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The People's Journal.
Griphic Description of' itie Bilt
tice of tile Witlder-ss Whe-re
Ili.' Waus Killed.
Il r. T. It. Lackie, of Detroit, Mich.,
who was an ollicer in tle f amous Six
teenth l ichigan regiment, writes to
the Atlanta Jotrna a1 correction of
the StatCmen11t going 11the rounds that
Gen. AMicah Jenkills wis killed at
(;ettysburg, and gives in tietail the cir
cilstan1ics conliected with lis death
in the batt:e of the Wildiness on the
(;th of M1ay, I 1- to which is addedi a
glowing tribute to (;eli. Jenkins from
the pen ol this allant Federal officer:
The circlumtalnCes ConncMtCed with
the death of that. very distingished
ollicer were as follows: All day the
5th and until about 10 a. Im. the ith.
;ciier.l A. P. Il ill's corps had been
conitending against vasitly superior
ninnbiiihers of Federal troops. Ot the
fatal toornin g of the 5th Hlancock had
advaliced his corps on liIR's position,
and forced the latter almost back to
his artillery line badly broken and
worin out by i!ncessan'tilt liIgltinlg. IDis
aster to the Collfedera1te ary seemed
assured. (Gineral I've was with the
artillery and directing the re-forma
tiOll of the broken l iles. lil * had sent,
for his old War h rme ( Longtreet)
%%nd V wasaNxiouslwaiting hiscoming
.:ailways rea1b and on1 hand at the
right Ionilill he i sei omiig ow(1il
the Orae 1,hnk road. his iulln ilient
ml1en1 on the dou'tic-quick. resistless as
the ocean tile r - s Texans are
deployed into h- ad I iuii hediatel, at(1
Vance w1ith 1tha t"never it, be forgottenl
yell. Th11e iillrtal Ix' springs to the
front to leal Illm; : theyv halt. lie
iust -o back or t1here vill bo no ad
laUce' (f xin1. A rinzed:c-faced
tieti of tI' hal4 t' froniit gently
takes the b -r rm and turns
the heaIt (l his clunrger. Ixee
SOrrowully ri le overU to - W ong
street; n es ti ithe 1xans. I ld
roar thle caumon with shlwtted brealthl
and ino(pre li lt t t : (d, battle de
''he Texans sti rike- luicock's exult
alit alvance: the lihck is tretindous;
neither line recoil-: biu the tangle(d
forest! tremble, 11nd1 theltan, d h ie
ed TexaIis alid tle( i vtraios of llan
cock eItLe them)selv \ wI to the s(i
ence of butchering. ('iie ainother. Tile
slaughter on btilh -idtes is awful. li
nn1 and Law's brnigades come3 to
the aiid of 4 te1 nd ake a hand14 in
the work that is 4n1; wi it a Ne.l the
wvhole unec chargLesA. The 'utleral linle
is furred back, hnt Wadsvoli c ome.
to the aid1 (A Hlancock; the tide of bat
tie ebbs and tiows. \ adswoitlh is
killed: I n-street strikes the lFederal
left llank; rolls it up in a cintiei
m1ss tward the plaki and back ol
thit lrok road. l'.verything 0now ill
indicated a comlete victory foi
the C onfederates. Genueral I ontg
street irodte foriwarid to pieptarie andl
take aidvanitag3e of thle oppori~t unity ti
iniihiet a tdecisi ve bhuv4 Voin (iraniit'
army. WV Ih that d ini view Jell
kin's fresh hi i rade is ino ved forward
to the phmkli road.
Suplemi1enttd by 1 Ker.isha w's brtigol4 e
rconno110iter the Situttit 4, acetmtin 114
h y tI enera\ .1 enkilns. Ma h nie' mer4
seemns a miovement im iher ittiiot ai It
the imdistiiet view ob)tainied owViing tI
the density of the forest misit odk then
for the eneiny athIi\ ired, hillinug th
gahllnt. Jtenins mut wouning~ii 1,'ng
street, a iliost hunenitale istake.
As ai Federal stlieri knowtt that
will not 1he. expectedI of ine~ witt 14l
scope of an article iintnded Ito (I
close (cal1 d epa rtmen(1t, t) w ie a h i,
gria phical S ketch (If so d ist inuguIishe :it
ollieer as G.eneral Mlicah J1enkLins, we
I hitte3d for thie work, whiich I anm in
Vet the temptaIition is ISS gre'at. (41 1;
somethling moi'e, thlat I ventu(re a bri
retrospective vies.v oft that hero's wi
recordl, and1( iunder my o4wn14i observaiti1o
As co01on1e of th(le regimen(11t dlesignaite
the Palmetto 'hlarp) Shoters ol Son
Garolina, we joined thim at the hait
of Manaissas, or I ill I hm1, as the F-et
crails have it, m1 the( hot4JLtest ui <
thait lield, near the 11le1nry house5(, ani
dlown the slope, where so n1nmy13 of th
IHamplIton Legioni fell, and14 where vali
ant (deeds1 and1( good geniieral shi
crowned( thie younug Coiifedeirae
wvith victory and1( everhist inig famue. 'T
1Reaulregard', Jackeson , lI ce, IHarto0
and Kirby Smnithi, the latter' a citize:
ot Connecticut, under ( eneral Mal
gruditer, we filld the gaII limt Col (om
J1en1kinis withinii the de3fenisis of Y or I
After' the evacuation of [hat 81iront
hol Jenk ins' regiment, with othieri
c3overed'( the4 retireat and facing abouit ai
Williamisburig met (lhe overwhielmlinI
aidvan~ice of the (eemy, infl icting terri
ble loss mn his ranks and14 checkinig his
advance uint il the Conifederate arm'
and subistenlce trainis are' ait at saft
dIitance, 1and4 propeir line of defene<
e3stalihedlhi. At West P oimt and
otheri places hIis regimient had fought
the hard battle tof thle reairguaird uinti
the army13 was safei onl thle south side
of the ( 'hiikahiomlily river, his r'egi.
menit having stfered uniol hlardshiips
and1( scyere losses ini men41 ou14 ollicers,
for which lhe receiv~ed list recogniition
for his gallant andl mlieritoonus co11net
in1 face of an overwheling enemiy.
Next we 11ind him11 at the battle of
Seven lPines, or Fai r )Oaks, with hiis
gallant reCg' ''ent andii one11 oithr ri' Ivinhg
before himii a whole Feera111 ivision,
gaininig ai good position, hiel the1( hat
tie field and inthleting a loss oni the
enemy abhout er(inal to the n1umber of
men ini his regimhlent, only abandoin lg
h11s p)oitionl when31 the aI 411y wais with
drawn to the formier (lefenc1es (If Rihh
mnondI, ini the dlark hours of the C on
federacy which fllo~wedl the. ba1tle of
Seven Pines, wheni .Johnhstoni's vague
plans and operations putzzled and( coin
fused the Presidlent.
A ne4w star ap)pearedl on the Confed
ernte horizon. it illumninlated the
whole American contmient. its refull
gent rays lyenetratedI the remlotest
bounids of the Old World. That mnag.
nificent and1( glowing orb personmied in
new life to the Confederacy, vigor and
swiftness of movement. Plans were
speedily consummated; hostile guns
must not cover the capital; the siege
must, be raised, the enemy beaten to
cover. Jackson in the valley receives
a message, his foot cavalry are put in
motion. Ie beats Banks and Shields
down the valley as with a flail. C(Xn
sternation is in their path. One takes
refuge in Iarper's Ferry; the other
across the Potomac. The great flail
er returns and brushes Fremont out of
his path. drops back v few foot-sore
Spartans as pickets for Fremont to
gape at until his (.Jackson's) return.
ILee crosses the Chiekaliolily at
Meadow Ridge and drives the enemy e
to its common center about Grapc. a
vine Bridge and Woodbury bridge- a
The Seven Days' battle is on. The e
second day, June 27, 1862, Longstrect h
strikes the enemy's left and Jackson
the right flank. The battle rages all
the afternoon. The enemy hold their
4viountd. Late in the evening Lee
uiwkes the final effort to count that '
da.1y's victory his own. The Texan
brigade under I lood are hurled like a
thunitderbolt, against the left center.
c(olonel Micalh .1enkmns with his vali
ant 'almetto regiment and one other
against, the extreme left. The left
center is broken and shattered into
fragments. .Jenkins fires one volley
aid charges with Cold steel. The cue.
my is brolken, slaughtered, and the sur
vivors drivenl into the swamps of' the
Chickahominy-and only the shelter
ing wings of night, saved us from comi
plete annihilation.
The writer's regimnient, one of the
iost magnilieent regiments inl the
aryli, 12 companis, 1,1-10 men, was
almogt a total Vreck and ,Jenkins held
our beautiful banner. Col. .James A.
Hoyt, editor of TiH,: (tR-;E.NVli1.,i'
NiMoN'rAINE:Fn, then ai olliecr in Col.
.Jenkinm' regiment, has told the story
correctly in the Confederate Veteran.
Lee, is victor. McClellan is on the
retreat to the .1ames river. The siege
of' Iticliniond raised. The 5th (f tlhe
battle cdays, . lune :1th, .enkins takes
the advaniec of the battle at Fri'Lzier
Farm. Beats back tie enemy. IloIds
the battle groiud. Ile has commanded
It. 11. Anderson's brigade in both bat
ties. IIis regimental loss is severe, him
self severely wouilded. Tie 'almetto
regiinent alonie suistaiiilg a los of .
an11d no prisoners reiported. After a
marcli of over two imidred miles on
half rations, we find ( eneral ,CInkins
again on the old battle ground of Hull
I un, or Manassas No. 2, on L.')ong
street's right. 'orters' l''ederal corps
left, this time h1C lightls Maxey (Gregg,
ol en emies of Gatinos Mills. .1enkins'
b'igade 111 so despertat lighting
mit again hiiself severely woulutile(,
aid brl'igade loss about -150. 11 e is on1e
of the otlie'Urs mtii(lionied inm G .
1,Oigstm'eet's relrt of tills hat.tle for
extraordinlary bravery and uniexcel
led ieroismii.
HIis brigade, inw I command of'I
C(olonel .oseli Walker, of the I'al
metIto Sliarp' Siooters, advatces into
Maryland and goes into action inl the
iattle- of Soutl I outin, sustaiing
a hoss of *20, tlen back to ShtarIsbig,
or Antietam,. l'hieir fiel 4)1 operaItn
-was not far fr'otm Ge;n. I .ee's hieaud
ptit ters b' ecomtini g d esperaflt ely (enI
ged~c an tdrov tt~e t he enemiy at every
ing' their wvoundmced .Ieukints with glomry
ni Hl.uim~iiig tihe prtouid re&cordli of lie
'I Thus Ie ha' l he01iateni MIe('tel latn's
atrtmy off thle l 'itinisithi, detro'yed'c the
grandc armyll of the manit whoi4se htead
qfuatters wer'e ill thet sadditle, atnd htaud
' lnght the comined~tt'c armlie's of Antie
Iam to s tndstillI. 'This is the miost
bloy ian diespterate Cof Ithe aiges.
The toly isuark it 1eitry to lbe
etr'chtedl to either was thieir battle
' laurinhg the I etty sbuargz tamtpalin
th le gallhutt .1eninsI , 1bein ta~ssignted tc
the dlepartmtitt of North Carolina
wrfomin valuabli~e set vice alst
i. hbick Watet', he vecry urtgenitly r'e
* authlot'ities int Hieliotid to ite per
"-i millted to shatre thle battlefi eld~s oi
iN I,ee's5 artmy ailotng with fte dlivision
wIIithi wIhoml lie had11 beeni soi long, an<
Itocftent in bloodly contitct in dlef ense c
htis cherishedt' ights atnd glorious Star
md11( Ibhirt', but alas1, hits wtsh was otil
cI i ited whli e .C 1mh ai t i'at, t met. ii
e thec WiIlertness ott the ( )rantge I 'Ian i
roadic, that fatal 4ti of' M~ay, 1811
P Although ii hits us andic minte w .1 al
3' wtart, I loved hi n tonte thle less. lbi
was noble1 and1( brave, and1( such as lht
avei aC2 woirld-wte giory to the Amler'i
(cani Ii el omhbat tled. Th'le sp'irit 01
such men I do inot sieiep w itli the tene-e
mn t 4)1 clay, but Iiv~es againa in great
deeds. Tlhie ne wer genierations1 of thit
South landc will have thliir L ees and1
.1 enikinis, but. now here else on1 this con-i
hvex wvorl. It would be s.tct mdced
t-were we onlly to find theml inl du st')
211and time11-wot'i volumes1and on14 cohl'01
-mutilated stone. It is pleasinhg to note1
the priesenice of the diistinlguishled otlicer
of whom my1 feeble pen11 hals w ritteni
personiified ini younlg Maj~or Micah den1
Skiins, the hero of Santiago, onie whiose
dlarinig deeds have w',on tile appilaudits
of the Western IIemlisphere.
'14(7 Viinewoodl Ave., I )etroit, MIich.
L ate a lieutenant 164m Mich. Vet.
Vol. Infantry.
The man who. is respotnsible for the
investigation no0w beinig cairriedl onl by
a special committee of the Ilouse cof
Representives is Neils Gron. le camle
fr'omi Copenhiagen to Washington to
mal~ke public Capt Christmas's secrtet
repoi't to the D~anishi Governmenmt,
asserting a necessity of brihbing Coin
gr'essimn anld preCss associations to
carry through tihe purchase of tihe
West Indies by the Untited States,.
TIhie G ron family, thloughm not belon1g
ing to the noility, is very distingulishl
ed itn Copenhmugen. ic is a native of
i)enmlark, buit received his edcaltftionl
in America and hived hero for many
years. ic hans spenlt thes last two
years traveling, and hlas written a
number' of ai'ticles of a descripitive
nature for American and D~anish
periodicals5. In 1900 he Iiguredl
priomninenitly inl the " expose" of the
aihleged plain of the Standard Oil Com
nany o buyn the nanish West 111(10.
3qIdIer, Statesmai ainl Citizen.
L'ho Grconville MountaIneer, April 12.
The bell is tolling the requiem of
)outk Carolina's foremost citizenI
Vade Ifampton is dead, and a nation
fill mourn the departure of a man who
ras exalted in character, superb in ac
ion and wibe ill council. Southern iii
hought, word and deed, lie was yet
atlolic in sentiment, liberal in dispo
ition and kindly in couluuct. His ten
crament was truly conservative, and
et whenu aggressiveness was demand
d by the occasion, there was the dash
nid daring of A Chevalier Bayard, with
11 the civic and military virtues as
eibed to "tlhe good kiiglt,'' whose
iyalty, purity and scrupulous honor
'on forI him the title of a "cavalier
'ithout fear and without reproach."'
I ieutenant General Wade Ilaimpton,
f the Confederates States army, was
orn oin the 28thi of March, 1818, in
lie city of Chaileston, witlin sounl of
Id St. Michael's chimes, anid he died
n Columbia at 1 o'clock on Friday,
ypril 11 thi 1902. lIe was the third of Bu
is family to bear the inunie lie made so ne
lustrious and honored, Ilandl his giand. or
ather served with distinctioni as a sol
lie in the lRevolutionary war under Ok
darion and Suiter, belonging to the jl
avaliy regiment commnantided by Col. ti
ivii. W aslingtoi, of wiich lie was
ieutenant colonel at the bittle of, Eu.
Aaw. His son, Wade Ilaijpton, was a O
danter with extensive interests and th
arge estate, and lived at Millwood, a
ew miles from Coliinnia, where thie t e
Iiird Wade lampton was reared in V
uxury and Illuence, but was taught I)
le iianlI1y vi rtUes iie rei i'Clining in
luenees that were cliairacteristic of Iiis ,I
long life. wi
( I. IInIiipton was a gradtiate of
tle South Carolina Colege, mati after- of
wvard studied law, but without anly inl
tention of enuterinig upon the practice
of tihe profession. lie Was recognized it,
inl earlv life as one of thle proininent
ien o tle State, thouogh his time was w
not occupied so mch vitli public at- pI
lairs as with hii: landed interests in In
South ( Ca'olina and Al ississippi , devoL- Of
ing himsellf to the activities of a planter
with anple for)C tune, and using for1 re- in
creation thle ild a'd tile gul rather
thanl wiling away time with listless of
purpoie inl iashiioii's circles. lie was <h
called upon to serve tle people in tle if
I 4egislature, and Iiade an excellentt re- i
cord inl that body 1'1 Common selse
and sotul juidgnienit. lIe was a ncinm
her of the State Setiate when the war
broke out, and his political sentimenits s
were str4onlgly coiervaittive, not bciog a
incline4 to a Ihsmneml .ber1menit of' tlie
Union. e
Whlet i 1lie State (Iciled iitpon a t.
w itlirtawal friom te l'in he promlit pt- I
lv oflfered Ilis selvices as a piivate inl a
the dlefeice of South ( Cair4olta, but was 4.
shortly afterwa ud givet ii thIorit.y to
olratalze, a1 ,omanun111 of* inf~antry,3 ar-il
lery atid cavalry, wIIthi I.mC1 te knownO h
as the l lamptont Legion, atnd achieved c
gIeat distinction inl eaci '11111 the
ser'vice. lie conunanidedl thle inifatrty
the I''irst Mlaimssas, :ui was w44tted c;
ini (lhe head. lI the campijaign~t on1 the Ii
icaisedl thle distinictiin ald ame of I
its leadercl, who was again wiound~edt (
after perfoi tuingl gallanit andh elfeetive (
service. lie wvats commisso41 ne11 , asi 1uiv
brigaidier getneral on the :25th of du rly,1
18I:3. aun was assignedi to thle conm
iniandt of1 a 'availry briigadl uiiler' Gein.
V irginia.
Gen. I Iaimnypon wvas hettcefoithi ideni
titled ithi thle cavalry service, aut in i
the Alary landi cunpaigti or I Sm' lie was
in chuarget of thle rearI gutaId of lie caiv
adiry dIivisionl in the miovemenuit west
wardu fromi l-'rederick &'ity, a per'ilous I
andt imi)portanit poisit ion, as (lie ieteiny
w as pr'essinig tlie Conf i edleates w ith
vigorl mall persistenc4e. lie wans often
-.. .b.en y Stuhaitfo d41'et ached service,
aida intis h i le was uti~ncommonly sue
t'i'ssll, enthaninig his reputation ans a
- skilltul andiu dainmg ;tia(Ier, wh'ose valori
I m1114 capjtaiy won fo lon onti nue~tttild
a promlotioni ais thei' wvar progre lssed'. 114e
I w~ais ai pariticipantt ini Snt~'s raid in ihe
l'4rear ot Memaile's army,', itol li'hi me tic
a ettnmy's (imdrly ne4ar i Ietl Iishunrg 4n ihe
wais wotutinIed thirit innis, alill two) of
* hmwr ar ns .li rtnan 1
Dores ntiL I4deta 4)11 the start buit oni lie
littishi. It's staying power u hith c'ai at
itt hiisine.ss. \thany a luui starts ofl ini 4
the ratce for buisiiess Sneer'tSS wiith a
ht'.'rst of speedc~ whichi stuiis to aissure
vitIory. I 'resent ly be begjins to failer I
uitol at~ list hei falls ai fails. The cause ?
Genaly h'5 "stnach 1) Ionl.'" No in a
is strongerc thatn his stralcch. htiusiess d
haste leadl to carecless at' I tirreular ean
htig. The stomach :uil other 'organis of fa
chget'tionl .iid ttritjin becomeji diseaise', I I
Tihei bodyi is inlepiteily tnoniishzedlandiu
so) grows wea k .
strengtheniis te stoniah .inI so etiietit
enis 111e whleh body Iwhih depend41t' os on Ill
the stomiachi for Itlie nonrtiishmenclt fiomi tI
whiichi strentgth is tiide.
There is nio alcoolh ini' "olen Med i '
D~siscver, " atiid it is enirel v free fro.
0Ipiiit eoca:inel aiii all otet liinarcot ics.
Accept ito sublst itte f'or Ithe t 1)iscov- y'
cry." There is no medicitte "'jnst as
good " for' dli5sas of the sItomiaclh andl
allied orgiani.
'"Youtr '(oltti Medical I scov'e y ' ha~ pe r
forted ai w~onde4 fiii cure. wrai t ir. .\1. IH.
Houie, of' Clharletsti,. Panikliii co. Ark. "I
had the. worst case. of dys pe'.-di tile' dociors
siy, fthat they ever saw. Alict i tyang seven
doctors and everyiting I eu coit herio with noi
benefit, I trled hr. P'iter t Goldten MedA~ial ti,
govery, and ntow 1 ala5 enredu."
* Dr. Pierce's Pleasanit Pellets cure
Its quality influences "
the selling irice. l
Profitable fruit re
growing insurod on/t tl
when enough actual nc
Potash '
is in the fertilizer. co
Neither guan/i/v nor Co
good qua//v possible tol
without Potash. cc
Write for nur free books eli
giviig det.itS.
.c N ...gen. Nor C ity.
Tered Very heavily in this ba ttle, joI
irly one-hal If of his men being killed ge
wounided. til
in tihe 3rd of August, 18s3, just I
c Imionitl after the (vettysburg fight, si
untiI)LOnI waVs promoteil iuajor-general fr<
dI alssigtned to tihe comiiiantIl of I Oil
valry division. (en. Stuart was t
>rtally wCunded at Yellow Tavern 01
the I I l of May, I 8f I, and (I ied
e next day. Iilamptoo wast the rank- (I
g ollicer, and took command of the cc
valry corps of the Army of Northern n1
irginia. lie defeated the raid of of
hlIgreen and Kilpatrick, and after CC
veral days' fighting lie gave Sheri- th
nI a check at Trevilian's statioln, of
biehi broke up lthe Federal plan of
nettire with Hliter and the capture ill
Lynichibirg. lit, captured 3,000 il
-0ione's 1111d larIge q itiantities of war m
aterial, sustaining a loss of 719 men
twenty-three days. Inl September, cc
t[I, le struck the rear of, Granit's V
ily at City P oint, capturing .100 tiL
-isoners and britnging away 2,186 el
eyes, a.1 shortly afterwards in an- e
her action le captured 5)00 prisoners. el
In -'ebruary, I1;SI5. lie was promoted V(
mtenianit, general and assiigied to tlie el
mmnziitilid of the cavalry inl the arm1y e
.Josepli E. dohist(,I, where lie ron- ta
Iedl conspicuotis service in checking
le advance of Shi ernman and in select
g the battle-grotind of, Bentonville,
hich was the scene of his last en
igemeni t with the Fluderal troops. Ili
.tter the close of hostilities he re- W
lle(l life 1s a platr, and gave his
-tentioni to tle large inlterests in Mis- w
ssippi, where lie was eingaged when
dilled upon to lead the movement for y
le redemption of the State in 1876. ,
is courage and coolness under h
l1 ccliistaicst, coupled with his sa- N
acity and discretion, made an endur- o
i,, success of what was regarded by e
ially as a iopeless 1111dertaking, and N
C Was crowned w ith civie honors that
veli sirpassed tle briliatl :l:rd in
lillitary life(,.
In 17" he met wi an i accident- h
'hi le hiunti11:ig near (Cohlumbnia whIiich a
insed thie loss of a legi. atI while his a
fu still humiis in the bahiice he was
eel to thle Un[it ed States Senate, in
liichi e xaltedl posit ion lie served until 0
II . liI wais appioin tedl by I 'resident C
levelatid in 181:; Lto thie position of
om)11missioner of Ililr oads for the ~
iited States, whtich lie resignedl in
89 7 , anit has sinlce t hat ti me Ibeen ou t
'I the pulblic service.
(sen. I lamptotn's career ha~s been so -
min-ttt aiti tilicienit thati eulogy upjoni
is l iie and character ale not retiuiredl
o b rm ft~ orthi thie admtoi rationi ol' his
on litrymeti. No mati had more l)er
oil friends, and his amniabihity was
io consicuousiit a trait, that all men
veret5 drawni to him with unfailing'
nagnietismn. h-ull of. yeas atni of labors
ie has gone to an lonolc reid grave.
2A 1,1, l'0'(Ill 11 C(IN\'CNT I()N
Ilow~ to l'etierti ~\iti the i lee
erea t itir~, of thle State I )emo
erai xecuitive commiiillec, has sent to
thie several county c'hiairmteni the follow
itng iilic'ial call for the May State con
vent ion:
I )car Sit: Your at tent ioni is respect
1lly cailhi'l to thle foltlowinig resoluI
otions adop tedc at a me iet ing of the St ate
I )ec ratiwe extenutive comminitteec of
A pril I., 11)2, ati yout are earnestly
'esoluttiotis ate carrieci tout iii yonr
l isol ved , Iirist, Thlat ini accord(antce
w ih section iiI of thle constituItioni of
hie I eitii(ratit partly ofi Siuih Caro
ita, a Slate cionvenitioni is ILereby
-alledl tot take place at 12 o'clo~ck tm.,
\laiy 21>t ., I 12, in the city of Ciolumi
lIesol vedl, seconid. ( 'ountyv chair
neti titchrughot lhe State are hierebiy
list ruetedi to call thie I )cmocratlc clubs
if thle vat iin ti oun(tieis to aissemiible ot
'aturdal~y, Ain'il 2th, for the puirpiose
freoigatizinig antel elec~iting delegates
c thle counlty iconvent ioni to be held on
lay .5th in accordattee with artiele 2
f thle contistitult ion (of (lie I )emocratic
arty ofi Scuth Carolina. kTe county
onivenitionls wheni so assemblledl will
leet del egat es to (lie State e l yvenltion,
md each county will lie entiitled to
iiutble its re'presenitatjin ini the L~egis..
Ittule mi that. (onivention aiid to elect
eounfty lhairitiati atI a nietmbher oif
iue Slate 1)c'inonattcieeetive comli
cit tee, I ept'5 tftilly,
\\t ii I. .low,
( 'hiajriilan,
I-ir the benielit of the I )emocrats itn th
mc severial count iqs the seecretaryv of It
e ccitnnulltee hias prepiared an'd is 0r
tintg tout the followjing dlh
o iheI 1)emocra ts 'if 8111h Ca jirolina:i v
I or theic bieticit of Ite brorai
)t ers ii i i riganiiz ing thle )cmnocratic TI
For Infants and Children,. o
he Kindi You Have Always Dought
at~#jr of D
AVegetable PreParationforAs
similaing thle ood andieg ida
tiig the Stomachis anBowels of'
Promotes DigestioniCheer'u
ness and Rest.Contains neither
OpiumDItorplline norl twnral.
&,rA eIleSSal&
Aside fet 0
Aperfecl Iliedy rorConsfipa
lio n, So ur S to macI%, Diarrhioca
W~ormis ,Conivuilsiois ,Fcverishi
ness and Loss OF SLERI
FacSiotilc Sinature or
rty this year, the following informa
)n is given:
The State Democratic executive
mmittee has instructed the county
airmen to issue a call for a meeting
the respective townshij) and ward
ibs to be held on the fourth Satur
y im April. When convened these
ibs shall each have a distinct title,
rhe ;Democratic club," and
all elect a president, one or more
-e presidents, a recording and a cor
ponding secretary, and shall have
1 following working committees of
t less than three members each: A
inmittee on registration, an execu
'e committee and such other con
ttees as may be deemed expedient.
lch club shall elect a member of the
uinty executive committee, under the
atrol of which the clubs shall be held
iether and operate. The county ox
Alive committee shall elect its own
icers, except the chairman, who
ll be elected by the convention.
Lese officers need not necessarily be
Lmbers of the committee. The clubs
ill elect delegates to the county con
ation-one delegate for each 25
iubers and one delegate for a ma
'ity fraction thereof.
T'hie county convention, when as
nbled, shall be called to order by
, chairman of the executive con
ttee, and the county convention
Al proceed to nominate and elect
>im among its members a president,
e or more vice presidents, a secr -
ry and a treasurer, and shall be held
the first Monday in May.
The county convention shall elect
legates to the State convention, each
unt being entitled to double the
tmber of delegates as it has members
tle general assembly. The Statc
nveition has been called to meet on
e third Wednesday in May in the city
Columbia at 12 m.
Each county convention must,, at
c meeting on the first Monday in
riy, elect a iember of the State Ic
ocratic executive committee.
Each county delegation to a Stat e
uivention shall have power to fill any
LCaicy therein. Tie State conven
n shall be called to order by the
airman of' the State Democratic ex
utive committee. A temporary
tairman shall be elected by the con
ation, ad when organized shall
ect a president, vice president from
cl Congressional district, two secre
rics aid a treasurer.
U. X. GUNTER, n.,
Montana will have at least one ex
bit at tle St. Louis Exposition which
ill attract attention. The State will
:nd the tallest man in America--Ed
ard leaupre, aged 21, who is 7 feet
1.2 inches in height and weighs 367
)u(s. Ile sleeps on the floor in ho
Is because no bed is large enough to
old him. On tle ranch where lie has
orked live years lie often takes a I,
0 pound horse under his arm and
irries it about the pasture. He can
alk olT with 2,000 pounds on a straight
it.. Unlike maiy giants Beaupre is
ell developed generally. His chest
lesure 5-i inches, hips 64, iieck 21
eadi 28 and wrist I10. His spani with
11m5 extend~ed is 92 inches, and( lie
ears No. 22 shoes.
Electricity hats increasedi tihe power
I' sea coast lights to that of 8,000,000
andiles. T1he mniner'al oil lamp of the
D~oty Systeini," wvhichi was almost in
niversai use pr~eviou.s to the introduc
on of electricity, did not, exceed 54,
00 candlles in (lie strength of its
" I first used Ayer's Sarsaparilla
in the fall of 1848. Since then I
have taken it every spring as a
blood -purifyin g and nerve
strengthening medicine."
S. T. Jones, Wichita, Kans.
If you feel run down,
are easily tired, if your
nerves are weak and your
blood is thin, then begin
to take the good old stand
ard family medicine,
Ayer's Sarsaparilla.
It's a regular nerve
lifter, a perfect blood
builder. si.0oabottle. All drurrists.
IAak your ctor whlat ho thinks of Ayer's
l ouu fal i 1 eiO.s Foilow his O~VCO and
wo will be, satisnerS.
J. c. AvYFn co., Lowoll, Mass.
rhe Eminent Kidney
and Bladder Specialist.
e 'liscoverer of Swamp-Root at Work in
His Laboratory.
There is a disease prevailing In this
untry most dangerous because so decep
e. Many sudden deaths are caused by
-hleart disease, pneumonia, heart failure
apoplexy are often the result of kidney
ease. If kidney trouble is allowed to ad
nce the kidney-poisoned blood will attack
vital organs, or the kidneys themselves
ak down and waste away cell by cell.
ten the richness of the blood-the albumen
leaks out and tihe sufferer has BrIght's
sease, the worst form of kidney trouble.
Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-.Root the new dis
very is the true specifIc for kidney, bladder
d urinary troubles, It has cured thousands
apparently hopeless cases, after all other
orts have failed. At druggists In fifty-cent
d dollar sizes. A sample bottle sent free
mail, also a book telling about Swamp
ot and its wonderful cures. Address
.Kilmer & Co., Binghamton, N. Y. and
mnn this panpe
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
Bears the
i Use
For Over
Thirty Years
at Cost!
chaII iun our01 hulliness, we will spli
rs, Buggies,
Pnaetons and Wagons
asolute Sacrifice!
ta~ke' our 1 wo4l for it,~1II bu cona4 ail see for *your
un11 IP he Ivinl(.
V. e r- IIr t h !.Ibco'k, C ourithiuul, TIysonI &
role41 the4I ''i s-on,or, Ta';ylor'10 (l:u Ch looga.
ohce falkila w r ig to) sell ourI
S is pret ty' well overI but( we have a1 few bartgalins
enIII or c'lerk hire, owni our own r'e)ository and
Ithinig we ha:ve' for enShIO or " I~ paper. Polito
I ii (Greenville' comeI ami( see us. We are aliways
S reets. Gim'NNVI LI,, S. C.
& C O.
alIeI all himls' of
a1 pos4'ta Iearl withi our adhlress wvillI brinug a man11
14e, We buy inl car lots an ad cain give the lowest
iIHITE & 0., Anderson, S. C.
TlIME TlABlE No. 2.
2&~"Suipersedes TIime Table1 No. 1. R
fcetive 12:01 A. M. , Feb. i1st, 19101,
Iteadl I)own. -
or N<> 10. STA TIONs. No.~ lI9.
Mxed- Mixed.
i01:4(0 a mn..... Liv. Pijekens Ar..2:55 p ini
oNl 10:;45 a i,,,,*I4 rgus......2:15 p m
-. 10:55 a m1.1....Paso'......2:30 P mI
11:00u a1.......*A1.riail's......2:25 P m1
OH, 1:05 a m.....*M aubl(1in's...220 p mi
1: I5 a mn...Ar Easiey Liv......:15 l m1
-o 12. STLATIIONS. No -i
lina Mi'xed. '_____ Mixed.
.a :00 Pm II..Lv. P injilinS Ar..6:40 p iin
a4:0 lp m......*Ferguson'n..... 6:30 p mn
4:15 J) mI..*Parsoni's.... 615 P mI
1:20 P m.......*Ariail's--....1:10 p mn
-1:25 ib im..*Makli's... :05 lb m
L.E:10 p in'..-r Easley Lv. .. .... 6:00) p m
*4Flaig Statlions.
All lrrains (daily exceptb Sunday.
-No. 10 (Conniects withi Southern Ilaitlway
>ro. No. 33.
No. 11 Connects with Southern Itailway
No. 12.
-No. 12 Connects with Souithernt Iailway
No. 11.
No. ll Connects wvithi Southern Ilailwvay
4. ( DA-F'or alny in formaltionua pl1y to
'iiid J.1T. TAHLO11,

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