp'enlsve
luxuries, tlhe girl of Iinlit('ed Incorne
enino11(4. a I'foril iiore 11han1 one, whieh
Iiust. :1a wer forill'i dr1ess 4t(C1nsins.
0 venlIing ('ostun031-, it. 15 (4f Cou:rse innde I
ble for1 othler 1 ffluir's ilhat <!('1nandm an nI
ilborate4.but high nec'1ked. gown the I'i
('4con41'inin 1ioug wo'i~4anl has1 several (
111es a ndl hair of sheves' 4114(10 ofl niel,
Coiinati~iion 544wnI. Thiei j4retty la1ce
yokei~s that4 ni3y: bie pulrCha:sedI 5o chieap
hy jusinaw a13'lre te very thinig for' b
I heset useful 1 (ecessories whien they3 enn si
hie 31n:3(1hed in oth4 h11'ice fr'orn whieh a
A Styilih illonne. i
'The laist biluse. is oif iraspherriy red1
clothI, wIth1 a per'fectliy plauini stretched1 j
1414ck and3( thle fron1.lltadrned' at eit her
siile with1 aL (lusteir of simatll tncks,
while thle low cut nek andui the cr'ossed
fausteuings arie edged withl a band of
4w Iw
white ta ff'ta4 1piped with lneuk taffeta.
Thei ('olllar and44 listroni are' of cream'lii
1:a e, nr114 t he I tucd sleeves are0 Iinish
edi withI liu'ked ciiffs trnne ih *
1handbs ofi w*hiite inra Il iped with b
bii.ck.--l'iiildelin~ Ledgeri.
Ini4) spt( (if thle 01urta11 ig of thle wialk- (O
Sig skirit ihe' recepito 103o4wni sill re
tains3 its elegant prop10tois, iin miny
ense th Ile linre wh ~iichi was formert'zly
d iced by ai seies of01 gor'es to the
groCuin)l, whii (eh ('onivey'1 an3 impression1 of4'
heIght anid itre very'3 gracefizi.
G'Iis' and34 Chudrena's L~eggings. Tj
Warm ii3, co(11nfor'tab3le legginugs arie es. ..
(enial 31 tOo'iver w~iinteri outfit. For4 the
glirls and( (childrenf t hey arie niece.sary
In all weather as a protectioni against
cold. For the isses, with their longer
skIrts, they are essential in rain e~nd
snow, (optionlal On clear days, but N
should never be neglected. . .
lIfe, as1. I wasti withi114 the rsults of using
Chamber3C'lin3's Piain liIm, say Frenery
TI. Crook, preCssman of thle Asheville (N. O
C.) Gazei.tto. 443 Contralctedl ai severe cape
o'f rhel~inuatIimly la 3'ist witer by ge'
ting my13feet wet. I tried several thin gs for fli
it withoult benenit. One day wvhile look.
In~ overi tile Onze~t te, I noticed that Pain
ia mwals positivelty n ~taaneed to ciure
rhoi111ma' ism, so bought a bottle of it and
before using two tht Ide of itl my rh1e4mna
olhdtkn 48s flight ud I have not
a r'haumannq~1II na i na nau by , w, a
Dr. R. F. Smith Aguonnces For Cc
While in Easloy last wbok we hi
a talk with I)r. R. F. Snith touie
ing on politics in general and I
reported candidacy for Congress i
this district.
Dr. Smith stated in inequivoci
terms that he was in the raco I
the end and proposed to [mfake h
fight on the claur cut issues fi
which the Domocratic party h:
always stood. As to tho asho1
foatures of his platform, he roplic
that lie thoughti a great. deal <
good might bo dono locally f
the peoplo of this district if ti
ropreseitatives should urgo prol
orly for it.
As to tho bill now before Coi
gress lotting the free rural doliver
mail service to the lowest bidd
instoad of oi salaries, a they no
are, he statod that he Wias Oppose
to tho bill and had always )e
olposed to the iethol of le
ting star routes to the lowest )i(
dor, I think, said lho, that it III
)oon a stigma on our govelrinmer
to have tho IT. S. mail sorv ie
placed on so low ia plane. Our ser
vice has 0bown roelred inliciel
by routos being bid off in blck
by foreigners to speeilatto on, alm
sublotting the contracts to mmin a
such low rates that they could ino
<lecently or eflicioitly carry out ti
purport of the mail sorvico laws.
As to tho proposod appropriationi
ill inid Of the Nationial Good Roads
Association for Oxperime)ntial
p)IrpOses. witl tho viow of stimiula'
ting anl mterest in bettor roads, he
said ho thought it bet ter that, suieh
ap)'rol)riatioi, if made, simuld be
lmad.) to the I'Qresect ive stlates, if
suh ppopiaiosarek not, inl
conti aven t ion of the Cotist i Li t oi.
Such reasonmale dijspositiol of tie
utdis inl the fedorl treasur y woul(l
beof mlioro alctial beniefits thall to
hand out so iuuchi of it inidis-'r1injU
At(ly to unworthly Ipenionerl al
for othier p111Iu)oRo for Which t her
canlnot be urlgod ats mankiy go~od rea
I think saild hi, tIle dolliuiait
issuies to bo decid ed in the nioxt.
[(igress will ho those tolicling onl
Pur tfraIdo relations Nwitih foreign
:ouiitries mi i which the tariff que.s
ol is involved, and the just dispo.
liLion of all questions appert a ining
'o what is termed "our new pos.
lossions". On all theio iatter, I
1111 in accord vith the fudameon ta
p)Principles of the democratio ide:
>f governmeniit.
What the doimocratia parti
stantds for today is essentially ii
promotion of the intorosts of the
pQole)c as a whole.
Further speaking, Dr. Sinti
said that his platform will be mior,
fully stated at. the proper timue dur
lng the campil~aignm.
A Tibu~te' to Mirs. Siarahl Mauldini.
Oni Fr1(1idanorninig the 28t h inst
the happy spirint of Mris. Sara I
Martin tiho belovedi wife of Bro
W. A. Alauldinu paussoxd from th<i
iorriows of ear'th Lto the joys 0
I leaven. Fur the past two years
she had becen a great su fferr
Whlilo looking on ber sutferin<~
body one would think of Paul'
words iln .Romans 8:18, "FVor
reckon tha~t the sufflerings of thi.
present time are not worthy to h
compiharedi withi the glor'y wice
shall be revealed in us. '' If th
intenco sulfeoring and~ excruciatini
pa1i11s thbat,(( Go'8 'hlildlienl51 st('
here are not to b)e compar'ed witl
the glory hereafter wvhat must b
the jIoy,y~hoinessilO and glory o
that, bright worldh on high.
Sister Mauldin was a br'ight
happy cheerful Christian, iii
to sufler His will as well as to d<
llis will. She was kimd, gentb
anid loving in her disposition, am
as a result sho has always hat
many friends.
IHavinig lenty of this worldl
goids and a k indt, lovinhg, tonid
and1( afflectioniate hiusbandI she di<
not wiant for attention. TIhec vor'
best medical skrill wasR given lht
and the hest of nursing, [but' h
F'thler had cal11od his triied an<
su fferinog child1( to come home.
Oin Saturiday afternoon lier fu
nieraul was held in the P'resbyter'iai
('huirch , of which she had1( been:
devoted member, being condlucto<
byV her pastor assistOed by th<
Methoedist and Baptist pastors. Al
though the weather' was very ini
clement a largecon course of poopl1
followed her body to the grave i
the new Cemetery near the M. E
M~ay God conmfor't the -beroavot
0one8 and helpi thoem to say as an
other has said :"Even for' the
dead I will not bind my soul t<
grief," but wvith simple trust it
Dhrist look forward to a happy ro
union in Heaven w~here heart
scheos and partings are unknown.
Easley, S. 0. D). W. HI.
Bletween the hours of eleven o'clocka
m. aund closing tIme at night on Jan. 21
1901, A. F. Clark, druggIst, Glade Sping
Vn. sol twelv'e bottles of Chambet lalin
Cough Remedly. He says, "I never haind,
tedi a medicino that sold better or' gav<
letter SatisfactIon to my customers.
h ie Remedy has1 been In general use I
talrginal for many yoars, and the peopl
len e qarellu acquainted wIth Its excel
ne uais.Many ofthm av st
efreoton .iremarkable cures whieh It ha
ble melneG ui n 1~hYOou ee a good, Irelhla
Uuck of the for a~ cough or cold, or at
Cough Rur gmedy use Chamnberlain'
be smore thn 70l are certlun Ii
whic # troa" W wit thes guiok elun
Drobbunste g &~' by.Q, W.hr
RtAW ORlt IjNI\ [Pill ,UINis.
YIIlbI In; I -- it 1. wom(lNIfuI l en(. i
mi heatlhig t .14 Of lolcy's llollwy
l T;11 . If. pre&veaJ01ls prml oniat 11114
ensinpionFrom :1 ba.114 oe1h1 seth- 1
1y) 1 io (wcielful v41 e (k < m il i Of
141-Y's Honeynl if Tar. There it f II
IoIg Me ,lj 11" 1 4.1 go 1." 1)14 ) 11. &t(V Tihllr
vy , 'ichenls, Cnp a alh n ~
A% n efort, I IvI sA1 it, f t, tI ng wi01
n , Isil bI i ng1i mado to
mihd an1(~olo 4140tmn miill at Ia
y . ''h p1111 I aI I t k< w I I bo
'Jli ( '11.31 2 i~ i 1 ( 111 ~1 o. I
X I211: S I I v:I I H il 0t Ii 1121 r ~ I'
aIf ,(4 an111111 of hIi am uinlt $A 1,
hH~ll" M~ld li v [). -et%- D;
Wiit 1)ll 'lX l. i ll 1 I 1:1l' 1i l.
t 141 piece-, filr ii, 4la . 1111..s thjis
11 h41., '1 A.i n 4, the kink 111a1 , halt .
sIlh intrs-t who(llydcrives fronm fromn
m y Aviem. ThlOnls:Unis fone-hope less
1in- fa11 i a n msIo tion I l P) o eming(n
1,1 11 i e 1 h eir livaPh
(kill 0riytllW o.01 jn COilgh l ' i
nathly rier 'rIterl jforp e '1.9 1'
111K i a Irab s. Toe. p'i T: in hoar ils
ve nt. 111 & hornley.
Th1 (ity clnil ofcarlestn
2i~liehi1~' ('X'it 11e ON I42lh4 I vii i~
uhitzinlg tie ur11 'ch s f8s r I' $ w 5 00
e.lt loast halfI of th 11gru d on
hiol the E4xposilion is h iing conll
Ictedl. The tract, included thlo
21onial mansioi , thill 2aIc grvo21121
)d the lands bordering onb tlel
4hl0y 61rVr. T 1e0 purposo is4 to
tablisi it beautif. tl iy park oil
b0k il1 of tho Ashioy rivelr after
C close of th 1Expositioli.
TillE Vl(;]E (IF N.\(,IN(;.
('ho l S h happines Of I imt ( (i, 1
3ing woman ofrai t U d< li'.Itt. lhe
l i nctii triil l I:4y1 Ierillf4 i I
11111 hat g i t i441 .12 11 V If1o l 2 L I'lIj.4
(-ho1chol, ex 'itable, Irb lU. w.ith lo
() iaion Or faintingay a igl tiizzy pO sit .
C-gim -ly (mr ailing w(' n. Tl Ionisa'
anie r from foile tionbhe- vou
Oi s, bunehe m wak I i Ivs
1U jeil , door i b ic'l banlbly m'd
191pN Tr it. <jknle- 50e Ol & -'11-h -rn
On Sunday milornintl") aft-.r break
It Em' 1o ryv Jordmn"u-nd faiiv,
h(o) livo niar M11u llns mll Al ariJil I
oun1ty, wvere tke.n violi-ntly ill
ith symptoms of oisoning, a1d
took all (ho doctor'.s. skill to) Save
icir lives. An d 1i4-ro w
'ho hi ves no r, sll t uspt 4 ; i . t4 1of t 11
1ison in g. h I le natter. will 1'b 1 In-2
M r. 11 . i l- I 1(4 I r ir i ili v ,.
hole-ra :and linhri hoca Re 0di him
On, 1e 2-:l t 'hn 22: ,iwr milivie l .e
Ol ever u he12. -o )..i by G. W. E a
On Wg
'Ianig from'ifl the1 Greenil Le jail.
1T-y had011 suc)ee-ded in [sp iking
(e IaI~l door Of xh goinches and we
'edomt(i whn dCi''vered byl Jailer11
A1S0 0-1110C 1,1)l t ill T123 1)1 01)-s
Thetatollowilt iter frm A.il .f. . Cin._
I)5t)I.9o oft .lllbl., ites i1.- 1(
ver lhl.Ail tlc irad~tg-e at ( 'lla.i',.,
Iii, it ai1)01 phSicin ierhl f''or -
201t 11' 021 ot ilUproi. 'i'ie-n rj 11, 1:
Oi' ih1wy :n l1 Tar,) :not ei1 2 .h'0 11
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hing, showing
gents wanted
iness houra I am1. at your serylce to figure
the lowest prices on
ete line of Sewing Machiner, Needlea
rS, &c., always on haud or promptly or!
onigra.hs and lraphoplhions and 8up.
m id for sale at the companies' reula.
vork skillfully done. All work guaran
John T. Boggs,
Liberty, S. C.
'ill be sold for less than cost.
i Mon's, Women's and Children's
c to buy good shoes for little mon
a nd Embiroideries is now On.
ew things of the ason, and no
the samo money.
(LARK BROS. & Co.,
We Will Sell For the
Next 30 Days
---A LL
and LMarker~s.
Now in Stock at---. .
20 per centi
0ss than usual price. We have
;ome exceptional values.
G4reenville, S. C.
31 enral's
A re) you pr~jud3( icod? Are you
penl to conlviction?~ Many p~eoplo
biink it impulos8ibl!e to fine a First
hiss General Storo in a town of
his size
Don't you bolieve it!i
Blecauso you can be convinced
here is a First-class Genoral Store
ere by callinitg on
L- R~oss Eaton,
Central, 8. C.
W\hero you will find a fine and
aried Stock of D~ry Goods, Dress
rods and Groceries.
Central, 8, 0.
ne ta C C C. Never soldi
Bewar thedealer who trfes to s
"something isst as Mp.
ne~inte~a O7'
F99p. e e~
ligh Gra(
Write for
Ctalogie at
It costi not
'-4 k. ad.. ilt h ids of
I Respolsible A
Pleae nthis p~aper When writ
Diuring bum
A vomlp1
Oils, lepai
* h-red. PlI
plies on Ia
tiol prices,
Repair i
-' Htox
ta r rii ry values inl
E :r:!rin'ry values in
iiyvalues i
A f, ('A 1)F a nl ACKE'S v
Tho 1-a inary valuo i
Neavy .'This is the pli
T - (Inoils. Lawi
in ;Al the 1
~vi .% - It* 'r(oods for
I .Z ve tlly,
'1. 1'. iUll D' ::-. WV. W\. I. IA M OND)
Briderces & H-ammond,
Dry Goods
--- AOST
C onte now andl get bar gains.
Bridges & Hammond.
Fe e
P ickLn~ keep:s silv e r gods
and( jl JI(:t LV your snt
Nisilv i'Ald1 . L aICe Ptjin, Co lor-.
Id Seti, .. t
SadGHI oohsani'lPt 8 0
He ledChI~tie NIc Cin, W it silet
N tcs'' 15
Ie t Gobl-F ill org eehin, 250
Gi-Fled alh h ans, i n ad }
Iattcrned' 8.00,Coubi,
14 ks oySed aind Sell Snat,
Ites, e o~,)ucru
Wrt L[rcht er ivrn
ish' 801M.

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