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Smith & Bristow's, Greenville, S. C.
Our stock was never in better condition, having disposed
of most of last season's goods after the fire, and we are show
ing today the newest and cleanest stock inl upiper Southi Caro
lina. Goods guaranteed as rel)resented or money refundtic led.
Mail orders receive prompt attention. Ternms, CASH. One
Price to Everybody.
Main Street, Greenville, S. C.
Greenville's Leading Store
Buying and Selling More Dry
Goods than any Three
Stores in the City.
\Ve are exclusive agents for Strause & Iro's I ligh Art
Clothing, recognized as the best made, (-sL in Clt'l hing in
America. \Ve carry all grades. M.en's Suit; 4oim '-,,(o to
$15.00; Boys' three piece Suits $2.50 to xui: ChMIuren's tw<
piece Suits 50 cents to $6.oo. We guaranmtee to ave you fron
1o to 25 per cent. on any suit you buy from us.
We carry more Shoes, and sell mor Shes than all th<
other merchants in Greenville. We guarantee every shoe w<
sell from $1.25 up. More of our shoes are beineTh worn in
Pickens county today than from any other- store, bu't we want
to sell every man, wvoman and child in Pickens couniity their
shoes this year. We have
Plenty to Go Round.
Bring the Maclam and Children with you when you come
to Greenville. Make our store your home~ while here. Plenty
of room for the children to play in, and the M~adamn can find
more PRETTY DRY GOOIDS to look at in our store than
anywhere else in the city, and SAVE i s to 25 per cent, on
every article she buys.
The Leading Dry Goods,
Cloth ing and Shoe House
Of Greenville, S. C.
HARDWARE of all kinds.
MACHITNERY, Engines, Boilers, Saw Mial: &
SUPPLIES for Textile Mills, Corntract ors. I pe litters, &c
most ap~proved patterns.
We carry the I ARG;ESTL AN I) M( )ST1 (()MPlli;TE
STOCK of any house in the State.
Prompt deliveries and LOW ll IES.
H-ere you will find all the L .ATEST D( )( )KS, N ()\ YELS
The Finest Line of Stationerv in thme c:ity.
Blank Books and office supp1lies of al kinds.
Eastman Kodaks from $5.00 to $25.co.
Beawine Cameras at $1.00 and $2.oo.
Kodak Supplies of all kinds.
Agents for \Vaterman's Ideal F~ou ntain P en;.
TIn -all its branches. All kinds of JOB WVORK< in good
style, and on short notice,
First-Class Work!
Prompt DIelivery. Equitable Prices
Mail Orders Given Prompt Attention.
Th Ander0n Prilltillg and Statlone1y Conilaly,
('LA 8 BROS. & Co.,
We Will Sell For the
Next 30 Days
ad Varkers.
Naw In: tocks.i arke
20 per cent
Is'thIn usual price. We havo
C'nI' C a Optional valuies.
(4neivillo, S. C
Cr-ow ('reek SeAcion.
v,"M ('r11k soutionl Of Pick
V i: West. of the Court
t. I mile Th laids
1:;j.mA ic me nall miounl
t hat one') Can fom their
t .'t i chailriing view of tle
b moi~utains in N. C.,
:1 0n this State. Th'le 44oil is
kt le inatirally of' i dark
t l I .-ravely surf-ace with a rod
ai btiL 7iin-he s boneath.
T!; br on tils land is sipo
ri I Las had Very finlo pile
-a a- noW 01n tll unclear-od part
I it1 hard( WVOOdl tIiA are* iiVCli
Ii heviglt and diameter.
hargo poplars inl the
ri, atnd a tow 'chestnut m, trees
'he whito (ak is the
n arus of the hard woods
SCrook ia-t of tho
--paci.ailly b, le'sed inl bw
a t wcterd country inl
- e-(-r is no (littionm abouit
.a g.ing from Alr.Curtis
tline Norh orN. W. 14)
na nis :;miles (horo are eight
cP or voi)y large branchs
n aparallel foring little
-.(rv Creeks besides a half
I lalmches. F. C. Par
i-. are at the iconilnnce of
h v a -tw creeks'ald lie has a
ver luable Shoal, tho walter
'a l nt perpendicular about
.111(i abildant power for1 i
till. Mr. Parsons also has
. Thodi c water power o Li ttle
Crov 'ryek. the water having a
le' in'acular fall of 25 feeL. Mr.
Pais a fat (or shoal is about three
tlurfhi of a 1)1j1g frOm
hN.iic nulon Milo Creek. W, P'.
$-( 01ii also has 0one of' the b)est
shoal' int thie 'ounitry, the wvater
lmr.t g a fall of 22 feet, This11 sees
ti 14in t b Ihu furnished with an eo
r I eh runinlg wvater makes it
Lio hn most. desi rable coun itries
f ::- k raisiung butt just thec ad
vrc or cot t on1 growinzg becaiuse of
It' h. h~ H wsh ing. On)1 all of these~(
ereian b raniches the bottom
!t' \.'ry goodi. It is alluvial
sol I u-cl lprodces an oxcellett
va riec y fcorn. T1he 3treamus all
hav .io lc fall theref-re they doni't
OVa-tn iw tic miuch dlamlage and S->
dont c t tooI. 4 wet to mnake good1
com n. Theba dews being very heavy
th. , 1thatm lanids do not fail to
mc:akea~. aelenid yields of corn in at
dr: 3 .I Ifence thle Crow Crteek
and i 4:I dato bottoms are tihe miost
5- uarilad runfrm ick
* n i by tl Clement MillO ad
gif t ri t h sido) of' that. moutint
b.la \ y Cutijs to theo shioal atI
m1c .a u'rphyc's then to f'artson-'s
am I i by W. P. Stewart to the'
i IalOls nLittle River ini
) I ten to Walhallat or to
ni-ta'r andl initerlsect theo
R. II. ITis is at predio
ni will Someuc dayt~ be r'eal,
n a th slighftesl taecithmfey inl
11 who a~Iiire suIYa-ring~ fronccc
N' s c, saysc- (has. %I. (rtame'r,
xv l inown't wvatch'I ma)tker, of
'evic. t!, h1 Ic bee some ~atic
- inei th Cityi(, Di.'pensariv fir.st
e - t Ia'n hionto t his0 vitauabb inmud
iahtr~ I hcave reipeatedlly us'edl it candc
ny beenc benc'ecial. It has
cni. I a- <pchcly sif all ches05 (colds. it
a' ' e ly cIVetive faor chiir ad'iicnd scl.
iii ala. m >r than one b~ottle to curet
h. ::: a t hoar cness. TI have pert'iitulaed
an a try tcx'his vaiabtle mediicine, neid
b i r ll tas we'll pleased as myself
tha r.sciit," For sato by U, W.
Dru.' lcggi-st.
T tiont has been asked, 11In
ha a rea Chambaerlain'si Stomach &
I bi Iet- I super)('ior to pills?" ' ~Onr
'I hoy arc' easier anrd pleasacnt(
'c mihld anid gent le ini cfrest
an tl.~ ib aohy canl ail ways be
ae cia d' upon~att. ~Thni thcey cle'ansuot nd
fau'I'a .' theo stomac'ih and( leavce thi.
ichx-a ' in a naituIl .ial dition, w ~hilo I pills
arae ior hca'sh in effect andic their use is
ccfi'!n a lowed(iu bly ionstipaitin. F'or socloI
byx <; W. Earile Druggist.
''!yI .lloy and( T1ar Ctctin not
iion' i- cc likho neuarly all othter conigh
-h'sKidnrey Cure mfake3 kdneyc.
ia hhuhler'i right. 1)on)'t delaty takim1g.
sKicitty Curo if takena I timoc
ci rity froma all kidney arwd bhid
.n ticml safost remedy rot' kil.
i bI Iailer diseasl i IFotoy's Kidney
c .Ioi & T1hoanlay, Thism Cici
(One of the most encouragin
signs of tile times is the progres
of education.
A philosopher of (lhe presei
generation has said (hat one otfI the
best signs of the milen iaal dawn i
the Hiberality of wealthy i philu
throplsts to tho cause of edicat ioni
Menvii of Neal th now vie with each
othler ill the iaglitudo of thei
gifts to this noblo cause. And rv
Carnegle, tho ''teOl maginate" f a
ter amassing a fortutio c'$300,000,
000 franikly Coin fesses that, thero i:
lio satisfaction in hoarding (Ili;
vast fortune, and that the remain
d(e of Iis lifo Will be Spen1iit, inl Ilp.
lifting and ennobing his fe'llow he
ings. 'Tho librarios which lie i:
establishing in this and Europo:I
coulntries and the $1 0 000,000 Ill.
stitute in Vashingtonl will be ever'
lasting lloluments to his mum
Loland Stanford, Jr. Uiiver-it
of California wafs evndowed by I.x
hand with $20,000,000 inl Iemlliyin,
,f his son ; what la sting mncni
Vandorbilt I liversity, iouided
by the millions of Conelius \a,
derbilt, Trinity College, N. C hv\
the )'ukos, J9111 Piorpoit '\lor
tga il's clrist nias prestnM, 4if e2,(fi I
(00 to Sewanlek. (Tenn.> TIll,
miaagi ilieioiit gift, of h8,5Y0,00 by
(4'orge, I'cahlIy to tili cquw' of
eduleat5011 In (It(e sollih, arel hlilt a1
few cf thIe dInat ioi to the (as11--w
.4 oIduica-tion inl mlr own SIuthlanl
To come a lit IHt or.r11 l home, the
IatO I)exter 1H ('oulvers0 gave' ill -1
smgleyea- l1 0,( to C lovr.cw
Cobgleft, ailrg eilo4wmen~lt
anddoated a qualltoer of a mlillionl
at difierenlt, time, I'lonijamiiin
Woford gave a li beral 'ilowiit
0111 was the beginling (fl W'< rd
College. Tie lato \'vliof ()'Ih er,
0only last yvear, glve M20,000 t4 'rs
k iie College. Almost within ilght
is the ilagiificient planti of (Ch-m
son Colleie), the pride (f 'V4ry
South Carolinan, which origi l
n llo lilaglianimiols inld (f Thos.
iC114s>11, wlii i ghe 4av4 Ili.
lIil of0 South Carolil \1 grt,.
stat'smii:uli, John C. Calhoun, in1.4d
.1 hirg) .ndowint1 ftlld-1. Th.,
11r4) but a1 few of (the inistanec- R
phihothlists' liberality to th
cause (4 odlication. A comiplot
list of sillch dinations inl our oWi
laiid and lint1 ll would b! sill
Prisin' g an1(d even bewilderin4g.
Snllice Iogi tillng theso ralliblill
rumlliatioils, the news co1lllv.; 1'. 1]
Suth Africa, tie I)ark Coitin(en
that (te "Diamond King," Cwei
Rhodes has died and willed ir
foinue of 150,000,000 to $100 , 00(.
000 to the cause of education ii
the th ro) grea test na tions of th<(
world, England, U. S. and Ger-.
mlanly, and1( with the dlying wiSh
tluit perpeCtual p 1ace and fiend1(1
ship maly bie pre'ser'ved be'tween thle
great power's.
T[hese few illus~trations given are1"
but glowving testimonials of 111h4
pr'ogress o1 edu~callon in 1the am.Z
in wh~iichl we live~ and( it miay lie
truthfully said that nol phail 4of
011r nlational p)rogress is moi(r> rpidii
than11 thle groat causo of education.
'W. E. D.
Education is 1no loniger a tileory,
1414t a grow inig n'ce.ssitIy. Tlh at
"'Knowledge is Power" is vevien.
Onl Cvery haniid b~y the1 the14 11nost
casulal or indifferdnt observer.
Thoi dlemanid for edlucation is parau
miounjt ini the age in which we liv',
T1he youn zg miani that goes out in4
t~o theC world to battle for' I hiuls
will hivo~') t strggle auginsiit gIent:4
44ch(1s if lho is niot equlipp)od withi at
le1- a good I-igfish ('luiilion.
uhl 11s miost, of the gradedl schls44
anid high s.ch->ols of 1th4 stator afI
ford(. \Ve Iltvo at timios mei't w'ifth
a few (o1d-t im44"' fulgies" (if t hey
wd il nott conisiidrus' un llchitable 14
make thieir boasts15 thait the4y ne4verI
inul anyi3 rduicat jinal adlvantifzIL~
II hi'nii Iliey, wer)o griloVig Uii p 1 1(
('ir'umstanlL~ ces, point, to thems~lves'4
wi prie as conispic i:ms1 succe44.;..s.
\\'hlen wei obs('rve) such ind(ividhuals.
4ve It' ho11 se in) comlpa rati ve Ii luxury
we4 (canno~lt fail to) see4 how muchl'~
gr'ateri suIcce4sses t hey n~ight h. :ive
been!, hadl they been odun4atedI.
T4) e'xp)et a yo)unug 11)i41
without141 4dulcat ion toi uijdi
take to become a sui(Cessfu Ii cn
pet)itor ini anuy avocaitionl at th .
presen 'lt day-and~ limo, is to) i'x pert
the iinpo)ssible. Bliolstf 441 f t hirs
who14 wouh41l chidel4 theiri sonsi wvilli
11h4 reIIeCtionl thalt thir~i fathlirs
4av(4l edliicsitionii, andE ''14avi\4
are hlnellari talO and~ unlirCit5(,ild1'..
1To say the0 least, the4y forget t hat
thiey grew u p in igo rane) and44
tha t taeir' comipetitor's wore Iike
wiso ignloraint; for this reason4i, all
werme for' thia most parLlt on aneq u al
footinug. Tfhey fail to see that ue (
live ini ai priogri'5ive ag, andl that1
education is playing a miore impor101
tant par't in the race of life thian
ever' b eforeo in tho history of the
wor'ld. EdIucation is becominitt
mole pJopular and mnoro gener'alt
dhiffusefd each passing doy. I'iy
up1onl the young man or yoJunti
woman that goes out to fight life'
battles without education-going
to battle defennoless, empty-hI and
ded--in this live progressivo dlay'
S'etting aside the commnercia
value ot education, wvhat a satis
factiott it is to the pasessor!i'
makes better citizens, keeps ever
indiYiduni in touch with ii
neighbar. with hji'1hroihm, t',ei
the sa ill tih uttonlost parts of
the world. It cquickens the selns
of right and justic,, lifts ovory na. I
tion to a Ligher state of civiliza
tion. Every state inl the U nion
real i/z)es th 11is and consequontly i
provides for the oducation of its
eit izons. .I was a glad (iy for the
people of otur n1ati on an11 d state wheln
a syS1tm of public schools was es. t
ibtlidsie.d. No man can foresee the
won1der-ful pr-ogrless aind transfor
matiol of mur great nation and the
l:atins '01 till world by the mighty
hani (t' .1l uen.ion. ~
Wisdom is the principal thing;
lie(r(.ore get wisilom; and with all
ugdfet ti cle'statnfl illV. 11ap
i (S I l(' 1 11 t lituilet h wisdorn,
atiinhiu. mllr thrha 114'VIundie". of
i4t ofc~i
it ishe b t hani the merclandise
of snr, all tiegain thereof thanl
I'o gld. S;hie is uniore )recious
I ln rubb I'S: ando aill Ithe ( thin1gs..
I ai c ni II' it de.siro i re no4)t to) ho Com
:, 1 uut luc r. I 1gth ol' <lays
il in h r r-i;. Ih1 h:11( n -.11 inl h'ecr
b 1 t ti n h I Ir." ,
W, 1". IDEsNy.
k \I o i e Si o 1 -I ri l ea n1ing
T411 A ril lo . V
it. I'' oiltor: AS i t hluias bnsoe.
* tie 1n d ic in 1h stati, s, H d
bi away at We'st Indies cruise U
I Will gIVO Yo t14 ' lines amult,
I let l11'1rt Royal last December. n
W' saibl(I l'a 8 'iIia , Porto Rico, t
w[hord we Lay Itl ebo sleveral dass N
tim114 there and saw a1 gri( at, n1ousy
strnguthigsOhn wev Sailed Ior
IIIs )lac, G an a I I nt I I, lav Ii ro 1
ilI tie l:141 ill, ralible over
Ih-.1- h'ls 41uit, a l-4, thenl we wvere I
rdered.( to) l'ort d11 V.rance, a I
ri'N' flu 't. It was a hel4 tti I' ll I
l'i 1d rv I v . WUr I ) idL(
no' h-d hhwIrt y-111, the got, . 111
tnh uit 'wa.vi4 uch as iiiaiu ~in
ani)lrajI'',5. eTh l's a i., join 11H)01110 .
aii IC re'i lnl y ~ hael oeh i tnan
lT p II :niji sl t, Tine, a it Ilad
\\W t ICd 1)1m 1 -',IlIh iort., I
it 4-- \ I . gget it, it fills llot fl~id a
wIherni *s wer ut. hey and had a r
Im.. tini . Th el peoplI Coult speak
''V lish I c t Ii'I. t was the only t lace
wehadi been wher they ci ul
Th i wc \elt to Ia place where
her i wa a spil1sh Illill and t
pitch lak or lak! (if pulre tar. thiat,
i~s Illd in th stato) for cover'ing9
i I ulns. This aker was about a
Canile wle;l.. Ilke ver p~i an
'1i rs1 mei,~c oohl i stasill in a
feel. \\nyself leaking.er They aroL
I4ing ll~ma thlie, but a.S, l'astc as
'ii igel ~ut at iiils up tgai ,wo
Thena ivis 'sa~ yutvf~hey ha da
IiorkI 4. , 1 year ;fd1Ia lbg hell
very n.'h iiap:l thu Wait, ai s for a
I ur 4 n y, lly \\'ell, r wai enr 'li1(3U1 I
the 1;ah maswher we hail lierty
Is country 41 :1veru secw. Then to
Ti i a dad loking a p'lc; th d
fIiir- >lavana, The '. is.cl byDii ( i
Ther was.. i4a Sad a'-cciden toliwo~ ,
(41i '144' Ii 5a ~ilor 41yesterda yTey had ,.'
10lit140 3n uscd Ii thew, and5 weret if3(
ci Ic.:n;.l \\ ig4lchl il wh ncx it e loeid 1
IV j4ccIll h e4i oicre I'ully wrounded,
14 d '%| te (or>~1a IiI 411 tmtl,114
wtl l!:j 144, yo)., ''14 a h el' fun d l aiili
win-i th 41 rui1,44 e 114i overe i1t1l.'
iti'l 1)1)14 il W . t Ae . A ller uo
<i4 a cl) V II >l i l ', ' A rT .i M.
4 4Me a~1 l'a- l of u 3us ltcr c-he i Jalin
110e e4Oc-8 Fuoe intely pain' aIjI ioy- ,
<l~ h aab t In' l '. I ;tr 1."l, s g l' 0 ial -
1114J )1 h li 4)cl i4 ld th . ih cl-i synm. CI
.\l''-ri lol ay' ie ti e 11n 141 rhi 4emedy l i W4)
l'ilri ), ( a bua N. " , :. Ilcr sal)oJ by rt. '
il I ('lN.T B~l~1 0>1:.\..\J.SWAMP.
lil~tis l I~teNillg gr<lld ]
:,b 1 y ra'd(S11 )'4) tv'ywrr . These 1ger tus
e~te wiea ilmss, ch1ill n vr achosal14 1(
ithe o nis andc fl n s eles, andcj~ may ina- ~
ducedangrou nuiulie.Bt Eletri '.I
iy fprevenIt typi. "We tric.i mny
1'i4)wd1-l a frlabfIria& (and toach -and)'~
Durable Land Roller stnd Conventient
Truck or Wheelbarrow.
There is no tool that Is so ildispensa.
le il ireparing a lei(i for a crop as a
ool land roller, an(l such a onie, to.
ether with n convenienit truick, is de.
i'llied, 11n1ong other isefil devices, inl
he Ohio Farmer:
Litd rollers art, especialy va lual
1 til te- ea*io l olfo i-tt
'olserve illoisture niial equai lly y'iliin
il sprii g wotrk, riling wl i'at :1it 'ari
tulelPlt, Oil iidOWS tliL ai hieveil
A *I * N .- ----
y, frost and inl the prepalat(iion 1,
iid cori ground. A good roiltlr u\ .
early if not altogether pay oIri itself
i ()It( year's wvork.
Ile oteil Shown inl (i ilth iilus:trtintin i.
ery cienply 114i silys
1141 durnballe hecause tl' the 11lan1 ofI
uildt'i'n. .\ gond msllnd II)-t seven f.iw
tihij ntitabot .\fe in vIiv in'. i
'011,ri :111(1 11111.tiult'i ',,''llV ilk ;dV il tnt-tIi.;
r'wit to theii n til t il, :11 0 t r
IlIare 1 th.0 iniller tlrr n te it a n
iv varringe in such n inaniri as to
it into i in iictn inil farin. 1h
It luse of, fill adz it ith e1.a in vr tns y
Iurned" into t t te ivile t y lih Tit.
Ivithod s~cures. roller.1s thatt r,111 v ry
2il 'Ii i evenly ' il ' titte inI el;
'ok than i . 10 tl 1 froni( I n 'l aown
liot ling. nd it will 111 ci l t it unt it
rtnk 11ok it 1ts butllit ' ;nt , I .;: :
x, one ninltlefh, e . A 1 - .1
It, will milak rolrsi.n i h
en hihes Inl dinineterq. w\ b; i
11('I11t 111)011- 1 tli' 41111. h i ' lis.
irgei ienoiugh, o r et' ip I - ii i i a w In-:;'-4 t
a that o le of thit i iz uill 41 h1:
IrI k, crushling c iods ilt.i I : t - al'
I'teni t' hI nt 'vi nv - itnw r i I 4' 1:l - s:I
*nving I (6'iil1,. incl-iruhed. 'Is H! -l ur-t -
Alers art, won t o1d).
It is o is 111 thn aw l int( \lit ' .:1
rt. whii h whe'i n built will na, ..'
I.-ht fooit roller. Tlw' clnlrh e h
h' in ill tilh iIiiiSi trt' i ol i t'y. t ii
stliff being liset Imr iwthe ii.- T
-4)1 iraces thon th rnt of t
r t (Iuit'e pricti li. T y aIm:- i 1t.6
It'e of wod ith I i rIie l t i -
oxig showt at .\ is v y-I (i I
Id i hb ted to tn h'rhl tit' r I .
helt' io xll it's iti i4k n lt f now l
(it r i t i tch gas p 1itlt-ni Id1c'
' r t e ii n1s t p nlited well 01 In'e-1 i it.
(iti1. Ali old tuowei si nt Itn .- l t.%
DIchotl l to tonguet Ill cenlt er rl, r),Iil .
l~lT the ow.puni t lms *ti-t
'11t'eell of wb Ouio igh a ait
hr f'r ohen1 w aer hourls of tu.
Lnis psecttI ng the fin, tal tra in- ri'ie:
fite whFes AreTwbCe Os theyOmht
> eso Ele lisothe oil 'Jn,) Par iye,
ile Croun, Mtois ;Vr'nt laht 1iIav~i::
)nvitoebinren worad a eeati' of r
ioolls br:ugh, on frth rne in t a
.ox yh ofk ughing0 ouel oftn i vt
i lo'h, th od noo the trint t.''tn
ing WOdca off h whouts gtig er-iti
1 ten anld nkt of family dtor wetio
twien them.' Sodey onds as' wtl
he vfirt done e beai toidedl)i'
d Evirertat if he suvpdthar lie.
noi Suonthe~( sugar~ het Thoese ary
ron sud o gapi iitsl
1ure Parts Green und Simple ToNtd
For Adulterants.
WIile much has been written and
sai1 on the subject of spraying, there
1ire somIle detalls necessary to the sue
c ess of the Operation that may well
blar furtlier expo>sition. The Illinoif
stition Ihts treated of these small tech
nictliies in a recent bulletin, which
hinldes somie clear and practical talk
on a:r its greenl, as follows:
lPIrins the slii)lest test to deter
linwe hthlir a green has been exteni
n a a n.\ I A~s O EN A
111 ;1 A li L- ii): PARlISt CIREM? A.
' aI:Hr: tedi is the color test,
;:r al:s a bright green
e tr two ighter than em
whic'h huive a dull
r. a 1 :-.whl out. aIpp)ealraneo
a t m l'e iscardled withlout
BYh n lphig t slmfaill!
S:. : : i,. iy. i hoiiopathic vial
el- igdn. iim 18atter .gently oni the
h't ': - ih' n:!ulter:i nis canii he mad~e
to a :.7: 0 fr -i li- gren 1a d cain
4: :. al, O tw hws it's of the vial.
Thlt 1ur! re1 Irojniius bigh4t green
-:laion n-etiln withi the color test Pro
esor' Voh V't h (if the Cailifornia)
s 1'r;li s d1es iseil theo following sim
Ill "'s!. Vhii en he mad4e by any'
if1 1. s: h- is wor hy of nity further
coshrlon: l 'hn'e iipon ai (lean glass
jiate a :l It ji::li ty of glreen--whbat
a4 it-.nife. Till lhe phite a lt at slight
a i;.:h' niod gen t Iy 1:t1, the edge just
e'nt ;:h Io I' a8use thle greent to flow
down i, len \ingZ a st rea:k neross8 the plate,
II if th gr'een i o good (luallity, the
sIrlenh will 1be a brighit, light emerald
int'; i' adiutlt irated, ai whitish or at
sh':Xtly dull green. .\ny sale~Is which'
('x:it the ltter are eilter adulter
Iid i' of t liow grnile' aind as such arme
!)l .. i, of t't hIr (ent&Illr tioni. I
.\nothi' n ry :iniph' waiy to showv the
aiht ':'t I hi. :1'ur e p i iei utr
souitn!:' ti hi uannusowth
aI tllinnli (aXly l' i tti hi a
nut Iiin coi' bleredl strictly an adul
h' :88 4 n 11:i' ;i'uomi of its poisonIng
t;::diii.:. h: ne\eritheless olbje(tionable
on:nee..Io itis inijurious1 atiton onl
in i'f the 4uicke((st and1( surest
lnio ais cif ih I 1iitingl the pr'eence of
any I :1111 luit or' i objectiounab)e ingro.
i'i(e4 uthl ril anhobjective of miedium
Ml eltosCOP'E.
- ' one-<quarter inchb, paris
I t eni to consist wholly of clean
ii spers and in a pureo sample
ii. i ll tha~it enn be secen.
Thi' uplper' 1tgure of' the 11rst cut Is the
rit din of11 (I phol1tomicrograph of a
hii.h ;Prude st rule. A lowv gradie green
vwt iihavie tfn-thing oft tihe aippearanico
showin t l4tower figur'e. In addition
to4li Ithcll pireeni halls at number of
('ryisI tals are1 seen' whlehi are almost
wholliy thos~e of' free arsenious oxide
1)u1 in to 118nke upi the strength of a low.
grlile ati'cle. When the arsenic is
:iddied illn the' process or manufactur'o Dr
r'esults fromin (enreless mipla~ltion, it
isla ore (hI Ileulit to detect it. In that
caise. it Is uisiually found( sticking to the
gr'eenl halls thiemiselves, giving them an
irreguhlr outlIne and causing themn on
the whole to aggregato into masseg
lTo yeam8 ago, as a r'esult of a severe
cohll, I host lmy vosice," writes Dr, E~
L. Sorbroughl, of Rlobron, Ohio, "thea'
hepui anl obi)nai~te cough. Every tes.
Inod (l iann~ n to mo a n. praotioin gpha
ic i fir 25 yours, foiled, and I a y .
row\i worise. Jeing urged to try Dlt.
E ing's Newi Discovery for Consumption1
Conegl~ h an Colds, I found quielt talief,
1and1 for~ last ton days have felt bettat
than for' two years," PositW..l % #
tend for T1h' Oat and tiug 4v
Wit & 'VtTo le Sg
hjttin fu . ro,

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