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The .People's J ournal.
Local and Personal.
-DPr. W. F. Austin, Dentist, will
be in Easloy May (4h and 7th.
-Dan't forgot that saleday an(
County Convontion day is Alon
(lay, May, 5.
-Mr. Will E. Vinto and Capt.
G. Cullen Sullivan, of Anderson,
sient Sunday in Pickens.
-N.Wanted att Bridges & Ilamir
mond .100 pounds of butter.
Highest market prico paid.
-How sihrevdly tho manipua-i
tors work it ! Cotton is a0b(ut
line cents 118 the planters start
their now crops.
-])r. A. 13. Wtirdlaw, Dentist,
is work ing at Eabley this week and
can bo futn( at the Mountain V iew
-A Farmers institito will be
hold at Clemson College during the
month of August. Full details
wvill be given later.
Ran(lell MlcIwain (Col) charged
with Petty lai ceny, was released
last Tuesday on co.1(ition thint lIe
leave the stAU. Ile left.
-Dr. A. 13. Waidlaw, Dlontist,
will bo in Liberty all of next, wuuk
after Monday, Alay 5th. ( Iico at
the Brown .Hotel.
-Ed G. McDaniol will makehis
headquarters at lis fatlier's phain -
tation, Crow Creek, during the t
summer ; ho will have iimigoient t
of the farm.
J. E.. Kinc(h, jr., who hils beenI
with the Fiiii Ihoad 1Hustler,
lHendersonville, N. C., for the past
four 11onthis liado a Visit to thoL
home folks this wCek.
-Pickens DumocraLic Club reor
ganized Saturiby. iton. Cias. .; *
RohlnisOli vws elected r'.i(lent, 1
T. J. Mauldinl, \'le Vresidehnt andi
a- full dolegition t,,) the County Con,
vention was also elecd. t
-Mr. J. E. D gs was Ce1leud to
Fernaiin) F1 , F1.1., .t w tek whoro
his broille r Theillas I u ., is very
sick. The latest intor1; iaionl is t> !)
the effect that Mr. Wjggs is iinz rov
I ng.
-Mes . Ilarry C. Valei zinlo anld
WaloratTrenton)I, 'N; J, .
on1linen~t lwVyt-S,tetll1tld )to thi.
Ilonleus 'Illueida uavnt a few days
visit et the hom Lce of Alru: J1ohn fl
-Don' t forget that next Al ond ay
Mfay, athi, is saleday in P'ickhens
of' Pickenis aro to be sold. \\' heth,
er alS home3 lots or' as an in)ves t,
ment, these litsi are desiratble.
-Julius IC. Pa rsons, whlo has r
been ini the driy good(Is department t
cf the HeIlathi-l ruo'e-Alorrow Co. for.
bomne time, will, at an early dato
begin traveinIg I or a Charleston, I
Ilardware Coiapau'y. \
-Ed Young (col), chanrged with
larceny of twenty-six dollars from
liis brother' Pleasant 1N. Younig,
was arrested at Unainesville, (Ga.,
last weok. Ed would not,; comle I
without 'rec(iisi tion, but Deputy
Sheriff P. P .McDaniel pro'cee~,Idv
at onice to secure the necessary Pa
per's and brought himii to Pickens 1
-There are no0w '2l' peniioner QV
mi Pickeus Coilunty as l~i ginst5. 244
last yeCar. Tre~0 are 7088s in South 11
Carohina this year as agains t. 653
last year. Th'lere has heeni somle
trouble in get ting the rolls comple
ted(, beneeC the delay. It isexe
ted the old soldiers willsonr,
c'eive their monley. Only a little ~
-Romiembeir 11in suggest ion that.
a "Your th of July "' cciobra t ion
mighit prov ' a good ti ng for P1 ick
ens and se your'selvos to think
ing of some plan to mako it a comn.
plete success th~rough which the
people of all t ho country round~
about may be helped to enjoy a
real "Independence Day" celebra
--Mr. Joseph SuthI and1 MIiss
Li~zzie~ Gantt, wVere marriiied at the
hIomel of thei br1ido1's i ftiher1, Mr.
WVm. N. Oantt, four' miles to the
south of Pickcons, on Sunday 2~th~
jnst., the Rev. IH. C. Haddock ofl
ficiatmng, in) the pr 5s1nCe of a go od I
gathering of r'elat ives and friends.
All of Pickens county, TVho young
couple have tihe congratu lations
and best 'wishes of many friends.
Th groom is nromising young
farmer and the bri2 is an accom,
p)lished young womlat, They be
gin life with the hal ')iost 1pros
..-B. L. Caugh man, of Saluda (
tuountty has been ini P'ickene~ m)eet,
ing tihe peoplo and lotting the fact
be known thlat hie is in the race for
itailroad Commissioner at the ap
proaching electioni. Mr. Caugh
inan has been a muembier of the
H{ouse and Senato suice 18I.I and
to him may, in a great measure,
be attributed the bill to allow all
telegraIph and tollphone companies
unter tho state and establish 1in es
talon)gthe lines of railroad for the
*uovenhonce of citizone, thereby of
fering competition to overy citizen
in despatebutg busIness, up to that
time, the Western Union hiaving
rntite Llntro(l. Hie wast alscr one
kfteluesi fetn h n
-O hiast Tuesdtay Iliov. D).
W. Hiott and faily left for their
new hom11e inl Ewsley. Nn regrot
tO sue tilt-Il leave loro thai t l i
writer. All wio had the pleasure
:f knowing Mr. IMiot t and famiiily
realizo that the towi has h st a
Valuable citizell and the( C11chreb a
mteanSt pastor. anld g~
eaclihor, a11.nd while we diii. ir
.ur loss, we can but, coigratitiiato
Juir sister town in tho acquiition
)f mich a family and the lo%
-hUrcles wh0il have b-11
io fortuiiato in se curing the i
IiCos of Ullo of the mo.,t vili : st,
'aithfiul workers inl the Masr's
!ineyar( that it has evr Il (i Iln
deaslre to know. Long 111i1y hi
abrs be crowned with vin(dan
ucvce6-s, and may he livo to t lt
1u it, of his earnist prayrs
mnd falithful worit. Wo shall mli-Ss
'our geniel handshak(1 ike II plas
milt coiversation, et we can1 t ill
nlingle ill spirit, till byU and be
ve Imieet in our1 Father's 1)[-.
Jeoneec News February.
Pickenls Count ly Singing- Conan-111 .
This ConlveniitioI w\.as ca lled to
>rdeir at Iethleliei church, Satur
lay 2(th, pursuait to. armou:u3
nonit, whenl a reorgaizMion w
'l'ecete-d by thll, ekelin 11 J. T.
l[oplcr, '1'esidei, L. I . him b m
C ice 1)r !sidei t and) 41 b 14) 1 .ard
, crbtary. The Execu-ltiv. n
niitteej consists of* R. 1M. lI"aa
N W ton- After rergI I z;a i(n
ho e.,nvontion procteded (o (
'oy the (iy w itl Eoi- ut r
onders. esp41eclialy arr-angve! I v pro- h
ram. At a 1ato hour' il tIh I-v
01,noon1 11jourmnt .- tas bad Ii!
%llnday iornillg whienl (' '1
e0ntion again mot at. 1.) o'e1oek,a:no
olitilued with th) excepuin (4
isuial recosses ti il aboit f ,u r
'eclock inl the afternio(ln. A i \w
>'cleck anll address w:s mad y b
, J. Mauldin.
This was anl1 occaio log i i~e
1!Ielmbeured not only bv in; v ne
ively taking part in t l
ial ]i pr*granis4, buat I y a1
tors who~ei ~ Ioe it' uc -: '
I reSlioln to the t, I
'Ii ~ ~ ~ ' .(i v.i i ( 1' I
Iain I vo I l (11ic 1 .
very ittterancl and,1, d. If.
fl(hed. 11 it wavs a h:ll A :y
T ent , isl i;s
Etioll', a S to ie 1 t !1
ha-h will~V be. h'.!-i in u
\'yIt, a.y I lo , I41 h
01ce I later. . Ch ilon.
eegte d invitc iv 4 houbt C
\res ny memberI~ o1 thelan~ Ex.e
lommittFole at 1' Piakt ,.1 1
not, A pr. \Vytt 1"'-- mMitc'
'resient CI. . Mihat, vie -
)len, Fred1~ Wilm, S11ey. 14(y
. .ltnts- J. II". ier, Wm.1 E1is
11. F. Lesy. C atn .N
Vyt , . Fi. A iail aveal N. A
Executiv0e 8011 Comite-Wrn.( El
Mmbetrn' outy EIl.seuieCm
Iattee-J. U. Jaiu nison.
Frm. ElnFr, dSWlli, M.P
ntgrs F.( V.-Ol'i'el A i. Fit h,
L3( . .olr, lC T. Martn, .yT
iHltt,B. SIwrL. Wlims Jozl 1M4 ti
0 ti, C. N. Wyatit,. Lutherl;t'iek
usi. R . Gionlilecatd, W. ( .i)
)a.s . tE.at Sith, and Stobi.
,agthem B.h F.~ Leslyi .1,1 ..\ alin h
'Ionk, . . iln er .D xi
D. .A iF.j Sit gave a ver
'le Ck ntsoea o theia Inditil
neteliSnuLabyan lldi, Pren.
FeWiat ll ''1irns, 1Stey, Ti
not0 andb(I' r-ganized. A( r. 4h
. J. Her was'er elete pr I eidenta
Cdo. L. Murprtiee. Se...4.
.'I Murlhoin wor elcted ebIa lo'
o~ te Covnti o. Au(j01 at:
F.kee C. arso0s, Exeur v Mo m-a
Dock. awrsns, J. J. Jleni Jr .,
II.0 Stewart and W. A. Jl)w:-rt,
ciei, , .Clyo,1AfI
al diays, Visiting friends and re
The wheat is looking well :
to the ti1n it WaIs sOWn.
The Sunday S8chool at Mt. Tat
is in flourishing condition.
1. say for th e farmers to ra
Inoro corn, wheat, peas, potato(
etc. and less cotton. If they rai
their hog and hominy then wh
cotton, thoy make will be clear.
Wild RoSo.
.\ lthod isi is Some thirty-five yea,
40h1 in IIIte t w ; mI.4f il'iee's. Abol
I he er 1 or 70 1 culilt rIch wtas (
ized with I . S11.1 a ile Iem e ISip, 1
iv. Fletcherl Smlith, thenl paistor. (
Pickenlsville Circuit -a work t-,over''il
mis1ch 10f thlis ulp counitry inclutdi I
stile-l dozeln fit more appoiit,ilxent
l'iekens wasl buI smnall counti
village tien ai without. 1 cliurel
any kili. e'lhee wer'e a. few .\etii
dists aimonig Ier citizenIs ind tile
wtere anxiolls to1 have a churclh
thevir ()wnI. The "eirculit rider, nov\
ioo busy- vtIf build up1 his church ail
entler uimoretpiedl territory, s'eized It
oppotulinity and with i te zealous e
peration; of the few .\Methodists o
"alized 1 sm(all congregationu.
Iiut. it hose h was Ieetded. Who \w:
14) build'. \\hencev lthe mloney aII
Illaterial? Who woul tale io the ivae
These werse " file the lipobletuis I
solve. Ou)11r petople we re poort) , P ielI
eis was no l blesse'il with ilte weal
of a Crhesis. Bilt. I lite l.ord ieed
a1 hous. lis chilrein ha hoi
I litigh ever so huiiiiible. .\ethodisi
ieedeil to set ip her laImtiers a11
chlii 'iekenis for the Lird. Picket
neiled a church0 It) remiind her chihl
ren of their soul's eternai inte'es
What. can he done?
col. ,I. J. llagood and devoted wif(
both strong \letiolists a111 lovei
1f their chur11ch, liv ing herei an I th
I lime a 111 lt heig blessed wi IIt siln
tfI this wori's go1i1s, came to Ith
recI1e. NI's. w.agood was cager tui
lile (111hrilh n11111 solicite-d slbtscril
tions. ('O1. ilagood di'ded a lot anl1
.\Mis. ) d ha.1d 1 1 livt Ibu non
Iuuuiise, erect i'il ilost lv a1 her In.1 ex
pelnse. which in 21 slort while si
parl11 y gavi ai parl- y suhl tOP tli
I ru.stces of the congregaiin.
.\lthodism o wl hin10 . fOothl.l sht
lived inl her own house. It. her wal
bween bedecketil w it II roses ai1 dow
all he wa . hers is a life f u11ps 2111
low is. Salmia 11 has I ried 11arI to Intl
le'st her sac'redl altar and 1 b 1I IeIC
her sweet incelse, ht. sle..still lives
itl Iv I te gru2Icer of (dil she lives ol
Iehts, eIlVy, 1malice. 1111 red, div isiol:
all t lese a ld mo11ure she h as face
bilu sur k .Ii . The smell f Ie"i vv i
n14 l 11 1 he rgarments~.- l)vvp watIer
a1nd11 iircrv trials hv1e but I lrivei lit
cliser t her 1or11.
. \m4ng1 11i.1. 1her 1h11' 111n y p fs rs Ihe 12
m n elit- IvIRev. S. 1'. 11. F-:lwell was pel
hla1)s ihe mIt( st Iihelo ed by his ieip
antll blssed 1f th lt ordi in h is wo'li
I )IIrin h111is pauIt r of*. four1* 1*)11 yeal,
the cliirch ilinliiig was imnprove
ne lie' spiritu1al lif' iiuch <Iqiel
cinei. I Ier iimemibiership was 11111c
inerensed an d wea(:lIIt II mllti iilief
.\21any a111uits t hen gave their heairt
to th lI.orii l the11I irI hand1 ii o thI
.\et hodist church. Such meui al
IFlet cher Sithi EI~nglnd, iarimai
.\niderson, have11 instru'icted' heri
Wilsoni have'( bieen somei( oif her piresi<
iing elers. Theii miniiist ryv of uir
.\milerson was b11 lessed wit h graicion11
results 21ne1lihe left Ite (church st ron
in numbeiitrs an id spirit. The~ work
al11 these brethlrenu will tell on t'tri
nit y. Bro. I erry began the par.'1211soi
a1ge. ('ol. Iillgooi galve the lot. lIr<
I hignallI nirved the church 'ei in look
(F.1).\ l IlO()KS L()CAlE, IllTOlI'Y
Neatr the cent1 re oft Ichkens C'ounut
will be fouind onei (If the pleaIsates
spot s ini the uIp-'oun ltriy. Although
wvill no(t r'eceive' ~justice in this sketel
yet, it should n)ot he neglected whil
other parts5 of the county tare p)ublii
ing th local I h(1 iist ory.
Cedar Hlock proper is that-sm
scople of counlt ry lying: to thle sout
and1( south1-east of the lIttle mountai1
ca1lied Ceda r Rock, whiich, for th
henetit, ofl those whlo are unacquaj~li
ted'i withi the pla2ce, I will sayv is seve
iiles enast of pIc kens and1( foimr nort
of asE21'V. Not moreii than11 twoi spina2
miles(' 22re 2embraced22 i')'thin its bout1
tainls or stieams of iehi size, hen'ii
its suriface is compa~i~rat ively level fi
settlers to lolcate' on1 its soil, andiu ver
f'iw, aift er learnlling its phieaisan t loei
lin sp)eakin~g of Its pionners, It wi
not1 he' aiss to reenl11l am of t hei
nameilis, and1( loca te thle spot s wh er
they no(w retst . One oif thel ear1lie.s
settIlers wa21s I irinukIey Ilaines, whios
thel' yeari I S~I , p robablly befor'e. 1
siet tleidi Cear wvhee A. P. l iinso5(
noiw l ivts. A fiew yea rs afterwar id
the Poular11 Spr'ings Methodlist chuire
wasi buiilt. neart! his homne. Th'Iis ol
chiurchi stood abuliit. two' hundre
vard'(s south oif w~here Mr, itobinso
lives. Not. a. vest ige of it r'Omins') t
mai~rk its site'.
'i piam .\iNIassinigil anid A\nsI
'oopJer' lvedl near2 thei ol .\ iller farn
lng b~eforie thei wari 1, probly2 ~l'2 abol
the yeari 151(0. In the year1i 1837
ce rta21) in l ICert Noriis taiught a sch (i
ne' thle foot oif (eda2r Ilock. Th'a
was1 thle firist, s(ch)ool of wvhich we hav~
chiildiren of J iml Wioods, Elijahb 11a
oithers. A lec Ulird talso tught
school near11 this pIlace ta fewu year
Within thle C:edar' lock territory ax
several gi'aveyar'ds wvhiere rest the rI
miniius of neart)ly all1 its early inhab
tants,5 At Tiu.bor rest the Ropers ani
hilkes deceased; near G;eo. Hendr'ick
is the D)uncan cemneteryV. Neaur The
,Juliani's is the Roper' bur1ia1l-groun1
whe re Is bnuied the D)ay famxil;
Thiese ear)ly settlers departeid this lii
long before any of the present gen
ration were old enough to remnembt
ickensi C'ounty has had .aome 4
her truest sonls comeI fromi this se
tion.1 One of her-.Stu.te recpresent
tives during the stor'my secessi(
per'iodi wasi1 a Cedar llockinn, Mrh. lia
dricks3, who ably upheld the State
h 'uor. Such peaceful, law-abidb
citly,cna8 as William Bramilett 111
John I. W\illiamus set a noble stan
arid of imanhoodl for the youth of oa
I thtill not omit a few words in x
gard to the condition in which yv
will generally find our roads, It ih
always been the >r'ni~e of our' neig
tn dein q, le well-known
,uh ulinrvvhtbegins a
.' of n ting todbi.y, Alonldav
nit h M 31e li-d b-t ch utrch. Th~e
,nbic e crdilly invited to at
.li 3 (e anid EI'thier Johnson
ItIw.rtl Ml day frlomi at Visit to
riiIs aid rlati Ves in Greonvillo.
ala aNl irs. D). F. Bradley re,
11rnedv(I last wevek froi a trip to
be Ex.Xlitioni.
A miithr o Easley's people ar0
n att inioee uon the Yelerans
e union in Dallas. AIong thom
A . '. ni h .. A. Ilinton and
v. anld I . '. Johnson, With
r. . J 1' . Iw i en Nt 1 iss Lida
.\ een iP))d Preseorvinlg busi..
m o L It ti)1n. The first Sign
tin a tp ihe si l ript'ion list were
vi ien.i ;:tnhiiay i n g, today
.v1,hnbd aits havo beon
41, ;u- I i'- th 11"ort is bound to
>e. . I 1. Ihllo shareus are Val
. i te o!aI St ii.ch, and thoro
thi U r I.y a :i e f'or nearly ever-y
d. l4 h i'ak stork. it. is l ar sit
ii i llit' tll perSolis who
aI; i ;I i many no enterpris
t . - d l.; p si l will aid by
i a wll as-; biy 'muking
illn t1 proI(uce las large
1 ii1 1 vn' tabe pos
Ah.T'ho C,1nnerly will have a
:1inl( 2111)( to 250)0 3 pound
Liberty 1,llcals.
N f i i' the 11al of Dr. Clark
A"- ii. ) \\iS~~cs
han-cl 1n, oi Txs wich oc-.
n. 41 o:I tihe 1.tthl iist, r(ute ed
e' h vt, k. 8Ar. Richard ion
bA E Ie of . 11. lR iardson.
:I I l me o f his. nativity
)ii Jy -liv nous ao to .Igse
tI.;m . in the l practie lOf his
ni . prmew: i )n in i 1-.m Ista
hw buill up a good
, iill l y .our l riR kio,
. v- 1:, t w of thni at f
-t Mir. Eld Iallinver of'
;.nnatl IMiss Mattie
r-t v wor, married
NIh. .J. N. (I t
r M wre were muar
hl nA. liothu cleneonaies
"- 11n d li t t c prosilce of
V '. t ii n rinods.of the a
i n . iii his who xtelded
i .11i t iad st wishos.
rv1k b b:h-c-n rapidly
!nd tntil! is about finl
Ilhe lOttoni sciod,
n betoi tnig to com
v niL' rr or tall (.ats go or
i , Fruit, en t is afG'o E
ny~~i I iow-n.r ofu Gree-r
d. th :i I hI Podis, of . loi.
oiia ic-etd prisideto Olg
iio, vtiice andeSuidland o
. Helt '1L4y.n~ Thf dlegoas to
h lilum, S, lD. Seart, Ji.T.ar
,I L. . IA Gat ti, oT. ( U. Parsons,
. -'. I l ndcksiT. W.r Young
The TownI Cocl eletio Itr'
ah- ias lll D.'t J. ireer ~In
nIhiiWan n--. o6. Ranin
Chappela':r lf C.iaylt
Ex r. th ing is( )ook asingC vory
rm like aal- thek farmtr have~~1
t uh r ltd msthof them. ale
1.n8h lantin , Iif8bc it1
al ui3.ay (lne isy violting hg
blorat thea Mahan millthdist
Al . Miuto. PendWer~ isiedo
.tiniiie anwd by ll whekno
Gre.envi~lea' visitin the family
)ith. l.E uf coterC thiser wok.
Joh 1.1 . o e,1r f re -
i, and F. . I Pondcr t of~i Clem
o: t.a~l wilma, ofThomavill
%J. we1r(le b the av-rage Pickens
(Coin(ty ru1141. A roI11 ha1s aitIrea 4ly
, been stireved froii I'aslev lealing
,or nor3h towri the 'l'abor' communit(y.
This will, whi't met1elbe 4ne,' of
Ir e 1a41i t 11414'o 43444fa res of I he
or un t y,
Ill regard 14) our' s(1ool, I will say
so that. ihey vi e beert conilttete inl
i, Sitt It k4nitn 1 0 to give I lie Childr el
so it pretty fair n ed lelion. I
have alreatl fliy litione Ihe earliest
schmoos; to this I will adid that fromn
that. dIistant I(le schools have regit
hiriy rinl .at (mv place. mr anlother Inl
u41r sectil. .\bimt. th e .ea r 187(0
1lolly 14iush school hous I 'w;s built
by the nieighr1-11444. .1. 1.. CyIvde was
rs its first Iteaher. I-'olloing(v44 1h14m wVere
It W. W. F'. Birigt.t .1. .\. \\illiams ai
r- ot her Iteachevrs of 4listinIclt ion i. .\'fterI
)y th e V44)I III w as..I reclis l wiot vi. I t
>f St.hIof)oIs were, I I.I m 1 1 intainIe , 44mt 1,
t, I Nly Ilish al Ite 4ther a '. '11r41. ]
,K Smlie 44 1h' palrl s wer. <issatis
. 11.ec1 wiIth Itwo( schools, anIl ld b li not
'y )v I be Ipe I I N\i cI44I 1en I) tIral I ( it1 Ii f 1II.
,f 'Tlls us111t i5ra t' r . Ilt l a4 3 'airs
t)- mt111 iue l 141 I ;(. he lect ii4 o3f I he
e pre' sen set of Iru 3 4'ts, lht-it it was
>f <deterinitel to4 buihd a .1 'ent1er scho
'1 holose. 'e have n1 1w a spleni lid bil i
Id ing, erecto3 an4114 paid fill.
Ie I''or someit t itnle plsil e bulildling of
it> a -i church has bee c nt m-itel
r- It i4urch' t4o b4. buil ' at hi \i4
liam(s it er . II bein- 1-44 n 'ile
1s t41 't neart'i 3 aptist h rc11 h1 causll e'.
l.'to s .'bath h l, wheras 1 0 h b1111
S at Ihis 3 e34 l' I loI a I I t i t w 'li alwa\\.:IYs
<- insuire a g-o ti sh4nl. 441. bes4ihes.
ht wo h vause :a pre'ser-vaItiln 40f 1the
(I 'eme'te' 'rv.
' it conlu4 sion p.)44 11 l :1 I -'ew 4m111a4 i'ho
n l 1. on su .ject clva r t o ever (-I\. v a r
41 I144ekiant. i. v'., thi.4r Im fr t 33Iheir
s im n unity in --\\'rI. It is Iorthv
1- f4 n e 1 hat ther' is o I'lIs inti ng414er
I. n'e I 4 4among43 l so .i1ey 1 m ort ills Iin
'. p-c )ut 14441 31::t h iIl 1 l l 1 14 r' i ries
4 to i-eri I I'it re1 e14 t44 ' 1 I i nfhh il'
' 43f all h i omr4le. .\ i 4ior is
' . II I vs sI itiels w II he 4144' I .i l , 4 4 it .
* IIialI so c iety v Io bw hiull inl Iu neih
i' 1 14 (l i t 434.
I. 'iia11v. 1 l v s4' y t14 1'i4 l s
( ( I llv Ii" II4IctIl i144' 443 4'44 1 1 1 14 44'e 41I I (~i
1" ( )~ 444 3I4 it. ' v r 1 4 I4 wq1 t I Il334 144
I 'ulit yI 1141 no. *" nt \ \\ 3441.4 a i v ('1444 thrie
1 4 i g 14' 1 i I IhIe I liit- 4 ll 51414' - h4n1 .
-' :4Ir. 1 lii~l aa 34 'r 4'I I4'the y44444 i I 4 Ie
th ciit yI a $1443414' 1 br athe ite - co' l tr 14
a airI, th pe(. p e111t liltue namtilestli
k 1h -i r siin l f rilln life,. ali t jo y Ite
1 fruit s I 1.r 4.
4444 3 4 1 4 . 11 v ' l i'' t 11;1;41. v . .
W14 V0h 1 I' Ih ily 41 I .'4b444 . t4 , 4lt'i.
wais 1 rl H 4' I ' in 4444t he ifo1t 11. .1-i 443 -
4144431 4431 N I is. 1:1 )iit a Ili411:1 1 '' 1.. 4[1 14'l
314h 1.ca r . -In1 . 1t ' I i li 4 . i K 4 4 ..
i 4f .I s I't 41.4'l to n ( li 1' 4144 I I' I I* r
thei -' , %i\ (1 1,. li c I Iv, I lit'
.1li t t r.1 14 1 11:\l.4( at I.*. -. 3 h4 . . 14. r,.
341ns4'4 .\e 4' 4 4n (4, e 3ele' < b4 y ('4 rof.4~ ~
I \ 11 44' i 4'I 4 .(444 (- ('' \I t:Iv ,I o 4.4 )144 32i 44,, I
I4134 ' -I44443 v h4 14. iI -( 4414' 443 1 .. I.11 Y. I I'.i
I I I t .i' 1i --, t, I \' . 1 .'4. ( It 4141t, I'Id
sI o4 sIIII 11a lai I.1. 4 i i'.. u ". 'w. I444
min3'4f' r 4344444 earI , theni'444.i Io ing. 344
34'" -d44i I I II .II I)4'it-'4144I'I-. 3s.1 ai I 'I 44
443 st '1 "'1 I hI. 4 h-e 4 I(1. 1'. 4.. I'd:.
44 ig-sworth,4 at4 l' - 'on i, was (4lmi114-<3
4. 3 sio4.4 4' 1 I Ih-c rn'i'n-r, 4144' 144w 4 ('n'
to Ir a e 1. i in -h 4 'til s % o that
ofIa w.151 444ie Inarr'".it' .\i.s .\4inni 34 344
' mber'. s: lI4g 5 ie was I) leeled1441 in544 the
member e 1 he1 State I 441 r 1.\4sociation, -.
43 stockhohle an'43443e' liecto is the4 1
(11'('mp(a'ny, 134. d irector 'and 4 liipi den
ofS'4 the ii 'OilnsIilro ii, having(441 been43.
it cief114".1 pr mo erli e Is als3 a
Ao~ gentleman11 of1'i pleasant. ( eddress,
b' is now Solicitor of the0 1Eighth3 Circuilt,
e' the dut ies oIf wh'ich'i Ollice' he dis$
('1h4arges withi Ol )1444 conspicuous a iy
guard'( Iing I31 with ze a s aez the' r i4' ights3
(If the C'ommlonweal.3 th, v' ye' ever4 443
serent o f t hose bloni'1g4ing' to its inl.I
Sof tine(tur4ingp his$ sp4eeihes '1434 wi't
and4 14144m444' in his e'lffor4ts to~ pro4
m4441e the4 we4 fa14 3' f 44'Pic'ki'ns 13nd( in'-r
.14uliuls E. il(.ggs, . 'I('l he4 1414$ formei4d
a 1 part141''In-s ip with3 .\IIr. .l. I)o ~glas
.leni ns,44 14 n 444 i' of3 1lower1'4 ('14 roilina41,
who'14 is a4 b3'gl riht nd iible young ''' aw-~(
y'er.1444 t llhis 4'ombhm3114ion4 will 134
heard4'i fromii ini th44 Ifutur4e busin4ess 44f
P ic'ken4s C.ountly,.
No Loss of Time.
S I hatve sold( Chamberb~'.4lin4's4 Chiolic,
e Cholora and Diarrho00 oi emdy' for' years'
t would rather be out of coff'oo and sugar
e an it. I sold1 five 1)ottles oif it 3'0ster
a day to tihreshols that13 could go no far
s, theor, and the(y are at work'I algatin this
14 mornig.-H. R. Phelpis), PlymouthLl,
'1 Oklaihoma. As wil be 114 n b44'4Iy the abo13ve
th the thr1eshers' wereO a1ble to4 keep 0on with ~
a their wor'k wvithiou losinig a1 single days
) time., You should keep) a botte( oIf this
Remedy in) your hom11". For' sal by (1,
'3 W. Earle Druggist.
t'Card of Than iiks,
a' Wo desiroc to thank our friinds
and necighbr for terthoughtfu
e kindness andCIi~ minlistrations4 (in iUg
31 the last illntess of our mother, Mis.
C Caroline FreemanII. We all deeCply.
' aJppreciate their faith ful assistanIce
a and expressions of sympathy.
s TVhe Family.
- A woman14 who had(t e.xper1ienceo with
1- this dhitlsase tells how to pr'event anty
d dangerous conse34quence('s from it. BShe
s' says; Our throo childroni took Wvhoop.
3. mg~ cough last summor,- our baby boy
d bomllg only3 three mon)1ths9 old, 41ud( o'fing.
-to our givin~jg them Chamberbllin's Cough
e Rlemedy, they lost unoue of thdlr 'plump
ness05 and came out in much better health
r thani other children whose parentsA did
not use8 tils remedy, Our dlaest little
fgirl wonlcd call lustily for oough' uvn
Sbeteen whoo s..--.Jessio Pinkey l,
S pringvilhe Ia. -This lEnmed~ 'is for
'sale by 0, \. Earule Pickeus.
a --The Colored Graded Schiool
will have its closing exercisest Mon
d- day night, May 5, at Col liaptist
ar ohurch, Prof Deudy will delivor
ean address and a le ul ar pro rami
>u will be obsierved 1 ublic cord ially
Fe's tioney end Tar
104111 ff4tualeaue.No nMq s
We have paid especial attention this spring to our line of
Dress Goods, for we. believe in pleasing the ladies. A com
lete line Organdies, Lawns, Dimities. Prcals, Linens, with
>ilks and Trimmings to match. A beau tilfuil linc of Plain and
[ancy \Vhite Goods. We are of1ering (very piece of linen
:hat we carried over from hast summer tt i1'rA cost.
Shipments coming in every day. In they come and out
hey go. Buy the BATTLE AXE and you will aways get
he Bl:ST. See our celebrated Selz s3-.50 Shoe for' men,
md Julia Marlowe $3.oo Shoe for women.
Clothing! Clothing!
We carry as good a line of CLOTL I1dNG as you Will find
m Lywhere. Suits from 5 years old and up-can fit the largest
nan in the county. Prices anywhere from 50 cents to $18.00.
f you need a suit come to see us. It' we miss selling you it
vill not be the fault of the goods nor the prices.
We Try to Carry Everything!
Call for what you don't see. .\nthing that is worth hav
lg is w1orth askimg" for, and remillmlbr r prices are always
ght. Noirs truly,
: liar ins to ( i :1r in - \
Wak I Ioes..
Ladies' ad Sewed
j~ ~ Extension '1c Oxfords
\u ~n>%i '1 ~ \( \(Ishowvn.
We Sell Everything
in the She oLin e.
New Spring Coods
Arriving Daily.,
he largest and by far the pmrettiest lint we have s;hown. We~t
iave lifted the yoke of high prices; and thi' y are in reach of
Miss II ughes has just retuirn ed iiromi the Northe rn Markets,
vhere she purchased a la rge and c innplcte linie of the season's
hoicest novelties. TIhis departmnt n i ~ii t( any in the
arger towns. We cordialy in vite all th - . Laies in Pickens
.0u1nty to call and inspect this departmenlt. Y'ou wil fmnd cor
'ect styles at very low prices.
In each department you wvill find bi:. value s. It will pay
rou to call and see us.
Yours truly
Heath-Bruce-Morrotw Co.
PUlmt i
And Garden aceds
[t iswotal it c~osts to have a a;o . rden, 1 ksides the
*seeds, we hav e in stok -the~ i~ nssar~y
Carden and Farming Tools!
Hoes, Rakes, Shoves, Spades, F' urc, ush Hooks, Briar
Hooks, Mattocks, Plows and Plow Stocks, Best Steel Beam
'Iturners madec, Wheel Barro'vs, Iron King Stoves, Sewing
Machines, and Furniture of all kinds, Pretty Styles.
A Nice, New, -Clean Stock of
New Goods Coming in and Going out Ever'v Day,
Anything * and * Everything.
About a Home or F"arm.
Me We invite all to come and look through our' roomsam
No trouble to show through our stock,

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