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to's Journal
Local and Personal.
-Wmn. J. Stribling, of Walhalla
announces for Congress this week.
-Frank Jennings is in Alaba.
ma and has a good posilition on a
construction train.
-This is the big week in Dal.
ias. MaAy people went from thih
section to the re-union.
-Come to the Singing Conven.
tion at Bethlehem, Sunday 27th
Bring dinner and spend the day.
-Miss Essio Finley, a charming
young lady of Stewart, visited
Miss Bertha Bridges,of Pickenslast
-Rook & Rye-the best and
cheapest tobacco on the market.
Call and exam in& it .at Bridges &
-L. B. Gravely and their son,
Isaac Gravely, were among the
people who left here Friday for
the Dsllas reunion.
-James N. Smith of Charlotte,
N. C., spent several days visiting
relatives and friends in Pickens
county, this and last week.
-Beginning next Sunday, Rev.
T. H. Medd will preach twice ouch
month at the Pickens Presbyterian
church-the morning and evening
of each fourth Sunday.
-W. T. McFall went to Atlanta
Monday. lie carried with him his
littlo daughter, Ivy, and young Er
nest Freeman for treatment iii the
Natimal Surgical Institute at that
-A series of meetings will begin
at the Pickons Methodist church
on Saturdny night before|4th Suu
day inst. The pastor will be as
sisted by Rev. T. G. Herbert of St.
Pauls, Grreenville. Public cor
-L.iially invited. O. M. Abney, P.C.
-The third Saturday in May,
17th, will be given over to the en
joymient and edification of the
childr en, especially, atNew Friend
ship Methodist church, and in this
the grown people are expected t)
take pnrt. The public is invited.
Dinner will be served on the
gro cis This is one of Rev C. L.
M1 s churches.
-Robert Ariail (Col) died at
1i3 ionie on T. 1). Harris, place.
Monday 21st, and was buried at
Enon tho day following. He had
lived with Mr. Harris for six con
secutivo yeairs, as family servant
andl~ was a good one who had the
respect of many white friends.
Mr. Harris regarded him so highly
that, at his death, he personally
superinitended his burial. He was
a good, honest, faithful servant.
-Now is the time to visit Char
leaton. The exposition is at its
best, the railroads are giving re
markably low rates with every
reason able inducement to encour
amge visits by South Clarolinans to
their owvn exposition. A week's
study of the exposition will be
worth more than the time and the
money necessary and bring you'in
touchi withi other paople from all
over the country. It will do you
Mrs. Elizebethi Boweni.
Mrs. Elizabeth Bowen, reliet of
the late Reese Bowven, died at the
home of her daughter, Mrs. Isaac
Nimmons about eight miles north
wvest of Pickens, on Thursday,
April 17, at 8 o'clock in the morn
ing in the 79Th year of her age.
SThe had haen afilicted for eight
yeairs and the last five years of
:her life were spent entirely in bed.
.She bore all this suffering with
spatience and resignation. She
'was Miss Elhzabeth Blassingame,
-dkaugh ter of John Blassingamne, and
Umarried at an early age. She leaves
surviving eleven children: Sena.
tior WV . T1. Bowen, R. A. Bowven, G.
W\. Bowen, Reese Bowen, Jr, M.
II. Bowen, Mrs. N. E. Nimmons
tand Mrs. Annie Allgood, of Pick
(3n1 county and Mrs. Martha Nim
mons, of Oconee county, John
Bowon, Pickens Bowven andl Law
rence Bowen of Texas. She had
heon1 at consistent miembor of Cross
Roadls Baiptisat church for almost
fifty years and was laid to rest the
day followving her death at TIabor
church, the funeral services being
conducted by Rev. J. E. Foster, in
the presence of a large gathering
of relatives and friends.
Mrs. Bowen was a most estimi -
ble1 Christian woman, and loaves a
ifamily of sons and daughters and
grand children through whom her
good influence is bearing fruit tc
the glory of God.
The sympathy of friends iu
Pick~ens county, and throughoul
the state and beyond this state, gc
out to tihe bereaved ones in this
hour of their sorrow.
On streets of Piokens or betwoee
P 1ickens and the home of Mr. L. D.
8tephens, a pocket-book containing
nunmber of receipts, a small amount of
mnoney and some canceled notes signmed
"E1. B. Bowen". Finder please leave al
Journal offle or deliver to A. G. Bowen,
A. G. flowen.
Liberty Domocratto Clumbs.
Liberty Demooratio club will meet a
Liberty oa Saturday next the 26th, a
:D.8G p.m, for the pur'pose of leorganis
in the olub and eleadingdelegates t<
uiounity conIvenlIti to be hal at Pickoe
zenishipj amionig thiemiselv'es.
The thoroiiglness of the work is
evidenced inl that, a. six grade pupil
sitecessftilly passed the Ciounty Board
of Examiners iln Febrimry, and wfatS
awarded a certiticate to teach. The
course of study comprises nine
grades. If the work done inl the re
maining three grades is as thorough
ats it is througig the sixth grade, and
there is abindantt reason to believe
it is, thero is no reason why this
school shouil not be the pride of the
colored people of the towni and
county. Such of them 1as have child
ren to school would do well to put
thei inl school here instead of sell(]
ing them aIviy where the cost Is
iich more an(d perhaps the training
not as thorough.
Easley is oiliig to tle front and
that at lin exceedingly rapid pac.
This is dolibtless duhe to tihe determlii
nation, energy ,and united efforts of
hier- successful, highly cultured, and
rLfilled citizeis; ilt the p1ride of the
town is tilie lasley G raded School.
'his school was organized to satisfy
the demand for better literary ad
vantages, and to give greater oppor
tuniliies at tle least possible cost.
Ill short, we m3ay say 1hat the clief
anu, or end, of this school is to pre
pare its students for more complete
living. Supported and iphield, in
every way, by tiht citizens of the
town, as it hal1s been, it halls beel
steacdily growing inl numlibers andlt ad
vanlling its curriculum un11til its
Coilrse of Study is now parallel with,
an(d etiual to that of the best graded
schools of our State. This Nclool re
garis vague, indefinlitC, general ideslt
as wothless beause they are useless;
bult. it enlcoillages and eiph atsizes
thorough, systematic, practical work.
Childreii are tatught to do right-not
from fear of punishmnent-but be
cauCse tley should(.
Every effort is lsed by tle t ealcers
to place 111 the ifilleles around thie
childrenl Which go to form character.
The absenve o)f a.isesay or anly
other similar evil, is itself evidelice
of tlie high e'stiliate placed upon
(1111acter-hblilling by tle Citizens of
I'asley. The tuiition fees of t I is
school are So very small11 that they
art i reCh of almost every one.
The good citizens of Easley throw
o)pen their hospitable hlomles anld re
ceive studeits is borders--almost. as
adopted childrel-at rates listolnisihl
ingly low.
The la1-re enrlollmlent and thle largeI
nuIbe of students attending Easley1
G1'aded S'hCool froi this couity an11d
adjoining counlities aire' evidenees of
its excepioall edtlcational advaita
'o see tle 1Easley Graded School is
proving it.4elf a great blessing not
only to thet town. alld Kiurrloundinig
Comm1uniiiiiity hut to thle counilty as well,
it is only necs'sary to glince lit the
list of slool teachers ill this couity.
O tille forty teachers in atteldalice
at the Pickenas Comity Summiinier
School last simmer, only fouirteen
were gradtleiltts or ex-st iudents of
c~se raded School. Two of these
leachres are now inl attenldanlce ait
school. One student of Easley
(iraded School tilopldl at, Christmas
to t ech soI-I for ' three miioniths An1d.
is noCw expec'tinug to Cresume~i his
stud~ie's in school,
If we are, to pr'ediet l'saey' Gradled
SIJcol's fulture', judCginig it' by its
successful past1 and1 its pr1osperouis
pred'uict any3t hinlg e'x'cpt unlboiuided
suiccess5 ini every'3 wayl'?
Theii scarieity Cof books1 inl the
coun~ltry' nieighiborhloods is appalling.
A large numiber' of the homes containi
abhsolu tely noth ingi~ (lit sidle of the
clil drienu's schl readers'l~li'. Mliniy ar ie
('(litenit ed with thle coun~tty papl er and
a, Bible. Once ini aI while you conme
uponil ain assor1tnwn'it oif odime nols.,
and1( rar'ely upjonl a good boo0k or mang.
'Teachiei's are at first astonished to
find how little thWechildr'en r'ememuber
from school to school, theni suirpised
tha1t thley' i'emember' aiiythiing.
It, is a p]lasurIe to wink at the cir
lishe'd iunder' cover(1 of thet desk5l lids,
evieni to slyly 'ontr'ibute to them by
leaiving booksi onl the desksi.
Miss UnvlileneO Tomllpkinls, of the
Neblett Free Library Iln Gre'enville,
lias in chiarge the Free TIraivelling
~ibr'aries of the Southerni Ra~liway.
l'chaei'i' 'onltain~s fifty books care
fuilly sel'ect ed to suit' ll ages. They
are to be ) kept. three mionthis in one
ne(ighborhoodI (1(. If thle peoplePI show
collecCtioni will be senlt.
A simplhle (card( sy'stm mallIllkes the
hiorrowel'C1riof the blook reCsponsible
for it.
Miss TImkini~~is ill send ai ppli'a
ionl lanksl to any one13 ali' skinig for
Itemi. Ther~le is aI. dep'lot e'stabllhished
at I'1a5ley3. Thiiis is an1 Cleviee of the
aI~lng the vaiouis lilies of' t his systemli
may13 pri'CIt by tain~lg adCvan~ltalge (of
priofit ais l'asley' is do~inig. If Iteir'
sourc nearerCIIl't1 thanGenil cl le, a. let
teri alirehiCssd to Mr's. C. 'T. Mart in,
Iasley, wiill bruing it. MISS HavliileneC
TIoumpkiins, of Gr'eenvilIleC, will alIso
gladly give it.
Four or five' mileIs to the nor'th
I'ast (If P'ickens, aroundihlC (Glassy molilun
land1( is to be I foundlaC. With the C ('eep
r'isl' fr'om t he idist of a fer'tihe 1111(
well-wa1uvetered~ stre'ttch (If (cunltry'3,
this sietioni is made(10 upi of pr1oducitiv'e
farm1'in g Iam11tH, F'IJ tbhe to(p oif thiis
may13 lbe seen11II aCOluntry' r'each ing wvith
lit tle' 'ierrupt ion as ffari ats isionl
will ecarrly, whelre field and1( forest
blenrd ini onel~ y(lUra1 Od pi'e t hiat is uin
surpa~fsse'd inI Souithi 'aroliun,
Friomn here thie towins o~f Easley,
IcIkens1, C'entral a nd the Beverly'
granite ' works are in plain view,
while, to the north, the lue Rlidge
Mountains stand, adding beauty and
granilduiLr Iao thp picture.
This section is settledi miotly by
thiote whto were born and reared in
the community. One church, known
as Oriftn churoh, orgaised about
1855, and rebuilt about, the yea r j880,
is the place where these people have
their membership chiefly. The natne
wasq given It from Sargent Grifin, it
is said, who deeded teland upon
whuich the building stands. He, along
Iwith Jacob Courtney, David Hunt and
- others, were original trustees, flev,
8 , A, M(oDanie1 i the present pastor,
A lorg o emietery iis here, anti the
Inaenenas with wh ik it is kant attests
From the time the town of liekem
was founded until the 16th day ol
May, 1891, it Wias without a iBaptisi
church. Whilo there were a fewv
Baptists in the towt during these
years they were not suiiciently
strong numerically nor financially tu
undertake such a movement.. On the
4t-h (lay of April the first step was
taken whein brethren B. Holder, J. F.
1)argan and C. E. Robinson met with
brother J. At. Stewart in his office
and held the first meeting to diseiss
the advisability of organizing a
church. After this, meetings were
held frequently and with additionai
strength, and although few in num
bers they were fully committed to
the work and determined by the help
of God to suceed.
On the 16th day of May, 1891, those
who had agreed to. take part inl tle
new organization had secured letters
of dismission from their respective
churches, and by previous arrange
ment, met iln the Presbyterinn churchd
and were dlly constitutedl and or
ganized into a Baptist church. The
council consisted of Rev. T. M1. liailey,
D. D., moderator; Rev. J. M. Stewaurt,
secretary, and Revs. W. R. Singleton,
.J. T. Lewis, Charles Man)y, 1). D.,
a.nd '1. F. Nelson. Declaration of
faith and practice and a church cove
nant. were read and adopted.
After the organization and from
timtle to time Committees were apl
pointed to secure a lot and to raise
funds for bu'ilding a house of wor
slip. Several lots were offered but
the members -werc not able to buy%
and build and by unaniiouis agree
lietit tecepeted tile lot. oifered by
Bro. J. NI. Stewart., where the build
ing niowV stands, which vas a gene
rous gift. The little band for 11ontls
striuggled and toiled and begged and
piaye(l, nild two years from ile day
of organization had seclred funds
suftlicient to buihld i holise, t louight lot
coIljlet.ed, and from then unl' til now
it has been a. struggle to complete
the building, but, today, under the
giidalice of the Holy Spirit and the
blessings of Almighty God, we see
our efforts crovned with success.
The first. pastor we lad was Bro.
L. T. Weldon. who caie to us in ,Iia n
uary, 1892, and served un1itil Decemi
ber, 1893. The first, year of the exis
tenee of tle church it was supplied
by Brethren J. K. 'Iendenhall. T. M.
Bailey, W. It. Singleton, It. llolder, .1.
M. Stewart. and J. T. Lewis.
iro. R. W. Seymour Succeeded lro.
Weldon and vas pastor for tle first
three llolIthls in 1894, when he died.
R3ev. T. .I. llooke was theen called to
the eare of the ehiurch 11d ie serv('d
uiitil )eceiber, 1895, wheni lev. J. V.
Vermillion wias called and he served
until September, 1896, after which
time the ehnreh was (ollllittedci to
the (tcare of )r. A. J. S. Thoitas, ad
hais been under his waitichful mlilsir - V
ever since. The clurel congat ulates
itself and counts itself fortunate in
baving such shi Cphierds as th ese
brethren, for under their wise and
consecrated leadership Ithe ebhur cl
hits steadily increased in ii nubers,
benevolence and spirituamnlity.
e desire to enll attention to the
work of the iadies during the trials
ad struggles encouintered (1 ri ig
t he work we had undertaken. Tlhiey
stood )' to en(Colulage lland help, andI
with their offerings did much to help
in tle great work which was dear. to
them; and l ike some good Chr istitan
ladies of old( "'labored with us in
bu ilding a house for thme Lor'd."
We wish agin to express (our3
thanks to the P'resbyterians for the
use of their house whlile we were
homeless, and to all thei brethr eni
and friends who have aided us in
building our1 house of worship.
The~following statement shows the
financial expendit ures of thle chu rch
for ten years:'
Pastor's salary............,$ 833 00
State Missions.............105 88
Home Mfissions.. ...........28 88
Foreign Mlisions.. ............37 68
Orphanage.. .. .............42 It)
Aged ministers.. .. .........17 91
Alinisterial education..........3: 3o
Church expenses.. .......... 222 69
Churchl repairs.. ............102 94
Estimantedl cost of building. 1,000) 00
Miinutes.. .. .................10 00
$2,404 38
Tihe church is now clear of decbt
and has a membership of 62, til iaver
age contrnibutioni of $4.00 per member
per year.
The Pickens Graded School was es
tablished , 19 .Aspec~iatl
tiax of 4 mills was levied for' its sup1
p~ort and1 tuhe school is now rm.ulning
nine (9) months in the yeii w~~ith an 1
enriollmen'it of about I130( pupi1ls. Prof.
W. Erskine Decndy~ is prnincipall of
this school, with MIiss 3lar Swarin.
anf accomphlishied tea(cer, as iassis
tant. Miessirs. J. 11. Newton.,lJ. TI.
T1ayhor, R1. E. Yongue, J1. J1. Lewis, J.
McD). Bruce, T. C. Rtoblinson and II. E.
G randy' constlite the boardcc of truns
tee's. Th'is~ scool is dloing mo1(st
excellenit wvork, under'1 thle dlirec't andl~
painstaking management (If Prof.
D~endy, which fact is recognized andi~
attestedh by the general increase inl
attend(anc'e and1 the .id~~~ progr'ess of
the puhils, as well as the op)inionis so
Prof. Dendy hasi p)Odn teaching a
study. His efforts ory. directed a long
lines which have~' for their purp'hose's
tihe pr'omiotio lo(f ebanetter growth
as well as intellectual developmilent,
an no1 1 better school for' preparait ion
for the highler courses or more
thorough couhld hardlly be found.
Tihe school is attaig at tenit ion
from a (dista nce and nolds rnk and1(
p~rest ige amiiongf the best. T'he build
ing is ian alell one, Ithoro'ughily
pr1ovhind with the necessaryl' conlveni
eneces and1( oeatfed a short distance
from the c'enter' of town. away from
nloise and( (listraci(tion. Thhe people. of
P'ickens are to he congratuiilatted on
the maintaHinanee of t his splendid(
school-a11 golod a~ ('an h1le found in
this section. in keepinig it going bly
tihe Hplendid1 tax votedi, I hey are help
ing thmemselves both ir~'ect l and1 in1
directly' and( are bleginnling -to realize
that thet amfouint thuls inlvest ed brIngs
the best returns (If all their invest
The Colored Graded Sehiool Is ini
charge of R1. K. Moon as prnilpal
This school has been itn session sever
months and wvill contlinue ai mlonltl
longer, makIng a session (If eigh
months in this scholastie year. Thern
have been eighty-three pupils, froni
the town~ and county, enrolled during
the sssion, This is a good showingt
espeeially so, when we consider tha
this in one of the counties in wvhl
bthe colored people are very sparseI
b settledi, The school has suoceedel
adnslrebly, Th solored people in geni
oeal have vnIt Ovry substantia
j ietth. .)ok his .inotie oft ethe
l' When we consider that, in tilie we:
* ld noith-west, and il Texas, whei
" I ist 1 spite of long <rotlight, Ilong, col
19 winiters with stitdln chanlges inl tenl
peratire ani other conditions of el
mate aidi tisa litages that seeI
10 to is most uniifa vorable for pritit.
ble busiltess, stock-raising is one it
tie clief bases of we a It I, ail ii
yearly to tlie balanl Ie of trade il
'o their favor, eniabilig hflI se sectioni
in it Ieasure, to fe tI a goit( portiol
of the 'inifed States a14l to shiI
,e great-.( 1 < ina t it ies 40,f 1 meaIt Ibrnil, w I
0 aI'e foreed t1 t <ILraw ('4c ompar isons h)1e
Stweenl these. s-clitins (whiebl have evi
g deleed grean I iess ) ai ( r 11 tilW I
favored count ry. Car'riel to its lis1
anailysis, grass is (the fo ildationl 44
e this element of the Iiros)p iiv 4)f fili
- l itdlhlwest, tit' great west anid til
Rol t hi-west. And fl ier iii a i'eL
e Son), neither i; thlere anl vn'use fo
,V t-he backwardiness ()f thlt souter
States inl t Iis respet . I'hie m ist
favored etion as to elimalte. wit h
winiters Short unll sub~lsislvlk(.v fo.(r
ti ttle, and inl mieciuntt suipply. horse-s
a nlso, from Apwil Ist t) l-eeiinber ist,
t t his coultry, i t' e l il lin tlliI
in earlnest abou1 ihe stlk .et lini t i le
business, mlight achierev wmtiders.
J lt. '1 5 %%It it li l .11- fit')w4t' It I I riii g % 1 -1 i 1
i 'la INit 11(li I rle nw a loinitei in
"run ' own" by reasn (1f' pLor ct-ul i
va t ion andl hick tif Nfertilizationl inl
t''he Mt t1, a l tg st rug1p, gle I I
grow cotton couid he madte to1 hiina
r urllils t heir tiller nevr ii r p 1441 m
Thi ie oft1tent il i t I Il lit' n ig t
ahniit all'egi soing~ ft' s'ppfliei'
pIll iant I'r' jigs ai lo nJg, ofenl ial ii%- his
e41y n a Hrim 1li ti I.1 pay n 1 i ) 411il if
rlieit 11s f .1r I .lt' nieie'' Issm I(l's of lift'
whe nli hos' e et'ss i s a riLe lrily
niiiti k iig ftheiii ftui' e '1 o11 It 1 1t'ere is
pl inth mak.i g.1 The (ystemlakll. If h i
ness ffllhowell by t imajlii V 4f
farmers int South arolina', alleast
in th' iup er sectin. is wit lmit li'
- li esetfiils of a si ucc'ssfl beesi
i ' 'i n i ig Thgil e s esi ii ti lo si
MISS priniles, by hver othr1.1 u
thaI will measurn up ft busini.'ss sm..
ills . I -' is lith i irst sit p iit bIt'
i414'n. of' ec'~oomy, is 114m necessaryiI'
f'act that urii' Iw oh-1 uiist leg in l'i
live~i aI hmtlv ainst stmene1),iv
lait llanY. live lip io it :)io s:it 1114e
profitse yearly1 i po nIt) t i ' r i . e ll
sir i nd's tif life'.
it ' west for e il enti it l Irlini, Lioil t-Y
the fert'iliz'etr fm-ie'~i'is for fe4riiliz4'r
of Li pI s f s'p ee ii on 1w i it I I
ie t Il 't i o t rlop hi ch repr1
sents the ll. Ike mplm1() t nd sa year,
Tlit'ts true iilat c n brinig s huhil
11,11 f' plilg ilt'-c il's l I , N ill 1 1)4'1 1i'I - 4
mi n e yet11 inss t lt-iis 1144 1 ha t il
I t r t fr li Itspi l is ari lI I o I It I i I I
faltliing tlue ch11iis g n ti awit the1 li'eim
w iti I l i' (4 h~' l o v''L I lit' looly of' litv
('r aof x t ecit's ' t n ollelit TiL l eiI ra
of ct tomit sll (11 11 v4) winhi s oli-p
(tions ps ami li isili n i'a In,
11111 the r lis tha t i by the t'i ihe
Im isc thie planting of a sill l-age
area,1\0 th t eri. Is e hI I yI of theI
Ia''x I~( t y I it' pp iis 14.' fIi! o \ if. l t (-f
filt I S Iili ' Ii (It )(, 1to111a). i f lit lea 1411
th .le ( 'plift (l o)1t i maiug The it c Ire s.
it will kill istr e r ab 11 sl e I li
worlds it't nece Ls si is follin
soulthernit peoptleI to beterl' Theyi ill
elomento welizeh ihe fotprly of isd
necsiesstit -thyae feefing iN. l..'
' I~o asa t'rpius tr'u i li e siiilu to
of th euasiin probl 1len' is ii enthi
so fari tas the lantiiii erf iuti Mnirnel,
cIl ie'sf ug'1- iiillt'i'( II f I have it e L
work(i'l'sle ne s lit' , aIsiit Ii Iul us t'l p
w fithileu of' sulippile neciar tii
hlomeig a liiii i t o 'I I . sllo Ibrohd,
bring ''urp~n mI ny litsulliiet to dit
vlthe l oungt' ied' betiler allitifes,
lugeningil ie' frot'eI hil ginor5 eiur.il
We111 sL'f 'thait ga'ss i'ionel ol-th
f elem't' ts fwhuiclhii' floer y uti lit'i.
- utt lifl'',~ iI~i Ia lik a a ei l itlange 1 in te
u usiness4) of Ithe' souint.No ' o rei
I tocrising ir amtll therl fit' no'lt' bet1
- part,1 ofl thi'e southV s tn all~ i ll
5 i 14!L than 'hi a piehu t sei ot f ou tli
artolina. a iSiot amr it milI' w ites
- meal~n alf anfi the grtouth s~atck
'vraiser; long ummrs wth gol'l iea
-r son mottn mahuilant 14 ih0 tof ayo
- weare sunsdhie can'he cu camto ene
ewith, lii toexdpendTe uio stubl
afords ot lexcllntgrzig m
kThe rorleremo luryiclubrentl
i to eep.a Thec' roai on of rpy mor
- tver hpsooo~'oau the laelandevr help
San give oth e landsteis to ~orkt a0
shvowing himc theetate oon to bel
i hs: Ke h ads n h al
These people knov iov to flr
nud in looking after purely agricull
rli pursuits, don't. neglect, oth
iieanis for lieliig t hemnselves, siln,
nattire hats been 1avish in providii
such meant s.
Foremost aiong thet purely hior
industries is the iTown Creek R011
Mills, established a few years a go .
D. E. Hendricks, which has been
untold benefit to this coimniunity all
proved it good investinent for Al
lendrix. It has been tihe me ans <
encouraging tle raisiig of ot
wheat., ind the maiaiin thing looking I
secure the best of flour is that III
fairmi'ern use more en ution in takiuc
care of their grain.
11' ' WN TREi..
S. P. Freeman, is the pioneer in tib
making of furniture in this couintitr
lite served his t rade at Cuimmin1
(a., and on ret urniing to this Stat
established i small fiurniture factor
at tle foot. of (GiasSY M onitain sevei
teen or eighteen years ago. It
adopted the motto: "Mike nothin
but. whta t is strictly first-elass," on
notwithistainding the Competition i
the furniture trade, he has never los
a day fromt laek of something to dc
Plor several years he made furnitiur'
Lexclsively but, in order to meet de
mtands, he has enlarged his3 plant. an
now attends to furnishing buiilder:
suppiles, suich it mantels, bracket:
turned colkiumns, tirnted and sawe
Ibiiaters amd all kinmds of Itrned an11
iawed work; also the building o
ivershot. water wheels, gaira nt eei It
eintire sot isfnet ion for ill wor
turned ott, and proposets to stay a
long its good work will mazke it livinli
A few years ago L. 'I'. Wimpuvey (on)
tmen'ted the making of jug warie ni1a
Niywood. Ian1t er, .1. It. 1I'iidle
stat tedl a itplant which its beeni ()pv
railted by (ieorge Adkins. Not lont1
ince Wimtipey and It. F. Farmile
Foroitmel at par tiership ianld conisoli
hated their plants. Clay is brouighl
rrot the Wolf reek bottoms nail(
ft er being thoroughly groi anl ai
Freed fron fiber and foreign mnattet'
s turned on a wivel into lhurnt
itgs, jars, flower-pots, and alilimos
tiny vessel desired, whic are allvte
mullicient. timeit to dry, thenl dipper
tio It solution for glazing laid agaii
Illowed to dry. They are ilten placve<
t a brick fuinace aid blriet fti
evral IIurms. 'Tihe result. is as gomo
va'et as cani be bought Ianywhere.
It is nlot knownvi the qjuality m1
luttityil of mtinetrals thait lie hidde l
in this setion. Somne t ink it wrtothI
>my 4) t v 1 tinetrhgist sca rell
he couniry. ]talt Ilhere are lit ar'g
inttities of finle iaitiber al foi
Ile aild ready to help il Ihe wal' v s o
levelopment. (; 1 1 ssy Al mtai ci is
mt solid amass (df graiiit. ain thert
ttre som of as fineu pottery and britt l
-it.s Its can be fouild anywhliere right
n this sectioni.
R",Ai E'STATE'', IN PlI'KlNs ('()OUN
lhiiy A ('001) IIONI Cil.A I N'
THE.-', V EItY ltST (''OVNT Y.
The opportunlities atfvorded in Piel<
enos eotya for stock-raising anit
clairying are inexcelled e vet by Ih,
best portions of -what is io iwn a
ite slock-ra isaing St atei's. 'Wit I sa
rmt Ilaty of enplal ail ndtt a litte woa'
lihis countray wvouald afloi'd someit o'f th
lin'st pastutre lciands in It' wvorld cini
tor'ses, imualeis, ent tlet andt she tep ei
lie rallised her a''it nt litrige prto fit.
Th'iere is lit douitbt t hat te best o
.fraz.ng ga'aisne ccan be raised anad aii
thie paistunre Iands w~ouldt be waitt'ere
.y elen r, Jiimpexd, re'fr'eshinitg sping
myve been set. in graisses t hey will re
or)1 all time, with a little atltt'ntioi
o the excluisiotn of wor'th less unader
ro'(wthi and wioodat, laing inlter's, thIi
hoomi of st oc'k-raiisinog, arme aikniow
tere, while ai very little foage wouhl
ttnve to be prtepaired for' thle keepinig
>f stock nH complar'ed wIthI ofther' ies
ii'ored't rei'onas.
Ev'idenct's of indcutry an thr lai ft cart
im every hitatd. Thle Iownt tof i',axle'
s fast~ gr'ownltg itnto a cit v' iami
vith the impeltus in growth'i latel'i
aklen on it, Is, nto dotubit., dest ined't t<
>ecome' One) tof the fiirst t'itit's in thit
apper' portion of the State, antd thia
t.t no fat' off' diay.
W. A. Ilamiiltont, of Ensley', ho
ceveral thIouasan d ocre~s of isnprovi
rarmt lan)dM for' stile. lI I hats lanuds il
)odiex ranginig from 101)t 1(1,00J~
ieres, all oen~i'itent tt fte very bets
mariket s whier't' omtition kht Ieep)
wvishiing to mouie souath wi~ill find it t
ton bcefor'e butyinog. lit' givies pr'ompi
ittieattion to call buasinei cxeommni i
sat Ions, aiidt tis Ilotsmi h1 i( Ii givin ii
orriect. informat ioumc abot~i thle pllI
arty and the seetiton.
)ftAI) I)UTV.
E~xtrac1. from thle Act of thle ite'en
Legisclaue, A Ipproved' 27thi lel'tu
oamy, 19(02, ''TIo leirther lea egutlat
the WVor'chig and1( Mialaigtg 'a
thle IIli watys ciamt Iraidgtes of t hi
Sect ion 6. All personms fromt the cig
if eighttet'n t o fi t 3y'ti ya's of age' in
exceplitetd itn Ithis .\et , shll be ~t liiabil
to r'oaid duity,
'"All malI persxonas t'oaminag witi
Itle ages so Ii xed and abti le' ~to perfto't
a nr case t) lbe periformetd the a'bo1
tiin Gospe~il ini celuaai char ~ge of a ('tr
gregationa, taea ihoras urniipitoy td ini
pubihlit' sc'hool, schlt trusteets dura in
ftheiir term of o Ilice, an ad persaonias pe'
mianet ly disatbled in t' mailitar iy xei
vice oif fthe Statet, ami pe'rsonx wht
ser'v'ed itt t~ch lte wiia' litIwe'eni th
States, anttl alil ptrsonts atal ly i'n
plityed ini the aantatt' st'rvice a:
the State, shl be ireuiredii'tti annailcah
to per'ftorm or' causte to lit per'aform'ae
labor' ott hiightway s, un der t'h le dire
tibon of thi 0 ovtri ofidi'(t thlit roadt tdhI
tra'ct in wivith lie shll re 'tside, e'igh
day3s, if 5o many03 beC necessary." Phre
v'ided, Al l tudent s, while actual aii11'
tending any of thle coliIlegtes oa' se'ltoo
Ii4 this Sigte,. shall by eixrlmplt frot
road 0or Strout (lit3' on thet paymeir('
of any comninttationi tax,
Sec. 7. In lieu of perf'o'lrmng a
causing toc be performted the labor r
teni hours per day, as requirte~d li
the several counties, a commuato
tax of one dollar may be paid bcy th
pbeo pip so liabla og 0or by3 this thirti
first day ofi March, 1002, and on i
by the first (lay of March of each yer
thereafter. Provided, Persona liab:
to labor under this anotlon shall has
the right to furnish a competent su
stituto to labor ini his stead,"
Barnett A, Williims, three mhlic
to the north of Easley, at Cedar Roc
has a, record for excellent rooult:
tI'rng and has broug ht htis iant
to ushastate of culItivati on tii
* bale of oottont to tihe 50r0 ii b~
41.I pQ~ And this can be done
av gy t~sti li tile o t
~;1 y~
PiR ED G. BROWN, Pres. & IHS, CIIAS. A. (A lili ILL, Sec'y.
-Supt. Chemical Dept
Manufacturers of
Sulphuric Acid,
High Grade Fertilizers,
Cotton Seed Oil,
Meal and Hulls.
Also Importers of
We are always prepared to pay
the highest cash price for Cotton
seed, and can supply your wants
with cotton seed meal and Hulls,
and the very best grades of
Amoniated Fertilizers.
Anderson, 8. 0,

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