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The PeoplW Jouna
TeKng Snake.
The ig
The king snake hadl'] feasted to L1
8atisfictilon of his stomach upon tLi
rate of Amos I-lderwood's barn, III
had IiWICled out upoi the Village pay
ment to sun himself. Village life w
new to him. He realized that thei
was a differelice between village pay
i uts iid tihe sprintg house trail at M
Wdlerwood's hliome inl the countri
where Ie had been wont to take Ii
mnorning baths of sunsihinc; but he (i
not realize the fact that lie ight b
Collie a terror to the villagers wil
chanced to pass that way aIdi wit
were un04ccltolied to miieetilig citizei
of his order. But then he had mi(
coic to town of his own free will. 11
was property. lie belotiged to Nil
Eltderwood, along with the duck:
glila, chicken, horses, Cattle ant
dogs; and when it, was <h eided mi (1h
1.lderwood family that it was best t
take a house in the village for a f%
years, ;in order that the eihiren migni
be sent to school, why13 tie king snak
was carried along.
94 Goin' to take the kin1g snakt
Amos?" Mrs. I-:lderwood had asked
as her IIusband hald broghit otut th
reptile oil the day they moved ntilt
placed him inl a safe corner of th
Sf course I amil Myra," was Lit
ansv er; " don'( yot -tiss a vilhag
ra d asteas swe v vt )to t it as a t c unI tit
And that is how the king snak
came to ('ohlir'. lie was it beauty
log, slek a :t11 iat, amii his wli te spot
glemiled hike a'ahIster inl the 811nlighI
Mr. l.4mpsy Duvall vas walkit:
leisirely along a short street which ini
tersectedl tie! mAin stret, of (CobItrg a
tlte coeit r of -ltlerwoodis place, Whet
a shrill little mcrealii stiddetily assaile
his cars from solnllle re itI froilt o
him. Th lic scremnn all issled ftrom
womaa's ithroat, ml I )lempsy feIt it
his hones that the (iwner of that throna
mustit ho' beautif ul, ele whence So muelic
mus-ie mn a wervaln? I ll uit.kenled hli;
pace, hurry1-ing" ar,0u11. a1 corner a
rapid stride.
Th Ie bar-omeiter of I uvall's honets ha:1(
not d'ceived him. Th'lere . tadc
terrorized aii unlabic to tmove, wilhit
six fevet ofl ib -wd' kinl" Snak
vas a tall, youilg !irl, sqI slenider :no,
so beaulltilul that Dunvall blinkedl 1.
assuire hbilf tt be hail iot, lvlge
into taity hiu1.
But l\\.;Ip y waa ractical mall
.id he hiad at once ( .n the ait - 4
tie youin l' larm. The i
sinlike itay cts c til. evvhlly li drelmay
the rianls \Oth in theticl tr
frutail m as ar~temova tilo thieiiit'y
theekas hif h it lbwa ~ lis er at ;
11 )ven l I t le ( l t.l t ill and II I II I
whih hlle carrtied, t)(witout (lel,
'nnghs rapid puwi, livl to -it
tli h e it a b nh t I a roun I I
wtitsw forii e ui It I wteii theiit'
ha oftt reitiliim '(oi l iro ithe~ pit
I utnt, hsei) l tn- ing 1nake bi
O hatos ae l s t AllI a ife s Y ls I
"t11 hta nk you'.'' xla-tinu d t i
ferely aslhtleu sh tfused a ai.
chueeks al(mi t- longt opla eal L-o
h-mpsy t itj i s ha(1't mtottli howe
he madet oh movemt entt ats i'n.
at'" 'it titt tiite ofl )tal l jy
e'i howe lumselfiirii byi fotiiwi ~
young hly tog on heru wai~iy.~ t
Thaiitg wsha- tie hwii lt i i
wnt aloni itih l l, a a insi
hatt melltrry.o aithhl hctttulmtr
titess to thle sut e, three tiutt.i\
when htis e ation lial ii fatstra itei(
t im h e i )ip cals, I(61h btiva 'va ca
etIoto aty, ovr t lhec eht oe ti
line hle p vle t
" )uv me foo siit lu wih alnit titetd inI
(ep1te. einie l V th i al ur i .1 s
wihd (arhle lw heioo heeniii rhat tie,
inake his wayMtom wi-a iw n-.t' of a
tcat. itrI (ansofed. dttefi~i
"ee i est het oldeay t-hinn. he m
that' th (h:lesria joltr w a lthi
twesvng' ofx tountse ofco tip
for en yers te 11llte aggreate th \'s
fth-reha ithwami hhi, nobx :ii1(1((
wifty dcarltig ali mli ctti \ayt l, Wj
sts. of Sui1t. btrhehd ig
tole hn te legl fratedtyin ki
upotn11 the il'tis bod mment illh
aene acrse fs 010ittrem Ilr
igue, face fru the y-le oh
L citizen selected from among the tillerE
* of the soil, all of whom know the
value of a good king snake and coulk
appreciate Mr. E(lorwoo(d's figures
lost none of their seriousness, and at
the cud of the trial promptly handed ill
a verdict for the plaintiff.
Demipsy Duvall's counsel iniiedinte
ly entered an appeal, and the case was
transferred to the higher court. Thc
(efendant, though lie hiai no doubt, of
his ultimate success, had begun to rc
le alize that it was expensive to kill t
ic king snake. But there was a memory
(1 connccted with the cause of the suit
that entirely set aside the thought of
Sexpenise, though DIvall had not had a
C gliipse of that face since the incident.
As )empsy walked from the court
. room on the day of the trial, a boy
, handed him a note, the superscription
s of which was puzzling. The hand
d writing was uniiknown to him, but he
hastily opeined the letter and read:
o i D ear Mr. Diuvall-I have just
o learned of tlie unfortunate turn a cer
s tain inl enileiit with which you were
>t coniecteil has taken for you, and I
e hasten to make known to you how
-. deeply I regret that your kiid assist
11anve inl removing a reptile from my
I pat h 1'.:si led you into trouble; also t
0 express a hope that, your opponenti
a) will lose his suit. With prayers for
v your victory, I beg to remain, very
t respectfully yours,
A AlheA SCIII lt,."'
At her aunt's, Mrs. Cavaiaghi's
for a fortnight.'
I)empsy felt something thumpingt
ecklessly against the inner walls ol
Ins structure as lie re-iread the iote.
iAt Mrs. Cavanagh's for a fortnight,
he repeated", and then after the secontid
repetition there was a very sweet, Lastc
inl his imout.
God bless the kiiig snake," tiivali
w.sL wonIt to exclaim q lite frequcitly
during the next two weeks.
Oh, 1 shall regret, it so much.'
sai Alicia one evening, as Diuvall was
takinig leave, '- if you have t.o pay out
all that ioney just fr killing i a
snake,' al.l she siiiled at the absuilrd
ity of it.
" Would you, really?" asked I)uvall.
Now, just let. n tell you w hat I've
rbeenl thinking"."
I'a, is ta?
I've heen thinkinlg I wol just go
an pay oill l',lerwoodl his deii:uils
withlout m11re- ado."
. 1h, why'" Aiii Alicia looked hetr
1 acconlit of-' uvall drew a
little n aid the tonte of his voice
dropped just, a hi ttle lower. " ( ) n1 aC
coun11t of a certain great happines wich
tluat little inidel t pps biouht lei
only the price is far too sall."
For a mIoinc t Al ic ii's yclasles
dIroopiied, ain(l slit Stool blushiw deep
y. I uivall took a Ivaitag'e of Ohe lit
menv*,It to take ler latu in hi-.
I 1 i could Just -'I till re i n
suchI little obst AIcles from111 your path1 all1
through"l ylitu- dear ife, conltiued,
.1 1 Sh~o l (count, tny ll ! he happiest
iall alive. Now wo't you give ine
Tllie w'IS a inlliielit durin which
he11 hmid thlat Iuvl belv "uu I eI
Iwti e n'.iy for li * tdom. Tii it
rewt~ passie atgai n t Ilite tul '!irl
I to l)nvall's t'ar whlnib tal:-ed himi to
1 I' iid hhl h l'lr o d uutn
the News aint t'ourie'r ..ves lthe 6it
me. tt lo itn inltonnalltion ii it !.i.i to a hti
Ie whoi'i h will laty jass I it'in'r4 a ib
iih lTe Ilouse tonittlee to mies aoi
hui. ningili has ju1st takeni nlion calcutlat-,
a to pire te stun1) ti iitin' anIid :-t
ini hure ini thtt'e instiitts mi liht vIliu-l
wd ia go ern e ta |
n-h he cliltni to' as, by a un-min n
vote~ui, repI iote favorabily hi'tl5 il-a
l- ien~ii slie iturn' agois hg i'~ I;n sralt'
(-r- !liii-, of ts ( l ime lTh j ta hll ta
>n- I here shail beit hatru 'ili atope It
t is publite hcer sum s to bei ui
it' forint it''ls' the istbbime t iiil m il-mu -
ch( iuuai t. The ill st torth that~ oe
'ie therle shll hei p'taidii t) ti-hi State afor
'i- thisii urt ose Itheii son2t l full)
to ua nraeo tie, aot ofiiI s.h
appr ctohria.tinia th ite fo itenhyearso
ei byo ani adtion jalt sma f g ie h'i
di tie precedinear, the ann~i~ual amotiv
Cai io et) ai thereafte t'Oiieachiil tate at'
ib- Cl 1rrir iitoit bei olth 1p1ur t. i
ito 'nre a Tate, of veI, xpsthe ith d iis i.
sh SO Viet nth billor., wit> Wii a~ ettr ((
Imh the repomtte om lrin a iimii
hi ofIlejrtand a t euto his sal et .(1
Iitwas paid(1 by i'. ncntte, the1 and-us
e, isa ver unusuaiIn l 'opln(nlite v
r- orddt memberl~ of)01wc the mibit lr.
10iTateti 011ver whirssh has' ois be.
id t liefhe, wine ohrleiationolies at
d- htoeverii ini the hi, it th ed te to
1', htaves for redporticomae fr'oa member
h ul-e of thiajority anowa pendigeaio
b' it wasre adu bur. hiletet, of ansas,
ei Md.h Scttit eeenet.o he reaot
ittt thelin priiple uof c the huity n
proceeds ision frc resarc lookbee
-l esalishd nouilgsltin C)oigress
Ii) hain int t2comte itself to theiit th
way of granireissf pub~iilic t landi~ to hsra
i, dtaeforeny educationle purpses. byThe
Ii furpmes of thie hill isno sengtae
li directly in liedith the po inr
,tfof puryuid. tobh il thew inct1i
lm, me not diret eee to the greates
A..iigidsr o h onr n
- removes from the ( soil
large quantities of
Tiec fertilizer ap
plied, must furnlish
enoiugh Potash, 4r tIe
land will los( its pro,
durinig power.
Renl erud lly our books
4-n (o m n f ls-cl ree.
N i a it., New York.
of the agricultural colleges and( c:
pressed the opinion that this G rosven
bill will do for the mning interests
the country what has been so vell dor
titlcr the original act for our anrict
tural interests. "I It1, ituatter of cot
mon knowledge," said he, "1 that, ni
withllstanLding the great value of 01
ituineril product, amounting inl the yel
of 19100 to the stupetndous aggregate
. 1 ,070,108,888, there is anlt enormoi
waste in the presenit ptocess of extrac
ing both preciouts and coimin on) mine
als. There cnlt le no doubt that scittii
researcll, investigation and experiiet
will eventually develop iethods aul
processes by which a large part ol' III
waste (anl tIe avoiq led amd I it aggri
gate wealth of tle nation tle]re)y va8ti
increased ." Ile consiiers it at we
recognizel filet tha the Fcience al
art of a-'gricilitre have been revolt
tion izal' i hroutgl the agetcty of th
agricutural experiment stations, an
expresses the belief that it is tle rigt
and <lt N of ilte l''ederal overnment I
extenil ad toward the <developtnent
outr untitold mtiitteral wealth as well a
towantl agriculture.
Tle mn11oun11t appropriatel by this hi
fot the forty-eight Shates anl Torritot
it's lor Oh. first'year is j-.180,000 anld n
the end of ten years will be - 1I10,001
antiually. It this expendliture shoub
result inl increasin'g by only ole-tentl
of 1 Ir cent olr annutial mineral pro
<itet the coniitry would, in the opintio
oif tlhe comit.) t , be more than repai<
in the <ldirect ineas.I18e of intelligencl
: "Ki skll; fI'r it ih arttei that everl
<lla fmine-ral weualth wrested fron
tie SI)il Is new weallb, whieb goes into
gene:1 seperianetlyincreasin,
thet voluime f metallic circulation amu
(.(ntribut int tru- tly Itatotrial for Off
arts, hll- inces amd the conlvenience!
of1 civilizl 01hfe.
Tle hi! I pro'ildes that I his appropria
liot shal be expentled o ly f'or itt
st1et 1nrSO1illeh1 andl experimen{ it'
en!ieItrm, mitu- explouitation, muet~iI
a' ch ui tltura l 441 i 4 t4 ing O lat'ttitt il
iliaiing t4o sati sub jects.
'ThIe ill pri'('es ati length for the
:olhuitnist rationt of thie fait44. Thle dis
Iiursemen'tt is mode to the <liett
:1tces and44 ITerrit->ics in (the same11 way:
t~ is novw mad:e for1 the bienielt of 1lain4
ranto 4'44h-ges'. In aniy State or 'Teri
tiry where a 5(chool of1 mtinint hias
hterettore b(een estalishedt't by spcihie
Act l 1.4gishiturIo atali s a81 sepaattet
444 <uines a114i thle other01 half to) the col1
inrhan ir at is, 1but4 in4a tte withee
('4uitashet , bunt whete therne is a Stalt
p41't by 111 incom ltom lrn' t tor tlnees
Stte 4s, or situp4 lurteI by thle State an
-ilt<'rI ileei-uve <-15j' 'tlia (4f [lb
(loi s~t)h4iture 41shl le1444 toee n ic hwrl
P ir i isV the pa'xacde iiem' min
taintd in at al seloerat' :tt'a ditintiv41e
lirl' 44 lit f ni tjiity, ('lee ft hic
1iate univerit4 1:1.t:ty fr xCusie usie.
of e~it minngtIs sh ool ' o f ('rmett and
the~1 olvethe half to thercley f11orlh
b1enilfit ofn gicultre and miltechanic
als. roviht il 14in anly caseI' where
ti'h~'' e pte 8sool t' m insjis nde
lee rth bIntitof ariltrel 1and
liechani:11u1t 4uch board of 'otrl
n!4ty divide :1th I4e u thereby approprti-Ii
atled het wenn( thleshooltof mislg and
the clleg4e It ofilt411!i a trcutue yn metani
miti, Wetfa s toi~t its judgmetl ituchi
(4f)e th ilgeurosleatl provIti'ins 1o
vis'to ht " where 1tOby 1petiat t\e lu
(if i ha11 s uto oriedte(') estabhsh1int
1114 conoity wl~~oi11111itht roiion11of
~thet1t1ti of C og e etablh tiico
h4 hia of ait u11tur'e4 :l(1't echanic( har'
ef an obiehitelitional fctlleg m any~'ll'it I(It
and01 werie such1 andg its l)'V oted inh
tte,4 11otC l es ~e thn n-al of1 the e
tothe detolsl t' 8o locaite. 0t' wtill br
ee it rtt n gtist ros in i'hatte fin
ofthe hi is 11t reach '( V' col el wiey
tari e a po~sition 4 t. aid ill Cheil.
Illmtion itf Itnowttled horinl
vasbratch ith." olcte stohv
Jopeui adantages lin hit ie min i
(JreeOveI thle bllt of te appopri(10i0
ongreshgan at ie in Clevelnin
upio, [the hisll aris proison, ai
A Conrss rA Kl:s A DiRINic.
respondent of the Richmond '
gives an amusing inlcident rolat
him by a reliable and trustworthy
tleuan, which he says occurred i
In the good old days before the
thcroesided in his county several
tlemen who were great friends,
of whom were fond of hunting
were jolly friends inl the cliaso.
On one occasion on(e of thesege
men became violently ill, and
soon proioumecd (lead and laid aw
the death chamber. Four of hi
friends and chunis, who never fo:
him, even in (loath, gathered a
holne to pay one of the last sad o
to their old departed lriend--th
sitting up withi the remautis.
In those (lays it was custoinai
set out solmething to dink for
guest whto inighit be visiting. 'T
old companions of the dead man
taken their ''toddy,'' an(d after I
so three of then concluled to tit
walk out inl the open air, leaving
fourth gentlenan to keep watch
the (lead.
- While the oh her watehers wer
the lonely sentinlel thought he w
go into the room to s00 if everyt
was all right. with the corpse, bi
is horror, that which he thought
e dead and inaniniate had arisen
his couch, gone to the table or
board and was pcuring out hinu
t drink. Overwhielm1ed with fright
ir watchman iatle a ma(d rush frol
Ihr 1!oe, leaving his irienad to tal<
firink alone.
r. Thursday, Marchi :!0, will bc 8
ic Carolina Dlay at tile (Chiar'leston
t positol.
t as
0 I
th cupto wihsuprher
t iesoIne custor ~oait ong and
actling etiper rs01 tor pl~taeease.
gor peoptle eto arey tieak thrug
rtcuresi n diseases of th e sdoynach
-ea any diea, int organ aenot fron
lstnac lhavet the oriin and th dise
wrnition tof the storachd ituis, al
thresl au fair to properoy digs
assuti lte the~r o hihis ea
Henc theole ody ar d weach a rd
oit, thfers from laedcki o nuitin
tht curs adcoseqec of te ia"lit
oher "owak'" o ditonnd livernwe
Mnereecycrn diseases iogasrlltefont
stoinach ad otheir origins of digest
and nuiton h sodenc Medicl iscl
erya"lenablen the astnmathin of
ntreisen failssar tor relu igett
ofaslh~elthe ood I iceass t
tiity of the loodinang geacds or
sot itncufesfse lackl of bloodi whn
There as acnealcof wheak" Dsov
can, an l thervb" nakcotics w
nufering, ertc. dycrgiseaseitscrnes of
atireinvite to consult Dr.gaPierce byiget
fad nutiton coresolencMedica helds
triy prialste asirelytionfn
. Thrilenit necessar foffr til fre em
tivit ofvice which-hak ein tlan
St iutereaf tatisnaplyoof such as th
is hetal N.i of teie boverby,
Tiere its nf conltingte phsci
awdit tis- nltael f nery aoreil
Sk id iail eolespeciallsts.
IsfLuilt again dseasn ew llins thoni yot
yars ai>ivwitet oslt I r iereblet
fruensret.Al CrreLoi, Mlo. i " I eillnt
intvrty prnivhat and sacredl therefis nl
hirv neic 1 inijlarthe ofa free 'ier
Gclolde vieic Disey eind ot l
wsithu lit intheia hoe such as the l
*L Pells'1 n l .11 Su ial Istt
lIi have, . . rermeded ov Per' Goly
htca isvervc tofnrlyds an thoey
thik it wi do usts. a scaie o t
"sThe Wot hnd o eru nesdc
wea ki, un down cdtionis that~ anyindy cak
wan. i wis er nevos arlnd wiet oaf s
mert. I to ive~ bottls o. 'P1erci's ol
Godn edical 0overy. itjsWae meib fee01
winew person. It give, n 1 11er so newhie I
1out feen theoilet h ~. it tie.rnfetI feel
thn Nimtherl wast .alo cured byc it.o vr
Isn thr betI lan for our'.~indadie."an f
" A bt. six yler ago my 1( h ea lt a t, wr
hIisle t . Gr i ette, of Coo.pstowns Gar
CoIl.. )tarlnd. "Ipt g e tt1l~nin do w lifer
tower unIl) I Cold scace wrkal (acrossg
0111 hfen thykstan trnued. Iiat g eel
rie vatrious amedied by alt (f na vary
sonwasted a to a nreSkeleton.Fi
Swis pet-suade to rte o Dr. R.wll v.~ Piec
Cuao. N. Y., hic I didh ittmiae ly.l lone
-luwerof isti 'oal) sidcaly Diaoveyk aross
vo r it Ill Pr sitl ion'Ig tookga fourteen brtte
'avlorite p l're cripion and to-day1 I it a tc a
womltan.d C~I I hearti l at, God alt Dr.Pgia
di Pl i co.ire's ii Corio Vensreie Med
Adnilvie niis snro re ceipt~,atal of st oal)
to02 payti expense of 5niling eco/. Pil
ered5 voh~inle.l AI idres IDr. IR. V. P'ier
lih fialo, N. .'liclIdi)12lldlty. A
~'irlePsritin' tGr ovile, bottl
OllI. io overt th l Ad dsons Dr. Stc
-~r P-l'iere' Cln, l P'ien id
Adieri Gr envit. J8. 01 ept, tl
11ayneswI~,orthPsarkei fr t&l papers
rd -no"Aresa. .,
DR Jikn . . -C-A otR L arL
getit.l~ttl ret o crie th.oug
l'hak all('[ wea, bu -lI C1o.1tl givre
IIo ieol who (irev Aeand ti
L cor- THAyE FUN..
'imcs P'hila(lelplia (Irtiggist has made the
xl to lowing collection of amusing inssi
gen- that have been sent to him from t
1 his to time:
" I have i cute pain in my bal
war stuminiek. Please give bearer so
gen- thing to cure it."
each " ,Ny little girl lhts eat, up a lot
and buttons. Please scud a nemetic by
enclosed boy.1"
ttle- " Deer doctor a dog bit luy child
was tihe leg please send some1 cork pla
a1y in and cutter eyes."
I olt( " Pleas send by bearer one p0
sook card. Also kindly give hearer,
L is son, some licorice root."
lees " Deer doctor wot is good for tir
tt of fever send some quick I got it.'
" Let my Johnny have a glas of S
y to water. I wul come myself but I
the washing. P. 8. the live cents is
hese the Sody water."
had "1 If you can fill the enclosed 1
Oil)g cription for 2-5 cents, (10 so. If
ke a return by bearer."
over s
Mrs. Rose Sullivan, of West Wii
Oit iort, Me., will resign as postmist
ould of that place oii Alarch 8, after
ling tinuous service of flfty years. J
it bullivan is 75 years 01(1. She was
wasn oitIil postiistress at \Vest Wil
from 1 port on November 19, 1851.
Suillivan ilda her Occulpation11 gone
10f a cause of the rural free lelivery ser
th whi does away with the little 1
e his A new religious sect, has startec(
liussia called Podpoiniiki, whuich si
fies ", Dwellers under the liarth." ''
onth pledge themselves to care for all I
Lives from justiec, vagabonds, des
ers from the army and other mis
ble beings, whom they hide awa
clefts or holes in rocks. 'l'lhose an
their own people whxo fall sick
treated in the same way, but are
without food or drink of any kind.
A. Wendlinger, of Iichmonld, V
1military tailor, now 80 years old, Ii
ithe uniforms for Jefferson Davis'
and for the staff of every Gove
since then, and has been Selecte<
make the iniforms for (Gov. Motitag
stalf, who has clianged the color V
Confedurate gray to bright blue.
an Kidney Trouble Makes You Misern
to Almost everybody who reads tile n<
is papers Is sure to know of the wonde
cures made by
Kilmer's Swamp-R
the great kidney, I
and bladder reme(d
ith "It is the great In
cal triumph of the n
r tcenth century;
,ul Ii~ /covered after ycar
scientific research
-y Dr. Kilmer, the <
S - - nent kidney and b
*e der specialist, an<
se~l wonderfully successful In promptly cu
ic(1 lame back, kidney, bladder, uric acid t,
k lsand Bright's Disease, which is the w
amd form of kidney trouble..
en. Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root Is not
omme nded for everything but if you have
Sney, liver or bladder trouble it will be fo
SJust the remedy you need. it has been te
knin so many ways,-In hospital work, in pri
k " practice, among the helpless toao poor to
the chase relief and has proved so successf,.
ievery case that a special arrangement
-been made by which all readers of this p:
the who have not already tried it, may hav
ac telling more about Swamp-Root and hov
find out if you have kidney or bladder trou
ichl When writing mention reading this genei
offer in this paper aund
ry" send your address to .y -;
co- Dr. Kilmer &Co. Bing- jfr-M
hamton, N. Y. The_
nse regular fifty cent and forn rsanp-i
rmt dollar sizes are sold by all good druggist
J1. E. Jlor:(s. PresidenOt.
in- TD'IE TlA llLIC Ni. '2.
Ini- Bir'Siuperse il(s Tlime T'ale No. 1.
te, fieelive 12:01 A. M. , Fb. 1 st.. Pl1
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S No. 10. STI A'T'ION S. No.
of Mixed. t1
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Sl'12 ~ATIONS. Aii' I
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a 4:15 ' P m........*Prsonii's.... ......:15
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All trainis dailiy except Sno1:ay.
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iNo.i 11 onneelcs withI Soutern I il
Sond your busliness dIrect. to Wahinilgt o
Cal saives time, costs iess, better servIce.
1p9 y ofle clse o U s.Patent Office. FREE prelim
ii l decned inPERSONAL AT'T TION GVEN- 1 YEA
ti ACTUAL EXPERIENOXI. Book "~How to obtain P'atent
ete,. sent. free. Patents procured through E. (1. SIgg
Ekv- receive s p eci al n otaice , wi thout charge, in
Wlusutrated monthly-Eleventh year-terms, $1. a ye
r~RSI Etf SI Lto of C. A. Snow &
II~iI~I'KN918 F ST., N.
E . e pwASHiNGTON, D.
ro . a t'me.Nvtr,1,i-- lFourth Mondayl3 ini Ja
' y, last. Mo1tuhay in May and the seei
Alomiulay3 in Septi' eie.
mow sectond Mioiuday in .Juneii anil the i fi
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A muavn ,mtu'-Thluird3 Moniday. iiil'n ebtt
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the sicondi Mondahy after the fourth Al
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the fourth Mondlay in )ieptembe ~ir.
Sa Pre(xxi(s--Th'ird i imoiulay ini aurch, t1
atondauy after fuirth itiniday ini June,
the fourth stondlay ini stntemhor.
Tie Kind You Have Always Bought, and which has been
my III use for over 30 years, lms borne the sigiatnre of
nd has been made under his per
foy soinal snipertision since Its 1Ifanicuy.
Allow no one to deceive you in this.
od(y All Co 11itertcits, imitations andI "Jtist-as-good" are bIt
n1111 EA (prIII'I)LS tluIt trit1e with aMId elkilanger tine health of
for 1 ifli uts and Children-Experience algainst Experiment.
Castoria is a liarllless substitute for Castor 011, Pare
ter- gorie, I)rops Ilkt Sootliri ig SyrnIps. It is Pleasant. It
rs 4coilaiiis liitlier' Opium, Morphlino nor other Narcotic
subtinlce. Its :ge is its gmIara3ntec. It destroys Wornis
Mid(1 nilltys 'everisitinss. It cares Diarrliua and Wind
(olie. It relieves Teet taiig I'rolibles, clres Constipation
Irs. m111d F:palsiey. It assiiilt(S tille Fo0d, regmuliates tie
b.- FSIioisei :am1 BowelS, giving hIlt 'hy a-md natural sleep.
ice, T Oilirein's 'aniacea-The Mother's Friend.
hei- Bears the Signature of
er t
f 111
l The Kind You Have Always Bought
ile In Use For Over 30 Years.
=eng at Cost!
r I)
Dr.il. z
ver "
-cc- win t'.,nn prpo t o h: .S iln our4 b in~less, we' wcill sell
a Carriages, Suirrcys, Buggies,
Phaetons and Wagons
has At an Absolute Sacrifice!
e a Untiul our44 s ne s re'1IueedI. Ihmoc's tak our 44 wor1 for it., buti C com ai4 l 1111see for *votar
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Now ii lii'-I -, el- fo wicp-ling vcehichl" of all kid. no we arie going be> sel'. our
par, 4ro ir o no ) pr lii.
. 1Th4 ,-c'1ncl Iir) Alnh. :uic I bccUr- is pret tyc well' over'4 lot w.e hav a few bargains,
yet. Ib-member 14'), wec 9:44 ii house.-c rei'4 or eleikI I..irew'o ro~n r~i'ym
Io 44ur owni w 4l4 We w44 jill --11 :my hcinv m-~& '' lI-a-i for enhs~ or4 good44 jpaper. Polilio
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-~ Ihlt e lhe peopl whe4lh'c44Iir4 Iihey~ w'i-Ih 14o any (or not.
glii ~i~'CHARLES & McBRAYER,
('orner* ( 'ort, i ver I~c mal .ciI 4kc cn SIn-ets. G1l~ICICN V ILLE, S. 0.
SW.\I;I'l-:I: W. W Illi-ii. WiLL, E. WHITE
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wccith dI i ic n~s and44 pr4ice'. to4 voor)4 home44, We huy4 in (var 14o1s and1 can I giv 'c he lo14 4wes1t.
-- pnlices. My'"I1O N 'i'N I N0 1\ANb ('I >I'I NG $141C'I.\I,'i 1145.
WI IITE & 00., Anideion, S. 0.
rs proinptly procucred,. OR NO FEE. Sn i ,nndel, tc h, 4
444 or4 4 pht frfre 'rert4n p ateta.ility. nI , 44 iio
um 444tai if4S. nnd F..reiL414cnl~4' P'teirtollr)ark,'
PA 1.NT IA, rRI 0? 20 YFA1 r't cir. TRADE MARKS
All buscinesc contlilential. .ucdI niv)"-c. Fa.ithfucl COPYRIGHTS &C.
?er c ~c.ctderato ebr'e;. Anycnno sendcinccg 44n 44.4 ikt vi ad descri tion may1444
.PATENT L.AWYERS, r t . r ko: I ents 4
Opp. U. S. Patent Offico, WASHIINGTONI 1114 1C', 1 ,444 ru hc r I t 141 . ec4v
44441 .____ A ci~tfic Jin~tikan.
A br47iniernr- hly icltratd weekiy .nLrgest otr
'IVY M. MAULDIN, MUNj & CDaoleawa e9r
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eliPickens.8,. 0, \Va. I'. CAIf1OUN.
rtl'r Attorni iI4~nt, Law,
lird1 PraIctic0 iln all t he ('4)urts'. Ii 13 W'cst (ourt. St. GRENvi. LLE'' r,, S. (;
44)4 'no ovo.r. re ri(,8Iig Sto,.. Praelice in0 all the1 io 0(r4s. StInto a11

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