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The people's journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1891-1903, April 17, 1902, Image 2

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The People's Journal.
T. J. MEN, - - -. Klitor.
WL-srai M-ATHEY Mis 111- r
Jitered at tho Post Orithe nt Pickens am
second-clasm Matter.
Sa1h eripuiwo. $1.0.) :1 , en-.
Tmt;SDikY. A1l'I. 17. 1m):2.
Wado lIiamllpton, tIhe idel Sold
ir, the ta) Uteslianl who Scrl'(d I
South Carolir.a wwn she nieded a
Iead'r most of all tim4-s, tho gen,
tlemiiani who alIv:lv properly re
presented the clivalrP1y of hisi sitate,
is dead. Th story' of his life is
history inl South Carolina, 11141 t he
n)ws of his )ath C1'ris1c orr w
to every-. hou1sehlold inl th16 0,1...
I111 ied at his hIom4, in Con i
onl (lhe iornling" -f A pril I I ill h, !.
h1om4e4 built and prese:.'ed to hi: 1
tllh 1)ople of , South Cr1n 1
testllimomal o f t I
anI aI Cognit ion t i
th- days whenl M
led hlim, andI hl", wv) w
laid at hlk r. altair :nh h! - . 1
o - 111:11 d
tun41iy toI h4)jVly ~ '
ga Ie his 1 n1 - .11 -
tribute ttte, r. t
doml ht, so cr, y
< v ears ld .
v- iI' WI ' ')
veri lt,11(4" 10 \ r ci: y '
votion oth i
estie ( ), :14 i
Onl Oll flo, Veeb
:I ttenld-d with :.1 n
1'l . i I. . a ( t *)4 4)- ) \ ' --- --)
le itli war, 44l' 141 ......
tOd y as r, el
Iue Us . r' l
Cnd44i in t1 hi 144 thc wll
State111 (m Ih . ' n
.-.\nl rie 1: . 'l th.t rei' 11al1
or' more n Denn er:4 . 1,
e'l./( i (Ii . ' I \
foach wh14ieb eih Ih -u
distinct th (S! l.
president a4nd) I n or' ' m
wyrkinig ennunit i
1)han itl(1 Ie la lliii a
COInun~ in11 on) reisir I u
elt ve 11li) ;(l t4f, aIH t'4 ' 4
tAt Crwu-: i.Th unt i n l'"
el l i (hall l' fetillen cd 11t 'I
memberl of th e4t.1114.h' idor c
shal mt' ion the tourth
respect('ivlyi~ of e44 h 4i.iiie't i'i
Proi dodlfh 144) 1~ Tha th ( '1(4' 41
ther dauy w iVanithti 14 hI
COiloniet 11a V1(14' ill the1
ganignation,0 Oth '41WnS) t
Cnlitioc nS:\ PIOi414 Ihti
cse teoflmee ofoCrinn f 1
County shalltihe Contitt:1ll
Steno Coveniti as i ha j0o
beat rs in h t hnea A~lmb inil.(4
liemmesshall have o~rt tl ower (O~i
cll ane exranincting of t he enx,
anvida fneh exrTat aetn oie
so ereth O the ie lt a.merse (111 ef
tiue ornnjoculno for tetanla
torrioeu. on' Thy lusin each
tpae uhirmnder thenconrly of a
ConyExeni 4C nnile.',hh
sh'4cnss ofA n l membe from~) N~A.
Iico of' the exocutivo comnitte
thall be until tho first Monday in
lay of each election year, at
riich timno tihe County Convon
iol shall bt called together to re
rgmiizo the party. Evwery prosi
ential election yoar County Con
eltions sh1ll be called by the
ounty Executive Committee to
*e-t oil the first Monday in May,
hich shall elect delegates to L
tto Convention called for the
urp1On. (of . lvet-ing delegaltus to the I
a t oional Deiiocrat ic Convention
Xomitittee f'rom this State. Tho
htate Conventioni shall be called
y Ilho tat.o Executive Collmllit(ee
o mole t tvery presidential electiol
ear on the third Wodtiesday iin F
qa v , atd verly State election year, I
Inly anid Stato Convotions shall
n.I tIl tie first Moldaly Il May
Ind the thirid W'ednleszday In May
. V . County Democratic
'';t'it n sha-lI ho Composed of
I. -ji tes e'lectmI )y th several
t'Iib(ts, one deilgate for overy
.. y-li V(' il(i41'bers, alid one dele
I i a liIlajolt iy fraction there
Swit I th right to each Couity <
.-. enlIiio to enlahrguor dininish c
i4'w)pr'eeltatioll accolding to t
r ~niee.The counIty Coll-d
liii it s siall be cAll'd together c
v the chIl-irmlen Of the respective r
\ ''tive C(onllites ulider suci C
;i-, notd in anlsistent W ith th.> it
nati-itlions nor)I With the rules a
jirtd by the Stato I )lloclratic y
I v e u vi a optl, alnd whllt aS'.
J--d ,hI l be1 c-All-d to order i
i . 'hairman 4)f the Executive i
udt toi, :,14 t ile C1 'ot ntioll I
I *.~tt A' (mi I W I' l I(!l H II
rinamn its membrs1a it
eut. it l <> ofro vice-presi- c
. -,t oryv ' and a teasll i er. |
1111ty CIinVEn4tlitn ifNy P( -r
I' - I II 1e(t ill at %13T of <
;i e it cin i, ,r einha bY ai i ajority
it t~in<5,n and thoveri ySit (ly
li.kv -1- 1 ll . (qo galniz-.d In t
A .~ 1 t 1t i ll 1'r ttution, as t
It , lt I i. 'iV Il F, to (he pillo.,It Iby
t h t itl ' (t ls il ) -wher eino1dS atil,
e11111 n ti n i u-. smpetivo e uclia
MSllV vote: c.1 11 ivided,
a tp1ston shall ela~ed tn
I t h the-il herovislonsIOf
it in 'l t, lt ion. E c
p ' .h IIt 1 -' o s 111p po .49 o
n'i Llt I~lit'iLaiti's Iioran t iver
n 1tt it t v nt rl ad n I aIl
:ue~~~~ dii-ricldng S .
'.t*i ths trleee i Clitsh'A
1i1'(t i n ite4 n 22,i respec-n
trt ti, aState' it State
ri . i :ne' l:lill I' 51nn 11 :lieer, o
\ i i)itl ai ltl la t l and ll at (I rad
ap)e ri s..r' eti I l ~eistrat(11:iIO a di-l
[i i prier ela. 110n hall b e eld
nt ih.-S f 'a-t~Tyuof til votgust o
t I't l oflionfr WI) ell two is aCksO
.1 slit el v 1oid-edat the nele
:) ai l'rlod i t , TCA h e Ci10O ilt
. ist (ni ill1nnuiitteetn of hcun
A i- at ibert v' to 'u ord er primary
1art. .\vt ion saltn onl Do-e
-teeding ice nexoidt enrom ecio
:(Ilgeseingoena Iariet to e-e
e tie' n trk e n , ada
4 s.'~ whowil pledge~* tmlves
yutive committee shall bo comiposed
)f ono member from each c(ounty,
,o be elected by the Count.y Con.
rentioli ol the first Moztiday inl
Stay of each oloetion year, Vien
-Iected, said executive committee
shall chooso its own oflicors, not
necessarily members thereof, prior
Lo said electiont: Provded, That
my oflcer so elected who is notI a
meoibor of the comunitteo shall
'ot be entitled to a vote. The
itate Executive Committee shall
inoot at the call of the chairnian or
m dy five nmebers, and at such
:ime.and place as lie or they may
IJPpoint. Thle members of the Na.
-ioial Democratic Executive Comn
nittee from South Carolina shall
>I elected by the May State Con
rontion inl 1896, and every four
,oars thereafter, and when elected
hall be ex officio a member of the
'tato Executive Committee. Va
ancios on said Executive Coin
nittew by death, resignation or
>thorwise, shall1I bo fillod by tle
ospoctive County Executive Con
nitteos. Tilt) State Executive
,oimimittee is charged With the ox
cntioni an(1 diroction of the policy
if the party in this Stato, subject
o thiis Const itut ion, the principles 1
eclared inl (le platform of priti- c
iples, and such instriiction, by 0
esolution or otherwise, as a State s,
Kniven tion may adopt, not (
icollsistent with this Constitution, e
ud shall contii in office for two h
ears from the timo of election P
r until their successors have been t'
lected. Th'le commlh~itte shall 1nom1. 0
iato presidential elecLors, and it 0
ty vacnlIcy occurs in the State 11
icket, of electors or of the member '
f the National E.xecutive Con
nittee, by death, resignation or
>ther cause, tle Colilmitte sh all
iave the power to fill the vacancy ; 0
ill by a majority of the whole
:mititoo ,1
Airri: IX. Tile vote inl the 0
'tVect ive coun tit -s for Mll of the
it ato ollicors, Congressman - and
:nited States Senator shall be
ramfsnlmitted by the Chairmen of
lie rwespetivo County Executive i
oiimitteos to the Chairman of the t
tato I'x'cuitive Comm1 ilit tee as soo. h
k8 Pract ieablo after each primary,
v'ho shall proceed to cainvass the I
met amd declare the result.
Aiit i., N. When the State Cot -
eentin aii ussemies it shall be callet
. rdr by tho chairlan of the
Stato xI(cuitive Committee. A
minporary chairmantn shall 1) nom,1
naed atid elect(d by the conven.
ion, amd after its organization the
on vent ion shall proceed immed.
ately to th) election of permanent
Ilicewrs and to the transaction of
)mIHinlfss. Wlen the )usinsCs hai
oncluded it shall adjourn eine
Aiwriersi XI. Before the elec
ion in 1896, anmd each election
hereafter, the State Demiocrat ic
IExecutive Committee shall issue a
rall to all candidlates for Stato of.
(ies to address the people of the
dlit'terenit counties of the State, fix
ing the dlates of the meeOtinlgs, an~d
also inviting the candidates for
Congress 'nited States Senate andi
for Soli1citors in their respetive
disjtic.ts, and circui ts, to he p'res
et andi alddlrss the people. A t
such meeting only tho e'indidlates
above ret forth1 should ho allowed
to i'peak.
A wrwii: X I. It shall he0 the
duty of v.ach County Execuitivo
Comimitt ee to appoint meetings in
thiei r resp'etivo counties t~o be ad
(dressred by the General Assembly
and for the diffeorent coun ty oflices
all of whom nxcept fngist rates,
Masters and Supervisors :11 Regis,
tr'ationi shall be elected by prima,
ritos on the last. Tu'mesdayv in A ugust
ot each election year uinder thli
same amd regulations hereiinbefore
Awrmu, XIII. E~ach coui ty
delegation to a State Conventien
shall have power to fill aniy vlaan
cy. therein.
Awiricri~r XI V. Tis C'onstitu
tio may bi~le a mmendied or aliteiri'd
at the regular May Conivention
of t he State or at anyi coilvenItion
calle d specially1, for I ita purpol(k
the cull for which shaul l)p)eify thie
chan ges to ho made~l~.
A wrieji: XNV, Any county fail.
in ur re fusinhg to or-ganize unde11 r
the' prov isionso of tih is Const iftuion
shall no t hav ~e repriesenatatioen in:
the St ate Demilo(raltic (Convention.
('hmi. State I )omi. E x. C'oi.
h'. N. i'INTEIm, dit.
F'ole~ s lioney0 il Tar cottins inot
conistpf)ef liko eay all otther congh
motemes ic. Refuso subhsti tuites.
l'ii-y's KidneyV Curel' malfke kidneys
an.t blaLhier right. Don't dlelay takiing.
F0oe's( Kidnety Cure if taken in time
Ifiird sieur'ity fromi all kidnecy ar~d but
Thle siirest and aafvst romedy for k id
ney and blidder diseas is Foley's Kiiey'
(hire. Ho l t & Thiornloy, Pickenis, Chaip
mani & (Callaliami, Liberty.
"A neighubor ran in with a bottle of
Chambiierlains~ Co, Cholera anid Ditrr
hoea Rnmedy when my son was suiflorinig
with Hovero eraimps anid wyas given up~ as~
beyondl hopo by my)3 re'gular phiysician.
who stands high in his profe-ssion. Af
ter adminitering three doeses of it, my
sonl re'gined10 'onsiH~ouisness and recover
ed enitirely withiin twenty-four hours,'"
asys Mirs. iiry Hallr, of ALt Crawfordl
Vai. Thli Remed~y is for sale qy (G. WV
Mlillions marvel at (lie muliititudwee of
m iadies cutL off by' Dr. King's Newy Life
Pills-the most <hstressing too. Stom
aehi, Liver and Bowel trouible--Dyspep
sia, Loss of A ppetite Janndioc, Billions.
poe, Fevei, Malaria, all fall before these
wonder warorers 2Q at BIOl A Tltrp
AN t
n o
. ...... ..-..----- and
Cover Crop of Two Klin und Their my
I&onuynrntive Adinanaes. IUso
There are ptletivltlly Iov-''iatsses of witI
plaints which tie :orhItrlist nitty use P6
for the 'plrposi- of seciring a cover
L0rop. Theb~e arIe tbe nitr6ogenious class
n)i the one hand andml tlie nonnitroge
rious cas on the other. The diffrellCO
between these tWo Is marked by the Am
thle I
iinl tl
.t.-:. tract
it ti1
cowens nu~ncasuo' lit
COWll11AS J1iIOADCA'ITH-1. that
a wer of the pilaits of the iiitiogeious tiont
ass to appropriate the free iltrogei of Io
' the air and store it up in their tis
tei in, such aii t way'that. it is iore or ki
ss readily available to the succeeding taini
'oPs. Prominent among plints wie knm'
ave this property atre the clovers, Jati
mns, beans mid vetches. These are the d
trmer's friends, the nitrogen collect
rs. Concerning cover cr l and the 1t
,chard, Professor John (Cr;,ig of Cor
ll university has slimitiarized hits inl
estigations as follows:
The orchard is to be viewed in the
ght of a specieic crop.
Iunus is essential to the liberation'
f plantit food. 11
Barnyard maiure supplies organie Jud
latter, but is often beyond the reatch
f t he orchardist. ion
Probably the ideal system of orchard liui
lanlagemetit illcll(es cleant tillige anid 'T
cover'crop in the ann1ual progralnutme. ish
Effect& of tilag'o and of cover crops tor
ro similar in inanmy respects, but while ce .
oth tend to make pliat food available me)(,
he cover prop inay actually add to the itt
tore. day
Tle cover croi!.pi'evenitedil frost froin
ienetrathig the ground deeper than six
cen ilcihes tis Compared to twelty-ole
nCIhes oin bae-C ground.
Tle perceitage of water in cver
!ropped ground - compared favorlhy o11
vith bare uicultivated ground in I owa
1nd New York.
The texture of the soil and subsoil is
iuch liproved by the burrowing hah- P)
ts of tle earthwori and the peletlit
ig character of clover roots.
The cover crop prevents surfae thie
watsihing and injurious trosioin of or- tie
hard land, pre
A coluparison of the fertilizing quail- fus
ties of tile clovers, eovpea aini hairy Pic
vetch pintced the last fitr In the lend, --
wilth atifalifa andt 111 inarnothI clover see
IIalry vetchi appears to bie a viialuabe
leguiintotzs lantlt. for cover croip 11ur
poses. It in haird..d eep roothlig, gr-ows
at how teiitnirture(s atnd lprold uces a
dense mat of vegetation on the sturface bt
of the ground.
Cowpen is particularly valIuable for
a sy-stema of niceultivation atnd as part pi
oif a1 Coinbitntiont (rop.
Of the niltrogeni conisunlters ryve atnd
bin-kwhleat atre of ittost imp iortan lce. a
OXis aire fa vor-ably spoken of ini sone tu
Ilatts of the country,.t
Certaini tuixtuires tile umsed to ad tvtan
tage. AlIfitlfai, 1111niothi clover ilth
turntips have givent sat isfaiction, but1
oats anid crimson clover doi not sue- e
ceedl. sir
The cowvpein ia a Japanese bean. It ia 1)11
a tendiel a antial, a raiutig, yigorous Al
grower*. Its culhtivationi has been coni
linedi to the south and sthwtiliest, where
it is growni to) somel extient as ai forago
Cro1p, butt genlt ly fotr green ma1lininig.
In the niorth its grea test vialue is its
shld~ be ireembiered t niat it is a hot foi
wveat her phin t, antd ,thle seed iust nut
bie plan ted b)efore cori n htinig timne; Eli
that it "goes down"i' with the first atu- o0t
tumiin frost andii t hit tn 1 oor)01 soil bette(r m1a(
resuli ts ma:1y be secured by plnt injg itn ('ae
tows and cultivatinlg tha biti y broad- 2
F~ewtitisina- Tomntoes. -siot
Trhe imlpression is fluite preva lent -:3
mat ining. E.)erimients tat hattv t bee1n a e
'ontduhcted iat ia numberhic of Siht ionii thai
shiow that the tointo s ta pihant lint
qiCkly antd proiitabily responids to thme 111o
usne of mlanu tres or fiertilizers andti tint d
the malturity anld yieldi arte very largely
infliunced by thle mtathod of mianuing tl
and fert ilizing. Ex perimtenits condiiuct- stO
edl by the New Jersey station have ii
shiowin niitralte of 80(da to be one of the at n
best nitrogenous fertIlizers for this 51
eroP-. oumr
......- - - - Man
T1vo years ogo, as a restult of a seovero acte
50o(d, F lost amy voulee," writes D~r. M.
L. Scarbroutgh, of IHebron, Ohio, "'then .- -
begani ant obstinaito cotugh. Every re-A
medy known to me as a practicing ph y-AC
niemlu for 25 years, fatiled, and Idai~y
grw, worse. fleing urged to try Dr. 1R
Kmtgnf,4 ow Discovery for Consnmption, Reat
Coughs and Colds, I found quick relief, Ton)
utnd for last ton (lays have felt b)etter Folt
~han for two years." Positively gular-an. othe
ceed foru Thoat and Itua (6 trottbles b' than
Iot ,T ornjey 50. u a i 1,0 Thel1 Jiol
'or ten yv-a8 I hoad chronic bro:oi
R 'o bad that a tines I cotild no
ak akbovo ia whispor," writos Air
oph Coflfman, of Molntmorenc Ind
tried al1l Iemeies available, but with
suocom. Fortuinately lay elployer
gesed that I try Foley's honey and
Its effcot wias almost miracul uts,
.1 amu now cured of the disoiso. Oil
recommondationl laily peoplo havo
I Folyp's1" Hlony and Tar, an(d always
I matisfaction." ]loit & Thornloy,
ken1, Chapman & Callahan, Liberty.
County of ickens, J
ida E. Kennemiore, et all.
r. McFall, et oal.
pursuance of a decretal order in
Ibovo stated case by Hlon. George
Jage dated Mar. 20, 1902 and antile
to Clerks office. I will soll to Ite
mt biddor on saledav in Mlay 1902
log the legal hours for salo at Pick.
Jourt Houme, B. C., the following
of land tW wit:
01 that piee., parcel or lot of land
m town of Pickesi, county and stato -
said, and known a lot No. 46, andt(
liing on1e aere, more or les a1lso all
other lot adjoining tilo aibove mnc
!d lot and known ats the east half
t No. '4 containing one half acro
3 or less, anlso all tlat otler lot :ad
Ug thle above 1ontoioned lots, and
vI 11 the twst 0nd of lot No. 80 con
ng ono half acre more or loss and
vu ali th real estate If Geo. W.
es, deceAsed, fronting Gaivini and
ir l1ock Street8.
rum cash. Purchasers to pay for
Br and for recording the samiiie.
lay of April, 1902.
A. J. 1100GK,1S
Clerk of Court.
County of Pickens".
y J. 13. Newbery Esquire, Probate
Bhereas, J. . Clyde lado sit.i to
to gralit h1er Letters of Adiniilstrat
of the Estate of "Ind efl'cets of Catro
I. Clyde, decased.
Iese are therefore to cite and admon
all and simgulal the, kindred (Sre li
of the said Canrolial 1. Clyd', de
led, that. they be and llptearili before
in t:o Court of P'rohate, to be hl'dd
'ickents Coriit Holise S. C.,oi the Ist
if May, 1902, after inth1;i(entionl
-of, at 11 o'clock in t he foro'n, tI
wv cause, if ntily they have, why the
Administration hiolld not 1:' grail
iven under ily hand nd H. al, 11
4f April, 1902, ill the 1'2; year of
J. P. P. C.
'Y lFoley's licney and Tar. I !tps
ratking cough nild ha1tuls aid sin i1g
I] the I1ungs. If tellen ill time it wil
venlt 31n attacek of pnimlonlia. Ite
[I substitiutes. ]3oIt & Thorinley
konf. Chillas fo & Calltan Lilieri
IConty e Comiss1( ~ier l'ale.
(IiTi ICH( ( dOUTH CAROLgiA to
C118(onty, l of Picens.iio I'ck
y vitue (of alt of110 th legislaure
vidingi for the sade (If .'tolt s in the11
t~e~l1tIi uldintg a e ai n ther imrpose est.
5. wilfl 41e1l3 to tie h'igheM ~st h'eth
keu county, Iin( i il the of ik is
yickon Cour lose, 4'. C., uring )it
foueha ( hof aor sale towit: lss
del that cerain 10 lot ihs thelbuilings
Ithe Maso1 ni Ibouilit o n th4'e lwest,
I. Tofranle onu te st in street C 41
th othi)lI8(11c an d will I.be dxispen-t
dy o slcatdotinn bu
fourth o (li of14 anacr (more l o ~l tess. l
I lall thoeOlI othedits11 in 14 said tno
edich toil bndow'11 s tas, conltainin
iluttwgof ( e) acr es tor let whiest
Ii(1 of sal e (een cinl tt om
elsi'e's 1lico, fand till be1101 eitid l
blanc te onat rei u ti1teiht.a
ovembeer, 1902, et prteaion ar.
edbyte bsond of th, Aprne and 2
ort(agetof thle prem is w i itrest
4)a day of5(14 tal on cr44'edoit potin
.d1n, the isame.ltt~ i~l. 't(0
1 stck, L.e~ti'iul of, TEP IS~).
.'d. ''it (Ier, Pesdent I T. resurer."
.18 11t( Ihn~,) send reh nL iX i4d
114 ametin of the10 19 irefors < 15 1)the~
ley Ilott of 1 M i, eh'l this 11ar. lthet
ingie' 5 resoluins 1)r' Jadop' i:g 1 i
st. Tl'init.o i (f the til soc io iflt
kle 115e M1111l4illiiio ilesod to .iio
.00,by irtin 1000 h dsuuel of Iom
a( (tckIf Jicthes par value11 of 51141njot
d.Thtatlolesh (Itock1 he (1i fth
tany (haleig rentit dIto sub-cribe
r.Ta : Pres't & Teasunre
py o the eNslTo, wia nt
he t. of Junler , Proris po ther
at ousearug o' of th icr hsatdtat',i
no1i, a'ts re'Tuire by law,'( he~ri gie
'ygshoe ano d Th r tou t apers.n i
h.o ~ e Thatsuho call forditiona
khhoro a oispoed cof byii the
&tls thande par for e &sh
, 190, atl)SY the oilo o h Ese
Rnd fails to do its work,
, a virulent poison. Thon
3es, sick headache, fevers
Dnt that gives the liver just
Saturn's work in the right
r is
and the pollots tono tho.
at 25 cente, and un
eedingly bad, you
you finish them.
F- or sale at
Over Shoes..
MEN, $3.50.
Hand Sewed
ion Edge Oxfords
it. Si wC haveCvr shwn.
ell Everything
he Shoe Line.
'e V( ille, S. (.
ill bie so1ld for less1 than cost.
ii Enis's, WVomenu's ansd Childre~n's
eto buy gooud shoies for li ttle mion
4 andl( Embroideries is nlow on.
'Cw thIin gs of the season, an~d nlo
the same moniey.
En asnd Pleasure
th with thea a
T and WL)ST
h, .1T rem2 a 13*-- i.~ n "--Caaa
'oint? vin Atlanta an&~-d via
on ni1 Through~ Trains.
JItates to Ci ar-sto ac.e
i Ham'orts noly 4.n salo at
W- ii. TAYLOE,
Jht- Gona. Pauit. .Agone,I
J. C. BE Atlanita, Ga.
Ditr let Panx. Jlgent,
Atlatsta, Ga.
Last, fell I wasH talons with a ve~r~y
lavero ittac o~ r mnn~q~ aite thmunnl') I5m
noeI. A ri
1ud thieinn
fter two appllljOn'1110 ot AnS itemedy J1,
raSi muhli be'tter, andc iafter 1118ing c
~ottle. wasl comnltly oured..-.Halhae
Chronic I
When the liver is torpid,
the bile entors the lood as
comes constipation, btllouen
3 and malaria. The only treatm
the right touch and starts t
The pill touchos the liver,
25 dosoa for q5 days cc
loe your case is e<
will be well before
Sample free.
all de
. Walk
.\re the N
We S
in t
Eximanbury va u inal
E;xr'' .:lin::y valuecs IL
A feuv CA IPEUS an~d J AC(NET'S v
Ileavy Shoes. This is the' plat
Tihe sale 1f WVh i t Go' dt. Lawni
hle goods will be0 kopt ini all ti. I
Clier ca ou buy Ijetlter (.oods for
R'* AN
Uniingthe PriLnc
R osor2tsi of the .Sou
between~ New Yorli and 11
* Ashe'villo.
New York and Florida, e:ithe
a nd Savranh, or vria
Staperior DInind-!.Car Servict
counzt SOuth Car'olina nt.
F.x position03.
Winter. Tougrist Tickets to
reduced rateti.
For d.etaIledi informaton, litor,
apply to nearest rloce.sgoant,or
.1. H. H ARDWICfr,
Genera l~g P'aasvnger ..9gon t,
Washngt'on, D. C,
Dm,. Pasnger .Mgont,
CharleUton, .F. C.
FEORUJARY 1o, l0o0.
haot way3 are, (Clounb~erlin~'s SItirnoe, *Ie
)swer' i II hov aire' easirer i uel pienan, I.i
> b.i,u. re idih :ndl geli I jia ~tetL i
('p)'Ided O~ne. TIhcn they tileaniito and1 $4
Ivig"nite th 1)4) nach andfO~ aIIII'vI) th
oes i a nat 0.1al c~oditfi, whlile p1il '
rel niore iIhr inl effOOt and t-hir urse is I
rtall to lowol hv nonattrmuoim om.t 1;

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