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The People's Journa
Corrected weekly by the Heath, Br
Morrow Co.
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Fryers............................. . 121 to
Hans......... ................
Obituary notue in this paper will
charged for at the rate of one cent a we
for all such matter running over I
Correspondents are enjoined to set
in their eomntiileations so as to rend
this elice not later than Saturday.
Correspondents are reqnested to inn
their contributions of general intere
short, pointed and giving all the news.
No poetry need be sent for piblicatio
The price of this paper Is $1.00 per ye
in advance.
Address all matter intended for ti
Ofilce tA:
Pickens, S. C,
THURSDAY, MAR. 13, 1902.
Local and Personal.
-Dr. W. F. Austin will be in Pici
ens, March, 18th and 19th.
-Born unto Mr. and Mrs. Thomi
Freeman on 8th inot a daughter.
-A car load of fresh lime just r
ceived. B. E. Grandy.
-The rain last Thursday night brol
the race of -F, C. Parson's mill.
-Jacob Kennemore is sick from o
fects of measles ho had iu camp in tl
Civil war.
-Eight or ton families are reported i
be stricken with measles in the Pearl se
tion. It is serious with some of the sn
-Read notice of election in Ceds
Rock school district No. 19, for the pu
pose of voting on a proposed two (
mill special levy.
-Daniel 0. Durham, for the last twv
years a resident of the Central secti>
as moved to Piedmont and opened
blacksmith shop.
-Four of Henry Lesley's childre
are in bed with measles, four childre
and Mrs. Lesley having just recovere<
Measles is epidemic in the Pearl sectioi
-Mrs. J. H. 0. McDaniel, Mies
May and Core O'Dell accompanied l
Messrs P. 1'. McDaniel and T. R. O'De
left Tuesday for a week's visit to tl
Charleston exposition.
-Furman, the five year old son (
James H. J. Anthony died March'6th
measles which also brought on a compl
enrt~ of troubles. The balance of tl
fitmily, all except Mr. Anthony, are alt
-B. C,"Baker has been suffering f<
several days with muscular rlieumatis
but is better at this writing. His suffe
ha been entense. He is attended L:
Dr. Earle. During his temporary al
sence, his work, as dispenser has bec
in charge of Maj. (G. W. Bowen.
-W. E. Stephens has just returnm
from Lavonia and Martin, Ga. where I
effected sailes of brick aggregatitr
300,000. This helps Pickens as it heli
Messrs Geer & Mahaffy, owners of tl
brick yard and plant, and Mr. Stephen
the hustling manager.
Extra~ Tralin During Court.
BIeginning' March 17 and continiueit
while Court lasts, the Piokens R. ]
Co. will run an extra train leaving Pie]
ens at 7 30 a. mn. arriving at Easley
8 a. mn. Leaves Easley at 8 15 a. mn. a
riye at Pickens at 8 45 a. mn.
J. T, Taylor.
A Marriage.
Mr. W. M. Stewart, one of the Pic:
eas county boys who went to try h
fortunes in the far north-west lately r
turned to this country but no one supe
ted the guiding motive which brougl
him on this long journey till Thursdt
ui'ternoon when Rev. 11. F. Muirpheo wi
called to unite in a legal way his hea
and hand with these of Miss Ellai Pric
oldest daughter of Wmn. R. Price. E
he returns, not alone, to his far-a-ws
home but carries with him one of ti
fairest daughters of Pickens as his bo:
mie bride. May success and happine
attend the happy pair is the wish of the
HI. C. Hagoad and P. M. Taylor spe:
Sunday in Greenville.
F. E. Pickens of Southern Rly. spe:
;unday at homefl.
W. H. Pickens has been confined
hisgoom for several days with "grip."
1W'iss Pearl Johnson is apeniding
while in Atlanta, with friends.
The ncew cotton mili at this place
now a certainty. Messrs. Hagood, Smil
and Wyatt, with their usual celerityi
busines matters, aind backed b the poo
plc of enterprise in the own and au
rounding country have about compleh
the subscription list. The New M
moans a great adldition to Enmsley's p01p
lation as also a large incre~ase in the vc
umoe of businese here tramnacted.
In lait week's local column menti<
was made of the efforts being madei
establish a chesse and butter maki,
plant in Easley. This week can say tl
effort has met with success.
Mr. WV. A. Hamilton and C. (1. Voi
of Illinois, who came ot this county upi
Mr. Hamilton's solicitation,tinished thn
convass for stook or so nearly complet
it, that a permanent organization w
effected last Frid-ty.
The application for a charter from t
State, will state that
T1he company shall be known as, T
Easley Creamery Co. with J1. T. Lait
cm, W. A. Hamilton. W. L. Picker
C. G. Voigt and C. H, Carpenter as I
corporators, and shall have a paid oai
tal of not less than One Thousand D<4
Inns, with privilege of inoreasing to t.
thousand. The objeot and purpose fi
which it is formed shall be, a genem
butter and cheesoemking business, pi
teurising milk, making and selling
ice, and dealing in real estate.
A few shares are yet hold for sale
twenty five Dollars eaoh, 80 per cent
which must be paid by 20th inst. The
shares for stook in the company will
a paying investment, and no doubt a
increase in value.
Many more things could be said
favor of the enterprise, but a gene:
ides has here been giveu of the scpe
the WorkA wii I;ootetspleted,
gBsa. a &uaum-*
A Suggestion to Farmers.
I adviso all to plant a few acres in
somo good variety of early corn, as I
think we will want corn in our business,
ce very early next ftll, especially so, as the
wheat and oat crop prospect is almost a
blank. I have planted a large variety
40 of white corn for sOveral years that in
10 very early, and will ripen last of August
20 or first or September, if planted early in
20 April and the season is favorable, io
2 with plenty of sunshine and rain. I
20 bought itof Messrs Bruce & Dostor, of
13 Greenvillo, by ordering from the north
- you might got it cheaper.
The best authorities say that guano is
not a complete fertilizer for corn, and
rd does not pay i profit. This accords with
00 my experience. Corn needs ammor.ia,
plhoslloric acid, and potash. Some of
i the best posted men advice the buying
of the chemicals and mixing at home and
thus save four to five dollars por ton.
e For all orops it is recommnded to buy
cotton seed meal (for the ammonia) acid
phosphate, muriate of potash, nitrate of
soda and if a very high per cent of
ammonia is desired use a large proportion
of tne meal or buy muriate of ammonia.
I think we ought to raiso the average
a8 of corn in our sttto to a higher point,
10 bushels per acro one cf tho very low
est in the union. I don't believe one
can make a living at that figure, without
beating somebody out of you and your
horses board. I adviso all to hunt some
of her avocation who cannot average more
than ten bushels of corn por acoro.
There ought to be 4G rows of corn on
an acre of ground, 70 yards long, one
half bushel to the row will make 23
bushels of corn, and the man that only
t makes that much, will get rich slowly.
It requires a strong man, under our
process of farming to cultivate 15 acres
0- of land. This would yield 345 bushels
-35 off for shrinkage, with a family of
e 5 persons (a wife and threechildren) 65
for bread, 100 for horse and visitors
(but few too), 60 for tile cow and porkers
f- (scant feed) making 260 bushels, leaving
0 85 for taxes, clothing, physic, etc., and
to grow rich on; and averago the price at
o 50ct por bushel, a high average too, to
3. take it as it comes from the field, that is
1. more thani mine is worth this year, even
at $1.00 per bushel for geod corn.
Whole is the man financially that only
,r make ten bushels per acre ? I think it
pays to read good agricultural papt rs or
90 those that havo an agricultural page,
you get good advico, Cs1)cially so on
fertilizer formulas and methods of plant- i
a ing, sowing, cultivating, etc., and all
a papers should have more advice from
the old farmers to the young ones in my
opinion. I an a little old myself but
u need information oi the subject. I have
learned to make hogs yield a pound a day
- of meat, but can't see muh1l6 profit in the
' business, without I have potatoes prin
a cipally to feed oi. Can someone loain
y me how to figure it to got a very small
11 profit ?
e The large number of mules and horses
Engam(d is buying for her army, is run
miing up the prices, so tho farmer will
have to buy at higher pricos; and as
? things are running many men are wear
ing (ut the last one they will own. I
0 heaur there is a largo quantity of land
1 being dropped from cultivatiou because
of the land owners and tenants are too
ir poor too own stock. I believe the ad
a vice of maniy of the best farmers is to
r- plant 50 rows of corn to the acre. A
y bale of cotton raised on 3 or 4 acres of
.land is as slowlas 10 bushels of corn.
Chiastaln Items.
ePeop)le of this section are beginn ing
their farm work since tile rain has
e Mr. WY. M. Stewart, of Rled Rock,
s, Mont. and Misa~ Ella Price, of Sunny
Dale, were happily married on Thurs
(day, Mar. 6. They left for Montana on
last Moniday accompanied by Messrs
gArthur Giravoley, Lei& Aiken, and
Lawrence and Robert Stewart who are
going to make IMontana their home in
tthe future. We wish for thlem a pleas
ant trip and much success after their ar
Wec hear muchl grumbling about the
bad condition of roads and after travel
ing over some sections we do not wonder
<- at such remarks, We are satisfied that
is one dollar commultation tax will not work
m- the roads in Piokens county. If our
m. legislature members had made it four
it dollars or eight days until the roads were
.3y put in good condition, thon it wouild
te have (1011 to consider time one dollar
rt question which has been talked about so
m, much. I think the one dollmar or three
o dlays was enoughl to convince any man
y that it would not (10 ill Pickens county
i. as the roadls have been going down ever
I since that law wont into effect. We hope
as to sooni have better laws so we can have
ir better roads. I hope t he majority of the
p~eop~le in this section will consider the
condlitioni of thle roads amid woik them if
they are only allowved 121 cts. per day.
it It is hard to work for 12) a (day, but for
one had rather do that than to have 1no
a road to travel. M.
SIx Mile Notes.
0 It is .still cold; snocw fell on Whiteside
mourtain this evening. The ground~
a hog must have made a mistake, though
tlhe farmers look as though they have
is crawled out of thoeir dans amid commecncedi
hi work agauin on their farms.
a Borni unto Mr. anid Mrs. Alonzo WVil..
1- liams, on the 28th uilt. a son.
r Mr. W. P. Dickson is going into the
ipoultry tmusiness somewhlat; lie has pur.
c1 hashed some fine Plymomhl Rocks and
anuineubator wvith which lie says lhe can
hatch five dozen eggs at one time. So
this is a new industry in our par of
ni Pickens county. I read~ of a man in
.0 Portland, JTay county, Indiana, who is
ig experimenting in raisug quail and lhe
10 has them HO tame they will coine to the
barn yard and eat with hlis chickens and
gt dlunks and thlat he hias nmot allowed a gun
mn to be shlot on his farmi for four years
ir lay thlis the bird1s are becoming more
sa tame, and ini the year 1903, lie intends
asn to hatch 1500 eggs, and if a success, of
courso, he wvill put them on the market.
le Why canot slomsorUe ini our country try
someth ing like this. Though the law
ae p~rohmibit us from selling quail. I raised
Ii. some ni cc coveys last year bait somebody
, eamo aloang tand took them in. I ean
n' not kill them cin thme wing s' I 1h0lp oth
gj. e to raise quail for somebody else.
>1- The new bridge moved off down the
ma river last Friday night.
r R. A. Christopher is very Ill at this
at time with something like grip.
s. I am told there is very little fish in
of Keowee river on accont of' the saw dust
atdrifting down and the bursting of dy
ofnamite in the river, So the hue oats
sohave disappeared,
hiMar. 8. Old Colas,
Ill A Certificate.
in Georgia, Hiabershmam County, (
Ulerks office Superior Court.
' I, E Agi Ervin Clerkc of Sil perior
OfCourt, do oertify hiat at this, thea March~
trt of said Qoit, a verdiot and decre
of(iOi'aq wa g reitd Qeorgp (Sampo
S n~49ifO 1PQ
Beverly Items.
Re-uniion school is in a prosperous
condition under the management of Miss OR
Mamio Ballentine. t
Mr. Will Hutchins, of Georgia, visited 1
Mr. and Mrs. 0. F. Boggs. 8
It is said the quarry will resume work
at an early date.
A new road has been opened from
Easley to Liberty.
Re-union Sunday school reorganized o
on the second Sunday in March. Rov.
W. J. Spearman preached a very inter. th
esting sermon on that day.
A severe rain and wind storni passed a
through this section last Thursday night; a
some of tile house tops were blown away. b
Rev. W. J. Sheriff and family visited n
relatives near Crosswell on the fourth
Snuday ult. C
Born unto Mi, and Mrs. Androw Ro. o
per on tile 1st inst, a son. I
Guano hauling is general with us. F
Small grain caops are not promising
for this time of the year.
Harrison Couch is sick with measles.
A. L. Horn has accepted a position d,
with the Norris Cotton Mill Co. or,
Tle Long Distance Telephone Co. is
sending men through to measure the in,
line and number the posts.
Little preparation for this years crop be
has yet been made. no
C. 13.
Vineland Dots.
We have had so much very bad weath
or of late that general news is scarce Ie
with your correspondent.
The rains last week did considerable S.
damage to our bridges and roads. he]
Miss Texio Bowen is visiting at the
home of Col. I. E. Bowen this week; Il- H.
so Mrs. Aiken, of Fasley, is guest at the '
home of E. Williams. ge
There is not much sickness, however
A. B. Kay is not so well while P. K.
McAdams is getting bettor, we are glad
to say, after a seigo with pneumonia.
E. Williams, wife andl Miss L:aura
Jones, accompanied by W. 1). Jones
and son and W. D. Massingalo, went to
the Charleston Exposition last Thurs- Pr.
day and returned Tuesday following re
porting a finle time. We sit by the fire
tlis rainy weather and listen to what 1n
they have to tell about it, and that is me
enough to mako us all want to go. ex.
We see through the papers that the ing
sonators have been pulling wool. Ben
la( better look shari) or he will be blind
if he goes to fighting. le
Farmers in this section are looking n
forward to the establishmeit of a cream- Ed
ery at Easily. We think it would be a c
good thing, thereforo they all ought to wh
work togother and push it along. I
Shorly. de
Major Items. do
Measles is as plentiful as tho snow
was when I last wrote, but we hope it pa
will soon pass without the loss of any in
0110. Li
We expeet soon to have a corn mill cu1
running in our town and while tile spirit thl
of improvement is oi there is no telling ti(
whore it will stop.
Our quiet town was visited on the 25,
uIt by the messenger of death which 1o
took away aii infant of Mr. and Mrs. ci
Cole Brissey abeit two months of age. yc
Thle child was sick only a short while, in
The0 bereaved family have the sympathy alh
of tile entire commumity. r
WVe are all anxious to get to work after r
long delay by rains and snow. I hear ci
the cry conltinuailly raised of corn and D
bacon at 110me1 and I think some poor tw
mortals suippose the~ poor1 lpole a get mi
it but they forget that in the years g a e Sil
bly thle renter wasm compelledl to plant o
cotton and by so doing got him to where
lhe can't hellp planting it and all know s
thlis and why don't some one tell themi chi
someting thley can do. You knowv as ca
long as the lien lawv is in force the mcr. is
chlant must have cotton as seenrity for j
thle lienl. Now, in regard to tile best
plan of farming I think it is thlis: Break thb
dleep) and close and~ then keep down tihe ga
wceds and grass and you will do well. ta
Some seem to bo alarmed because our <gi
yroung men are all gomng to the towns. O
Tyhey will go as long as they hlave to
bear such a part as they do in schools k
and roads; wve will go somewhere if it is OV
to mill. I dO pity young men hlaving to fii
bear such burdens. Our towvn is full of g0
them anld we are proud of thlem. I say
go it young men, do the best you can
for yourselves in an honest way--inP
short what is the use to educate a boy to ga
farm and then tax him so lie aan't do pr
that-to town lhe goes. Thank the Lord! an
we hlave young meni mi our town that ar'e
working hard who will finally win .
against all opposition,h
Vim. IIC
Lenhiardt Section. ga
Planting time is near approaching and1 thl
most farmers~ are not dlone turning their loi
stubble aind maniy of thlem haive not tl,
hauled their guano, and h~ad weafthecr
coniucs, so the p)rospect is we will sons
be behind times if we don't soon have of
fine weather and get inl extra time. pa
1R. F. Lenhardt will soon1 have com ga
p)letcd all thle work nocessary for tile con- In
version of hlis yiird info one of tihe most br
beautiful lawns ill this county.
Mrs. B. D). Len hardt has5 been vcry ot
sick but is much better at this wvriting.
Our genial friend, J. Monroe King t
and wife have moved back to their farm
to breathe tile fresh country air.
Miss Nannie Roper's school has b'een O'
suspoended oil account of bad weather m
but opened this wveok bl1
All tihe gossip is about the Tillman- in
McLaurin fight.
Mrs. S. C. Chapman and son, Claude, fr
visted Mrs. Chapman parenits, near Mi- y
en, this week.
1 niotice that cotton is advancing in ..
price but it is too late to do tihe farmer
any good, for most of it has been mar
keted. Afraid the low price and short
crop might reduce thlo acreage thlis year, C
they advance the price now to induce C
the piantinig of a full crop. If every far
mer wvould plant five acres to tile horseoi
ini cotton and more corn, make hlis ownl
molasses, sow more wheat aiid make his
bacon, we would always get a good price
for what coton we make. Now, brother to
farmers, while the supply is short, let us Pi
keep it short and that will always give in
us a good paice. We have always been a
taking their price and giving their back, in
There is no need of our merchants or- ar
dering oars of corn when we can grow it
all here if we will just plant it and work ni
it about half as much as wo do what cot- so
ton we plant.
Mar. 1. 5. 0. C. 1
Notlee of Meeting,.
The atockholders of the Easley Far
meors Warehouse are called to meet ata
the warehouqe In E~aslay on Friday Mar, "
21st ot noon, Busness of importance
tn be tvansaoted.1 A ful ataan j
Ambler Nitesn
On Friday 9th inst, at the Ambler
hool house, at 3 o'clock p. m. an on
rtainment was given by Mies Unity
igdon who is in chargo of the sohooI,
me good speeches and dialogne.s were
ado in which your correspondent 'Qok
Farmers are hoginning to arrange for
lothor Crop with the hope of not using
uch fertilizer; some are still sowing
]lad road" is the ery all over this conn
y. Something must bo wrong about
)r laws for $1.00 leaves ns to travel in
gully. Somo woikod. and eomo paid
id you can now se where it has
ougliht us. Eight days or $1.00 looks
oro proporous 0now,
Under tho present act the County
Dimissioners are to work the convicts
I the dileCt IoadS to the Court IHouse,
understand, Jirst and then towards
asley and other points in the county.
J. ). S.
Norris Items.
We made good uwe of the few good
ye last week preparing for another
Mrs. L. A. Brock's condition does not
Mr. Kilburn who lives near hero ham
en quite sick for some time and doos
t Seom to improve much.
The family of Mr. Ben Clark have
avod here from Alabama.
Urs. Sallio Brook is in very bad
Ir. Frank Rampey, from P'iedmont,
C., visited rolativos and friends noar
.o this week.
1r. Georgo Robinoi is clorhiing for
he schools both male and female tiro
ting vory small.
School Boy.
lave Been iteqlested To Rteprint
The Following:
Nt a mass meeting in tlh, Secondl
5sbytian chlich, P'ortsiont, 0.,
a recent Sabbath afternoon, outi
the presence of over two hundred
n, a converted gambler and
saloonkeeper mado the follow
stetoment, which has created a
)foun( impression:
'I heve been in the saloon busi
3s, With a gamblingrcom attac5l
for tno last four yoars, and
Lim to know soinething about
at I am now going to tell you.
lo not belive that, tihe gambling
11 is nearly so dangerous, nor
s it do anything like the simieo
aunt of harm as the social card
rty in tho home, I. givo this as t
y reason: In the gallibling room
a windows are cloused tight, tho
rtains are pulled down; every
ing is secretly for fear of detec
n, and none but ganblers, as ia
lo, entor there; whilo in the par
r all have access to the game,
ildren are permitted to wath it,
ung peoplo are invited to partake
it. It is malide attractive and
Luring 1)y giving prizes, serving
freshments and adding high so
il enjoyment. For my part. 1
vocr could seo the dili'oronec be
eon playing for a peace of silver
olded( ini the shape of money and
ver melded in the shape of a cup
a thimble. Th'le principle is the
me, and wvhencver property
anges hands over the0 luck of thei
rds, no matter how smnali
the value of the prlize, I believe
is gambling. Have you aver
:>ught of it? W~hore (10 all those
mblers come from. They are not
uight in theo gamblers dens A
eoner,' unles lhe is a fool, never
ters a gamlhing hell, because he
LOWS that lie wil1 1b0 loced out of
ery thing he possesses in less thian
teon minutes. lie has leai ned
mmvhere else before lie gets ini
le such a place. When lhe has
tyed in the parlor, ini the social
me of the home, and has become
oficent enH ugh to win prizes
iong his feiends, the next step
th him is to seek out the gaimb-,
ig room, for lie has learned, and
w counts upon his proficiency to
Id his own- Thle saloon men and(
mnblers chuckle and smile when
ey read in the papors of the par
games given b~y the ladies, for
my know that alter a while th ese|
me 111en will become thle pat rols|
their business. I say, then, the
rlor game is the college where
mblers are made and educated.
the name of God men ili, stop) this
sineCss ini y'our hiomes.'
After hue had taken his seat ant
her cojnverted1 ex-gamb ler,who led
e mn's meeting mn thle Second
*esby torian chureb'(~ the following
bhat hi arose andh said. ''I endorse
ery word which the brother before
a has just tttered. I was a gam
er. I learned to play cards, not
the saloon not in my own
>mo but in the home of my young
ion(ds who invited mlO to la2y
ith them and taught me how."'
ires bronchillIs and3( arthlma.
ires cronip and1( whooping congh.
res lhoarseneic s am b~roniai t roies.
1rse pneinttnon a an11d la grippej. I ht &
m1 LIberty.
Whereas, app)hcation lhas been made
tihe County Board of Education of
ekens county by written petition asik
g for tin election to be hld to veto on
mupplementary tax for school purposes
Cedar Rlock school District Fe. 19,
d the same has been p.iaeted.
T1hierefeo, this is to makolc known to
I qulified (electers in Cedar Rock
heel J~istrict No. 12, that an election
ill be held on Sa turday, March '22d,
)o2, at the Cedar Reck s0choo1 House
votn on the proposed tw o two [2] mill
vy for school purposes.
"At said election the Board of Trustees
tnll act as mnanagers and the election
aall be conduneted as is proylded by law
or the conduct of general eleotoins"
Joel 11. Miller1
6. TiJones,1
NOW is -he Tiu
Wo are well supplied with theso goods and ithe prices are right.
We have receivod another big shipment of
Its a caution the way thoso shoes soll, it is easily underebod
however, as they aro known to bo the best shoes made for the
We have a few overcoats left to go for a song. Big stock'
of Harness, Bridles, Saddles, Buggios and Wagons to go cheap.
Hardware of every doscrittioi. Bolting, Enory wheel]
Shingle Mills, Shonglo Mills supplies.
Seo us before buying your (uaina and Acid-we handh
nothing but tho bast. Our motto is to be in the future as it
has boon ii the past, ''BEST GOODS AT IEASONABLB
PRICES," Your patronago respoetfully solicited.
Big Shipment of runks just reeeived, all sizos. Prices 500 to $Y.00.
And Carden Seeds
It is worth all it costs to have a good garden. Besides t
seeds, we have in stock the necessary
Garden and Farming Tools!
loes, Rakes, Shoves, Spades, Imoks, Bush looks, Bria
Hooks, Mattocks, Plows and low Stocks, Best Steel Beam
Tturners made, Wheel Barrows. Iron King Stoves, Sewirg
Machines, and Furniture of all kinds, PIrett) Styles.
A Nice, New, Clean Stock of
New Goods Coming in and (Going out Everv Day.
Anything and * Everything.
About a llame or Fam.
S We - invite all to come and look through our rome.
No trouble to show through our stock.
W. T. McF1ALL.
And we are better prepared( to meeC(t you ant s i~ in Ste
Plow Shapes, Iron and Wood low Stocks, Trace and WVagon
Chains, all kinds of Disc Plows, I )isc I larrows, Cultivatort,
Guano Distributors, Cotton Planters, Side Il arrows, &c.
WVe have made extremely low prices on this class of
goods, and it will pay you to call and inspect our line.
Big lot of Fertilizer on handl for corn and cotton and
more to come. Avoid the rush and come and get what you
Heavy Groceries.
Large shipment of Flour, Meat, Suigar, Coffe~e, &c., to
arrive. We are better p~repaIred than ev'er to meet your wvants
bo0th for credit and cash, and c:an make it pay you to come and
see us. Yours truly,
Heath-Bruce-Morrow Co.
One Price CJash Store.
Wo have juist recoi vod a supp1ly3 of nice y ellow and1( white onion
sets, aho ptlelnty of' all kinds (f gardons1I1 seeds. Wei are looking for our
pavarite seed1 potatoP.s ov(ry (lay and1( expect them11 to Iho here before
this reaches our customers, buly nono1 but the ''RE I) B IA SS."'.
Our line of crockery is sup3rb [and wo invito everybody to in,
spect it.
Cups and Saucers, 28c to 50c.
Pitcheo s and Basins, 78c to $1..
Under a credit system those who must help suipport a cumber,
some an expensive system and help to pay the bills of those who doni't
The change for the better wvill be seen in our store in every shelf
and ever priced tag, Avaid store accounits. Trh#y inl~ceaso extravA%
Trake care of the chickens and eggs, they wvill go a long ways.
Youra Trumly.
e yot wake upI) with a bad taste 1i
yim -niont hI, go at, oneo to 0. W. I~ar.
(IruiA store ant( get, a free sainie of Cn,
berta iin's Stotinacli anl Liver Tablets
One 4 >r two doesv will niiike you well
T hey also cnre biliottsness, sick heladachi
antd. constip3:21tion2.
Foley's tioney and Tat
'vr children,safe,sur. No opiates.
Fokv's Kidney Cure
makes A'Idneysq and bladder right
the most heallnf salvo in the world.
A coil at tii e if i nglete7 is Iia
bl4 to (anse 2 e 111('1n101lia wheh i. so offenl
tal, ) ti evenl w lt h lie pat lent, ba2s re
covered I the hin l.n weaken2ed2, nlaking
theirn 2'elli:'ly susceptible lo Ihv (levelop
11101 o1. f i nnytion, l(ly's I lione'
anll] Tar will Stop the c h, he1val anl
sthenl'lgth I th, Ilie in2 :gs pri''v1nt 212et(2 n1onlIa
Bllot & 'hr i ly I'iekens, T2 IIvyan1 &
Calial am L.iblert y.v
IBt, never follows; the Its. of Foley's
hioineyanlT(I -, It. ILoils thei' con2ghsleals
R'.4l 8t2'2'tr ilieng s Ih2 h11ing< :i 2222. all ds
perfect:cnit y froin :11, ati111k Of pnllenl
114ioni. IRefuse Hnhintes. Biolt. -&
I'l'Iley 'iekn , Chapman & Gal lahain
Tax Notice.
113' joint resoluit ion, tio ( eneral An
.inbly huas exueniXed' tho tino for th
)ayient of axes for ytr 1901 without
)enltty to)
MARCH, 31st, 1902.
ExecttioniIs will n1ot ho isisued2for iu
)1id taXes12 tintil 2after (ho (xpirtliol of
ifteen clatys lifter i~arch 31Mt, but. from
ho 31s of March till the expirit ion of
ho fifteen days, taxes will be received
vith ten per cen!ft, penalty withiout execu
ion; after the expiration1 Of th fifteen
lays execution will be issued for to col
e(tionl of all llipaid tnxes.
The tiio for the paymnt of the con
11tation rOld tax ha22s a1so been exten
lod till the 31st day of M:ireb, 1902.
Office of ('(niproller ( ineral.
Colum101butl, S. (.
Feby. 25, 1902.
Mr. B. D. Chapman,
T reasurr Pic2kns (oun1ty,
Dear Sir:
Tho (itneral Asseinbly by Joint
lesohi1tion0 22x2 til2( I the time for ilthe
)mIyIlient of taxes 11.10i withouit pelalty
o iNbirch the :l st, 1902.
Alter that <late yon ol leel, lie delin
1ne2t. tax(s wtith the ath1ition of 14) per
s0nt peltilty for 157 aiys, before .isniug
ius vly trily,
J.1'. DEllllAlNl,
("oinltroller General.
Followinig is t.bw lIvy
Otlice of COUNTY Ti lEA SUmRIt,
l 'iekens1 Co'unty13, S. C.
I 'ji'kens, 8. 2'.. 0il. lit 22901.
t15th.<ly I o t h-tober. 21922 tit the purpose~ of tol
I.evy f or s22222'tax, a inilI,.
2i ilry 2 'ii nty tax, . iniltls.
til" ('ntitutioia w;i2mi x.:"12 222il2s.
i orin2tere't 'i n 2'i kens 22. 2 . hoint s o
P Jitkns t'vtir t i iiie To nsip.' li o.2.' n i tillx
la y orinetstonl'ek n it 2. i . o:2 o
linrrenne ownshp.':2ini's
Poi nX <)a e oi b 222ir niil 2 'iioigin tujtl 21212it
x two :I!o~::o2 ; s i plioni tle nii sltuine
liine froni aill thiose wtih t 2ar2e liab lriilng to
lity 2t1222eil 22fter thait tio2n..
24. 12. <2u.\2.\M. N
02ctober :b2 bl .itTi enuerPeen 'o ny
vouldl~ be( a1 god ltimo to buly sOmne
Heavy Winter Shoes,
A lotI of (Chtildron01s' JUnion Sui ts,
hie 25i 0 kind, only I 5I c.
510 to (1loss the( 1o), a 20)c.
A lot of ILad ies Union01 Silts eaR
ly worth 500 to clos a2(2t :Ie.
Men's~ II(av y 12lenco20 Linted Un
lorwonar. Ilhvy work shirts~ to
co(2p the cold)1( out.
P.owder', &. , for' tho Btird llunuters.
Lots of good2( tings to) eat. Full1
Call to see~ the l2 ar( lly and ofenh
Pickons, S..,U
g&'Hiomeo 'Phoneo No. 24.
Pr escriptionls filled p'rmptly
and( satisfaiction guaranteed.
Most up1-to--date line of toile
articles in. the City2
1For Sale.
My ilue yonug thorough1bred Jacks
good size, six yeairt old,'Call ou or wrt
for terms to. A, (1, ~utherlnd,
llo(2k R.(

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