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The People's Jourmo
T. J. MAULDIN, - - - Editor.
W. LIMSI- MA'rihlHNY', - Btus. l
Hnteredl at the P'ost Ofilce at Pic'konai
second-elass mnatter.
Su-criptilon. $1.00 a Year.
Il U RSDA Y, A1Pi1. '-), 1902.
We print below Some clilings fr
the i.eowee Courier undu date October
1,85, some of which inay be of interest
our people to-day.
The election returns plinted in this iss
show at total Vote, inlcluding.. what Is II
Oconce aild Piel- ties, of only 14Y
This ia ' Ist election
votes weie r
just ended t
1u11 of inen.
I Nrr'II>SrmA-rl1s SEcNA-tolaS.
In lditioll 14) the 1111my selections for
lice that iis :"lr(e1y been Made, the 8;
Legisiature will be called on to elect t
United SlateS Seallitors. Gov. PItrjty, it
conIcelded I)n all hand1111s, will be one of
two. lion. W. W. Bool, of Fairfield,
also favorably spokell of in conneet
with tile other seat- It behooves us,
tlis extieity, to select. our best, wist
and most (4onsidelrIte statesmen to rep
cut us in the Congres of the United Stat
t the prese it l illt .
I'~i'a- o' iliSUN.
Early ill the fo1r0n00n 0fThtrdyh
an obscuIrLation ()f* the .-un's disc comme
VCd.-Thc clipse % as not as coipletle
that foretoli by14. - %- I. a in :lac gentlemen, 1
gave very gele ral satisfactioll.
I .\.\4l11 :ATil N.
W.' call amttenin to the interestinglet c
4f CIA. .JOHN A. Wm.', Of Cimrlesh-A
which we pul ish this weei onl our fi
ManyI83 ('1of41it- ouiew 'lwill rl leet Col14
4.V.(oIKNR:. as (Ine 4;[ thel lieI(ipall folItn i
of the f1l11rishi:Ig (;e n sett lemenlt
W alhalla, in ourl- district.
WeL commenW~d Isk letier. con1t.ining
11i 1 t1l,. is import alt to om-1 prosperil
ti the Inkturle .c : I 11'sid ratjil of 414 I
tors, Soon1 to assem11ble.
3 1 ' !! -: : : .
We ege'olearll utt t1111 mber14s of t
Federal glrri soll were kilb- l Ir n1.%
Ferry, ill Adtldermn distril, st we
They were11 (nItac-itlevi, gulard
.4t111t111, whel they II let tir'.. viaOh-ilt O1a
Sev'ail citizens ofl Anlders. m l-ilv(.,
learn, been rrstd and set-l to) (44im11
for trial be o. .re ti' m.ilitar. auunlti.m 0iti
The freqllelcy of ie ,,..
ing ill this seet.unn
111(1 fT. ,c4 A 114- . '1'im4'iy c'4 144
thle good1 -Ill 11111 1 '
41- W erted for til' futire. Ihlimolln lilt,
llot regardled w1'ith a n l'( 5 Sitsh '1 1f s -14r-1t1Ih1
(r ho itn with anctity. \'l I-re \l il I
reckles44 r (g o 11 lft 1 e:nl' S I ll it i
Nc'..' ve i oll ple4eitt eillg ll, 114' llH r . i b
lite filure? W e thilik 111. \ 'hy Se
gagelll til lt wteS, ..l l rel h w.. ti n it'is4.
an.ilty plead for a reastnabl truIelatie:
pt,tt ~vitig daed i l ivriool
cortrep1dent advncehas.-aen1lac
NwisYork, puttin up.F Sthe~S pie ato s
cents per und for1S "mi h 1>s.
the'' '..''i .1 c r- a :Cc lishesp.
f'ctiia j .V~j.'111 4'l '~ .41 letter1 I
II 5t:~li~'.41 1111'''' '''4 '' :
U;LC:id. ln
hear andi mlind wt the deterilm
pAst ofer of41 te-future our coul k
wi4.llr notiI oly' belL restordjl to lnatelial4i
perrty blut (illb advanced4.4 i in seie
vllitue sand reig.4.4 lrl-1('c 14 l1 ..
Walc ishing V'4'11 you ver suces I am. i 4 I
M rcofsat trulyjt'wi yours, I . ful. 11.:1
Thtc g~eeis go1d athi'tyd fror 'aije
palltm thenloe tho; n[ w ljIin (iilw 11110
serve i lot .e m-tered b;t. Te d
theyy was:.! b rtaineicas path th'o
ghuld ep anny a erypne.. n TUeycl
formeh'ovi,na~lcr fee hie all '.e
thing fblon to .m, wl --)88'li ~
sGreboy elsew. -
'cmf n khllegh obsvn c ls h
hno ley' Won (donu vprae.
AI it n.lever. 110 us patll . 1j..
water w' ill itr se! l rp.'l~
tabla uth; srvat' wre ve itla m
ture~ of a lt i nd perc pntifly al 'wd
Slidaly C01ne04, at gentle blessing, olce a
Week. God's laws are all-wiso andtiinexor
able. Each colmllladmillt of tle decalo.
gue is an toxpressiol of the 11aW of nature.
gr. -lThi'otgli ill thie I!nivelrsce this will of God.
this latW of lat ure resign.s parIamnount. No E
hunan texigen(cies cll gainpay it - when
carriedi to 1their last anallyses, hum1111an cxI- M
gelcies are bult tile result of certain Viola
ions of nature's law. God resigns Supreme, C
lld lie that nlldeitalikes to contiover't Ilis
nill will is not wise. The sophistry of inible.
isi even accepts the true principles of
to God's law aInd its Champions practice thei
in natuire's way-'their arguments fail be
ue cliuse, their )reaTchings and1 practlCes are
)w inconsistent aind because their. conclusions
)7. are enI'oneons. Finie argielaent does n1t4
in aIllke truth, but truth lives through all the
ol. vicissitudes of men sand nations amd will
nd stand, at the list ily. the i unerring arbiter
of ull the deeds of men----truh is of God. a
part; the comlllllmamnts of' ('od a ire ela.
natl(ions Iromall anid tin nerri ng source. 'I' aill
these eomnndnenimts, mai unast give hae
or the fatal results of dlisob:)dielnce will
1 surely be his port ion. IeI -aps t i henar%
he feels them in busiiess, in the strictiles
that society is not slow to levy ol hill ill
gelneral iltelcourse, inl the hlain i lat ionas
that, harrows his sotl, while the unfittatm- (
able hereafter, most of fall. hols for diso.
s bedielt man :ni enless labyrini 1 of' dis.
1a ppointmnllt)s.
JIu there is hoipl( :and enwourngenet 1 an ('a
every hand. Evidences of tiv'erSaal a.-.
knowlmenrllt, of' the just claim a the In. (
st, liite Ruler ae hattnal' givi'ai il l alt'.
I' miatIni t.f life. Hisiness y eus ha-aiwtl.
a ieanue, lawisck Ia emlhlaasiz,. e a raecoagni.
't i ala of the tact that (a I's vill is one f Ti
the justititatioas far all1 hanall law. As
in indeh'x tat the onsrvllsa'tive rvtont tmli
te 1y of hiw'-albitling spirit fit (1uii' people, titm
r, l eeil strict observallce of t he Sal it i
rst 41hy tells morile 11han l'nagtly speecht's tr
evenl Ilooks col rigt-ily dielmonstr -.,
. The triuth is, we arc elnjoying the blessilgs
rs "te of' the ligh christiaal ci vilizwitiona aaI
yf .et tIae pity is we (aftell stlray in -lt '''-a->r
ia.1 accot.il fr the source aild Instairatila
at it fall.
be far Ln's bae(.t erop is its 'rap if lors
3101rl--h future menl anld w~en. I
w\ all saal tlant amlything whieh tila'rfs tl-ir .
lives Ir taa'hies them hall habits tar ..'iv':
it w ra g l vwl' s at (i l' car ( w rmig iai s
hal ft ell ss a' which t maias in all w -:l'
w an I ihe'ira m:aa soil r wo -a lit , tial is
yaa''~ httal fdamin Ti~ -' a' an ha , t -a'kt
\t* y teiiilsill.. 3 ' t i fim
ba ilit' 'a' ly w ;iy 'iti n- vert.
I .r ddi . ' I tacilwr t ln-s i s a hI la d
Satieicr no .t0il 1t i hiw lich Ii; lanads, liaw
har'hii' 4c rps hiw tlai' his stt'lw . arill
na au- - W M il a htIl, r-, 'Ire niot v xplnweI I ,
11it1a t thI ' t14 utallaatinls which iestt tiw
palbs (11 a a1stose who i f lil' in the city but thi e
farim. ian-v: rthat less. fillar stpla'mtinti 4IpaIp r
itita is fo s"-til )Ita lit IliIg the t al at libr
ainl hulblinag str..r: characters. Thi'. anlIs Y\
la litnt at :la 4'.\td:nnatill aailh'a liitlt' by'a ;al
al "Whll i altanwth frnrwub aei
"" Y t ha l'nl ta' hial :i waall it h ' it'
tillanals mainid ltight in wa'ith hits chlithn-n!'
I it is .4tjaat 1 a h a i : a l t a'0 pl:nai af a ne a i'af
a i a'' il I t i t al li \v' a ill :i '*a )wl I lll itn*ii 't';I i '
tobehuin with th. anaa pr'e'a'sin:g. I Ic
ala,. kt~ail twoa hirtea meniai. anal tater his" niniar
en .mduttin was"4 cointliaa hii watb~tlar :aat it t'
Ijhit phols. ai-l whena~ an-- 'ja.h wa,. t hey ti'
ltry'a <la'biy. If anly nitial is iif :aany s..art wa~ee
ro ' . ntilto nab le i them~ll 141 Coinghl ' any jobt
ihe lirst tit:eta h 'e a wen tao tatwn I. It seems1i
thait et.'tin :g til hais fariuin move a''s it n:si
va auit steaia-l as 'a ('loc'. 'Tlo' hirail men
h a ait lato a do tex :ali a va:st
I a taust 9at at.
; ' ' - t a "a jl
lue ( : . .,. E l> ir.O am' "t 3''
t .a. . r u - - . )- l bue |' a
lati lahth' h( 6 1. h t'' lth . Th
'a hll lof i I ri 'a'als W i l i I it
- a In tha' tht of April, Sllanbry, the
)a'amaa('ati" Clubt are) eIC xpeted'i to meeit lair Het
re-otrgaation bay th eetin of prsdn, Hit
vi.c-pri'i ent , secretary antd I reasurler', andt lhen
an tex~ct dye committee of three or' morei' a!
mlembe:~rs and an executivye comilI ItCeemanl 14le
At thec stame time the clubhs wIll ceet dee Sit
gates to the county convention which wIll
meet on the first Mondaiy in May, 5th1 day, tof
when a devlegale w'll be elected to the Staute el
conivention. TJhe basis of cltub represcuta.- (1
tioni Is on~e delegate for cyery 25 memlfber's y'o
or majority fraction thereof. 1)
01 -ALt a C~tc egtionail meeOLting Suniday
to afternjoon Apriilt, aftrrglrsrie
call was extended to taresbygtll et asinc fo
ughalf the Ihne of liev T.11 iedd. his~o
chgt~Iurcoh will be one of his charlgesCh
like Oh
U Millions mairvel at the multitudeo of bey
m'aiaies Cut offby Dr. King's Now Life whti
ttm- Pilis- -the most distresaing too, iStomi. ter
ach,~ Liver and Uowoi tr'ouble--Dyspap. 801u
stBa, Losof A ,ati to Jaundice, iliu8, tg ed
nes, Fver lara, ll allbefrethose Iy
that to Buy
Ad Whiere to Buy!1
celslor Slovs rromi
IuS1 :%,s S Pn juts l'roli
Wa~lte'r West
i:111iipioi Mowers C I' Ir ill
VNI~ater Wecst
1i1tulioll 1Bilhde s (rolix
Wallecr NVcs.L
.tffiio P ig Tooithi [Iaronm ' orn
Iie W1~Xeders f romii
,I11hI)LI "I'LI1 Ii 'owVs I'ii iii
Itleiot-k P'Olows fromi
:iry Lia ii Lvs fr'omI
NV:L1Ler Wecst
NVaLIvc WVest
Ditl.Iisltriloutors iioiii
it1t1ijt IrhiP 11 oi11
O'lollui Hoeshstl
aii IS a h- hi (i
NN :11111' West
Wt.,e ~es
Mt i it'ull Wn !ci 1*(* 1114 11
'oil, ()ji~Wa(ln-ter\, -
Br:11ia-lAc Rockwood
I . ii t En ~ 1111C a 1M. -w
F. Bru~il Bo
1%i 1- : 1 ,i1 1 , S. C.t
r I ff IL T\ l TY wffI i "~ .
To Buy
Gent's Furnishing Goods,
Hats, &c.
It will pay you to inspect our stoc<
We carry the biggest stock of CLOTH
ing in South Carolina.
Creenville, S. C.
We have paid especial attention this spring to our line o.
)rcss Goods, for we believe in pleasing the ladies. A com.
olete line Organdies, Lawns, Dimities, Percals, Linens, witl
;ilks and Trimmings to match. A beautiful line of Plain anc
ancy White Goods. We are offering every piece of liner
hat we carried over from hst summer at first cost.
Shipments coming in every day. In they come and ou
hey go. Buy the BATTLE AXE and you will aways ge
he BEST. See our celebrated Selz ;3.50 Shoe for men
nd Julia Marlowe $3.00 Shoe for women.
Clothing! Clothing!
We carry as goodl a line of CLOTHING as you will fin<
nywvhere. Su its I rom 5 years old1 and up-can fit the la rges
aan in the county. P'rices anywvhere from 50 cents to $i8.oo
f you need a suit come to see us. If we miss selling youi
vill not be the fault of the goods nor the prices.
We Try to Carry Everything!
Call for what you don't see. Anything that is wvorth has
ng is worth asking for, and remember our prices are alwvay
-ight. Yours truly,
WiiiSome Bargains to offer in Buggies and Wagons.
You Have Not Seen GreenvillE
Unless you have visited the GRANITE FRONT
iDepartmnent Store !
engers dlo-they. come in. Suppose you do the same thi
ext tune yo r in Grevle WVe will b~e glad to shiov
'ou through all the dlepartm en ts.
.We handle D ress Goods, Silks, IlIosiery, Corsets, Boys
u its, Men's P an ts, Trunks, China, Glass and Agate WVare
-e.Curtains, IHouse-keeping Goods.
BARR'S, Dry Goods,
114 and i16 South Main Street,
G;reenville, S. C.
3.00 "Oxfords" $2.50 the Pair.
"Walk-Overs," "S.'iow's" and Edwin Clapp's for men,
ree of thc Leadin g Gent's Shoes that are sold in the world
day. WVe carry these goods in all the latest shapes and
We sell nothing but solid leather shoes, HIGH CLASS
OOD)S. Have had.27 years experience in theshoe business
id claim that this experience has given us a thorough knowl
ogesof leather shoes nnd the wants of people who wear good
If you want cheap shoes, go to see the other felowi, but
you want Good Shoes CHEAP, come to see
DAV IS, The hi Grade Shoe Man,
Mer ac, W, P. DAN Wgh Manager.
Biliousness 3
Chronic Invalids.
When the liver is mrpid, and fails to do its work,
the bile onter* the * blood as a virulent poison. Then
comes constipation, bi liousne a, ick headache, fevers .)
and malaria. The only treatment that give'the over just
the right touch and starts Nature's work in the right
inanner to
The pi r touches the liver, and the pollGtojone th te
3 25 doses for *# 4ays cost 25 cente.'and un
loes your case Is exceedingly bad, you
thwit be we befo l. you finish them.
-lSamplo free. For male at
all dealers. a '
During business hours I am at your f eryice to ligure
thle lowest prices oni
A complete line of ewing Machins. Needles
Oils, Repairs, &c., always o ha n l or prompty or
dered. Phoogralyhs a'id Graphophones 1m1 Suy.
tC l,prices, dehvered.
lPepair work skillfully done. All work guarant
John T. Boggs,
One~~ PrceCsh Store
Wehve just receivedi 5 Barrts of Good Patent Foer
thtrill sell for $4 75 per barrel. Don't fail to gt a Shp
ply belore it is all gone.
W\i,-e also have a few more barrels of a splendid straight
F e rfor y.1- 2;.
Grn Coflle, good enotugh for anybody, a o His. for $i
1 7 11bsgranlad- sugar for $1.
t 20 olie lnceow sugar for -O.oo.
t ies. k-(-- soda fo01r 2i cents.
)Iton ili to see us when you haeo anything to s or
buy. Yours trlyn g
Colt Insured, . (:
the followng plking
Five Frks. ndersoFcounl
i ckens-May\I 5,1 Gi 14I , I'I15,i 23 asi24,eadi yuaetri guo
Jun 2 3 11 , . - . itdntstpbcue h eteri-am
ibr y -11 A (I pr i J 2 i0, M j ay ~~ 7, 8, 1.0 aldr~i~
Ce t ri a OT- A prilNE27,c29, 30, Me Yor,
10. 19, 20. 28 29,TJune I. 7
per, hrse an.Thehor E' aslsred ,
Nic trm. ellw, god t a enfr
ofteMognblo -he to yno eta b est. h ecusv
A1, each of th s a les of wllm k
t o ericsand For showbe in-eso ve o
fomto paddreosse, e pie apr a
FiCents to FC. etsprR
S/.Ib The$. er day. aucEerOfee
Mr. .M. Ih.mon Prh pri -tte rhfnst~
Lrtistg, and aremhandsoser Ondoo
$ betterevalue thnvcanebn pnochaso
yuws N.e foIbt ossngebtiofe
iII~t~q WSomhow the [email protected], produe
eIPSrt ,sthat th ainti

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