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The People's Journal
T. J. MAULmDN, - - - Editor.
W. Lswra MATHIENY, - Bus. Mgr,
iCntered at the Post Ofico at Pickens am
second-class matter.
Subscriptlon, $1.00 i Year.
T 1 UR 6 D A Y, MAY, 1, 1902.
In the last issue of "The Educa
tional" appears an interesting ar.
tiole on the Child Labor question
by Ellison A. Smyth, President of
the Polzer Manufacturing Com.
pany, in which he deals with the
problem in a praotical and patri
otic way. It should be 'generally
The democratic county conven
tion meets at the Court House
Monday, May, 5th. On .Saturday
last the various clubs are spl)posod
to have met .and reorganized and
elected dolegates to this convention
in conformity with the party can
Stitution. It is in order that a full
attondance of these delegates he
had on next Monday, since im
portant business relative to the in.
terest of the party is then to be
transacted. Lot every delegato bo
)reseilt or if circumstances prevent
his personal attondance, lot him
be sure to notify his alternato and
urgo his attenda neo.
Monday, May 5th, is saleday.
Some desi'ablo and valuable lots
aro advertised for sale on that day
which will bo olfored at public
auction. The home opIierty of the
late Goerge\ W. James will bo sold
for plrtition, alnd some county
lots on )1mn stet 1 and on Cedar
Rock street near the present jail
site will ha sold. The Main street
prol)orty is certainly a very yalua
blo lot, being so situated as to
mako it, desirable for bisiness pur
)oses. All the property will inl
crease in value because it is in a
convenint locality anld because the
jail will, at. an early day,be moved
to another plae, thus removing
the only lreselnt objection to that
pjortion of town as residence prop
erty. The same reasons apply to
thle James ol)Perty. This is a
splendi(l opportunity to buy
* **
In the~ issue* of last week:, an ar
tiele appeared bearing on thme mat
ter of Travelling Libraries whIielc
may be mnisleadoig to 8ome ex ten
without a litie explantLion. Th
o:ier of these )it.raries i n
confined to towns. Any reljabh
person in any country ne igh bor
hood can goit the1 use of a case o
books by applying to Miss llavi
lone Tompkins, Greenville, S. C2
care of ~Nebiett Froe Librar;
andi giving the requirudl securil
for the carIo anid roturn oh I
b)ooks. This is an oppo)rtumnt~y th
every school teacher, earnestlyi
torested in his or her work, mi
appropriate to good adlvanitar
if any teacher wants to inmvestige
t ho library idea with the view
doing something for his or h
school-write to Mliss Tonm pki
aund get all thE necossary in formi
tion. Thmese~ books are for the pe
Thoe inusti tuition and operation (
a Roller Mill at Iloleomube Mil
site, near Elasloy, told abiou
by the Lenhardt correspondenit ii
a recent issue shows that Pickenm
county peole are makinig and arn
able to supportmills of reapectAbh~
pr1oortionis. Thlree other sue)
mills are now imoporat ion ini Pick
ens county and ruinning on ful
timie, besides numemrouis flour mill
throughout the county, All thecs
mills get all the work they cian d<
and are standing advertisemnon t
of the growth and prosperity C
Our peop]lo. Like all other insti
tutions with small capital, whei
roperly managed, they pay hand,
somoly, And there is room foi
more, so more will follow wher
more pople come, That is all WE
need to mako Pickens county thi
beat in South Carolina, W. have
the land, the climate, the Water
and the natural atdvanltages gener.
ally, but we want a few more [good
peoplo like those we have already.
"We desire to express our ttunuks
to the court, the sohoitor and oth
er court officials for the courtesy
shown us and the assistance gie
us at this term, and we would most
inspecially beg to express our ap.
pteoiation and gratification at thq
able, fearless and impartial man.
nor in whiOh your honor has pro
.sded over this court.
We beg to be excnsed from thi
turther.attendance upon the court.
W. B. Gfoodwin, F~oremasn,
The foreg~Oing extraot from th
rear o theg ,rand Jury at th
recent special term of Court in
Greenville;'shows that :Mr. James
P. Carey, as judge, has fully meas
ured up to the high expectations
of his Pickens friends. Such legal
ability and attainments as have
been evidenced by Mr. Carey, not
only on the bench in Greenvillle
but in litas long practice in upper
South Carolina, deserves recogni
tion by his people, and will be
recognized when the opportunity
What is The Matter With The Amer.
lean Laboreri
I see some reports in the news
papers that ;prominent men are
making the announcement that
the native laboror is growing rapid.
ly less reliable, and in many
sections of tl e U. E. niLe
tenths of the hands employed do
not speak the English language,
and even the much dreaded
Chinaman is being sought after
and Congress is asked not to barr
his importation. le can under
live all people, I have heard, so ho
is a dangerona competitor in any
busines. I have no doubt but the
young men of this day do not work
as well ts their fathers did, but. I
did not know this was a uiiversal
habit. This importation of so
many foreigners only makes things
look darkor for the future of our
country. And it seem1s to i1no its
outlook is gloomy otnouglih iow,
and we need no more :lomorahlzing.
It seems to me there should bo
very much more monoy and brain
work expended oil improving our
soil, so 118 to prouluce 111010 provis
ions, keep imore people in the
country, as wo could then pay bot
ter wages and thus inlcretso the
rural population as I believe it is
the most useful to the sta te and
nation, Imore patriotiv, imore healthy
better morally and physically, love
peace and order nore, and tlie best
sohliors if war is pushed on them.
R ieember too that the world is
sustained by the plow ald tile
0COIle. It seems that the love of
whiskey is on tile increase. I have
alwnys believed (and often said)
that the 1111(er fed and overworked
man either physically or mentally
is more apt to become a druulard;
aldl especially so w ith those not
well supplied with plenty of rich
and nourishing food. Let this
class get to stimulating themselves
with spirits, and the effect, is irre
it a young man should. save his
$20 (and may be $40) whiskey
bill annually for 21 years niad it. at
simple interest he Could make his
- oldest child a present of some
. $1600 and the $10 board (of a dlog
would add some 00more to it,
. bsids ,e ngt svethe ehild
from hiavinig t he whiskey anddo
maniia the& father hlas been afflicted
with. I have no doubt but thiere
are mllill i n1s of men iln the world
that would( like toI take the place
of the American laborer, so it
wi ld be wiso ill hi in to l'eforill
Itemembeir the proverb:
Thle strieet of 1by and bye,
Leads to tho llouse oh Never.
y --Agricolist.
11 n t h g lagoWi when th red mari101
wats tulir chi olf a11li e sur'Vvyed, whi
y) his war whooap techoedt Itanonlg hi:
te I lnd, t h et it was he' hathedl'l his manl11
oh Jinitbs at11d glitded his lighit. ennoe or~
thle sparklliig water's of the bleauti
131' ftll N..twee, Th11is heel streIn'l l, it'
15a tlering i along thle westerni slopets ''
i ltows dliretly .vfrontx th lit' e 1114 ti~Jg
.\' ountains he sI tl i ~'I ta 1 ilt as a i iltn
I nent Jof nat~li ie granII euruon
wieb011 (ye ay111 ~ iger and th ni' In(
.Inay dwell huiIJ . SJO' . it isngte, th"
of nau hi avtes gazed1)1 ion rapure hi,l
rta.t 'l ateamu g t it ine fi n 'te
o t he oppiitesEft~l side,1)1 nowlIS in1( Illine
( 'unty ~'V i (diagon ll across the ivr
behilitIw~ Oh tI l-i't* tire) iu t irt srnot
oflrt Pr i ll George, Ga li l 1%o
ohestrical plaes i the leonge agiie
btawe Odhi ek.~ It.istd the-n
pairsent adranhe futrure porsibilitie
iof ths westerntort of thickenc
tSpriedaogthr.we r ag
bois tof ouinertl resurs, t aum
hertiof acre oftatw have iy tiler
a andsla wih have enhwell tresere
vbiy ost recfnthefhvnd-owner tifor ohch
mitneredlogis, oandrmoe elies
wonh now berou naid. are tore
reoiabd infrd thisto.atpei a.an
tealye tat, t fa the wor trk,
haswil ae bee trmmnporta
fcilmpies Ti hare enit asl wil he
contmplted raro th Keoweo Rier,
poitween ort Pareken and~ the rLn
mouitroad, arrangtementwefo dvaeop
ing cte Cimerntero this shain
bion. Th. e timwle aoted down
rt rveprt sstsatr.Ti
As ao oheue mnray rentrpesra
dioion ase ta deo hat amohste
usndic nowd ies dormant. i ti
miAlogithe lieofr ths propefha
miralo variouesn aere poe
whiouond th sei.y Aeeoped n
atdrtied hatn mahiner ofuture,
wehwll avteol beter ransporatio
mountains dwn the poeoweale
to iterecttheSouher atSca
Ieowee River, pissing over excellent
shoul, could retdily have their forces
concent.rated for definite industrial
purpose*;. We know 11o other two
water powers onil eparate streais
With like advantages. There i-.j also
lont.el on Mill Creek, a half mille
fron Keowee River, it magnitieent
wat.er power ownel by W. I'. Stewart.
110th of these places have beenI for
many years used to generate tle
imot.ive power for corn mills, gin
neries, Saw-mills, etc.
The admirer of good farming lands.
starting lit. 011 Piekens bridge oil the
Keowee, may pass, by good public
roa1d, a uitceenigsiol of beaittifili anti
valuable farms, ainoig tihemi those of
irs. Ihtitler Alexander, William and
,Iohn. Craig, 11s.. (inines and Cassa
way iBros., IS. 1. Alexander, ('apt.
Itobt. IR. Steele and Joseph W. Price,
all bounlded onl thet wvest by Keowee
Itiver, an(1 n1o fitter bdies tf slibstan
t~ial bottom lands ar .e to be, founid.
The exceptionally beatitiful farm of
I. . (11 eies' aml Gassaway Bros. is I
receitt. purchase, oil t.hteirt part, and
conit-ainls abot-t elevenl hunldred acres,
'inginitg several '118tousand dollarg,
and wVill MOon be mlade at mod~el farm,.
is we ire reliably informied tihat they
propose building nice 81uanm1er retsi
<lnces4 upon t-heir lands and also
eod omlfortable tenlant, hue
whichl will grealtfly enhanc11(e their
valle. TheseI are en treprising geni.
tClemlenl and we -welc-omle theml amlong
lecently T. 1). Ilarris, of Pickens
C. II., the listling hisintess man anad
IImrchant1, pullrchaH-Sed a Nplmid farrnl
in this section. When Ilen of sutch
mleanls ai Sound bulsiness .judgmnent
invest, t'lheir capital it, hespeaks ao
briglt. fit.ure for the section. Near
Ithese farms i lenttioned, NIr. Wm.
iutlin h lilts, ill si'cessful oprentiont
conneI(Cted withi his lmodel farm, 11
<dairy by whdih he( suipplies the (-on
stant. demami of thet peoplet at the(
Norris ('ottonl Mills, allso selling thle
products of his Itck farm-1i1. All this
gtoes to show that this sectiolt of
'iekns ('tIty is fast coiig to the
fIrol t.
Wo have nlice itn1e( convenient
churchs 11n14 good Scholols where aill
who desire mi'ay ittend.
Thtere' Ale YtI. with Is somiie of tht
Ogallant1 Confrederat e soldiers who, wayI%
back ill the sixties of tie last. een
turv, answered lhe til (of their Couin
t ry an~d served faithfully onl the
lie. ihi they art. rast passing over
thet river. We have yet with us ('apit.
.1. ,1. Ierdl. ('apit. It. E-l. Steele, C. It
Finley, .1. W. Price, .1. N. NiIIiphree.
.1. A. Crenlshaw, WmI. (r aig, ,John
Craig, llohert-. Stewart, our present
Coity Co n issioner, .1. T. Newton
and ir-. Mtclk'e, a veteran of tivo
war111, with perhaps oIthers nlot valles!
to mlinid. Th'lese aill served gallanltlyN
int the civil wrIt with itany others
fromn this locahlty now passied frecm
the stagte of action, and it is truI.\
iter t'iestitg t those' yonllgr in lea
to hear tlieir exieri'ienlces as they tell
of thle days tlhalt tried mlen's, souls.
It is also a great Iontr to them, as
well as a great. pleasuire to thet liberab
imiinded and n1oble youth of our lan1d
to hI' able to say tthat. these old sold
iers are am11ong mour best citizenls and1c
laind owners, and thieIy aire yet. able toi
einjoy tlt' blessings of a kind provi
delel that. has sliehled them thu
far. And as t t the appiro pria t ion
nulme by (mlr law.-nwhaers for the henl
efit of fl old slthlie'rs. fit tiio'stiiii
might. he' atsked': Is if r'ightt. is it jiist
(1to t'ebar i any wihott neer shiiirketd a
itls tif fte penIIsitoni? 'These' tduitie!.
thiii Lhft Ii iit they"~ weire miet in de-'
T his t'hitrc'h is locatttd in Aniderisoni
(.ointy, in Bruishiy ('reek iTownisipl
nea~tr Sizahitowni. til t'esrond fr'sin
wals sorganiizeds ini 1791, atnd is thieres
for'e itiiw abouilt l1 ytearis sl. When'
bereitd SI), ini h1(95 it was 1mi1. 'l'her'''
'-hurtch re'''res, i-how that, uip to 1'95.
125'.itt to $1 15,.00 per y't'ar. It ft'
year' ( 10) this t'tthchtpaiid t'ii
pasttor $: ,.no55. 'T'ei hur'th hats, a1
Ilteent. I tit's, t'nljiyetd season St of I
grea;st prosps'ity. IPerhla ps Ite giret
s'stll in'r'ase5 in liembethrshi ip by taip
WV. Itirry isolg. liet was palstr se'-ivter
retgretI t''e farewelli Stermonii oft irl's
afiert't aivin~ g Iiih'i't, -),raized~'t I he
first. t'hiiiitb In 1)aillas, 'lT'xas, wvhih'b
.5 notw sont of I th' s htge's t'lhurl'es
nit'at gre'a'ht' St'ate. he chur511 ch en
WI. llhinits; miiany beintg addt'd ft<
-,f this tchur'h. Tihey wer'e tendly
loved by fte petople. It is ret'freshin'y
to flit' stul to heiar tt' tler' imitm.i
fell at. fhir post tif duty'. Tlhet wi'ite
watS t'hos'enlS~~ asitnt, ) patr' with
liev. E. Iontg ini 1876', iand ser'vt'd
t'ie td tme agah i, t.h ree yetiia's a go.I
have Vt w beenll pastor51501 sOitthinig Ovt'r
the ft'lihtsi p of thle decari ol clhurch.'h
('oh. .I. , amiesont hats stervt't t hie
church'el as cler'k for mlore( Ithan i 35
y'ear's and last year', of his own ate
cordl, resignied. The chutrch has giv'en
hin some reatfl tokens tf her' resp~ect
and love. E, Wt. Long, a talentedl
young lawvyor, was ohosen to fill Ilro.
JIameson's place na clerik, B3rothier
Edwaard F. Allgood, a former citizen
of Plokeons County, is the church
treasurer', and hIo Is one0 of theo very
best we have ever knowvn,
The ohurch worships in a bo.utiful
brick building, set back from the
road in a grove, and holds in~ her
memibershi p some of the best people
in the land, May God keep them
united in heart ind effort for the pro
motion of Htis glory on earth. It
should be mentioned that two younig
ladies in this church have charge of
the Woman's Missions for the Ast i
ciation, TIhey ire Miss Maggie A ;
good andi Miss Ida Jiamesoni,
The town. of Liberty wes named
after the noted place just west ot
town, known a; th Liberty sprhig,
whore the Liberty Baptist church1
formerly stood, before being mioved
into town. The records of thme liap'
tist church show, from report made0
at Piedmtont Baptist AssocIation, at
Enores ehuroh in 1190, by a commit"
tee Ielt54 low that u *pe that
stated that ite elilrel I st u II*
beenl inistittedl aboult, the yevarlt
an1141 was first calle I lietiIlie Ihi -1
tist lhrh t wals a1 log houlse aa
the grave-yard is till Ihat rent'iisi lt
ma1111rk the spot. where the firsthtreb
was blilt., onte-hialf nmile IIOrt I of
liherty spring. Ilethleieii, it is h'
lievec. beloltged to old Salidia .\sst
eintionl untlil the year. 180:. .\ nvw
houlse wats bulilt about this tilme at
tle Liberty Spr 5ing onl a1 piece of lail4
a fterwards ledet ithe church by.%
,osephl Prater, atl th' nalite chaniged
to "Liberty." This was a itoItedl
Spring andi re1sort, and14 tralitionl has
it, that. a calmp-inieetiig wais it here
iL the year 17-4 (anl at other tlimes)
ail while the naretilg was inl piwcg
re'5ss I aWS Irtrivei of ilte lehiratiol
of Indlepenlence anld the plac1e was
ennle "liberity" in, honor %)f tis
glorious otcatsion. ''he la i () wo
acres) wis <lt mle i to Ithe chhtirebi .1 iut lv
:!8th, 181:3. Inl 183:, the churchel wa'I:
1mved to tow%%.Te hrt prn
anId (.4emetery Iluark thle s othe hl t
school biling haiving beenl recently
iio.e.tl away.
'This ohd historic place, whe4re nutny *
people of this coilty. i till Iowv of
y111 y States, spent iiali happY Ithurs
during shrooml <lays, andl 4)n Ina I.\
ither <easiolns, puibbli speakings,
pitnics, f& ., Miy seni faniliar tos
s~mie if they shoui l chlince ti visit
the plIce I'ter i ny t.t i yar hs. There
11 aottti i I i' 1t Ic. ('t. (. I . - Il
aet 1 mait wh I ttiv I l i t t hvti'r it
school a'i "()hl Lihert'' who> ha ve
-41ne4 forth uad inule enlviable repl
tatf.ionls for thinv~se-lves.
1'ir ck It ( k . I ti e pieile I t ,
wlere ol faitllers ;tndlic Ii u t's spent
li'a y o)f the l <lcI pleas alit sill iirs(
lt' r1 s'we il l I lit1 l IcI.s <i f I I t'I I r wk 11 I
wh ieb sI-ruhtI ee 1hn--. atill yellow .ie
alile tandi IIIss all)(tiu ili;p i~ iiol
.ihe j sIl tlillt' lib)till fs i t let' .1 .
t uic.r tit re's.rt ftir the .vt'tllig sut
yle~~~ in1 thi spin Kuins.
'l'his "IU uik" is nt()\w. tI tesi b' 11. C.
I tir hI. ii. 'l plt'd lI g s \lt' nlitainI,
i1-: m i t) the a (0st li i e r*.v. l is
lu'tsi iiag.e i 4i ) iet itt' is t helit l.ie
t. w a "lt' lis e 't' n ll i till il , t < t 11I
I'it I 1111.1 1.4i1si it two im va1. htS ' l it (til
in h t i l v n dt It 4. 1II 11. '.\ sl''yI pla nIl
ibli til, tlyt iig, 'l i u.- - -utlti
lit stil . Till pen ' crllchtigs eIIv
itta fwililie tin at )l nhis art i
Itt' f.1etn it . kh..reirdn.w
Mall HIteat tr)lhall <g lt'fil a we vty
t .1 p 'clII III e I 1( 1 1ic11i 'll e l' I I t iet Yl
y,:I rs.
(I tda r 1it1l l itll. th tl it k ht tol ril
i I w;Itv, has bI-4-lt bi m ,_,-Il I prI' Ill1
iti I v in o aie by 1 t itg, 1leverly
Ilaliste Co. it is t'' . i. milt ts sth
east ()f L.iherty.
I1 t . G. I\Nig 1-:.\ I .1-:I I N IA '-AM -
I,,:1 s t ' IP r i l-2 .
It. E.. ;ra nelv. I t hv Ill Iube r de I lerI 1 .1 nll
c nrill I raItr, is i nati e t fd la i' ea ltI
'I tty. I I et-lil lI 'iv k ens in tl'" .
iti was I he li rst man teI .v 'ive a
erl <Iof freight er the l'iee ts
linilr iou. 'ptof liocating inl Pick ns,
he begain of ua hot of itu.is,11 i
Ile built te b)ank andi the( F-'eeninl
bili gdis, the Il oIds oe iilenItitice "i
.ourl towninll -1. .\.tue which is
I model of bauty ot as t )u twarid
.-nsrutinnll inner flnishingsr. andl
rranitgmen114 2W lit. lie ls 11m ili ith
ill r - rm y ilb
lig. lo a . S t ' "l i "to re. 1 'it
ll tht oi't itese l uilt fI r .lu- 1 .1 l. I
.Newherv, On F. -'re inlt. )r. .A. I
Iolt anou ,1. L. Thonliey, ant oIthers
nanfomrt re)sifence mond for hise.
mlall e other poets adtne 0sar
mhimaktne hai Inwmad comfotaie nt
wil benBolrgy about porteeancee hots
--labliel at bmie- scutinhe alCon
ai ln e lt. neetid at.il l'iekens. li
pn laig mIl is tntdi tii ter the <tdie
pot.db the railof thac ntliaeri'nd h
afortshppgeoth proses With imstetn
froatayefstl omroedmcrity l pnw
.\rar paner for d all k's ind foro
crdsing. is par of 3~hiinener
n.ahm whichUT doe iswr. t e
Aetin Reking ton.ad o n
Ile alo hall ae srolly saww mahn it
'atis fo irin houmanschalustor
i.. nd~o bi:iep froruble Iaoh, fomor
andbr alf kinds of bieldinot beuntral
nelding d le' pains, linsee wil
All Counity oflices, each, - - :5.00.
Magistrates, - ".50.
All oithe o llies, "' - 5.00.
'h abve pricis aro inviriably I '
A ) VA NC.
I hereby anonInetnllI inyself it canudidato
for Conlgressi to represent the Third, S.
C., )istrict, subtject to the action of tho
dotivocroi Oters inl the approachllg
prilmary. WVEi. J. -Stribling"1.
I herb illoince myself a conididato
for tlh oilicil of Treasurcr for Pickenis
counlty, suibject to the action of the de
mlocratic prmr.G. 1t'. lenldricks4.
'I'he fritils of Jamiles M. LI -anwrenl let
r-espietfully annloimewe him a11 candidate
fo~r Troamuror f..r lieens :outysu
jvect to the acti.onl of ilth democratie vo
tere att the coming pr-iitry.
Thm frienlds of E". Poster Keith her
by annonn111e him a l t laniatc for the
o1lict of Auditor subject to the action of
He demoenicoit ic par'ty it tie coning pri
mtary e'letion.
I'LCK I N , S. C.
We have still 4in hand a (1v liar
-.Saint in the Chap'nI:u Dros. sock,
:nd contitiued to buy new goos-a
staple s:o.k.
We ire running or the cah prin
.ile aid cal therefore 'Jve you belt
etIs yout wonh; not get bly I ilt sales
We sell it close living in ice.
We w iii take p4 asio n showing
you through ile .tore.
Farmers can get wit they need
here. wekeep godgoois, il if Vot
See wit You want, a-k ler it.
C'offee :it 8. 9 aint 10 pnuits to
the dollar Gaintuliated 8ugar I
)unttl Is to thel) dolltr. A t'w 5 ant
igalon kegs )f, Telnese sorghumitti
on :ant1d at -10 cents. Cannt t ed goods
of all kinds.
Some clothing to go chuap.
As good Flour as you cfln find
anyw% here in town.
Tobacco, candy, crackiers, matches,
soap. stoileware, tinware.
Farming inplt p m its, plows, hoes,
Single Irees, gardenl seCes, stati( ii-ry.
ink, pencils, brooms, thread--a ii the
of everytling. Com' to see us itd
brilg us ymoi produce. If wv
ha1ven' got what you want, wil pay
ym Cash for yt'o Ur chickens, eggs nild
butter, liesieetil'y,
hID .1 & II.\IONI).
STIATE FAi Sot, Tll (Alitul.IN.\
Cont o 'itees.
Atmanda E. KenniemlOre, et ail.
- W. T1. Mcelli, (t :d.
SD efendants.|t
IJn~i iusutance of a decrtai onder in
th le abhove stated caise by liot. Geiorge
W. (hige dated Alat. 20, 19012 and an file
ini the Clterks iflice. I willI setlI to thie
hightest b itkd'r ott saledart int May 1 902
duin thIle I 'gal hioturs for' sade at' Piek
ens Court I luste, S. C., the following
tract of land to wit:
"'All that piuece, pau-eel or Iot of hand'.
-in the towit oh PiCkii~ens oun ty anid state
aforesaid, and kniown as loit No. -1;, aint
contaiintg nearmrorless also all
tioited lot andtt knw as~i itheI east half
of lot No. It containinog one hal f acre
moro or less, also all tht. other hot adt
joining the abouve metionted lots, and
kntown as) the east end of lot Noi. 80 con
taitling 0110 half aCtO tmore1 or lorsq and
-known ats tho re:d1 estt of Geoi, \'.
Jamestu , dtconsed, ftonuting Garvin and
Cedar Rock Streets.
Terims (ash. Putrchastrs to payi for~
paplhers antd for room1dinag 1 the latn.
I 15 day (of April, 1902.
Cl-rk ot Citurt.
J. 31. Geter, Pre siden lt & Teasurer.
P. M.I Taylor,* -etrotary3,
E.L II. Shlll(iln, Suitntitelndenti.
ltr')ol utnitns.
Ei.asley S. (., Apr-il 'i-h 19u..
A t meting oif th It I)irectors If thte 9.
Easley Cotton Mills, behll this dho' thte
follow inlg tresoluitionts wereu adted: t
Etisley Cott itlillsItitis'I to incrase -090
000.00, bty issuin;.g 100011 shares tf ( 'om
mon stock, of the pa aun f .I000
2nid. ' liat eiach stockk~ihlder of fthe
tcompiany iit lhatl beien it btd to lsbscribe
for his plror.. 1. share of ralid additi onal
3rd. T1hmat thle Prishclet & Trluriier
bo itu~tueed to sitd uealh stoic iiiler
a cop of thetse' re'solutionis, witjh at totijo
that ho hie <ntit led toi subibhe'ii for at I ar', S
tionaito par t of tho i ncease, ani d that
dutet not ice, as required b~y Jaw, ho given t(
through one (If thio coiunty paes s)
4th. That so mu ich of tho atddit ional
shook as shall remain ulnsr>!d to thue
stockholders may be dii,postiu d 0f by theo
Board of .Diroctorsi, att thleir discrot ion,
a.1t ot lessi tui hin par fo o ilh,
5th, Thaliit at the annt~ual meieting of
our stookholdersi, onl tihe 17th day of t(
Mtay, 19O2, at the tflicei of thte Etsley
Cotton Atiills, Ensley 8. (., att 11 ,eioeek
ii. to,, the~ for (o0 ug r. Aluitioins will be Ii
acted upon, ,), Mi. (h O ;,
]rca't & TJreatiur,
G. F.Toy&o
ANDERSON, 8, 0, o
WdVite for P-ricess lit
110livr nu -- o ty - reds ta
Sm ith & Bristow's, Greenville, S. .
O ur stock was never inl better condition, hiaviing disposed
C mhost of )Ilast sealson's goods af teri the( Iir(e, an i(1we are showv
i today the newst andrk, cit sock in upp iur South Ca ro
na. Goods gUaranteed as rpresen ted or n onev refunded.
lail orders ceive proamept attention. Terns, C A . One
'rice to .'very 1bod1y.
Main StreeWt, MGnvill, S. C.
- - - - - - - -
Onel Priee (Cashi Store.
\~ .ad received go liarrels of ood Patent lour
hat we 'A ll sell for s4 75 per barrel. I )on't fail to get a sup)
>ly beiore it is all 'onit.
e al so have a few n'miore bal rrel s of a spd idcl il straighiet
leur forf %.3
reenCe bowd i abody, olbs. for $1.
4lalt(d (l G for C.
20 Is. nce bownsugr for s'.oo.
2 lbs. keg~ soda for 25 cenits.
Don't fail to see us when you have any~ thing to sell or
my- Yours truly',
AgentCs for Made--t.rL er( )P C loth 1,inig.
.. . ......
\'Bare exclusive agents for Strause & Bro's igh Art
ltinU)g, recograze ~id5a the b)est made~l, best flttingL. Cl >thling inl
meriica. \\ r cary all Igrad1es. M--ni's Suits from $3.00 to
15.oo; 1.oys' thr;ee p1 ee Su its $ 2.50 to Si.o; Cikdir~ n's two
'Ice Sumts 50 cent s to 5>.no. \Ve guaane toi (0 sav'e vou from
0 to 25 p~er cent. Cin an) suit you Luyv from~ us.
5HU11O 5!>SHOE55 S1nnis !
\Ve ca rry mo)re Shoes, and sel m1inore Sh os than all the
ther ime(rchantU s mi Gire enivi !e. \Ve gua t ran:itee everv' shoe wve
:1l fromi 51.25 upj. More of ou r shoes atre being wlornl inl
ickens COuniity today than from arey otlher sto re, but we want
> sell every man, womiani and child 1- P ickens county their
ioes this year. \Ve have
Bing the Madam andl Child ren with you when you come
Greenville. MIake our store your home while here. Plenty
room for the children to play in, and the Madlam can fmnd
ore PRE.TT1Y 1 )RY GO()S t) look at in onur store thl
iywhere else mn the city, aind SA\' i;s: to 25 per cent, onl
;ery article she buys,
Of Greenville, S. C,
,hat l9 Foley's KIdney curo nealthy i.a en~ ilter tl iiupurities
AnL14or.: It iu mdu fromi al pVrciptionl from the blood1, and unles'us they (to til
a lendme ('p1. a):go phylic~in nad ono good healtha is~ impossiblo. Foley's E(Id
the mot:=~ canniieut in the country. The no.y.Curo mtke Round kidneysi and Sill
dihare the purost that mloney~ Positivoly curo all forms of kiduoy and
1 bnuy nad are uI:ioLtinoally combined blia'tder dileasie, It trenigthansi the
got I' ir uitmost value. Thtoruy whole systemn .'Thoruley Pharmany)Q~ 33
Samn .E hrlyPrp .Tone rg

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