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People's Journal
Corrected weekly by the Heath, Bruc
1orroov Co.
Eggs. . ................ ............ ..
Chlicke ns-llens..................... . .24
Fryers......................121 to 2(
Butter. ...... .........................12
Bees wax............................. .24
Hams.. .......... ... . . .
Obituary notie in this paper will be
charged for at the rate of one cent a wor
for all stich matter running over 10(
Correspondents are enjoined to send
in their comiunileatlons so as to reach
this odillew not later than Saturday.
Correspnidents are regnested to muke
their contributions of general interest,
short, pohited and giving all the news.
No poetry need lie sent for pilication.
The price of this paper Is 61.00 per year
in advance.
Address all matter intended for this
offlce in:
Pickens, S. C,
THURSDAY, MAR. 27, 1902.
Local and Personal.
-As farming weather holds out, the
towns are dull places.
-Where the chain g-ing is going, the
roadi ar beiug properly worked.
-B. K. Thornley has a supply of toi
lot articles to show you,
-A large proportion of poople have
not seen the 'reistirer yet.
--An infant of Mr. and Mrs. Ramp
ton Ropor is quite sick.
--R. M. Werts who has lately had his
headquarters in Atlanta is here.
- A good garden is a help indeed, and
will be needed this compaigu pear.
-Tho Grand Jury touched up the old
ail a little in their final presentment.
-Craig Brothere, cnsh merchants, are
always ready to serve their customers.
-This is garden working season.
Merchants in Pickens have ill kinds of
-Dr. Earle keeps paints and glass.
Now is the time to touch up your pre
-Mrs J. L. 0. Thompson has been
quite sick, but her condition is improv
-Mrs. Brook Adma who has been
very sick for a long time is imp roving.
She is attended by Dr Eirle.
--R. (1, Gaines of Central passed
though Pickets Monday, being on his
rounds looking after oflloial business.
-Mra. C, M. Blaylock of Easley was
among the visitors in Pickens Saturday
and Sunday.
-1 have 25 or 30 bushels of unknown
p0a fir satle. Apply to S. J. Bobinson,
two miles south of Liberty.
-Jacob Linch, col. died at his home
north of Pickets Saturday and was bur
ied Sunlay at Cold Spings.
-Every Sunday School in the county
ought to take on new life as the aping
wveatheur removes all obstacles.
-Arrnngements are progressing by
which the conitemplated loon to the
county will be effected shortly.
-R1ev J. E. Foster tilled his appoint
muent at Mile Creek Sunday preaching to
a large and apreciativb congregation.
-There wvill be a singing at Crosa
Rloads the fifth Sunday evening, Begin
:singing at 2: o'clock. Everybody eomo
and bring Song bookS.
-The County Chain Gang is now at
wvork ntear Jessie Crenshaw's p~lace.
'There are 31 convicts in hands and some
~good work is being done.
-Andrewv R. Hamilton and daugh
fier, Mis wvere hero Sunday and
:and worshiped at the Presbyterian
-The Big Store people are on the
Ulook-out for good bargainis. D)rop in on
them and talk withi them about their
-B. C. Baker is imp)roving. He liar
bla long siege with the form of rheum
at~ism. It is hoped he will be out in a
fcw days.
--As you go about the house cleaning
and grow tired of seoing these old brok
en chairs and things, remember that
McFall hias a full supply of good furni
-Married on Sunday evening the 23rd
tof March, 1902 at the home of WV. C.
*4eaborn, M r. James C. Stewart to Miss.
M1attio E. Alexander, both of Pickeni
Co. W. C. Seaborn cilleiated.
-T1he firm of Bolt and Thornley hias
been dissolved b~y mutual cousent, andi
the b isiness will henceforth be conduct
ed by Ir. Bi. K. T1honley at the same
-Several young peolie were delight
fully cntertained at an informal social
gathering at the home of Mr, and Mrs.
WV. T. O'Dell, Rloanoke, Saturday even
-Mrs. Elizebith Bowven, widow of
the laite Roese Blowen nowv at the advan
cedI age of 77 years lies very sick at her
home a fewv miles east of Pickens witl
-If you expect to go to the exposi
gion at aill, nowv is a good time. The
rXailroads have so reduced the rates ant
ifixed the limits that nearly evorpboda
scan go,
--The Liberty Township Singing Asso
diation will meet with Flat Rock ehut
second Sunday in april, A full attem
anee( is desired. Everybody come anm
bring wdll-.txld baskets.
--Ett~a May, the infant daughter o
Pink Bane, died at Poe mills Greenville
last Weduesday and was buried al
Peters Crook Monday, Rev J, E. .Foster
conducting the funeral services.
-Guard Pressly cane up from the you
otetiairy Monday and caried Sam Ru nt
ter down; Hutnter having been cnvicter
at last term of court for obstructing rail
roads and sentonced for 10 years.
--Dr. Montague, President of Fur
man University, delighted the people o
Piekons Sunday with two intertaning
instruetive and eloquent lostures give!
undertthe auspioea of the local Youni
Men's Cihristein Assooiation. One wa
delivered in the forenoon at the Presby
trian ohureb an4 the other at the MetLa
odlst ahurch in the sveging, Excloer
nmunIo added to the ttrwativegee of bot
- warlies. and good auianaan anta7O
-Dr. W. F. Austin will be in Liberty
Apr, 1 and 2.
-Bridges & Hammond atill have
Fomo of their (hapmian stck to go at
cash prices. See them for bargains.
--Folger and Thornley know how
to please and to give value received for
) the money. Don't fail to Rao their
) spring stock.
-Mrs Oureton keeps the bost of sub
stantiais and all kinds of delicaias.
Take a peep at her storo and you will
find something you nood. Call and s0
her goods.
-Sheriff McDaniel wont down to jCol
umbia last Saturday returning Tuesday.
Mrp. McDanicl who sto)ped in Colum
bit, on or way back from the Exposi
tion to visit her son, I. T. McDaniel,
returned with him.
-Treasuror Chapman is ready to no
comm1todiato any and all numerous citi
zens and property owners who have not
yet ot paid their taxes. It is not at all pro
bable that any further extension of time,
after March 31st, will be granted.
Mrs. Nina Wood, of Williamston, S.
0. died Tuesday night last at 10 o'clock
after a short illness of pneumonia. Mrs.
Wood was a daughter of Mr. an-d Mrs.
Jas. E. Earlo of this place, and her
many friends in this communitky will b
pained to hear of her comparatively sud
den death.
Sninmary of Court Proceedings.
Following is the disposition of the
criminal cases at last session of court.
Lm B. Mlartin and Della Ramsey,
adultry, continued.
t.- A. Alexander, assault with intent
to kill, continuud.
P. B. iMansters, violation of dispen3ary
law. Plsead guily and lined $125.00 and
ientence Rnilendod 15 days.
David Hendricks, violation of dispen
wary law; guilty, motion for now trial.
Mrs. E. . Cook. violation of dispon
sary law, plead guilty and sentonced
$125.00 or (; monthi, execution of judg
munt suspeuded.
Jolh Galloway, assault and battery,
nol )roed.
Thomas Littleton, obtaining goods
un1der false pirtences. Nol prossed.
Ernest Cook, iypeal, new trial.
Tom Jackson, appeal, judgment af
Eliis Orr, al)peal, continued.
Starling Philips, violation dispensary
law, contitiued.
H amp Rowlond, larceny. Not guilty.
Matt, Jenkiws, Assault and Battery
with intent to kill, guilty of assault and
battery of high and aggravated nature
with recom MiendIttion to mercy. Sen
toneed 90 dvs.
Jackson Orr, assault and battery with
intent to kill, I)lead guilty of assault and
battery of high and ttggravated nature
and sentenced to 00 days.
Thomis Turner and Hulda Philips,
adultory. Not guilty.
Honry Hunter et al, Burglary and lar
ceny. Continued.
Peter White, violation dispensary law,
plead guilty and sentenced $125 or 3
Mc Banks, assault and battery with
intent to kill, guilty of simple assault.
:oentencel 30 days.
Sam Hunter, et al, obstructing rail
road, ntot guilty as to Bud Baker, John
Baker atd D~ove Hlallumns; Stam Hunter
guilty, sentenced 10 years,
M. Hi. White end RobI. Laioon, re
sistinig ofliecer, continued.
Rtobt. E. Lalloon and Wmn. Sheriff,
assault and battery with intent to kill
and car ring concealed weapons. Con
llampton White et al, riot and assault
an battery. Continued.
Hampton White et al assault and bat
tery with intout to kill and carrytng
concealed weapons, second count not,
guilty, Hlampton White, R-'bt. i~ Boon,
Hampton LriBoont atnd Jay McMahan
guilty of assault and battero of high and
and aggravated nature. Wmt. Sheriff
and Walter Ellis, not guilty. Trhe sen
tence of parties convicted 10 months or
$200.00t each.
M. H. 'Whit, disposing of property
J. WV. HIoody, violation dispensary
law. Continued.
Arthur Bray, assault with intent to
kill, guilty, sentenced 6 months.
Etnes't Cook, assault and battery with
intent to kill. Guilty, 6 month.
Sidney Copeland, hxousebreaki ng and
larceny. Guilty, 8 months.
Elijah Glambrell, violation dispensary
law, plead( guilty, 3 months or $125.00,
executition suspenCtded to Oct. 1, 1902.
Win. Beats, mur-der, continued, D)eft,
not arrested.
Addison A. Alexander, murder, con
.Jatmes Ellison, bigamy. Plead guilty.
10 months.
On the civil side only one jury case
was triedl, that of John D,. Vertner VS RI.
A. Alcettoder and A. R. Craig. This
resulted in a verdict for defendants
which was set aside otn tmotion and new
trial orderedh.
lIn the cas~e of the stato vs. R. G.
Gaitnes and ,J. TI. (Gassaway, the taction
bemg on peace Y and, the plaintiff was
No ether civil business was (don1 ex
cept to take a few orders conlirming re
ports5 en sales and some orders of refer
Presbyteriani churchi yesterday at 11 a.
mi., Rev. Lewis, Methlodist, preachecd at
7:301 p. mi., Rev. Shaive, of Piedmont
tn' I R1ev. Tuaring, of Westminister,
wvero he re last, week oni church business.
Rev. Medd left an app)jointmenoit for Rey.
Joln Tii. Mle~rido for next Sunday.
E. A. Allgood and wife, of Anderson
count y, nod <luite a number fromt Libor
ly visited the e'xpositiont last week and
report spring weather andl a fine show.
Metasles have about finished up their
job in l thi ek ofstheo woods. Several
of our old citizens did not escape, to say
nothing of several who have never hiad
them before.
A. O'D~ell who hats ben confined to
his r'oom f'or som mioth. by sicikness is
thought to be0 sotmo better.
C. TI. Hlutchints has bought a lot from
WV. L. Bogga on weet, sido of towvn antd is
prep~aring to build.
TI. A. Gary las also bought an adjoin
ing lot, and is htaving material dlelivered
for a dwellitg.
.J. T. Carsen has bought a lot from
T. IT. Moore, ntear his shop, ard is
buld a dw~elling.
0 . F. Boggs has a diwelling under
way on the east side of town.
More brick stores are to, be built next
Ssummer, provided the roads can bo trav.
s eled and the railroads will deliver freight
- The factor'y is to havo a warehonso
- bult~ *0)fn.
t Prof, O'Dell's school olosed Frdy
a Mitss Ella Workmnan winl contings~ a
2 an $aition sahl.I
Presentment of the Grand Jury, Spring
Term, 1902.
To the Ho-norablo U. W. Gage, Judge
of the 8th Judicial circuit.
We the Grand Jury in smaking our
final presentiment beg leavo to report:
1. We have passed upon all the bills
handed.us -by the Soliciter. -
' 2.- We have not at: this term of court
examined the books of our county ofill
cers, but have appointed a committo of
our body to examine) the same an.1 re
port at the next term of court.
3. A committee from our body have
visited -the poor firm and find the patu
pore well cared for, and being humanely
treated. But we find that (no of the in
mates to be such a conditioi mcntally,
that we consider hitm a lit nubject for the
asylum and recoimind I btt ho be sent
there, we also find tmat. partio who join
lands with the farm, havo turnod thie
water that prolprly belongs to their
farms into the poor farm, and wo rec
ommend that our Coiuty Commission
ore take steps immediately to havoe those
parties take care of their own water.
4. We have also visited the jail and
find the prisoners properly cared for,
but find that the jail is in a dolapidated
condition and recommend that the Coun
ty Commissioners build it good and sub
stantial jail.
6. We find the roads in a wretched
condition owing to thn unprecedented
heavy raims and seuieity of finds, and
recommend tit. the Comntrissioiem its
soon as possible put them in as good
condition as they can wit I their limited
6. We find that. the ( lovormiint dis
tileries in the coilty nre a puitlic ni
sato aind a menace to the public peace,
and denioralizing to the c 'tnuilty in
whiclh they are located, antid are largely
responsible for th Ilarge cl imiiinl doek
etS which ourm court has ben bliuenet
with. Our citizens are beinag arrosted
and punished for buiyin g t ihe ne, while
tile tnen) who innke ;till :44l1 it are nolt
nolosted. Ant we w il earinsly rev.
omlmlenld that oir State and cointy olli
cers be reqiested to lo,!k iore closely
Biter these meim.
We beg to return onr tinoks to thn
Presiding Judge. Solicithor aInd otier
oflicers for courtesies xtuendell us, all of
which is respeetuully stibmitted.
Dr. Montagne of (oanville will do
liver a lecturo in tle Presbyterianeli
)n Wednosdity eveninig at. 8 o'clock. The
public are cortiilly invitel to attend.
The lecturo will be good imd well worth
hearing, for Dr. lon tgiu uidertaids
the art of pleasing atnd has witi ths un
derstanding oratorical ability.
V. A. Haword of Souithern ily., spent
part of Sunday it the home of his par
Miss Rosa Lee Boliaminomi of Anderson
is guest of the Misses Stiefl.
Clyde Ballard is speining a wnile with
relatives at. Wellurd. H1ei will prbmably
accept it poHitioni witi hi:4 uiticle at tl;t.
place. Hmis young friends inl Easley
wish him large success ill it1is new field
of labor.
Mr. and MAr-s. l11n (Geer, of Fr1--mn,
mnd Mrs. G(eer's tnother, Mrs. llioe, were
guests of Mr. antd Mrs. Jf. M. (leer on
Murs. L, K. Rioggs has tmouved to thoe
hiome, which shio purchasted of HI. 1".
Smithi, on Hiudsoni st reet.
Theli E-aley Creimnery and Ice ph14 nt
isfast attracting the- attention of the pubih
lie. Owing to the fat Ltat lie Crta-ti.
sry is a new venture, ent irely so to t his
section, a great many people are some
what undecidedl as to it-4 bemg a safe
business in which to invest their suir
plus money. Reader, youi my lie one
of~these, anil right hiere let its reason
together. You say thait you re tally wish
to see this section oeng t e in diveirsified
industries, as the tall cot to ph1u1)i1 is fast
becoming umantageable? Good. Th'len
here, you1 ennH (asily see, is ain opportu i
uity to help start a tnow order of atlbirs:
rt all thtrnegh the in hnoi healt thle
rapid increase in populai ion will, for
years to come, gutaratee a good market
for all food produlcts of thie dair-y. If
you have observed the drift of thtings..
you hiave seen, also, tha t dlairy fit intg
on a small scale canl antd- does patiy good
profits. How naicht greater then is the
chiance for a saifo and ever i ner-easing
profit, wvhent a large nitmbter of farmerws
form a joint stock company, titi engaige
in thte businrs ont a lar-go seale; using
[te latest and best mtachiniety and ema
ployinig only skilled labr sneh camn
p any not ontly will lbe good for all
amounts of tmoitey intvested lbnt will pay
i bandsomc profit as well. Mister, right
nowv is wihten you sitonhlI takhe a few
sha~res of tstock ini the l-sle y Creamery.
Mr. J. '1. Catrtell has moved 1back to
his farm, lie say s t here is ito phace like
Mr. Hlawthorn-me, ai timt-er man i ft-ot
Asheville, N. C., lhas bteen ini this sectiion
for- somec time biuying tup itimber-; lie will
soon havo milks located cutting Iuber
for the ntortherin mairket.
D)r. DecLrie-st. left 'lThur islay for- Pied
mont where hto will mtake hiis fuituire
Farmers ar-o blue on aeo ut of thie
wvet weather- and hbad roands.
TIhe health of fthis coinnity11 ver
good1, except (lie mtost of folks have
co Ida.
Messrs. Pat(tn, wveal Ihy-fa(trmers front
North Catrolinta, stopped1 ini oiir town
onte ntightt last week.- t hey had b eent to
Ceontral to btuy st 'ek for the farmts ott
French Br-oad.
Newvs is scartee, bitt tmtud i5 plenitifuil
and roads tire bud, anid one dollar will
net wor-k them.
Thte weather is v'ery priety aV t presenit
and we itt- fuilly awulre of thIie fact th a
March has comae by fthe winid, and thie
soft cooing of the doves which (lhe fil
mer-s take as a sign of plan11t ing corn.
Wheat is beginnitig to show (gailn af
ter enduring so mtaiiy liardshiiip.
Some of thme fat-mers are beginnitng to
put in guano and plow for the ntext
crop of cotton of whtich they tare antici
patinig a better prtice and( wot would be
glad that their hlopes will inot priovo in
WVe think thie commissioneors are lettv
ing the Mairch winds to work tihe roads
as they mnaking slow progress ini havintg
it done in this section, andl woe would lie
glad they would romamrber us whten they
go~out to inspect thtem.
We were ver-y soi-iy im'ed to htear of
the death of Mrs. Augustus Williams, of
Mica, anid also of Mr. B. A . Greetn, of
"We are glad to say that we are all en,
19 G5004 huuh~ at pr8ent.
Ai' Coui'tyOi 0 each, - . $5.00.
trate, - "2.50.
o , - I.00.
T abow riees am iavariably IN
The friends of James. . .4wrene
resptolly annonnoe him as candidate
for Treneurer tor Piokeus co.'Unty, sub
ject to the otion of the demoo&'"ti O.
tore at the ootsing primary.
When you w4ae up with a bad taSte
your mouth, go at one to 0. W. Ear
drug store and get a free sample of Chami
herlaln'e Stomach and Liter Tablet".
One or two doses will make you well.
They also cure biliousness, sick headache
and constipation.
Olarence Hoitselaw Williams, is under
written contract with me signed by his
mother who is his legal custodian, for
the year 1909, and has left my premises
for the purpose of evading said contract.
All persons are hereby warned not to
hire harbor or in auway employ~.aid boy,
the said contract still bei of force.
8t, Wliam Ellis.
1 will apply to J. B. Newbery, probate
Judge on the 17th day of April 1902 for
for a final settlemut of the estate of Rau
son Duke, deceased and asked to be
dismissod Adminstiratrix. - I
M20t4 Adiniaistratrix.
Tax Notice.
By joint resolution, the General As
sembly has extended the time for the
payment of taxes for yer 1901 without
penalty to
M ARCH, 31St, 1902.
Executions will not be issued"for un
paid taixes until after the expiration of
fifteen days after March 31st, but from
the 31st of March till the expiration of
the fifteen days, taxes *ill be received
with ten per cent penalty without exeou
tion; after the expiration of the fiftden
lays execution will be issued for the col
lection of all unpaid taxes.
The time for the payment of the com
mutatioi road tax hus also been exton
ded till the 31st day of March, 1902.
Offlce of Comptroller General.
Columbia, S. C.
Feby. 25, 1902.
Mr. 8. D. Chapman,
Treasurer Pickens County,
Dear Sir:
The General Assembly by Joint
Resolution extendod the time for the
payment of taxes 1901 without penalty
to March the 31st, 1902.
After that date you collect 'the delin
quent taxes with the addition of 10 per
cent penalty for 15 days, before Jusuimg
Yours very truly,
Comptroller General.
Following is the levy:
Pickens County, 8. C.
Pickene, li. C., oct. 1st 1.01.
Tua res ure's otile at l'ictens tur laouse -
1thl day of Octotber, 1908 fr thue pur pe sof col
I loing tefollowinag amed taxes for the Stisa
).vyf rdiato yg(, a ily ntax,5 6 ills.
""Consttutionaal hbaoI tax, ii muilils.
" " aut inadebitedness, 2 mills.
Total levy for Etate and County taxon l5 mills.
Pkkeze Court llous T onhi, 3~ milsb.d
Hev frr aeewsi op2 I'es Rt. IR. bonds for
Lev for Itrest on Piskona RI. It. bonde for
Special lev yfor chool Diutrict No. 9, 2 nill.:
Ta"i to ela an a'cllcel a' iQ aIne
t rallhoswh ar labl aording~ ao
Uno cate li e 0 er 4it 901, i
Pollbr tdoe3|Trolar Picn Cowunty. Ra
would fro a ghoo time libt oiu so
alHade ery a W nter ho ,
Otlooto Chldrn'UinSis
would25c kid only tie5oc. l sm
Lotaof M ienitr Shos,ot
A lot of Lajdes Union Suitss
ily worth 50c to close at 38c.
Mon's Heavy Fleece Lined Un
derwear. Heavy work shirts to
keep the cold out.
Lots of Loaded Shells Shot,
Powder, &c., for the Bird Ilunters.
Lots of good things to eat. Full
line of groceries at all times.
Call to see them early and ofen
Pickens, s.o
?W ome 'Phone N.. 24.
Prescriptions filled promptly
and satisfaction guaranteed.
MoNst uptoeatc lItIn o( t10i
itt alta inteciy,
IHi a short time our stock c
Hats, and Gent's Furnishing Gi
this space and will tell you mor
For this Spring
ill be the best that money can
>est and we find it pays.
Big lot of guano, Distribitors,
fhovels, Rakes, Floes and all
low is the time to look after th<
,ome extremely low prices on bt
And Cardi
t is worth all it costs to have :
seeds, we have in st<
Qarden and Fe
Hoes, Rakes, Shoves, Spack
looks, Mattocks, Plows and Pk
Lturners made, \Vheel lIarrowv
qachines, and l'urniture of all k
A. Nice, New, Cl
New Goods Coming in an(
Anything *- and
About a Hon
SQiis\-We invite all to come al
No trouble to showv
New Sprir
:he largest and b~y tar the pretti(
aave lifted the yoke of highprc
Miss l lughes has just: returne<
where she purchasedl a large and
:hoicest novelties. This dleparti
arger towns. W\e cordialy invi
:ounty to call and inlspect this d<
rect styles at very low pices.
In each departmentI you will
'ou to call andl see us.
Yours tri
One Price (
WeI' have jusnt rocniived a suppI:
Betg, also plen1ty of all kinads of gard<4
pavarito 8*30( potatoes oveory day ai
this reaches our customers', buIy nJone
Our line of crockory is supart
spect it.
Cups an Saucers, 28c to 50c.
Pitchor s and Biasins, '78e to $
IUder a crodlit system those i
help support a cumbersome an exp
bills of those who don't pay.
T[he change for the better wil
and over pricedI tag.- -Avaid store a
gac.Take care of the chickens aut
Norris Items.
We havo hiRd a few dayS find :enth
anid tihe guano distributors are ru-aU"
'Dire ara several cases of hoop."A
cough near here. Mr. Kilburn who ha,
bean sik for some time passed .awa
Marci 10th, and was buried the follow
ing day at MAt. Zion. near. Ceutral. H4
leaves a widow and throo vhildrou t<
mourn his loss..
Mrs..i. Homer Brook who for a long
timo las been very sick has passed .fou
thuis 'World to the place of yost, She.wa
in.ler 78th.year. She dio3' Mirch 21s1
and -w uried the folloinAday et Mt.
Zion. .Ire was a consiet iut, qomber e
tho'Baptist ohirob, anji one of e boest,
and Ieavos threo cIiildrer and a host 91
relatives4 and friends to mourn he
MArs Mary Bowlinl dauaghter of W. 0.
Gaines, is visiting hor father an friend
this week.
Mro. 'Margaret Johnstim who livee
near hero has been in very bad health
for sont tine and is now very sick.
Our school at this place, both male
and fomide, closeod Friday.- The female
department was large lust week.
.l'he boys of this school district think
a great deal of Prof Edens and they
kindly ask that the trustos send him
back for the suiinmer term.
Mr. Pickens wio has been liviIg
here for some timo has moved from our
Farmers and farm work has all run
on short metor so far 'this spring.'
~ Supe~arvior Stephdonas arif..the C.ountf
Comniaaissionrn were ii-. this comuity
Iast weok looking aifter,roadsand bridges.
'Ihiese aro wide awake, energetic men,
and hope to see their naues'in the. Jour
nal thi tI u. mmer.
Mrs. J. M. Winchester had a protrac.
ted ginlt ing list week luastilgg from Mon
dray morn aug till Fritiny.'night.
Mr. and Mrs. Plato Gillespio and Mr.
Lee Fynch wOro guesta at Mr. A. T.
Winesieter's last Sunday.
Mr. Daniel Winehester is able to be
up at hii buisiness again.
Mars. W. W. Aiken is improving very
nicely under tihe care of .)r. Robt. Kirk
MIr. W". W. Aikenin going to throw
opeu lai1 doors to - sumnair boardere
abouat July t uv-xt. Look out for him
advetisemraet, about next, June. He ex
pects to havo a livery stale in conneo
tion With his hotel.
D)r, and Mlrsa. Kirksey visited tie'raumi.
ly of lr. W. XW. Aikeolalst Saturday.
Miss Ella Parrott, Qf. he. R ix MiE
seCtAon.1 is spembding 8iomsf tuinae with he01
grandfatler, Air. Jerry" S', Parrott, ol
Mr. W. E. C11 ri visited tIe, fanily
of MA'. A. T. .Winchesuter one day lasi
MAr. Bob Mosoly of the Jocasseo see
tion has a sovere attack of measles. Ho
is atttndod by ])ar. Kirksey,
1awol Nut.
Aiss Lenora Hlendrieksr' school closed
at Oolonloy last week.
Sonaie of our youing people will visil
tle Charleston exposition later.
T,h6 convicts have -improved the roads
woanderfully in thais sectioan.
Mr. W~ararena D. Hqndricks, who w
aeariournlyhiurt-ai' fewv deks ago by a
mulorun n'nng a.Way1 i i ynrinag fat,
EveryIbody i ejrin t' woWk ia the
garden when the Wecaraopermuits.
Mr. I..A. Whitmire ha's built a new
elI to lhin haoue and made sev'eral other
imparovements onr his place near Pump1
kintown. Hie must bo thainkinag of get
ting a partlner as a 'batchelor doesn't
naee'd so) much room.
No sickness rep~orted in this commu.
nity.' S.
Mar. 21.
C:ounty' of Pickena.
By .J. B.- Newben'y Esquire, Probatt
Whereas, Ida (I. Green maids suit tc
me to graant her Lettrma-of -'Administrat
ion-of the Estate of ima Affects of B''A.
Green.. deconsed. *'2:'h -.
oneo a-thereforo tdel'te anid admnon.
islr all aand singaular itlhot ki'n'ted and
creditors of the said jB.- ee deceas.
md, thlat they be anad appear befer'e' me,
mn lao.Court of Probate,v to be held al
P'ickeans Gourt H ouse. S.:.3., oar the 10
d 'y oh' A pril 190t2, after puablicat ion -hero
of, ant 11 o'clook ini t he foren.oop, to shiew
cause5. if iany they have, whiyth said Ad
aniam straatium should not be granted.
Giv iii der' nmy hnad and seal, thnit
25 day of Marcha 1902, in. the 126 year
(of ouar tundependlen(e.
Mar27 J., P.5,C.
Countay of Picknsm.
lBy .J. I;. Newbor'y Esquire Probate
WVheeran 1H. J. JIohunton mnade suit tc
me) ta granat haim Leatters of Admninistra
tion oh' theaa Estarte of anrd ell'ects of W. W.
1(ilbrn, dieceasedl.
Thlesae ar'e theirefri 'e to1 (itO and~ admon.
ish all rad iangrular the kirnred. credi
tor's of the saidl W. W. "Kilbmnn, dhe
mew, i the Cort of' Probante, to be lohl
rat Piarkenas Courat H ouse, S.'-C. , on the I]
diy oif April, 1902, after publicatior
laereoaf, rat 11 o'clock( in theo forenaoonr, t(
shrew cause, if any thIey have, whly thec
saitil Admainaistraationa slauio iot be grar,
(iiven uander my hanuid and seal, 21
daty of Miarelh, 1902, in the 126 year o&
onri findepeurdonce.
J. P. P. (3.
-There Wilt bo an Baster egg hun
at~ Mt. Bethel ohaur'ch next Saturday tha
29, beiginning at one o'clock p.m. Tiher<
will be some short speeches by promin
onrt Sir aday-school, speak ers, rafter which
ftre chuildi'en will go it hunt the eggs
Thea plublic is inavited to attend and bring
aull the eggs they can.
The.aoPickenas Conty Singing Convem
10rio wd lvoia with Zion Methodia
church, foau'r millsa south west of Easley,
on Satuardr'y before the fourta Sunday ii
April at 10 o'clock A. Ma..
J. Tyre Looper.
Clhm. Coin.
W anted.
All kinds of wiatchecs and Jewelry t<
reOpair'. Work and prices guraranteed.
Easley, 8, 0.
Brnt nrever' follows the use5 of Foley'
Hloneyarnd TPar, It. stops the oug,heaI
anad strengthens the Jungs and a~ord
perfect security from an at~taCk 0f 1nEt
mnonia, RefUse subihtittes. Boit i
ITlhnretaonie1 haumann A aa.
e 0
I Dry Goods, Clothing, Shoes,
:)0s will be complete. Wat
e about it later. Our line of
and Summer,
buy, we buy nothing but the
Cotton planters, Harrows,
kinds of farming implements.
-sc goods. We can make you
iggies and wagons.
%n Seeds
L good garden. Besides sk
)ck the necessary
Lrming Tools!
s, lorks, Bush Hooks, Bfi
w Stocks, Best Steel Bean
I, ron King Stoves, Sewih
inds, Pretty Styles.
can Stock of
I Going out Everv Day.
* Everything.
e or Farm.
li look through our rooms,
through our stock.
g Goods
st line wec have shown. We
s andl they are in reach of
Ifrom the Northern Markets,
complete line of the season's
nenit is eqlual to any in the
te aIll the Ladies in Pickens
:partment. You will find cor
Ilnd big values. It will pay
a ly
Morrow Co.
J~ash Store.
yv of nice yellow and white onion~
mus seeds. We are looking for our
id expect them to be here before
but the "RED BLISS."
> and we invit, everybody to in.
vho pay for what they buy miust
ensivelsystem and help to pay the
I be seen in our store in every shelf
econuts. They increase extraras
o ggs, they will go a long ways.
YourB Truly.
?(THS Ii

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