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The people's journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1891-1903, April 03, 1902, Image 4

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The People's Journal.
The night wias closing down over
the hills of San Francisco. It, was
cold and the biting wind whirled down
the lighted paveient of Market street
and blew the rags of smoke--only one
could not see that-from the face of
tle waxing moo which began to flare
faintly ab'ove the myriads of colored
BlitTkImS turned up his coat collar
and thliruiSt his hanid', into his pockets,
and betl forward at an angle against
the wind. le walked swiftly, reek
)ecsjh. never feeling it as he roughly
isled passerby after passerby, nor
heeding the h.ard glances that were di
reed at him liby tle disgruntled ones.
His brainI was in a whizl. Ile was
conscions of a thim desire to get among
It was the tumul11t withlin hliml callng
for respoonse in his environment.
Eiummb. e liarrington had just re
f1usei hm. It wNas 101 tle first tilie.
b t ws vast.y ditfertnt from the
*'.0: tinmes. &i0: this oce:1sion 1 ha1d
beenb11e li uiponl him that she
me '.Im whtShe Fan .:11nma!,e::l wa
:.ay eveti mite who
s' cA i:ch was so genle
Ah hem s:W no at :' .aitkm.
ha a h sh n ant ;I.
* 1 l-is1.
@ : Sh was in tha
0.0:1!.a dIw at :h.,t
A ht - '.
ust p ao b k War f h b h
h.im~ fo".t. te. soet .\
a n . h '
"W iin: for 'a [ ath fer Ioa o
opposite G;att idiand,"' with a sSs
tioni of dlrarnaatiu (mpjhaasis. Ile -a.'
followint'. the thet'n irevain i faion01
in Sarn F'rarncisco)~ suiies in theii choj'ee
of pl~ace, lie was5 Hoiiewhat in won.
der to hind hims.'elf nio ony.r rert.
ful , bu1t conlimun ictati ve,
"So am I,"' the strantger retuirnedl
lic knocked his cigar againit the rail
and~ replaceid it between his lips. ii I
am going to jonrp overboard~ when we
get there. N ow don't betray nn.,'
he said qIuickly , " for if you shioulMI'i
would merely cause me the trouble of
makling a return trip."
"' I have no iitetio~n of bet -ain
you,'' Blflfkinrs said iiia Ilayinge
tone. " That is just wha suressed
to do myself." ugin
Thle two stared at each othier. Final
ly the stranger ventured, " What for'?''
"' What are you din'itii or
torted fllkinus. tire
"' I have no0 hesitation in tel lirg you.
I am suffering from a Iin~gerinrj' an
incurable disease. It riot only makes
me wretched, butt unfit for work.I
have no means anid I haven't any de
sire to become a public beneficiary, so
I'm taking this way ourt of it." A
pause, then hie added, " One confidenuce
deserves another."
"Oh," said Bliff~knns, with a p~ainful
effort, " same old trnoube- ,i.:."
Tired Out
"I was very poorly and could
hardly get about the house. I was
tired out all the time. Then I tried
Ayer's Sarsaparilla, and it only
took two bottles to make me feel
perfectly well."- Mrs. N. S. Swin
ney, Princeton, Mo.
Tired when you go to
bed, tired when you get
up tired all the time.
Why ? Your blood is im
pure, that's the reason.
You are living on the
border line of nerve ex
haustion. Take Ayer's
Sarsaparilla and be
[email protected] a tbotlie.
quickly cured. Alt druggitst.
Ask your doetor wihnt he titks of Ayer's
S irAparilla. ie kitows all -tslt thi g:raiid
('nt f(atn i medtitte. Follow his advice and
we wUl 14 satistlied.
C e AVKY Col . Lowell, Mass.
Thrown you oTer'.' Blitykins nod
What's the nuatter'.
Nothing, Only she says he don'
care for me.
("h, dol't you lheve it. Neve
Say die:you". win l Im mI I the Il :n.
"No:. it's nit 1:30."* Wli!Tkms re vnid
ed. de:'.y. I ought to see n
ago. on.y I was such an as.
'' oy y0 on",*'!. Og h -
Iontth. ;0 and hv.\ .1
1. a d y w . . :
Of th :0 ue f:-ac u a
;he man.111 sto'sd0
m i hat I
-n ii i~ i
t N'' I. V, 1 1
"W Ita .V
ain i) .w.
"N- n
.:..i'l 10 hav e
-- I . 5'.*
It t
-'a t te l. .. -aw..r.ih
1 w . 1 ; s n .di-a s w g e w
n' Iikin hd not1kow .hi
*u hn .. 5 c ~ - a ivhh- :.
*, *' ,he ca g ta
he e o t . ar j a
"I 1 l1J you have3 '
hue, .1 , . h ateratlti.
seching tone. A I~imseu1. ~ts*
In~ rouighly.
JBlillkitns ltooked att h'im squa)I'~lrtiri
ghmiee totok m t~t als nit twit I . i
tie am111 broadeciothl (oal. ltiothten
took ai step backwardt. Thei oil mut-.
I ered ai c'urse. The oll (r'M jaws dIrop-.
1)1d. A mlomentl the~ly st~ it'( i, te
Eunabel le a voice lrok e thet - el, 1
G eorge, please take me away1''
A party of tourists, a do.ea, in al
camel~ up btehindu thtemi, laugh ing and
chat-termgls. TIhey bore themu past .and
T1he. lirst engine turned out by the
Balwm Locomotive Works, seety
years ago, weighied atlt ten tons ahmt
wast used on what is now a part oif thet
leadg roatd. It was advertised by
the road as employed inI case of fui -
Iweather, but in stormy weather bor -3
I were substitutedi. Tlhere were hninue .
lhve miles of rail road in th -i ( -~(
States when Mr. Babliwt look~ theor
der for thn lirttetll~.t...leor
lie Tells of thle Difl'ert1Lc Now
usti tlie Lotig Ago)--P'ost(age
TIhen Very IIigh.
A tlanta Ocnstitution.
.Now you young people, girls andi
boys, excuse me for telling you a story
about the old ties. Sixty-four years
ago, whil I was twelve years old, imy
father was the postmaster in our town
and had to make contracts for cat rying
the mail to other n Aighboring towns.
lie gav these contracts to needy men
an1d tle pay was generally one dollar a
day. )ne of these Men got sick anil
my father miatde mc take his place ati
ritle the mnail to Roswell all winliter. It
was twenty-live iies away and 1 had
to ride there and back in a liy, atnd h
paid 1ue the 1ollart for every trip.
was a bitter winter and sotncinues
Iheni I got homne I had to be h
otT of the horse, for I was fro:en u
and helpless. Unhtt I was a tu h n
hardy boy and always ready
ilext trip.
On niy iirst ride tlet. 2' etywj '
on iuy route tid not know nte.
used to knit socks and send
town by the ohl man to se1 to :ltI
hack sote coffee or sutgar r - -
cOpper as, or soinc it tle th t -
didtn': know tue, anh! 1 rinembe'
one old wotnatt c'aiue ou't
and sal .re youth
Ald I iughed ;i s. '
1 au :.ot afe n
and s '.: Y
ota-se a c "pt :.IA.'
.1,4 v t.
-v w
- T YY
hvl Itn4tVI
1 .: w.b 2 an"
b- h. ye aj the
a a th
ItI- --
4. t'h 4' an.1
L 7L
% t
1 - - a
- - - it~ . i
- -1alw
* . n4..tate, ju.t
1 lii'' prize2/ to. both lic
IV ' 12 - 2 2) .~ I ut, the the
he e
lir 1.
FA T . wl
(\tIt ist ver t rfon- t~t
p it 222 iii tiue N
th4 disas Ye .t r wich C ( Lw
ilCir flille" ''I sv e rtke us t fat. t'nd~
It 1.2 Ite 2r hij ti for the noe t li' (24. git l
~i2~' 2241 2 par'd t 11nan isl the Nap I
2'2r(le.. 121 2 forttie unes. h244i22
non.2t 42211 S t ar(e s' t uk~
t4 wc~ t f h tuu meet this4 endu~ Woi
thuest. the weak st4e ntch is
vt2 u g 224 irr ltlars h o f 11 n1itan1
('2and t te I 444 ht
t~t25.t rt en (Ide Medi'c al~ .1>.2 It
444 organs.. ar enred,.,4 .22 ''ia e 4. 42 t" . But hi
44. ' r 4). s and kidney4.,1 Ni -' o
22 ased K 2 t24o . '4nach I414 - 43) '1 thew.2 .
24"242ons It tt '444b4 b .44 g4 - hev
clin, hti t d 11 2 4 224. liv. n el4' I t e n.i44' 1211
help4 122 ic, t i en .h tte n
chang'e. whern' Pla Poellt cueah
l~ihouness.a <I<
t~' \
iflOi-~~1 ~&)i ION
I. ~,
" \\
\ '
V.. -.~i~
~' ~ '1' '~
I. \ '*-*
* *,*t ...*. ."*" I. .li
I .1 i\ I *i.~ *'* ~-' iu i t~Vo
I L V% 1 31 *U&-~~ ~''
(. I'-- - ~ ~
* r
V ~
3 ''I' L. 11 ~p
'1 12! cU- 'A
1 t~.t Ci
i II
Lid'3 '' A V *V-''
I r I ii j .~*
- ci "~'p. '~'~ ~ 4 ')s 4
by thi '.41', * - ~. I *~ -
r 3(33 13 Id ~ &
( )ur is~aj ; * ry in~p
It tah':~ Fr j33. '~ 'f;t
1V5-i ~fl4u1 t(., in a. f ~ ~ 'ur
I'. >.---1X~ 1'~r 113431 LImO-I 'f - -t
', Wlii~ii 3'U -413' 13412 rlLr3 0 >4
-as the V oy ~ai I t' I! .e r~ oa- - e
let h(;r roiL. 'A. 'A'.
',','oiivler it our y0i3L1:v f'~ kin,
4','418 liii: jD~IIl344.3' ~!Ciil::~i4 ~n:f'n
reVo1utior~ alid Wa.'~ tIn rid out 1)
..~ ( eor~'e beca.ii li l~ iva-, II ~ 4:1: t ~: 'IyF
*eiri~r a reb'i Iii3d 1ii~ riarlie W4l~
jarlaili JLILII k3 I ii. ~~iir:ii tue I),:i>
.IOIi of I i~ l(:ld:iiilez3ce WItH
ski t-li':Ii 4111 it3ii0jiI~uliI(:r~t ~;L4~ ,tI~j
otti: I Lii I: II ~'l ~ ii ~.y.-terrl arid
~war'i~ orgauiizeit a 8y~tr:lii of (Ale
Sil l ~OW :111 I lull wa.~. the ji(i-t
.er i~'lierill 01 EIIL'lIiilil 411111 in 172 I
IlMlluI What WaM called the JiClIfi 3'
Belore t hat the -ii4 j.~ii urier
t~ h jIl it inc ii LI) carry tue i r I l:tteri.
ii the battle of the Wittet'Ioo w4n
lit till: BotilMellilds hired private
to bring theni till: 1l0w9 of the
battle. Liiglisli credit arid horil.8 -
(0112i 1.8 WIle tf~eii away liliWli to
lty-hve (:elit8 OIl til(: doilat', for -~
01(011 Wa.'l jIl 91 ni iirir rig iou gli siioil
kiii.i1loiiiii 31111! gOVl:lrlln(:rit.9. 'I'll C
LMClj ibis gct tue IICWLl 01 h 48 (11:1 (:311
ty-foiii' liOilr.8 501)11ev 1111111 the -
C IS (ii I ~9l)(l0r) 31111 I tiley 8(C II: I
'lit tIp all tue 1)011(18 3111(1 .8tock.8 LI iid
118 they could Ii iid , atid wiie;i die
lieW9 Cflhill~ of till: grt'aL victi rv
holid.8 3111(1 8t.O(:kx jIllIlped up to
Ii a Ehil~ 1111(1 the i:ItilMCil4l.l~ 1113111: '
I 1 liei r great fort it lie. it W418 a
ticarly it Ccrituir1 I hey iiavi' 1(111- -
Il 1W t hwy illIve to I ~ Lu LI b l(: k .9011t.
i'serpoiij~ Mel-gall 111111 UII(l(JcIlel'
a ICW 0111er8 (1111 (:rlrl t rol lllOi'0
;'y I hati t hey can. it lit olli jto~titge
hot yet. got to thie loWest. liOtchi.
1 'e( pIe say i I. luitt.9L lie roil uicod LI)
it, 311111 21 hill ha~ h)Ceti ilit-roducell
illigress to that I: fleet. 1111(1 lot-Loris
9lll)ii lie (huh i VCI'Cll III Ill IluoBi OVOi'y
'~ ii(iltMu ~ f lie I iVOLI Oh ii plii)liU
~it'3l3'. \'elI 13', it p31.880th COlflI)1'c- --
lOll, I ICCei~'cil ii hotter 3111(1 ii ~V
:r this IllOrlillig front AttRLrahitl.
Y loud coIn0 12,000 miloB for 6 cents I I
fOtlti(I '110, although there arc half
(au'tcrayilje8 iii the Uuitcd
sThe. iim Io' is n tylif li, t,,.r .,.
ats thli osial tlystrail anl Io loal call
0 1 1 al It Ii( it , b In g I I( .
lii.l.. 0 -
NJ \th \t. C 1'll It .-Is -N I I . \- , 4 hl.
(lit'wtsIlti 'vvill'.11 ill ||lti etuly tn11111r1
i1 It'vok ' I I I, :4qlIl10 Itti t y - l
sal ii '' i l \ tt '. ill t \'o li 111114 11"', lh c
ti i a' 9 I r W I't' t llt tIll |I Il l 1 4 i ller:4 tI I)
till', 4'\ c'lilt t it \ t'l *..IW %\ 1iy I it
' l ' t , .0 Ii t' I'. .'
It 4,1111 .\ 1c M - ,
h V Mod t I .I I 1 i1 . it
9 A11. 4
i t "
% o I I A iIC .1 1
I ilt II I I It
* <iatt ~:t Na t ki
At' 1 .A .1 tI PI
- ut
N at 11 1 N
-t v I
Th~lki Ms r - i I u krth
....... \ ..i
T~eincoere o Samp-Root a ot.I.
H~ ~ \\ abrtoy
1 11
title I
1' \ ; I.', - t\
I .** i er ' o; tr -b
The Emnet ide
an BladerSpeialst
I \t -
I. -- -
O \I
PRTCTO -~ -ti riil I - i11 iJJJoO V
BOKONPT W F}EE. lt ; is~ t
PatI.IIt r- s WS j N eiTO), D C
tie lilu:air
1 -it -I h 10 1111it " I . A
II'- , . 11c - d mt<tu iill , 111
It I I -u i , k ItIt' I, i II;Iit. i i ta I
P" T/ . a'i'//
f. \ t I' w tis h
1-, lol . 1( It N ) 111 .:0,ho
Vk . ,t o . . .
- I
"1 *CH
Car~iia~rth Sur ine
hAtle n AIa
l'-l.ea us n n lae t f Isil
sa mt inae Unst le s, h i lt 'r i
Myoic l nt .i.Ptn rc. P E eim
V mini~stios mah.Atty fentd anI it
Reef1''I ERSON l- ATI:NTON "VEN . 'E'
918I I F SIIT.f , .
-i I . iisworrn , . 1 , 14 I liti
ttlie.,W0Vtut , P15 It 't.lsIr R irlS0
st'nr'. Il- iO- AI - -;NI Soth Cari1VI:
ratLiAI inIIuIU : a lo fo t o A ttndtl o at
waso pron cisp roir ly.ug '(1I~g
rMmnnv tooloan.
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
'Boars the
For Over
Thirty Years
at Cost!
[N h a e i n u n ~ n s , w i ~
's, Buggies,
Phaetons and Wagons
solute Sacrifice!
I f. .:i. it, int Coino andi ~( 10ee for m.
hb- o ll k i l ,am e .
I~:r~:' l ov er b4 ut w I mve a1ll~ fW- 4 gOI II4
44 r1 I hi or 4441 d paper. l g'olig II elO
r e 11n dib' coehl :1444 s4.4 is. We ar lw y
RC &4% CO.,
I III i nd lii' f
1011y none 44i4~ 1.4 firsi-la Ii SL iiii
bu' ~ly mI P4 Iua r t Mii canL give I he lowest
T 'IE & (00., AmneIerson, 8. C.
r Annyone lenling n ilket (' nnd 1 1r~p I nmay
-i'(I i pr 144 l ra j I k14 (Il on ntha
$414q~4yCia iile iii )Jndkl Jtic a
A ri lii h (4 r I d .~I4 Iar atCCciri4g~(~.
c IMUNN( i~ 4r I~l7~((4 & Cu. 'od- r-e cork
4 )Cliac tto 25 fle, St.illLola, 1ashgonD.i
rn Groenvillo, S. C.
ornco ovor Add isons Drug Store,

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