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The People's Journal. fl
4 If he loved us why did he leave gC
us?" asked the child, with that logic tll
which exists only in the unwarped cl
minds of childr'ii-of all ages. cr
Even harder to answer than that in- d(
answerable question were the sincere W
blue eyes raised with questioning look ll
to her own; and Alice Newcoub, as if It'
seeking an answerito give the trusting a
child, whose head nestle( so lov ingly on
her bosom, looked out of the window ats
to the sunshine and the birds and all pu
the pretty growing things and sought ti
in vain for an answer. wi
Why had he left thei? The ques- f.
tion that had never left her mind by g
night, or clay for five years; the harass- cl
ing, stinging, burning question which ha
it seemed to her was branded into her
very soul. Her last thought each IM
Iigtit, her first at dawn, haunting her ell
dreams by night and her work by day, g
never forgotten, always unanswerable: 8n
" Why had lie left them?" to,
The villamic had known no happier t
home, haid never contained withil its ab
boundaries a c(sier nest than the coo P
tage where now sat the lonely womani tih
with the wit ome child in her lap. alt
Tihe aunshine peeped thrm;ili the kt
honeysuicle and iitio the room where "
these two sat, just as .1kilm Newcomb S
had knowi it. woul whei with his ".
own hatid he hil pilatineld at1i iuilt r
the little tmine, full of' hopes andi pur- I "
poses for the futtire.
Their inartietd life hial heen of iunuii
sual and perfect. ontetii. cl'is foi ah
many years, they htad vait ed i untyil hI
,10lin's pirospects as a partIer in tit ta
firm of Nevwcomb & Millr, carentertls th
an1d builtlers, gave th ettrltn assiur-atnce otf w
finiatcial safety, anid then they ina it
marrie(l antd set id iinl tht prettest o it
cottages, almost before Alice conhl be- ti
lieve it true. I'hrtee alIppy years hiadt at
they spent iti teir hitne, iutrinig withich (1h
an addedh joly had tine to themin-the h(
little goldet-haIired girl whom they had h
namied Madeline. She was a heautiful of
antd an ideal eliltl horni of the love oft hi
a perfect and a happy lime, atil her Ie
comuing had 1illed1 to the riin l th 1u1p h<
of happiness whilch life ieldI to tlw(- lip at
of Ioin anid Alicti Newcotl. .ilh, st
Newcomb was a maily tniui, as the (
menl who :1,nd( who( worked fo tlat
with bill), lit, w;ls every incli a mat." 9i
And witli very ic oit f itis iianiy 1
ineles, for eli was nitie Lhan six feet i
tall, litd it, lvet' his gil, Alhee, and to
his taby. adinei. lTo all tilat was a
rough_,i attl bur!y atil hearty in hiu did fl
the tbiitity little girl appeal, with tihe C
untiConsiciois atreigith of girlhood. The Li
fIrst wvord and the lirst, step andit the
first tooth were~ eveints never to lie for- f
gotten in . lihn Newcoih's life, sit I
tightly about his heart ditd the Ilittle I
Madttel ine weve tIhe inieshtes of Ilove,a
guallt. mlesh es woveti by'111) lhihy iands.
.1lt ti's ri ulitatiotn f'or Ite prac:t'Iical pat' ii
of his work, as well asi the thot titca.
for he had beevin kno~wn as an exce
tdraught-ian. ::rew :A'n
source of !''tlue in h - - -
arid Of 1iindi wdh.
'the l'o.rn, - 'n.:
'was ti.h....... -.
tiIoti ( ' n:. :i ' i i l t I
slt tliit J i ii - tt ti - t -
11'......r.....':- ' -
J1.0 3.1.-'.. * -
ws.r: 0 . n. :i- w lntin' .
1 f i ' H 1 i" ' tii. i it I lit't
1iii!uti i 'wv- fin t.a
h et V -'3-1 tIlt- i
(J w rl o t h~o tt i
bluerinhti!giti, ha d b'~ titlt
'tnlct aht flt tha nl d u t ih z t ac t -ti
dless rtl tt'd l i i tit 1.wt\ e it l.,11 ..tI6,
of he~ iu hn is I h r,-t ah litipe I l-re
aib'i of hit'ue.a r b .f Wn,- andI bri
thoud 10 ohit, bha titi el;mt'ii iin e
chllnsa in t in ktwe mrt'a th e hit' .
drerm igt, hadl iiitteds~ tai theisa
onan'~s tretsdal mttilen ar oftihe pait..
frei thet derlidawnl' inint'lit
placs rerned ie cmn ld was ast ti .ll
waithournemoyastw atardh.nw'
bo he. Tire in me tii t e'hei had
ithoe f etreat ftotrm the. eye i
worf cc hin rhough t esand ho el' the '
longbin bo of the as were altuds
th.ogh~0( to hietuit binn eoiir Ahe
frteirhtran dre tobavi y nto theu lit- "ed
Wor o sthon (lyiou ie of tme, or10
hAbt theofir in apominernhin tinR
th*fr es sttfsi mri'Te
t, sat a little apart. ils face was
ie and there were lines of suffering,
t the unusual thing about the face
is the expression in the eyes; they
re kind and sad eyes, but un
is he spoke directly to another, an
pression, not of being hunted but of
inting, dominated them. As if they
.ro always seeking and never finding.
tat was John Newcomb. His coli
nions called him odd and talkedi of
in am1ong themselves, always entdliig
saying that there was so'liethlilig
*ong-no doubt about that.. That
in had a past. And yet the gicat
odness of the man forbade their
inking any evil of hin. No man in
myp wits so kind-hearted or half as
during of hardship or trouble as was
hn11. None of then was so patient
jen in hard luck, so willing about the
rd drudgery, and 11011 so helpful in
emergency of sickkiess or accident
this same John.
They pondered, these roughi miners,
to what, had made the nan, as they
t it, "t kind o' queer." For during
- years that he had lived and worked
tl them no word or sign of the life
it he had lived before had John ever
,en them. Nothing of the wife and
LId for whoin lie had worked so hard
I they cier heard.
Lt was the month of October and the
uintains wore their purple and gold
haze, preparatory to snowy winter
Lb. Soon the little cabin would be
:)wed inl and communication with the
vii shut off. In anticipation of this
ie'two of the ienii took a journey to
[ut this season of each year and
rchased the necessary supplies for
coming cold weather. John was
liost always one of these, for his
owledge of bousehold economy in
king the purchases was valuable.
veral lays were occupied usually in
kitg this journey, and this little pc
id of change and activity was wel
neil by these mien of the mountains
dI the woods.
()ne evening while his "6 pard" was
sorhedl itl a game of cards, where the
.of gold dust lay thick upon the
ble, .ohn wandered away through
streets of civilization. The suin
is just resting on the horizon before
h1adc good night to the pretty little
mitain town. And up and down
Lstreet, lined with graceful trees
(I cosy homes, were to be seen the
ilren in their happy phiy. And the
ur was full of peaceful foreboding
at the twilight brings to the tired soil
man. Ilut. of these thinigs about
in .Johni seemed to have little know
Ige or c-tre, until one of the homes
lassed by seeied for a ioment to
ract, him. It was a low cottage,
illing in tihe Imidst of a flower deck
lawn, and over its windows clitnbedl
ill blooined the honeysuckle. Thc
lt of it stirred sotiething in th
east or brain of thi initi, ait ii
c(ami forgotlel had almnost coie badl
him. lle looked again at tile house
md from tihle rear of it., chasing joy
ill in pursuit of a plityfuil spaniel
ite a golien-haired child, very fat
> look upon.
As shte rant on towardl the walk it
rot,, keeing close after her lIayful
ny, a wo~man sletepe ouit. intlo th
'riad ptOrch tinderL thle honesui ki(
utl called to hier:
" l Ii ie, diotoh it's51 slpper Iinte.
Ailjine Nble~lline! In a flhishi the
tirInin of larkneuss lifted froitn in
.Irg 0t ell l I '.iitut' hick tri huit, out
0n - " *o: 1. the naise of his owt
; i b i icI iiiii
I I ii! iji e i t o une, it .41- lhli,.. c
4.oth rh o **. I
bring,. . h.* . . th. .'
the. neve.ad...
conta 0$i~ es 42y a 4 Iturl
appe941I~ tite t l 4 i llee
rire eshlt itl 4 s let.
" Fav'orlte. I'reset i p
tit tia weak4144
sI on " a ti it * I i s~
lne tand all othter narcotIcs.
is toltbHyon no(w the great beniti nivy
- atithn n x .5 i t was wIt~ i e4
rt Ilindcin thn 14n wIfe decided lto try it
say54 lty wIfe S Age was thitty-threei
". was her fitst chIld). h co m n d
take FavorIit reseti. tio 'lu five C t lIntha he
e taer chIld was hot1 n. \Ivehav a lo ne~tl henth
I. nnod wye belIeve tht il as A 11any o1wItg
lte Faite11. Prescription.' takent (nIthfniity
ut1dIltt to directions. we shall certtinly tu
inett whetvery we en.
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good ua.i/z/ possible a
without Potash. at
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I:ivinsdel? ls
1N t %%, K X1 1 iOK'. m
m Yolk City.
"11vi10. G111s W h-a ar-0 YOU waitinl' '1
abouit hlcit, 'r'
'"Iellu waite til toe banks o at
want oo yets a~ cheek. inluk.8
"Who is tfe tellow with tle oi o
in i . a Y
"Well, (ve oteteard of hoose t
Yale locks." Yonkrs Sotatestuan . p)
Stout GeIt -Weu1, sr, I'm 11 selG a
mlade ma1t11. it begat life ats at bare
footed hov." ti
Thin (Ievnt - -" Well1, ats far ats I canAl
make out, I wi, I ti ith shllos onlh
ither. of
"llello, Tommy ! Not gone baick to a
school yet *.", -fNo, im in uck. i
is going in fori mielges ! l4e0t, how
is it,-Y t yo havenl't gone -.'' 1,Oh, im mi --
luick, too ' Our aiiby is hlving' whoop
N rse (who h11as been may hourson
dulty, to patientes moether,) - When do
ol think I shall be able it go to bedb
latient's A1.lothe'' r--lo to bedi I l K
thougit you were ai trained nurse.
tich Old Aunnt--soeri, I'm going PO
to make my will, I think I sliall leave .
Attentive Nephew ('a1erly)--Yes,
a1unt ?
r Atnt -Before lon.
A North Gorgia negri called A the
Lpreacher's residence the olter night
a.d aked: mw
01ollt how 11n1101 will vott carge mle
er ndarry tide, sti el *
"Wemll, said the preacher, ''o usi
allyv get d.
" Imord, hosi!" exchaltimd thle negro,0
"1 n't gwme ter nury but one wo
e -_S
y' "Can I'u stel tme Ith h mene l of
iith "worthl ea i hsed lstos Grayo in h
of little bod who todjut recIte aks
-laikti poi hietg c o'ho' thator e-c
t red.n "hO' 1''eac men ihn ou.
-'nt Fo rno chibren" answeradhiheb
- hl."lw tttat"a.e Miss
have peace'.' "b oitj: oi
" )Ut.jya ut jsoted th irituis genera
1't'Jn Iot rica,~ asr he stOped diad n h
in, lle'r, s ire d<. '1 .h)tiI
.n ralsermtoanot was r~iti na his mt
fnd war.-l)iat iimoe Nws, h e
r iYsAliC. i manwh vfi ob eent inoth
r'een thatc w ntetin c huimchn
Mard 1.rt.0 Th i
p earai hav ynourakt his ette
NI : rc I . "Iti ra- f ood of t o u lie e ed,~('
rnon ur ' rtsed.b n li1 ap "oI toh
weatithiinly on y donke."sS~~c 15u
(Tv i i of\l. N'S ot'.\ al I mi fo four tN.N
Te I dtnni nte m e in dsh ist ec
ilty alrgar - proer rueiard NoiltI
(The renwoond Jyoural prins tht
wheoin ettGoernfo aor itw Tii)'lman
to handwe Io aproe mfaniy from hiver
fiendit, Mr. It lie Mgill, inii which he
gaive rayr eslat ri a nte of reen ccr
rencen ghit wild ain andstlte worki :s
execuie uilTAc meC iEn.\Teue o
sWt~'ceheo. NoN h ). a . -tigeel c
teiyon ll ce. 11.il Trhnwsad. S.) U.l C
Mrchi int In eferee tt Ithev epr .4
yetion used n nm plg to the
Senat, tat "uc asy oethat oerce asna
sGncv er of at narolin sorha or
ylearn av unt to mtie mn aomeasure, toec
bnelrv thy actiott aesby with the dig. "
ay, ofo at larajityiof the J6 mocr
Inthe wodse and myena Nnt that theyt a
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John P. Hodnette, Brooklyn, N.Y.
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$1.00 a bottle. All druggslts.
Ask your doctor what ht, thin-ks of Ayer's
airsaarilla. lit, knows alt Ab'oust this grand
olt fattitty mete ioe . Follow his advice auit
we wiill bye stiAned.
J. C. AV CO., .owell. Mass.
ANT-iUsT 1,AW'S 111,1,11-'.11
Tite 'Stpretne Coinrt 111l(I Thma
Ftxertsptiott of V;-'ar11 l'eotuets
The Uniteil States suprete courl
has decided the 11inois anti-tiul
statute to he unconstitutional becausi
of the provision of the law exemptinl
agricultural products anid live stoeli
from the operations of the law. The
ilecision was rendered in the case of
Thomas Connelly atd others against
the Union Sewer Pipe Comiany o
Ohio, and was delivered by justiet
The decision of the court in effect
declares unconstitutional the anti.trusi
laws of Georgia. Illinois, indiana
Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi
Montana, Nebraaka, North Carolina
Soithi Dakota, Tennessee. Texas and
Wisconsin. in each of these Statei
there is an exenpLion in favor of livt
stock and agriculinral products in thi
hands of the raiser or the proticer, oi
of labor organizations.
tider the ruling of the court at
anti-trust law to be constitutioral inus
applly indiscriiniately to all coibina
Lions, with 110 exemptions or excep
tions whatever.
First stating what, could be Ione un
tier the statute without, the exeiptinl
provision, Justice 1 1arlan sail:
" That the arrangement or combina
tion hetwecn the V'nion Sewer l'ij,
Conpany and tihe other companieE
corporations anti tirms, createdl an
coistitited such a trust as the 1llinoi
statute forbids nianifest from the ev
<Ience in the recordI. It, is etiuall
clear that if the plairitilf was an I llinoi
corporation it. charte.r conl(1 be foi
er fted ard an cnl put to its corporat
iX eistenice by3 pro)Ccnl inrgs inrsti tuteCI bi
the attorney genlerl of the State.1
is also clear thnt, if the statute is val i<
tuhe dlefentlanits couhl pleadl non-liabi
ity f'or thei pipe putichascti by them uI
on1 the grourr<t that the prlainitif wa
ant illegal cornhintition anid the cot
tracts which it nacle with the defei
dlant s were voidl under the statutet
ll iniois. Tlhe statute expressly autho.
i,.es such ai (lefenise."'
lIe then took up t he qiuest ion of th~
e ifeet of the exenmpting section, su:
ta~1ining thet view or the circuit cou:
h lat this section is repugznant to thi
..urteenth amrendmrent of the const
L: . .hatS se ~55tco c'lW ted.., n cie
v-: ::. v s s e tions of he at
urn: ii 'i; a: n y .:2.. . o-e
)j n:tii whui h a ve fori2 ti r oh-:
of t.1t ii nerait<a als .nga 0 r\
bon i t eg a ho e r gn t~on , i
.lustce Alken 'n <hlvrer a: Crtiijr -.
* li'' apinion *ie conenJ~tjj that,
i''' Ay ' '.'ab s '.trie i inve prsa i o pea
. having o , iea,r t liirt. ca-r,.
pu'Ib it~ie, coni 'irionsC: arnil eaions of'
mentj.' tlenc cl;'ari Ihssilb- ga ltotion s ec s
Lary.r~oo lie : en ug et.iut that thei~ <lia.
tincritin Sentitiec(m thliini sa'
are prrlty , per, untrori that t.be .
icholrt hts ion Jcornposll ofat faritlr
Iartus; rther recC~rlassC~ irs opioirl
"~ in thle iifeirneo tushese~ sIitua
tionsr antivi i thr i ffidt lere ri . whih
wHil occur tir any trgel tion," t hat e 1 s.s
" ri i nh noiatr i the gisla ture s <lit'fer
are lrinr opotunitilsiai tht.owle be
tween le th casss ci n regard o taheprs.
016 I Cong rste Mc 1(6in eseley meon-i 0
frrvie s the New'C las0 York WCMCCIof
th reftere dies to t Ihi'O il
preenilef o ucr ort. 'r iet i nd lherss
6ne ah trte ogime t be roiual d hofore
eie ii prir i tgo mgs rn lWr
weeutor l annanowri ssess g C'otle lith
1e. with wh( 'ile.r'. lleetlr wen
spkere of~ the lioe Neof rW Re reseta
ties, atetel ihn paaeef the wit
pet ith in~rieh net. I.Ioi,
prove the giving of a blow in the Son
a, but they think there was nothing
se to do, and had I taken the 11e iny
in self respect would have boon gone,
d my service here in the future of no
So, then, I have but one comment to
like in answer to n1ewspalper criticisms
iblished in South Carolina. It does
ok hard. that when I atu making the
at fight I can against tle lopublicans
re, and acting in the capacity of one
the lighters in the Senate, (elegated
the Democratic side to answer the
rongest licpublican, Senator Spooner,
a party question, that some of my own
)opl, o)enocrats in reality or appa
ntly, should stab me in the back, while
im engaged all along the line in front
IUepublicans. It, however, dernIon
rates the fact that there are some in
tith Carolina who are anti Tillmanites
at and Democrats aftervards, and will
Izo on any and every thing to give ie
tab. We will let that pass, though,
d I will go back to my people feeling,
I have felt for a long while, that I
.vo the respect and support of a large
ijority of then, and for those who are
narrow and projudieed as to be un
Io to seo any good in any thing
it I do, I feel Only contenm)t and
The dinner incident was not of iny
iking and in that I havo no doubt as
the soutimlent of the folks at hon1e.
to stateinoeut has been inade that it was
ollicial dinner. This is untrue be
uso i'ierpont Morgan, lobt. Lincoln
I ton or fifteen other private citizens
,re invited. The invitation to muc camni
soight. I had no special desire to at-*
ad the futiction, hut before I had any
tiec whatever that it was desired thit
r accept'- :ce be withdrawn the whole
ing was ventilated in tile niorning
pers. and I was thus notilled publicly
at the P'resident was trying to punish
ionator before the Senate had taken
tion. iad the P'resident sent a mu
ml friend, in a tinet way, suggesting
lit ! would be an awkward situation.
y iman who knows ile at all, knows
,w quickly I would have relieved him
his enibarassmcnt.
Thanking you for your kind letter
d with good wishes,
Yours sincerely.
iB. I. TIllALAN.
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4EE. Fre st e:toriaoe e'e ere . t in nt'.
~C. A. SNOW & CO.
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Pickens, S. C,
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For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
Bears the
* Use
For Over
Thirty Years
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~haetons and Wagons
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