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The People's Journal.
Corrected weekly by the Heath, Bruce
Morrow Co.
,........................ .. ..101
Fryers...... ................121 to 20
Butter....................... .1
ams........ '................131
Obituary notice in this paper will be
charged for at the rate of one cent a vord
for all such matter running over 100 a
words. t
Correspoadents are enjolned to send a
In their eommunications so as to reach
this office not later than Saturday.
Correspondents are requested to make
their contributions of general interest,
short, pointed and giving all the news.
No poetry need be sent for pumblication.
The price of this paper la $1.00 per year 1
in advance. 1
Address all matter intended for this
ofilce to: 8
Pickens, S. C,
THURSDAY, MAR. 20, 1902. d
Local and Personal.
Dr. W. F. Austin will bo in Easley &
Mar, 25th and 26th.
-Comptrollor General, J. P. Derbam'
was here Baturday last on business. p
-Born unto Mr. and Mrs. Thomas
Freeman, on 8th inst, a daughter. I
-Born unto Mr. and Mrs. Smith Por- h
ter on 11th inst., a son.
-There is some cotton in the country t
yet; nearly every day somo rolls into
town. U
-Court brought out a good crowd h
Monday. The dookets are heavily bur- "
d aued for this term. U
-As long as there is so much mud in c
the roads, tramps and unwelcome agents d
will not be so plentiful.
-A clock in the Court House tower
would be a most taking thing, and a very
great convenience for many people. 11
-Don't place too much confidence in
calculations for the future, but do your
best, economize and things will come b
out right in the end. b
-There is hope with the people, If
notwithstanding the promise of vary %
hard times for the summer. Everybody b
Is bout on economony.
-Mrs.Ann Grifflin, perhaps the oldest c,
resident in this section of Pickens coun
ty has been very sick at her home in I
Piokens. She is reported better. I
-Walter H. Grifflin, now with Wood.
side's wholesale grocery.;in Greenville,
spent a few daiys during the past week y
with his mother.
-The Board of Assessors have been at
tending to their duties. Property own
ers will be notified of any material
changes in their returns.
-L. N. Geer and L. M. Mahaffy of 3%
Anderson county were here Saturday ei
last looking after their brickyard and h
farm property. near town. h
-Abner O'Dell, one of the oldest men (
in this sounty is reported to be in a very b
serious condition, and has for many days ~
been suffering intensely. Dropsy is his
-T. Christie Robinson left Monday
for Atlanta where ho enters the South
ern Shorthand and Business College un
der that veteran business college head,
A. C. Briscoc.
--The Misses O'Dell of Roanake and
Miss Grace~ and Mr. P. P. McDaniel
returned Sundauy from seeing the Ex- ~
position. Mrs 3. H. G. McDaniel stop
edover for a few days with her son B1.
I. McDaniel in Columbia. Miss Grace al
had for some time been iu Columbia
with her brothor. All report a. pleasant 1i
-Dr. Ben P. Griffin had a peculiar case ri
last week wvhen he was cafled on to re
move an abcess from the eye of a cow ,
belonging to Mr. H. A. Richey. Afterr
examination he called in Mr. P. A. Por
ter. The abeess was as large as a man's
flat, hard and unsightly. The eyoas
destroyed. This is mentioned in order
to let people know that Dr. Griffin uin
deretands his business when he hns to 3
do with a cow and can be found wvhen C
his services are needed at his home near f
Sucona church one mile wvest of Pickens, ti
The spring term of court 1902 was I
coiled Monday morning 10 o'clock, b~
Judge George W. Gage, presiding. i
Solicitor Boggs had a good number of i,
indictments to hand out. Judge Gage's a
charge to grand jury was short; his char.
g es on each indictment bemng mal'de when
handed to the Grand Jury for consider
ation. The Jurors and alli officers of the e
court were at their places at the appoin
ted hour and no time was lost i organ-~
izing and getting to work. Judge Oage 8
presides 'with dignity and hisj expositiona
of the law is clear and emphatio.
JDr. Montague in Pickens necxt Sunday.
Dr. A, P. Montague, President of a
Farmnan University will deliver an Ad ti
dress to the Y. M. C, A. Sunday mon
ing in t~he Presbytearin church at 11a
o'clock. The public is cordially invited
to attend.
Dr Montague is one of thme most flu
ent speakers in the Srtate or in a
the South, and a rare literary treat is iniI
store for those who attend, Dr. Mc nt- C
gue has also consented to preach in the ~
Methodist church Sunday night.
M~archu has been moist so far. A thun
der storm passed over yesterday morning
about 8 a. m., blowing down wel shelters, ~
oow stables ek., the wind lasted only a
few seconds and was accompanied by a
blinding storm of rain.
Mrs. D. 3. Greer 'died at her home,
March 10th. Bhe was near 40 years of I
ge, and leaves her husband and four
children to mourn their lose. She was
for many years a consistent member of
the Presyterian church.
T. N. Hunter has retured from Flori.
dai where he went on a visit among rela
Bev. 3. B. Vaughn, of Asheville, N.
0., gave avery inst ructive and interest
ing Teeture on that broad subject-Tom.
peanoe..at the Baplst church last
ni ht. Mr. Vaughn ia good artist a.
betiow several very sad scenes on the
minds of his audionce showing the
havocsad poet heinoasa crimes caused
hethe intesperate use of
sailsat bevarwge *lowin b stie,
i t ato s maa bill in war,
99ft ($4ow a4used~ (Q I)
# i 1614
-See notice meeting Farmers Ware- Se
louse Co., Easley. .
-S. I. McDaniel;will preach at Se
sona on the 5th Sunday in Maroih.
A. B. Wardlaw, dentist, of Greenville
will be in Liberty several days commen- o
>ing Tueaday.Moh, 25th. tic
-Jessie Jennings is here on his way so
rom Ensley, Alabame, to Conwelly va
qorth Carolina.. He is doing well and mi
Leeps in good health. of
-George W. Abbott, of Seneca, will m
cad sn "All Day Singing" Lat Keowee p
hurch on first Sunday in April next. p"
Ul people- invited. . re
-George D. Cureton has just con- op
leted his course at the Atlauta College un
f Pharmacy and holds aldipolama from
sat institution. He has nccepted a po- to
ition with Bolt & Thornley. .th
Lawrence Rufus Tumblim. wo
Lawrence Rufus Tumblin, only soil of b
J. and Isabella N. Tumblin ( me
Volff) was born April 29, 1877 an'd de- Ov4
arted this life Jany. 25, 1902. Though kn
rother Lawrence had been in failing int<
ealth for some time, his death was a eni
.tock to his mony friends in the corm- dot
muity where he lived, and it was with sbc
td hearts that we laid him away to 'i
wait the resureetion of the just. tha
Our young brother joined the Metho. the
ist church in his boyhood days and ted
ved a consistent member to the day of er
is death. He will be greatly missed at mii
ion church where he attended Sunday o
shool in which he acted as secretary for roa
ime time. His siat at any church ner- bet
rco wais seldom vacant. wit
Our heartfelt sympathy goes out es- ciat
scially to his father and roc
other who are both in feeble health. b
is always sad to lose a child but how ro
dtromoly sad to lose an only son! In gra
ours like this the MAuster whispers: thr
What I do thou knowest not now but and
son shalt know hereafter." As we look in t
pon his newly made grave our eyes fill rair
ith tears, but we weep not as those who Con
vo no hope, for we know where to find of t
in. He left the assurance that his title tihe
as clear to a mansion in the skies. We not
ims him, yes, from the home, the Pil
lurch, the communit , but with tear
immed eyes we follow on.
J'roml Mica.
As I haven't seen anything from this Pot
lotion in some time I will give you a A
av dots. Roi
The health of this community is very R
id at presont. Mrs Elizebeth Bowen has .
3onl worse for several days. sit
Mr. D. F. Southerland has erected a bat
rge s'oro house on his farm near here D
bicl lie purchased recently, and is now Jos
ringing up the goods. Mr. Sutherland I
a mover and we heartily welcome his Cra
>ming. Crc
Misses Rachel and Hattie Harris and 3
ena Looper accompanied by Mr. Avery dat
ooper were guests at the home of Mrs. An
. M. Hendricks last Wednesday. An 1
ljoyable time is to be had when these len
>ung people are present. bat
For fear of that dreadful waste basket
will close. We4
Wild Rose. tub
Wife of T. Augustus Williams died 9j
[arch 11th, 1902. at her home near Mi- last
S, . 0., after a lingeriug illness. She ,
ayes a husband and one son to cherish
er sweet memory. 5he was buried the the
ny following her death at Mt. Tabor
iptist church of which she was a mem- ne
or. W~e will all miss her in church, dii3
ut at home her place is vacant and can 6
ever be filled. The bereaved ones have to
se sympathy of a host of friends.
Sleep on dear one, take thy rest, for
God callod theo homo, Ho loved you wil
A true friend.
Beverly Granite Ce, resumed work
[onday 10th inst, O
WV. J. Boggs lost a fine cow last week. W
H. E. Couch is able to be up after a
3ell of measles. an1
Hion. M. F. Ansel, of Greenville was ar<
this section last week on business.
Mr. and Mrs. WV. W. Norris visited be
ilatives in Piedmont last week, ha
Isomn Simpson (Col) lost a fine cowh
aceonthy. un
Mr. Will Hutchins of Georgia who
as been on a visit to Mr. 0. F. Bogge of
as accepted a position with Beverly W
Iranite Co.
We are glad to welcome Mr Redmond
uel to our midst. Mr Nuel hiss been coi
mnployed by the Piedmont Mfg. Co. In
>r the first four years; he says he will be
-y country life once more.
A revere storm pained through this W
ietion Sunday mioring. Some damag
'is done- Two lairge pine trees was
lown neross Rev. WV. J. Sh-eriffrs dwell- op
sg house; sixteen of the largest trees HI.
Sthe Re-Union hitching ground were
iso blown down.
Prte' Prattles. in
We aire having some very rough weath
The farmers are getting a hustle bes
ni thecmselves preparing their land for l
1 >t her years crop.]
Mr. Walter Seaborn is very ill at this sp(
riting. -da~
Miss Adai Goudelock, one of Printor's ]
sarming young ladies, is visiting rela- Fe:
yes and friends in Atlanta.
AMessrs. J. H. Boroughs, J. P. Smith A
11d son1 Calowel, are attending thevi
lharloston Exposition this week. a
1Rev. WV. C. Senhborn has eight tons of We.
i good fertilizer as any commercial in
rsands. Ho madoe it hsimuclf at a cost
i $4 per ton. Severail others of this
ections have done the saume way with I
ke success;. Ga
Give old Pranters a half a chance she
,ill come to the front. Everybody Br
cems to enjoy themselves and have 5a wi
;ood time. Lot us do all the good we
an to everybody we can, and remember
Don Quixote,
Mala News. h
On acco'irt of rainy weather farmer-s
saven 't done much farming.
Wheat don't show usp any yet, the far
ncrs don't know whather they are going
o make a crop of wheat or grass. 88
Mr. Bobbie Williams accompanied by or
sister Miss-Angie, of Anderson county, la
risited Miss Caroline Clayton on the 4th se
3unday. GI
Messrs. Willie Kasey, Wilton Watson
mud Thomas Williams, of Anderson Co.b
erthgutsat Mr, J. HI. Clayton onr
Misa Naro. aton was the guest at
.0. SmIt ie latter parf of this
Mr., Tel' aRo6t lia beean va ill for
bhe past wee Wit weaglog, 54 I egg.'
Die Thoughts onThe Sub'edt of J
lie Highways.
WO will first notice some mistakeW
ikirg new roaks, and changes in i
I. Often new roads and changes
ide wrong from the fact that the pi
>ncrs conflne the commissionere
ne specific routes, not allowing i
rination where improvements might
ide, though some field or at the back a
somebody's hoitse &o. Often the cc
ssioners find that changes or r
ds could be made on much m
aotical routethan that proposed but
atrictions of the petitioners are t
it the most practical route cannot
cned hence the commissioners rep
Again, we have known a commisior
be at fault where these restrictions
I petition were not the oau
I now roads were made where th
uld soon have to be changed or part
indoned i'i winter.
)n4 great trouble is we have too mal
n put in charge of the road work,
irseers, who either lack protic
Wedge or are indifferent to the be
rests of the public. They often <
alcient work, but not being skilful
ie, is lost in an hour by a thundi
'here is more fault in managemei
a in our road laws it seems. Uni
prictical systems of work are adol
we will have bad roads in wet west]
It seems that it might improa
ters by making every land hold<
rseer of or responsible for the publ:
Is though his lands. This will gii
:er grades and give worst miles fille
n rook. Thun the good roads Assi
ion can begin putting on work an
k with their road working machim
lo manl will deny the fact that a dii
i-bed is a failure, they did for or
id-fathers as they were eith(
nigh the woods or along the fen(
the water did not collect and swee
orrents from every hill-side when
ed and the roads wore used but litt
pared with to-day, and were on to
lie ground, now they are generally i
gully and in the bottom of it at tha
room for vehicles to pas in mau
,es. Next man to the hat. C.
Frot Olga.
1. A. Foster who has been ill f<
past week is convalesong nicely in
the skillful treatment Dr. W. \
larie, the little daughter of H. B
1 is quite sick at thia writing.
tither Epps, of Marietta visited ir
er Mrs. R. H. Hendricks last Sal
[iss Maggie Jones visited Miss Noi
es, of Dacueville, last week.
inwrence Perry of the George'
ek section, worshiped at Peter
ek last Sabbath.
fr. nnd Mlrs, J. R. Foster and litt
ighter Beulah Earl, visited friends i
larson county last week.
tev. J. E. Foster delivered an exc<
Ssermon at Peter's Creek last Si
1i on Christian duty.
rance Feaherston while hunting 10
k his gun barrel bursted, and il
c flew back scalping his head, ai
face is badly burned by the expl
'hpmas Ponder :visited friends lie
'he farm work is being rt arded
unfavorable weatiher.
ties Zulphy Naubors died at her bor
r here la'st Friday and was buried ti
following at Peter's-Creek.
amuel Hendricks had the misfortu
ose his horse the 9th inst.
uliss Millie Foster will leave this we
Greenville, and during her absen
I visiL Seeia and Westminister.
liar. 11. More Anon.
Mir. T. 0. Martin, of Greenvill
mt a few (lays in town la
Mirs. 3. C. Jennings, of Picker
ri Miss Freddie Bogs,of Newr
the guests of Mrs. C. C. Fricli
Ir-s. Walter Brown who h
en v.isiting Mrs. M. E. Brov
s roturnad to her home in C<
Mirs. A. D. Hardin and famil
Greensboro, are visiting Mr
I. Wer-ner.
Dr. IL. G. Clayton, who has bei
ufined to his room, with rhe
tismn for several days is able
out once more.
K{r. A. P. Cater, of Andorso
s here Thursday on business.
ifr. Gooten, of Georg-ia, is nig
erator here in the absence of Mi
(Ir. WV. R. Wyatt has purchasi
house and lot of A. D. Hard]
which he now resides.
iliss Neill Rochester, who hs~
mn visiting friends in Greenvil
I returnedL home,
ienry T. Long, of Atlant.
nt a few hours in town Thur
I. C. Strange, Manning; Je
m, Atlanta; Len ard Parkej
lanta; W. B. Horbes, Gainei
le; C. D. Hudson, Baltimor<
I F. A. Mcbeani, Now YorI
-e among the commercial me
town this week.
At. IL. Gassaway, of Greenvill,
spending today with R, (
Rev. and Mrs. T. H. Posey,<
ovard, are spending a few daa
Lh Mrs. Posoy,
J. T. Gassaway and R. Perl
eines lef t yesterday for Atlani
tore they wvill purchase son
rses and rnules.
Mch. 17.
For' Sale.
[ have for sale a large tract of land
y acres lying on the waters of Wi
eck, adjoining the Rhoda Mauli
ids, T. A. Julian in the Cedar Ro
Mlement and known as part oft
deon Roper land. yhis land is
tered with ahout fif ten acres or:
riarne well timbered. The soil
1 aund of exoellent producing quali
rms will be made with purchiasor.
Address or call on
P~ickens S, C
Al) kinds of we oIges gag gewgly
nait, Work ea..n..
ub. 'Croir Creek.
On Sunda.y the 16th inst John
Craig and James Dodson in at
a tempting to cross Crow Creek at
a the ford just below John'T. New.
re' ton's in a buggy barely escaped
t b eing drowned. The water was
Iy vorv high and it washed both of
be the a-ton out of the buggy and car
ide ried th'e buggy and mule down the
- the cree I several hundred yards,
*r the mule about 300 yards and the
'be buggy abo,"t 150 yards. They
toh swam in and .ctit tho harness off of
be the mule. it lodged against
rt bank of the erok and held his
er load out of the w-oter, and by ty
of ing a good ropo around the
se neck the mule waa aided in
By getting out. The buggy was
ly slightly damaged. The 'lap robe,
cushion, umbrella and a denijohn
as of whiskey was washed away and
al lost. Thero is needed very great
at ly a bridge at this ford, also at
1o Capt. Herds. This part of 'Pickf
ens county has been paying tax a
long timo to help build bridges
I across Saluda and Twelve Mile,
il It is fair that this section should
have some conveniences in the way
of bridges.
or Mar. 17. Crow Creek.
41 Sheriff Dots.
d Mr. J. E, Mullinix contemplatos
' selling out, if ho is successful in
a firding a purchaser, this we would
t be glad, he doesn't (1o, for he is a
r good citizen and we couldn't do
r without "Uncle Johnie,"
0 Farm work has been greatly
it retarded by the constant rains,
9 but the farmers are putting in a
P good time every day the sun bhineo.
On last TueBday night some of 1
y our young people were entertained
a few hours at the houie of Miss
Mattie Lesloy with some excollent
music on the guitar furnished by
Mr, George Prophet, from Denver,
. Col. who is visiting friends and rol
ativos of this community.
Mr. Jasper Lesley has been hav
ing a nice lot of lumber sawed by
the efficient sawyer Mr. Ellis Per
a Mrs. Charlie Hendrix and baby,
from Liberty, S. C. is visiting her
a parents Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Slier
Miss Bessie Devore, of Easloy,
was a welcomed gue-st of the Miss.
es Welborn last Saturday and Sun.
1- day.
J- Miss Josephine LaBoon from I
Texas, is visiting her brother Mr. -
i James LaBoon who now residos at
i old Pickensvillo.
Two of Ellis Tripp's children
are very sick with diphtheria.
e Mr. Eugene Welborn, of Pendle
ton, is visiting his cousin A. J.
'* Welborn.
eChatter Box.
ak Still They Go To The Southern Short
e hand And Business University, .
Of Atlanta, Ga.
A thorough training in bookkeeping,
0, shorthand and typewriting should1( make
st a young man or' young woman independ
ent, and the lack of tho knowledge of
thcse branches often causes disappoint.
is, melta, idleness andl sometimes disgrace.
y, T bc world in necking for thorouighly trami
:s. ed men and women, and the man 01' wo
man possessing a good education is
as bound to succeedl; :lhappiness and comn
mi fort follow. Every young man and1(
1- young woman, no matter how wecalthy,
abould be thoronghly equipped with a
business eduoaiLion and~ though they may
.y, not have to servo others, it will benefit
B. thoem, in their own business. Every,
bushness man that emlo~ly5 a bookkeeper
should know how to keel) books; every
lawyer shouldl have a knowledge of book
U- keeping in order to unravel the intrica
to cies incident upon his pr1actico.
The Southern Shorthand and1( Business
University is reconized as the leadingI
a' business traning institution in this sec
tion. 1t nlow hias anf attendance of over'
it 200 pupils. It had received no less than
r *ten or twelve applications for business
'assistants. Any one interested should
write Mr A. C. Briscoe, p~residenrt or L.
d W. Arnold, vice presidecnt Atlanta Ga,
for a catalogue. '.1'here is no better time
thtan no0w. Seven tyfivye entered th is
popular school in January, forty-one in
'5 February; iank othrA have arranged to
Le commence next week.
r, Wherens, appllication lhas been miado
~. to the County Roard of Edneation of
Pickens county b~y writtent petition ask
ing for ani election to be0 held to vote on
IT a suplem~centary tax for school purpos)0es
', in Cedar Rock school District F"o. 19,
~. and tihe same has b eeni gr'anted.
.Therefore, this isI to make known to
'. nll qualified electors in Cedar Rock
'school l)itrict No. 12 , that an election
nl wilt be held en Satutrday , March 22t1,
19o2, at the Cedar Rock schocol House
to vote on thle pr'oposed toio two 121 mill
levy for school puirpo~ses.
-''At said election tihe JBoard1 of Trustees
shal! act ac managers and tire election
fshall be conutetd as is pirovided by law
for the conduct of general eleotions,"
Joel H1. Miller,
E. 'I. Jones,
n1 Reese Biowon,
a Roard of Trustees.I
1 will apply to J. B. Newbery, probate
Judge on the 17th (liy of April 1902 for
for a final settlomnnt oft lhe estitte of Ran
son Duke, deceased and asked to be
ofdismissed as A dministratrix.
o M04Administratrix.
ell Nottee of Meeting.
en The stockholders of the Easley Far-1
is mere Warehouse are called to meet at
the warehouse in Easley on Friday Mar,
21st at noon. Business of importanoe
to be transaoted, A full attendance is
urgently re nested,
' President B4 Driotors,
to All parsons5 taiking stok in the Eale
Crasery~ Co,. are ulrsd te mana at tba
All County oileos, oach, - - $5.00.
Magistratos, - " 2.50.
All other oflcef, o - 5.00.
Thio above pricea aro invariably I>
Tio friends of Jiunes M. La wrtien
respectfully annoince hiun 114 can(itiit
for Treasurer i kis i cotiity, sih
jeet to tho action of tho <lemiioertic vo
tore at the coning primanry.
When 3ou waike ip w1ith a b:11 ite
your inout h, go it one I o (. W. 1.::. v
drug store and gel. it freve s-u iile of I 'hain
borlali '.s S oi:ieh aitl Ii iver Tablet'
One or1 two dloses will inn:ko. vnt nell.
ThIey also Cliro biliouisiness, sick le:ahitelie
n11( constip.t lol.
l)A NGE Its O" l'NFEh( 7-INI .A.
A cold t tl is lime if niegnle k i:iiij
le to can e lnninnlin''ia whl'ich iis i ofien
aital, anl evou henvi the p'liei ,lilt, Iv.
overeIl hinnSa: wonkt)ned, makin r
noit, of consumpt11)ion, I lys liloinls
In] Tar will top the Oieh, 1, e a m il
thengthen Ithe inngsgl pnevient p111,611oonj.
loiitk& Thor, l lit, et.1i:,put3ni s &
liin Liberty.
PNTaUxONtA F(L()\'s N o Mh .
1111j, never follows the Itse. of t 41' 1 .
flneyantl Tilr, It, statis the coll-hs.he'.is
,t l htieng(le nls t I to thelt) o ti l 1111
iayrfect se fitt froi : :t Itack (if pmuet
1olnha. ReilNs- subh-ititultes. 1,1011 1&
Phorntley 'iekenis, chatpimui & :101:aa 11
Tax Notice.
By jointiresohition, tho (lolneral Ak
ombly hias extendled the tiino fori the
>ainouet of taxes for yeor 1901 w-Mthout
>onalty to
MARCH, 31st, 1902.
ExcCitions will not bt issuetIlito un
aid taixesi until ifte'r tihe ('xpiral ion of
iftoen days ifter kMiach 31st, bit fioin
ho 31st of Mtreb tiil th( expinit ion of
he fifton dayit, taxes will bt received
vith ten per c(-(it penalty witioitit excon
ion; after the expiittion of Clio fiftoen
lays execution will be issued for the col
ection of all unpaitd toxe's.
The tino for tho pa)iyinnt of the omi
ni1tation ront tax his also beeni extont
lod till the 31st day of Marebl, 1902.
Oflimo of Coritnptroller fienerial.
Coluin hui, S. C.
Fe-by. 2.5, 110)2.
MrIu. S. D). Chap man,
Treasurer Pickens County,
Dear Sir:
Thto Gleneral Asstnbly by .liut
lesolution extenotld tho tiin 'for thte
nayment, of taxes 111101 witli , petlIty
o March the 31sit, 1902.
After that date yon tolleet the dtlin
luont taxes with tlie aditi'n ()I W per
.ont penn ity for 115) daym, bfor I. i-suing
Yoursi very3 truIly,
J. P. D)ER iA M,
Comptroller G(eeial.
Following is the levy:
Ollice of COUNTY Tltl*:.\S Ulti-:lt,
Pickeuns Coutitiy, S. U.
year of i19tt:
le rr tt e ni~ tx. 'Is niii
"jttit iiyrinry St' unty~ iii riINi ' i u .
" ('onstitutional behl Ini i
t l levy iii iie~* h ad e u'!niy 'to i.. Ia;~
Picks t'out ntuse Townsh'ip :t ini
lav fo ineret o PikeS i. I'i . hant , A >r
lic a T ohip.:' toniin y o
evy Winterikn S.ho. esfo
SpA levy ofr chol'i' alsti No uits
Poll tx One5 tt lti 2n t'ttu atn. ~
A.k los o lleei er tioni it es
aly addedt after t leat tiln.
le'or.I vv woi. 'nl \ PtI.\to
Toretiasur1( er Pikn..onny
[voulte good I iimo to buy tsomel
Hallvoyo Wit er ll n Sh os
A lt f hilros'icknion Suits
?he5rknd, 'on N5c.24
Lo2t f.AissUitSis ot
APlotofipaios Union pruitis
owear.tlea workc shrf to
cop h cold ou t
t i int e o(ods awol lihe pricos arc right
lhs's shos( sl, ii is sily uInder >od
iwni t be t he i st '1h.s mn:ale for Ihe
-4nats to . fo a .n . g :ock
nrUIM ( Vid Aid--we In) dIQ
\ )
i7.'t !z
Ii~ i Iii
\ ( ttY
1 2 p U n .
r. <l rYtl e et t l
ha!v none~ but' the " It) I "
Hec tl ; .i'
7Se to $1.1;;.
mLT thoseMi who1' pay fori uv t ty buy ii
11 lu (in xp)in-1i\~S 8)'0- d (- ( I l
ickens) an1 d egg, thoQy wi!) go ,ii 'ng v.:YE,
Now IS1
To liig IN T,( L,(
1 l lr v) W ll slippl itd N
AV tV've tk A renioilah
It Ca Unitt ioil the Wall
JOwover, is Ihey :t i
t il lley.
of I anrless, I Bridles, S'
.1ia1vdware of overy d
Sh ingle Mills, I#ungl
4ee uts before huivin
llothilig blut (ho0 lost.
las bell ill Oh I si,) I
.UIlCEi1S.'' YOur patl
liigShipmen tian s j.
And C
It is WOl'1 ;lll it c(lsts t(
Carden an
I [ooks, I iattk';, h' V
Tt r ls, R Illi C)C \Vi('
iacluilics, a1: F1 -1\'jtlzu
A Nicr,
No troubli
ll I ' ( t l II t l
W~O(5 lint it \\il a p\
\Vaf l il
dFVV&.10I ~ 1 [tI
li1)011 tO C t11<'.tt .I y it
tN x~ll fi t. I lM ~ s
THe ah-Bfrh

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