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The People's Journal
T.J.MAULDIN, Emroit.
W. L. MATHENY, Bus. Man.
Cntered at the Post Office at Pickens a
second-class matter.
Stibscription, $1.00 a Year.
THURSDAY. MAIL. 20, 1902.
John P. Altgeld, once Governor
of the state of Illinois, and a pub
lic man prominent in Democratic
politics, is dead.
* * *
No'r half has yet been told about
tho exposition. .l.You must go and
see in order to understand and ap
preciate it.
WIAT has become of the move
ment for a cotton mill at Pickens.
We need one and can got it with a
little concerted action.
THE enterprising people of Pick
ens might help themselves and tho
town a little by planning and carry
ing to a successful issue a "JPourth
of July" celebration.
A r the beginning of this year,
don't buy too hastily or too much.
Conservative buying and more
than usual diligence will bring
their good results next November.
NouritNm; helps so well as a do
termination to do, and the peoph
of Pickens county have enough o:
the lasting qualitieR to carry thon
through this year of noecessary self
den ial,
R~ Er'our show the sat isfactorj
fact that nearly all tho southert
states at the last sossiou of theil
legislatures have (lone the right
thing for tho fast passing Confvd.
orate soldior.
CoTrroN is still on the up-grade.
The rise in price will do those who
havo it yet some good, but the plan
ters should not be deceived or in
duced to plant largely in cotton this
year thereby.
* *'*
H1ow so many people got. to I ho
Court House in timo for busine m,
Moniday morning, and that from
the remote sections of. the county,
with the roads in such a desperate
condition is a mattor for a fellow
to figure on.
THlE man who starts his crop f'oi
1902 without cern and~ almost withm
out moat realizes the force of the
good advice thatt is usually giveni,
about lanuting time every year, tc
plant so as to be independent of
the west.
EVERY (lay the Charleston expo.
Sitioni gets better. It is a show es
sentially southern and moreovo
devoted to South Carolina. Th~ing
are revealed thiere that will astont
ish even those best informied ab~or
the matchless resources of thei
awn state.
Tnlil exhibit of Pickens count
ranks well, indeed, among tho loti
or county exhibits at the expos
tion, but little more than a begi
ning has beeni made to give there
full indication of what lies d0
mant in Pickens county awaitii
only the energy and~ the genius
progressive people with capitLa n am
a purpose to bring the coun! ty
the front.
TirE apring termi of court in se
sion this week is holdi ny out co
siderably longer than usual win
the people are pressed for time
which to catch up wi't h the alreat
belated preparationis for thuis yeal
cro1>. Busuncss p~assed over ati
continued for several terms has a
cumulated and a longer term tI
usual is necessary to clear ti
dockets of their present burdensa,
As has been suggested by son
correspondents, through the co
umns of this paper, the publicatie
of letters giving tho results of e
periments in farming is interestix
and does good wvhon one wants1
get the advantage of the work<
somebody else. We invite suc
articles and will do all we cahn I
help in giying the readers such it
formation as is valuable an
IT won't be long till the ba8
ball boys will begin to practics
and old "Lazy Lawrence" wi:
dance up and down the streets an
roads and cotton rows, and prett
girl. will come out in pure whit
dresses, the fish will bite and thos
who haven't been to church ii
four months will venture out and
talk with their friende and neigh
bors and all will forget the bmart
time. an4 feel better, There ii
ha oanntq esa
When Pickens county, gots o
cash basis, then we will be in a
way for progress. It is said th
will be no trouble in placing I
per cont bonds, but tho goo( t
twenty five or thirty thousand i
lars will do turned loose taout 11
is what makes the cash basis it
popular, to say nothing of I
county's being able to pay as
LTr everybody from this hc
resolvo to do bottor work and m<
of it, live more economically a
moro consistently, buy less and
sure.to pay for what we buy, b
row nothing we can do withc
and pay the preacher bofore I
needs force him to ask for it,
duce living to a comm1on so1
basis, be mon and women like
ought to be-afraid of r.ob.
giving every man his due.
would all get along better to
those simplo resolutions.
Tine peopl) of Cedar Rock. scl
district have done the vory I hi
for their section in giving; attent
to their educational mrAtters.
neat, well- equil))d 'And. com1
dious 8chool buildling has; bi
erected, and a thriving school
nlow actively running in chargo
a most comptent ak-l dovo
teacher. To provido the ite
Hly funds with which to oper
this school, the peop(% (f tiet
trict will sooi pass on the (1p
tion of a special levy, by elcti
This is thc way to inwmro j
s(hools--go at it inl a lash
Sometimo silco I wrote a pi
advising )oyH to stay on tie in
(not becauLiso I was 11yone's b
nor any authority but becautsl
thought it a subject worthy of (I
(ILissiol) but my frien Mlr. R'.
liller, of Clemson Collegeh, wh)
perhiLps taking a courso in aigric
tutre 1111d Who Was raised ol a hir
ws18 (isposed to criticise and cnI
"unlieedcl advice." It am.-im
mo very imich to real adviCO.
Hseem1od to be on both sides of I
fenice from thie way le contraPd
tod himseolf, bosides if lie Iltiut
Buch advice 1Dinhieoded why does
oppose it. I (o enjoy op)losiit
though an11 am glad he wields .
1)(11 Ho mIlag Ii ficon cly.
It is on th e farini that. wo rece,
rliof rom t ho ll I Ig It Iosph
of thea city, the moniotony of si
dlividedo empljoyrnenjit, t he alnx it
uincertiniity of commierco, thle vi
aitionsM of aLmbitionsH so 4
teni disainiiO ted1, of soif-love so)
tenl miort~i fied, (of hicti tiouis ph1 asu 1
andit unsub1lstantial vanl ites, liealI
the first and be0st of all biossit
of life, is preserved( aind fort ii
b~y practico of agr'icultIuire. TI
state of well-boinig which we er
-not defineo but, feel; t hat self-sat
r fed disposition which (d.eni
a perhaps, On the p)'efet equil ibri1
and easy m~ovemenot of vital for
turns the smuallesit aicts t-o pe
andit ma~kes overy exerti in of
r faculties a siourice of the gioa
eiijoymien t; thIiS nest14 iimable st
of onur bodily fulnctions is imost
y Orouis ini thie country, andil lost e
~. wvhero, it, is ini the c!ounttry we
. pect to~irecover* it.
T1homison Seas~ons saitl
'i sacred plow was emloyedc
r- wafriors, men01 wiho hiad heldIo
seale of3 0 tlmphiro, ruiled thet st orni
war, thien dhisdaiinig little del,
cies, seized t he plow and gr'eatlI
1o l. is dep'IlorabIlo~ to see so) mi
yon g men' i go t o thle l arige (il
wvhere the are) lsi 1 uect to cl ii
I ie azlid tell I itt ionlS, wihich'i too
ten roo to gea1fr ho
II drawbaVI~cks, buit what111 'ccuiijiI
y' doesn't ihavye? It is onl t hi .
, that wve finrd thle conion [e.
alwith a mlonthL' Voea's sup11)
ahead, no house rent to pay ,
e- wood to buy, no towni tax to I
mn no fashions to fol low, no theic
~e balIs and1( shows to alt tiid.
Boys maiiy hiocOme~ dIiscouraig'
aniy occuplation if it is niot pr~oi
iy managed, therefore to keep I
at home on thie farm, y'oun
- miak hre abiQOittemp1ts--to aba11te
n task work of farming, to r
surround your work withi exhihl
ig tionis of intellectual progress.
;o must olevate the whole srIi t
>f your vocation for your work's si
Sso that no other cani outstrip it
oadornment and strength. We hi
long observed, with unfeigned
*gret the growing tendencicy of yo
d men and lads, yet early in ti
teens, to abandon the healthful
ennobling cares of the farm for
e dangerous and exciting vicissite
of city life aund trade.
' Delightful firesidos and frien
circles in the quiet rural distr
1are every day sacrificed to this
y montable mania of the tin
e Young men favored with ev
comfort of life and not overwor]
e fancy that they can make m
3 money in large cities than by di
I ing the stubborn mule and wi
out, perhaps any considorati
their hands are withdrawn fr
implements of agriculture and
offes or shnn wol rk o iis,
LI and pryitable tiaII they h1 (
faii their ii excusablo tIloughtlessnsst
01'0 anticipated. Where one0 is enable
tO withstiid thO SWCOpV0ig tellptal
ivo tious, live aro subi tn.ota if.to it
hat llngry wavei and hurried oni
ol- ruin.
0owv Statisties show that onl.y hIire
out of tel miierchaniiIts si.ce a
tho samne Itly he Said of lleclanic.
ho Farmiing Is 4ne of tihe slows0
ho ways of getting rIjel, but. it wa
aged rightlY, is ono of th., klkro
wItys. A boy sh..u fl1low iti
ur talotot if ho has u any spec(i-al ne(.i
e ot-herwiso) be( sho1-ul farm.1 11b
shouhl b. tauit to reverence hi:
1(d occupatiol. Adam k~in, the gar
) dell and it wria oile < i t 00111
>~r. m1:1nds off God0. \\eht r Fnlk
lit n, anld \\ashington er arm
and ( iniici n atus was liowing it
Is vilofeyard whenl h1e wa~s 1ITrI
the( Diotatorship of lIou'm. Th
F:4 anpe11ror of chinla Iiiwd t-> put hi
k royal hainds to the phmw once
your to do hmllaige to agricultulr(
Thle Chlinese worshlip a go ro
rieulture and it ii by farm*1)1 1ig1 '111
ry farming only tint. Chii i is 4 I.41.
ho I-umport, its mlilian)ls of peopl I
Withl theCnee farming Is tht
)Il mo(st honoraible of all oCCupation
g It is to farin g that t.Hio 1. . owi
i her wealth and prosporty ill a grer
atenpl i ls ll or m l iarrel l;-nd
3S- hmvo ever bell Ie, ieto natln
-en but it. will L.l s W that 1111 greI
is M1oalrchie's,4 Ilmpi' es and14 1epul
I lies no Illl is i gri'atl plail
and river valleys leters fiv
led it zat ui 1 ev. r I b -noll I l w II)
e S- g1o1d andal p1hin u it i lt) all
ae was, p:'odntiv,, an.d frigw
the If I f I r ot . au.n .11'l-i 11, wa ii
valicys r" itv ns that 1 h1bY
- Hlntit Nil
nlItl .hypL i s I)l rs, t the cdh a
' I'l an (I',gl India mw, is s ! hI 4. I
Ihe rich phl', 4n of he l.<a h 1a
Va I It"e, Chin a owes h rs and I I Ih
4 Iel falll.-, ... diso 11 1.i1 (If 1tho . ISS
rm wri is plainl that 114 erin'it g is tle
>ys-111 oe of w, o bi
f h o Ii . Ve' 11r1 ' I f arill1s wN ) .r[
ile ab->ut lne.i ilf their1 ti . Shou h
I: t h 11 ll \ il m : t (' or k he dom
(m a li I I ia ll s i y lug Mil1 , s11oIp
i an( d stI rfI s mhn)y wouh l Ill al,
al id ti e e III tII'Ny inl r)'.i l.
'I, ; - "v rlell g is tibo beg' 1 1 f Iiling :11 1,
it" thel end,''1''11h ileZ~~h
W. A. C,
Wo- A wTh :it.
hllt M r. E-:d Ir:-- I am l ye
h1( arkl lind no h llll
".M c(orlpondents nl l d hop it wuIill
la thing as you --n-. i y
edi ' r 11 n i that n owe f -IJ i, hI I i
v 111 S11. I ,i t for III)I' 111 1) Imo4' die*t1
lus powerNfo ('O,'d, amiEt EI)Y.f
>f- ryB at le s to be11I of (Ieeij o. lo A
res got. o e ie but i , '1i lk 111lth
t~h, young man whent ul he) was (going )l1<l'
14'g t inar id-hj isii lom an wasi h maS4) ~i1
0d1kng ( otd deai 1Ol of(4' nois and41 jus1
or ackfor he gtp to1th house he*1iid1
iv' Cour e ihne :1114 yo u t lrecittl 141
im Isish aL bus1(h.Fo' 1 y ( much ha:
2Ji Dnfr Is s n s.hafterti
w orkey'ivs thonest a Ta
nou han h'ima fore gii us soma
.11.-ukh Ch'-liarlestoiiCap
.8 r (.iiodihuhtcjs of tho1 Coll
0, fed crney *i.cordilI Vititil wanl
ex.t.,led 'it tho last Stato coitvell
ti1i '( 11o,0 ini Charleostori oni a
(': ( D'.. ,diiy to be iwuaed durig
the I I-)oriIioii. April 12th hits P,
tt b. .,6 i.o~eJUed'as the day for thlis reg,
h('ltlio .11. anid, t- U1 Daughter&'3 Sty,
thiuh'ot tho Souzthl aro urged tof1
i~iflf~'tJ1$h~SpjI~ICold city With TO]
thr ,i lpro'ebub6r tml wh'lat is sure to phn
ho a-.i,"Ioihil occasionl. Recolp. the
I i(;nla 'til1.othvr Rpecial entertaini- ing
fmlivti Nvill 1)9~ givenl, the roso gar-d. cowl
-M fi)llj Cha riestoti anid thio azaleas the
at *Mapiiohiat ''ill be at thoir best 0
itti I ho, hell liti fill Expositionl at Pat,
thit' heiight, 0) its attractiveniess. WIE
U3. stbn
-Yit'I~kl railir,~ t tiltv %vomiiei ftill curniie lu
o l:Iailag quia litem o~f IFoltey'i I loney cPati
Tad'1;r. . t, evvnts plt-ilona 111( l1 troi
tOll lillitio fromt it inad cold ttled mi Wa
111 ho liiig.-. IA. gliippe co1ghIS yield (JilIek- A
I y toC 110 %vilehrridt fotirative qualities of
ti ' lt'','s .1-1 ouey mid( 'Tar. 'lhore Is noth. 1
it- ekv ( ,-t 'itist. ni, gootd .'" Boft & Thiorn- C
The IloodI reports throughout
tlim State show tnat conoidoi'able
(Ilill1:10 Wa~l (lon1e, 1)it tile streams
Shave rostimcoI their niatural chiai
i l1, aud rala traffic is becom
it j g limotro regulair.
I WOi lI) 'ANINI 'in 11111 CLIUBI,
- if mllvlllt'1'- of tit#! I'haY Fever Asso- W
viat lull' wiit us Dr. Kiaags Newv Dis-LV
~lt4)-Invr fil (tisllaatioh it elielb 'wotild
1()o l pivv, fora it ItIlvys Clures tIiall f
im fil %' , lit ksil1mio1, thekii l diat t liff.
(1les i fit'I' 414ior-it %wholly d~rives froill from1
~II~~N lit! 'II i1150 aids 011cc-hlope -less
ill, Bro(lltIlilj, owt tlirl lives- fil h1C.110
Ito it. Il(.4lhmilla'lr, (;lip, s;llVvs JLIte oIICH
s ?10111 4'wi ~ll4 w11 Iti~oing Coumgii autl is Noi
, pu-l itv It'(A t4' fora 11111 'Itrat aaid
I hg I14lil~t'. Oo$1j.60. Tr':ial bottles
a'1' avt B-4l, & Tll( 01-11 It .
Stati. ('mtlabaIle soizod and brokre
-ill) !%v hE)l, (list i Ilolies iii tue itipper "Oil'
jM a11. 4I1 if(Grovillo 10coil lity Oil Al'Ol
lstfa y. . Otie %vas of 80 galloni cap.
C ''i ty the0 othef'r 65.
1 H VWE - 14 N A 1G
4 tI'il I lit- ~ )111pp 25 of t. lie hoane, Wit it
tI'dlliill 4t~ -d'LL, Cj. 11
.1:;, 1 ii tI ri llt's lllOy her1. It 510 is
I t tl m. fitiinlg and1( dizzy spe'll.,, site
lIv.Ay E't1; i rc 14el.Z Itt' SIti4i i li )S 1oid r
141114- d iI(l pu ccmtaiiing $10,000 anlld
mifri sil Ot mi Mom le Ptrimbeiit ew ic
(iluis,?0tvi.rn va kitgl. git
hv it'~t in .11011j.'olit 'ivatiley fmid
I(.Ya It *
Rtid ~'I rIs'o1. le il ClarleG. W. tat.C
Ml~~~~~~~~~ OlCoil1)) 111hill17 $00(1n
tinful and Suppressed Menses, Ir
flarity, Leucorrhosa, Whites, Steril
Ulceration- .of the Uterus, change
fe, in matron or maid, all Bud re
help, 'eaefit -ahd,dure in .JOHNS
- SARSA'PARILLA. 14 is a real
icea for all pain or headache about
top or back of 'ttie head, distress
pain in~ the left side, a disturbed
lition of 'digestion,. palpitation of
heart, cold hands and feet, nerv
iess and irritation, sleeplessness,
oular weakness, bearing-down
is, backache, legache, irregular ao
of the heart, shortness of breath,
ormal disoharges, with extremely
iful menstruation, scalding of urine,
lling of feet, soreness of the breasts,
ralgia, uterine displacement and
irrh, and all those symptoms and
ibles which make the average wo
:'s life so miserable.
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