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The .People's Journal
T. J. MAUrtmN, - -- -Editor.
W. LTmLIE 1ATJENY, - 1u1. Mgr
JCntored at the Post Olco at Pckons a
second-class niatter.
(ub eripuo, $1.00 a Yea.1'
T1I UlSDAY, APRlI. 24. 1902.
Pickons county is increasing ir
wealth and pol)ulatio11 at a good]
rato. Every good citizOn wants t(
help the movement. of progres:
. Then ,0L OvCrbody do coime
pographical errors will croop in
ait stand out consleIuously el-.
ougli after the work is don, l.1 it
the substanco is what we are aftor
imowt, yet we wiait, to ho. correct.
* *X -A
The 1)oitical ever is ri ing ani
'hot tiims" will como along inl
due season. The whole sunimer will
hear of tho candidate anil s e him
and feel him.
; * *
Judginag by the artickhs appear
ing it tls paper, it appears that
the peCopl)!e of, Pickens couity ark,
doing something- in thle way of od.
ication. Th'ltis alglirs well for the
fu ltre.
BISsevelt s visit to Char-leston'
anl the Exposit ion was one con1
tmultus OValtion. Thlis shows that
Our peopl aro,( ma:gnialnmom
and know, how to rise t<
great o)ccas Ious, and forget prett\
erenAS ill (oilg ionor to tlt
Chief Magistrato of theland. Soutl
Carolin1mns aro triuOst Amevricam7
How many farmers aro tryinf
experiments this yoar, or arrangint
to study about crops and cultiva
tion in a way that will bon0o1li
them and their fellow plantors
This is a time of irogrvei V,
mtethaods n slip-shod farmin;
never has pnid. If system nll
Judgment bring hl)nticilal result
anywhere, they are ce0rtainlty Val
able on tho farm. (et the wor
down to a buisinecss basis alnd pi-.
tical results will fol1low.
1 * *
Plickens~ muist have a Fouth I
Jnly celebration that will be'
properC recogntitionm of the da~y an1
the event it, repre'tsts . Thiis w
tako somet origantizat ion: andi~ sen
little trouble, but this will be inmo:
than repaid t int'n pleamsnroI n
b~oofit to comei to the i
pie part iciplat ing, and1( evrodi )(
wdil s up)port a1 miovOteent wih hoitI
for its purp')(ose the lu operl ob1sei
vance of this day andio will doubl
less~ have an oppor'tuniity to d
somtethting at ilole ppotunie Li tn
Cedar Moutntaint, oni the Souti
erni Railway, is shoiwinog somn
thing of the nteeds to wichl ro<
may ho mad~oe to res ponh . lI it
the ballast for' thIt Sou thern'l ihi
way, used for' mntles on ei itetr si.
is (juairred and1( the exper)1ime1r
show that for build1in1g purpior
this stone is of ai h igh order. Al
rock just as g;od 1s to b~e found(1
of g'raniite' will be deveoped.
* * *
Th'louigh thle poltie spdirit of' Mr
C'. T1. Martaiin, of iEatsh-y, tt ton~
has ben'i t fvloed wVith the best gua
ity ofa readiig matwhicht is stei
people of tihat towni the righ~t kin
of books. Iloaving secur'd th
IienatiOlls I y the be'st autimor's, si
is goinig alnt~tad entdiooinig to ('I
largetho10 0 scpe andO itnfluence10
the librarity idon1. What 10aslo
town is din g iniIi tis resoe~)t is
comrmendiablo examp 110le tat migh
ho followed by othter townis to goo
ad vanutage.
*f * *
The~ Picke'ns county exhtibits
the Charleston exp)ositionl, whil
not a full r'epresentation or ind
cation of what Pickens county ha
dono, is doing now or little mor
than a suggestion of what our pC
pie hope to do, is creoditable in tha
it was collected under circumnst
ances not altogether favorablo t
the Commissioners having the mat
ter in charge, and is said to be
most chracteristic exhibit, stand
ing well amongst the many at
tractive dispays to be found there
When Ithe exposition closes,i
might be well for thoughtful coun
ty Commissioners to take charg
of this exhibit and establish iti
some place in the county consi)
cuous enough to attract attentiot
and preserve it as a nucleus for
lurger and more comprehensive diu
The Liberty Presbytcriancliurch
is now supplied by Rev J. c, Shiivo p,
fornorly pIstor at Piedmoiit and hI
Sliabtown. Tho Liborty PresOyter- (e
inns aro fortunate,
I, * * * 41u
Tho fino corn raised by Mr.Frank .
Farmlor, anid onl exib.ition with br.
the Pickens county display at. C(inir
leston, has boon pronounced the
best there to bo soOn. This va) ritoy Lit
is known ias "Farmers friend.' gh
Among the truly beutifulhos bo
0 wiiiu hoo
lately , uiilt inl this soction, is that
of M1 r,Jas. K, Kirksey, Crow Creek
The wor1a1113shIi1) in11 this houso is1
plete, and its 1lcitiOnI Is all ideal -
Spot i..
After all tUe com1phiits3 ar0
hurd, it is worthy of note that
many of tho thoughtful , rogros
,ive farmers of pickons 01n111y
have corn for sale. Thoir wisdom
ill plantiig for a safely, salable
crop i8 thus deionstratcod.
Tho ilasley ( radledl School is up C
(o thec highest reCquireminmiot. Any t
stludeiit, leaving that schiool with a At
diploima is fairly well qtalilind for ti
life's bisinless and prep'tred to save
a dlol time ou (dlt l of tihe regular
coilmses at ally colloge,
A mong the st ikjing displays of (
the Pickens couity eNxhibit at, the' :
Char'lstonl oxpe,sition is thait ,fIA
tle- Boggs monlliltain camneiy nw'
luider.l th llicientl m n g m t of
\Mr John Henders on. 'ilhis pro s
perty is owned by lion ;N. I". A ,I- c
sl whoso artistic taste is i'ing
il'' d I 11lIt iii it 4~sQ11 /. I
offorts direvcte d towants he Iut ify
ing thle mountII~ainl and system11aliz. fl
ing the farming anI'l;3 'ilien ts .
thn lo-ah ut.
Ono thing Piien' e 'inty pe..
teru ''Sevilg ti1t) k' t~ - i i 4 Ihe C
very credlitable dipa fPickmiq "
cout y. Thllis exhiblit w\.I-: etleoet
el by Dr. R. F. Smith anud Nlli 1)
F.Bradly of Eilaslev an l ess \\. I'
P. l31assing.1am(e and Ivy N1. Nubnl- a
inl of Pioelms inl whItich till y weret 0
iost, ably assisted bv N!r. ,ino A.
a hinon whoib g
lI llt Iill rll( IIS ill lthe dis;ll p|l I
i ' (kens county1 3 3,1 is o ( ati3e1hi to~
shorl1 talk wib 11s511me13 indvial whol~
n11s li((el3 awaiy Il101li lI'k.'nl for a1
tions before~ llvng an ui~ iiomin41
lik lOr a siirv'y oif 1li' (''3nt , to 4
on ii all sides.
rls o m aII formnr i det of Capt.ll',!'~ i2 i i
.!oh .J.nI Patik, cnidat forl1 a13
the33 ofli'edof Atltn amlIP~kN InspIee-.
to 13 nea i n le heII(~ii appoing1
for.31 i many y eu i t o l'lthel lme (1
I 'llk -l) (Ct. . 101hn1it . Pat riek,. a
Inst'llitu~ t te Th i' l tter is14'' worbIl
. ing, it doe-l 145' , V0 the character i d 1
t uforngood hs bfen apirangit (io ne~f
, tof the at 01 0o ll~yllie~,adi 31muy
. fro.,pet-y iai'ery impruat sCat om
Slillea, to1( hos timelyl thought ns
dinvtind toar thug esrtna of -a
t gode inl. lic s o lnlyflle. ieb'u.(
e g toixa lnsmplete the w ellued
manlc and which hoare ~odin the -
yn perapy litmor Ote lCe,~. ndi
a a~ aint~ of thyelding eeg and it31
0 iuncolerostg prnis- a h
awld ofeanian the ssenirl qual b
ithatoios-tandeservigyma and af ti
It feo od hat been brg dietly L ]h
e tohea ong stadr ian oung to en s
e lin, oIi 1i 1andlwhose 1 tpersonl effrd
dtrete 10Ld towrd the orthmotiod
ly blessed iaving acquired a
icol little homo by. till) H% eat of
is brow, lie being honioreV(d to one
Ilice in the year 1886 as Storo.
cper and Gungor, which le liled
'ithli honor and satisfaction, served
-s Township 6upervisor three
(' I'S llnder H1on. A. B. Tally and 1
.J. lord as" C0mlissioners; ince<
hen appointed township camilnis
ioler by the ( overnlor. Ilo is
.)tHL. Master at Alexand. r which
n,1e1 he has held. ever sinco its es
III the yea.r 19t, was elected to
lie ollico ofo Cotlitr Cormir.issioier
o n hich Ollice he gives a great
ar. of his imo, serving the people
alitlfu lly
Maj .1. M. Stewart.
A native of Pickens Coiunty n o1w
it his G2n1d year, received his ei.l
ation at the Old Field school.
rior to the late war he held tiovor
I Military positions Iro>m Captain
o Lientonlait Col. Went into the
te War as Captain 9l(1 was pro
noted to majoor. Served though
he war retining homioI at it close
ud oligaged in agrie.ultture, and
ade a siccess :in farming. In
iigiist 1880 he was ordailed to
ho Gospel Ministry of thie Baptist
)leno mation, and has servei a
(at4. 111a113' churches. In 1884 he
V4as cliosen. as a illissionlary by the
,oard of Ihe Baptis. Stato ComI
eni lioll, anlid served them mIcth' to
ho dielight of the )peoplo among
d hom Ih(le labored1. H1 hold that
)ositionIi for thre yoars, and until
iis In-al thl failed. lie prochuwd in
'ickons auid coiee colunties S. C.
aL Jackson anld 'T'ranlvaia
'n isN. C. .itle has relprese'lnt
d his alsslentio in the Southern
,aptiSt CoIveltion 111d inl Stato
Iivit ion. lo servcd vs Clerk
>f the Twelve Mile River Associa
Atln foir se-veral .yoi8s, ld also as
dlode ator ol a i(d Association
(r inan years, in 1888 he was
lewtedl clerk of court for Pickens
u1h y aid held that position for
2 yars ai was appoilleId I)V his
niecessor as )epu ty clerk and is
b5o clerk of the Boa d of County
' olmii l0eIr's. .Ilo lits been a
ne"C'esS is a1l lis, undertakings in
I 1'e.
S. I). Chiapiau, TIreaisurer,
Ibr'ia Dee ist I861., reared in
'ick,.n1 comnty and r-eceived his1
.I-1netion inl puLblic- SchoolS andI(
t the Pied mont, lnst itiute at Pick
Is under V. M. McCasianl. in
.100, le was elected Treasurer of
'ilktns county which oflice ho
itow holds.
.Je-SSie C. Stribling.
st ribilinig ini the (ixtre0ino soiith.,
vest o. 4 ' thIiis co~tunty, is at good ox
m lle. lBy expelrimIen ts in stock
aiin~ig, atll ai his ow e4 i0xpensie, lhe
45(ls i dono mnh good for' his peoplo,
lo is a practical man--a farmer
1 tho prolgresive typo and a genins
'enen it comesO to atdvencedt methods
0 taking care of thle aigricul tural
it'4litoi%, 1Ie OwIis ('ne0 of the
Ili os "Ceiiientliy :lri'angiad homes
a ihe statto and his ample barn
ils 9Of Ilove for stock andil Cattle. I Ie
s a broaid-minided maln, active
ud alwi~tays I r'yinmg to hlp his neigh
rI' L&I I.H't1er thIr' cond''itition.
dor menl of 21 hiis stamp ar'e nie'ded(
Vt presen t, with his son Il, lie is
>peralting a lar'go brick pliant and
nis on1 hiand, forl delivery', a large
asor'tmie, of the best qutality of
John J. Lewis.
Amlonlg tho men01 ini public life,
Ma j . J1. J1. Lewis stanids conspici
ms1. B~orn at Pendiiletoni .18-7 antd
wh' h Ii1le enlIistedI in Troinhohni's
mAtiOn wh'ib wasi afiS tIter'wards mlor
2 d1 into) the 7th regimeit S. C.
Jolvalry ini which he sor'ved gal
4111itly till the c'lose~ of the war.
10 was elec'tedl Ciei'k of Pickens
fl9u~.'e fmiheld that 1)fli'o contini
iomsl y for' I we!v yearsii', cary3inig
mI farniui.g operaI'ltionsall11 the w~'iile.
\t the (leathI of' Capt .John L,.
I& miost. ihrmough ly. ie is of
'0 t Ch - I rishi desceni t. is father
essa4 P. 1LewYis, mnoved to Pickens
4)nnlt y from0t N orthi Carol ilna, and
ie3 at Sleepy IHol low,
fi.aee \. ierr , a fe miles toh
iiedI. (I tle mlve stable mi lt li nure
II the work, am11(ii herei , (lhe realied0
lime o'1'l f th lenefit of raiit'ng 0
Thos.V J.)1 1oen fourid mioe do the.
ub t of. ODel, fo 'mles oitt of
ushel ofi hot' pe alleres at geer ii
ropiii gon hl to the ordinar 11 i
uti ga t inl T his tel is to11 thi'e 2 i
.tate)1 of cultvat in whbhe keeps1101 l~
Is i h i , 1 aii , lg 1i ' t': i
- d~ ~
Dr. 1ontiagnio, 1ho distilguished f
-esidentf of P1urman1,11 Univorcity, 11
Is inaltd(e hinCself popIulatr anWd
llbtles.s h lipil hils ins tiituion 1
Cke1ns colin Y by coming a-mongst
Lr people and delive':ing abitd
eSes on tilnly -ubjects. 110 is a .
)nId man.
* 0 t
The friends ol Rev- Rt. A. Child, -
riughout. Pickonp county will be I
id to know tIat the w orld deals
itly With him in his zahm:s II.
rs in the ininistry. I is home i
iov in G1' n4wood near the t
v,-) of his birth wihere, like his
I leckenls friend and niuainl
Iaces., (~eerphody~ is interest 4d( .Jin
4 . 11 is h flost, mon, I':arle. is now
4iant. cashior inl of v of tlu,
'eoiwood latukv, and is a fiine I
silloss ))fail.
el( '. '1ar11wonls Cornr. I
11Brn inl Pictkei8.s couity Junie 2nd 4
57, reared on1 the fi rmo till in I
11 h t'ntei't t11) store of J. 1).
1111h11, Libert yv, when011 110 (14volopod
Ss 111,41. Ilect.ed (oromier inl t
00 which oflio lie nlow 1101(1 to I
v saIt i-action ()I his conStiLuen ts. 1.
prosentf, h holds a'jli-sitionI with V
) .leath-8ruce- or'rowv Co.
1tepresnvIlttive (1ha1. E-. IRobinlsonl.
B:rI J)ee. 9, I M I in Pickens
unilty at, what is known a thle I
nne of (in mel l'iesbyteria i
m14rehi. Itwe-ive.l only 1 common I
hool edueatioIn principally at the
' Iob-nIiy aft. Iiherty. Rtoad law~
W( yea4 tih-Ir his it elo I. A.
iII :ld Was 1(uinn(1-t t o practica
88 an lis lollowed liat ever c
nee ,v srved mn the. fown
>unel ll ofPiekens1 twol or. throe
ihk-rn t1 times, o i l l In I(h capa- 'I
y o Int1enhint. serv4dl as 'l'rial- I
st einISNNI0 anldl1()1. was elect- (
I to the legisla.tiure an1(d w IIh%<
PA to prpo:-o to appr(priato im I.
I'romt the Stl(ate Ti'.'isiry for tihe
ibli- Sc o l:u ld was sne..essfu'lI ;
SV1 1 1 U.~ 4( 4l8,1 144 w4 1('48il
e:Ili t I I :Ise el S
1Io4(4 1 k ). I m a 1 'l11 M'r 'ilII ('eath
Ihe lapti t u.r111ch and hats b(en
(k of the lTwelve \klIe lvierI As
alll I ' SIX 'aI.
I ~ I \. I ln was 1rn )o.
18 ~,n~ r Pik n ; gradutie.(d
('. (4nwon 4 ( heir, 5 ' in the IiIst
a"s I I grId1Iiit. i t t I i I I ut I
nitrti . i V, oi l e v1d re-iti44 i in the
pa Ii h w Il ar an 1d S-. r 1.d a ('aptIIain1
('4., 1K . 1444 il mu14sterIl ouit, of
'rin ('ul a. \\ ,s tih ('14d to
in I 'nn,4 a::l is ni w pra.ct ic'ing
Senaltr Wi. T. I l it e.
W.. low4'n, so of41 (41 ese and 44(
iz thet h 44i4owen,i Lids a1t. Calbit
, a bout flbree 4nil15 s'4nth easIt of
iIkes.ll is aibout 160 years' of1
n :an41 at preCsent repurests IPick..
4' ligislat inro. 1l Inarr41ied14 A1is
('1h~e4en Al lgood and.41114 toilm have
('u g in e rs,4 ll f w h m :re ) 8 111 a rr ied(
:((1pt 11he youn1 (1s t son.4 Senaitor1
lenti1tied n' :h 14 ~ th 1 far ing inlter'
415 of ils 8 't 1 1 h iis busy4 lifhe
t w hih in, 11:4 be(en1 suiccesstu14.
( 18 iS4 del (it izl aId 44 uost108 CX
m44plary') g.'ntlem1an1.
llorn'1 1F1b It 1810 :4nd roared('( in
'ice'ns (c(unt1 y (4n 11t he furil, he' wais
r'4 lt up~ to1 li:':i44od1 withl steady
a hIt: :4n11 :lu press: 4d Wit b1 ihe tI'rue
h'a of indhustry. A s ai1: Iarmor, 14m.
utha41 A. StIwart who (died inl
Don 1(44 14r in g nino 414 tII I ren4 w ho0
ow live with 7414. Stephlenls. In
20. la44was ek4te County4 Sup)er
mater part I o:11 hi-: tim and4 a44( tt11'4
(4n and41 I elliI aI 44na14 4)1 Lo0 l iii' .'
('lt, h4as, wVii b 1:h' 444ther membi1 rs 'i'
:4ilph 1' 41 the ii I jsuplyof und
A\ bou4t .lbVeurs of1 a4ge, 1(' re(sid(es,
':ar l'Asley, 8, ('. A t 444 t'arly <
eC, hit marri4 .\14' l iss18 I ,izzio4, dlaugh. -
I ini this calling. 1I 1(4n he was
''ele d 14to 44 the 4li'd of Connis
(4nor's for1 tiis e<>444it~y ill which
a44 hoE has1(4 sorved h iis coun t.y and(
etijon with oner1gy an~d jud(gm1en4t
Was~4 born the yeOar 181., Alarch
sI, andm is no(w' li ving 3) mi4les o;f
mie place whiere hornP1, 11 is mioth-.
ied whe he4 wva eleven 44 earst' j
C stttes ,boliste44 iSCLar141ch, .1 S12
.18 yeats of 44gO underk 10. A.
i1ompso a~4 is Cati. in secon~d li if. ''
Regimenti , anld John V. Aloore "
Col; ser'v( i~ as1 sold ier until 41
>red. He rei'cei ved a muiisket ball Ir'
left arm'I at second( MlAlaasa and4(1
rie d ball four t (enI years1 and44( live "
on1ths4, w'hen IDr, James110 810oan
triacte t.11ho. Inlil frliom aan,41 it c
aghin g seven eights of an1 ouueo" "
41i1h ho keeps as a relic, gettin ~1
rouigh the war as he d id very ~
1ky. 4)f
silver that4 he0 cariedC thr'ou1gh 1,
1,ftAd (Jilt, 1.o (Commen1COC A 14(W
B in Whiph liv han~ hen Wondor *i r
.11 County olicos, oach, - $5.00.
Iagistratcs, - " 2.50.
.11 other oflics, " - 5.00.
'll- abovo prices aro invariably IN
lier'cby allnonneo myself a caudidato
'ongress to ropreseit tho Third, S.
) ist rict, subject to the act ion of the
iocratic voters in the approaching
m ary. Win. J. Stribliug.
herehyN ainounco myself a condidato
the (lflice of Treasurer for Pickens
mty, subject, to the action of the do
critic pruin:,ry. G. I. RHendricks.
l.he friends- oif James Ml. Lawrenco
poet fully anlilnonc him as canididato
'relatrer f.r l'ickens counly, sub
It to the action of the democratic vo
lat the coming primary.
I'lio friends of E. Poster Keith hero
atmounce im s a oandidato for the
.c of Atditor suljec-t t ) the action of
. deimcratiic party at the coming pri
,ry elecddtion.
We have still en hand a few bar
ins in the Chapman Bros. siock,
d contilluted to buy new goods-a
iple s'o-k.
We are running or the cash pril
Ile and ('1111 therefore give You benl
IS YOU woul d not get by lite sales.
V !tell at vlo'e living I) Jece.
We wiill take po: as1re in showing
i (iln'ugh ilho store.
Farmers c: get what they need
re. welkeep go d goods, and if you
n't see wlmt \(ilou want ask for it.
Coffee at 8. 9 andtt 10 pounds to
L! dollar. Granulated Sugar 16
un-is to the dollar. A few 5 and
gallon kegs of Tennessee sorghum
hand at -10 cents. Canneil goods
all1 kinds.
Some clotililig to go cheap.
As good Flour as you can find
ywhere in town.
Tobacco, Canlldy, crackers, matches,
ap. stoneware, tinware.
Farming im.l ll -tits, plows, hoes,
nygletreeS, galrden.) seeds, stationery,
k, pencils, .ronms, thread--a Ii tle
eveythi . Comeo to see 118 nid
ig us your produce. It we
veln'I got ivit Voil wallt, will pay
t cash for y . 0.1.chickens, eggs and
llt11).S & HIAMIOND.
"Mot'led a horr'lible aleier ('n the log of
1 1. ( )rner*, F'rankil lni t' Grve, Ill., which
irs. '1I.Te I ll en' Irn ica Salve
re'd him. Jut4 . x go' d fort Itoils, Burns
iies, ntIs. ( Coris Sien'ds, SkinI, Er'np
n15 and Piles. 25(2 at Bolt andui Tfh rn
drug stot e.
A re you prej ind iced1? Art you
en1 to convic ltion? Many 1)eop)1
ink it imipossib:e to fine a First
1ss General Store in a town of'
D~on't y'ou blOieve it I
Becaus. you can1 be0 convinced
are is a First-*class General Store
re by callling on
s. oss Eaton,
Central, S. C.
Where)1' yOu will find( a fine and1(
ried( Stock of D~ry Goods, D)ross
00(ds and( Grocrios.
Con tral, S. C.
F. Tolly & Son
'ite for Prices.
Under $8,000 Cash Deposit.
Ranroad Fare Paid. U
anl year to Both Bex.s. Very Cheap Doard,.
DrgaAlabama Businescole ,
y Chamberlain's Stomlach & Liver
stai, tho boat phtyic. For sale by
the most fatal of all dis- o'
u uarantssd R eme S
iong rehunded. Contains
edIes recognized by *mie
physician, as the best fee..
icy and BlIaddet troubes F
PZua a aaasta;' d
Capt. J C hn M. Patrick. A
Editor Peoples Journal:- ==
Will you allow me, a former ,
adot of Patrick Ililitary Instituto
o say a word to the citizens of A
?ickons couity. through your i%
>-apor, about Capt. J. Ml. Patrick, A
:andildate for Adjutant and In- 'I
qphctor (,ioral, aid ly colnman . AD
lalit, while a student it) tho -
[Patrick Institute, founded and
Iresided over by Col. John B. i
atritk. a nau whoso pure all( for
ilorathlo lilf is rleOted inl the c-,
lifo oi the Sol, who offers himself ",
for the first time to ropresent you
through tho medium of i state
oflice .
Thiirtv-nine yoars Capt. J. M. for
Patrick has lived and lived well. coi
Ibrn1, SO to speOik, in a military Imlo
at mosphere -his father conduct
ing i niilitary school-ho early ex
h1bited i tasto and talent for res
things niilitary. This was shown for
il hi Is selection for Captain of the iev
G'reonville guiards whon quito to
young, and later in h1is SIlendid
wort- as Commandant of Cadets ill
Patrick M ilitary.lstitute, testifiedb
to by hundreds of ex-c=adets all bY
over the stato, and not long ago by th
his being asked, Urgod and made im
uaplain of the Anderson Rifles
Dt tllis town.
The last oflice he accepted
though a very busy man-for overy
o1) knows tholife of a merchant
Alderman of evenl a town t(ho size
of Anderson is not one of idleness --a
aind atlfords a vory small quota of an
leisure timo to devote to anything sit
And by the way, at the recont ci
military display at Charleston, an u h
imipartial spectator, anid a man N
With , critical Military oyo, said of
the Aidersonl Rillos who appeared 3C
that. day in line: "Socond to
noni, inl military appearance and h
hearing." Capt. Patrick is their d
T'he personal liaracter o' Capt. th
Patrick is high and broad. His I
mind is trained to command and
x( (eilte, to disipatch the details of
1oitinie oflice life, to command of
with dignity and credit to himself
aid his people the militia of this
state, to look after the needs of the
militia and keep it at high stan
I1o will impress the spectator as q.
an ideal commander, as an ide(l
military figure, ts an ideal Adju
n. of
tant and uIspoctor General aind a .
all ideal southern gontlomian,
A clean. puro mali ho is, inl tho
opinion -f his "home folks"-who hn
a if er till know a man best--and
fitted by naturo and training for the
positio hellI is seeking. And all
who K NOW him agree wit~h his .
\Ve, his home folks (thle peole ut'
1f Antdet son county and town ) ask '
y'ou earniestly to wveigh Capt. Pac- 13
rick caref ully beforo you cast your tit
ballot for Adjutant and inspector OY
Gieneral at the approach ing elc,- -
tion, and if you hind he is the best(
all-around man in the iraco-wellI
-we'll1 leave t ho rest to yon.
One of is "home folks.'
Anderson, A pr, 23, 1902'
Varmner's Warehouise Stockhoelders:
Them stockhoulders of the Easley Alli- 0
rinco Warehouse met Miarcht 2 1st, plur
rinnt to call of Pres:dent, Milton 1.
Rogers. Tihere was5 repriesenited 88M8._ Ct
31) of the stock, this being a majority. th
Tsho meetimg was orgainzed by electin~g
LuJ!banf Mauldini, President and .J. A.
Robhmson, Secretary and Treasurer of
stkhlder'S meeting for the terra of one t
year or until their successors arcolected. he
The stockhldo, s recommended that the
wvarehonso be leaned to thie Easley
Creaimery Co.
TheIu followini g derectors worr- elected;
Labaniu Mauld in, d1. A. RobiniiSOnL, .Joel
II. M iller', C. 'T. Itlar'tin and C. i. Car.
penlter, lift er wich fLiaa Mul diln was
hiecy & Treas of' Director's meeiting. OI
Rel5)ved( that it is the sonse oft this
mneetinug sto(khltders to enicouirago anud
lendio all help to th1e( Easley Creamery
Compamyll3 thait wo (etnn with our limited
After the adoption (of this resohiition, J
:ho minidlg adjourned
L4aban Mauinldin
J. A. IRobinsonIi
Scoratar'y. Mobi 21-1902
11Imed1iately a ft er thle adJjour nme..t o
tanized by electing C.[.. (Carp1.nter
P~residentI, indi J . A. Rbinson1511, 8,cy
mdit Trleals. Aflter dueto 02n-idlerat iin t be
ra.ct with th1e4 Liasley' Ce aery (o '"\We
hie diirector.< of (the1( Eidasey Warehousei0
io.eeby aigrett ro te o th Ile Iiasley
Jreamnery 1o 'nr riei nok wariehoniso an'dl \\J
of. oini nothl side of nmiin st. , for the
,eriiotd of ont el ea, 1(0 114us a a c'reamety
nud (Ithe li urposeIlla. And( tha Easlo'yUNI
reameru~ty C'., agrees, on t heirL part, to____
asko sneh impr'ovemen0:t as are necessar'y
Iir 51am1( at their own expenise. Th'iey
Lrtherl~ agree tI pay as rent for said
'artehouise snoh portioni of the dividends
f said (Jreamery Co'., as stock of the
areh'Iouiso which is s1800,U0 bears to
mt stock of the Creamery Co. All the
a~prov'emnent8 made by said1 Creamnory oe*
o ar'otto remain) the property of tho o.
reamery Co, and may be removed by
oem, if desirod. Pr'ovided nio injury 'is
>neC to said warehouse, or if so, to be Ti
paired by the Creamnory Co at tte.i'rTabi
in oxpenso. The warehuouse Go, shall1 G. V
t be respon ible for any dlebts mado by -
o Creamory Co. Signed by directors
Warehouse r'o, anid Creamery Co,
(I. H. Carpenter,
3. A. RoIbIuson, ' asiukut
Boey & Tireas. are
AttentfoutJmioec ICilnbs. S
All Dlemocr'atio Clubs are notified to r
2et at (hh' r'espootable places of meet- i
g on the 4th Saturday ini A pril,the 26th E
it, at $:30O o'clock p. mi. for the purn.
so of re-or'ganislig and electinjg dele
tes to a County Convention to be held
Pickens, U. H . on te 1t Monday ini tfel
y to attend to business of Domocratlo neg
tv for P'inkeana nnn1y niv.K..
County of Piekens.
manda E. Kennemore, et it].
W. T. McFall, et al.
Inl pursuance of a decretal order in
the above stated case by Hon. leorge
W. Gago dated Mar. 20, 1902 and an file
in the Clerks olice. I will sell to the
highest bidder on saleday in May 1902
during the legal hours for sale at Pick.
WIs Court House, S. C.,, the following
tract of land to wit:
"All that piece, parcel or lot of land
in the town of Pickens, county and state
aforesaid, and known as lot No. 46, and
containing one acre, more or less also till
that other lot adjoining the above mon
tioned lot and known as the east hil(
of lot No. 44 containing one half acro
more or less, also all that other lot ad
joining the above mentioned lots, and
kiown us the east end of lot No. 80 con
taining one half acre more or less and
known as the re.l estate of Geo. W.
Jnmes, deceased, frouting Garvin and
Cedar Rook Streets.
Terms cash. Purchasers to pay for
papers and for recording the same.
1st day of April, 1902.
Clerk of Court.
County of Pickons.
By J. B. Newbory Esquire, Probate
Whereas, .J. B. Clyde niudo suit to
me to grant her Letters of Adiministrat.
ion of the Estate of mid efin cts of Caro
litnat I. Clyde, deceased.
These are therefore to cito and admon
ish till and singular the kindred credi
tors of the said Carolina I. Clyde, de
Mcesed, that they be and appear beforo
me, in tLe Court of Probate, to be hold
at Pickeis Court Iouse, S. C.,on the 1st
day of May, 1902, after publication
lieiof, at 11 o'clock in the forenoon, to
shew cause, if tny tliy have, why the
said Administration should not be gran
Given under my hand and seal, 11
day of April, 1902, in the 126 year of
our Independonee.
J. P. P. C.
County (ommissioner's Sale.
County of Pickens. (
By virtue of an act of the legishtnro
providinig for the sailo of town lots in the
town of Pickens for tho purlpoe of
building a new jail and other viarposes.
We will sell to the lighiest bidder the
following descrihd lott; belo.ging to
Pickens county, in the towin of Pickeis
Saleday in May, 1Q02,
at Pickens Court House, S. C., during
the logtil hours for sale, to-wit:
All that certaiti lot with the buildings
thereon onl south side of Main street join
ing thie Masome building lot on the west,
Mrs. Tuornley ott the east, Main street.
on the south and otn which the dispen
s try is tnow loctated, cotitaining about:
onte fouth (t) of ani acre more' or lees-..
Al-o till those other lots ini said town on
wvhich the jail no0w sttands, conttaitning
taboiit tIwo (2) itcros mtoie or less whichi
will bc sol Ian about one-half acre Jets.
Phtt of samne cati be seent in the Comn
mitssi'oner's itilico, and 2mill be exhibited
on day of sak.
T'erms of the sale are one thiud (j) cash
anld lanlttce etn a credit until the firstdaoy e4
of November, 1902, credit p~ortionl so
cured by the bond of the pairchascr and
a nmortgageo of the premises with intterest
from (liy of sale on credit portion.
Pnrchiasers pay for all papers and for re
cording the same.
Su pervisor.
J. M. STEWVART, Clerk.
J. M. Geer, President & Treasurers
P. M. Taylor, Secretary,
E. H. Shanklin, Superintendent..
-' Resolutions..
Easley S. C., April 9th 1902.
At a meeting of tho Directors of the
Easley Cotton Mills, held this (lay. the
following resolutions were adopted:
1st. That the e apitial stock of the
Easley Coltoni Mills hie ineretised to $350,
000.00, by issning 1000 shtares oif Comi
moni stock, of the ptar value of $100.00
2nad. 'I htat each stockholder of the,
comipany ihall be entitlh d to subscribe,
for htis pror *ta shtare of said aitiionatli
3rd. 1lThat theo Pt es'ident e~ Treasuirer
bo inistruclted toi sendt( eachl 1t(OckhIolder.1
1 copy of thtoso resoiltat~ons, wvitht a notico
~hat lie beu entitled to subscribe for at liar,
>)y thle 1st of Jutne, 1902, for his pr~opor-i
iontt partt of the intcretase, an td tht
1ue tnot ice, as requited by law, be given
brough otto of the (0ountty )paper.
4thI. Thait so muech of the addli itinal
ttock aR satll remin untsold toi the
tockhtolders may ho dtsptosed oif by the
Botird of Directors8, at t heir dhi5cretil,
at not less theit par for c ash,.
5th. Tht ait the anonati meeting; of
iur stock hold-rs, oni thte 1 7th (lay of
stay, 1902, at thet ofice of thle Eniley
Jottont Mills, Eanley 8. C., at 11 ociock
.im., thte foreto .:g resoluttionis will be
Pres't & Treasutr.
Robt. J. Miller, Propiotorr of the,
ad Honae Drng Store of Chattantogo,.
'onn., writrs: "'There is more merit ina
'oley's Hloney and Taur ttilla in tany
thmer (congh syrup. The calls for it
iaii all other con gh 53yrnps combined."
101t & thornley, Pickotis, Chapmnan1 &
altlhan, Liberty.
Easley3 Creamery Vompany.
All stockholders of the Enasley
reamnery Company are called to
cet att the office of the Predkden t,
T, Ljathem, ini the city of Earn.
y, out Saturday April 2tAh ait 4
clock p. in, Thme object of this
ooting is to complete the organi..
ti of said company, andi a full
tendenuce of stockholders ls de.
010*SN0107an A

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