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The People's Journal
T. J. MAULDIN, ---ditor.
W. Lxeai MFATRuxx, Bs a
Nntered at the Post Onlee at M us a
second-class n1atter.
Siuscripnioi, $1.00) n Year.
TIMUSDAY. A1'11, 1k0.19.
Everybody is at -work aut
horses and mul s are paying t,
some of the rest and teed they on
joyod through the long winter.
The Liberty Presbytorian ehurel
is now suppliod by Rev. J. C, %hiv,
formerly pastor at Piedmont ant
Slabtown. The Liberty Presbyto
rians are fortunate.
Mr.E. mith Griffin has lathu
ben givingattention to raising lH'l
gian Hares. He Seems ilmpresse
with their merit and his oxperi
ments will tO watched with inter
Graham flour is a thing n(ot Oi
ly obtained in some quarters-that
is flour of good quality-but Mr.
J. M. Cloments knows how to
make it and is ofton requosted to
fill orders from a distance-evon as
far off as Florida.
Spring meetings and sinaing as
sociations will soon have the right
of way. It iB a happy fortune that
our people are imoved with high
desires to worship God in everys
way, and moreover that they us<
their opportunities.
The fine corn raised by Mr Frani
Farmer, and on oxhibition wit
the Pickons county display a
Charleston, has been pronoincirt'
the best there to be seen. Thi
variety in known as "Farmioirn
We're saying a little about Pick
ens county this week. Thero is
no oxaggeration in anything you
may read; in fact, the whole truth,
to be realized, most bo learnied by
contet with things as they ale.
Come and see, for seeing is ev
If you are looking for a home,
come to see us. Pickens cohunity
is not so havily taxed that taxo
are a burden and( we need and
want good citizens to help in th<
movement of p~rogress now starting
We want you to comle now to holj
and then enjoy with us the accum
ulating benefits.
The Poenetentiary E xam in in1
Board, consistmng of Messrs. Love
Mann and Mobley have dom
faithful and enfieient work. TPhoi:
trip to Pickens county and suatis
factory verdict on the condition
affairs heo giv6 assuranco thiu
they are mi earn est abouit thei
work and1 always give credit wher
thoy know it belongs.
When it comnes to a question<
poultry and chicken raising, geniw
ally, Dr. WV. T. Field whose houn
is about threo miles east of P'iel:o:
can give suiggestions that ning
take the experimentor a whole ym.
to Iearni. D~r. Field has alhread~
learned the essentialslof the poult r
business by exporience and1( is no
reaping tihe fruits of this stod
and worry.
Preshy tery Conyenes in A bbe
i'ille oni April 11. It may not b
out of order to suggest thaxt tde
gates from the Phickens ehureb h
iinstruicted to invite that body 1,
hold( the next session in Pickens~
The prescnces of these able aut
zealous laborers for Christ amnoigs
us would serve as an inspiration
and our 1people would bo very ghu
to ontertaini all who could come.
Among the striking (displays o
the Pickens county exhibit at tli
Charleston exposition is that o
the Bogge Mountain cannory now
under the efficient management of
Mr. John Henderson, This prop.
erty is owned by Hlon. M. F. An
eel whose artistic taste is beCin~
brought into notice through varied
effort, directed towards beautify.
mug the mountain and systemati
zing the arrangements thereabouts.
An instittio, dIear to all Baip
tists and to all good people, is th~
Connie Maxwell Orphanagea
Greenwood, 8, C. The present con
dition of that institution is mloa
satisfactory, and there is no tellin
the good that is being done there
'The little orphans are happy, ani
God'. people are happy beoaus
they are maintaining this homa
founded for these unfortuinate child
#en by the peat and good Dr
' V A i\ ( 0.h VV(
refer tt Nies iAd , M v
tnd tir'i 12th g r.t ii d tusi( t A '
I i nt k hitef. s i t ' a 1i 'teb
diTo tut t : nen itl t
the ti ger a 'n, . g re i is r the
.u -it )ntree:iunt i (torlaw Thev 1
titi nin wehi v (lcr. A h dt 6Isr
tfr t he n ti t ant2i 1 ori j ti e- I
tte hve wo ito f teM sain
Ald the suppIrint o1 te inega1
iii (0lIlt O lti N' . It '~ Ll ti'0"I
traiie0 i i sky.tt iTe is ervo l
credt' for t o accomp is
* *. * I
0 1'100F t J.' i 1~ 11 ( etr i on 1~ I. -
?3 0 y i*V S (IS p. It lit' l t 1i. it' ll i I. I tM I I a
the ]II-( woke tfi o II-i f'l ie n li t
tai'iuiw supiidtiountr o th~ ii. '1'Iry
lIt vo are aenful about what i
You e riat il the way Of read, leaec
orlder with th:at C.xp:.rt miller, Mr.
Jere. Mt. Clemitints, whoso mill i t
locatoi one and a half m1les west. t
of Pickenls, and14 you will he sulppli
d w ith bread that Would 111ed
ite god s tur n green With or1vy t
Mr.% ClementsR is at gentlemlenl of
the trule typ andl at better milleri
ipechalo lito a bvettel mill never
bl ssod this see imn, Iis mill,
Cojttn (till and s:aw milling artran
g m Setsare c te ltin all ti applit -
leIts, iad to talk with Mr. Cl
nill i i alls to leai'e o hom tin.
anid l~i prsst wili ( 1 l1is excel,
ience as at manR.
Th111 (oerati S and genera\ emIl
plo's of thes. (-doy Cig.on Mills
did a1 nobdle :nid timlely thing, just
as the people from every quarter
rmovlt in their niew rolIis, fresh t from
far- and cn trEesy or town. The
hv by -entrous con t ributrt nis ,,,,
raiSed Slila)' e it funds to erect
a1nI funish a llSt ered itable chalp.
lei oite mili gronds for roligiole
worsand ili' to seirvicite are thwro
hold regularly. They are suipphied
ither by local prenhraC or by
spleial~) preachs whetunl they ennt it
t hir sviej'sregularly and attend
> all of wicthey a'r(e o iso ceo.
-~' mended. r or1(1litcme
Yratt entid on is jinvte. o h
, Iiietti of lierai ('Sm( iit.l a canidatck
wich Becoikze hati capability902
f to whih es asp~tiiol..i...wil. be icad
t wXitho itresitlb oesi hsds
f r of~htt Sthis ..ap.r. .. Siihisa
and is:ut ivo to hei interests.7H
as ner sOfgh I.ice, pt
delete fro, Peker cont lto
tht he bo95 costt n stitea co et' ion
wott he bist ofaliti leds and cjug
prb onldiere.f. i adeo
prpse to ork for advanemen
ns dynk of arb s, 1902.c
t alui i ontary . ubl. . 8 .950.7
J.verdnif t rets,-- ... . .. s , 5 ;.7
Cas P. arey a'nd
a J. B O duer fromlink , Il:.,7w;ic
otars , ................ 77it B l
UnrthyledJu a'ois, - --o -. fo 1 08 flrb
Casie', Chet, ...n .c .... . k 7 -r~ c
*Iond vi lDepot,. ... . .o 52,2.107
Omi'lo1 ive (t-lis s'( tilill' :1l '11 -'~ I
h I ' t r n iiil s rti \ t
iWa rd s (he p rC'fec'0t :4)fe his ci i Il
i .it i "n. Thti p eii'r In re draisen
ed'l Ut'n1)(11;a11t1. At t (le t'ast' I
f tha loll1l11t at \llture 1 oll1 t Il
aln~ I t Ie I';lilli f; 0 1I
0v riell ill J' ofibilfils w111wil(il I
Oil. ii t' is v'rv ittle tllni froil g
his iloilitC ili to the soit 10i ii lit- e
Cs of .1,1i coplt y ' hlt cannot. he a
ld tO }'r14d11ie w~jil livn othier t'
[tI. T1 tse litI tI I re I 'ar flow, tI
.(nd thero is eiinough tier (o v11
ieth t o llythill lchs lri'e a
vhat. le, bu 1t devellopmlitn4t is oin g
le wa~iy and hofore iiany years dg
hose who read (o this section will s
Oad with a niierst and a st ur,- d
rise that will oik a ihtll y com- t
ng r'eaaitils8 they wdul Cthen he,
.ild. T'1in1 wvih count or is ieb, i
iclh in timblversi rich in stone and i
o millerals no eoIuIbt that will I
me daky 1h t brough t forth to re-gi
p(1 to the neds and comforts I
f n.
What is aid of one section of c
ickenwit county mav, in a measule, d
c snid of thot cout y as a whole. i
oin g ilmen rea red in. the m11 idst. of I
hlse inesu rold csite1s, t ich s
.tisc id wih t-heir mi 1 s toono 01 o
lrudgery of ''digging a living o i c
f the I o ground gather toge'the r
hei portion and seek n omfes ad I
ort unes in oth oer climei. oe io
ecm)ainl and Iosper. but the mIljoIr- I
ty of them come .13k to Picken i
nity, imls d but wiser men, I
satisfiled tihat wor* means success \
he world over and k countr iy
.ives fortune for nothing. Their
Sp riences tel- tho tale and that
'a ilhle rindec ohte in tlt short sen- -
t ence: t ickens county is thIteI
)l ~I y, ie (1e of bilrif. and ellergy
to prosper and bd h oup. 4
Th Emstuei for( Southeim Secti ons,
Lot us take a short survey ot
Lhe eastern andl(1 sotle. litrn stetis
>f thoe county. Fol lowing the sa
hi da river after leaving the pointi
if meet ing of P4ickens counlty wi ih
the North Carol inia line we pass to
ith west a most fortile scope of'
Soutry~1'. Thfis country also is dot
('d with nmee new hlomnes w here
'Ountg coul )es have had( Set oil' to
hemn fromt thle amplle acres of '
heir parients comlfoirtabile farmns1
mdit hiouiso., And they htave taken
udvantage of their op portuni t1es
aund pr'ospore'd. From l'abilo R ock
to Ile~(y, painig almost due
iouith by good road, one isim
pressed1 with the fact, that inten
qivye tfarmi ng is the farming that
paoys. Nimall fa rmls a ilu prosp)'ritIy
are inl evidence, and the key inote
to tin priospermity lies mi thu induis.
try o.f thtese. I4eoplIe wvho htave ni >t
ilhl cani dlo and mui do before t hey
realhize t he best~ and fil .
iruifs of their hibiirs. Gloodi school
iarnus, g.)d (1sftock, good1( fencesI
and(1s t'4rramlced and i fill' paIstures4'
vell feniced and~ wattered, a higher
rado of cattle thau wals c~ilono
u) fornier Ci ne's, good wamgoins mali
)lggies, happ chlrn n re
irls aindl gallantt young men~i andl
1ud li m'hiers-all seen here, make
lhe trlaveler f ell as5 thIough hie ht <
trulck the pr->isedo hlnd,
ICk ENS. t
By3 th ci (onsti tiion of I1808, thle a
rri tory no0w emlbraced witIhin~ thle Ia
01un1tles of P'ickensE and1( Ocon eo, Cl
eling then knlown as5 P'ickens Dis. h
aict was (diyidled, the Keowooe river n
sing tho dlividing hnto, andI tileT
ortion lying to the west of thaut Ii
ver was called Oconee county, F
hile that to theo east retained the fi
amfo-Pickona. Steps were at a:]
nce taken for the location of b)
county scat and a commission 0'
mlaistin~g of Mlessrs. WV. T1. Field, Li
H. Ambler, Roose B3owen' i
umes Lewis, and J. E. Hagood N
aB designated and directejd to des al
de upon a suitable place for the bi
ourt House. .After ,a thorough al
Irvey of the county these gentle.
on located the town where it now ti
, being on the dividing ridge bo. E
neen WNol f Creek on tihe south H
nld Town Creek on thenorth. The ci
reater part of the land on which al
bie town is built was then owned N1
y the late Elihu Griffin. Since ci
as fouding Pitckens has grown
Loadily but surely, Until the at
ymipletlon of the P'ickens railroad, he
1e townl was completely isolated w
om 1aIlrOSd oonagggiou1 and c0#, a'
~ Q~intt&A0Alderba disad4van. d
-_,,I 4u t0 I 1t v i ll 11
lt tl.i CO' MP 111114 11 s lo Iia l iat ill:;
'I jig. ' I I .IttQlI
thai, .t t iht " I ll t ho vI p ople
ti hey arIe.
Jo ! i '. I Il s t*1 1, II he a l -i n
\hn iIg l Iof o I'A a ,,w wh,\ j
Ag In I t v~ t% 1th I I I s %-,,1111
At'rei Audri a shor (v I I o m
l) it a i I Set -t11 ru~l + s iwi ' ,'4)I i ill I b It
Sp:n h war. , ::nd . . n103111 1 i .
lIie wiS Ole d I rorit oit 1'lber
ep1t1 t 5 1e)(i a nd has h'CI4 l t ie
pl e ctlo l tlii sy I 111p to te I ) prl o
-40nt Jilnt i t thll thorough s aiS 'I v -
io s I th( t ownit aitllhori tils anld
lir.e people.
Th.1en4 Easley- -the rtI oI aa H1
mlost fortilo sectio1-et urroune
by lands still cmIlt p .velv cheap .
It is s11id that hl ndwhich 'v is , on
n avOalie, olo hal of, cotton to
two a1cres pays fairly wkil. This Is
donle by the0 majority of farmellrs
but i thisi secionii . ICis ni) u inom
111n11 t'port that good (*gyn-gl.pgS 11ytw e
anil t1. have slicceelo1d inl rever n
sing t hat order oif th ingus and a I o at
maing onl ivome- of their bii '. s two ri
hiles of Cot ton on1 1 ne (i di
cour1 this is an ex ra'ordinar it
yils t thle t it hows t h iil
the soil and th( a vntg.k)fth
seison and til-)iimate Nwl cou- n
pled with inltelIligent fari ng 11
iet Iodps. This is n id014 11 bo t t
fIlr. Drake in Marlbolro county% i
S. C. mande, an the rocord will sh'I w t
271 hushols of cornl onl 0neAr f1
ground, why can't ulrt rel 111A 11111
it)0 buysheli o oille Ild itre if
zthat imneh onl a grVive neC11 wi-y hi
nlot Il in l h Same)( proport 1 ion tln It'll
or- fifty Othoer Geros!'#., ThI l-t11
pros far iy for Piekei 01 y I'mr- n
m ers lis inl iitf this v er Ir.-. It , t
tenlsify' intensi thould b 11i e v I.Y
uintil eftveIty old h i ll l .14'I l r
for pastue or is- ly i ,... t4 gv
P t Cgrowth 11 is ibr ;h 1h t m
h1i ( teIIa1icC cit ' t i t i V.1 I, i ml -1
will end~orse. By this Ihl- amounIlit V
of lab )r. nl Vitco s ry for. 0:t cl tiva
' tionl 1f thw er..(ps Is reduI.f or. 11 t
thf Simo am11(oult is a t it i t
0Concentrated (1 11 s ttalbl . -.r --
ting in more (Iinlly aLnd th4 o-nghi
workins with cons.-quii nit n Ionpi
pti advantag1.C to th grow. T
itesivlan ''ald iltere ar(e many :1
successfu Wil 0t1) far et wompractice i': 14
wh1oI~l by l their examples a doing
(f1(rm ehanal theP iwldtre Uh-liv- Cu
dientreinthogeod)r of)1 tsuch I
PlPien coun y is )in esy ap41p'. 114
Jlisof eenvillcty whaile th t1C4wnS m
of14 Ease I roid101est a r edsy i i rk.-cr
for allll) cotton andl( crnt) tht th e tu
p)roduce,1h , havi fato1ry in Ishopu en1
oper aties bngl a~S o n1)'t:it I sor tl
that isi. proucl for market'.~ Ami -
thes town growii's t. WlIii'th oe 'in
01corinvlus oeaion, anoetr as-)p
suredthe c~onstrut i n of y 14 wi.-hl
O wl s o begm t, and 1 I th14 m ili
snerusly i "takl abt" the piep-gi in~t
- iulation ifwill)o h1'reckotiti hyt hi so11
to usan id.Iiui fAi'll t crat al de- lia
man for tw refood-v iS Onf I uhor ( b
iesi tto 11seed, 1(( 1or(1 o le. I-l eo1)1
(104,a~bte i 1s , i t.rop rio tlo the a 0
pr osaeityh ofain or et ) iln.in
Ghod ma11rket t ntagpodes hood 118 s11
pnlri io hr of ailyeasty ace
loandfromoes prctalice(Isr v l'r
ths coumbty ahrap od rthaBt Cthe ce
bne aomplilhes abrouti 1-a..dy i l
tensaf e mndasured proiltrit y ofpti.
atihe maretd ton Thper 1xe ro-e.
zals praityiplf th erm tho buryc the
theriso an eper t nie dair
ofgh aues. anhteine io
whob as fatheyI int1-:a-; 101 r la
esltate reons i i-:Mr. ptn, M. Il. 1
goodil Irep tl rewVr 0.r Smh"r
Judgmet. STe lts oraniion Prt
in opbratica i almstp inethensbl Cght
0mallroc inutri w thebuies A)0
stimuattion of individual tim (P1on th
h It itu nulj I w n t hI 114
t~ tit:11 1 V\ itt I I I I \I I 1 I IataI
P I , ilb I tih Itl .l I. A tiot
I; 1 1 4 thI tb1, vbvt Ib . I
'I't'lVl' 1, 11n 1e u e o
I I' 1 If I I I pyI i d it
1 .4 11 1e 1 li t i 'l l 1 n, lmy -rI ll, et.I
\ li I I' n i i t ltiptr 1 t1
iathit m Stht' yelabr, ant., hao I .a
Lai. a nttew tl .hurc ht iand iarruc a'd
' A l It ir Iual I b g ht, i n' I
tftf~I ~ I~t r ''a a~i I l(I a I l
tt itt .y t t '$1 . I.
sh4 tI' W yn S in ehmflfo
fillnnha ingail ~) scho o t. theo IapUl
tilt) o li l liltr p 00 11at ron a i
woorgmg41i :11nd her.[ work is matis,
"-or y a d II It! gratifyig to alI
'Arniad. tito Itn ii trois arele
I anld hI puipils ar o dligh ned.
The1 ieGlawaiod mill soon to o
I ee f W ns trut ion , is th
iet of thferi nrgy of M t . I.
at Il t his cat of touth Carolina
I thi mill 'omltai th10 popu
l4it titt ltaly wtill t soon r ach
0 a-nol it stmall jump from a
alaad ,tationli of about 600 or 800
Amnonlg tie towns in Pickans
not111y that, have mloved, an11d
oved in emnnst, if; Liberty. From
nere station onl the Southern
iway all'ording a mo ani for thle
tr'ibultion Of goodsI throughou110,t
v ,a tiiwlap tas developed jito
phic.- (or conseilncno wilth busi
ss HiIeas:d ain holding within
i hnt s mmypeo)ple that:
al tit) Ilo .r hye acused (if he
a m ilhag.l, It is ItntIowi a
ti-a, a ltor In thie ii siness of
i- 1 a ation, anId perharips o ne of
o hc-;t inarkets in upper Carodi
t tin -o p i who wvanit ti-ira
l t- * woik t hat something
i t acn i to their advantaok
I-, In in d :in1 distriblitdi help
h rs is w\-"I built thle town and
t a ( redited with the industoa -
inl andl business awaken- ing (4
plac-. MtI.. j . P). smithi aI
n o i-' siness awd of char
te i s conI id nce took,
ionawhe ILiberty
! tation wvith grass
;I -v t ly -trt and began
al cotton mill. ale
t111 ei - uII m t from thie
V. iaI h I thle ognIIl iza
a- t- r o . d a 11-1 now has inl Oper
r,.. 'fla tof jiiuat beta equp
1-n d ~Il:a i It Xvmth, turingci
ii 111 Ij)-i (l ate d. running2(
c~l' Ii ~ t'a i 1 yi a con
t tals Io) atvs
'I'.h.rized capia l (d ro 0;10 ,0rd,
.di( covaenced 1 F oprai Sept.d
a aT he ba u l ig, ahl J ' subtanteial
itoryi briWk tructnuri h a~
aVil n i The mahiney made of
a Alatl)m gao:Lin orkhic i fmnd
[-a and u-t da. Abyl So n'
y fills arn femloyed and te
rul 8ifien ln fl wt.II
T.ii J. ~ndol has tjharge of card
la f weavn, w~le J (t l T.:i tien
ha m<ireAl' powarer. Theiv~a c'li- i
w* runnitingo a fin radoL of,*i
nyeratsti good for I whtich it finda
-etaytcsale. J. P.i'l- Smith isgPr
It land C.i(Ile Smyyi Supwitean
it'e1org' zat )1itt a bank a''Ct Lib
y fills a longy fetne adcr
fly Iatisfe a)long felatih wat t
o is 1a mode it tit~atioan a to
Sh toh-yO t a maoleI of t hax r
rois by Mr. Ptker farm-r. eldst
attft Mr. te U-wnfiberty.o
towiad r hotao, tiver csttm a
ry~ pa clO mane thed t aei--e
ivin Hton. The atit tameli
shfyteian thuprtchfei havitreoa
astor an )IC8d ~~the thpodists,
ir inilitanoft' pirit and fethed
roghoy up-to-daty n knowl
tributent ah fnup-agaoudnt of t
tow arhe amonge' hof te tb
ndanwr and hoteAve soe ofil
bestai pofucgland t~oen seena
ily ine tths plart oftwitout
ogipesdwt theproue
nte dov t lat d ai the hn
av tes reoiiane. T
re to te st a l o ng 'flai
ut 11 i 1(0 ttd, i r uto ini V lests 0,
heii county n lih tinaIty Im hod tk
%VI b 1%0g it 1e%4 v a\ kl ro v ak
avi th) tie ii su eii(S0It $100,000.0
ith a vti t ku ed% e et hi A t
:Iur t o t lit tue ont Ow I
Ili li t't tid all tae I~s to dow
Ito Iitiiri'. 41orn b toi t il
av th 11 o 1int 1 v. o tvI' I-I %ii
I C itt i ,g mathe vlOune o
n0iness1 0l 1tit %Iid rte. I is t I
iuig tore int irt a ilarg a mii
1rw ingt t the pcot o tN
lvIt to th l s tI css
onVlit' 011i tau l i 111 t keep t o
Io ot ii t 11111 it "'d I Itv -4tit I A c
tt'ilt cs Bl hohQds,1
Itnd,,(I : 1d , f te buyes rdon' se
-a he wat. ll ie hao dot. is
akh fo it a t her sai witb
lI> tIo Ill . ' g o l. Thel
ii& till n1s 'itlitg tho iVll l 1
1i lei l d'Ott tiect I i ,4 tith (Is f r iiiiR
ores lcar~r n are stocksIli ~o
n merch ,is., bi I da tw all(!
tug torie mctirkt andll a dipot n
V00,C~ S ikh. I l l ie archas a 1 ri
Iry. t t he prI11 1 t 11 k ei iA
ilisp e's a v:1s intoa thig twl
.a lie fMnl 1 nitv to dot bI
1he m rh1. n t.lit l ris ai wi fui
to' ceerala uo a re h n ehandi furn
un and l y evryte n
0i1coril mt te hn ise, hend i t \\ h
in Lineto whis a a fuicotur'
ltore , h reartet d(1 od the
A c.. e o aris a meuolot'
iol of1c-linp and in --kIte110 to I
'os a hvIyebs hess and fan all
[lo Sett and 1'C Ibil tat Ill a 1) 1-4 v
Wt I. lin.-l AI. noi iobt also o
"ays he f uns rey t serv i
ilsitos il
H.' A). Richy ris hanthr oo'eir
n'd rsedin it he and rn i ti I
arm. ho is a gennof moft e%\z
ind tict "Iutii ess l Suca Ctio,
;~~ e biv'no" Ile are ag for tIele
itlent c. arait aand ai gone bu
01-S 1. & IIfi iilhiiIm-(I are C1111 a I
A.M.R Mi s,1 mert of gchar
xrhse ted and host.nbl attes
ioto bus%. Ieses hasm wo n for y hi
atin til 1 11 t41p l hr ( of~I goi R est
in enivia lte reputaion and suects
ar hi Hie M.oris isal o also vou
ialient ist yater aight M u
Td .i ).harrling thear forgver
eav s ttog lly an111.d t
o liw p Mris a eer in
yand rict bsiess t pplcto
I lin i W I
Ro Stady stn 1t1h1ya are lie
'olger &cii Thior it-arllo y11on
nent bt to rouglyquliie.
ooks atrte largei a'tn d'ver in
rneasing t bui i asinesg Rithey Iotroil
'0hey tsuceee r Mr. vii. 11cD. sruit
when to beai me afa sier of t h
i1xce El Ban,ld and hersptred
uchil bsSiss apicationfy thit
.oung imenss Iehiit, storews rhe
'voirthyi to prosp o.eaut n
Ltr..fythan ssigntico. wat ib
ei nos tll av to vn her stoi
e it ixcelhet ady eand he1rii nic<
)W mos. Shio canerallsy koun ai
tineb igs orbe. ''iir soe tIii r
ieti iln tlu, jf ouwatlito OVuy
Am)ongI' th up-dt i nst ( oitt flitu
rns tt,~~ haveO giv timpe *Itust)o~t
it "liligiI ,i Sto re. This enterpise
ani up-o-dat d (110epartmennt store
rryinig stocks of dr'y goods, shoes,
uts andi~ a full1 millinery depart
ont uinder the dIirection of Mliss
irzaih Hughes, an artist ini her
ne, assisted by Mrs. Amandla E.
reeman. Another dlopartmOnit is
1led with hardwtre while still
iothier is dlevoted to furnjijture,
aggies aind wagons. Tlhey carry
rerythmiig from the smallost ar.
ele s to stetpm cangines anid thresh.
ig machines. It is in charge of
r. R. E Bruce whose business
)lity was recognized from the
guIning. lie is assisted by an
>ie cor'ps of assistant L.
Thou the drug stores-two of
LCIm we have--the Very beat. Dr.
airlo's store iOpposite tile Court
ouse0 is filled with every medi
nio known to the art of mnedicino
id IDr. Earle, flow assisted by
r. Lucius Earle looks out foi the
ustom ers.
Torniley~s Pharmacy, owned
id directed by Mr. B. XC. Thorns
is an uptodae establish ment
ero s dspenad nedcines, toilet
tiea and tlat,. of narl e..e..
(lIi IONI iIL 0ONMJlITI118 CJRi1).
i"llr 1 4,l e1ar1 I la I *ilir111ni 1)1ono,'
1111- 11u lm ba 1111 ha t a t oen I could no4
11 len111k 11111V It Iis Iwr, writmi Mr
, 14oieph C gl a , of A n i tm11orinllei [in,[
" I 1 4111 1ll re mii i1 iv iillib le , )lit w it.'I
Jln mIetW41-4,. m'' r11luIately ily 41111ploy o .
Sa nimt ry )1I''oy'" hJoniey 1and
fill-. i 11 i . wai ate in-or ent mira l u ,
m1 i I a11111m i w1(1 odfi (f 1.h1f diso . Oin
MY rei manni l tion 20, 1 woplo alvo
ili (oley'll lons 1114 Tar,0 nd always
with nilat l n tlrionl." 1il,11 & Th ley 9y,
V't-lwns, Chalian & Callimo, Libierty.
STATE tl' l1I 6r l .1 NA1 tk
Into n y (if li Ll).'i .
Ammnuaid 1. Konnori e lot rN o v , Ill.
PlI inti l f .
W. T hic ilet ul.
illn p01 lano of ia decIretal Ordor inl
iailingv tited IasO by Holt. ori e
.(l o ailath d lla. 20, 1902 and a,' 11ile
ill the Chlrks office. J. wili .41 t tt
higiit biddor ol saleatv inl ly 19(.02
duinglf the legal hour.- for salo it Pick
ell Court IHose, fj. j., thu( fullowina
rant of h111ud to wit:
lal t111hat pico, preOr lot of InId
inl (lhe town of Pickensl, counlty alld s3tato
Ihuit dsyo i, 1 902.lilo
f aA lot No. 46, wid
Inltmin jg neaer, mXore Or less i.rna t
that other lot adjoinliing Iho abovei mnj.
tioned lot a3d knlown't ai th oai 3 :strhaf
of lot No. 44 conistaining oe. hal1of acro
!nore or les, alfo all that othevr lot aid
joiming th avdoi leo, and
InwnIl OR tile eaislt eld of lot N). 860.
aining 0on0 -ailf acre mror or l s ld at
known a113 thlt) e1 e.tit . of Ieo. W.
JiAwl, dce's11ed, froni ting (ilarvin and
Cedaritt Rock Street.t
Tertms caab. PurlchasersM to ploy for
papers and for record ig;, the samAd
1st d-ay of April, 1902. --'
A. J. 110G0A,
Clerk of Court.
C'ouity f Pickels.
lyJ. JI. Newbery E Yiure robatto
Wheras, 11 .1 (rtold ade suit to
11 to g'aot helr L etter of Admjjljlilistrat.
i o4t111e1 Ei'state of .d111 eii Cis of 13, A.
(irreni deceased.
.These are thletefor to (ItO and athnon
ish hi31nd siglar 1 m kie
elitor s f the said I . A. (ireen deecao
Cd, tIhat ty be mi and 11) r hofmo l'
ule tIl Couirt of lroate, to bho held al
t ickens Colrt I hmse, S. J, onl the 10
&y of A pril 1902, after pliaiiion he
eof, t 11 o clok in th fm oon, to shew
au.if an11Y tfey have, why the said Ad..
nndistratioll should not Ib deot graned.
Given under ily Iand and seal, thi
2 day (if MarCh 192, i the 120 year of
if our indepenCdencv.
T. . NEW 1ERY.
MabJ. P). P. C.
Coiity of iens. -
ty J. B. Newber Es(Ipt re Probato
CWherectas, . J. .ohntston made suit to
m t- granit him .t rI of Admini
ha of Idt Ette e't st of .W.
Thee ari~ey theeorle tou )ioY and 1dmn
t~osof th saidr Wf.'i th. ityrn of.
cased, that tte and appealybefore,o
day ofa April 190a it a.t- pubicaio
hrof ad 11)'oke inO p't iuon nil tov
lsew oas.f ytheyiiieo 2 hav, wtho
1. Adm m11 tratl shoupoerd o b gran.
Givten bunder myf halng and Reali2g
daof rMarlh 19,inth 1t ea o
W. A.J.AP.LP.N,.
li oun t ne ofoPicken.'. tSt
Pursuaknt tloila comision(1 ied to~n
Ilolth undersmgo si I corporators by . R.t
'Ckoer , Secrethay of State 1, Libteten
NOTIE i heebT Ive tabok
thenaseyI[i Craer CWmpl n w11, 8lllbo
opionedl(')1 at Maytor'si 01( .i in th city ofw
1Easley whao and hiCeoutaoresai, for
Th3 e sid proposed11 lai cororty i'on i av
(31 ctlst'ock of t'2000, dividid iontro80
ha pros the1p valeof wa5 cachtwit
irs pab rinipan of busty inl)s atj Ealy
1.C. will bompere to eng ebc'',oao
m~g the s ts (llf o mAri and2 forin
bur andii eeseofth patstezn milkn
b un an (as(in ice( asd yn tond
M2.1 A. 0mi, -iCrrator
r B moe' oey a nd Toar.Rsp
lhedacin cogniand bl andstln
hnst thyiuns [f thei e it wi
>rvet n ttckofpnumn.w o

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